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 Abhishek Kumar Sharma
Dear Sir,

I was looking for an term plan for myself and was searching options for that. I was contacted by MR. Debjyoti, he told me that he is an employee of ICICI Prudential and gave me the plan details of ICICI PRU Pure Protect Elite plan. The plan that was discussed was ICICI PRU Pure Protect Elite, with an Sum Assured of RS. 50,00,000 and term of 30 years with an Annual premium of RS. 13,036. I gave all the documents and filled an application from along with the payment of RS. 13,036 to Mr. Debjyoti(The ICICI Pru Employee from Bannerghata Road Branch, Bangalore) on 14th August 2009. Mr. Debjyoti informed me that my credit card will be charged with the premium, only after the policy gets issued. He also informed me that it will take 4-5 days before policy gets issued and I will have to go for medical examination.

On 17th August 2009, I received a call from ICICI Prudential, informing me that I have to go for medical examination on 18th of September 2009 at NM Medical Centre, Bangalore. I went for the medical examination on 18th September, but while I was undergoing medical examination, I received an sms from my banker that I was charged RS. 13,036 by ICICI Prudential. Now that was a shock to me. as Mr Debjyoti told me that the premium will only be charged after policy gets issued. I called Mr Debjyoti to clarify, and he told me that the amount has been charged to you, because the policy is issued and you will receive the policy in 2-3 days time.

I waited for 5 days, and then I checked the status of my application on ICICI Prudential website on 23rd September 2009, where I got the status as follows:

Contract created, Currently waiting for Issuance

Application Details
Contract No :12371674 Policy Status:Proposal

Receipt Number:LL31385185
Date of Application:14/08/2009
Issued Date:Not Available

Other Details
No.Type of IssueDocumentRequested DateCompletion DateDoctors NameStatus
1Discrepancy D-EXTRA RATING FOLLOW UP23/08/2009 Not available -PENDING

I again called Mr. Debjyoti on 23th September 2009 to ask him, what is this D-EXTRA RATING FOLLOW UP, he told me that he doesn't know anything about it, and he will give a call after checking with the branch. After that, on 23th, 24 and 25th September, I tried calling him on his cell phone for more than 200 times, he never picked up the phone neither he called me back.

Now to check the status I called the ICICI Prudential customer care no. [protected], and they informed me that the D-EXTRA RATING FOLLOW UP, is nothing but an extra premium needed from customer to issue the policy. I asked them how much extra premium is required and for what reason. But the customer care, doesn't had any answer for my quires. They told me that it's not yet uploaded in the system. ICICI Pru customer care suggested me to contact my advisor for further information, in reply I informed that My advisor MR. Debjyoti is not picking up his cell phone. In reply to my query they told me that the policy has been logged in by advisor MANJRI MRINAL not by DEBJYOTI.

I was shocked to hear that, as I met with Debjyoit and handed over my documents to him, and how come my policy was logged in in the name of another advisor. So I asked them to give me contact number for MAJRI MRINAL ( the so called advisor for my policy), for which the customer care replied that they don't have the contact number of MAJRI MRINAL updated in their system. Then I asked to provide me with the Branch Contact number, for which they again declined stating that their systems are not working. I called customer care 3 times to find out more about my policy, extra premium and the reason for extra premium , but never got the answer from them. They kept telling me that I will receive the extra premium letter in 2-3 days time at my residential address, but I never got any letter on my address so far.

I did received an e-copy of the extra premium letter on 25th August 2009, wherein I was asked by ICICI Prudential to pay the Premium as RS. 14114 as against as the original quote of Rs.13036. I called Customer care again to know the reason behing the extra premium, for which they never gave me any answer.

The EXTRA Premium letter issued by ICICI Prudential, states that I have to pay an premium of RS. 14114, and give an consent to ICICI Prudential that I am ok with the extra premium, and then they will issue my policy.

Since I felt like cheated by ICICI Prudential because of their non-transparent process, their inability to handle customer queries and the cheating done by their advisers. I decided to not to take this policy, I called customer care and asked them about the process to close this policy and get my money back. The customer told me that I should go to an ICICI Prudential branch, and give them a written application, and the I will get my money back in 6-8 working days.

On 29th August 2009, I went to ICICI Prudential, Indranagar Branch, Bangalore, and submitted my written application stating that I don't want to pay an extra premium, so please refund my money back. The customer service officer at the branch, informed me I will receive my money back in 6-8 working days time. I waited till 1oth September, but when I hadn't received money, I called customer Care and they informed me that , they have not received any application my side. They suggested me to contact the branch again, I again went to the branch and their I was told that my application has already been forwarded to the ICICI Prudential office.

I again called customer care on 14th September 2009, and then again I got the same reply that they have not received anything and they again suggested me to go to the branch and check with them. I told them that I visited the branch already a couple of times, and they told me that it's done from their end. Then the Customer Care asked me to email my queries to the lifeline@iciciprulife.com.

on 14th September 2009, I wrote an email stating the whole issue to the lifeline@iciciprulife.com. on 15th September I received an email from ICICI Prudential, stating that they have received my email and will respond back by 18th September 2009. I also received an call from ICICI Prudential Mumbai, and they also informed me that they will get back by 18th September 2009. Now it's 22nd September 2009, today, and I am still awaiting an response from ICICI Prudential.

Today, I again called Customer Care, and again they gave me the same answer to contact the branch.

Now, its too much, I submitted an application on 29th August, and now it's 22nd September, and I am still waiting for my money back from ICICI Prudential. It's my money and I am running from pillar to post to get it. When I call customer care, they suggest me to contact the branch and when I visit the branch, they tell me to contact customer care. In this scenario where should I go now?

Here are my complaints against ICICI Prudential:

1. When I submitted my documents to MR. Debjyoti and he only gave me the acknowledgment, how can ICICI Prudential allow someone else ( MANJRI MRINAL) to be my advisor without my consent?

2. Why ICICI Prudential doesn't have the contact information for MANJRI MRINAL and their Bannerghata road, Bangalore branch office?

3. When I submitted the written application on 29th August 2009, why It;s taking too long to refund my money back?

Hope to see a satisfactory investigation from your end. Please help me out in getting my money back, and overcome this mental tension.

Thank You.

Warm Regards,
Abhishek Sharma
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smartkid-new unit linked rp - policy no 05316240 — primium receipt paid on may 2008

i have paid primium via net icici bank till date i have not received the receipt for policy no 05316240
required urgently for tax saving purpouse

pls send on anilanrch@gmail.com
or aniljoshi@ranbaxy.com

or anil joshi
13 shivaji nagar dewas ( mp )

ICICI Prudential — Health Saver not issued after the promised date

I applied for a Health Saver Policy, on 9/2, the money was deducted from my a/c on 11/2, the policy is still not issued, when i check on the status, it keeps on going into a loop every 2 days, and when i call their helpline number[protected], they keep repeating, after 2 days it will be issued.
I am Tikaram i have a icici prudential life insurance policy[protected] wef Jun 2007, i have taken the policy at Meerut (Utter Pradesh) of Agent Ankur rathi his agent code[protected] and i have lost my icici prudential life insurance bond paper of above no policy. Hence you are requested to give the guidence to me for duplicate policy bond, It is also intimated that our policy premium as Rs 10000 half yearly depoisted and this has been completed on 20 Dec 2008.

you are reqested to give the your office address and contact no for further correspondence
My policy number is `1345285 last I paid my instalments on 19/9/09. the agent told mr that I will be getting back my policy by ten days its been one month and I, ve got no money
Myself Reeta Sharma Advisor Code 00892824. I have won a lot of contest during the period of dec. 2008 to August 2009. Detail are given below:
1. Silver edge Points 1000(1 point = to Rs. 10) even attented silver edge training. I have also given a business of 1.5 lacs condition was fullfilled.
2. Feb. 2009 Contest name Jeete Raho WRP 60, 000 won MILTON THARMOSTEEL FLASK
3. PLAY TO WIN CONTEST in the month of March 2009. I have got 875 Points.WRP 90, 000.
4. In the month of July 2009, I have won USB VACUME CLEANER given 2 HEALTH SAVERS POLICY WITH WRP OF 25000.

[protected], [protected]
Respected Sir/Madam
Myself kamal sharma. I have been working with ICICI PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. LTD. during the period of 10th July 2008 to 06 August 2009. My EMP. ID 557466, and UNIT MANAGER CODE 00782141. I did not received my FULL AND FINAL AMOUNT as well as PROVIDENT FUND till date. My salary Saving Account no is[protected] please transferred my amount to this account. Please send me the soft copy of P.F withdrawal Form as per my mail address if required, mail add. is kamalsharma8978@gmail.com.
[protected], [protected].
Dear Sir/Madam,

Some 3 days back I had sent a mail stating that I have not yet recd. my Pay Direct Card. So far no reply. Please look into the matter and revert as soon as possible.

J. Suryakumar
Adv. Code.00771590
Dear sir/Madam

This is the second reminder regarding my Pay Direct Card. Till date you have not bothered to send any reply. Hope this time I won't be disappointed?

J. Suryakumar
Adv. Code 00771590
Dear Sir,

I have paid the premiums for my daughter "B.Nishtha Devi" policy no.[protected]Smart Kid Unit Linked RP) . But, no receipts of the premium paid is available to me.

It would be very happy if you kindly send me the receipts of the premiums paid by me.

Yours truly,
B.Rajeshwor Sharma
I lost my icici preduential policy original document. kindly suggest how can i get the duplicate one
1. My husband S.Jagjeet Singh Pruthi (SAP No.[protected] was working as a sales manager reporting authority to Sh.Sudhir Rana in your company location at Patiala & Khanna since Dec 2008.

2. Sh.Jagjeet Singh Pruthi was coming from Chandigarh to Patiala with Sh.Manoj Kumar S/O Sh.Jai Bhagwan R/O Moga and Sh. Mandeep Singh Brar S/O Sh.Sujan Singh R/O Baghapurana(Moga) on date 01May, 09. Sh.Mandeep Singh Brar was driving his own car by chance that car stroked with bus on backside at 00:30am on 01.05.09. Sh.Manoj Kumar was sitting on the front seat beside Sh.Mandeep Singh, who has been dead on the spot. Sh.Jagjeet Singh was sitting on back seat. He has got serious brain injuries and Sh.Mandeep Singh Brar got minor injuries.

So I request to yours good self to grant maximum financial help to me so that I can survive my family and to bear the expenses of treatment for recovery to his health .

I hope yours good self will provide financial help to me.
I shall be highly thankful to you.
This insurance company is not well established like LIC. The annuity payments in Pension policies are never paid in time and one has to run about from pillar to post. All auto messages and responses without any positive action. The initial response comes that they will respond within 2 days. After 2 days u get a message that it will take another 5 working days. please note " Working" Even though it implies a calender attribute it actually means when their personnel will work to resolve the issue. After dragging on like this u will get a message they are unable to find why it has not been credited into account and the client ned to check with bank and a statement that same is not credited. there is no end to this.
Presently LIC is best company in all aspects and icici prulife has emulated the old service of LIC. LIC annuity comes ontime and never fails even GOD fail. Their customer service is now excellent. Once a complaint is registered they will be after that to resolve and in fact contact you also on same.

Thus the annuity policy 11486154 i acquired after the expiry of Forever policy has been the foolish thing in My life to remember forever. Once you have opted for "Annuity for Life" then this company will harass you and make u dies earlier so that nothing is payable to anyone on death as per terms of the Policy.

The moral is never deal with companys. Go only to GOVT owned LIC which is the best now in the marke eventhough the returns may be conservative. The Private companys fool public by various attarctive schemes not to be honoured after the Policy lapses. U have not channel to redress also since IRDA is also just a slave to them. They are reluctant to even accept a complaint. They will ask you to await a response which never comes with a solution. One has really struggle more with IRDA since you will never get any response for a mail or letter. Recently they have grievance No:155255 which telephone is attended immediately but the receiver is afraid to register any complaint. During a recent interaction they gave icici prulife No:42058000, Gayatri Nathan. But if you ring this number You will find all the grievance cell in the world are better than this. They do not even wish to talk to you and know the Problem or Grievance. I think they are nopt paid for it.
It is to inform you that I have been cheated by ICICI Pandri branch Raipur, bank staff.

1.Mr Ashok Kumar Patel (Pandri Branch)

2.Miss Prassana (Pandri branch)

They have given me all the wrong information about policy, Policy No.18013380 & application no.Ol00725438.When I came to know and approached them on 29 -30 august they said that the document will be reached to your home address.I did not received policy bond.I went to bank repeatedly both of them said that the courier man has said that I could not found the address and the policy has been sent back to our head office and we have requested the head office to send in our Pandri branch.I went again & again then they said that you go to our Telibandha office.I Went there & given a application to cancel the policy because I am not satisfied.The head of staff there said that the policy can not be cancelled as free look period is over.I said that I have not received the policy, on reply they said that you have opted for soft copy only hence no hard copy will be given to you and refused to accept my application on 26/09/2013.But I have not opted for so.

So I request you look in to the matter seriously, as I am very old customer of ICICI and never has been cheated so BADLY as by Mr.Ashok Patel & Miss.Prassana.

Also please cancel my policy and credit the amount to my account.


Gurpreet Singh

House no.35, Avanti Gardens, Mowa Raipur (C.G)
Dear Mr. Singh,

We understand our representative has contacted you and resolved your concern to your satisfaction. Accordingly, a communication has been sent to your registered email address. Is there anything else we may assist you with?

In case of any clarification, please contact us on our Customer Care number[protected] or write to us at lifeline@iciciprulife.com.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
After constant pursuance by Miss PRIYA & SWETA from your Faridabad branch from M:[protected], [protected], [protected], [protected] on the plea that I shall be given zero% loan of ten lakh within 45 days after having ICICI PRU policy.Believing the promise I got policy no :18511182 by paying Rs 102000/ and received the policy booklet on 25/3/14.
Contrary to promise I was kept on tenterhook by baseless excuses ie completion of FI, civil clearance by 26 April 2014, after it will be sent to Acct/loan deptt.They tried to let pass free look period.Sensing that I have been trapped by fraudulent ways of business promotion by extending fake promises, I applied for surrendering/cancelling the policy with request to credit my deposited amount with my SBI A/C [protected] within the free look period of 30 days.
In response to reply dt 30/4/14 received on 2/5/14 from your local branch of Pitam Pura Delhi which add fuel to my grievance I immediately again forwarded the same request for cancellation of policy and its refund on 2/5/14.
It is worthless to associate with Co which expand business by fake promises/fraudulent ways and put the mobile numbers out of order and de-link communication soon after trapping customer.
Even your NOIDA-63 branch manager phoned&persuaded me on 24&25/4/14 to withdraw the cancellation application by accepting all the promises made earlier and their compliance, but it was again a fraudulent attempt to distract me.
Pl cancel it and ensure refund & show honesty
Pardeep Kumar
Dear Mr. Kumar,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Our representative will get in touch with you in the next 4 hours to assist you with your concern.

We appreciate your patience.

Dear Mr. Kumar,

We wish to inform you that the concern highlighted by you has been reviewed. Accordingly, a communication has been sent to your registered email address with the details of the resolution offered.

In case of any further clarification, please contact us on our Customer Care number[protected] or write to us at lifeline@iciciprulife.com.


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