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It is to bring to your kind notice that I am receiving emails from a gmail id asking me to make payments to some Ac# mentioned on the email body for a broadband connection that I had disconnected more than 4 years ago with proper handover of assets a call to customer care for disconnection of services. I have been asking the E-mail sender constantly for sharing the pending or unpaid invoice (email body states that I have availed Services of Reliance Communications ltd, but failed to pay) which has never been shared with me. A copy paste with some calculations was shared on email body which made no sense to what calculation these were derived from. The email sender was asking me to come and meet at some location in pune to make the payment I also notified him that I am not in Maharashtra but if required I can make the payment. As I was getting no updates for the same for the sender and this was not looking as a fraud kind of an activity, I went to a couple of the Reliance Communications center and asked for the details where my account was somehow reflecting some balance but no unpaid invoices were reflecting in the account. Still I had made the payment and I was trying to call the email sender at the contact mentioned in the email body the call was being rejected every time.

How come you people suddenly released that there is a bill due from our side, after 4-5 long years.
How some one who is not a reliance employee is contacting me for the payments.

Now the phone number is also not answering

I would also like to share the major problem that I have been facing - I have been trying to get information from the customer care team from a couple of weeks, no communication id or complaint numbers were issued (even after multiple requests - it was stated that as i am not a customer no complaint or communication id can be issued), and for more than 80% - 85% of the time the call was on hold or on transfer. When ever I called and asked for a no dues certificate, my call was kept on hold.

I would request you to kindly look into the matter on urgent basis as the connection is reflecting as suspended/terminated.

Unwanted - spam emails from rele. Reliable. claiming to be from reliance
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

     Suman's Elysium
    We are using Reliance Wimax connection from the last 4 years. Our billing account no. is 100000118338184. Subscriber id is: 5000000053435. Our connection is not working since almost 30 days. We have launched a complaint (Complaint id: 33829991) in the helpline No. on 28th May 2015 regarding this issue. Despite of repeated reminder over phone we are unable to access internet till date. Almost every morning we called at your so-called customer care and after holding on 10-15 minutes, they picks up their "valuable" call and says my complaint is under process(sometimes says that they have forwarded it to their Mumbai office) and assures us that the problem will be resolved within next 24 hrs! But we really don't know how many "24 hrs" we have to wait yet. Today is the 17th day from the day of registering complaint. And nobody has came and nothing is fixed. Even we have paid the full amount bill for the month of May, instead of getting waiver. Please help. As this is hampering our Production schedule.
    Dear Suman,

    We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns. However, request you to provide us with an alternate number so that we can successfully contact you.

    Reliance Communications
    Dear Suman,

    Our customer service team is still working on the concerns shared by you. However we would request you to give us some more time to get the same addressed to your satisfaction. We assure you that we strive to provide you with the best of our services, at all times. We appreciate your patience.

    Reliance Communications
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

      Hi, I had a Reliance Wimax connection which didn't even work for a single day after installation and after few days i disconnected it. All the discussion was done. I didn't get any money back for sure. But still every bill due was cleared and finally they took away the machine as well. But after 2 years i started getting this message saying i have to clear some rs736. Exact message: "Kindly clear the overdue Rs. 736 Vide Reliance BAN 100000115838491 at earliest to avoid any legal procedure. Contact Miss. RIYA 02032346268 for any queries" I didn't get any official mail on my email address for the same and i have no idea why i have these pending charges after 2 and 1/2 years. Also i do not understand why i have this amount pending to begin with. I tried contacting the above no and it is always busy. I spoke to Miss. Riya once and she said she will send the details on my mail. But i didn't get any inputs from her. I got a mail from Mr.Shaikh rele.[email protected] which was in my spam folder about some details on the bill details but all the inputs were wrong and the details didn't made any sense. Please help me confirming the authenticity of these messages/mails and also lead this thing to correct closure. Regards S Sandeep KUmar Mob: 8805860700 Email: [email protected]
      Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 04:46:12
      Dear Customer,

      We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.

      Reliance Communications
      Dear Customer,

      As per your telephonic conversation with our customer service associate, we wish to affirm that the aforesaid concern has been discussed and resolved to your satisfaction.

      Reliance Communications
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

        Unreliable Reliance WIMAX

        I got Reliance WIMAX Connection of 512 kbps speed in August 2012 at a very expensive price of Rs 1600 per month.
        My BAN Number is 100000119887767
        I was happy to have an internet connection at home but sadly my happiness was short lived.
        Reliance gave me faulty Subscriber Station Equipment which started having problems from the first month itself.
        Initially I showed patience and called them every month to fix this issue.
        I kept paying the Internet Bills regularly every month.
        Then one day, the faulty Subscriber Station Equipment stopped working and Reliance took 15 days to solve the issue by providing new subscriber station equipment.
        I asked them by raising a Helpdesk Ticket to waive off bill for 15 days.
        But they rudely declined. Disheartened, I continued to use the Reliance Internet WIMAX Connection and regularly paid bills.
        But, the new subscriber station equipment was faulty as well and it again stopped working for around 2 weeks each month.
        Finally, I got fed up and asked them to terminate the connection.
        They charged me last bill for 2 months of Rs 3515. Internet was not working for the entire time of this charge.
        I have not paid this unfair and unjust bill and now they have sent me the below SMS
        "After repeated follow-up you have failed to pay Rs.3515 Vide BAN NO 100000119887767 Hence be present at Pune Court on 22nd Call 02032346268 for queries"
        *** Reliance WIMAX cheat customers by providing faulty Subscriber Station Equipments so that customers cannot blame the Reliance Internet Network ***
        Why is it that even after suffering such cheating and fraud, Innocent Victims like me have to give up our hard earned money to such Fraud Organizations ?
        Is this not corruption ?
        Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 04:21:28
        Dear Customer,

        We have noted your complaint. The matter has been escalated to our customer service team who will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.


        Dear Customer,

        We tried calling you on the given number but we were unable to reach you, as per the confirmation received from the respective team, we wish to inform you that a waiver of Rs 617.98 (incl ser tax) has been posted into your account.


        RCOM Care
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

          Dear RCOM, I have indicated my request to cancel my wimax subscription ((id 5000000060‚Äč708) due to lack of service. However I got a call from customer service based on my complaints here asking me to continue as a customer as they would provide me a waiver for service outages listed above.

          So I promptly paid my last month bill but now in my current month's bill, (no. 283595303283) I have been charged Rs.100 late fees on top of your very expensive yet pathetic service of Rs.1684.5 for WIMAX. Why do you think somebody would pay Rs.1800 a month where the service is bad and speed is normal when I can get better options for Rs.500 with BEAM FIBER.

          This is not acceptable as lack of service is not my issue. If you cannot provide continued broardband please cancel my service. I am not going to pay this month's bill until you waive the late fee and provide waiver for service outages as promised.

          Looks like your customer care or grievance cell (appellate authority) is of no use as they barely respond to emails or phone calls. However you seem to respond to complaints on a public forum. Not sure why have a customer service department when they don't do anything but yet get paid.

          My previous complaint is also registered at the following site.

          Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 22:06:31

          Reliance Broadband — A/c cancelled .. still receiving bills

          I was owning a reliance broadband connection.

          I have given a request for the cancellation of my this a/c:

          A/c no:[protected]
          Bill A/c no: [protected]

          request given on: 19th may 2008, request no: 68827191. The customer care person confirmed that...with in week the connection will be cancelled.

          With in a week, someone from reliance came to my office, and he has taken approval to disconnect the connection, and has taken a copy of my original bill dt: 27-02-08

          He said, we will come back and collect the modem. I said ok. I dont what those paper was.. but he asked me to confirm the cancellation... you have tosign this ... but i could that ... it was a cancellation form.. written on that.

          Look into the matter and act accordingly .. dont fool your customers... ok?

          When i got the bill today... i asked customer care.. they said.. that i confirmed again to continue the connection.. so they have not cancelled it.

          I wrote an email to customer care... even they said the same thing...

          But to my suprise.. i never got a call... from them... and i was under impression that.. my a/c was cancelled... as i did not recv. any bill there after... and again today i got one after 3 months..

          when they do everything online, and they take request for anything over phone ... then .. who confirmed them about continuation... dont know.. and they also say that it is not thier system, that when the request is closed by themselves ... they dont inform customer...

          I'm suffering a mental pressure on this ... and dont know how to close this matter.

          My Name and Address:
          Mahesh Heda
          c/o Merit Info Solutions
          Plot#26, 3-6-69/B/14
          Avanti Nagar, Bahshir Bagh
          Hyderabad - 500029

          Ph: [protected]
          I have reliance broadband connection but its rarely working

          my reliance connection is down from the last 5 days but nobody take any action. one support person call me at 8 pm when my office was closed but they never call me on day time. when I call on costumer care center they right down my complaint and issue me reffrance no they issue me reffrance no every day and every day they close refrance no without solve the complaint its very strange
          we are considering to change other ISP

          -- Gurvinder Singh Virdi

          Reliance WI MAX connection — Issue not yet resolved

          I am using wi-max connection.i am facing problem when i am trying to connect through reliance portal.
          I already did the complaint regarding the same. my complaint numbers are[protected]/75368638/75800082/76293639/76350973/76943074.
          When ever i am calling reliance customer service they are telling me your issue is already resolved and it is closed.Technical team told me they will send person to my place to resolve your issue no one came to my place then how issue is resolved...

          I think i did a big mistake by taking this connection...

          Reliance Broadband — Still being billed in spite of cancelling the services

          My ordeal with Reliance Broadband started from the day I got a broadband connection installed from them i.e. on June 2nd 2008. From the begining I had connectivity problems & my subsequent calls to their customer service wherein I had asked the connection to be cancelled vide cancellation # 69855540, their retention people called me in the middle of June assured me that the things would be set right & cajoled me into retaining the services promising that they would be escalating the issue & I would be visited by a senior engineer which again turned out be the same person from their outsourced Technical Dept. located in South Extn. New Delhi. He got the connection working saying that the person who had installed the connection did not do so properly & he had repaired the same, he had also assured me that the service would work fine & I would not have the connectivity issues anymore which was a joy short lived because I started facing the same problem once again the very next day & ever since it had been the same story that I would call their customer service they would give a complaint number, engineer would come, sometimes not come & I would be waiting for a call back which would never happen.
          Then one fine day on June 28th it just stopped working altogether I again called their customer service they gave me a complaint # 71073782 & was told that I would be receiving a call from their technical department within 1 hour which never happened. I called again on the 29th & was told that that the issue was under solving status, it was the same on the 30th& July 1st, on July 2nd I was shocked to receive a sms from reliance in the middle of the night that the issue was resolved & the complaint stands closed. I called your customer service on 3rd morning to confirm the same & was told it was correct that my complaint had been resolved & closed.
          I want to ask them how can they resolve & close a complaint without the technical dept. even calling the customer up & the customer repeatedly calls again & again for the same issue. Anyways I was again issued a complaint # 71361982 & told the technical people would be calling me up in 1 hour which again never happened, to cut the long story short, their techie from the out sourced services came on July 5th tried his best to get it working which he managed to do it, with an assurance that the issue had been resolved & would not be repeated, it worked for a few hours only to conk off again. I called the engineer who assured me that he would escalate the issue to his seniors. A techie visited me the next day i.e. July 7th for 10 minutes could not get it working & the day after i.e. July 8th for 5 minutes only to give up & say that the area was not feasible & to cancel the services I told him to report this to the company & get the needful done. I called on July 9th only to find my a/c still active, I advised them to cancel the same they transferred my call to The Retention Dept. who have targets to achieve by not canceling (save rate) the a/c’s on one pretext or the other ( I know it for a fact because I’ve worked as senior manager in one of a very well known International ISP. Off the record this has also been acknowledged by their staff). They said I could not cancel the a/c as there was an outstanding on the a/c for Rs. 1347/- I told them that I had every intention of paying the amount but the payment may not reach them on time ( as the retention people had advised that it takes 4-5 working days for them to receive the cheque from their vendors & it takes another 3-4 working days to encash it which makes it 11-12 days on a straight day count & even if all goes well it would be dot on time for my next billing which would be July 23rd as I did not want to pay for something I have not & could not use for no fault of mine. ) I requested them to hold the July 23rd billing they did not agree. Finally out of sheer frustration I asked them if I could pay cash to their vendor to which they advised negative. I went to Saket to the nearest Reliance vendor I enquired if I could pay cash they readily accepted it, I paid the bill in cash, came back & cancelled the a/c vide cancellation # 71747925 that very day i.e July 9th. I was assured that there would be no further billing from your side.
          On July 22nd I get a call from Mr. Rakesh who identifies himself as a senior person in retention (in New Delhi Phone #[protected] who enquired as to why I was canceling the service, I appraised him of the situation & he enquired if I would reconsider my decision to cancel if he rectified the problem & I responded in affirmative as I had got the connection installed with the intention o[censored]sing a hassle free service I also told him that since he was calling on the 22nd it should not happen that I’m billed on the 23rd to which he assured that even if I’m billed he would waiver those charges. He said that he would be sending a very senior technical person from Reliance. On July 25th Mr. Radhe Shyam Gupta came along with his team ( in which the person who had earlier advised the area not being feasible was also present) he spent the entire day morning to evening trying to rectify the issue he also spoke to one Mr. Kapoor or Mr. Khanna in Mumbai & appraised him of the situation. Here I must appreciate Mr. Gupta’s attitude towards resolving the issue, he came with a very open & positive mind that he would rectify the problem, which he did & believe you me that Reliance broadband for once worked absolutely hassle free for the next 2 days a performance I had never seen since the time I got the connection installed A Standing Ovation To Mr. Gupta he deserves it. But then there was an outage on July 26th as advised by their customer service since I could not log in, when I called I also enquired if any bill had been raised on July 23rd & was advised that a bill had been raised, I disputed the charges explaining the above & requested a waiver of the said bill was given a reference # 72898396 & I’ve not been able to log on since then. My complaints to their customer care again did not yield the desired results. I finally got a call from their technical support in the 1st week of August 2008 who advised me that the A/C stands cancelled as per my advice & the cancellation no.71747925 given. To my horror from the next month on I started recieving bills from Reliance broadband with Zero usage, a service that had been cancelled in July. I called Mr. Anubahv Saxena in their Delhi office who put me on to Mr. Jatin in accounts who took out the difference for the time used & advised me to pay Rs. 750/- with an assurance that the A/C would be cancelled with immediate effect after I paid the said amount, which was promptly paid, which unfortunately has not happened so far I was billed again in September again I called Mr. Jatin who again assured me that he would take care of the billing & the A/C would be cancelled but it did nt happen. I again called called Mr. Anubhav Saxena on October 1st 2008 as I received the October bill who this time put me to one Mr. Nitin Arora I called him on October 1st 2008 again an assurance was given that the amount would be waived off & the A/C would be closed, which again has not happened. In the meanwhile I started recieveing calls from your billing dept. to pay the outstanding I disputed those charges as they were for the time that the A/C was cancelled & to prove it there was Zero usage on this A/C. This time I was advised to call Ms. Manisha Sharma who heard the entire episode & assured me to do needful also assured that no collection calls would be made to me.
          On January 12th 2009 to my shock n horror I've received a notice from a legal firm called D & A Associates 246, lawyers chamber, Patiala House New Delhi-110001 advising me to pay Rs. 6308/- or face legal action. This is the limit of insult that I've been subjected to.I again spoke to Ms. Manisha Sharma who apologised for the inconvenience and again assured me that the notice would be withdrawn, the A/C would be cancelled and a NOC would be issued for the same she also assured me that somebody from her team would be calling me in this regard within the next 2 hours which has not happened so far. In the meanwhile I've sent numerous emails to their customer care with no response from their side. I am still recieving the collection calls. I've tried contacting them over the phone but nobody answers my calls as they can see my # on their mobiles.
          I am now facing the same problem as Mr.Mahesh Heda. I got the reliance broadband service(in the name of my dad) cancelled on may 2nd 2009 and they have also confirmed the same at that time. But as the story goes I am still getting bills and when I call them up...SURPRISE!! I NEVER REQUESTED THEM THE TERMINATION??. The funny part is they have taken back the instrument(modem, receiver etc., ) from me. Why would they take back the instrument if I didn't place the termination request??
          I placed some 20 CALLS!! regarding this issue and some 4 COMPLAINTS..still no resolution.
          There must be only 2 reasons for this 1)either they are trying to scam me and help Mr.Ambani keep his No.1 billionaire position
          2)or they have utterly inefficient system in place to take care of these things.

          I suggest anybody who wants internet connection to go for prepaid instead of postpaid to avoid problems like these. I actually asked for prepaid when I got the connection anticipating this...but they said there is no prepaid option for reliance wireless broadband services. So I had to go for the postpaid and hence facing these problems.

          Anybody need more info please contact and I will be glad to share it with you
          I am undergoing the same torture. Instead of elaborating from scratch, which will be a tedious affair, I copy and paste the recent communication between us. I've tried everything including numerous phone calls, emails to their Customer Services, Appellate Authority and President services, and multiple postings on their Facebook Page. I am hitting a blank wall every time though I get a new complaint number which is automatically and mysteriously resolved when nothing has been done actually.

          rajiv karran [protected]

          1:13 PM (6 minutes ago)

          to broadband, rcomappellatea., President

          I received an sms from you just now saying: "Dear Reliance Customer ref to your request no.[protected] as per process waiver cannot be provided. Reliance Broadband".

          I ask you this, and please reply to the point. Do not give vague answers.

          1) Why?

          I am available at the below mentioned number from 9 Am to 1 PM everyday to answer any questions you have,



          On Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 9:36 AM, rajiv karran <[protected]> wrote:

          Mohammad Shaikh,

          Let me put it to you in simple English. I will quote you first "As per the Service Request IDs[protected],[protected] and[protected], as informed earlier, the connectivity complaint is resolved from our end within the given time frame. Hence, we are unable to provide you any waiver."

          And please answer the following points in detail, and do not try to avoid giving direct answers.

          1) What do you mean by "was resolved"?

          2) In Reliance parlance does "Resolved" mean noting down a complaint and then giving a complaint number to the customer? Is that all?

          3) In Reliance parlance does "Resolved" mean automatically sending an SMS to the customer saying the problem is resolved and when the customer complains again that it is not solved, again give a new complaint number?

          4) Where was the problem resolved? When was it resolved? As mentioned in my numerous emails, phone calls and Facebook postings on your site, the complaint was not resolved between the 3rd and 13th. Only after the 13th was the problem resolved.

          5) What steps did you take to resolve? Did anybody contact me? Did anybody visit my premises? Do you have proof that my connection was working during the said period?

          6) Why did anybody senior or anyone from the billing department contact me yet? In the last phone call I had with a colleague of yours, I was assured that someone from billing will call me and sort my issue.

          7) In short, do you expect your customers to put up with your irresponsible service and your blatantly evasive answers and still pay you as well as the other service we use when your connection is not working?

          8) Doesn't it strike your intelligence as odd that someone who has been paying you every month on time without fail is making a stand about not paying you for a week? Don't you think there is something here that needs to be investigated at length? Surely you don't think a customer is trying to cheat you of a few measly rupees, especially when he has been prompt in his payment all along.

          Please give direct answers.



          On Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 8:54 AM, [protected] <[protected]> wrote:

          Dear Rajiv,

          This is with reference to your e-mail dated October, 2012 for your Reliance Broadband Subscriber ID[protected], regarding the waiver.

          We regret the inconvenience.

          The complaint is registered vide Service Request ID[protected] and it will be resolved within 72 hours, post which a confirmation email will be sent to you from our end.

          As per the Service Request IDs[protected],[protected] and[protected], as informed earlier, the connectivity complaint is resolved from our end within the given time frame. Hence, we are unable to provide you any waiver.

          The service is suspended from our end due to non-payment of Rs. 2188.05/-. Hence, we request you to make the payment at the earliest to restore your service.

          We request you to provide us with any one from the following details in order to address your concern about service cancellation.

          •Customer Account Number
          •Billing Account Number

          Thank you for choosing Reliance.


          Mohammad Shaikh

          Officer-Customer Care

          Reliance Communications Limited.

          For additional product and service related information, you may contact us via any of the following means:

          Phone:[protected] from any phone (Toll free) or

          [protected] from any phone.

          Email: [protected]


          You can also book your service complaints online at

          Please note that your message will not be delivered if it exceeds the size limit of 5 MB per mail (including attachments).

          Requesting you to create a shorter message (including attachments) with size less than or equal to the allowed mail limit in all your future communication.

          The information provided is based on prevailing terms and conditions of the company, which are subject to change without prior notice.

          This electronic message transmission contains information from Reliance Communications & is confidential or privileged.

          The information is intended to be for the use of the individual or entity named above. If you are not the intended recipient, beware that any disclosure, copy distribution or use of the contents of this information is prohibited. If you have received the electronic transmission in error please notify us immediately.

          -----Original Message-----
          From: rajiv karran ([protected]
          Date: Monday, October 01, 2012 01:13 PM
          To: [protected] ([protected]
          Cc: President Services (President.[protected]; rcomappellateauthority.[protected] (rcomappellateauthority.[protected]
          Subject: Re: Reference to your e-mail


          . So far, I have not received a reply from the President Services or the Appellate Authority, and I am keeping on getting bills.






          RAJIV KARRAN


          Mob: [protected]

          On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 8:01 PM, rajiv karran <[protected]> wrote:

          Dear Nazmul,

          Nothing is resolved. During the telephone conversation, and I am assuming you were the one who called me, you informed me that your person from the billing department will call me to talk about the issue.

          So unless this person calls me and we both arrive at a consensus, how can you say that the issue is resolved?


          Sent from Samsung Galaxy Tab

          On Aug 29, 2012 11:50 AM, "[protected]" <[protected]> wrote:
          > Dear Customer,
          > As per subsequent telephonic conversation had with you on the phone number [protected], regarding connectivity issue for Subscriber ID[protected], the issue is resolved.
          > Assuring you of our best services always.
          > Thank you for choosing Reliance.
          > Regards,
          > Md Nazmul Haque
          > Officer - Customer Care
          > Reliance Communications Limited.
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

            I had reliance wimax connection in 2008. one month before vacating the house in April 2008, i called the customer care and asked for the connection to be removed. They dint respond even after repeated requests. I vacated the house.

            I received a bill for 2 months usage probably in June 2008. Apparently the connected was removed one month after i had vacated the house. I was asked to pay for the bill for a period when i had not used the internet. For the negligence on the part of reliance wimax, i have been made the scapegoat. I told them give me the bill for one month, i will pay it, i wont pay 2 months bill. They never came back. So i never paid the bill for the one month usage also.

            A lawyer calls me today and tells reliance communications has lodged a complaint against for non-payment of dues. He tells me that i may be penalized up to 50,000 rupees plus lawyers etc. If i want to settle it outside the court i have to pay the 2 months bill amount immediately or else fight the case in court.

            I dont understand why reliance waited for 4 years to lodge a case and that too for no fault of mine. I dont understand what to do.
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


              I have recently got connected the reliance wimax 600 Kbps unlimited broadband connection at Chavan Nagar, Chandan Nagar, Kharadi Road, Pune and from the day I got it I was facing very slow speed issue and I raised the complaints and it was fixed but from last 20 days I am facing very very slow speed, packet loss and high latency with too bad quality service.

              Also my all the complaints was marked as resolved in 24 hours but there was no fix/resolution on my problem.

              Here are the complaints details :

              DATE : 06-11-2011
              Complaint Number : 165217207
              Was talking to Sushma (Reliance Customer Care)
              DATE : 10-11-2011
              Complaint Number : 165452563
              Was talking to NITIN (Reliance Customer Care)
              DATE : 10-11-2011
              Complaint Number : : 165508196
              Was talking to Sushma (Reliance Customer Care)

              I am not satisfied with this product and service and I want either my money back or want good quality connection.

              This is very frustrating that they promise to resolve problems in 24 hours but my complaints is getting marked as resolved without any resolution. This is really very bad service.


              Abhishek Dadhich

              Mobile : +91-9960721328

              Very very slow speed, packet loss, high latency
              Very very slow speed, packet loss, high latency
              Very very slow speed, packet loss, high latency
              Very very slow speed, packet loss, high latency
              Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 20:43:26
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                I have recently applied and got the reliance wimax 600 Kbps unlimited broadband connection at Chavan Nagar, Chandan Nagar, Kharadi Road, Pune and now I am getting very slow speed in browsing and downloading. Also when i check the speed with Reliance BroadNet Speed Test, it shows that my speed varies a lot ranging from 100 kbps - 500 kbps. When i check multiple times. I called the guy who established the connection for issue. But nothing happend.

                I am not satisfied with this product facility.


                Abhishek Dadhich

                Mobile : +91-9960721328
                Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 20:43:26
                Finally after few days of struggle with the Internet speed finally I got my Wimax connection shifted to different frequency and getting the expected speed.

                :) :) :)
                I have requested for reliance wimax 1500/month unlimited plan. They told me that it will give 400 to 600 kbps download speed.

                Please let me know the above information is wright or wrong.
                My Name is Deep Renuse
                i am from Pune, Pimple Nilakh

                user id[protected]
                complaint No[protected]

                I have reliance wi-max connection.
                since last 2 years

                but since i have taken connection i am facing lot of problem with internet speed.
                i took 1.2 Mbps plan.
                but with in last two year i am not getting proper speed.
                I have reliance Wimax and i do not suggest this plan to anyone, worst plan i got in my lifetime except tata indicom (vsnl). first thing first do not believe these guys selling Wimax connection. they lie about the speed. they will tell you that download speed you will get is about 1/4 of the the speed of your plan, so for 600kbps plan you will get around 150 kbps. because connection is divided in 4 people. but in real what you get is around 50 kbps of speed ( If somehow you manage to get signal from there Antenna) and a huge bill of 1700 rs. and with tata indicom everything was going fine with my connection and i was a loyal customer than one day sand me a bill of 4700 rs/- while my connection was unlimited with fixed recurring charges of 1100. I complained to the service center than to the authorities they said everything is generated automatically by the system we can't do anything, i had no option but to compromise my connection. What i understood was some bc inside the company started a new service with my account trying to increase his sell same thing happening with wimax, Wimax speed is slowest among other connections these people lie and sell. So be Careful buy some other connection they got nice speed in low prices and very good service not to mention, compare this with Wimax these people will cut your calls. 0 stars for WiMax
                also i have wimax connnection and after fetching lots of problem i have decided to close the connection.after closed my connection nobody can took my wimax disk they told me you had purchasefd this disc and we cannnot give your refund amount.i was paid 4000 Rs. deposit for wimax disc. what should i have to do?

                my email address is:[protected]
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                  I took a Reliance Wimax connection in the month of Feb'11 and since the first day I am facing the problem of Low connectivity. I have even called reliance broadband customer care and their executive came to rectify the issue. He did the required changes in teh direction of Antenna and he showed me that internet speed downloading speed was 60-70 kbps but as he left, within half an hour speed gone down to 20 kbps.

                  This is really unacceptable as the I was told that the min downloading speed would be 80 kbps. Please help me in getting this issue resolved as I really got pissed off with the service of Reliance.

                  My Connection details are as follows:-

                  Sub id - 5000000040646
                  Ban no - 100000117293216
                  Can no - 100116354828
                  Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 18:23:39

                  Reliance Wimax — Customer care does not help

                  They have the worst customer care service . i[censored] call them and their tools are not working. They never infrom you starting of the call when you finish telling them the whole story for half an hour at end they will inform you that they can not provide you a complain number as they are having some network problem. I have faced this problem.
                  the customer care agent name was Vijyalakshmi and her repoting manager name she claims it to be Valay.

                  Reliance Wimax — Winmax not working

                  Dear Sir,
                  I have three wimax connection at installed at my office bu noe of them is working due to which I am facing a lot of problems. I had tried the customer care number from MTNL but it always show busy status.
                  Hence may please rectify the problem at the earliest and also provide alternate number so that in future we can register our complaints.
                  The address of my office is
                  National Book Trust, India
                  5, Institutional Area,
                  Vasant Kunj,
                  New Delhi-110070

                  Hope a soon positive response,

                  Priyank Mittra

                  Reliance Wimax — No help from Customer Care End

                  Reliance Wimex.From this 1st june my internet is not working. I came to know that i have to do the payment which i did on 2nd june but still its not working. i called a reliance eng who always came to fix the issue but he is not picking up, even if i tried after 10-15 mins ,i got busy tone but he is not picking my phone. Finally i log the call on 3rd june ,2:54pm and they committed that within 24 hours they are going to resolve this issue. I Called again @10:00pm and the represntative said there is some issues going on around your area and by 2:00Am your connection will UP and u'll will able to use the service. Early morning @7:30am on 4th June i called again and they said , this case is already escalated and they will definetly fix this issue. I also had a word with Floor Sup Sanjeev, Naine and there team leader. They also asure me the same time frame and all. In between around 4:30pm a person from reliance called for confirmation that sir i hope your issue is fixed. i asked who told u and he replied our filed eng confirmed that everything is ok. But no body contacted me. My issue is there is no signal.When i connect tha Lan cable there is no Solid Green or Blinking Orance Led Light and this technical dipartment even dont know what is the issue and what TS theyhave to perform. This is worst and pathetic experiance i have ever had with any broadband service. I Used local broadband and they are very good as compare to this big companies. If any body can help me in this case will be appreciatable.

                  Reliance Wimax — connectivity problem,no service

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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                     Rajesh Lingadurai
                    I have seen a Bill and Called to have Internet connection, that is Reliance Wimax. A person came and checked something without any equipments in our apartment and said connection will be given in 3 days and requested Cash Rs.500. Given some bill for our reference, which is good for nothing. The person name who is directing Sales person is Alexander and his mobile number is +91 93434 88688. He will send one sale person, his name is Nagana reddy, his mobile number is +91 93799 61616.

                    After collecting the money from us, they wont respond our call. You cant catch any of them over mobile. They wont give you their office address also.

                    Their customer care is also pathetic. They wont take any complaints against this. They will simply say, we can take complaints against the existing customers only. For who those are waiting for the connection, they wont take complaints.

                    Becareful about this cheating and always give cheques with Reliance name while you are paying them.

                    Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 18:11:19

                    Reliance Wimax — Internet Connection not working

                    I got a Internet connection from Reliance Wimax 2 months ago and was put on a unlimited usage plan for Rs 1000. For the past 15 days, the connection is not working. One week ago, i logged a call with their call center that the connection is not working. Since then they have never bothered to solve the problem, and everytime i call their call center, they promise that it will be rectified in another 2 hours and so on.... I', totally fed up with their attitude as they refuse to transfer our call to their technical team.

                    Reliance Wimax — Billing and connections

                    Hello there,

                    I Naresh Dudani has taken your Wimax connection which was installed on around 20th of dec. 2007. Since 6th of jan. 2008 i am having problem of connections . Whenever i try to connect i get a local IP . no IP from the DHCP server gets assigned to me . These are my complaint nos.5th Jan[protected], 6th[protected] ,61608266 , 62457317 , 23rd Jan[protected], 62580784 , 27th
                    62749051 ,62753254
                    And few more which i didnt recorded . This jan 27th i am not able to connect properly only few hrs somethings i get coonections. Now the main problem after all this i have received the bill of Rs . 3499 . Bill for the date of 11/1/08 .which says i have been charged as Data trasfer . But i have applied for 150Kbps Unlimited data trasfer. I have the print screen that says i have been connecting with that plan and also i have given application for that plan only . And when i called up today at customer care they told me that i have not receved any wiver and i have to pay the full amount . Why should i pay for the plan which i never opt for .And then why should i pay to reliance when i have no connectivity for nearly 15 days of month and i have all the complaints numbers saying the problem was not resolved . Complaint no. 62753254 of 27th jan is of from the tech department saying that the issue is ascalated to higger tech department.
                    I request Reliance Brodband to please sort my problem as i want to continue with this connections .

                    User ID : [protected]

                    Naresh Dudani
                    The service provided by Reliance is horrible. I had applied for the connection on July 16, 2007 and received the connection on Nov 27, 2007. I made several complaints within this period. No action was taken. I also asked them to refund my money back as I was no longer in the connection due to the delay. The only reply that I got from the customer service is that the issue has been escalated.

                    Finally, my connection was installed on Nov 27, 2007. After approximately 10 days I received the bill for the usage between Nov 05 and Nov 26, 2007. The bill also included Rs 500 which I had already paid during the installation. When I called the customer service regarding the issue, they gave the same response - The issue has been escalated. After a few days I received a reply that the Rs 500 was added to by bill as my cheque bounced whereas I had made the payment via cash.

                    They do not keep proper record of their customer's complaint. They do not have any communication link with other departments of their concern. Do not opt for Reliance Broadband.
                    I totally agree with the post. I have also been complaining for non working of internet for the past 1 week and the reply is it will be set right ASAP. when asked for a time frame the customer service officer says there is no time frame. One of the complaint numbers made was resolved in their "system" without the problem actually being solved. Again a new complaint was registered. I have never seen such a bad customer service. No one should opt for such a connection.



                    Reliance Wimax — Consistent Bad Service & Very poor Customer Support

                    Dear Sirs,

                    I'm your customer for past 3-4 months. The service from you has been very poor consistently. I've raised multiple calls to your customer care during this period but none of them are solved satisfactorily. In fact the customer care teams from your call center, tech desk & the support team who visit us, all are not capable to resolve problems we are facing.

                    Currently for past 2-3 weeks I'm not able to use internet services as the speed I am getting is never more than 20 KBPS (While my plan is 2 MBPS). Some times it drops to 1.5 KBPS too. I've given multiple complaints for this but no solution.

                    In fact your teams are closing all the calls without any resolution to them. There is no concept taking customer feedback before closing any calls.

                    Looking at this worst experience, I've opted to disconnect the connection & go for another ISP.

                    This is just a final try from my side to check if things can change coming to this forum.


                    Guruprasad Samant

                    Reliance Wimax — Reliance Wimax Bogus

                    I was looking for a internet connection in my area. One agency from Pimpri contacted me for Reliance Wi-Max Connection. They told me that I can get connection from Reliance. They were supposed to send a technician to check feasiblity in my flat. When that guy came to me, he told me to first fill a form and he took a cheque, ensuring that i will get connection within 3 days after installation of dish. They took some 15 days to check connectivity and came twice but didnt get any signal. When i checked my account, that cheque was deposited without informing me and now they are saying i will get my money back in 15 days. Till date i havent got my money back. What does Reliance think, people should keep giving them money without any service. This is really bad for such big company. VERY BAD SERVICE. PLEASE THINK TEN TIMES BEFORE TAKING ANY RELIANCE PRODUCT. Cell no - [protected]

                    Reliance WiMAX Connection — Cheating

                    I applied for a WiMax connection to access the internet. When the sales person from Reliance had come to take the documents, i reconfirmed if the connection is possible. His words were, there is already a connection in your building and there will be no issue. He then took the cheque for the connection from me.

                    2 weeks after this, i started to chase up for the connection as there was nothing done by the reliance people. After chasing up a lot, i was told that the connection is not feasable due to improper signals of their connection.

                    When i asked for the refund, i was told it will take 30 working days.

                    My complaint:
                    1) How come one customers connection works in my building and mine does not?
                    2) Why was i assured of the connection ? A viablity study should have been done before taking my payment.
                    3) If my connection is not possible due to a fault of Reliance, my money should be refunded immediately, why 30 working days?

                    Reliance Wimax — No Refund of Broadband money

                    I have paid an amount of 1600 for 2 months usage.But i used it for a period of 1 and 12 months as i need to shift my location.They have generated a bill of the outstanding amount of Rs.413 to be paid to me on October 2008.Still these have'nt refunded my money.Their Customer service sucks.Its almost 6 months and no word from them.
                    how bill payment reliance wimax connection
                    totally dis satisfied customer service ...

                    Reliance Wimax — no connection after a month, want to terminate

                    I had applied for a reliance wimax connection on 14th June 2009. The payment was cleared on 18th of June, and I was promised a wimax connection within four working days. Obviously that did not happen, and when I called up, they said that it takes 15 days for connection. Well its almost a month now and almost 5 complaints later, I am going for a termination. When I called up the customer care, they said that they cannot take the termination request and I have to call up the sales people who sold me the connection!!!. Well I am now unable to trust these guys and I hope they give me my money back. I would like to know what action can I take to get my money back. I feel absolutely helpless.
                    Mr. rajkumar gupta,

                    maneesh saxena
                    user id:[protected]
                    dear sir,
                    my user id. is[protected].i have given request to disconnect my brodanet connection(request no.[protected] on 18th.july09. i have been promised to get reply in 48 hrs as i have not received any call from ur end regarding disconnection and no one visited to my home for disconnection.meanwhile some mr. baldev called (on 20th july)and asked abt my video running problem(which i lodged on 13th july09) on net and gave me another complaint no. i.e.[protected] also again promised me to solve my problem in 48 hrs.well again no one visited and bother to check my problem when i called again today evening i hv been told tht my plroblem is resolved(i.e.[protected].i dont know what kind of staf[censored] have, first of all they dont do anything and top it all give u also wrong reporting tht ur customer problem is solved.pls disconnect my line as soon as possible.i am fed up with ur services and poor behavior from ur staff.i am not going to pay my bills after 26th july(as my billing cycle every month is 27-26th).also i have been calling to ur customer care department from 13th july and still wasting my time and money to ur unprofessional staff.again i am requesting u to not to send me any bill except last billing (i.e 27th.june-26thjuly), afterwards i am not going to pay single penny to ur company as i have already given the request on 18th july09 for disconnection and i am not responsible for delay from ur end.ur unprofessional department promising me since 13th july and everyone promise to solve the problem in 24-48 hrs but the truth is tht they r all liars, do nothing and give ur company wrong feed sincere advice to u is pls pay attention to ur customer care people and engineers too.u can learn this from other companies such as airtel, tata indicom etc.well..i have sent same email to ur corporate department too, in case they r not aware of the situations of the technical department.pls do not put up big ads in news papers as truth is something not cheat people putting up wrong information regarding ur company.i am very disappointed from ur company.

                    maneesh saxena
                    user id.[protected]

                    Reliance Wimax — Don't ever go for Reliance wimax

                    Big mistake !! Recently i took reliance wi-max connection . Unfortunately my pc got crashed and i told them not to activate the account unless and untill i request you to activate. Because no point in getting an internet connection without a PC. I told them i need some more days, but they didn't . If I'm the customer ,I'm paying them, cant i request to activate or deactivate the account whenever i want?? They activated the account on the day they came for the installation. these people are ready to do anything to get a customer, why cant they help the customer after giving the connection ?? my account got activated on 3rd of jan. I told them to activate after 15-20 days. 2 days back i got the bill of 1117 Rs. when i contacted the customer care person he told " Your account got activated don 3rd Jan only". WTF , I haven't used the internet till now , at least for an hour and still i have to pay the amount.

                    I din listen wen somebody suggested me not to go with reliance communications. that was a big mistake that i did. I believed these guys.

                    So i may request everyone, Don't go for reliance product .Damn sure !! they will sue you guys.
                    I dont understand whts d prblm with these guys. . Salesman tells something, customer guy tells something... sales man told medat you pay advance rental of 2200 n use net for 2 months with a speed of 1.2mbps. and custome relationship guy told me der is no plan like dat and yours is 2200 rs plan, u can only use net for one month. I was getting 2 mbps, unlimited plan for this much of amount in mumbai.

                    Reliance is a big fraud ! i'm telling you guys they 'll sue you guys. Dont ever go for Reliance.

                    Now i paid 2977Rs. i'm only able to use net for 20 dys... can u believe this ??

                    Big Mistake !!
                    I paid the minimum amount of Rs.1173. Still i'm getting the call saying dat i havn't paid the due amount n please make a payment. I havn't seen such a nonsense service ever. Where am i living?? Technology is so advanced and they don't have proper system to track all records.

                    Reliance — Cheat in the name of internet connection

                    My mobile no. is [protected]. i activated the net subscription of 81 for 7 days. I already had settings yet i am unable to use the service. I called customer care 100 of times but i didnt got any satisfactory answeer.
                    They just transfered my call from there to there and then disconnected. When i complained them of it they say that your service will be active within 24 hrs. Today its 78 hrs now no activation is proceed.
                    igyuihjklmjhvfy nhvjgv ggjvh ghc vh
                    same issue with me also... but mine is 1800Rs. ... its been 5 mnths... if v make a delay in bill payment [censored]s call every day... even after disconnecting their service i used to get calls n mails regarding bill payment...

                    i dnt think i 'll get the refund anyway... only thing i want 2 request u guys is, dont ever go for reliance... sorry to say dis...really fed up of Reliance...

                    damn... i dont want to say anything more...

                    - Tom

                    Reliance Wimax — Connection not given But money not returned

                    HI ALL,

                    My name is Rupendra Kiran Kota and I have applied for Reliance wimax broadband connection. They haven't give me the connection saying its not feasible but the cheque which they took from me got cleared from their end and I never got refund.I have been following up with call centers and vexed up now.And its over an year now. I hope they return my money asap ....

                    I agree,
                    don't ever go for reliance wimax;
                    one month; dozens of complains latter my problem of frequent disconnections remain.
                    and yet not a single engineer visit.

                    Reliance Wimax — Non Resolution of Complaints

                    I have been a reliance customer for the past 3 months. I have subscribed to their Wi-Max service and pay a premium price at almost Rs 8500 a month. Ever since the internet has been down 4 times. Their estimated time to repair is supposed to be 4 hours. But last few times it has taken 4 and 7 days respectively. My internet went down again yesterday and I have lodged another complaint. Due to unavailability of service I lodged a billing complaint asking them to charge me only for the number of days that the service is functional in a month. Inspite of repeated phone calls there still has not been a resolution.

                    I would be very glad if you could take up the matter on my behalf,
                    Let me know if you need anything else from my end,
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment