[Resolved]  ICICI Bank Credit Card — Regarding the e-mail id change

Respected sir,
Hi this is gopikrishnan, im a one of your credit card holders, while i applying this credit i was working in the standard charted bank so i gave that e-mail to check my statement but now i resigned my job from standard charted, so plz note my personl e-mail id plz send the statement to my personal id, and my id is [protected] ... i hope you can make it soon as possible, sorry for the inconvinence
thanking you,
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Aug 14, 2020
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Dear ICICI Bank Customer Care Manager,

My name is Mr. Biju Vasudevan r/o, RZ-2710/30, Tuglakhabad Exten, New Delhi i received a statement of from ICICI Credit Card Department of Card No. [protected] a due amount of Rs. 2098.67 but i dont have any such credit card or iam not using such card. We are wondering how you send such statements to the person who did not have such cards.

When i received this card statement i called up your customer care executive they told me to complaint in e-mail. You are requested to kindly update your records and in future never send such statements for harrasing the customers as iam also a customer of your ICICI Bank (Bank Account & Credit Card also) you can check my entire record also. Please cancell or what ever action you have to do to Avoid not reaching statements to me please do.

Biju Vasudevan

ICICI Bank Credit Card — Return of credit card due wrong mailing address by icici bank credit card despatch department

My application for cridit card was approved on 22 Sep 2007. Hence ICICI bank approached for balance transfer from my citibank credit cart to icici bank credit card stating that I will get three months free grace period for the transferred amount. I told them that let me get the credit card first. They informed that card has already been despatched and will be getting. But due to the wrong mailing address postman returned the credit card to the bank. Please do the needful so that I can get my credit card as early as possible to pay back the outstanding dues on my card.

ICICI Bank Credit Card — Get ICICI Bank Credit card bill without owing any ICICI bank Credit Card

I got letter from ICICI Bank Credit Card divison that you have outstanding balance of Rs. 43482.92/- against my name and suggested me to pay immediately. But I donot owe any ICICI bank credit card against my name and I never provide any kind of documents and confirmation to ICICI bank for any Credit Card query. I would never get any Phone call from customer care department regarding this issue. suddenly ICICI bank issue this letter against my name.

Letter Ref. no: CC/14-05/218786 Date: 22nd May 2008

Arvind Jain

Credit Card — Non Receipt of confirmation of modifying billing address

I Ashwani Aggarwal is having credit card and billing address was Chief Manager, State Bank of Patiala, Ashish Industrial Area, Gokhale Road [s], Dadar [w], Mumbai . Since I was transfered from that place to Patiala I requested that my billing address be changed as CHIEF MANAGER[S&P], SYATEM AND PROCEDURE DEPARTMENT STATE BANK OF PATIALA, HEAD OFFICE, THE MALL PATIALA.But to my utter surprise that I have not heard from you till date on the abovesaid address. If you need any document that can be submitted from the said address.Kindly advise so that I may use the card.My mobile no. is [protected] and e-mail address has already been mentioned. In your record my previous mobile No. was [protected].DOB 12.01.1955. Confirm on my email/SMS

credit card bill — credit card bill june 21, 2008

my credit card no [protected], in this bill u give bill amount Purchase and other charge 2711.21 that amount u clarify me details, then bsnl bill 260, i have no landline then how u sent me this 26 amount bill. Then overall charges 500 what is this ? pls give me clarification otherwise i can not pay this bill.

ICICI Bank Credit Card — Enroll My Change Of E-mail Add

Dear One,
Since due to some reasons my E-mail add which is given to the ICICI Bank has gone or no more, so i wan to have my ICICI dealings via my new mail ID

What To Do For This,



ICICI Bank Credit Card — regarding returning of credit limit as well as cancellation of credit card

Subject: regarding returning of credit limit

Myself Vivek Garg have applied for credit card titanium. But I have issued visa gold card with credit limit of 50, 000/- from ICICI bank credit card
On date 21 Aug08 I got a call for verification of the formal details from Mr Saurabh Icici Mumbai branch. He has explained me that there is one health insurance policy of 6, 732 Rs. For 3 years. I have denied for this policy completely so he told he is setting auto cancel option on my details and this policy and benefits will exclude from my card also he told that you will get a call from ICICI Lombard for verification of your health policy and you give answer in YES/OK
I got call from ICICI Lombard and I did same as Mr Surabh KC has given me instruction
After few minutes I got one message on my mobile and the message text was
“Dear V Garg. You made a transaction of INR 6, 732.00 ON 21-AUG-08 On Card
XXXX4009 at ICICI LOMBARD. Available credit limit is 43, 268.00

I had mail on same date 21 aug -2008 and from same date I am in touch with customer care services of ICICI Lombard as well as ICICI bank credit card
My request id – SR[protected]ICICI bank credit card – got on 21 aug 08)
Request Number:SR[protected]ICICI bank credit card – got on 26 aug 08)

our interaction id/service request id is ( [protected]- received on 22 aug 08 ).
My Interaction id-3222508. (latest - ICICI Lombard – received on 23 aug 08 )

My Interaction id[protected]latest - ICICI Lombard)
More you can find with talk to me on my number – [protected]
When I am trying to contact on this number - Ph No - [protected]
No one is picking phone

Name –Vivek Garg
Credit Card Number- Number will be avilable on request
Contacted person – Mr Saurabh Kc (Mumbai Branch)
Ph No - [protected]

My mobile number is -[protected]

ICICI Bank Credit Card (preferred) — bill statement not sent but charging late fee

I am having icici crdit card no xxxx xxxx xxxx 4007 since 12/2004 & I have been paying the billed amount regularly as per statement sent to me. But I did not receive bill statement in Aug 08 & till date Sep 08.I did not notice it due to pre- occupation of jobs at office as well as in home front.This came to my notice when an ICICI execetive telephoned me that he wanted to come to my house for collecting cheque againest outstanding payment towards my credit card.

I informed the ICICI execetive that I paid the last bill (statement date July 21, 2008 of Rs4759.92 by ICICI cheque no386870 & this was encashed by them also & as soon as I receive next bill, I will pay them in full amount. But he said that he does have bill. To find out what is happing, I telephoned their call centre &he advised me to see the pending bills in their internat. When Ichecked the bill in the internet, I was surprised to find out that they have charged late fee & interest amounting to Rs.746.21.Since it was the fault of ICICI Credit Card for not sending the bill to me in time, they do not have any right to impose late fee &interest in the billed amount. I am paying them the amout actully spent by me it purchasing various items totalling Rs23952.36

Please look into it & request ICICI to take appropriate action.

This is gaddam lakshmi narayana babu,

change of email id
old email id

new emailid

please change as soon as posible

tel bill payment — bill collection bank

Dear Sir / Madam,
This is very serious complaint about one of your Bill collecting Banks – SYNDICATE BANK !, Ramdaspeth Branch, NAGPUR
Phone:[protected] / 2425544 / 2464698 / 2451628 / 2448275 / Branch Manager MOBILE: [protected]
I own my tel no: 2248721 – MISHRIKOTKAR.
My telephone bill due date is 28/02/2009.
When I went to pay my bill on 13/02/2009 within bank timings the bank staff refused to accept the bill asking me to come after 20/02/2009 !
I wondered why I shall come again on 20/02/2009 ? Why I should spend my hard earned money on petrol again to come to the bank ?
When I am coming within time limit how bank can refuse to accept the bill ?
On one hand BSNL is trying HARD to collect the payment from customer as early as possible. Every month they are arranging TELEPHONE ADALAT to settle the pending matters with huge discounts. They have appointed no of banks n post offices to collect the payment.
How BSNL can harass the genuine client and regular paying client by denying to accept the payment within due date ?
The reason bank staff told me is very ridiculous – he says all cheque we send together after 20th of every month and that’s why he asks us to bring it after 20th ! he is not able to handle my bill till that day and cant keep it in bank and has to send only single bill for collection.
Perhaps it’s the agony of I’m not holding my Bank Account there !!!
I have to leave on 18th Feb to Mumbai for some urgent work and will return only after 2nd March. How I will be able to pay the bill within that period ?
I expect your co-operation towards this issue on urgent basis as I have been BSNL’s follower since last many years.
Expecting you earliest action in this regard as to help the loyal client of BSNL !

101, Shri Ganesh Apartments,
Dharampeth, Nagpur - 440 010
Phone:[protected] / 2541607 / 2552727
Mobile: [protected] / [protected]
Email: [protected]

Credit Card — Wrong email ID

Every time a message received in mobile your CC statement has been sent to [protected]@NPEL.CO.IN. But no statement is being received as the email ID itself is wrong. My correct email ID is [protected]

Please rectify your record accordingly.
I am Credit Card & Saving Bank Account holder of your Bank since last 10 years.
I have changed my email id... [protected]
So pl. note & send my statement of Credit Card & Saving Bank Account to the given email id.
I hope you can make it asap.

Thanks & Regards

Deepak Rhaykar
hi; i am venkatarman; i used to receive my credit card statement to my old e mail id [protected] Now, i have changed the same. I reqeust you to send the statement to my new e mail id [protected]

pl confirm for having changed the same in your reocrds.
Respected Sir

Please send me the details of ICICI Bank Credit card Statement of last five transactions on my email id. I am trying to contact you at customer care no. but i unable to contact relating some mis information of customer banking so please You can contact me on [protected]

Credit Card no. [protected]
My credit card no [protected] is lost recently, kindly stop further tranactions in this card number, and also cancel this card and intimate.My ph no [protected].

icici bank -visa — regading bill




I, Jitender kalra not received my last month credit card bill statement, but i received message in my mobile phone, your credti card balance due is Rs.1083.88 (this include some purchases and my BSNL Telephone no.[protected] bill ) dated 26.04.09 but i deposited a cheque of Rs. 1083.88/- dated 24.04.09 and this amount is deduct in my account but my telephone bill show your last bill is Rs.613/- unpaid.

Flat no.6062, Sec –B, PKT -8,
Vasant Kunj,
New Delhi-110070, (M) [protected]
E.mail:[protected] Dated:[protected].
This is in reference to your card statement dated May 16, 2009 against card no. [protected].In this regard I wish to inform you that on receipt of your original statement I had deposited the full amount of payment of Rs. 13, 266.00 by A/C Payee cheque no 114648 Dated[protected] on Corporation Bank, Vasant Kunj Branch. However, when I talked to your customer care they could not actually give any reason for returning the cheque and at the same time said that I could pay the same amount on the same account. Accordingly your representative had come to my office & collected the cheque no.114650 Dt.[protected] for Rs. 13, 266. I do not understand why the current bill was sent to me again when I had made it amply clear then that I would not make any further payment because I was not at fault.
Futher, I would like to point out that I had never defaulted in payng dues nor any payment was made in instalment.
So, you may kindly withdraw your Claim Bill dated May 16, 2009 and oblige.
Dear Sir,

I have cancelled my e-ticket through IRCTC on 2nd March 2009 and now today is 29th May and still not credited in my account. As I have checked with IRCTC they said they have sent this amount to ICICI Bank on 3rd March 2009 with the below details:
Settlement ID [protected] for Rs.2155/- receipt no.[protected] and another is
Settlement ID [protected] for Rs.2270/- receipt no.[protected]

Please check and confirm urgently.

Thanks & Regards
Bhuwan Bughani
Mobile No.[protected]
My Mobile No-[protected]
Dear Sir Many Times I Called u r Phone Banking Officer For My late payment Charges & over due Charges Becaused It Is U R fault, in Sep'08 I paid 1500/- chq. For My Credit A/c & Chq Paid Due Date, But Icici Bank Passed My Chq After 6 Days So Netx Bill Recd. Me With Late Payment Charges, Second Bill Also Paid Due Date Bank Also Pssed My Chq after 5 Days So Netx Bill Recd. Me With Late Payment Charges, Second Bill Also Paid Due Date Bank Also Pssed My Chq after 5 Days
so every bill recd. me with late payment & Over Due Charges i was called phone banking officer for every month & all officer said to me that u r charges will be reverse next bill but till date only one late payment charges reverse, last time also call phone banking off. from bombay jay singh & he promised me that u r all charges wiil be reverse & this massege send to u r mobile but not a single massege to my mobiles So PLease Take seriously matter & reverse my charges

A F/4 Ankur Apt.Kachigam Road
Jalaram Society

ICICI Credit Card Visa Bill Pay — Activating service without any information

Respected Sir,

I am holding a policy of ICICI Prudential & for this I always pay my premium myself, but it has happened two time with me that without any information to me the ICICI Visa Bill Pay department automatically start the service for premium payment. Many times I have loged a compliant to Visa Bill pay department, But than also nothing happens after two three months they again start the service.

Kindly help me in taking necessary steps against them in starting any service without any information customers.

Waiting for reply.

Thanks & Regards,
Salman Rangwala

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