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Eureka Forbes — Aquagaurd Enhance RO

 sureshkumarA on Jan 21, 2017
I am using Aquagaurd Enhance RO for past 4 years.It is under AMC, Now the ro water is overflow from the tank, Automatic off is not working and also while using it is automatically switch off.The time taking for purifying the water is also so long.I had complaint in customer care on 18 jan 2017 service request no is 2001398849, they closing the complaint without visitng the house.Next day again i complaint in service center no is 2001433016.Again they closed the complaint without attending the service.I asked in customer care they are giving irresponsible answer.I want refund of my AMC charges....
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Eureka Forbes — Poor service centers

 Aravind Krishnan Anil on Jan 21, 2017
I have bought a purifier worth 20000 about 2 years ago. It worked very well for the 1 year, but thereafter the water quality has been deteriorating. I have taken AMC for the equipment as per the advice from the technician. But now after doing regular servicing, it has started malfunctioning. I have registered a complaint through their toll-free number.After so much yelling and complaining which lasted for weeks, they sent a technician came and said that its circuit board has stopped working due to water leakage in the machine, they said that they would replace it since it comes under AMC. It has...
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Eureka Forbes — Candles not replaced with Aquagard AMC

 Rinis on Jan 21, 2017
I had taken Aquagard AMC for 2 years. I was promised 4 services that includes 2 time replacement of candles. But the candles were replaced only in the first year. The second year service was done only once and that too candle was not replaced. After multiple reminders they sent a person who did the service within 5 minutes just for the records but when asked about candles he rang up his manager who convinced us that it will be done later. Then we were asked to call up a certain number in Bangalore but did not get any resolution there either. After all this, we were told that we should have complained...
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Eureka Forbes — Poor maintenance services

 col rajinder singh on Jan 21, 2017
I purchased a water purifier aqua guard enhance on 30Nov 2016 which was initially installed on 16 January 2017!!.After initial installation it is leaking all over.Maintenance staff has not been able to repair due to lack of expertise.I want to return/ replace the RO as the appliance is either defective or it is substandard appliance supplied in the market....
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Eureka Forbes — Water purifier RO+UV

 Naayi on Jan 20, 2017
Your service representative in Mysore is not providing AMC though I have paid by cheque Rs 8600. Several complaints have been made complaint no 2001345666.on 12, 14, 16, 18, 19 Jan 2017. The technician has not turned up.
I want my money refunded.The AMC is for 2 years. 16 Dec 2015 to 15 Dec 2017.Representative who has collected the cheque and gave me the AMC copy is Srinath mob no 9945614130.
I understand he is no longer with the company.
I want my AMC refunded. I am disappointed with the company's indifferent attitude
My email id is; Mobile no 9930625393...
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Eureka Forbes — Acquaguard Servicing

 mkumaru on Jan 21, 2017
I had registered a complaint regarding leakage from my acquaguard nano acquasure unit.
The service personnel did not turn up for three days. This is the third time leakage has happened. I have also paid up 3000 last time around.
For a company of this stature, I had expected better customer service.

Date of incident: 12th Jan 2017
Date of filing complaint : 13th Jan 2017
Unit Name: Nano Aquasure RO unit
Desirable resolution : Repair as per service guidelines
I have called the support center multiple times and no one seems to be bothered...
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Eureka Forbes — Complaint no. 2001417334 is yet to be addressed since 5 days

 Ram Narayan Das on Jan 20, 2017
It is extremely unfortunate that an organisation like Eureka Forbes is not bothered about the customers comfort.
I am sorry to inform you that we bought a aquaguard enhancer of eureka forbes in the year 2015 and had AMC in the year 2016 for 3 years.
But now when we are having some issues with the machine non of your employees are showing up even after numerous requests and phone calls for last 3 to 4 days.
Even your customer care executive is also being rude and non cooperative, while attending the call.( If you desire I can even send you the recorded call conversation with...
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Eureka Forbes — Eureka forbs aquaguard water purifier genius service

 Naaz Nawaz on Jan 19, 2017
Myself nawaz from mangalore .my aquaguard genius water purifier was spoiled on Saturday and I complaint about it to the dealer harsha mangalore and they lodged the complaint to eureka forbes but they haven't attended till today and we r suffering here without proper drinking water it's been 5 days for today.and it's been just 7onths that I purchased this product .past 3 days I am going and complaining about the same to the dealer and as well as to the authorised eureka forbes person. I am sorry to say this I am going to consumer court regarding this matter bcos its a matter about drinking water...
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Eureka Forbes — Dr. Aquagaurd Magna

 yeshrajsk on Jan 19, 2017
CustID: 6000130746
Complaint: 2000836120, 97801834
No Action Taken against the complaint number mentioned above. Please check how many times I have made calls to Eureka Forbes customer care and got commitments for immediate actions, but nothing happens. I am getting false commitments since last 2 months which makes me felt humiliated. I am ready to file a legal complaints against Eureka Forbes product Aquagaurd Magna. Since 2 months its getting leakage and how difficult for us to manage with this product its waste for us even though we paid 17500 rupees and in return we are getting...
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Eureka Forbes — Abot aquagaurd zenuous chip faild problem,customer code is 1012977077

 Ashok Kumar Manepalli on Jan 19, 2017
Dear sir,

I am ashok (H NO 4-9, LOCK DOWN, Gudlavalleru, Krishna district, AP 521356.) Rsident of gudlavallrru.
I purchased aquagaurd genious on 6-6-2016, at sonovision Guduvada.Bill no -SL-722, Tin No 37650117090, its was working good at starting two three months, after that miner problems solved ur technicians . i called ur help line number and i gave a complaint basis of over wastage water flowing and leakage from main unit, technicians came and solved the problem temporarly after two three days again problem repeated its service indication light blinking i called again...
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Eureka Forbes — Non Clearance of 5% Cash back amount against booking & paid amount for purchase of Dr. Aquaguard CLASSIC + Model

 P.S.Agrawal on Jan 19, 2017
Dear Sir,
I have booked one Equagard "Classic + " Model at Bilaspur Chattisgarh State on 15.1.2017 at your stall which has been installed under"Chattisgarh Small Industrial Exibition from 13th Jan. to 17th Jan-2017. The Order No. is 0134138535
Against above unit, an amount of Rs. 9490/- has already been transferred from my SBI bank account to your mobikwik no. 096643 on 15.1.2017 but the Cash back amount @ 5% as per scheme under Exibition has not yet been transferred in my account.

Your Branch at Bilaspur has supplied me the Unit yesterday but due to refund of 5% cash...
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Eureka Forbes — Aquaguard superb water purifier not working properly

 ashok36 on Jan 19, 2017
I purchased Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb water purifier on 03-07-2016 from C.S.Enterprises, Dhule.{ maharashtra }
But from October 2016 purifier was not working properly. Every week it occurs problem, problem, problem.
Day before yesterday company person came & repair the purifier. But today purifier is not working.
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb..?????
I dont Expect from Eureka Forbes like this???
Third class quality...

I want my money back.
Replace the purifier...
So i request the Indian Consumer Complaints Forum plz....
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Eureka Forbes — After sales service not proper

 rajiram3 on Jan 18, 2017
I have purchased Eureka Forbes Aqua Guard Water purifier and have also paid for their AMC initially for one year and later for 3 years.
Despite taking AMC we need to call the service centre every time and request them for making service.
What is the purpose of the AMC then?
The Service persons are also not friendly and every time it is difficult for us to call the Customer care and request for service.
This kind of harassment is happening only in case of Eureka Forbes and not with other companies where we have taken AMC....
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Eureka Forbes — Non delivery of product by scheduled date

 indian3480 on Jan 17, 2017
Purchased aqua guard geneus plus on 12 Jan 2017 on eureka forbes site thru online payment. Received confirmation mail n sms stating delivery by 14 Jan 2017. When contacted customer care on 14 Jan 2017 was conveniently told that the same will be delivered within 4 to 5 working days n the to be delivered by date received by me was a technical fault of the website as it was newly launched. When customer care was contacted again on 17 Jan 2017 was told thrice that the product will be delivered by 2000 hrs on 17 Jan 2017. What steps will the company take to keep its word on the delivery date n time or...
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Eureka Forbes — Eureka Forbes Aquaflow DX UV Water Purifier Repair

 Debanjan Basak on Jan 17, 2017
Thank you for the worst after sales service Eureka Forbes. You guys excel at it. It has been 3 weeks since my wife and I have been raising multiple service requests to replace the PCB borad of our Eureka Forbes Aquaflow DX UV Water Purifier, but to no avail. All your technicians and customer facing employees seem to garner an unusual knack to play deaf. I have been coordinating with Mr. Tushar (9654762573) and Mr. Sikka (8882667737) who sound apologetic and do nothing. Last Sunday a Technician arrived with a defective new piece of PCB. There is no drinking water at home. Thanks for quenching our...
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Eureka Forbes — Aquaguard Invisipure

 Brij Bhushan Gandhi on Jan 16, 2017
I purchased Aquaguard invisipure on 7th Oct 2016 under order no. 134055839 (Customer ID 6000364263) & have been continously been facing problems. Have registered my compliant tens of times and everytime after some superficial repair, the machine breaks down again. Am frustrated with the machine and the pathetic service levels. I demand immediate replacement of the machine....
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Eureka Forbes — No one turns out for service despite number of calls in Adyar - no sense of responsibility

 putrevu Ravi Kumar on Jan 16, 2017
Not sure if eurekhaforbes things that they can make money by simply selling their products on their market good will...after sales service is equally important for retainig the reputation...i did complain (2001345322) 12 days back due to slow fill of water and my wife keeps calling them 2-3 times everyday but no one turns scold them after a one turns up...due to no exclusive eurekhaforbes showrooms where you can go and fight...they are playing hide and dont know where to find just have a phone number..thats it...this is pathetic...i am filing a consumer...
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Eureka Forbes — Not Received Adjustment of AMV Value on Aquaguard Exchange Offer

 Mahua1981 on Jan 15, 2017
We originally had a Eureka Forbes model INOVA and a 3 years AMC done for it (enclosed docs) effective 11.03.15 to 10.03.18, however meanwhile we exchanged the INOVA model with HD MAGNA RO+UV in June 2016. The salesperson Biswajit Deb assured us that the remaining period of the existing AMC will be revalued for the new model and aligned to the new model. For this, he took the original copy of the AMC paper, however even after 7 months, we have not received the revised AMC papers.
To note here is : The original model was purchased in my mother's name Sadhana Banerjee, and the new model in exchange...
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Eureka Forbes — Refund and return policy

 Anuo on Jan 14, 2017
Hi My name is Anubind. my customer id 8000553996. I had initiated a refund proceeding on 05/11/2016 regarding an air purifier booked online from your site through HDFC EMI OPTION.The transaction ID is 6323887551263100 and cancellation request id is #002888 .It was promised by your office that i ll get the refund within 10 working days but unfortunately almost 2 months has been passed without giving me a proper reason for this unending delay.I therefore request you to refund my amount immediately and communicate the reason of delay...
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Eureka Forbes — Purchased water purifier is not working

 lalajeetu on Jan 14, 2017
I have purchased a Water filter for Rs 16616/-from Eureka FORBES i.e. DOCTOR Magna RO+UV+HD on 27.05.15 vide order cum receipt no 251021861, which is installed by the co salesman with one year warrantee period, during these period we have booked complain one or two times to repair, but after completion of warrantee period we have once again paid an amount of Rs 9310/- being the service contract amount for two years(Valid from 25.07.16 to 24.07.18 vide contract receipt no 10 and bill no 26514638 on 25.07.2016 through cheque payment with assurance that during these period the maintenance for any damage...
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