[Resolved]  Eureka Forbes / Aquaguard (Aquasure) — Very Bad Product Reminder ( complaint submitted on 8/5/2008, around 7:00 PM )

Dear Sir,

I had submitted a Complain to you on Aqua Sure ( Aqua Guard ) non-electric product, dated 8th May 2008 evening around 7:00 PM .
The product was purchased on 11/11/2007, Its not even 6 moths the it started giving problem 4 times, Every family needs hygenic water after investing in a product, but this company is cheating consumer and making easy money, And they only concern about there money and they think that consumer money is a dustbin paper . I did not get any reply on this neither my problem has been solved . Please look into this and help in resolving .

Thank you

Isaac Baptist

80D Elliot Road
Ground Floor
Kolkata - 700 016

(Mobile) [protected]
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Aug 13, 2020
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AquaGuard — No One solves complaints in Aquaguard Call Center

To whom so ever concerned,

Dear Sir/Mam,
I Vinod kumar s/o Mr. Tej Pal Singh would like to make a complaint against EURO HELPLINE 39883333, I use their Aqua guard model : Aqua Guard Total RO System since last year.We are under warranty.

On the 10th of june, 2008 i called their helpline to complaint that my aqua guard was giving me trouble it keeps going off every few minutes & i cant fill any drinking water that they need to send someone urgently the complaint no they gave me was m54911.they promised that a technician would come the same day or latest by the next day which was 11th june but noone came, i called the helpline number again and they promised this time probleme will be resolved . Even then, noone came to attend the problem. It is the 13th of june that I making this complaint again and i was told to contact someone other in my area. Call center person gave me PHONE NUMBER which is not working. When he was giving me this number, i told him that you could have given this number befor...he told me this is given when the problem becomes old...see there mentality...there system hurt then cures. What a system!
What is the meaning of having warranty or a service help line in the first place.You can understand how important it is to have drinking water especially considering the no of ppl we are at home.I kept requesting to them that we have to buy mineral water which is expensive that this should be treated as urgent.

This is not the first time that these people have been negligent.
I sincerely request you to teach them a lesson.When it comes to selling products these people are all over the city but come time to service their products this is the attitude.

I am complianing because my father is unwell and we have to purchase miniral water from outside as you know that The Water in Sahibabad Area is not good for health...i.e. salted water.


Awaiting your prompt response

Aqua RO Total — Never seen working

The complaint I sent is as follow and there is no respone even from the escalation channel.

The complaint I sent is as follows:

I bought the Aqua RO system on 13th December 2007 from Bangalore ([protected] The name of the sales executive represented for my sale was Mr. Satya.

History: System was out of order on the second day which is 14th and service technician came on 16th to look into the problem. It worked on that day then we went out of station on the 17th early morning and returned on late night of 29th December 2007. I called sales execution on 30th December 2007 and informed that the system is not functional and I told him that I feel this system is not going to perform good for me by looking at the initial signs and better you ask your technician to take it back. With more conversation, he said that he will send the technician tomorrow (31st December 2007) and also suggested me to call his office and make an official complaint with the front desk. I subsequently I called the front desk of the office and made the complaint as well. There was no technician on 31st and then I also called the call center number and made a complaint. I did few follow ups till 2nd Jan 2008 with Satya and he promised that somebody will attend before this evening. Even then there was no technician on that day. Then I lost interest of following up and suddenly at 9:00 PM on 3rd Jan 2008, the technical knocked at the door. I told that I cannot allow you now because this is un-time and there was no prior intimation to us saying that you are going to come. I told sorry I cannot allow you now and please come tomorrow. There was no technician on Friday, Saturday and Sunday he came to attend the call. I told him sorry I do not want you to repair the system for me. Please talk to your people and make necessary arrangement to remove the system because I cannot put up with the way how you people deal and respond, etc. I have many other things to follow up and with the history I have learned within this time has good lesion for me and please remove the system and I can live without this system. He tried to reach his boss and told me that his boss (I came to know that is Mr. Ali) is not reachable (cell phone is switched off) and his boss does not have landline and he said I am responsible to give a call by next day (7th Jan 2008) and there was no call till 8th Jan 2008. Then I called the office number asked for Mr. Ali, they were asking me to hold for few minutes and then Ali was wondering who I am and what my requirements. I had to explain the history behind and the reason for my call, etc. I was insisting that due to unpleasant experience with this product at the beginning I prefer you to take the system back and not required to repair it. With all the arguments he mentioned and committed to talk to the sales manager and he will get back to me in few minutes. I waited for 30 minutes and gave a call to check from him about sales manager decision on this. After waiting for 15 minutes in the call, the guy who talks only hindi answered me that Mr. Ali left office and he will come tomorrow. There was no basic courtesy of taking my name and number and to inform that he is going to pass on this information to Ali.

Then I gave a call on 12th Jan and waited for 25 minutes and got a chance to talk to Mr. Ali and he asked me to talk Mr. Sivakumar Sales Manager. I called Mr. Sivakumar and he was also wondering about whom I am and what my problem and why I am calling. I got irritated and told him that if you are doing customer support you need to be on top with all the customer issues and should not make the customer to repeat the history. I told him to sync up with Mr. Ali and asked him to call me back. Then I waited for 30 minutes and there was no call from either end and I called office number and asked for Mr. Ali. After waiting for 10 minutes, Mr. Ali informed front desk that he will talk to Sivakumar and call me back. Then I got a call from Mr. Ali asking me to talk to Mr. Sivakumar. I spoke to Mr. Sivakumar and with very hot conversation he said that he will send Mr. Ali personally to take care of this problem and I told him that he should be here ASAP (within an hour or so). Then Mr. Ali called me hour and half, I told him that please arrange to pay the money I have spent to buy mineral water during this time (I can bear for two days and the rest should be borne by your company). He said that he cannot make decision and he needs to talk sales manager and come back to me. However the next day without any prior notice (12th Jan 2008 at 7:45 PM) and the technician came to my house and asking my permission to repair. I told him that better you talk to Mr. Ali and tell me what he says. Instead he spoke Mr. Sivakumar and informed him falsely that customer is allowing me to repair. After he spoke to Mr. Sivakumar, he mentioned to me that he will come along with Mr. Sivakumar tomorrow. I told him fine. Then there was no follow ups or any calls from Aqua and I called last night and spoke to him that you are going to take care of this or if you do not have plans to take care please tell me, I will not bother you anymore and I can go to a channel find out the answer through that channel.

Then he called me and sent me the email ID and asking me to send the full details. I still told that it is not my duty to explain everything. Please better explain everything and I can give very high level details of the problem.

In summary,

I am unhappy with the way this is handled and I am inclined to use this equipment. Please take this equipment do necessary help on doing my routines.

Thanks and I appreciate the favorable decision.



Aquasure( aquaguard) — not received any bill yet after payment

i have purchased a non electric aquasure in January-2008 and when i made payment there executives said sir u will recive bill by coureir but after waiting for too long i dint recieve anything and whe i made calls to the executuvi name Mr. Tomar mob no: [protected] he always made a promise for next day and i also called up in the office on no:[protected] and[protected] there manager also assure me to recive the bill withi 2 days but still i am waiting for it and now they are not responding for my calls i think i had done a big mistake for purchasing aquagaurd product its better to purchase a local product rather than to aquagaurd.
what to do i am still waiting
Hi friends
I am writing to this site for the first time...this product is a headache.
one recoomendation ...please do not buy Eureka Forbes's Aqua Sure - because of its pathetic service.
Product is not easy to maintain.

V. Pattaniak
I own a acquagruard model ST2000 and have a valid AMC. The machine stopped functioning on Friday. Since then I have lodged numerous requests for rectification of the same. The helpline has registered the complaint as K-09/13. The phone numbers given on the AMC receipt are apparently non existant. The local service centre has not responded to our requests stating that such a complaint does not exist in their register of complaints. I am at a complete loss to understand as to whom to trust in your establishment; the call centre executives who have registered the complaint or the service centre executives who refuse to acknowledge the same. On the whole i have been cheated by your organization which claims to be a world class organization as far as after sales service is concerned. I do hope at least now, my complaint would not go un noticed or do we have to take recourse to the Consumer Forum?
My complaints in the past have fallen on deaf ears. My total Aqua Guard does totally nothing. WQater after passing through the filter starts smelling foul within 6-8 hours. It is aweful to be in this situation. Is there any nbody listening.
I have shifted from Kolkata to Bangalore two weeks back and then logged a call to Aqua Guard service centre for the installation of water purifier (Ref No. H-9/10).
Ten days have passed and we are doing followup every day atleast twice but a standard answer is given, "our service person will attend to your complain today".
Worst... I have a two year AMC with this inefficient company.
Very bad services... they take mony for all year and not come a single time...
all year maintennece charge Rs.1000...?
and they come only when our time is over... they even dont replace filter...

very bad company... very bad services...
don't purchase...
we purchased Eureka-Forbes aquaguard waterpurifier in sept'07 and since then have lodged complaints time and again regarding the inefficiency of the machine in giving out water @ claimed. Now we are totally disillusioned with the company and their after sale services claims. This company is definitely full of people who are good in cheating consumers from bottom to top in the hierarchy. i'll not suggest anyone to go for the products of this company and the man is definitly right by taking the company to the consumer forum coz this is what we also plan to do next.
This damn company is going down the drain now.. JUST PATHETIC SERVICE. submitted a complaint 10 days back no [protected]. every alternative day we have been calling.. aftter 10 days I am given amost 10 different numbers to call and talk but everybody says we dont handle this.. Looks like company is planning to shutdown itself.. with this kind of "world class service".. where they just dont care for customer complaints.

Aqua Guard — Very bad after sales service

Respected Sir.

I am not sure what action will be taken against them but they have very bad after sales service.

I purchased a Aqua guard RO one year back

1. During their maintence period, no one care to visit for service
2. I suffer problem once during maintence period and they sent one after sales person who didn't know anything about it.
3. Today, 7/7/08, I again got a problem with them and they haven't arrived yet, they said within two working days they will correct the problem.
We bought Aquaguard Integra in Sep07 - the product is very good BUT the service is extremely poor - the Filter needs changing & jusy because the product in still under warranty, they are avoiding to change the parents are senior citizens and even that does not have any effect on them - they are suffering from this lack of matter how many times you call them and complain, nothing works for them.
This looks to be cheat company and company not bothered of AFTER SALES SERVICE??
We have to depend on local people who may be unknown of the product and may further spoil.
Acqua Guard : i-NOVA
The Aquasure is a total waste of hard earned money. It is really disgusting to see a big company is acting like a fly by night company trying to make money by fooling people like us.
I totally agree to all he people here.
Aquasure is a totally waste product.
I bought a new piece just a week ago and was surprised to find the water leaking from the water level indicator.
The shopowner refuses to return and says the people from the company will attend the problem. Even after 4 days when the complaint was launched, no one from the company has even bothered to attend.

Complaint No : 602510
Date : Aug-25 2008
i have purched one acquva guard water purifier service is very wost the given service centre phone no. not working there is no response from the company side
Please do not buy these products, after sales is tooooooooo bad to exp...
M/S. Eureka Forbes Limited
New Delhi.

Dear Sirs,

I have given a service contract of the Aquaguard installed at my residence to your authorized service centre, whose telephone Nos. are 32548077 and 22451246 vide contract receipt No.[protected] dated 21.02.2008 for the period from 15.04.2008 to 14.04.2010.

Please note that Aquaguard is not working for the last one week for which I have lodged a complaint on phone on 08.09.2008 but till date nothing has been done so far inspite of my 2-3 telephone requests.

Now, I have no alternative but to approach you with the request to kindly look into the matter and do the needful immediately as I am facing great difficulty without purified water.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Dated: 12.09.2008

(Madan Mohan)
House No.X/1700, Gali No.16,
Rajgarh Colony,
Delhi – 110031
I completely agree that the after sales service is very poor. I have the model ST2000 for many years and have been fighting with my AMC on a regular basis to get things working. I am going to buy a new purifier now. I would go with philips. There is no harm in trying out new brands when you have bad experience from an existing brand.

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