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Eureka Forbes — After sales service not proper

 rajiram3 on Jan 18, 2017
I have purchased Eureka Forbes Aqua Guard Water purifier and have also paid for their AMC initially for one year and later for 3 years.
Despite taking AMC we need to call the service centre every time and request them for making service.
What is the purpose of the AMC then?
The Service persons are also not friendly and every time it is difficult for us to call the Customer care and request for service.
This kind of harassment is happening only in case of Eureka Forbes and not with other companies where we have taken AMC....
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Eureka Forbes — Non delivery of product by scheduled date

 indian3480 on Jan 17, 2017
Purchased aqua guard geneus plus on 12 Jan 2017 on eureka forbes site thru online payment. Received confirmation mail n sms stating delivery by 14 Jan 2017. When contacted customer care on 14 Jan 2017 was conveniently told that the same will be delivered within 4 to 5 working days n the to be delivered by date received by me was a technical fault of the website as it was newly launched. When customer care was contacted again on 17 Jan 2017 was told thrice that the product will be delivered by 2000 hrs on 17 Jan 2017. What steps will the company take to keep its word on the delivery date n time or...
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Eureka Forbes — Eureka Forbes Aquaflow DX UV Water Purifier Repair

 Debanjan Basak on Jan 17, 2017
Thank you for the worst after sales service Eureka Forbes. You guys excel at it. It has been 3 weeks since my wife and I have been raising multiple service requests to replace the PCB borad of our Eureka Forbes Aquaflow DX UV Water Purifier, but to no avail. All your technicians and customer facing employees seem to garner an unusual knack to play deaf. I have been coordinating with Mr. Tushar (9654762573) and Mr. Sikka (8882667737) who sound apologetic and do nothing. Last Sunday a Technician arrived with a defective new piece of PCB. There is no drinking water at home. Thanks for quenching our...
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Eureka Forbes — Aquaguard Invisipure

 Brij Bhushan Gandhi on Jan 16, 2017
I purchased Aquaguard invisipure on 7th Oct 2016 under order no. 134055839 (Customer ID 6000364263) & have been continously been facing problems. Have registered my compliant tens of times and everytime after some superficial repair, the machine breaks down again. Am frustrated with the machine and the pathetic service levels. I demand immediate replacement of the machine....
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Eureka Forbes — No one turns out for service despite number of calls in Adyar - no sense of responsibility

 putrevu Ravi Kumar on Jan 16, 2017
Not sure if eurekhaforbes things that they can make money by simply selling their products on their market good will...after sales service is equally important for retainig the reputation...i did complain (2001345322) 12 days back due to slow fill of water and my wife keeps calling them 2-3 times everyday but no one turns scold them after a one turns up...due to no exclusive eurekhaforbes showrooms where you can go and fight...they are playing hide and dont know where to find just have a phone number..thats it...this is pathetic...i am filing a consumer...
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Eureka Forbes — Not Received Adjustment of AMV Value on Aquaguard Exchange Offer

 Mahua1981 on Jan 15, 2017
We originally had a Eureka Forbes model INOVA and a 3 years AMC done for it (enclosed docs) effective 11.03.15 to 10.03.18, however meanwhile we exchanged the INOVA model with HD MAGNA RO+UV in June 2016. The salesperson Biswajit Deb assured us that the remaining period of the existing AMC will be revalued for the new model and aligned to the new model. For this, he took the original copy of the AMC paper, however even after 7 months, we have not received the revised AMC papers.
To note here is : The original model was purchased in my mother's name Sadhana Banerjee, and the new model in exchange...
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Eureka Forbes — Refund and return policy

 Anuo on Jan 14, 2017
Hi My name is Anubind. my customer id 8000553996. I had initiated a refund proceeding on 05/11/2016 regarding an air purifier booked online from your site through HDFC EMI OPTION.The transaction ID is 6323887551263100 and cancellation request id is #002888 .It was promised by your office that i ll get the refund within 10 working days but unfortunately almost 2 months has been passed without giving me a proper reason for this unending delay.I therefore request you to refund my amount immediately and communicate the reason of delay...
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Eureka Forbes — Purchased water purifier is not working

 lalajeetu on Jan 14, 2017
I have purchased a Water filter for Rs 16616/-from Eureka FORBES i.e. DOCTOR Magna RO+UV+HD on 27.05.15 vide order cum receipt no 251021861, which is installed by the co salesman with one year warrantee period, during these period we have booked complain one or two times to repair, but after completion of warrantee period we have once again paid an amount of Rs 9310/- being the service contract amount for two years(Valid from 25.07.16 to 24.07.18 vide contract receipt no 10 and bill no 26514638 on 25.07.2016 through cheque payment with assurance that during these period the maintenance for any damage...
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Eureka Forbes — Duping of the customer with 1000Rs on the product

 Gunjan Dave on Jan 13, 2017
I purchased eureka forbes water purifier Magna Hd RO in October 2016. We were asked to pay Rs 18490 for the product by sales person Mr Bhimsen Sirsat. However when the product was delivered, it had a price tag of Rs 17490. Upon contacting sales person said we would get Rs 1000 credited back to the card.
We have been chasing for the same with customer care, sales person as well as area manager. However we have still not received refund, only false assurance.
Hence thought of raising complaint here, if anything can be done....
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Eureka Forbes — Dr-Aeroguard-SCPR-200

 Kishore kumar Eruvuru on Jan 13, 2017
I have purchased Dr. Aeroguard SCPR 200 through one of the Eureka agent on 25/12/2016 and the order no : SO139909/ Auth : 021641. RR No : 000000000429 : Inv : 237 and from that day my struggles stared.

During initial commitment, I will get the product in 2 days.. but, after 19 days ( today ) I have to take my money back with lot of struggles/escalations. The reason being they don’t have stock and doesn’t know when they will manufacture and deliver the product. ?

Interesting part is that they don’t update to the Customer nor pick up the phones.. in spite, if I...
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Eureka Forbes — Irresponsibe service provider

 Tarun Putla on Jan 13, 2017
Respected Sir,
The main intention behind this complaint letter is to show how reputed is your company inspite of your vast spread network.
I am an consumer from VIRAR and would like you to inform that service of your company is very poor. Inspite of paying money for whole year, not even once your service man visited our residence. The whole year of 2016 has passed and its very disgusting to say that your emplopyees of consumer care service department are irresponsible. In the last year i.e 2016 I had called thrice and lodged a complaint but no workdone yet.
Neeless to say...
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Eureka Forbes — Water Purifier - Aquasure - Not Working Properly

 S. K. Patil on Jan 13, 2017
I am purchase UV Water Purifier name - As - SMART UV, Sr. No. 2223208254002179 on 18.06.2016 from V. N. Computerworld, Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai against Inv. No. 912 dt. 18.06.16. But since purchase i have get problem in water purifier from just in 02 months i.e. water is not come in machine since today the problem is as it suggested by company technician i am also change the (Candle etc.) parts on my own cost since it is covered under service warranty. Now The Technician say that you have to purchase additional Candle which is not included with machine.and whenever i have booked my complaint...
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Eureka Forbes — Machine is not working still in warranty (Reminder)

 velmurugan muthusamy on Jan 12, 2017
Dear Sir
Ten days before i make a complaint to you through mail. ID:1458207. More than one and half months machine is not working. Your service people also never take action. So I request you to pl take back the machine and return back my money. Pl contact Velmurugan +65 9068 4250 (or) +91 978 968 4250 .
How many times we calling also they did not pick up the phone. More than 100 times. Then they told come and check. Again 100 times. After they told no spare. How. What kind of service. We fed up. Through the machine and make fire.
Pl take back the machine and return back...
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Eureka Forbes — Filter of the purifier

 Prasad Mishra on Jan 12, 2017
One month ago I complained about the filter of the purifier, I got the number of the guy named DURGESH TIWARI, he came after 2 days, he said that the filter of the purifier needs to be replaced and he said he will complain about it and took all the details, then after 10 days we called him again and he said he is not in town now and gave the number of some other guy named PRAVIN PANDEY, I called him and he said your complaint will be attended within next 2 days. I waited for 10 days and called him again then he behaved so rude, and said no one can do anything if you complain about me. I request...
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Eureka Forbes — Very very irresponsible behaviour of Service representative

 sairamalakshmi on Jan 11, 2017
Please refer to request no 2001328660 and customer id1004916657. the complaint is allocated to Mr b. sanjeeva 9032001766.
Nature of the complaint: The cuppling fixed to the tube originally was not stiff enough to keep the tube and as a result, the tube is released from the connecting system, due to which water from the tap is flown all over our kitchen. When he same compliant is handled earlier about three months back, we told the same technician to fix the new cluppings on either side of the filter containers.He said that is not necessary and gone away without caring our complaint, except...
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Eureka Forbes — Unethical Practices - not honoring a valid AMC / Warranty

 Biswajit1982 on Jan 11, 2017
I have a Eureka Forbes magna water purifier RO+UV model. The product is currently covered under AMC (active AMC period). The water purifier stopped working on 7th Jan'16. AMC very clearly says I am entitled to free service and filter replacement within the AMC period. In fact I have been confirmed the same again and again by Eureka Forbes customer care as well as escalation team vide my registered complain no. 2001288692 (raised on 8/1/17 as their server was down) and 2001326994 (raised on 10/1/17).

On 7/1/17 one of Eureka Forbes engineer has visited my home and found out the filter...
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Eureka Forbes — Refund of payment for machine [Resolved]

 Abbrahmbhatt21 on Jan 11, 2017
I have purchased product no. DR. AQUAGUARD MAGNA NXT HD RO (vide product no. GWPDDRMRO10000) on 21.12.2016 through company website by paying online payment of Rs.15490 against Customer ID: 8000133590 and Order ID is 0998081673. Immediately I cancelled my order through company web but till date my money is not refunded by Eureka Forbes after repetitive email / call reminders. Please do the needful...
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Eureka Forbes — Aquaguard RO + UV Reinstallation

 Amit Bhagwat on Jan 11, 2017
Surely you are not a friend for life.
Fake promises.Even after placing a request 5 times calling at least 10 times to just reinstall my Aquaguard still it is not installed placing a request from 6 Jan 2017.On Friday I placed a request wasted my 15 mins on call and that guy has taken everything but never logged a request and I was waiting for someone to come at home this was on Friday.When again on Monday morning I called I came to know my request was never placed so I was again asked everything and guy name Hassan provided me request number 98168422 and promised me that the technician will...
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Eureka Forbes — Breech of Service Contract for 3 Years reg. Receipt No 22593534 dated 30.09.2013

 Sharad Misra on Jan 10, 2017
As per subject cited above we have contracted for service of my Aquagard model A.R.Royal on dated 30.09.2013 & deposited Rs 3800/- vide Receipt No 22593534 of Shikha Enterprises 3rd Lane New Coloney, Jiamau Hazaratganj Lucknow.
As per contract Eureka Forbes limited undertaken to maintain my product used at my address Sharad Misra 25/22 First Floor Madan Mohan Malviya Marg Lucknow-226001 during the contract period 30.09.2013 to 30.09.2016.
It is sorry to say that from December 2014 to 30.09.2016 no one has attended for service of my Aquagard model A.R.Royal after so many...
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Eureka Forbes — Aquaguard Magna UV water purifier | Giving false promise to buy the product [Resolved]

 bala01deva on Jan 10, 2017
I have purchased the Water purifier from Eureka forbes dealer located in pallavaram, during purchase he told there will no service charge for lifetime as an offer if we purchase within 5 days from chennai trade centre.
After purchase of the product he is saying that we have to bring the water purifier to centre only for service.
If we contact the person now, he his saying that he has told only like that.So please dont purchase from them....
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