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Eureka Forbes — aqua guard water purifier - bad customer service

 Kirba on Oct 19, 2018
We purchased a new water purifier on 24.09.2018 and received the product after 3days. We clearly informed the sales person Mr. Chalapatti that we are available only after 7pm he agreed to it and said he'll get a person for installation. But after many follow up they came to install only on Saturday. But the machine had issue, it started to leak then we decided to cancel the product then the sales and service person they will order a new water purifier and asked us to cancel the product thru customer service. We did as they said but later we got call from aqua guard saying that they could replace...
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Eureka Forbes — uv and filter stoped working in less than 2yrs of purchase.

 Subin Das on Oct 18, 2018
My aquaguard has stopped functioning and the service person has informed me that the filter and uv both are not working and needs to be changed. I was informed warrenty is for 1year from the date of purchase.
Invoice no is [protected] and order no is[protected] and po is [protected].
Adress is sai krupa mirabais, chalston road, cobra vaddo, calangute, goa 403516. Even though the warranty is for one year, how can a filter and uv get spoilt or stop working in under 2yrs???
Request you to look into it and let me know your plan of action on my above query and guide me on what needs...
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Eureka Forbes — regarding getting rs. 2000/- and new adopter (cheated by fraudulent franchisee)

 Tab5 on Oct 18, 2018
Dear madam/ sir,

Sub: this is regarding fraudulent and cheating by person who owns franchisee by name ‘classic marketing’ for eureka forbes products in tumkur, karnataka india.

The frachisee owner and the service boy stole money from us of rs.2000/- in the name of repairing our auqaguard product ‘universal water purifier - ro +uv +uf’ in addition to dammagiung the adopter in the name of checking the power issues. The adopter costs around rs.1500/-.

We had purchased auqaguard product ‘universal water purifier - ro +uv +uf’ in 2016 from the...
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Eureka Forbes — water purifier service and repaires

 Angajala Krishna Rao on Oct 17, 2018
Since many years we are in annual maintenance contract with eureka forbes. Recent, times their services are very bad may be lack of knowledge, trained personnel. Or negligence towards customers.
My machine is out of service since 12 days, and nobody is ready to solve the problem. They are good enough to allot many reference numbers to our requests and everybody says it escalating to higher authorities, but there is no solution for my problem....
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Eureka Forbes — reminder 1 pf not released after so many verbal of written communication

 Madhav Entp on Oct 16, 2018
Dear sir, g
Good afternoon,
This is to inform to your good self that we serve with your organisation more than with 24 year or as confirm employee 13 years, when we are in service we assured that we get the pf benifits within one month, but sorry to say for the worst experience we are facing by your team and employee's responsible. They did't even bother to pick the call of their ex emp. My request is my emp code is 9007368 six time we send the documents to our hr dept through our seniors & accounts also, but till now result was as equal to nill, as today we visit to pf dept office...
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Aquaguard — water purifier defects

 Dr Rajashree on Oct 15, 2018
I purchased aquaguard ro+uv+uf water purifier, sr no [protected] on aug 2026. Since then it started showing defects. First it stopped working all of a sudden. Next the water is overflowing all the time. I contacted aquaguard customer care many times. Very poor and delayed response. After one month the technician will come, charge high amount in the name of repair. Within two to three days the problem will be as it is. After spending lot of money we are now unable to use it. Complete waste of money. Now since two months i called the technician, but till now they have not visited even. Such negligence...
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Eureka Forbes — water purifier service-pump replacement

 Krishna banavar on Oct 13, 2018
My water purifiers pump makes a huge noise and when i complained the techinician said the pump need to be replace and it cost about rs.4.5k. When i said ok for it, he came with a pump which was in a loose pack and certainly it was not a new one. It did not comply to any of the packaging regulations and he said it was a brand new and the pumps are always received in unpacked condition. This is shocking and i told him to bring a sealed pack. He gave an arrogant look and left the place. It speaks very poor of the company and it is a very unfair practice by ef to cheat customers like this. I hope some...
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Eureka Forbes — eureka forbes aquasure xpert problem

 Satprit Sandhu on Oct 11, 2018
I have bought this product 3 years back for 21, 000/- and belive me i have already spent 15, 000/- on this product after that just of repair. And again its causing issues i don't want to repair it any more. Stay away from aquasure line of products. Eureka forbes is not what i thought about them. Very disappointed. I could have bought bisleri instead of this crap....
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Eureka Forbes — ro water filter not working

 K. Ambasankar on Oct 11, 2018
Sap contract no: [protected] web reference no: 0048566

Account details

Customer code [protected] name k. Ambasankar
Mobile: [protected] landline
Email id: address
[protected], near modern school, saraswathi nagar,, nellore city pin code 524002

Product / component details
Product code gwpdagro000000 component no. 13791518
Product description aquaguard ro silver - pkd.
Discount ₹400.00 amount paid ₹7, 950.00
Amc renewed date [protected] amc end date [protected]
As a part of amc,...
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Eureka Forbes — complaining about product not rectified

 Kankalil Ninan on Oct 9, 2018
I have purchased a Dr aqua guard magna hd ro with uv with biotron technology. The first 3 days there was a heavy flow of waste water. On day 4 the machine started giving problems. There was no waste water outflow. THE machine would simy fill up with water.. .. We called the supervisor Mr. SASHIDHARAN who sold us the machine and he told that "during that 3days the supply of water to our apartment Blueberry Platinum Residence in Mangalore had a supply of hard water and hence the heavy outflow of waste water" . However not convinced with his answer we insisted on a technician coming and checking the...
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Eureka Forbes — worst customer service and product

 suvhazra on Oct 9, 2018
Bought a new aquaguard water purifier enhance (Ro+uv+mtds), within a month i have started facing the issue, raised the complaint (Service req no : [protected]), technician came and started replacing the internal parts of the purifier and still unable to resolve the issue.
I have raised my concern on why they are replacing the internal parts of this new product which is hardly a month old. Surely this is faulty product and i need it to be replaced....
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Eureka Forbes — water purifier sensa

 P K Arora on Oct 9, 2018
Complaint ref: [protected]
Amc contract receipt no.[protected] dt 08th sept 2018 (Copy attached)

In spite of having amc, complaint not being attended since last 9 days (Complaint made on 1.10.2018, 04.10.2018, 05.10.2018). Repeated requests have been made from undersigned to the customer care but to no avail.

Forced to drink dirty water.

Pathetic service by eureka forbes.

Kindly resolve
Pk arora

P. S. Amc was done at jabalpur (Mp) and subsequently address was changed to chennai which was intimated to customer...
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Eureka Forbes — aquaguard ro adapter

 Roshanlal Raut on Oct 8, 2018
I have purchased Aquaguard Reviva RO in 17/09/2015. last month i have change filter, during change of filter technician observed leakage in filter and he warn me this leakage cane be damage adopter but after my request he could not able to resolve the leakage problem. yesterday evening my aquaguard is stopped working and i have launched a complain to customer care. today technician visited and observed adopter of the filter is not in working he also asked me sir, your adopter in not original, i am shocked how it it is possible, i never change adopter but sub-standard material in RO, it is matter...
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Eureka Forbes — brand new aquaguard reviva ro+uv not working

 subha.manoj on Oct 8, 2018
I had purchased an aquaguard reviva ro+uv on 28 july 2018. Customer id [protected].
On 3rd oct, it stopped working, it was not getting on. I immediately placed a complaint. Complaint number: [protected]. The technician visited my place.
He was unable to pinpoint the issue. Finally he said the pcb has to be changed. He said he will call me and get this done the next day. But nothing was done. I spoke to neelima a senior customer care supervisor on 5th oct as well. She connected me to ayappa, technical supervisor. He said he will get the part and get it replaced. He promised to give me...
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Eureka Forbes — non performing of service

 K. Ambasankar on Oct 7, 2018
Name: k. Ambasankar, mobile [protected]. Item: aquaguard ro silver. Sap contract no: [protected], customer code:[protected], amc renewed date [protected] amc end date [protected]. As one year is completed, the maintenance people have to change all filters, including external one. Since[protected], requesting local mtce (+91 [protected]). Everyday, getting stock reply that the service will be done. So far nobody turned up. A lot of waste water is coming out, which is resulting in wastage of water. Earliest service including chang of filters is requested.
Email id: address...
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Eureka Forbes — duplicate product install by aquaguard

 Harjit_Singh on Oct 7, 2018
Auqaguard gives worst service as compare to other 2017 we purchase a aquaguard water purifier with in one month a water pump stop working then we complain to company after 2 months technician come and replace the water pump. We think that a technician comes from aquaguard and he replace with the original one but he install duplicate water pump as seen in images below. So my recommandation is not to buy product of this company...
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Eureka Forbes — refund pending for advance payment for returned order of dr. aquaguard magna hd uv water purifier

 navalkgupta on Oct 6, 2018
A salesperson named santosh sakpal visited me from eureka forbes on 29-sep-2018. He did mis-sellibg by giving false facts about uv product and placed order. I paid rs. 2000/- cash to him. On further inquiry i came to know that product is not worth so i asked him to cancel the order in evening. But he did not cancel it and try to convince me for other products. I also complained to eureka forbes customer care, they took all details. Then delivery camefor the order on 03-oct-2018 but we refused and item got returned. I have followed up times to customer care and 100 times with sales person but he...
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Eureka Forbes — tds control

 rrajesh752 on Oct 6, 2018
Iam using aquaguard ro filter for the past 12 years, during initial usage i was checked the tds level as 40 to 60, but after some time i forgot to remind the maintenance person for tds checkups, for the past 2 years i am experiencing some health problem related to vitamins & minerals, so 2 weeks back i purchased tds meter and shocked to see the tds of only 10, then i complaind to customer care, they told that tds cannot be changed, and if we change the memberne it will cost rs.2500, since it is in amc, why i have to pay& and also is not my fault to maintain tds level, it is the duty of the eureka...
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Eureka Forbes — cheating customer in name of amc

 vinothbk on Oct 6, 2018
Eurekha forbes cheating customers.

Please please stay away from this company products.
I bought a water purifier few years back. I am renewing the amc every year trusting the word of my entire product will be taken care. Now when the motor of the purifier got repaired, i was shocked to hear it wont be covered in the amc. Apart from spending 4500 for amc renewal, eurekha forbes making me pay 3500 for motor replacement which brings to 60 to 70 % of the product cost itself.

They want to extract money from the customer till last blood giving false promises. Please...
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Eureka Forbes — poor after sales product support and customer service

 Arunrkumar on Oct 6, 2018

I brought your reviva nxt water purifier on sept 11, 2018. It was working fine until 4 days ago when the indicator light would go to green, red, blue and back to green and, water would stop flowing into the tank. I called up customer service at [protected] on oct 2 and they sent your technician mr veerendra ([protected]) on oct 3. He came in late in the evening and said that the power adapter was the problem and that he will bring a new one and replace it on oct 4. He did not come on 4th and, he has not come until today!! I have been calling your customer service line and...
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