[Resolved]  Think and Learn - Byjus classes — Cheated with 20 lakhs

Address:Bangalore, Karnataka

I took a franchise from Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd. ( Byju's classes) 1 year ago as I was promised that my role would be to operate the classes and all other activities - Product, Marketing, Student demos and conversion will be performed and supported by them.
We would have to take care of the local infrastructure and a little bit of local marketing.

I put my father's hard earned PF savings and mortgaged my house to pay for the hefty franchisee fee ( 20 Lacs INR).
I put my savings for setting up the office and class room rent, local pamphlets, college campaigns, demo CDs etc. Additional 8 lacs. Worked harder than they had asked us to,,, and still the results didn't show up. They didn't take any marketing initiatives to understand the market. Instead they kept on giving excuses of timing, places etc to move away from their responsibilities. In effect, they were experimenting at my expenses.

When approached for help, they are putting the blame on us. Now, consider this, The product is designed and controlled by the company, Company determines the selling price, Company gets 60% share from the revenues on the premise that company will shoulder bigger marketing responsibilities and ensure students enrolment. How on earth can the franchise be blamed for not getting the revenues?

Let us do a some math here.
Franchisee pays 20 lacs for 5 years for CAT, IITJEE, UPSC ( Only one product is reasonably deliverable and others are still being developed)
Franchisee bears the cost of office operations at least 5 lacs per annum
Franchisee bears the cost of study centre operations at least 4 lacs per annum.
In all franchisee bears 20 lacs + 9 *5 = 65 lacs over 5 years.

With the little commitment and support from the franchisor, All we get is INR (30 * 15000 * 0.40) = Rs. 1.8 lacs per year. ( 40% franchisee share)

Is this not an exploiting model?? The franchisor tricked us into believing that VSAT centers are receiving even more response than the Centers where teacher teaches While on the contrary there are other franchisees of the same company who are also making heavy losses as I am making.
Their model of business is fraud -> Over commit and Under deliver.

I seek help of this forum to expose their fraudulent ways of Byju's classes' , cheating innocent people like me and I seek help to get full compensation for their negligence and the debts I have incurred for serving their experiment interests.

Please spread this word and any help from anybody on this forum will be highly appreciated.
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Jul 26, 2016
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Jun 25, 2016
BYJU's Customer Care's response
@kishore1234sadf Please leave your contact details and order ID AT ankita.[protected]@byjus.com . I work in the business development team and will try my best to help you .

Thanks and regards,
Ankita Priya
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BYJU Raveendran is a big time fraud. Please do not join his classes. His cat material doesnt have any shortcut methods he claims that it has extraordinary short cut methods.

All of his material is copyright protected. There is nothing to protect these methods are common and known to the public. Still he has paid money and got a copyright.

Career Launcher and TIME are the best cat training institutes. Byju raveendran does some marketing strategies and attracts students to his cat classes. buy all of them are fraud classes, he wont do anything clearly in his classes.

Please do not procure his material or pay yourself and go for these classes. He wont even give you a refund. He will put a very big delay and he will invariably make you forget your money. He is just like any other fraud business man. He will never give a refund to anybody. Even i have a written statement from [protected]@gmail.com itself that i will get a refund but i never got it.
Hi Kamal,

Really shocking to hear about your story since even I was thinking of taking up a franchise of BYJU's. Could you please tell the location for which you bought your franchise?
Good to know that. I was planning to take the franchise of Byju classes. Could you please tell which city, you tried?

I concur with Kamal. These guys are very good Cheaters and the most of all is Mr. Byju Himself. He protrays himself to be a samaritan at the time of discussions for striking franchisee deal but then waives off all the responsibility when it comes to determining the situation on ground. Its been two years since we had taken franchisee from Byju's and the tablets which he had been claiming have not reached the market yet. There might be few tablets but that would only have limited data.

Even the course they're selling will NEVER HELP a new student who is preparing for aptitude based competitive exams. One needs to be having a profound understanding of the subjects and only then he/she will be able to utilize the shortcuts Byju teaches. I've worked with premier institutes like TIME, CL and IMS before taking up a franchisee from Byju's. All the classes are recorded. There is no concept of a live class being telecasted over satellite.

Its SOLILOQUY no staff to clarify questions/doubts. They give you a call back number/email try writing to them. I dont think even GOD's Intervention will be enough to get responses from them.

Byjus started UPSC when I was tied up with them in a franchisee, I could see very good lecturers walking away due to these double standards and ad-hoc way of doing things. I could even see the UPSC aspirants getting frustrated and walking out of the sessions because the classers were not of good quality.

Overall this company itself is a BIG FRAUD. If you're planning to get associated with them in anyway I would not stop you but surely caution you to be little suspicious about what they're saying. Given an opportunity they would build ROME IN AN HOUR! (just by speaking all the CRAP dont fall for it.) If BYJU CLaims he is serial CAT Topper ask him for this score card. If he says someone else on his team is a MBA from IIM ask for their grad certificate.
Mayank Chaturvedi's reply, Aug 23, 2016
They r fraud
Byjus Classes cheats students, they say all the below

what they say vs fact

1. Our CAT training is sufficient to crack CAT, GRE, GMAT... ---> once you land into byju they say there is a special program for each, please join each one of them individually.
2. They say they will refund your amount in 3 days -----> within a 3 day duration no one will be able to decide on the classes, later on a valid reason if you want to drop from the training it is not possible.
3. They are very good at marketing : They say offers and ask you pay application fee, if you pay a token amount of 100 Rs to 1000 Rs you will get a discount ----> even you don't pay and get back to them you will be get the same amount. The marketing sessions happen every week.
4. They say they are growing ----> The fact is that at hyderabad they had 4 branches and they shrunk to 2 branches.
5. Training : Byju and Santosh are the two people who train. Byju is too fast and has some tricks which will not be useful in exams. Santosh is a good trainer any student can follow his classes.

Bottom Line : They cheat you with marketing skills. Byjus Classes is for people who have completed their preparation and want a revision.
Regarding BYJUS class room course.

My kid has joined this course in Bengaluru. For X th std class room training.
Once your are selected they offer you seat in the course by offering you some discount which they write it on a piece of paper and tell the fee structure. There is no proper communication on the letter head of the company nor do they send you any email about the course details/Fee structure/terms & conditions. They conduct the classes in an very unhealthy environment. There is no proper class rooms they conduct it in make shift class rooms.

I have noticed that coordination between the front office and the back office is poor. The class coordinator
does not have proper knowledge about the course.(i.e Fee structure, availability of the
course materials and software)

There office in the Koramangala is pathetic they have reception which does not have a proper seating arrangements. You will always see people standing waiting to talk to the management. There is no proper counselor to handle the issues of the parents. There is no single point of contact. If you have any issues each time you have to meet different people .

About the teachers i have learnt that they not good but the silver lining is that the software seems to be good. But one should admit that they are very good at marketing.

Finally i would like to comment that if somebody is looking to join this course i would advice them to buy the software instead of joining class room training.
On integrated I PU classes by byju,

I am a parent who felt heavily cheated by byju and team. I totally agree with the above comment. What they are good at is marketing, and even Byju himself was telling this in his workshop which I attended.
Very prompt in collecting fees, if required they will u call you 100 times. Once paid it reverses, you make 100 calls they will never respond.

The student community is a rolling population, their complaints will stay for an year or two, meanwhile they get new victims, keep minting money through giving false promises. With lot of expectations parents' hard earned money is given to these cheaters, who never bother to care what the student is getting from them.

While enrolling they said a batch would have no more than "25 students per batch for personal attention" - item no.2 of their brochure.
Fact: They completed first year class with more than double the number. Classes as i understood are not any classes but mere lectures for 3 hrs average on single subject. Periods are designed by schools considering the fact that any body cannot concentrate for more than 45 minutes at a stretch. But then how to extract from the teacher who has to travel to and from the school. Its business again not student is at the centre of their thought.

Forget personal attention, there is no assignments, no regular tests, and about feedbacks less said the better. If at all some sms comes it will be wrong information, your ward will have no connection with it. Call back? whom to call.

Children's important years are at stake, parents try to send them for different personalised tution, and manage at home. In two years i will try to forget them, new victims are in queue.

One star rating i am giving for the course material they have collected and dumped in the form of video, which the student is never told about by the teachers in the school
Mayank Chaturvedi's reply, Aug 23, 2016
They r big time fraud.. we must file a case of cheatng on them
Please don't take franchise for Global shikhsa. They also follow Byju cheating method.

You will be in huge loss only.
Mr.Prasanna and Mr.Sajesh are biggest fraudsters of all BYJU team. I have been marketing their company for 3 months. They just pay only 50% of the Marketing Fees to clients claiming to pay the remaining after the Project. But, once the Project is complete vanish into thin air. When clients ask for Balance Payment, they complain saying that they received Zero response, hence they wont carry out the same project again. They dupe you with Lakhs of Payment.

Client are just waiting and watching them. They will be in BIG trouble very soon which will affect their company reputation.

Humble request to all individuals who have been cheated to share your numbers in this post. We would appreciate your support in coming days.
Byju-Is the Businessman.

The tablet is like a carrot shown to rabbit to catch in net.

To the wise people, I suggest logon to khanacademy.org and learn far better than what tablet can teach you.

The comany is funded by Venture capitalists whose sole aim is to make money. Why fall prey when better learning options are available
hello everyone ..
i was planning to join byjus online crash course for medical entrance worth 11000 with tablet ..
can anyone say whether this is a also a part of cheating ???
Mayank Chaturvedi's reply, Aug 23, 2016
Bharti Subedi Rawat's reply, May 21, 2017
Yes please don't join they cheated us I bought a tablet course in which nothing found
Ex-employee of Byju's !!

I have worked with Byju's before for about one and half years and honestly i didn't face a single problem like mentioned above. I had started my career from this company only, where i could learn a lot of things as a fresher. This is the only company where your work is put before your experience.The growth here is exponential and hence the employees are given opportunities to learn and excel. The employees are treated as family members. I was really upset about leaving Byju's but i had no other option as i was preparing for SSC entrance exam.
I am still in good terms with the senior management. This company has been a stepping stone for me..
Mayank Chaturvedi's reply, Aug 23, 2016
Ur co is a fraud
Shanmugasundaram Thangavel's reply, Jul 11, 2019
We are talking about parents and franchisees problem how the hell you talk about ex employee here.. They are paying you even after you left the company?? this is just an example for a fraud company trying to create a positive note from others.
if they are cheating people with there fraud marketing traits .Loss them with same data which they provide to students to make study.publish materials online which will be used for some students who not able to spend .Automatically company will get Losses if data reaches everyone .Some will be benefited
i had similar experience when I visited them 2 weeks back. They said that my kid is selected and will get scholarship etc and attend a free class etc beofre you decide. Then they asked me to pay Rs.1000 on which nothing was mentioned whether its refundable or non refundable. Upos asking to write refundable councellor went inside saying that this is refundable but was relictant to write. I again asked her to write that, finally she mentioned refundable. ALthoug a small amount however felt their intention was not right. Another thing, they would provide you half information in an ambigous manner. Regarding qualification of their staff which they claim to be IIT passed out etc, is not true. Although I always say that IIT passed may not always be a good teached however point is that they claim something and do something else. Class timings is another ambigous part. They will not share complete shedule. They will provide you sheet for current month and keep mum on next month. If you insist that this is the only time slot suits you, they will adjust but will change that once you make complete payment. Anyway, thought of education you all...They for sure need some improvements.
Hello everyone

I am planning to join there GRE course of byjus, can someone help me with feedback of it

Thank you
im in 11th std and i am joining byjus classes for my JEE preparation. will it be worth it? plsss reply :-)
Mayank Chaturvedi's reply, Aug 23, 2016
Nk.. nevsr dont even think about it
Very poor response from Customer support. No one takes responsibility when you call for help. You will end up paying more for the phone calls.
This is as bad as it can get... they have robbed me for 23000rupees/ It is v bD. Th3 teaching 8n/ the app is not even third grade . I pity myself buying this
BYJU's Customer Care's response, Aug 23, 2016
Verified Support
Hello Mayank,
I understand that you may not be happy with the product delivered to you but I assure you that I will extend as much help as I can from my end. Please write a mail concerning your issue with your order id, date of purchase and the name of the mentor that contacted you. This will help me and my team resolve your problem. Drop a mail to [email protected]
I too a package for 8th Mahareshtra state board i pad 10 k for the same i was promised that if i dont get the lessions as per the portion i will be refunded 100% of the money back. I got a tab i wasted nearly 8-10 days reviewing lesson by lession only 30% portion matched. when i told the problem to the Byjus team shamless le they told me that they will refund the money back. they did not even bother to correct the sutation. call the call center and files a refund complaing. I did not get the refund after 8 days when i callup i was told that the refund has not been processed. The TAB nees to returned back. I send the TAB at my cost. after sendin the TAB i get a call back the charger is missing. I told them when i had recived the box at that tiome only the charger was not in the box i have not used any any of the accerries i have just seen the study material on the charger. i get a call back form a By jus employ saying DO WHAT EVER YOU CAN WE WILL deduct 500 RS and pay you. I tried expalining him he was so arrogent that he was not willing to listion. IT is now nearly 2 month these people ate using my money. I have heard som IIT people are running this compney are IITs peoples beggers ? i have come to a conclession that IITS are fraud people . Now i ahve been sending mails to the marketing person tries calling him on the cell # that person is not taking my call. This shows how third hgread compney is BYjus.

Pravin Gupta
if you want to file a case on byju's fraud then pls go to respective district consumer forum, register a complaint with all the proofs attached to it, but keep in mind one thing do send a notice mail to byju's support and give him 30 days time, in that notice mail do provide a subject as notice regarding entire thing...if the problem hasn't been rectified and addressed take a copy of that mail and do attach with the complaint...I assure you your grievance at district consumer forum will be addresses in a couple of months...if byju proved guilty we can claim the amount plus the suffer we went through them becoz of their negligence in the form of amount... I m gonna file a complaint against them and also going to bring this type of fraud act by byju's to the notice of facebook which is going to invest in...for further assistance pls do mail me on [protected]@gmail.com

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