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'Corpora', Office 3A, 3rd Floor, LBS Marg, Bhandup (West)
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Customer satisfaction rating
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Tikona — termination penalty charges

 gauravskhetan on Dec 18, 2017
To whomever this is concerned

I was using internet connection from Dec 2016 till Feb 2017 of services provided by Tikona Infinet Private Limited

In March 2017 I place a request to disconnect my connection and deactivate my account. Upon placing this request Tikona informed that it shall be done within 8 working days however it took 30 business days to complete the process. In this duration I wasn't using the internet connection from the date of the request.

After the connection was terminated I received a bill of Rs.95.25 which I paid and received a receipt...
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Tikona — slow internet speed. non cooperation to provide usage analysis for last 1 year against contractual speed

 Sheetal Katyayani on Dec 17, 2017
Dear Sir

We had activated internet connection with Tikona, for past 9 months the speed has been prettty slow on an average the speed had been 3-5 Mbps against contractual agreement of 6mbps. We had filed numerous complaint but the customer service dept acts but without much satisfaction at the customer. Notifying the complaint has been closed at the satisfaction of customer.

We have been sending reminder to our utter surprise non of the e-mail has been acted upon. When we highlight the same over telephone the call is being disconnected conveying that we do not hear...
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Tikona — abuses hurled at me by your sales team - pathetic customer care + bad language with my fiance

 rockys1984 on Dec 16, 2017
Look at the terrible ordeal below that i had to suffer from tikona:
This is a mail that i had written to tikona.
No help till now
I have had a terrible customer experience yesterday from 2 of your sales staff.

My name is manish and i stay at khar west in mumbai.

My contact number is [protected].

I own another home at rustomjee - j avenue, global city, virar west, maharashtra 401303.

Now this is an investment property that i visit only on weekends.

Quite some days back your sales team has set up sales kisoks in my building...
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Tikona — threatening, harassing and cheating customers

 Shiv1415 on Dec 15, 2017
My user id : [protected]

Today i received a call from some guy addressing himself an advocate from tikona and he started threatening me to come to court in delhi.

Now the point is that i had cancelled my connection on 8th feb 2016 and i had payed all the pending amount but later few months i got a notice from legalcolls on 13th july 2016 that i have to pay some amount. I was wondering how can they do that. But you threatened me so i had no other options i had to pay the amount. So on 5th aug i did the payment of the same, please do refer the trail email confirmation...
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Tikona Internet Services — worst connection and continuous failure in connectivity and just loss of money every month

 Arunappi41 on Dec 12, 2017

User id : [protected]
Connection in my wife name : jayasudha

Contact me on : [protected]

To whom ever it is concerned, this is wrt to my internet connection

1. I always face issue in connecting to internet every 2 days once, but i dont know how it starts working only after calling to customer care.

2. Network delay and speed not working as promised, my mobile network is faster than tikona now a days.

3. The guy who answer my call today at 12.30 am on 117/12/2017, he was least bother about my issue...
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Tikona — broadband connection

 subashcad on Dec 11, 2017
Hi sir

I am subash. My id: [protected]
Initially i wrote a mail to customer care on march 7th mentioning i am leaving out of country, so will not be able to to use the connection so asked for disconnecting the connection but didn't get any reply from you. On march 15 i sent a remainder to you mentioning the same and asked for disconnecting the same but i didn't get any reply. I clearly mentioned in march 15th mail that i am not available from march 16th and travelling out of country.
After i got the bill for april month i again wrote a mail to you on april 24 mentioning...
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Tikona — tikona tikona not suspending the services even after raising service request

 Das Diwakar Bommaji on Dec 8, 2017
This is regarding tikona user number [protected]

I paid all the previous dues and then i had called the customer care in jan'17 for service termination. A service request was raised. I am not using tikona. Hence, i have asked to disconnect the services. I informed the customer care executive regarding this but still she did not terminate the services. She instead kept me on secondary policy wherein i would be charged some 10/20 p per kb whenever i use tikona. My rental plan shows: rental_stopped, and all the installation stuff are carried away by their executive.

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Tikona — network drop

 Shrivastav_suraj on Dec 7, 2017
They gave me plan of rs 765/- in which i will get 4 mbps speed & unlimited surfing. But since i took internet connection i did't got constant speed of 4 mbps on top of that always internet link is down. Gave several complains in customer service & send emails with the attachment of print screen (Error message). Whenever i called up tikona care they always say wait for 24 hrs. 9 emails send with the print screen in last 40 days. No resolution. Worst internet service....
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Tikona — poor service and getting threatening calls [Resolved]

 Ramesh Barkam on Dec 6, 2017
I was a very unsatisfied customer of Tikona wherein i used your services
for couple of months and found the service of Tikona is extremely pathetic.
On 14/03/2017, i requested for termination of connection by clearing the
entire bill amount and even after sending couple of mails to Customer Care,
service was not terminated and still bill was getting generated.
I clearly communicated to the team stating that service need to be
terminated because of poor service and will not pay any amount if the
connection is not terminated.
One fine day (probably...
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Tikona — payment on closure of service.

 Anisha Nayak on Dec 6, 2017
I got calls from some advocate from the number ‭011-71400500‬B stating that Tikona has filed a case against me for non payment of fees on closure. The mistake here is of Tikona where they failed to close my connection on time even after several requests. I have all the evidences in the email. How can Tikona behave so cheap and file a legal action when I have clearly asked them to close connection? They kept sending me bills every month even after closure request....
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Tikona — harassment after disconnecting internet service.

 Xcustomertkn on Dec 6, 2017
In august 2017 my 3 month period for internet subscription was over, which i already paid. Before completing 3 month date they have generated one month bill. Due bad service i have stopped using their service, they asked by calling me why you are not using the internet. I said due bad service i am closing the connection. But they have not taken the request for disconcerting, but politely started wasting my time.
They used to ask what issue you are facing?
Which other connection you have taken?
Continue our connection as back up plan.
Refer some friend and family member...
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Tikona — tikona harassment with a lawyer's notice

 Abhinav100k on Dec 4, 2017
I was using tikona internet service since november 2015 and was working very well, however last year after june 2017 it used to frequently shut down. We have to call help line and they used to send engineer 2 days afterwards. For 2 days, our office used to have huge business opportunities loss which happened several times after june 2017.in nov and dec 2017 i have complaint number for 4-5 times and frequently it was giving service issue. After that i used the tikona service last time on 26th february, 2017 (Confirmed by tikona customer care email of last login details) and got installed local internet...
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Tikona — tikona- termination of connection

 rs077343 on Dec 4, 2017
Tikona team,

This is my last notification regarding termination of my connection. I have mailed you on 27th november for termination of tikona connection user id [protected]. But i didn't got any reply. Then i dialed customer care and raised a request for termination of connection on 28th november. But daily i m getting harassment calls from your customer care executives but no action is being taken. My service number is 1-[protected]

So, this would be my last mail and i wont entertain any of your executives from now on. And bills generated after billing cycle will not...
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Tikona — pathetic service

 Iamejaz007 on Dec 4, 2017
I am facing speed issues which wasnt clarified by the engineer, he stated that next to your roof top there is an high tension electricity wire and due to which speed is getting fluctuated.

Further he made some rectification and post that my internet connection is lost.

Contacted call center helpdesk they insisted to do self care process than why gst on my bill. Also the representative promised me for a call back arrangement as she wasnt capable to understand issue, i never received any call backs from so called # seniors.

Hope this is not a curtains down for...
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Tikona — my account is not being closed

 Medha choubey on Dec 3, 2017
I used to have the tikona connection in my flat in mumbai. My roommates and i used it for 2 months and paid the bills as well. After relocating we did not need their services anymore, so we requested for the discontinuation of the account. This was filed on 23/10/17 after receiving more than 4-5 calls a week. The associates said that those were service calls since we were not using the connection from september onwards. They say it's a 15 days process, but the day since i keep on receiving service calls even after explaining that why i don't want to use their service anymore. The situation turned...
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Tikona — service stopped, but still receiving bills

 Vikas Baraddi on Dec 2, 2017
Dear sir/madam,

I have stopped using tikona service from last 3 months. Why i am receiving the bills?

I had also paid pending amount and i had asked for noc but i havent received noc yet.

I had paid rs.800 towards final settlement. I have attached receipt for your reference

Your legal team had called me for pending amount (Name :sonam, email id :sonam963singh@gmail.com, mobile nos [protected], [protected])

And i have cleared all dues, if i receive any bills from now onwards then i have definitely sue tikona for harassament.
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Tikona — tikona tikona saying that i have to pay rs. 1569 amount in 10 mins else they will go for legal processing.

 prakash3882 on Nov 30, 2017
I used the internet services of tikona for 4yrs. With extremely bad services. But had no choice due to lack of isp in the area. It was the last 2 months in which i called their customer care for 50+ times but they didn't resolve my issue (Even took full payment without providing any service). Then i called and emailed the company for disconnection request (8th april 2017) which they didn't take by making excuses of there server issues and started the next billing cycle. They were not ready to settle down which they charged extra without using any data. The connection is disconnected from 8 months...
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Tikona — tikona fraud and customer harassment

 abhinav khunte on Nov 30, 2017
I got my tikona connection disconnected (With all dues cleared) way back on summer this year and i have my disconnection number with me.
But today i got a call from someone claiming to be advocate virender sharma (Contact number he provided-[protected] & [protected]) threatening me (On behalf of company) of legal action for 'non-payment' of outstanding bill of rs 1499. He said that if i want to avoid legal troubles i should pay the amount within 1 pm today (29/11/2017). I am well aware of this tactic used by the company to threaten and harrass customers, coercing them to pay the money. But...
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Tikona — tikona complaint

 Kv286 on Nov 30, 2017
Just wanted to bring to your notice regarding a call from someone called devraj joshi (Dlrc1857/2008, office no: 108, b-block, civil court, delhi, from mobile number [protected]), who supposedly was in civil court delhi and told that there's a case registered against me, i informed him that we have requested for disconnection long back. He threatened me that a case has been lodged against me and made me pay an amount of rs. 2300/- and confirmed that the non-usage charges would be refunded back along with the 'court case charges of rs 1000/-. We have the recorded telephonic conversation with devraj...
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Tikona — internet not working since the last 2-3 months

 moumitag on Nov 28, 2017
My internet connection is not working properly since the last 2-3 months.

I have raised several complaints but only once an engineer came and he rectified it but it worked only for 7-8 days and post that again it stopped working.
The engineer even charged me 200rs for changing the machine and didnt even give me the receipt for the same.

Since the last 1 month, my internet completely stopped working and i raise a complaint every week, but everytime an engineer by the name of swapnil salunke is assigned and that engineer never calls me not attends to my call, but...
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