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 Prof. Inderjit Singh
I got a connection from air tel digitaltv on 22nd
march 2009 from a shop at Badala road kharar, district mohali, punjab at
the cost of rs 1750. My id is [protected] and my activation code number is
[protected]. Installation was done by a person ( from air tel
company)Mr.Ranbir Singh (mobile number[protected] on 23rd march 2009. My
Set Top Box ID (STBID) is [protected]. Since very first day of
installation i faced a problem very regularly. After every one or two days
my tv started displaying a message ' THIS CARD IS NOT AUTHORISED '. I
contacted Mr. Ranbir Singh (who installed it), owner of the shop (Mr.
Balwinder Singh)from where i purchased airtel digital tv and customer care
number many times but got only a temporary solution.
On 30.03.2009, I got a call from your office phone number[protected] at
5.07pm about rectification of the error and the person online assured me
o[censored]ninterrupted signals in future but next morning same message appeared
again on my tv.

At customer care they say that the amount in my account is rs 2000,
whereas i purchased a connection for rs 1750.

Even at the time of installation when Mr. Ranbir Singh contacted the
company for activation, he was told at his mobile that this set top box is
already activated.
My airtel digital tv started recieving uninterrupted signals
from 5th april 2009 but I was confused to see the negative balance in my
account.Therefore I made a written request by email to know that why my tv is
showing negative balance in message box of my account ?
In response to my complaint I got a message on my mobile
(number[protected] from company on[protected] at 3.18 pm in which i was
asked to recharge my digital tv account because of negative balance in the
I got a phone call from company office (phone number[protected] on
[protected] at 11.51 am) and message conveyed to me was that problem
related to viewing of CNBC TV 18 and B4Uwill be solved within 30 minutes
approximately but instead of this, on the morning of[protected] all the
channels available to me were blocked and through a telephone call from
[protected] on[protected] at 1.58 pm i was informed that all the
channels available to me are blocked by company due to negative balance in
my account and i was asked to get my account recharged to view these
channels. Two messages were sent to me on my mobile on[protected] and
[protected] by airtel digital tv informing me that myaccount is suspended
due to negative balance.
Thus instead of solving my problem company created another problem for me.
I am unable to understand that why should i recharge my account when i am
authorised to view the channels free of cost for first three months.
I recieved a message from airtel digital tv on 26-04-09. The content of this message is:
Dear customer, your digital tv a/c has been successfully recharged with Rs 2000.00. Your current a/c balance is Rs - 17.95, valid till 16-04-09.

I dont know that
1.Even after this so called recharging, why I can not still view any airtel digital tv channel.
2. who recharged my account ?
3. If recharged by company, then why it is valid till 16-04-09, the date which has already expired.
4. why again after recharging, my a/c is still having negative balance of Rs 17.95.
5. Inspite of writing to company about my agony on their
email address ( [protected], I am unable to recieve uninterrupted
signals till filling of this complaint.
6. I had to waste my money and time again and again for contacting the
person who installed the airtel digital tv as well ascontacting company
through internet.
7. It gave me a lot of restlessness due to mental harassment .
8. I am missing live telecast of IPL cricket matches on SET MAX channel
which is a part of the channels available on this connection. For watching
the thrills of IPL cricket matches I had decided to get this airtel
digital tv but instead of enjoying these at my home now I have to move to
the home of someone else which is very much shamefull to me and all this is
due to unsatisfactory services of the company.
9. Now I do not know the exact date from which those three months should
be counted for which I am authorised to view the channels free of cost.
10. I want compensation from the company for the torture.


Prof. Inderjit Singh[protected]
# 193, First floor, Anand Nagar, Kharar, Mohali, Pb.
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its for the shake of airtel — suggestion for airtel. don't take it lightly

it's a mistake done by the vodafone intentionally that when you will type airtel on URL and press (ctrl+enter) then automatically vodafone web page will appear so if airtel wants then it can go for a complain against the's really a big big mistake .
At first i want to say that the customer service on toll free number [protected] is very poor. We need to waste at least for an hour for an argument. Nobody is there to pick the call immediately and also their communication skills are also very poor. Not able to understand the query and not even the problem. Then i installed the Airtel Digital TV on 29th Dec 2008 with customer id [protected] and registered mobile no. is [protected] (Bangalore). At first it was OK but from start of June the picture quality becomes distorted and a very unlike sound appears on plugging the set top box jack in TV. From then i tried to contact the customer care several time in my very busy schedule. But after getting the chance to tell my prob after a long time wait to connect the call becomes disconnected with ought completion of the talk. I think that may be intensionally to disconnect. Then again connecting them took hours of time. In this way the whole month of june spent and my spouse was not able to see the good quality vision on TV on their visit of Vacation. Really i feel myself angry on all of these. After that in second week of July i had long arguments and discussion with a customer care executive and he finally suggest me to pay RS. 300 to get the engineer's service as my A/C warranty period elapsed on 28th July 2009.After that i becomes silent and i never have will to pay a single money to Airtel Digital TV in this regard Who the is responsible for all this unfortunate. I think i need to change the connection and louder my voice to my known ones suggest not to take Airtel digital TV connection...I already diverted three person who decided to take Airtel Digital TV...
i am not able to recharge my airtel digital through coupons. i m manoj my ref. no. is [protected]
how we can recharge by net banking

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV — Digital TV not working since 03 October 09

My Airtel Digital TV not working sinc 03 October 2009 where as i have enough balnce in my account stiil it is showing a message on all channels you are not or view subscribed to this channels
I lodged twice complaint but still no result
I lodged complaint on 03 October 09 was closed withut confirming me
Again i lodged complint on 13 October 09
We are getting no proper service from Airtel

Airtel DTH — Blocked my TV


Every time you are sending me. Thank you for writing us at airtel DTH services. we have received you email and we shall revert to you at the earliest. but which earliest time you will reply me I have send 3 Three Mail to you.

Now I Write to inform you that I have recharges My DTH on 31 July 09 by Rs.500/00. My Plan is For Rs.127/00 Per Month. Now My calculation is as under.
Aug 09 127
Sept 09 127
Oct 09 103 My DTH Block on 26.10.09 So fare this.
Total 357
Paid 500
Cal.Bal. 143

Looking to this how can you Blocked my DTH.

Now I write to inform you that my DD - 1 is also now working. looking to that I will go for consumer authority for blocking My DD- 1. It is most urgent to shart my DD- 1 without any further delay I have also made complied to you [protected] on 27.10.2009 at 1.45 PM

please calrifited all thing as early as possibale.

My Mobile No.[protected]
Land Line No.[protected]


Deepan Kapasi
Sir, My cust id is [protected]...i am not able to use dth its shows error no 4... all channels are blocked... i was complaint for solve my problum but its not done yet... please do the needful
want to change my RTN for airtel digital TV account

Airtel — Gettin a call from an "Unknown " Number - Negative Response from Call Center Executive

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I am continuously recieving a call from an unknow number. The screen shows "Unknown" and do not show any number. I called Airet Call Center for help for this issue but they gave me negative response. They said "if number is not coming then what can we do for it". The name of that CCE is "Wasim" (Time 15/02/2010 3:20 PM). When I again called Airtel Call Center they put me on hold. I am again and again receiving this kind of call.

Please help regarding this.

My number - [protected]

Vipin Gupta

SUN TV direct — unsatisfactory working

my SUNTV dish is not giing satisfactory signals now. unable to contact their number 3940 7575 . It is not available at anytime . Would like to hae satisfactory signals. pl. do needful

Airtel DTH — Wrong Package Activated

Dear Team Airtel,

This is the 1st time I am writing this after several failed phone conversations with your executives.

I had a Sun Direct DTH and i wanted another additional connection for my second TV and Opted for Airtel DTH.

I recently purchased a Airtel Digital Tv Connection(Customer Id - [protected]) on Nov 9th 2010 (I had to run behind the Airtel dealer to get a connection for a week almost)

Finally the technicians came to my residence on the 9th Nov 2010 after so many phone calls to them and finally did the Installation but Activated the Wrong Package.

Almost everyday i contact the dealer about my package which supposed to contain the SPORTS PACKAGE. but the response i get them really irritated me. They say someone from the airtel customer relations will call me, and the person from airtel cannot even communicate to me properly.

It's 16days and i still have not got my problem solved but i got messages that my problem was already solved, which is still not solved. (NO SPORTS PACKAGE ACTIVATED)

My Question is:

1. Why is there a misinformation always given from your end?
2. Why do Airtel expect it's customer to run behind you all the time for unsolved issues.
3. Why Airtel being such a reputed company outsources services to a USELESS DEALER like my dealer who does nothing but talk STUPID all the time.
4. Will my problem get solved or it will be the same till the end.
5. Or is there someone who can come to my place and REMOVE THE AIRTEL DTH AND REFUND MY MONEY BACK?

Now will someone reply to this email or call me on my phone to solve my issue, because I AM HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED WITH YOUR SERVICES(DTH).

+91 [protected]
It’s very bad to say that inspite of so many calls & reminders no action has been taken against our complaint.

Charges are also getting deducted from our account one hand & other hand we are not viewing our tv for last 10 days .

When I had a requirement of this digital tv then your engineer came immediately but now we are facing problem then no action has been taken against this.

I’m very dissatisfied for your service.
Shweta Kulshrestha
[protected] / [protected]

Customer ID : [protected]


My name is Mr Arindam Ghose, and a subscriber of Airtel Digital TV. I have a connection of airtel digital TV since last one year. My customer ID is [protected]. Recently my recharge amount is getting exhausted before the due date.Please take up this matter with the airtel DTV to resolve this matter.
#Airtel service infrastructure is very poor - the support staff needs training - both in communication and problem solving - there is no alignment between customer care and field service. The customer care team modifies complaints at their will to avoid detection of SLA violations - hangs up line when they can not respond to a query - gives wrong telephone numbers for direct call back to avoid owning any responsibility - promises callback but never bothers about it. I have lodged complaint nos 5417476, 5424923, 5424683 for my digital TV STB which has not been wroking - everytime the customer care just shifts the deadline for resolution which never materializes - One of the supervisors - gave me a number to call back which seems to be an outgoing number only
I have quite a few airtel connections - mobile, broadband, landline - I have never faced such lousy service response earlier as I have facing now for #Airtel Digital TV
Hi all,

Hi my self Rashmeet Bindra, a subscriber of “Airtel Digital”. Few months back i get Airtel digital installed at my house at Bangalore my Cust id is [protected]. As I got transferred to Hyderabad, they Deinstalled the things from Bangalore and promised me to be activated with in one day. According to them it should be activate @ 17th March 2011.

At first i want to say that the customer service on toll free number [protected] is very poor. We need to waste at least for an hour for an argument. Nobody is there to pick the call immediately and also their communication skills are also very poor. Not able to understand the query and not even the problem

And from that onwards nobody called me. As I called 50 times to your customer care people. But nobody is bothering to respond me back. I spoke to the Senior level people (don’t want to disclose the name), they also promised me the same that it will be activated soon (last Friday and Saturday). I am totally pissed off.

I have given the complaints n-number of times, but no response at all.
Complaint Number – 6003098
Address – MetroPalm Grove Appts, Somujiguada, 500082, Near to Yashoda Hospital

They have given contact number of Hyderabad people - +91-[protected], this number is constantly switched off from past 4 days. Please tell me why you guys are giving us such number, that is not responding.

This is a complete fraud or mental Harassment. They know customer is bounded to take their service or else customer need to pay to other service provider for installing their sytem
I would like to state that Company Like AIRTEL is not having customer Cenric approch. They are more Cauntious about getting money from their subscribers by doing such frauds.
But let me tell them that i am not such kind of person i will sue them in consumer court for all this fraud.
Rashmeet Bindra
Respected Sir's.

Here I would like to bring you the 1 customer issue that is not solved from lost 1 month. I have been called local office in Mysore ([protected]) and informed them about this issue time to time when ever the customer called me. but so far the complaint is not attended. meanwhile I have sent my tech. to customer place to confirm the problem. since the complaint was not attended by our request to local office, we suggested the customer to call the call center and register a complaint for the same. subsequently customer called call center and register the complaint. not once he registered 3 times ( 6484538, 6604432 & 6657047) but still no response from your service personnel. Today customer receives an SMS confirms that "Your service request has been solved" it is very strange to the customer and customer has sent to notice to Mr.Arun the nodal officer of karnataka. since he is also a not answering his phone # given by call center people.

Customer also called the Tv9 - karnataka people to visit his place and make the news of it. and they will be coming to customer place and my place (Dealer shop) by 9.30 in the morning on 7/4/2011.

Customer name: Sri. Chikkappaiah.
customer ID # [protected]
Customer phone:[protected].[protected], [protected].

I hope you people will take care of this issue and solve it to the customer satisfaction.

Souhardha services, Kuvempunagar, Mysore.
I had recharged my account with Rs 400 somewhere at the end of March and my channel package is North Mega Pack. The very next day my channel package was automatically changed to South Value Pack. I called stayed on the line for 40 minutes till I spoke to some tech who transferred the call to escalation supervisor who changed my pack back. She also gave me the details stating that it is my dealer named Venkanna(I have no clue who is this) phone number [protected] who changed my plan. On 5th April again the same problem occurred and to my wonder the registered mobile number was changed. And adding more to it, the number under which the TV was registered is not a valid number. I had called in that number. I called and spoke to Sunil who did not transfer my call to escalation supervisor and said it will take 24 hours to change when I say it takes half an hour he said it is impossible. I became agitated and he said we will call b back and disconnected the line. He never called back. I called back again stayed on the line for another half an hour and spoke to escalation supervisor Santosh who changed it back to North Mega Pack but could not tell me what is happening. He kept on telling me it is someone who is using my customer ID. I asked him to process my disconnection. On 6th again at 9 o clock I switched on the TV the channels were again changed to South Value Pack. I called back as soon as the line was connected the call was dropped and I became so tired of the entire process, I could not call back. Today morning again I called and got the channel changed and I spoke to Chitralekha Emp ID: 560827 who again shifted the package but gave me the same Venkanna’s number mentioned above. That number is also not valid.

I somehow feel that some cartoons are sitting behind the phones who does not know anything what is happening. I have spent almost 3 hours for something which I am not responsible of and my phone bills on top of it. I have Airtel broadband and two airtel mobiles. I have decided to finish every kind of relationship with Airtel and I will ensure no one whom I know will not take Airtel.
Agniswar Bhattacharya
i got a connection of your company my customer id no:[protected] i have recharge my a/c and the services run sucessfully but there was a problem till previous week that my services are deactivated so i unable to use services
so plz see the matter and solve as soon as possible

(arvind kumar agarwal)
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a subscriber of the Airtel Digital services, with Registration ID as [protected]. I had called your customer care department on Thursday, May 26th, 2011 to request for activation of the COSMO pack containing the new CBS channels. Also, I had recharged my account for an annual subscription on 24th April with Rupees 3, 835/-, and i wanted to confirm if the annual pack had been activated or not.

On calling, i got to know that the annual package had not been activated. After a discussion with an executive, my call was transferred to a Supervisor, Mohd. Shashank Kumar. He assured me that he will look into the matter and promised to revert to me with the details by calling me on Saturday, May 28, 2011. He also mentioned that he was on leave on Friday and thats why he would call on Saturday. (which i am not sure was correct or not and should be looked into). However, I did not receive any call from your end on Saturday.

On Sunday, I again called the customer care department. This time, Mr. Pankaj Sharma, Customer Care Executive, attended the call and was very rude and disrespectful in his behavior. In fact, the tone in which he spoke gives a very negative impression of the attitude of people you are hiring at your customer care centers and of the company as a whole.
Dissatisfied with the executive, i requested the call to be transferred to a supervisor. This time, Mr. Kossti (I don't remeber the first name), who is a supervisor, attended the call. He told me that Mr. Shashank will be having the information and i will have to wait for him to come to the office the next day. When i raised a concern that whether it means that customer cases are dependent on only 1 person, he backtracked on his comment and said that he will look into the matter and this time I will definitely get a call from him by Monday, May 30th, 2011 at around 11.30 PM. I also told him that I am very tired of the attitude of the executives and supervisor and will be forced to lodge a complaint against him, Mr. Pankaj, and Mr. Shashank in case there is no follow up on my case by Monday afternoon. He was OK with this and assured again that I will definitely get a call from him.

It is Tuesday, May 31, 3.00 PM and I am yet to receive any call from any one in your department. I had to again call up the department myself and had to waste my time explaining the history of my case and in discussing this with first an executive and then a supervisor.

I am really saddened by the attitude and disrespect that your executives/supervisors show to your customers and their duties. I request the concerned authority to take up this issue and take suitable action against Mr. Shashank, Mr. Pankaj, and Mr. Kossti, for their behavior.

After this experience, I will have to sadly dissuade my friends and relatives from subscribing to the Airtel Digital TV services, not because of the quality of reception, or rates, or packages, but because of the indifferent approach of the company towards its customers.

Having said that, I would like to know the follow up taken on my complaint against these resources and would appreciate an apology from the Company for the behavior of the employees. Although, looking at the overall experience, I doubt that there will be any action taken or that I will be kept posted on the follow up. However, I will make it a point to share my experience with you in the media.

Also, having searched the Internet for previous complaints against your department by the public, I have noticed that there are thousands o[censored]nsatisfied customers, especially frustrated because of the behavior and non-responsiveness of the customer care executives.

Satisfaction level for me with your company : 0

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