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DishTV Customer Care
Dish TV India Ltd.
Customer satisfaction rating: 48%
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DishTV Customer Care

Dish TV India Ltd.

FC-19, Sector-16A, Filmcity
Gautam Buddh Nagar District
Uttar Pradesh
India - 201301

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

1860 180 3474  [Only MTNL/BSNL Lines]
1866 001 3474  [Only Non MTNL/BSNL Lines]

+91 12 0255 0000  [All Lines]
+91 11 6001 3474  [Northern India]
+91 44 6001 3474  [Southern India]
+91 22 6001 3474  [Western India]
+91 33 6001 3474  [Eastern India]

Additional info
Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir (STD)
+91 17 2600 1347
+91 17 7600 1347

West Bengal, Assam (STD), Bihar
+91 33 6001 3474
+91 61 2600 1347

Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Chhattisgarh
+91 75 5600 1347
+91 77 1600 1347
+91 67 4600 1347

Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa
+91 79 6001 3474
+91 22 6001 3474
+91 83 2600 1347

Tamilnadu, Kerala
+91 44 6001 3474
+91 47 1600 1347

Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka
+91 40 6001 3474
+91 80 6001 3474

Uttar Pradesh, Uttranchal
+91 52 2600 1347
+91 13 5600 1347

Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana (STD)
+91 11 6001 3474
+91 14 1600 1347

All States (Toll-Free)

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Customer satisfaction rating
Good news! We have a good connection with the company and they're good at resolving user complaints.

DishTV Complaints & Reviews

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 mayank bhardwaj06
1. i capt mayank bhardwaj had bought a 32" samsung lcd with which i got an offer of free dish-tv hd. with vc no.[protected] i got it registered in dishtv customer care on monday 07/03/11, who gave me response no. 55365370 but till date the connection has not been installed at my place.
2. i have called up many a times at customer care( details - on 10/03/11 at 1731h and 1744h, on 11/03/11 at 1843h) of which the recorded conversations may be a proof. Though the company claims to install it in 72hr but in my case it has been 144h. i do not know what to do, now, whom to contact, and hw to reimburse the money i hav spent on calling numerous person, so that i can enjoy the dish.
3. today on 12/03/11 as a last resort i spoke to mr.eric samuel at 1137h the dishtv head at pune, but today also it was not installed though the representatives kept on calling and gave assurances of it
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

    Hello Consumer Complaint Forum,

    I have faced the following issue with M/S. Sima Enterprise, which is an authorized Dealer of Dishtv. I want the consumer forum also to be aware of it and requesting the forum to help me.

    ********Start of mail to Dishtv Customer Care********

    Hello DishTV Customer care,

    I am writing this mail on behalf of Mrs. Paramita Bhattacharya who is a DishTV connection holder (VC #: [protected]). She bought the connection from M/S Sima Enterprise, Address - 3A- Naya Patty Road, Ground Floor, Kolkata - 700055, Phone No :[protected]. She was not getting some of the Bengali channels today and gave a call to M/S Sima Enterprise. They replied very rudely to the old lady and said that they will not come today at any cost as they are busy. They did not even take the complaint and asked her to call tomorrow as they will take the complaint tomorrow only. They had taken more than Rs. 150 as AMC and no receipts were given back to her as well.

    I, Hillol Mukherjee (Son-in-law of Mrs. Paramita Bhattacharya) then lodged a complaint against M/S Sima Enterprise in dishtv customer care through call. The complaint number is 55575166.

    I then gave a call to M/S Sima Enterprise and told them about the complaint that I have lodged, expecting this time they will be active enough to take corrective actions but on the contrary they replied me that they just don't bother about any complaint as nothing will be happening to them.

    Mrs. Paramita Bhattacharya sent an sms also to 57575 on the issue and received a call from the technical team. Surprisingly the person called did not know Bengali. He could speak only in Hindi and English.

    Now I want following points to be cleared from your end:

    How does an authorized dealer of Dishtv speaks to an aged customer in such rough and dirty language?
    How does an authorized dealer of Dishtv say that in spite of the complaints nothing will be done against them? Do you want me to think that irrespective of repeated complaints no actions are taken against the dealers of Dishtv and all the customer oriented commitments given by Dishtv are fake?
    If a call has been given from Dishtv technical team why doesn't a Bengali person gives a call to the customer? If there is a communication gap due to lack of knowledge in language then who should take corrective action; the customer or the service provider? Moreover don't you find it strange that not even a single technician of your company knows Bengali? Then why have you launched your business in Kolkata?
    We are not at all happy with the service of Dishtv and don't even see and endeavor from your end to improve the same. Unlimited power has been given to the dealers and due that they have started behaving so badly with the customers, and they don't even consider the age of the person as well. There is no control of the Dishtv over the dealers as well.

    I have already recharged my account for 2 months so I will have to continue with the service for coming 2 months. After that I will be shifting to Tata Sky as I could see the customers of Tata Sky are very happy with their service and behavior. If the Dishtv people have any small amount of zeal to serve customer better then I want strong actions to be taken by the authority or else I would suggest Dishtv to stop earning business through fooling people.
    Warm regards,
    Hillol Mukherjee
    On behalf of Mrs. Paramita Bhattacharya.

    ********End of mail to Dishtv Customer Care********

    Dish T.V Authorized Dealer - SIMA ENTERPRISE — Connection problem .

    My self Arindam Khan from Kolkata - Dumdum is facing the problem continuously after connecting the Dish T.V Set Top Box & Antena. During first installation the person came to install had done the mistake to install and after repeated telephonic conversation with dealer the new person came and install it again but not as I wish. Since then I was facing the troubles. Problem gones to extreme from 01.05.08, because on the said day I have recharge with ITZ Card but still I am not able to see the channels committed to DISH T.V. I called the Dealer several times to come & sort out the problem but they havn't come. I made a phone call to the customer care as well as Zee T.V but no body has given me the exact solution. If this continues why I bear the extra cost of Telephone as well as the waste of the money for the day from 01.05.08 to today's date. at this juncture I don't want this type of entertainment media who brings the extra burden to the family person.The person from Dealer M/s Sima Enterprise ( 3 A - Naya Patty Road, Ground Floor, Kolkata - 700055. Phone No : [protected]).
    Reference V.C No of my Dish T.V Connection is [protected]
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

       Saikiran Arveti
      I had recently purchased a Samsung 32" LED which has a Dishtv HD Setup Box free along with it. I was given a voucher of the Dishtv connection and was told to call up the Dishtv Customer Care referring to the Voucher Pin. I had placed a complaint 4days back and the installation of the Setup box is not yet done. When I call up the Customer Care, they keep saying that I would be getting a call back within 2hours from them with the information on when they would drop in and do the installation. I'm really having hard time with the Dishtv's Service.

      Complaint# 55274126.

      Can someone please look into this at the earliest?
      I have the exact same problem. I have been wating since March 3rd with a TV sitting idle at home

      The complaint number is 55101973

      The customer care guys are absolutely useless and cannot do anything other that say they will install- I am giving them one more day and going with TATA sky. Learnt the lesson that free offers are a waste of my time and realized that if dishtv customer service for a new customer is like this what would it be when I become a subscriber?
      Even i am joining this sufferers club. I have been waiting since March 15th.

      The complaint number is 55826831.

      DishTv is taking very light regarding these samsung tv related connections. Very pathatic customer support.
      Even i am suffering with same issue. I have taken Samsung LED TV 3 weeks back and sitting infront of it IDLE.

      When they can't mange they shouldn't offer.

      Installation completed 5 days back after making 10 calls to them. Now i am facing issue with ACTIVATION.

      I was unable to give the hard copy to the person who came for installation, so as per his suggestion sent soft copy.

      My connection is not activated yet, even though installation is completed 5 days back.

      I have made several calls to your customer care and sent ID and Address Proof soft copies along with SAF, VC and STB numbers to [protected]

      When I call up the Customer Care, they keep saying that it will be resolved in 24 hours.

      I even mailed to Hyderabad region Nodal Officer, I didn't get even response to my mail from him.

      56721889 and 56785934 are the complaint numbers.

      God knows when mine will be activated.I will see for one more day and i will through the Setup Box out of my home.
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

        I have been using DishTV Services for the last 5 years, and I faced a problem. But Since I bought DISHTV HD in Oct '2010. (STB no. 1072ABR26DS04299, VC No. [protected] from Mr Rakesh Tonk(self proclaimed DISHTV HD Dealer / Service Engineer – ph. no. [protected], [protected]), I am facing some problems with that and Supplier/Engineer but not helping me, rather he is harassing me.
        He has not fixed LNB in proper way (I think, intentionally). About every evening, some channels lose signal. I am suffering from paralytic attack, so my speech is not clear so my wife used to call him but he is so rude and ill mannered that my wife doesn’t want to call him. Whenever I call, either he doesn’t listen to or say “Tomorrow I will come” but that tomorrow never comes. This is his attitude. It is after one month of regular telephoning (no reply) that I am forced to complain. Actually he waits for two months to get over so that he can charge money from us.
        Firstly he gave me a defective set top box and he convinced (though wrongly) about the accessories (He did not give a composite cable saying “if you connect your TV using HDMI cable, then it is not to you” {which I think is wrong.}, because the box mentions in its CONTENTS).The set top box worked fine for first two months, but after two months I have to take out the card and put that in regularly, say about once every two weeks.
        I have another connection DISHTV. At the time of purchase, he told me that DISHTV HD will automatically be my primary connection, but it is not done till date. He has not changed my LNB till date. Please send me replacement LNB through courier and help me out.
        Here a brief description of his SERVICE :
        After my numerous phone calls, he paid me a visit on 01-Mar-11, and promised to change LNB the day after tomorrow i.e. 03-Mar-11.
        On the 4th evening I again called up him and he told me that “I am in Una, I will definitely come to you tomorrow (i.e. 05-Mar-11).”
        On 6th evening I again called him and he told my wife that “I will reach you today evening or tomorrow morning (i.e. 07-Mar-11 morning).”
        On 8th evening when I called him, he hid behind a lady relative of his, and prompted her to say that he was not home and had gone to attend some marriage and would come after 3-4 days.

        You must look into this matter immediately and promptly and seriously. Make him understand that Goodwill of product grows on “Quality of Service”.
        If this is way he is going to provide me service, then please ask him to take back DishTV HD Set top box and refund my money. I may go for a different service altogether. If this is attitude and way of service, I will be forced to my plight into Consumer Forum / Police Station.
        Today is 10th March, and he has not changed my LNB (required to view HD Channels).
        Sameer Bharati
        Sr. Lecturer, Computer Applications
        Govt. Polytechnic College – Hamirpur (H.P)
        Ph. [protected] / [protected] email: [protected]
        Dated : 10-Mar-11
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

          Dear Sir/madam

          I have a platinum package of Dish TV and also have taken an AMC for the services of Rs/400 per year.The start date of the AMC is 11/10/10 and valid upto 11/10/11.

          I had lodged a complaint about no reception due to defective sttop box vide reference no.s
          46715533 of 8th march 11 and again on 9th march ref no. 55439421.The DCC of Dehradun R.A traders and Engineers had collected the set top box and taken it for repairs at 1800hrs of 8th March 2011. and till 1800 hrs of today i.e 9th March they have not returned with repaired set top box .On calling them at [protected] they say that they have a software problem and no spare set top box and that all their technicains are in the field and they will try to replace it tomorrow i.e 10th march 2011.

          I do not understand the meaning of AMC and charges of Rs/ 400 if the DTH service is not resumed even after 24 hrs and the pitiable state of Dish TV agencies having no spare set top box.

          This probblem in set top box has happended for the 4th tiime in the last two years and i request them to do a proper job,but the repaired set does not last even for 6 months.The last repair was on 10th oct 201. of the set top box.

          i request you to take up with Dish TV and compensate for the problem as i am unable to see world cup.

          Dish TV — Improper channel Service

          This is to complain about my New Dish TV connection (VC No. [protected]) bought on Oct 22, 08 from S.R Communications, Sector 31, Gurgaon (Mobile No [protected], Landline No[protected]. I bought maxi plus plan for Rs. 4290/-.

          Till date most of the channels like Sony, AXN, Colors, Star Movies, M TV, all star channels and many more are not coming. I complain to S.R Communication about the same but they gave me mobile no of Mr. Amit ([protected]). He promised me that channels will start coming within 4 hours but nothing has happened till date. I sent complain messages to 57575 but that also went for a toss. I called up customer care number[protected] and lodged complaint (no[protected] and I was assured that services would be activated within 24 hours but I think people there too are sleeping.

          It is when local dealer couldn't help, SMS 57575 is of no use, customer care does not pick up the calls, I am writing this mail hoping that it will work. I am really fed up with Dish TV's customer handling and abusing the day I decided to buy Dish TV rather than Tata Sky or Big TV.

          Taking Shahrukh Khan for publicity will not help Dish TV if it can't take care of its subscribers!! Please let me know by when all channels would get activated

          Atul Gupta
          Manager - Hindustan Times
          Mobile : [protected]
          161/31, Sector 31, Gurgaon
          When I wanted to activate star sport 1 channel I called customer care he said I will transfer Ur call to representative but five times i didn't get any reply who will pay my phone bill for 30 min.
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

            Dish TV is easily India's worst Set Top Box service provider. I mean, one has to actually experience their service to realise how pathetic a service provider they can be.

            I recently purchased a Samsung LED 3D TV and along with that i got a Dish TV HD Set Top Box free. I was told that a High Definition (HD) Set Top Box is a must when one purchases a LED TV to be able to get the best viewing experience.

            The TV was delivered and installed by the Samsung guys after a minor delay.

            But the Dish TV guys took 5 days to install a simple Set Top Box. Their SLA says 72 hours. So i made like 8 calls over these 5 days to their call center, all STD calls cos they dont have a Bangalore local number. With each call i would have to speak to a customer care executive who could barely speak English, who would waste the first 3 mins of the call repeating unwanted details like date of purchase, happy to help you and other typical call center type gibberish. BUt each time i would ask them when is your technician coming to instal the Set Top Box they would say within the next 24 hrs and hang up. So after 3 days, i asked the Call center person to connect me to their supervisor. Same Story. Supervisor would say the same thing. On 2 diff occasions, 2 diff supervisors told me that they would allot my case to a Blore technician and get back to me in 10 mins with details. OBviously they never called back.

            Finally after 5 days i got to speak to the Blore head of Dish TV IMplementation team ..who again was totally in capable of sending a tchnician

            After 5 days, i had given up hope, they finally sent a technician..who took 4 hrs to instal..had no clue of the Set Top Box functionalities

            Worst part was that the much hyped HD channels were hardly that impressive. e.g. if you watch HBO regular vs HBO HD, there is hardly any diff :(

            set of 5 boxes — don't get delivery

            I ordered a product code of 29988, it has been more than 20 days i ordered, but i dnt get the delivery of the product, then again i ordered it till now i get it.
            I completely agree with this complain. I also got Dish TV hi-def Voucher with my purchase of samsung TV about 2 weeks ago in Hyderabad. I initiated the STB installation process on next day of purchase by calling their dish TV customer care executive. Now, this has been well on 12 days and even after multiple calls to customer care and mailing to their support center, i did not get any call from dish TV technician. Every time i have been told the same thing that a technician will contact me within 24 hr and they will not give me any further chance to complain but now they have just crossed the limit. On asking the reason of delay, i am told just a minor issue. What issue they themselves don't know. I find the way they are handling this is highly unprofessional. I recommend others not to opt Disk TV STB for any reason.
            Dish TV goes guhong-ho when you are inquiring to buy the set top, saying that the installation will happen withing 6 working hours. I purchased the Tru-HD service STP on Sunday (03Jun12) early in the morning and was promised that the installation will be done by the evening, however Monday (04Jun12) I am still awaiting...It is really sad to see tall promises being made just during the sales pitch, but adherence to it is nowhere to be seen...typical of our Desi companies...When contacted with their customer care they started to pitch that their SLA's are 72 hours, when i confronted why 6 hrs installation was promised they started to blabber that this is for top cities (Incidentally during the sales inquiry the representative said that Thane is in top cities).
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

              my mobile no [protected](RMN)
              the service provided by you sir is poor.half the channels such as astha,care world -no signal problem. besides i wanted to know whats the recharge amount for silver package is it 135 or 165p.m.
              basically our dealer charged us 165p.m for silver package for two months.we recived SMS of 330 for two months with amount of 135 and all that.
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                I am Dhiren Talpada from Vadodara(Gujarat). i had purchased dish TV connection with hd setup box and service on date 21/02/2011. i had purchased it from your service centre name Shiv Service. I had paid Rs. 3190 ( as shown in advertisement Rs. 2990 for hd connection + service charges and taxes.) My V/C No. is [protected]. i

                I had purchased on viewing your advertisement on company website. i am attaching that part as picture so you can take right decisions.

                As i had purchased hd connection on 21/02/2011, Dish tv company has shown in advertisement and it's service centre told me, I must get Platinum pack (for two months) + Hd starter pack (for two months) + Hd a-la-carate pack (for two months) But your company has stopped my Hd a-la-carate pack and as i contact company customer service centre they said that you can not get Hd a-la-carate pack you have to pay Rs/ 100 / month.

                Please solve my problem and give me reply on my mail id

                Thanking you.

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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                   Pooja Khanna

                  Feb 20, 2011 ... After that i am continuosly trying to contact the same number but ... I have paid Rs. 1490/- to Appco Marketing India Pvt. Ltd. for Reliance Big ... Now the cheque is cleared and no one is answering the phones also the
                  Dear Customer,

                  We apologize for the misunderstanding happened, do let us know if you received your product, we will ensure that such type of behaviour won’t be repeated in future. If any query please do mail me at [protected]

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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                    Dish TV — Free Dish TV HD Connection with Samsung LED TV is a scam


                    I bought a Samsung 40 inch LED on 26th Feb and got DishTV HD connection free.
                    I called up the tollfree...
                    Complaint comments  Comments  (1)Complaint category Satellite, Cable DTH TV

                    Dish TV — Error: Unsubscribed Channel

                    Today morning(8 March 2011) I switched on my Television and I got this stupid error: 101Unsubscribed Channel. Channels like...
                    Complaint comments  Comments  (4)Complaint category Satellite, Cable DTH TV

                    On 16th February 2011 I bayed a new DISHTV connection and this connection installed by SWETALINA ENTERPRISE BIDHAN PARK KOLKATA-90, at time of installation itself his engineer told me that setup box having some single problem then I asked him to replace that setup box and come up with new setup box but next day his engineer again came with same setup box and told me that this is working fine and did installation.
                    After 4 days on 20th February 2011 it starts creating problem and DTH stop working, problem was no single. I complained about this to customer care of DISH TV and they took my setup box for resolving problem saying that this problem will be resolved max by 48 hrs. After that I asked him to replace that setup box because this problem was known at time of installation and my connection is only 5 day old, but they did not responded. After 2 day I start calling him about status of my setup box but DISHTV customer care and local service provider did not respond me properly every time they telling they will resolve and provide me new setup box in next 24 hrs.
                    On 27th Feb 2011 I got call from local service provider saying problem is resolved but I was out of station so I asked him to come on 1nd March 2011, but they did not came I called local service provider i.e. SWETALINA ENTERPRISE more than 6 times and they told me that today itself they sending me setup box, so I cancelled my DR. appointment and waited for him. But they did not come.
                    They came on 2nd March 2011 with some old stupid setup box and they again connected that to my TV but that setup box also had same problem.
                    Then I called there customer care and told him about this and asked him why they send me old setup box if they promised me to send new one and asked him to refund my money and disconnect my connection but they start saying they need one more day to resolve this problem.
                    So I gave him 1 more day but yet they did not responded me, I already made 4 times call to their customer care but every time they saying today itself they resolve this problem.
                    Customer care saying that they forwarded my concern to local service provider.
                    It seems like at time of money and new connection DISHTV come forward after that they do not care about customer problem. After taking new connection I only used that DTH only for 4 days and they already took 13 days to resolve this problem
                    So I want my money back.
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                      TOKEN NO PROVIDED BY DISH TV IS 34437

                      FIROZ ANSARI
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                        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                        It has been very much disastrous!
                        A request was given on 12th of February 2011 to relocate Dish TV antina and a service engineer name Bunty from an associate of Dish TV SD SERVICES GURGAON, came on 21st Feb 2011 and took waway the set top box with the remote, after a lot of follow ups, call and complains on regular basis a new engineer from SD SERVICES GURGAON, turned up and gave another set top box on 2nd March 2011 which is still not working, as per customer care executive the card / vc no does not match with the set top box.

                        Entire rental is gone in waist and there is no one to take care, I think there is no after sales service and commitment from Dish TV and the services are very pathetic. I would request consumer court to take immediate action on Dish TV.

                        Ashutosh Mehrotra

                        VC NO. [protected]
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                          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                           Nitesh Shindey
                          I have a dish TV HD connection and a technician came and changed the mono LNB for the number of channels to be increased, but nothing has changed and i still do not get the HD channels.
                          I have logged a compliant with Dishtv (ref No 54322112, 54512333,[protected] on 17th, 21st & 28th Feb respectively and it’s been over 15days with no resolution.
                          Every day a new person calls and ask about the complaint but no one comes and rectifies it, it is getting frustrating but Dishtv is not bothered about it cauz they have got their money and care a damn about the customer.
                          Pratul, Shivaji and a few associates from the Pune Kharadi office have called and said they will send someone but no one ever came, Vikas Nawgare is the Technician who calls and says i will come tomorrow but his tomorrow never comes.
                          Please can we take some action aginst Dishtv so that other dont face this after paying good amount for hopeless service. They are cheating their customers, new connection is done in a day but once you take it your trapped cauz there is no service
                          This is most unprofessional company i have seen, if you cannot provide services then pls don’t. I am more than happy to shut my connection with dish and move to another provider if they refund my money.
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                            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                            These are all FAKE offers from Dish TV, I too got free Dish HD Box free with my Samsung LED TV. They made me pay 750 Rupees just for the activation and installation.

                            Here is the catch.. All the so called HD Channels are Upscaled Channels. I agree to the comment posted before in this thread. Madhuri Looks liks Tun Tun... even on a so called HD Channel !!!

                            Only channels which are True HD are -

                            1) Movies NOW
                            2) Discovery HD World
                            3) Nat Geo HD
                            4) Star Cricket HD
                            5) DD HD - Always Blank Screen.

                            All the other channels are UPSCALED channels which they call HD. Rediculous, wonder Shahrukh knows about this, this proper Fraud from DISH TV.

                            I think this is why there are no advertisements on TV about 30 channels being HD and Blah Blah.

                            Another thing how people like me will get stuck with Dish TV now.

                            HD Starter Pack - 125 Rupees.
                            This includes Discovery HD World and NatGeo HD. Along with few other upscaled Channels.

                            HD A La Carte Pack - 100 Rupees
                            This includes MOVIES NOW. along with few other Blah blah upscaled channels.

                            World Cup HD Pack - 150 Rupees
                            This included STAR CRICKET- which means world cup in HD. Watching World cup on this is great experience as there are NO ADVERTISEMENTS and its a amazing experience to watch cricket on this.

                            so in the end you pay ->>> 125+100+150+325 (Normal Platinum pack) = 700 Rupees PER MONTH

                            Agree with another comment, you need iron balls to pay 450 for 4 HD Channels of your choice. All channels of your choice are in different packs. They are making customers fools.

                            CRAP FROM DISH TV.
                            DO NOT GO IN FOR THIS!!! It's SHAM!!! Most of those 30 channels are upscaled, there's no conceievalbe differnce between the regulars and the HDs. Only Discovery HD World, Nat Geo HD and Movies Now are actually HD. Besides, THEY DONT PROVIDE 5.1 DOLBY AUDIO. THEY JUST PROVIDE STEREO AUDIO EVEN FOR THE HD CHANNELS. I switched from Tata Sky HD to Dish TV HD for more channels, but I feel like I've been swindled. Even the website is quite misleading. I had to read it CAREFULLY to see that they were offering "THEATER QUALITY STEREOPHONIC SOUND" which to me is meaningless!!! Overall it's a sham company with a sham product that just fleeces customers by putting up misleading fine-prints... TATA SKY ROCKS!!!
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                              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                               omprakash sinha
                              Dear Sir

                              I have made my complain on 29/01/2011 with complain no 53676754 regarding repairing of STB box and it was changed by dish TV but faulty STB box has been provided, then once again i have made complain for same with complain no 54372815 on 18/02/2011,then they had changed my STB box but once again faulty STB provided for which i have made complain again on with complain no 54832991 on 27/02/11,but once again they have provided me faulty STB now i have lodge one more complain with complain no 54929199 on 28/02/2011.
                              When i have asked for senior person they simply refused to provide contact no of any senior person no, you are requested please provide me some solution
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                                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                                We are using DISH TV, Our set up box got problem we took to local distributor. He spent almost 2 days and said has to replace in Kurnool. If you want urgent you have to go personally, all the way i went to kurnool service center. He tooks 2 Hrs time to say that it won't be repair. He come up one more option that, you meet up Distributor he will give you new set up box.

                                For that i have waited couple of hours, finally i got the device. It was happen on 24th Feb, till now ( 26th evening ) it has not activated. I spent almost 100 Rs. only for calling them.

                                I don't know how long it will take.

                                VC NO - [protected]
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                                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                                   Dr.SR Nagpal
                                  Dear Sir,

                                  I am a resident of Mohali - add - HM-243, Phase-2, Mohali. I Got Dishtv DTH connection two years back,vide VC No. [protected] ,it started giving problem after one year( Few Channels video was disturbed). The same is reported to customer care chandigarh at chandigarh. on dated[protected]. But no one from responded. I made uncounted calls but finnaly one person visited at my residence on[protected],and charged Rs. 150/ visting charges for just to check the complaint but done nothing.

                                  Again I called no.of times at their Noida Ho as well as at Mohali Office.. But nothing has happened .

                                  Finnaly I broght new connection with new Set up box. on dated 17-2011 vide VC no.[protected]. After installation it worked well for two days and then all paid chennels were disappeared and I come to know that it was required to be activated.

                                  I called up to every one at Mohali office, but since 4 days have been passed ,it is not made operational inspite of my repeated requests to their officials ( Mr. Rakesh )

                                  May I request for the suitable action on dishtv. w.r t. the poor service.

                                  If nothing will happen then I have to report all to Consumer forum to for getting the justice.

                                  But my request to you to get into this and do the needfull action. My old sset up box is also taken by Mohali office.I have also requested them to return but they are not responding at all.

                                  Dr. SR Nagpal


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                                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                                    Hello Sir,

                                    I purchased the dish TV few days ago with the Samsung offer. I placed order on saturday (19' feb) . People from Dish TV installed the device and told me it will be activated in 24 hrs and left with 700/-. Till today it is not activated. People who came to install told that the box was faulty (after 2 days) and just came once when I was not at home and the call centre people say they dont have my information.

                                    I dont know what to do

                                    dishtv/dth STB — ACTIVATION

                                    I BROUGHT ONE DISHTV STB NO 0860ABF23DS10453 VC NO [protected] .
                                    THIS STB IS NOT ACTIVATED YET NOW .
                                    iam dishtv customer, dishtv recharge not available my city, plz clear my complaint my area pin code 622302, my district pudukottai from vc numbers [protected], [protected], [protected]
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