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Eureka Forbes — Dr Aquaguard Genius Plus Issues

 Ram Chhabra on Feb 20, 2017
Purchased Dr Aquaguard Genius Plus 10 months ago and since then 3 pumps have been replaced due to a terrible sound (LIKE A TRACTOR) when machine is on. Unfortunately the sound is still present and technicians have no idea how to fix it. I purchased this top of the line expensive machine and its been a total disappointment. I need my money back ASAP.
Please contact me at 9893206106...
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Eureka Forbes — Poor service and careless workmanship

 Kalia Radja on Feb 18, 2017
I bought UV+UF advanced mineral guard purifier a year back. Later this year I was contacted by your sales representative stating warranty period had elapsed, for which i agreed to sign AMC and paid 4k+ through cheque. Your sales representative vanished with my cheque for more than three weeks. He never returned to change new cartridge as promised. After numeral attempts made though phone, another representative came and changed the cartridge. Purifier worked fine for a day and then it stopped. Again I made several calls, another of your rep came and said that the previous person, who installed it,...
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Eureka Forbes — Annual Maintenance Contract for Infinity model aquaguard

 Balu Balakrishnan on Feb 18, 2017
I had a two year AMC that entitled me for two filter changes. They did one filter change and did not perform the second filter change. When my two year AMC expired, I called them to perform the second filter change that I was due per the expired AMC before I would renew my AMC. In spite of showing all the paper work to detail the action, they refused the filter change and insisted that I renew my AMC only after which they would perform a filter change. Very unreasonable service engineer and supervisor....
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Eureka Forbes — Obnoxious service

 cman on Feb 18, 2017
I had purchased a water purifier and was delivered on Monday. Ever since then we have been following up with the sales person - Sampath, T.Nagar office, and he tells that someone will come def by 11am. This has been happening over last 4 days with NO HELP whatsoever except for empty promises and ZERO value for others time. Am worried what will happen on service if the initial response is so disappointing.

I urge all to pls be clear on installation as post sales and monies coming, this company also seems to have zero value for customers...
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Eureka Forbes — Vaccume Cleaner

 MilindSuryavanshi on Feb 17, 2017
I am Milind Suryavashi from Kolhapur
I had purchased Vacuum Cleaner on 31st of January, I Have received Machine, but bill paid Receipt or Bill invoice is not provided to me.
I had problem with machine, when I called to customer care Number,
they asked me about invoice & Bill details.

Concern Person Mr. Mohan Patil ( Divisional Head) From Kolhapur are not ready to give that details as on 17th of Feb, When ever I call him He says he is out of office, Accountant is not available & so & such .

Please suggest what to do...
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Eureka Forbes — Cartridge Replacement

 Pinky Neha on Feb 17, 2017
I purchased RO+UV purifier in April 2015. Today, 17th Feb 2016 the came for servicing and stated that the cartridge is spoilt and needs to be replaced but that is not covered under warranty.

Which type of service is this? Its not even a year and cartridge needs replacement, why is not that covered under warranty? Then what do they provide warranty for??

I am very disappointed with such service....
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Eureka Forbes — Yet not received provogue watch as a gift on purchase of Dr . Aquagurad compact .

 Dipali Bagwe on Feb 16, 2017
I Mrs .Dipali Ninad Baraskar, would like to bring to your noticed that I purchased Aquaguard water purifier on 10th November 2016, Model : Dr Aquaguard Compact, for INR 8491 from Mr.Pawan Mishra (mobile no: 9004743096) .

Mr.Pawan promised us that we will be getting provogue watch as a complimentary gift if we purchase Aquaguard for which we agreed .Its been more than 3 months now we still have not recieved the said gift .We called him for around 10-12 times, every time he makes an excuse saying I am out of station, watch is out of stock etc etc, sometimes he didn't respond too.
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Eureka Forbes — Aquaguard purifier not working from 5days

 1981shashank on Feb 16, 2017
Dear Team,
I have purchased water purifier of Aquaguard GENEUS on 17/07/2016 with serial no. 2240605063003931 and artical code 491189443 from Reliance Digital Lucknow. As per product feature which was conveyed by sales team it will purify 6000ltr water then service button will be blink but if you will press reserve mode it will give you normally 1.5 or 200ltr in this time period you can change the filter and chip but unfortunately within 6 month service button is blinking and furifier system has been stoped we have lodge the complaint on your customer care no after 2 days engineer visited...
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Eureka Forbes — Faulty Product: Aquaguard Water Filter (RO + UV: Magna)

 Dhruv Singla on Feb 16, 2017
Dear Customer Care Team,

I am very unhappy with the above mentioned product which I bought on 29th Feb 2016, as it is having technical issue from day 1.

Even your engineers, senior technicians have visited to fix this product but it is of no use.

In regular interval of 2 months, this product is giving some problems such as: sound of motor, leakage in filter, no collection of water in tank and so on.

I have already lodge complaint couple of times in your system and every time your technicians confirmed that product would work properly.
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Eureka Forbes — Return and refund request

 Abhinav Raja 1 on Feb 16, 2017
I bought eureka forbes water purifier online. My customer Id is 8001002270. first nobody came to install the purifier. After repeated complaints there was a technician who came and when he opened the box (which was sealed packed), it was found that knobs of water pipes were broken inside and whole water leaked. I have requested to return the piece online and refund my money but I was informed that somebody again will visit in 3-4 days to check the machine and since then no one has arrived and It has been more than a week now.
Since I paid for the purifier it has been about a month and I...
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Eureka Forbes — Water purifier not repaired under waranty despite on constannt calls for over 3 weeks

 Diptira on Feb 16, 2017
Despite of a call made to the customer care to check our filter the answer we were given is to change the filter wherein it was not even being used for 3 months
Alright! going with the suggestion of changing the filter inside, still we faced the same issue. finally after speaking to the custmer care nce again they send their representative to check who said that the switch was not working n had to b replaced .

now again! after several calls n reminders we havent got anyone to change the switch..didnt expect this pathetic service from a reputed company n a brand like urs. basic...
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Eureka Forbes — Unauthorized service delivery

 Vinayaka R Dhabadi on Feb 16, 2017
Customer name: Ravindra
Customer code: 1012722163
I have purchased an Annual maintenance contract with Eureka forbes, on 14-2-2017, i had a technician named ALOK at my door step check for the due service but i had not got any intimation about it through message(security and safety issue of parents) after service he charged 200rs for white pipe 1/4'' for 2 meters, which is hardly 185rs for 5 meteres and he did not give me any bill. (CHEATING customers) when asked about price list he said to ask in office, due to busy schedule i signed the pink card of AMC but Later i enquired in office...
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Eureka Forbes — Water purifier not working since 27th jan

 Nikhilhonavar on Feb 16, 2017
Techician came on 27th Jan.took his visiting fees mentioning he will come the next gay and repair and add the new part.sunce then our family is following up every day but no help is being extended. Accidentally happened to meet face to face in the society he mentioned cleverly that he is looking for the part and within three days it will get sorted but after that 10 days have passed.very upset with this behaviour seeking support from consumer care...
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Eureka Forbes — Ownership change

 Jaidip Sengupta on Feb 16, 2017
Innova Aquaguardmodel inova cb was bought in my name I.e. JAIDIP SENGUPTA in 1E/21 Kanishka Road Durgapur in the year 2007 . But during one of my AMC processing ownership suddenly got changed to Mr. R N ROY . Surprisingly address also got changed to Benachity.Although AMC premiums are withdrawn by cheques in my name. My customer code is 1005286614.Please go through it....
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Eureka Forbes — Problems with aquaguard water purifier

 raju230169 on Feb 15, 2017
> I have purchased a Dr. Aquaguard water purifier of the model
> Geneus+ from M/s Eureka Forbes Sales personnel when they
> conducted a sales camp in Salem Steel Plant Township during
> October, 2016. After installation on 25/10/2016, the machine was attended by the service personnel 8 times so far !!!
>The problems faced within 3 months of purchase:
> :
> 1. During water filling, time taken for each
> level indicator is more than half an hour. It takes almost
> 3-4 hours to fill the tank.
> 2. Already one of the valve was...
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Eureka Forbes — No stock of Paper Dust bags anywhere

 Supriya Chandrashekar on Feb 15, 2017
I have a Euroclean machine which we use it daily for cleaning in Mysore. I need dust paper bags for my cleaner . I visited the center's in Mysore as well as in Bangalore. But, unable to get it anywhere. Everywhere they say it is out of stock. This is the status from past 6 months . When and where can I get the dust bags ? . I need them urgently . Please give me proper information ......
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Eureka Forbes — Product Spareparts are not available with the Company after AMC also

 vivekverma4 on Feb 15, 2017
I am from Dehradun and have a vaccum Machine which got inoperative, I personally visited to the Service Centre in Dehradun and told him about the problem. the guy told me that there is a issue in the PCB of the Vaccum machine and he told me that the spare parts of the Vaccum Machine is not with them, they have to order from the spare part vendor but till date the PCB is not installed due to wrong PCB's are being send by the Spare part vendor.

Till now 4 months have being lapsed and Vaccum Machine is laying with the Service Centre in Dehradun only.

Eureka Forbes After...
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Eureka Forbes — Duplicate bill promised but not delivered

 Hejab Zahra Abdi on Feb 15, 2017
I bought Aqua guard RO from Eureka forbes in Sep 2016, recently ( 1month) back started facing some technical issue with the unit, service was done but issue was not resolved, called up the cust care group to file the complaint again, same person was assigned the job ( I am not sure if he was aware of the actual problem) however I told him that I am not able to find the original bill due to which part replacement was not possible. Spoke to the sales person who sold the unit to me, he said that he would speak with his boss & deliver a duplicate bill to me, within 2-3 days, now he isnt picking up the...
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Eureka Forbes — Money refund on purchase of Aquaguard reviva (1227609066008276)

 Varsha_Vijay on Feb 14, 2017
We booked Aquaguard reviva UV. Machine came on Tuesday night around 9 pm and next morning plumber came to installed the machine around 8.30 am. The meeting time was always before 10 am and after 8 pm as I have seven days working profile. Story became worse when plumber came but installed the machine at not a suitable height I called to sales executive and he provided me personal number of plumber. I made call to plumber and request to come before 10 am or after 8 pm but he said " ma'am jab chakkar lagega tab aaunga". In next day the leakage took place by the machine tap I made call to sales executive...
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Eureka Forbes — Excess charge over online payment

 sunnyshetty77 on Feb 14, 2017
I have made a online purchase of 'Euroclean WD Vacuum Cleaner' from 'Eureka Forbes' website for which they've charged me 14490 hundred rupees, but the amount in the bill was 13990, they have charged me 500 rupees in excess.So, I asked them for refund of that my rightful money, they are irresponsible and showing no concern towards my request.My Customer id is:8000122247, Invoice number is :6360014985, Purchase date is 25-10-2016.I have contacted them tens of times and have written dozens of mails to various officials at 'Eureka Forbes'.So, I request you to get me my rightful refund....
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