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Tikona Digital Networks Customer Care

Tikona Digital Networks

'Corpora', Office 3A, 3rd Floor, LBS Marg, Bhandup (West)
Mumbai City District
India - 400078

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts


+91 22 6174 9700  [Technical Queries]
+91 22 4062 9629  [Tech Support]
+91 22 6119 1700  [Non Technical Queries]

Customer satisfaction rating
Good news! We have a good connection with the company and they're good at resolving user complaints.

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Tikona — fraud raghubeersaha is harssing

 nishu sagar on May 21, 2018
I m geeting harassed by rahubeer saha. Since i m not using your connection from last 5 months and all tge setup has also been taken by you still tgis man is saying i have to pay bill of 1000. I just dont now why. Please kindly resolve this. Please maKe sure that this issue get resolve because this can leads to mental torture to a person. After all you are running a company and you should be able to takal with this kind of situation. As playing with someone emotions is rearly not good....
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Tikona — no service and billed with 1700 for no usage.

 Mohdbigodi52 on May 21, 2018
I used Tikona for internet services in Wakad Region, Pune and have been looted.
Inspite of repeated complaints regarding the inconvenience in service the internet remained down for most of the time of the month. Hardly had been a day when the internet worked without any interruptions.

Due to such repeated issues kept the router aside and informed them regarding such lack of service. No call was taken, still same existed and we were later billed for 1700 without a single usage.
And on payment was threatened with legal actions.

Beware of this Fraud Tikona....
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Tikona — fraud company

 Keval Adhyaru on May 19, 2018
Last year i put a request 4-5 times to disconnect my tikona subscription but their executive doesn't disconnect my plan and send me a bill of 1270 and today they send me a legal notice from advocate k. H. Halai and priya agarwal and also started to make thread calls.
I have already put so many requests to cancel my subscription but due to their fault they over charged my bill.
Biggest fraud company i have ever seen....
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Tikona — internet services

 mradul_k on May 17, 2018
I have been complaining about my unstable internet issue for more than a month.in the month of april i had infinite number of complaints registered and many engineer visits at my house. But still i am facing issues which are said to be from the tower/network end and not from my home system. Since a month tikona engineers are telling that network end is being resolved and will take 2 days at max but there is still no progress since months. Neither have i got any bill waiver of "not working" month. Many a times i have called for disconnection in which i was promised to wait for another 24-48 hrs to...
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Tikona — bill generated even after request for account termination

 Jigar300893 on May 16, 2018
My tikona user id is : [protected]. Since i am out of town i request tikona through my registered mail id for account closure on 13april however they kept the account open and put it on rental stop mode. They are not responding to mails and daily bill amount is increasing by 100rs. I mentioned in my mail if account is not closed i will not pay bill....
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Tikona — speed problem and bad service

 solutions.abs on May 15, 2018
मेरा नाम बादल है मैं meerut में रहता हूँ अभी कुछ दिनों पहले मेरे ऑफीस abs solution में आपके ऑफीस के कपिल जी आये और मुझे तिकोना का प्लान बताया.मैंने बिना कुछ सोचे समझे उनसे कनेक्शन ले लिया और शायद यही से मेरे बुरे दिन शुरू हो गये.जब तक connection नहीं लगा...
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Tikona — tikona not closing the broadband connection

 Jagadeesh Hini on May 13, 2018
Tikona user id: [protected]

I raised request to close the tikona connection on 30th april. Request number : 1-[protected].

However, i am receiving repeated customer service calls to transfer the service. They state that rental services are stopped, but services are continued at 2paise/mb charge. I received an email today to switch to rental plan....
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Tikona — threatening about court case

 aslam_123456 on May 12, 2018
I was a customer of tikona broadband internet service. My customer id is ([[protected]]). I have used tikona for almost 01 year (Until 10 august 2017) and i found service of tikona very bad. I stoped using that service, from 16 th august2017 onward and asked tikona person to disconnect the service.
I paid all the balance amount on 12th august but after some time. Now i multiple calls and messages from tikona to pay the a bill of rs 1500 as final settelment amount.
I explain the details and asked to close this issue again.
But the harassment from tikona continues.
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Tikona — tikona asking me to pay bill when I didn't use internet services

 Manjunath Avisani on May 12, 2018

I requested closure of tikona connection after paying my last month bill. None of their representatives didn't respond and extended my connection without my notice. Now they are threatening me with fake calls. Why should i pay the amount if tikona's representatives didn't do their job properly. Tikona can check my calls with their representatives....
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Tikona — fraud legal harassment

 dileshjain on May 11, 2018
I have just received a call from some lady priyanka who said she is from cibil court in delhi asking me to pay rs. 4112 towards pending charges.

The connection i had subscribed to was asked to be terminated couple of years ago after which they offered us a retention plan of one year @ rs. 999.

The connection initially taken by me was a billing connection to be paid 100% in advance without which service would not be available.

My account no: [protected]

In the first year end itself of the retention plan starting, i had called the customer...
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Tikona — non removal of connection

 Ashesh Ateendra on May 10, 2018
They are not removing my tikona connection id [protected] and threatening to proceed with civil suit.
Moreover i have paid all their due to this date if now they charge me then it is to be regarded as intentional fraud as i have made clear to opt out of their service
Someone also calls me at times claiming to be a legal professional from delhi and threatens me of legal action....
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Tikona — no action after request for closing account

 amittanna on May 10, 2018
I have raise closing request via mail and sending multiple remainder as well as contacted customer case of tikona too and spoke to tikona representative (Sima) but still there were no response from tikona team.
Below are the request generated in tikona system (Getting this request number in auto reply mails)
1) request : 1-[protected]
2) request : 1-[protected]
3) request :1-[protected] (Via telephonic call with sima)

My account details with tikona : [protected]

Kindly request you to please help me out as this company representative behave unprofessionally.
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Tikona — no internet connection

 Dennus on May 8, 2018
I have pledged to never buy any internet connection from tikona service connection. I have paid for a 6GB yearly plan and the interent just doesn't work every it stops working and we keep calling tikona customer care for some help. It seems like even the tikona staff don't know how to solve the problem they just come to see the device that they have installed and then they leave it's like this every day I can't even use the internet I hope that they do something about it and fix this issue....
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Tikona — demand notice from tikona for false allegations

 saurabhkher19 on May 8, 2018
This request is against Tikona Infinet Limited for my Customer Id: [protected] and Billing Account Number:[protected].
I stopped their service approx. 1 year back but recently they sent me a sudden bill amount after approx. 1 year of service discontinuation.
I started using Tikona broadband services on 29th April 2017 and after 7 to 8 days of worst service experience I lodged a request to discontinue service and discontinued it from my end. I received many call from Tikona to avoid discontinuation but I was so frustrated with their Internet services so not accepted their offers anymore....
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Tikona — disconnect requests are being ignored

 dpandey_85 on May 6, 2018
I have not been using tikona broadband since feb 2018 however i am frequently getting calls from them to pay the bill. These calls are very annoying and they call anytime in a day.

I raised several requests to disconnect the network but those requests are being ignored by them. I was using prepaid service but now they claim that it was postpaid. Il

Please help me file a case against them. My user id is [protected]...
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Tikona — harassing by wrong bill

 Himanshu211 on May 4, 2018
I have used tikona broadband service from 20 july 2017 to 4 feb 2018.
And every month i paid the bill on time and paid an extra amount to them.
But every month i have faced internet speed issue more than 5 times in a month.
So when i see they can't improve their services i decided to disconnect their services on 4 feb 2018.
On 4 feb 2018 tikona technical team gave me 15 days free trial and they told me that they will try i didn't face any issue during this period
During this period they are unable to improve their services so i call for disconnection.
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Tikona — after payment not service

 Surender Nayak on Apr 30, 2018
Hi sir,

Your board band service pathetic. I have get new connection and i have already pay to your excutive mohammad sultan but net service not activate right now afterthat they are not receiving my call my new connection in flat no 305 3rd floor seven hill residency tavarekere bangalore 580026
I have already complaint in apartment owner removed all connections of tikona in seven hill residency apartment you are losing customers
Take a serious action against of your agent...
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Tikona — billing issue

 Vikas Patra on Apr 28, 2018
We have a made a payment of rs 1534 against our bill payment of user i'd no [protected] and there that we have requested to stop our services due to poor service. Currently we have not usage of internet from last 4- 5 months. But still we are getting the bills for payment.. Kindly advise on the same. What legal action we can take against them.?...
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Tikona — want to file police complaint against tikona digital network.

 Riddhichheda on Apr 27, 2018
Tikona customer people are calling us and harassing us, to keep the connection,
They will resolve the issue.
From last one year i had been waiting no resolution,
After many calls and 1 email i had submitted cancellation request on 18th april.
And after that the are calling us and harassing us about keeping the connection.

I had given them so many warning to stop calling us,
But they are still calling,

Now i want to file police complain against them.
Can any one help me with that.
I am from mumbai, maharashtra...
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Tikona — unused bill and there threatening

 Iqbal Maldar on Apr 27, 2018
I am mohammed chand maldar user id [protected] we're using tikona broadband connection but when i told them to disconnect the same they refuse to do so i have mail communication for same and forcefully asking me to pay bills which i never used so this very un professional behavior to threatening to customers about court case and jail some lady neha sharma called and threatened for payment i request you to take strong action against tikona broad band and also against neha sharma...
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