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My self is Parvinder Singh ( Ambala Road Saharanpur) that I am loyal customer of Hundai since 1998 with the purchase of Sentro, I have a great satisfaction with the customer care of your esteemed organization from impress of this when I wish to upgrade myself I once again show confidence on your product and your customer services and I purchased Hundai VERNA - CRDI on 18/10/2006 from your Commercial Hundai Showroom, Dehradun. However there are lot of option with me like Honda, Maruti and many more.

Really this is a beautiful and marvelous products and I am full satisfied with the VERNA.
But I am not at all satisfied with your dealer services and I have a big question on theirs technical capability and customer care, I have a instant with me on 17/12/2007
that I was coming back from Delhi on 17/12/2007 when I was on the way at Braut in the way my car suddenly stop it functioning and stop in the jungle at midnight, from my sources I tow my car from the place of breakdown to your authorized dealer workshop ( Commercial Hundai) they inspect the car and tell me that engine was seized I have big question to them how it happened but they not give any satisfactory answer to me & try to hides something that I don't know. But I have any option with me so agree to it's repair. They promise me that we will delivered your vehicle within 7 days and convenience me that I should also take a insurance claim for my car's which have some scratches on door. I agree for it and give a approval for start the work. But it seem shameful morethan 25 days they are not able to diagnose it's real problem and give me some nonsense excuses. I request for replacement vehicle but they deny it that they have no any re-placement vehicle with them.

At last they give me delivery of my car on 12/01/2008 with the full confidence and their satisfaction. On 12/01/2008 evening I went to my friend's house with my family ( wife, childrens & old parents) at 8.30pm I take leave for my friend's house and start journey to my destination. After 2 KMS a big fire seem on my car's engine compound & within second get full with smoke inside my car's cabin. Fortunately I was in large speed I tried to apply breaks but it's not working, I was afraid and fearful,
I manage to stop my car with the hand breaks I try to open the doors but due to centre loks system in my car it's unable to open also the power windows not came down with the blesses of God and charismatic kindness I dont know how doors was open. I let out me children's and parents from the car in this circumstances my parents and children get some injuries.

I tried to contact your authorizes dealer personal they come and take my car to their workshop I manage my friend's car and come back to my place. In the morning I contact the workshop persons and they say that a team come from Dehradun for this mishap and they repair it same day.

On there commitments I once again rely on them and allow to inspect my car. That team take my vehicle from Saharanpur to Dehradun at there workshop I speak to Gen.. Manager that's was happen. He have no any satisfactory answer for it. I once again request him for replacement vehicle but they deny it.

Sir, I think there is no any example of poor and casual approach of your dealer it's luckily God safe my family's life otherwise we all die in this accident.
I have many issues to rais.

A. Is commercial Hundai is authorized dealer workshop Saharanpur.
B. Is there manpower is technical skilled.
C. Is there is any customer in this dealership.
D. Is Hundai is giving dealership is such kind of casual of careless persons who play with customer's life.

I think that is only reason that Hundai is not come to no one position of C.S.I.& S.S.I. in the JD power survey and will not come until unless you not punish that kind of dealers and not doing well customer care I loose a confidence on your product and your customer cares. I have a no option to destroy this car OR burn it in the middle of city in the presence of honorable press persons for the popularity of your product. Believe me I can do many things and people suggest me for this but I am a educated person so I am not doing any foolishness and give a feedback kindly take this matter seriously and solve my problem within days after that I free to take my decisions. One more thing that your competitor provide me replacement vehicle whoever I have no any theirs product.

And I think so it's a only reason that Maruti Suzuki India is No 1 in al parameters. Once again I request kindly do needful to save Hundai reputation.

For your ready reference I also attached the scan copy of Service Record and Vehicle Record sheet.
Best Regards.


Opp. Gagan Dhaba, Ambala Road,

Tele :[protected]/ 2610611
Mobile :[protected]
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Aug 13, 2020
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Ohh Man!! your English is really pathetic. Leave everything a side and first join some good English learning course. LOL !!


PHONE NO.[protected], [protected]
ORDER DATE :[protected]
Forget about his English, just focus on what problems he has been into, just because of this Hyundai Dealer.

I’ve planned to buy a Hyundai Verna CRDi Sx ABS in Last week of April 2008 from M/s. Morani Hyundai, Jaipur (Rajasthan). I was served by an executive called Mr. Subhash Meena, who is indeed a very courteous, polite, understanding and responsive person, I finalized, booked & gave him a Cheque of Margin Money on 15/04/2008 and was cleared from my bank account on 17/04/2008.

The booking was done on commitment of his (Subhash Meena’s) immediate boss, so called Sales Manager (Team Manager), Mr. Amit Manu (Ex-Honda Employee) who is 100% un-professional, Un-reliable, and even un-faithful to his employer (Which I sensed after talking to him regarding the status of my car over telephone calls made to him) he assured & gave me a sure-shot commitment to that the car will be delivered positively by 22nd of April 2008 as they didn’t had that variant & color in stock and the logistics takes about 7-8 days to reach from Chennai (Hyundai Factory) to Jaipur.

On my phone call to him on 22nd April to know the whereabouts of my car, he said “All the cars are dispatched from Chennia Factory of Hyundai on 21st & will take another weeks time to reach Jaipur as our seth ji (Boss) was unable to send the advance payment DD to them (Hyundai Company) because of two reasons: i) Insufficient Funds ii) His main concentration & interest is in selling Honda Scooters (Honda-Pleasure)”. They are authorized dealers of Honda Pleasure Scooters also.

I told him “What the hell!!, You’re telling me this now??? You tell me the actual about the status of my car now” he said “I’m Sorry Sir, I’ll try to arrange your car from Kota, Bikaner, Ajmer or Alwar, just wait for my call I will revert back to you after an hour”, for which I’m still waiting.

I was desperately waiting for his call till 25th then finally called up Subhash Meena (his junior) to know the status of the car, he asked me that he will let me know after talking to his boss Amit Manu. He called up Amit Manu and was replied harshly that this is not office hours (9:10pm) and you sleep peacefully & let the customer [censored] himself, I’m on leave tomorrow and day after is Sunday, on Monday we will see what can be done. This was narrated to me as it is as the boy is innocent and does not understand politics.

We have 3 dealers of Hyundai now in Jaipur, but I seriously feel that Hyundai is not keeping up good track on the HR or recruitment of staff at dealer points. These people are all un trained, un professional and makes silly commitments and then vanish keeping the customer nowhere. The girls kept at the front desk of showroom are mostly belonging from sub-standard hindi medium based families and are more keen in talking to their boyfriends over the cell phones in the corners of the showroom keeping the customers waiting to respond for their queries.

I’m going to be a new customer of Hyundai; god knows when will I get the delivery of my car and what will happen with after sales service with these people.
hello sir,
i'm an owner of hyundai verna, i had bought this car on 31-05-07.from mrg auto ltd[ludhiana]. i'm not satisfied with car performance because i have to change my tyre between 20, 000 to 25, 000.And this is manufactring default and i, m facing it. I knw 4 to 5 peopel who are my coleags and facing same problem,
so please its an request to hyundai motors india to look at my problem. i had complained their several time. but their is no reaction from your side. And its not possibel for me to left my
job and sit their in your office in ludhiana. if you are not going to solve my problem, so forcely i have to go to consumer court.
paramjeet bhullar.
according to me parvinder should not blame to whole hyundai company itself and i think he does not have any manners ... he says that marutisuzuki is best but actually its very poor and dirrty company in india .i am also the user of marutisuzuki car ..due to many problems with my or parvinders best marutisuzuki car i trown my car into garbage and purchased hyundai VERNA and also i own HYUNDAI TUCSON and HYUNDAI SANTRO ACCORDING TO ME HYUNDAI COMPANY IS BEST IN WHOLE WORLD.
Sir, I purchase Hundai Varna Vxi in August 2008, my complaint is about the tires.After 6000 KM my front tires get finished and small wire are showing. Please do something atleast the life of front tires should not be less than 15000Km. I want your service engineer should come to me and see the condition of the tyres and replace these tyres immidiatly and new tyres should be given to me on cost of the company
It's just not better to play blame game. Better is to find the solution.
We are sorry to say you about your dealer of Kota (RAJ) .They have not been bothering about our complaints which we have been suffering for few months. Our Hyundai Verna is not giving mileage, its clutch plate is also not working . But your dealer i.e, KAMAL AUTO CO., Kota (RAJ) are not satisfying us. There is no doubt that verna is so beautiful car and it is going very well in our nation. But dealer has to listen our complaints and should be fulfill our complaints. Everytime, they used to keep my car in their workshop for 2 - 3 weeks and afterwords, we take the car as it is. We are again sorry to say that your dealer is not bothering the customer complaints.
Please help us out and force them to contact us . Looking forward for your valuable reply.
Thanking you,

Sincerely yours

we have purchased verna a one and half year ago. there was no problem but recently we had a problem with the clutch pin. it was broken and we had replaced it but the new one also was in the same position of the old within one week. so there is a complaint from most of the customers that the small accesseries are not of good quality. so please do the needful

verna crdi sx — patheric dealer response

We have bought Verna Crdi sx VGt car no. MH 43 X 7882 from your dealer M/s Jaya bharat Hyundai after paying the up front money of Rs. 8, 74, 000/- on 27/07/2009 and were given the assurance of delivery with in 15 days but we got the delivery of the car on 21/08/2009 after constant follow up with the dealer.

We feel they have used our money . Please explain.

Sorry sir but this is not the end. Problems are still to come.

at the time of delivery Keyless was not working. And that was rectified after fight with the dealer.

Please explain what type of PDI are done at the dealer service ceneter.

Do you have any control over the dealer? Do you check any of there service record.

Trip meter is not working .
Sx model has the computer and it should have trip A/ trip B and Fuel mileage and gas station km ahead,

In my car only tripA and gasstation KM ahead is working>

Please explain?

3. on the rear side of the car near the Verna emblem and the no. plate, we are observing the colour variation /white patch when your pour water over it, & the same is remaining for some time and then it is going out?

Please explain what is going on?

4. further to it, on the rear side of the right side, you can easily observe the surface rough ness . the surface finish is different from the rest of the car.,

I had faxed them the detail and mailed also, but the response is that we do not belive the same . that was the answer given by Mr.Bipin Bhavsar of M/s Jaya bharat hyndai.

I fail to understand why they verify the facts before giving such irresponsible answer.

I took the car to there own service center and there Mr. Chellappa ( service head) has seen the car and noted the things . but still the answer from there service head is for the problems are as under :

car key less : it is part of Hyundai . we don not check at our end.
Trip meter : he is not aware if sx has the compute meter as well as the tripA/tripB
Paint Variation/ White patch : this will go after few days.
surface roughness : this may be due to the plastic coating applied on the car.
We will carry out the surface roughness by buffing.

Sir, I do not understand what type of quality check you have at your end and your dealer end.

verna crdi — verna car is hell of problem

I purchased Verna crdi in 2006 from LUCKNOW DEALER. I was told by the sales man that it gives a averge of 24 km/lt. i have made severl complints to the dealer but i am surprised it gives only 13km/ for as spares , every time sorry sir! NOT AVILABLE. Recent problem Battery not available ,not even in delhi.
if spares like Battery is not available, i think so company should close the model & take back the product from the market.
Please look into the matteras soon as possible. MY CAR IS LYING DUBBA DUMB SINCE 20 DAYS.

CAR NO.( U.P. 30 J 1008)
Dear sir, Regret to inform you
Nightmare of a car. I have a hyundai verna crdi bought in 2007 Nov, which is under waranty .It has severe alignment and imbalance problems which are faced by all other verna owners i know. my car has had tires worn out from inner side. four tires, with the runing of 28000km, My car is regular going as per maintenace schdule and services in your workshop,
i have registerd my complaint my complaint id is[protected] but there is response we are on the process and final reply customer complaint manager from chandigarh Mr varun sharma we will give you 25% discount, During checkong car at authorised service station, it is observed there chamber adjustment was not correct,
iam not satisfied with this reply, pl get it replace four tyres and give me future assurance that it will not occuring same fault
pl suggest me, how you can help in this regard . looking your favour for solve this problem,
with regards
Lakhbir singh chahal
m/s jct ltd, phagwara
cell no [protected]
I really understand and believe all your concerns guys but please speak proper english pls, really cant bare you guys butchering english like that.

Hyundai Verna — not recived insurance papers

i have appied insurance to my car and i have also paid insurance amount by credit card but i have not recived policy paper vechicle no-MH06 AS 1041,model Verna please reply
i am agree with mr. parvinder singh about your saharanpur service center e.i commercial auto. there is no care about cutomer's complain.
Respected Sir,

Ref: HUNDAI VERNA CAR Vechile No. : GJ -1-HP-3610 Purchase on (06/09/2007) Invoice No.: H[protected]

With ref. to the above subject we would kindly inform you that,

We had given our car for regular service Dated:16/06/2010 Timed:1:45pm.

On that day only the company personnel had informed us that it will take 2 More days to complete our request.

When we called on 18/06/2010 Time:5:00pm to collect the car they had informed us that it will take one more day so we said it's ok.

When we called on next day 19/06/2010 Time :5:15pm. they informed us that last night my Cars Key & Cars Kenwood Tape has been Theft from the service centers of the company.

So, we went to the company at 5:30pm on the same day and we had checked out our car that it was under broke down condition.

So, the Service Manager ( Mr. Gupta ) has informed us that let me take to the G.M (Mr. Pathak ) about this matter and call us back, But for 2 days he din't called back,

So. after 2 days we have called (Mr. Gupta ) about the same but he din't attend the call and so we personally went to the service center and talked with him but he din't respond for the same.

After that we even Called to the Director of Planet Hundai (Mr.Lucky) he also din't attended the call and din't respond for the same.

After that we had called to the HUNDAI CALLCENTER with the Complain No.:[protected] Dt: 24/06/2010 Time : 4:00 pm.

On the same day we had even Talked to Mr.JOHN (Regional HUNDAI SERVICE MANAGER) about this matter he informed us that we will get to the matted and solve the problem as early as possible.

But After that they had changed the cars whole LOCK KIT and the local Unnammed MP3 Player and brought the car at our premises Dt:26/06/2010 Time:8.00pm.

But we din't accept the delivery as the car's tape was not as per our requiriment and sent back the car on the same day.

As we din't accepet the delivery they requested a lot but we want only KENWOOD TAPE only as the same.

But still we din't received the delivery of car with the standard tape. So, we even called Mr. Lucky & Mr. John for the same but they din't come on line for attending our request.

So, Please do the need full procedure as early as possible, As we are in business line we are in requirement of Car for business trip. so do take care for the same as early as possible.

With Regards,

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,
G.Anand Pillai
there is some problem with the turbo charger of verna after 35000 km almost all the verna belonging to my friend got defect in turbo charger
I have been affected by the Turbo-charger problem...and I was reading Sam_Esmayeel saying that all Verna's after 35, 000 kms have this problem. My car has done about 24, 000 Kms, but there needs to be a corrective action by the company if this is a commonly observed failure. And its a very expensive problem to have!! I have been offered a quote of Rs. 62, 000 to repair and delivery time of over 10 days by authorized Service Center of Hyundai - Manoj John
i have a hyundai verna 2009 model.i use it occasinally.once i had gone for a trip to a mountain range.while climbing up there was a burning smell from the tyre.we thought it would be a minor problem but after a little while ther was no pick-up and finally it stopped.we tried hard but the car never moved.we called up the service center, they came and was the problem with the clutch got burnt.why did this happen?i have drove even maruthi cars in these mountain ranges but never had such a problem.i spent one week extra and spent nearly 10000 rupees on the clutch plate.
It seems that the turbocharger problem is very common among Hyundai Vernas...and that too within 35, 000 kms itself...which is shocking!!

I have been a loyal customer of Hyundai for over 10 years with repeat purchases of Santros. Based on my experience with Santros...I went ahead and bought a Verna but it seems to have been a bad choice!

The bill for repair is extremely high and I am keen to know what recourse aggrieved customers have against the manufacturer for a severely deficient product quality.

Please write to me at [protected]

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