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Eureka Forbes — Fraudulantly cheating us

 gyan Ahuja on Feb 25, 2017
Ref: contract Receipt no. 10 26042532 dt. 30/03/2016 cusomer code 1009226005
sms on mobile received that candles have been changed on your water filter whereas no one attended to our water filter and no such candles ever changed therein. Complain was lodged bearing no. 2001760881 to Sagar and no. 2001928877 to Asha. There was no response. Mr. Rajnath was contacted on mobile no. 7045830894 on 2nd February 2017. After rigorous follow-up on 25/02/2017 Mr. Shaban Ahmed technitian having no.64122 attended and refused to change the candles. He said to contact Mr. Sandeep Panday mobile 8451993280,...
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Eureka Forbes — After sales Services not offered Equipment stopped working three times within warranty period

 dattaguru on Feb 25, 2017
Grievance as below :

15.10.2015 Date of Purchase 1012394436 customer code

28.3.2016 AquaGuard not working – made a complaint 0086319353 Service request
28.3.2016 Technician Ganesh Gaud came at 3 pm & said that DCP circuit needs to be changed

29.3.2016 No response
30.3.2016 No response 86385374 Service request

1.4.2016 No response
2.4.2016 Board changed by Technician Ganesh Gaud No service report given
After 15.4 2016 Servicing Due Servicing not done
15.7.2016 Aqua Guard not working...
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Eureka Forbes — Not refunding my money

 erohitgarg on Feb 25, 2017
I purchased a CCTV camera from Eureka Forbes. And to my surprise the camera stopped working within 3 days. I tried to lodge a complaint. But to my surprise horrible customer care. Unable to lodge a complaint on call. I tried mailing them on forth day.
I got a complain number on the 5th day. I was assure a service visit by 7th day on the mail. And again as expected nobody bothered to show up or call till the 8th day. Then I got to know that eureka forbes offers money back for their product within 30 days. On giving them the money back request, nobody replied. I can understand the company...
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Eureka Forbes — Did not receive any service from your representative

 sangita chatterjee on Feb 24, 2017
Inspite of calling your reprentative they did not turn up for the machine installation. I really think i need to switch to any other water purifire cause i have lost the trust from the serive response i am getting from your reprentative. They did not turn up today also to install the machine. They called us today but did not come to install the machine....
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Eureka Forbes Aquaguard — Local dealer misguided regarding AMC on exchange of machine.

 Chitrangshu Samanta on Feb 24, 2017
My delivery challan is from YCH EUREKA FORBES LTD.22/2, Sarada Pally, Ward no 21. Durgapur. Wet The customer id 6000057354, rajiv karmakar .Ashoke pally, Raniganj, W.B.given at the time of installation does not match with my id number& name. The product which I had exchanged isAG Compact old withdual cartridge new machine.I had paid ten thousand and two hundred rupeesto my dealer, Lakhpati Giri Eureka forbes Asansol.My product was purchased in the nameof Dr. Bulbul Samanta, Dalpatty more, RANIGANJ given customer id 6000057332, receipt no.571 030863, which does...
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Eureka Forbes — Dr.Aqua Guard

 Somasundaram Murugaiyan on Feb 24, 2017
As informed by eureka forbes sales executive, I have purchased a Dr.Aqua Guard through their online process. I have received the product but I have not received original bill and delivery challan as of now. Also they have infomred that if I pay Rs.100/- as a handling charge, I can get a ladies watch. I have paid said amount but as of now they have not provided the same. They have not provided any communication address for the same.

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Eureka Forbes — Acquaguard Enhance

 vinay135 on Feb 23, 2017
I purchased a new RO aquaguard enhanced model on 13 Jan 17. Due to faulty installation, the aguaguard became U/S from the date of installation. I've lodged 05 to 07 complaints from 16 Jan 17 to till date. But the product is lying un-serviceable and there is no response from service center. Kindly do the needful so that my acquaguard may be made serviceable and the company should accept the costumer requirement at its fastest priority.

Thank You...
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Eureka Forbes — Replacement of the product

 Rhea Bhagat on Feb 22, 2017
This is in reference to problem with the product I have been using. There has been an issue with my product since the day of its purchase. The service technician personnel has visited 9 times in 9 months for the same issue and repeatedly tried to fix the issue temporarily. The service however was made only for the interim and not qualitative enough to last long which evidently proves how inefficiently the work is processed from your end.

I have repeatedly requested an intervention to resolve my issue permanently or to take this
crappy product back
I want a stringent...
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Eureka Forbes — Eureka forbes prime water purifier.

 subhaswati on Feb 22, 2017
Our worst nightmare, and the worst product bought by us, we bought these prime model 1 year back, the salesperson in the shop misguided us to buy thise prime model, after installing, from the first day we complained about the model, but the engineers who visited our place, they told us we are doing our best to resolve your problem, but for last one year, after numerous complains and many visits of different engineers nothing has happened, now after one year Mr Rishi Sikka (Area sales supervisor) New Delhi, Lajpat Nagar area told me sir we are sorry we cannot do anything about it, and thise Mr Rishi...
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Eureka Forbes — Aquaguard water purifier product

 Sananda Raha Chatterjee on Feb 21, 2017
Purchasing a product of eureka forbes is perhaps the worst decision ever taken by us. Yes you read it right… worst decision. We never knew that you harass your customer by giving false commitments. I must bring this to your notice that you have the worst service team in the world. How can you keep such inefficient people in this important department?
8 months back we purchased an aqua guard by paying rs 18403/- and after 4 months (Oct 2016) we had to do our first service. Since then our nightmare started. We have to at least wait for 8 to 10 working days and have to make calls innumerable...
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Eureka Forbes — Order no. 998085216 dated 10.01.2017 d. c no. 28810231 defective euroclean wdx2

 eswarappa on Feb 21, 2017
Please Note the subject details for item.

The clips of the machine is not fitting since the day of purchase. Your sales manager and service personnel have visited. Declared, that the equipment has fabricated in the same way.
The response is very vague and not qualitative.

Request your intervention to resolve the issue or take it back and refund.

The payment made online. Hence, it may be poor response. Which was not expected by a reputed company.

I am writing complaint after continuous and repeated follow up with sales manager and...
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Eureka Forbes — Dr Aquaguard Genius Plus Issues

 Ram Chhabra on Feb 20, 2017
Purchased Dr Aquaguard Genius Plus 10 months ago and since then 3 pumps have been replaced due to a terrible sound (LIKE A TRACTOR) when machine is on. Unfortunately the sound is still present and technicians have no idea how to fix it. I purchased this top of the line expensive machine and its been a total disappointment. I need my money back ASAP.
Please contact me at 9893206106...
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Eureka Forbes — Not getting Service for Dr manga Ro+UV+

 Kapilagg29 on Feb 19, 2017
This is reg our purchase of Dr. Aquaguard Magna RO + UV in Jan 2016.
While buying the product we insisted on one time payment method, but ur executive emphasised on buying through AMC in 8 quarterly installments for some lucrative servicing offers. Order Number: 0371028582

But, to our dismay today after a whole year of installation none of ur executives had visited us even once for servicing. Rather last to last week we faced some issue with the motor of the machine and then we raised a service request. Ur visiting executive informed us there was no service record of the machine...
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Eureka Forbes — Poor service and careless workmanship

 Kalia Radja on Feb 18, 2017
I bought UV+UF advanced mineral guard purifier a year back. Later this year I was contacted by your sales representative stating warranty period had elapsed, for which i agreed to sign AMC and paid 4k+ through cheque. Your sales representative vanished with my cheque for more than three weeks. He never returned to change new cartridge as promised. After numeral attempts made though phone, another representative came and changed the cartridge. Purifier worked fine for a day and then it stopped. Again I made several calls, another of your rep came and said that the previous person, who installed it,...
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Eureka Forbes — Annual Maintenance Contract for Infinity model aquaguard

 Balu Balakrishnan on Feb 18, 2017
I had a two year AMC that entitled me for two filter changes. They did one filter change and did not perform the second filter change. When my two year AMC expired, I called them to perform the second filter change that I was due per the expired AMC before I would renew my AMC. In spite of showing all the paper work to detail the action, they refused the filter change and insisted that I renew my AMC only after which they would perform a filter change. Very unreasonable service engineer and supervisor....
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Eureka Forbes — Obnoxious service

 cman on Feb 18, 2017
I had purchased a water purifier and was delivered on Monday. Ever since then we have been following up with the sales person - Sampath, T.Nagar office, and he tells that someone will come def by 11am. This has been happening over last 4 days with NO HELP whatsoever except for empty promises and ZERO value for others time. Am worried what will happen on service if the initial response is so disappointing.

I urge all to pls be clear on installation as post sales and monies coming, this company also seems to have zero value for customers...
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Eureka Forbes — Vaccume Cleaner

 MilindSuryavanshi on Feb 17, 2017
I am Milind Suryavashi from Kolhapur
I had purchased Vacuum Cleaner on 31st of January, I Have received Machine, but bill paid Receipt or Bill invoice is not provided to me.
I had problem with machine, when I called to customer care Number,
they asked me about invoice & Bill details.

Concern Person Mr. Mohan Patil ( Divisional Head) From Kolhapur are not ready to give that details as on 17th of Feb, When ever I call him He says he is out of office, Accountant is not available & so & such .

Please suggest what to do...
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Eureka Forbes — Cartridge Replacement

 Pinky Neha on Feb 17, 2017
I purchased RO+UV purifier in April 2015. Today, 17th Feb 2016 the came for servicing and stated that the cartridge is spoilt and needs to be replaced but that is not covered under warranty.

Which type of service is this? Its not even a year and cartridge needs replacement, why is not that covered under warranty? Then what do they provide warranty for??

I am very disappointed with such service....
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Eureka Forbes — Yet not received provogue watch as a gift on purchase of Dr . Aquagurad compact .

 Dipali Bagwe on Feb 16, 2017
I Mrs .Dipali Ninad Baraskar, would like to bring to your noticed that I purchased Aquaguard water purifier on 10th November 2016, Model : Dr Aquaguard Compact, for INR 8491 from Mr.Pawan Mishra (mobile no: 9004743096) .

Mr.Pawan promised us that we will be getting provogue watch as a complimentary gift if we purchase Aquaguard for which we agreed .Its been more than 3 months now we still have not recieved the said gift .We called him for around 10-12 times, every time he makes an excuse saying I am out of station, watch is out of stock etc etc, sometimes he didn't respond too.
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Eureka Forbes — Aquaguard purifier not working from 5days

 1981shashank on Feb 16, 2017
Dear Team,
I have purchased water purifier of Aquaguard GENEUS on 17/07/2016 with serial no. 2240605063003931 and artical code 491189443 from Reliance Digital Lucknow. As per product feature which was conveyed by sales team it will purify 6000ltr water then service button will be blink but if you will press reserve mode it will give you normally 1.5 or 200ltr in this time period you can change the filter and chip but unfortunately within 6 month service button is blinking and furifier system has been stoped we have lodge the complaint on your customer care no after 2 days engineer visited...
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