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[Resolved]  American Express Credit Card — My name is removed from the defaulters list


This is mani i was hoding AMEX credit card till 2002, after that i closed that card and got the settlement letter from the bank. A year ago i applied for housing loan in HDFC , and it got approved.
Since then it has been going smoothly.

Just a week ago i had applied for Personal Loan with same HDFC bank. I got a verbal notice from them saying they were unable to process as SATYAM( database that shows defaulters list) shows your name as a defaulter. Howcome just an year back i got approval from HDFC bank for housing loan. Why satyam did not show my name in defaulters list.

I want my name to be removed from defaulters list with satyam/cbil or any other organisation that holds data. Please help me finding out the way.

Thanks and regards,
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I had a personal loan from CITI Bank which was settled 2 yrs back. The loan A/c no. was 10299584. This loan was actually taken by one of my friend who is a industry defaulter. His name is Malyaban Gupta. He requested me to take a loan and he promised that he would be giving the EMIs. He was my childhood freind and I took the loan and gave him the amount(50k) on good faith. But after few months he started defaulting. CITI people use to call me as the loan was in my name which is natural. Whenever the collection people came to me for payment, I used to send them in my friends house for payment. this was the natural process. After few more months he stopped giving payments. All the CITI collection officials were aware the fact that though the loan was in my name but Malyaban has to pay. It was going like this untill he stopped paying any EMIs. When CITI bank started calling me, coming to my home etc, I took this matter seriously and I pressured that guy to pay the amount which was suggested as settlement amount. I had given enormous effort to take out that money from that defaulter and settled the said loan account. Mr. Shane Ireland was the collection manager in that time who knew that though the loan was in my name but the amount was enjoyed by Malyaban gupta who is a previous defaulter of that bank. Even the PDCs given were from a joint Savings bank A/c of me & Malyaban Gupta. Now the issue is, I applied for a personal loan from ICICI bank few days back which got rejected due to previous bad credit history. I'm affraid that my name has gone to Satyam database due to previous loan incident where I'm not at all responsible. I would request CITI thriugh this mail to remove my name from satyam database as I'm losing my credibility in the market. The above furnished data (e.g. loan a/c no., name of collection manager, name of my defaulter friend) can be cross verified.
Never believe any Private Bank .They sell there credit Cards giving beautifu; dreams .
But at the end you end up paying a minimum of 2x of what you really used the card.
i an satyan i would like to apply for american express credit card please guide me for the same
I COMPLETELY AGREE with the complainant. It appears that RBI consitituted under a special act, has been reduced to a toothless and clawless tiger atleast in the eyes of the banks it grants licence to conduct banking business in India. Apparently there is little control that RBI exercises over
banks apart from the compliance requirments like maintenance of CRR, credit to special sectors, etc, there is however opaque evidence to suggest that RBI has done or is doing to protect the fundamental rights of citizens (read banking consumers) in India. I feel that a really vast majority (atleast more than the percentage who vote to elect the governemnts in India) of individuals in India are law abiding citizens. In fact the success of English doctrine of 'Rule of Law' has been due to 'abiding nature' of Indian citizens. Just an example in these financially turbulent times, Is it possible for crises like Subprime and the latest banking business collapse in US, to occur in India? The answer is flat 'NO' because of the vigilant eyes
of the RBI to ensure compliance by the banks as to regulatory provisions-Part-I; Part-II is that Indian citizens would never think to re-securitise the assets to secure loans multiple number of times and that too at such a scale and in an organised manner!

There DEFINITELY is a tilt of power towards consumers in the west viz-a-viz banking hegemony v/s. fundamental rights of citizens. We can see that not only consumers brought down the banks but initial reports adduce sufficient evidence that there has been a multiplicity of securitisation of assets to
secure loans from banks. But banks there never used 'recovery agents' to overrule fundamental rights of citizens, judicial process and 'Rule of THE Law' to correct their balance sheets. I wonder as to why then in India the banking companies are exercising powers which even the State of India can exercise during EMERGENCY and that too after exercising due process of law.

Making threatening calls, sending recovery agents, using foul language is definitely violation of fundamental right to live and live with dignity (Article 21). It shall be noted here that fundamental right under Article 19 is also affected as citizens live under the fear of vulgar and uncivilised oratory of banking staff and recovery agents. The expression of an individual is affected (remember heart attacks cases and cardiac malfunction (this posting))!

Like there is the rule of law for citizens so is it for 'fictitious' creatures of law. But banking companies never resort to the judicial process of going to Debt Recovery Tribunal, filing of civil suits for recovery under Insolvency Act etc. They say it is a long procedure to recover through this 'judicial process' and hence the adoption of strong arms tactics. In that case it the failure of the heads of these big banking conglomerates to visualize the banking business scenario in India. If it is so, then they must be fired or simply banks can go packing their business from India (there is separate chapter on winding-up under The Companies Act, 1956). They must remember that we Indians are no longer ruled and do not intend to be ruled by any Company as in the past. We have a Constitution and faith in it. If these banking companies don't want to respect provisions contained in our Constitution, then 'go packing', Indian citizens don't care. Just because we are law abiding citizens doesn't create any right in favor of banking
companies' to abuse our constitutional rights. It is a TAKE & GIVE (strictly in that order) situation under principle of EQUITY. There are no shortcuts. There is equality before law and equal protection of laws in India for every PERSON. The corporations do not derive any power to over rule the provisions of Indian constitution just because they happen to be capital rich or having been incorporated in a capitalist country. They must understand that their rights have altered when they got banking licence from RBI.
The judicial process is same for fictitious and natural persons and in case of conflict of rights, the rights of citizens shall prevail over creatures of law whose sole intention is to earn profit sans EQUITY.

It is a sad state of affairs that while in these matters of repayment of loans, the natural persons i.e.; the citizens are stripped of their fundamental rights ensured under constitution, the corporates (corporations,
companies and corporates!) who are creatures of law and have fictitious status are getting away with the law. Agreed, that living is getting tough and it is a DOG EAT DOG situation everywhere but when it comes to comply with the law against recovery of loans from individuals and corporates it is DOG
EAT CIVILIZED CITIZENS in former case and DOG LICKS DOG'S (?) in the latter case.

Yes, it is time that RBI came up with some provisions like 'SATYAM' for these rights sapping banking companies wherein every singly 'DEFAULT' on law of our sacred land and its inhabitants shall be recorded. Human rights agencies and social service organisations shall be allowed to submit reports on the working of these corporations who have assumed to themselves the powers of a sovereign India. There must be an automated mechanism to black list and get their licences cancelled in the events like violation of human and fundamental rights. RBI must come out with a separate report on the working of these 'SOVEREIGN' banking companies. Why should only one party suffer? Article 14 and 15 provide various provisions under which these SOVEREIGNS can be booked. So far there has been no such reporting where the licence of a credit card company has been cancelled or suspended. Does it mean that all the Indian Citizens are happy with the services of these companies? NO. The fact is that these banking companies use their financial muscle in a country whose ranking is 85 on the corruption perception index. They put up bribing and gifting as a prohibited conduct in their policy documents but act like an elephant while folowing these policies themselves. Just like elephants have two set of teeth one visible and other for chewing food, these banking companies always use the other set of policies when it comes to follow their own SOVEREIGN policies. They hire unsocial elements in the guise of recovery agents to sap into the rights of Indian citizens. They 'outsource' their responsibilityto collect outstanding; may be someday we would be recieving calls from overseas to pay up or else...we know what.
The banking companies shall be directed by RBI while issuing settlement/clearance letter that the responsibility of making sure that the name of the person making settlement will not appear in SATYAM or that no adverse credit report shall be forwarded to the Credit Bureau. The document shall clearly mention that in case of the happening of otherwise incident the banking company shall stand liable to irreparable damage to the reputation of the consumer and shall be liable to pay for tortious and criminal liability so arising. Otherwise within a span of time we all Indians will be at the mercy of these credit card issuing banking companies because some elements will be forwarding the 'untrue' financial reports of its past consumers to Credit Bureau. This will result in Conflict of Intrest between the rights of State of India, and RBI on one hand and these banking companies on the other. SATYAM shall also include the name of the person who forwarded such report and on the substance of which that report was made. The authenticity of report shall be verified with the person likely to be affected by it i.e., the individual whose name so appears in the list of defaulters. The reports of banking companies shall not be made the 'admissible evidence' per se. There must be a mechanism to verify the same report specially when there are so many dissatisfied and ill-treated Indian citizens suffering the violations of their fundamental rights at the hands of 'fictitious' persons created under law of incorporation.

India is in great need of guidelines to ensure that banking companies do not over regulate (lest overrule) the fundamental rights of citizens guaranteed under consititution. RBI is one institution that has in the past and I believe like any other citizen that it CAN regulate the excessive force used by banks to recover debts. There is need to look with the angle of banking consumer rights and cultural background of India. There are people who would siegh with joy and reliefe on learning someday that RBI cancelled or
suspended the licence of some powerful and/or MNC banking company on grounds of harassing consumers. That day it will be a little victory in the battle of citizens v/s banking companies, which again is 'Only one little part' of much larger war to secure DEMOCRACY in India.

mill — removal of defaulter list from sathyam database

i would like to know how we can verify whether our name has been removed from the sathyam database / rbi defaulter list.

when i approached the banks for fresh loan, some banks say that our name does not reflect in the defaulter list while some say that our name still exists and had not been removed from the sathaym database of rbi defaulter list.

can anybody help me out on this subject?

express loan — Regarding express loan

Dear Sir,

I had a taken loan some 29 months ago from the HDFC bank ie called express loan, I m not aware that the bank will charge me double the amount I received. Really it is toomuch from the bank end. I heard that the same scheme is closed by the bank due to the customer complaints that bank is charging doubly the amount they had paid. Infact I had given complaint to the bank but they never responded!. It is my money getting money is not easy but bank will take money from us very easily. I argued that though they had closed the express loan scheme at least from that time they should charge me the normal rate of interest but they never bother of customer pain and pleas. Top to that this month salary is credited little late due that ECS clearence is not done on the 5th of this month. But the bank had taken the money on 15th of this month. Even then the bank sent a person to my home and asking for money and also they had sent a letter to pay the money. what nonsense bank it is!!! Reallly it made me to feel damn irritated taking my money top to that they are sending person and letter to my home.
This behaviour of the bank made me totally irritating.
For this kind of loan scheme bank should be punished.
Money never comes very easily HDFC should under stand this formula!!!
hi, i apply for a credit card in ur bank they dont gave me any referance no.

Credit cards / loans — Removal of name from list

Removal of name from list


I was using credit cards from HDFC,HSBC. all the settlements amounts was agreed between me and the bank and was closed and i do have settlement letter...can you please remove from the list as its affecting my future..request you to please remove it.

American Express Credit Card — credit card spam

There is some Sridhar S Dronala who spams people mass scale with messages of American Express credit card 1st year free
Its really sad to see such complaints.

It seems a lot of people suffer.

I recently applied for a Amex Credit Card and I am yet to get my first month bill.

First, they do not have tie up with lot of vendors and secondly, they restrict the usage of Card on purchase of Electronics and Jewelry for the first 6 months.

With these 2 restrictions, AMEX comes up with an offer o[censored]sing your card for INR 4Lacs or more in an year to avail some great offers. On the other hand, they tie us up with above 2 restrictions. Isn't it AMAZING????

How logical it is not to allow usage for purchase of Jewelry and Electronics in first 6 months? Do you (Amex) doubt the credibility of their customer (when they only offer the card to selected ones)?

If you say its a Policy, then my friend, Policies are designed basis some facts and past experience.

Anyways, I have already submitted my request for deactivation of my card.

I always wanted to own one Amex Card from last 5 years and today when I own one, I would want to get rid off it.

Amex Team : Its really sad.

Chandan Chhabra

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