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State Bank of India [SBI] Customer Care
State Bank of India
Customer satisfaction rating: 30%
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State Bank of India [SBI] Customer Care

State Bank of India

No.65, St Marks Road
Bangalore District
India - 560001
Landmarks:Near India Garage

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts



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SBI Toll Free Numbers
Bangalore: 1800 425 8002
Bhopal: 1800 425 7551 (BSNL), 1800 102 7551 (Airtel)
Bhubaneswar: 1800 345 6741
Chandigarh: 1800 180 1723, 1800 180 1724
Chennai: 1800 425 4424
Delhi: 1800 114 545
Mumbai: 1600 228 866
Kolkata: 1800 345 3455
Pune: 1800 112 211, 1800 425 3800
Thiruvananthapuram: 1800 425 4722, 1800 425 4844
Patna: 1800 345 6100, +91 61 2223 8388
Lucknow: 1800 180 5201
Guwahati: 1800 345 3631
Ahmedabad: 1800 233 7933
Hyderabad: 1800 425 3888

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Customer satisfaction rating
So far so good - The company responded to our notifications and is working on resolving complaints.

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State Bank of India [SBI] Complaints & Reviews

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I am vivek Rastogi (Advocate)R/O-86,aboo nagar ,GT Road,Fatehpur.My father is Govt .Employer and he Is Open saving Joint Account in Service Period.State bank manager without my permission my saving account is converted single account and manager didnot me information.Create a withdrawl problem after my father is death january26, account Number is -T-63([protected]).FROM-state Bank of India ,Gulganj,Chhatarpur ,Branch code-3505.what i do it. please solved my problem
vivek rastogi
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

    Tata SBI Credit Card — CHEATING AND FRAUD [Resolved]

    I am TATA CREDIT CARD CUSTOMER my credit card no is [protected]. I was cheated by TATA sbi credit card.Initially when...
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    K.Vinod Kumar 15/07/2010
    K.S.H.B. Colony,
    Malaparamba P.O.,
    Calicut- 673 009.

    To Whom so ever it may concern


    Sub: Explanation regarding SBI Credit Card which I had not used.
    Ref: SBI Card No.[protected]

    As mentioned above, I had a SBI Credit Card and I used the card for nearly seven or eight month and repaid the amount. While taking the card the person said that there will be no charges will be debited if I had not in use or if there is no dues.

    After a year later I had got a phone call from Chennai Office that I have to pay Rs.1000/- for settlement . I had paid the amount for which I had actually not used.

    I used to contact the call centre for further clarification where I did not get any reasonable reply. And the main draw back of SBI Card that is no office at Calicut, So I am enable to call/ talk to the resposible persons.

    From the State Bank I had talk to the Manager regarding this issue , He said, ‘need not pay this amount’ . He also said that they have no connection with SBI Credit Cards and their Bank.

    Last March they had called for an adalath and I had explained the situation, further I did not get any reply in this regard.

    Again last month, a person called from settlement division that I have to pay Rs.8300/- so that he will arrange a settlement letter from SBI. I have disscussed the above matter with him ( one Mr.Vinod). I disagreed to pay the amount and I also said if you are sincerely settle my account I will pay Rs.1000 or Rs.2000/- maximum after 2 days again the same person is calling and ask me to pay Rs.7200/- to settle the account.

    I truly stating that I am not liable for the said Credit Card which I had not used. Even though, I want to settle the account with nominal amount. So, kindly arrange a resposible person to do the needful.

    Thanking You,

    Your Faithfully,

    Vinod Kumar K.
    Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 17:29:17
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       savitri verma
      Dear Sir/Madam,
      I,Savitri Verma having account no.[protected] loosed my ATM card issued from Vidyapalam(Nellore) branch.I request you to lock my ATM card as soon as possible.

      Your sincerely
      Savitri verma
      Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 17:29:12
      Dear Sir/Madam,
      I, vipin p having account no.[protected] loosed my ATM card issued fromgundy( chennai)branch.I request you to lock my ATM card as soon as possible.
      Dear sir/madam

      I lost my sbi atm cum debit card, acc no is [protected].
      My acc is in ruby park, kasba, kolkata-700107 branch.
      I request you to block the same.

      Thanking you,
      Anita Kumari,
      Dear Sir/Madam,
      I, mayuri tandon having account no.[protected] loosed my ATM card issued from Aliganj ( Lucknow) branch.I request you to lock my ATM card as soon as possible.
      dear sir,
      i virendra having account no.oooooo[protected], had lost my card issued from dongargaon ( dist. rajnandgaon) .I kindly request you to lock my ATM card at the earliest.

      Your sincerely
      I want to lock my ATM card vide No.[protected] relating to my S.B. A/c No. [protected] maintained with SBI, Raiganj Branch, Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal.

      Tamal Krishna Roy
      I, Anil kumar Patel.I want to lock my ATM card No.[protected] related to my S.B.I. A/c No.[protected] maintained with S.B.I, Railway Station Branch, Kharagpur, West Bengal.

      Your Sincerely,
      Anil Kumar Patel.
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


         *satish kumar
        I(Satish Kumar,[protected]) have withdrawl from main sbi Gurrgaon branch ATM Rs.8000.Out of which one thousand rupees note was fake.When i reported this to the bank they told me that this note was not of that bank. and they denied to change that note.So I have faced loss of rupees one thouusand.This note was put in ATM intentionally by any corrupt employ of SBI.This act is of shame for SBI corrupt people.
        Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 17:28:51
        My mother withdrew 8000/-Rs from, SBI Bank ( JHALWA BRANCH ),Allahabad, and they gave a Fake note of Rs1000/-.
        The very next day,they refused to take it back saying that it does not belong to the same Bank.
        I have few simple questions :

        1) Being a customer we rely on them and they treat us like nothing.
        2) Being a Public Sector Organization, is this the way they must irresponsibly.
        3) 30% of INDIA is still Illiterate.Is this the way they must cheat consumers.
        4) Are we the general Public,who has to suffer for every Loss, Infact , we don't even get a choice to recover OUR OWN MONEY.

        Is there any such body who can help me out ?
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

          SBI ATM Debit Card — NEED DUPLICATE SBI ATM CARD [Resolved]


          My ATM card is worn out, so i need a dupliacte ATM card. please can someone help me in getting the same....
          Complaint comments  Comments  (2)Complaint category Banks



          I have received the memo stating that DDno 660467 for Rs 8000/- drawn in favour of my SBI CREDIT CARD NO [protected] Issued for settlement of my outstanding dues was not Cleared with remark DD outdated it is said that the date mention on DD was 14.02.10. But on verification of xerox copy of draft sent to me by you, it was notice that date mentioned in draft was 14-aug-2010 instead of 14.02.10.
          This draft was wrongly kept hold from more than a month by SBI CREDIT CARD DEPT without intimation to me . So I kindly request you send the draft for clearing immediately and clear
          my dues also request you reverse the all charges and interest debited to my card with an intimate me accorrdingly.
          I regret to say that dues to your ineffecient staff lack of control has cause
          lot many problem in settleing this issue
          Once against i request to send the draft clearing immediately and reverse ll charges denited by card .

          Awating for REPLY

          Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 17:26:47
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


            Dear Sir,

            I am unable to make use of my SBI Credit card No.[protected] as the same is blocked. However, I have a credit balance in my card account. I request that my card may be reactivated at your earliest so as to enable me to make use of the same.

            I value the relationship with sbi and all its services. I have my salary account in sbi at versova branch and also I have opened my pension account in sbi at bharanikavu in kerala.

            I request you to kindly look into this matter and release the card for my use.

            Thanking you

            yours faithfully,

            P B Nair
            Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 17:28:41
            Dear Sir/Madam,

            I had sent a detailed complaint to SBI Card head regarding my credit card
            that was blocked by the Bank for no reason. The complaint was sent on 13th
            June as can be seen from mail copy attached. I recd an acknowledgement
            from them on 24th June stating that the matter is being investigated and that
            they will come back within 3 days. So far I have not recd back any reply from
            them and the credit card remains blocked. There is a credit balance lying in
            the card account which I wanted them to refund and close the card and so
            far there is no response. This is causing agony to me and I request you to please
            look into this matter.

            Kindest Regards

            Jayshree Rajagopal
            Flat D-3, Jnanendra Apartment
            152, Lake East 6th Road,

            sir i have an ATM CARD of sbi. before some days during transaction ihave forget my pincodeno. so i have try 2 3 diffrent no. so it has been i m anble to process.sir what can do for running this atm card pls tell me cardno is[protected]
            accountno. is -[protected]

            I am holding the SBI Credit Card for almost 2 years. I was unable to make the regular payment for few months due to financial issue. Even, I did not received my statements of regular basis. I used to call up the customer service for few months to receive my statements.

            Currently, I am about to clear to clear all my due amount and paying the minimum balance on monthly basis. However, when I called the customer service fews days back, I was told that my card has been blocked and it can only be activated once, I will pay the full due balance and then they may activate the card and may not.

            I was not aware that my card has been blocked and I have not received any notification regarding the same. I was also not aware that if I am unable to make payment, my card will be blocked. Customer Service said that they have sent out the letters to my mailing address and I have not received a one.

            When I asked them to send out the duplicate copy of the notification, they said it is not possible and this is the internal policy and cannot provide.

            My concern is that as a customer, I should aware of the terms and condition. Secondly, I should inform about the card deactivation.

            Please help me out with this.

            Anupam Dhar
            Dear Sir,

            My name is Ashok Asera and my Card # is [protected], couple of days i tried using my card but to my surprise the card got declined, i was so shocked and embarassed, this is the second time its happening, kindly take this matter most seriously and urgently and release my card or else i would have to close down my card.
            It is desirable to have a more efficeint complaing attending system.
            my sbi credit card has been blocked . I have been complained several times through the customer care to the authority but in vain. The validity of the credit card ends on 02/ are requested to solve the problem.
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


               Manish Shrivastava30
              Deposited one Outstation Cheque to SBI Hadapsar Brach on 31st of July, which is to be deposited in SBI A/C Jharkhand Bokaro Steel City. Hadapsar Brach sends it to Local clearing as per their system by Mistake which is to be sent to Outstation.

              Cheque returns back from where God Knows ? as I don't know where they have sent earlier however it was meant to be sent to Jharkhand Bokaro Steel City Branch Account.

              After enquiring the Pune Hadapsar Brach, SBI Officer of Hadapsar Pune says that again it has been sent from Central Cheque clearing Branch of Pune on 7th August 2010, and they had deposited to outstation Cheque Clearing Branch on 26th of August , But today still on 16th of September Destination Outstation Branch is clueless where it is and no one(either side of the SBI Branch) is telling me where it has stuck.

              So I need to file the complaint as it's hard Earned money of my Dad which they people are holding because of their improper process / system and Ineffecient Brach officers.
              Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 17:28:22
              Dear sir/Madam
              My name is chandan singh My A/C No. [protected]
              but I forgot my net banking USER ID and PASSWORD
              please needful sir and send me
              EMAIL:- to my ID and PASSWORD
              Thank you sir
              yours faithfully
              A/C No. [protected]
              SBI RAIAGAR (BERINAG)
              can i make draft through outstation cheque of sbi?

              CHEQUE Not Yet cleared — CHEQUE Not Yet cleared even after 2 months

              Dear SBI Bank Manager ,

              I have Submitted a DD of IDBI Bank which is payable at tiruchirappally branch for depositing in my SBI Account on 14th of Oct in Nasik ( CIDCO , Near lekha Nagar ) . But the same is not yet credited . As Am in kerala right now my father is regularly visiting the same branch for enquring why the amount is not yet credited . Inspite of several visits your bank people are taking this as a Fun and asking my Old Father two come after every 2 days . Still they have not given any confirmation . I know that if this was a privvate sector i would have got the confirmation within 15 min for which they are playing with me since this many days .
              Now this is out of my patience and cant tolerate the insult any more . Plz help me for a permanant solution or return back the chq and cancel my account or else i will go legaly agaisnt the same . A person cant wait for more than 1 months getting his own amount that too when its possible to get within 1 day in all other banks . So i humbly request you to kindly help me on this concern & as a manger i value you for the same . MY Name is Abhilash Krishanan & my Contact Number is [protected] . ( My Acount number is : [protected] SBI )
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                Dear Sir
                I had taken SBI Card in 2006 and continued till 2007 .The reason of closeure is some dispute transactions from my card and I putted a complain to SBI Credit Card divison.SBI Team assured me they are working on this case and resolve ASAP.At that time the dispute Amount is 12000 now it incresed by 33000 due to late payment & interest charges.Apart from this They putted my name in CIBIL as W/O due to which my credit history becomes bad.PLZ helm me out from this.
                Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 17:28:08
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                  Dear sir,
                  I have taken education loan for the academic year 2009-10 and 2010-11 from state bank of india jagdalpur main branch chhattisgarh state, which is Rs 6,57000 , and we are paying interest on it on monthly basis which is around Rs 7,300. But as you will be aware about the news that govt of India has decided to subsidized these interest on education loan from the year 2009-10 for all bank, even some of the bank has implemented this policy but i am still being asked to pay interest on my loan by the bank , even my bank is not telling me the clear picture about this policy and asking for monthly interest . state bank of india is considered to be india's biggest bank but not caring for its customers. please let me know that when will this policy be implemented to the SBI. I also come under economic category (income is less than 2 lacs)..

                  my mail id :- [protected]
                  Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 17:27:58
                  is sbi applied this scheme ???
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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                    SBI ATM withdrawal problem (debited amount twice) — SBI ATM withdrawal problem (debited amount twice) Dt 02-Sep-2010 [Resolved]

                    Dear Sir/Madam

                    Sub : Withdrawal of Amount

                    Ref : A/c No. [protected]

                    As iam holding...
                    Complaint comments  Comments  (26)Complaint category Banks

                    SBI Credit Cards — Getting calls from SBI Credit Cards for Pending Payment from phone no 022-40684452 calling person name Sarika. [Resolved]

                    Sachin Bhupal Mahajan
                    D 404, Mayuresh Shrishti Park,
                    Opp Hind Rectifers, Off Lake Road,
                    Bhandup West,...
                    Complaint category Credit Cards


                     Mohd junaid khan
                    Dear SIr/Madam
                    I am an account holder of SBI With Acccount No [protected] in Sultanpur city branch. On 27th of july 2010 I had applied for ATM Reissue and Chequebook Isuue but i did not recieved ATM card and Chequebook on my address.So i called on helpline no of SBI and i Was told that I can Collect my ATM card from my home branch personally or by sending any representative of mine. So i send my representative to the branch atleast for 10times but no one was entertaining him. and even after that i tried to contact on mobile phone, the no of which was provided by sbi helpline but i didnt get any response. Because of that reason i could not open my demat account and missed a great opportunity of investing in share market. So i request you to please take action against the concerned officers of that particular branch.

                    Thaks & Regards
                    Mohd Junaid Khan
                    Account No. [protected], SBI, Sultanpur.(UP)
                    Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 17:27:34

                    SBI — Rude behaviour from Representative

                    I taken a credit card from SBI and some one from Credut card department called me and talked to me in a very rude manner .

                    State Bank of India — Delay service of ATM Card

                    Dear sir,

                    I have a saving bank account in State bank of india, Greenchock branch, Morbi, Dist - Rajkot, State - Gujarat & My saving A/c No. is [protected].

                    I already registered for ATM service & fill all necessary docs as required also send copies for reminder time to time but till date i haven't received my ATM card from bank.

                    pls do needful regarding the same ASAP.

                    Ramesh moradiya
                    Dear Sir,
                    My account number at GPO indore is [protected]..I had filed a written application to issue ATM card on 8-7-2009, but till today i have not recevied any ATM card from SBI..related to the above account number. The dealing clerk any lady clerk Mrs.Mody told that my application has been preocessed but still Im not getting my card kindly reply on my above email id or [protected] and[protected]...please issue my ATM card at the earliest i will be thaknful of SBI.
                    Respected sir,

                    If sbi is the biggest bank in india then why it is happening to me

                    I would like to kindly request you to send my pin number . Actually i have forgotten my atm card pin number and for getting that number i have been taking round of the bank for last 5 months still it is not worked so i request you to please send me the pin number of my atm card my account no is [protected] so do needful
                    For complaints against banks there are so many ways to get it solved. Of course concerned branch might not have handled it properly. You can send notice to their "concerned authorities for grievances redressal cell" by Regd. post and also to RBI.

                    SBI is not another ordinary company and all officials will not be indifferent. one or two may be like that. They will take care if you send even email to the correct offcial. Good luck.
                    Dear SIr/Madam
                    I am an account holder of SBI With Acccount No [protected] in S.K Nagar Patna branch. On 24th of march 2012 I had applied for ATM after 23 days i did not recieved ATM card on my address.So i called on helpline no of SBI and i Was told that personally or by sending any representative of mine. i request you to please take action against the concerned officers of that particular branch.

                    Thaks & Regards
                    manoj kumar upadhyay
                    Account No. [protected] S.K Nagar Patna branch ( Bihar )
                    Read comments
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                       Pradeep Dhoundiyal


                      Dear Sir,
                      My name is Pradeep Dhoundiyal, I am an account holder of S.B.I. Since last 10 Years. I opened a Demat account on July 09 in Vikas Puri. On that time there was a man whose name was Anthony (Mob: [protected]), I opened my Demat account through him. He said me that whenever I want to sale the Shares then you have to deposit the slips in this bank.
                      On 9th July 2010 I sale my Shares and for that I went bank for deposit that slip, but on that day Anthony was not present there, I contact many bank officers but they misbehaved me and they said me that that slips will not be deposit here, for that you have to contact that person who opened your account. They gave me a number of Ms. Anju ([protected]) I tried that number whole day but there is no response from Anju's side. Next day on 10 July again I went bank but my whole day was wasted and nothing gained from bank's side. Then they gave me a number of Mr. Rattan Jha ([protected]) when I asked him regarding my slips then he said that I have to deposit that slip in the SBI Bank Demat Department in the District Centre Branch.
                      On Monday 12 July 2010, I contact District Centre Demat Department. There was a madam her Mob. no is [protected], that said that slip will not deposit here, if you want to deposit this then you have to go to Parliament Street, when I gave the reference of Mr. Rattan Jha then only she takes my slips. But only after 30 minutes she phoned me and told that in your slips there is overwriting, but I have the receiving slips on those there is no overwriting. Then she connect me with Mr. Jha and he said that If you want to sale you share then you have to deposit another slips before 2pm, otherwise I will cancel it. Then he threat me and said do whatever you can do, when I told him that I have the receiving slips, how can you do that, then he again threat me and said we are here for making such kind of receiving slips, for us there is no value of such kind of receiving slips, now I will see you that how can you able to sale the shares. After saying that he made some overwriting in my slips by own .I[censored] want the receiving copy then i scan & fax u the copy of receiving slip.
                      Sir, they made me very upset from Friday to monody. Sir I want to recover damage from those persons, otherwise I am going to take legal actions and going to consumer court & media against those people. (Anthony- [protected]; Anju-[protected]; Rattan Jha-[protected]; and the lady working in District centre whose mobile no is- [protected]).
                      Eagerly waiting for reply.
                      Thanking You,
                      Yours faithfully
                      Pradeep Dhoundiyal
                      Mob: [protected]


                      The Bank Manager
                      S.B.I. District Centre,
                      Janak Puri, New Delhi-58

                      Sub :- (Compliant against your Branch Demat Account Deptt. Employees)

                      Dear Sir,

                      I am a customer of SBI Demat, since last 1 years my name is Pradeep Dhoundiyal. I have a Demat Account on regarding that account I contacted your branch employees their name is Meenakshi but they misguide and misbehaved with me because of their such kinf of attitude & inexperience behaviour, I lost my lot of time with the money of Rs. 1110.16/-.

                      So, because of that in future I want to close my Demat account and with this I also want you should take some necessary action against them. For that issue I also planning to report RBI Ombudsman and can take some legal action, but before doing that I want to inform you and request you to please take necessary actions against them and gave me a my loss money back,if no positive response from your side then I go to consumer court and demand Rs. 10000/- for compensation or closed all my Demat account. I send u also written letter by courier

                      I am eagerly waiting for the positive response from your side.

                      Thanking You,
                      Yours Faithfully

                      Pradeep Dhoundiyal
                      M. No.-[protected]

                      Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 17:07:52
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                        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                        State Bank of India — transfer of CIF no [Resolved]

                         Swetha gadam
                        Sub: Incomplete transfer of the account.
                        Dear Sir/Madam,
                        I have an account in SBI in which it has been taken...
                        Complaint comments  Comments  (63)Complaint category Banks

                        I have received GIft Hamper with Travel Gift VOuchers and Polo Wrist Watch. Wrist Watch is not upto mark and not usable as it is totally BLACK - which not alike good Quality Branded Watch.

                        I just asked them to Cancel the same wiht cancellation charges along with courier charges. But they refused and even the executive was telling me that he is final authority and not even ready to give me escalation matrix where I can talk to some one.

                        I am just sending Gift Voucher Back to Them. Want your help in

                        Want to Cancel the same


                        Kalpesh Solanki

                        PRIVILEGE CIRCLE — non cancellation of privilege circle membership

                        I got call from plat5 on behalf of SBI cards. They said I have been selected for Privilege circle program and convinced me to accept this offer. I trusted them because they assured me this offer is from SBI. After one week I realized that I have been traped by plat5. I contacted them to cancel my membership, they denied it by saying that it cannot be cancelled, though according to term and conditions I could cancel offer if I told them before making payment to SBI cards. No reponse to email either. Could somebody please tell me how can I take legal action against SBI cards and plat5 consulatancy.They offen offen ask me to connect the customer cell. But from the customer cell is going to put in truble. Threten to send there persons to collect money. This is pourly chiting with the costomer who has not utilised the card and thay ask for money. I am busy person and during my service time they call me and hurres during office time.
                        I got offer from Plat5 in assoiation with SBI. All the "Terms & Conditions are clearly mentioned on SBI website. It was a wonderful trip which Plat5 arranged.
                        Hi.. Can u please tel me about few properties in the selected locations of Plat5/Heritage Holidays, where you have been to, since am also planning a trip. Thanks!
                        They provide a detailed list of the locations you can choose one from them..I went to Musoorie, Avalon Resort. The interiors of the property were really nice & for sight seeing its a wonderful place.
                        Thank you for the prompt reply. I have checked details on internet. Properties are really nice & exotic.

                        sbi privilege — Cancellation of SBI Privilege

                        SBI Card
                        Sub: SBI Privileged Circle.
                        Dear Sir/ Madam,
                        I have a problem regarding SBI privilage offer. I had received a call from SBI cards regarding a privilage offer and I said clearly to them that please send the brochure and I see afterward I will take the decision. I received the voucher and also they have charged me Rs. 6067/-. When I contacted on the given numbers they shown a very wrong attitude. They are forcing me to pay the amount and not accepting their mistake. Even not ready to refund the amount.
                        Hope you will take it seriously and do the needful to settle the issue.
                        Thanking you in anticipation.
                        Nafeesa K khan
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                          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                          State Bank of India — lost money in transaction

                           aruna handique
                          Respected Sir,
                          I am an account holder of your esteemed bank and my A/c no is [protected]. Lost Rs 8,500/- during transaction...
                          Complaint comments  Comments  (6)Complaint category Banks


                           Mohan Kumar Chattopadhyay
                          One person(male) contacted over my mobile telephone on 9th September,2010 to inform me that he is telling on behalf of SBI Credit Card and informed that I have been selected as the priviledged SBI card holder to offer some free benefits. Prior to that he wanted to confirm whether I am "Mohanji" and also wanted to know whether I am carrying the credit card with me and he wanted some information on the card for verification.I categorically mentioned that the card is not with me at this moment and he requested to keep the credit card with me so that he can contact me on next day(Call was given from[protected]. Next day that oerson again contacted me for verification and inform me about the offer that includes stay in hotels for two nights and three days for the family of four in any destinations in India out of 60 destinstions, one free air travel for self only for any destination in India and a polo wrist watch all absolutely free but as membership fee i have to pay for Rs. 6067 including service Tax. They wanted my card No. , date of expiry, and Pin Code of the recorded address. Prior to give my confirmation I asked him why I have been offering this benefit. He replied that it has been selected as priviledged customer and from Kolkata only four prrsons have been selected. I informed them unless I go through the terms and condition I cannot give my unconditional consent and also wanted to know whether it canbe withdrawn if I find it otherwise. They informed affirmitively and also informed that on receiving the documents you can go ythrough the details and the offer will remain valid for eight monyhs and you need not pay now, it will be charged in next credit card statement and if you dont agree it will be refunnded by reversing. He also assured that all the conversations are instatntly recorded for reference. After getting my confirmation he told me that within few minutes his senior officer will come back to me over telephone for further confirmation, when I should agrree to the proposal. After few minutes another call received from a female person[protected]. He also repeats the same procedure and inform me that for giving my consent the line will be transferred to a computrised system when I have to submit the button no. 1 for agreeing the offer and also inform that all the documents will be despatched to my address. I informed that by this time my address has been changed. That lady immediately recorded the changed address and inform me that all the documents will be sent to my new address if I accept the offer. Which i accepted . They inform me their helpline No. [protected] for future requirement. Later on from this complaints forum Website I came to know that so many persons have been cheated by the SBI priviledge Circle Programme. I am just waiting to see what happen reserving the option to decline the offer if it does not suit me as they have communicated.

                          Mohan Kumar Chattopadhyay, e-mail [protected], SBI Credit Card No. [protected]
                          Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 17:23:30

                          privilege circle holidays — not getting any response or confirmation about

                          I have been cheated by SBI credit card cell by forcing me to accept call for booking under privilage circle holidays,First they call me over my mobile forcing me to accept there offer under privilage circle 3 days 2 night holiday plan ,I thought it as SBI's some promotional gift offer and said yes,They also stated that they will debit money only when i actually make up tour,but in next months billing statement they have included privilage circle bill amounting to Rs.6900/ which I paid .I have sent form no 6659359 for dates and choice of locations but so far i have not received any confirmation from them,also no body is answering on tel /mobile nos given by them in there promotional vochers.-a b sahasrabudhe
                          dear sir

                          i have booked a tour through sbi prilivege circle on dated[protected], but we have not receved any confirmation on your site.

                          so pls cinfirm my request.

                          rakesh sahu

                          sbi privilege credit card — hotel booking & Air tickets


                          SBI PRIVILEGE CIRCLE PROGRAMME — change of date at Holiday property

                          I have opted for three different dates and different properties i.e., on 4.07.11, 05.07.11 & 06.07.11 at Nainital, Manali & Simla respectively. But, today on confirmation with concern person at[protected]Delhi) my earlier property destinations were declined on 04th 05th July 2011 and asked me to after after 10.07.11. Hence, requesting you to register my request at Naintal on 11.07.11 or Manali on 12.07.11 or 13.07.11 at Simla please. My SBI privilege brochure no: 669281 on the name of M.Srinivas Rao. Contact No:[protected],[protected]. E Mail ID - [protected]
                          Hope my request would be considered this time.
                          with regards
                          thanking you
                          Srinivas Rao.M
                          I have also got trap in the SBI Privilege Circle Holiday package, I di not recive any Hotel Booking till now i express interest to travel on Nov 2/3 week . If any body know how to solve this problem do mail me bintu.[protected] Thanks
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                            Hi, I recently opened an account at the SBI Agartala Branch. I received my ATM card, and also got my PIN code from the bank. But when I try to use the ATM using the PIN given in the mailer, the screen shows "You did not enter your correct PIN number". I complained to the bank, but they are saying they cannot do anything about it. What should I do?
                            Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 17:23:15

                            SBI — Pin Mailer

                            I Have Forget My Sbi Atm Pin (password) and Submit My Complaint on 28/09/10 at sbi Gadchandur But at present i have Not recd Atm PIn .hence my Transaction stopped My Sbi Account Number -[protected]
                            Atm Card No[protected] My Mobile No [protected]


                            Jitendra Kurvey
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