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5th Floor, Tower D, IBC Knowledge Park, 4/1, Bannerghatta main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560029

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Medlife — unsolicited communication

 arvy_1 on May 22, 2019
I am registered with dnd and i have never interacted with this company spite of this my mobile is littered with sms from this company. There is no option to opt-out in the sms.
This company has no ethics, decency, values or virtues.
On one hand rogue telecom operators sell customer data to such third-rate company and trai is an organisation which encourages such nuisance. It is irritating to be bombarded by such nonsense from different mobile numbers.
Wonder, who is the criminal, who is in charge of marketing....
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Medlife — medlife : pathetic service.

 Vishal Mallick on May 22, 2019
I ordered medicine from medlife but they cancelled frim their end. I already paid the amount online by debit card.
They are now not refunding the money.
I called customer care many times but almost 90% keeping me in hold to get connected. And when it connected i was just feeling to slap the girl and the server down boy with excuses and ignorance. Pathetic service ever in my life..
Medlife order = or7635ena-004a

Just refund my money???...
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Medlife — medlife : refund didn't received.

 Vishal Mallick on May 22, 2019
I ordered medicine online and paid online. But they modified my order and cancelled one of the product. But i didnot got any refund regards that. I called customer care but they are only throwing excuses like server down etc... Very poor service by medlife.
Very worst service by medlife and Pathetic customer care service. Till date no refund of my orders.
Refund of 758.48 charged in excess for Order OR7635ENA-004A will be credited based on the payment mode chosen by you.
Where is the refund..??...
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Medlife — too much delay in delivery... please don't opt for medlife again...

 ruphus sylvester on May 21, 2019
I'm a regular customer of medlife and every time., my complete order is not getting delivered properly... They say it as delay in procurement which hardly takes more than 48hrs., which additionally includes the period of 48hrs from ordering... My question here is., if you people can't afford to get simple medicines in 48hrs., then why do say that as a note to people that it is as fast delivery within 48hours... Order number is or8319di-009a...
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Medlife — medicine ordered not yet recd

 Shreekant Mundhra on May 21, 2019
I had ordered medicine worth ₹1161.88 on 19.05.19 order no OR73030S-006A and was informed through msg that will be delivered by 21.5.19, today at 8.35 pm I called medilife coustmer care for status of delivery, they replied me that the my order is not processed due to no reason, they asked me to cancel the order I am heart patient and expected quick delivery as my medicine has finished .I uploaded all my prescription .
Please look into this on war footing basis and deliver my medicine
Shreekant mundhra...
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Medlife — order no 3873741 & 3873725

 kumarvinay123 on May 21, 2019
Dear concern we have received blood test report from medlife on 06th may but shared report were wrong after my complain again medlife team has collected blood sample on 09th may but again they have shared wrong and same report with us. Now on daily basis we are coordinating with medlife customer care but after assurance still we are waiting for correct details. Please help to provide correct report on priority basis....
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Medlife — refund not done

 chunku on May 21, 2019
I was ordered medicine vide order no. #or537osha-001a and payment rs.575.00 was made accordingly through net banking. But due to non availability of medicine same could not be supplied. After getting my view medicines has cancelled.
But till date the said amount has not been refunded to my account.
So i am requesting you do the needful action from your end at the earliest for refunding the same.

With regards
Surajit mondal...
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Medlife — not picking my return order

 Karan Kamra on May 20, 2019
I have ordered quite number of medicines from medlife and got it Delivered but one syrup I requested for return since it is not prescribed by doctor. I have successfully initiated return for that part but even after 10 days nobody is coming to pick that up. Everytime I call the customer care they say it will be picked by today or tomorrow. Please help...
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Medlife — refund amount of order

 Hardeepbhatia on May 20, 2019
I order two medicines but one medicine was not available. Your company told me they refund the amount within 7days but after completion of 25 days i not received any amount. Order i'd is or4219rz-003a. I paid rs1523.04. Kindly refund my account.
Also many time i message to your feedback column but your company still not respond.

Kindly do needful as already i am paying interest to my amount which was not paid from your side....
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Medlife — not able to execute the order quantity

 Ravi Mohire on May 18, 2019
I have order the following medicine
1 gloyomet gp.5 mg 40 tablet
2 pivista 2 mg 40 tablet
I have received massage order will be delivered on 19 may
Today 18 may i spoke to your customers care i came to know only 10 tab of pivista 2 mg is available and you order new for rest.
It is surprise being such big firm you are not able to execute the order. Even in small firm have that much quantity is available. While confirming the order your representative is to aware whether medicine is available or not
Your service is very poor. And big headache...
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Medlife — timing of collecting blood sample

 Navin Smita Jaiswal on May 18, 2019
I had booked a blood collectionfor my mummy from my home, the timing confirmed to me was 6:30 - 7 am. She is a diabetic patient, she needs to eat food after she gets up in the morning, she wakes up 4 am in the morning, since ur services start 7 in the morning, i had booked that she doesn't have to wait too long. But i am sorry to say how irresponsible staff you have employed. I am still waiting for him as he is very late.. Very rude person with all sort of excuses. A piece of advice remove this kind of employees as the company will always suffer. I will never ever recommend medlife services to any...
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Medlife — after repeated request medlife is least bothered to send the amended invoice which is my right

 Subhra Chowdhury on May 17, 2019
On 02.05.2019 i have place my first order medicine for my mother who is a diabetic patient. I have uploaded the prescription. While placing the order i have repeated time told that i want correct bill in the name of the patient as well as the doctor name as mentioned in the prescription as i have to produce the bill to my office for reimbursement. When i have received i have seen that they wrongly typed the patient name and there is no doctors name mentioned. Also in the invoice the one of the medicine name glugoryl m3 forte was correctly typed but they have supplied only glucoryl m3. So i called...
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Medlife — re: money cheated by medlife

 Mj Ansari on May 17, 2019
Order id: or8063be-003a wrong medicines delivered. I paid cash rupees 753/- but requested return of medicines. My paid money credited to e wallet. Ordered again for rs. 514.55 which i paid through my e wallet. But when delivery boy came today asked me rs.238 against this invoice. I ordered same medicines same quantity so the entire amount i had in wallet must have been taken and i was not suppose to pay any money. Now my e wallet also shows zero. I do not understand this. Matter is serious and can be reported if not solved soon....
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Medlife — excess billing

 Umesha Sv on May 16, 2019
I purchased medicines vide order id - or6652bq-008a and serial number of invoice - blr[protected] dated 15/5/2019.
Remo 100 mg tablet 10 each strip is costing 125rs whereas you have charged inr 1250 for 10 tablets. I have purchased 50 number of tablets and you have charged excessively of rs 6250 at a discount of 20% making it 5000rs.

Kindly reimburse the excess amount you have charged to me....
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Medlife — accu-chek active, glucose meter strips and lancets

 Siddharth Ashra on May 15, 2019
I ordered the product on 9th of May, 2019 and was promised to get it delivered on 11th or 12th of May. It’s 15th today and no one is receiving calls at the customer care number provided. This is not how a firm working under medical industry operates. My family really needs this device and medlife being the responsible party should get the product delivered on the promised date. Please get this issue resolved!!...
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Medlife — not received the exact invoice copy as per my order

 Subhra Chowdhury on May 14, 2019
I have been a regular customer of medlife but the non co-operation about producing timely bills of invoices of the medicines purchased has irked me to a great extent.

Upon telling innumerable times to produce the bills with the proper patient name and the doctor names which i had provided them during booking the medicines they aren't able to do this simple activity. They print their doctor names who had called me regarding the medicines as well as the patient name they have typed incorrectly

Secondly upon calling them 10 times and reconfirming the doctor names and the...
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Medlife — copper water bottle.

 Kanika Gera on May 14, 2019
My order id: or7424ana-001a (Reference-id : 270030)

I placed an order for copper water bottle from medlife on 10.05.2019 and for confirmation, i called the customer care that it would be delivered within 24-48 hrs. Now, mr. Dhanraj patil stated on email that they are running out of stock for it and looking for different suppliers. Contrary, today i called on customer care and mr. Siraj and mr. Jibrael stated that the product is very much in stock but due to technical reason they are unable to dispatch, it is struck somewhere in the hub. I paid rs 669 for the same and pursuant to that...
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Medlife — regarding delay in medicine delivery.

 Barinder Singh Ghuman on May 12, 2019
I had placed an order on medlife on 7th may and selected 11th may as a delivery data because this is my weekend.

Today, on 12th may i have received a call from their team that one of the medicine is not available.

I have two queries here: 1) why they did not call me on 10th may that one medicine is missing and can we pursue with reset of the order?

2) why the billed a product which is not present in their inventory?

These are medical services and any delay can cause life. This delay an irresponsible behavior is unacceptable. They moved...
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Medlife — delayed medicines

 ami munsif on May 12, 2019
I ordered medicines via medlife on 8th may 2019, immediately i received a call and she said that doctor will need to approve medicines, when i had already uploaded the prescription.. Still she insisted, i have been getting messages that doctors are busy and it gets rescheduled.. I kept calling to ask when will the doctor call, n they kept telling me soon, today itself, by eve, by 10pm.. But never will receive a call.. Even spoke to a manager.. Same song he sang.. One guy even gave me a no. Where i could call the doctor, but it would just not allow me to connect.. Finally today on 12th may a doctor...
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Medlife — sent less medicines and took more money of all medicines

 Sharmila321 on May 11, 2019
I had ordered jardian medicine from medlife online and received very less medicines, initially when i called they took down bank account number and told that they will refund amount but no luck, now i'm calling them from around more than continuously and they are repeatedly saying that they will escalate and i will receive call but i'm not getting any solution nor call from them.
I had faced same issue before also but at that time by luck o had opened the medicine box in front of delivery boy only and he then took medicines and later gave correct amount of medicines
Please look into...
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