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On 15th of April '08 I've lodged my complaint regarding my mini home theator MCD109 DVD Player. But till now I am getting only daily assurance from Philips Customer Care and Philips Service Centre. Unfortunately, I have been a regular Philips customer, even when I was in USA.

I am calling them and service center too and the common reply is they will reach me in 48 hours. Pathetic customer care I've experienced with Philips, India.

My complaint number is 62562

Plz Look in to this matter


G P Chaudhari
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Aug 14, 2020
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Micro DVD Player Of Philips — DVD Player

Dear Sir,
I am Pradeep Thapliyal,Residing at 26 N,Gole Market,New Delhi,I had purchased a Micro DVD Player (MCD 106) of Phillips Company From CSD on 28/11/2007,but it was defected and it didn’t give Video Out/Put from the first time when I put it to use, after complaining for more than 10 days they took it to the service center on 15/12/2007, since then I m asking for replacement of my DVD but they are not giving any answer.
Please Sir do the needful.

Yours truly,
Pradeep Thapliyal
26-N Gole Mkt
New Delhi-01

On 11th of February'08 I've lodged my complaint regarding my DVD Player which is under warranty. But till now I am getting only daily assurance from Philips Customer Care and Philips Service Centre.

Everyday since 11th Feb I am calling them and service center too and the common reply is they will update my system today. But as always that today has not come. The ever pathetic customer care I've experience with Philips, India.

My complaint number is 49435

Plz Look in to this matter


Anugrah Agarwal
I Bought These Phillips 5.1 Speaker System (SP060) From Vijay Sales, Thane West Approximately April 2007. The Speakers Stopped Functioning The Same Month, Which Was When I Lodged my First Complaint For Repair As They'd A Warranty Of 1 Year. I've been calling Phillips Service Center(Vision Electronics) In thane Since Then. I've now called them more than 20-25 times. I'd their service person visit our place 3 times during these past 11 months. Everyone keeps saying that There's A Fault With The I.C And They would need to replace it. After their visit, everyone gives me a Turn Around time of 1-2 weeks which just never dawn. I'm so disgusted with the kind of service they provide. And They dont have a definite answer anytime. I've now spoken to so many people from Vision Electronics, Noone has the courtesy even to keep me informed about whats happening.
They have just recently taken the Woofer to replace the I.C which is now about 3 weeks And Theres no communication. I called them to check the status last Week And As Always Was Told that I'll get it back in the next 3-4 days. I Asked for the Corporate Phone No To complain About This. I Spoke To some Person(I dont remember his name but i've it written down at home.) This guy was in Ahmedabad. He put me on hold for about 2-3 mins without telling me what he was doing and then probably got someone from IT conferenced on the call and they promised me that I'd Receive The Woofer Back On Tuesday, March 18th 2008. And I still havent heard from them .
I'm so irritated with all this that I want to sue this ridiculous company for this. I've wasted so time and money (cell phone bills) calling these people and I just manage to get a deaf ear everytime.
I just want the money I paid for the speakers back and have them take those GodDamn Speakers. I Swear I'm Never Going To GIve Them any business in The Future And Advice All The People I Know To Avoid Buying Phillips Products.
Please Help me In getting This Thing Resolved... If You need any information, You can reach me at [protected]/[protected]... The Complaint # is 4591 Which They have given me just recently. They'd given me a diff no 6750 when i called them earlier which they are not even able to locate right now which is really pathetic.
Dear Sir,
I bought a FWD182(PHIIPS) music system from Krishav Gadget Bazaar Pvt Ltd, A-80, Lajpat Nagar - II on 11 Aug 07. The cassette player was unserviceable in Oct 07. It was repaired in Oct 07.

Now again the same problem has occured. My complint No. 27494. I have requested the service mager to replace the system. For last two weeks you customer care people have given me nothing but sweet assurances. No body, it seems is ready to do anything about the real problem. They also refuse to give any contact number of any senior company officials.

Please help.

Mob: [protected]
Water Purifier Not Working Properly - I purchased Philips Water Purfier 4 months back and I am facing the music - that too in peak summer when we need it the most. When lodged a complaint Philips technical person was here to test and they say it is working fine. They do not have any equipment to test the water before it is filtered and after filtering. In this regard I want to approach a 3rd party LAB which can do this - test the water for me. I ask them to suggest a LAB that PHILIPS believes is GENUINE. I might be wrong in my analysis that the purifier is not working properly - but if I get it tested by a LAB I can be happy that my KID is drinking pure water. I left behind 12 year experienced water purifying system (Aqua Guard) and went for this brand and I don't like to be treated as innocent. Philips spends crores on advertising this product but does not have a testing equipment to satisfy the customer. Also the customer care people are pathetic in their service. When lodged a complain on PHILIPS INDIA website we get an automated reply that someone will call in 24 hrs and NONE have called even after ONE WEEK.

Divx Player DVP 3146 — Iam not Saisfied

I Purchased the Product on 11/2007. This Product D'ont have Good Quality Sound and Easy to Option.Please Claim or Replace the Product

I Purchased the Divx Player Model no DVP3146.This Product D'ont have Good sound Quality and Easy To option.Iam not Satisfied.Iam not able to replace the Product.Please Claim or Replace the Product.

On 15th of April '08 I've lodged my complaint regarding my mini home theator MCD109 DVD Player. But till now I am getting only daily assurance from Philips Customer Care and Philips Service Centre. Unfortunately, I have been a regular Philips customer, even when I was in USA.

I am calling them and service center too and the common reply is they will reach me in 48 hours. Pathetic customer care I've experienced with Philips, India.

My complaint number is 62562

Plz Look in to this matter


G P Chaudhari
Dear Sir,
I bought a 5WD39-21M(PHIIPS) music system from SAINI ENTERPRISES, SIRHIND[protected]bill number-251)-(Rs-14990)on[protected].I have been a regular Philips customer, my music system is not play last 6 months, then i give him my music system in his shop(SAINI ENTERPRIESE, SIRHIND-140406)
I've now called them more than 20-25 times.but he is not repaired my music system .
Please help.
Mob: [protected]
I bought a Philips water purifier a month back from Ezone in the name of my husband Santosh.
While buying the product they never told us, along with the water purifier a pump booster worth (Rs. 2000) is required to regulate the water.
After buying the product we had to call them several times even to install it.After installation there was very less water flow. Then the technician is suggesting us for the Pump Booster.
We didn't go for it and managed with that little flow of water. One day the water stopped flowing. We called the Customer Care several number of times(I cannot even have the count). The common dialogue is "We will Get back to U" and they will never get back nor send the technician home.They are pathetic. I don't know why Philips even so called Customer Care centre if people do not want to Respond back to the Customers.They gave me one reference num:52380
I am frustrated calling them several number of times. I just want to give this product back to them and want my money back.
yes philps service centre are not working properly, I have given DVD player for service on 2/6/2008 vide job no 327, but even after 30 days they arre unable to give the service or even proper information.There is one female office staff named as Priya, she uses unprofesional wards also for the repeated enquiries,

It is very urfortunate for me, for got the Philips DVD Playe r,

Please suggest for the upgradation of philips DVP 3166 model DVD player that it can play VLC programme based video file.

DVP 3146 — complaint

I have already been lodged a complaint against DVP 3146 Divex on 4th Aug 08 and my compalint No 85604. . Due to frequent calling the nearest dealer attend the case on 9th Aug 08. The technician said that the lence deffective. The deffected components has to be replaced within one week. Hence I request yuor honour to repace the DVD instead of repair. Please intimate the next course of action immidiate.
Dear Sir,
I had purchased a Philips 5.1 channel 100 RMS speaker system from M/s Audiotronics, IRC Village, Bhuhaneswar (Orissa), India, Phone No. (+[protected], (+[protected]. The date of purchase is August 11, 2004 and the product no is: MP[protected]. The cost I have paid is Rs. 7, 500 INR. After giving a four year's good service suddenly some problems came to the system. The details of the problems are as follows:

1. Its remote controller is not working most of the times. After giving the power supply, its red light turns on. But the remote is does not work. No button of the remote works. Hence I am not able to change the Line 1 or Line 2 or Line 3 of it.

2. To my surprise after a prolonged trials, the remote works. After giving the power supply, its red light turns on. By pressing Line 2 switch (my input line) it functions correctly. But all of a sudden, its volume goes on rising rising to the peak. Remote at this time does not work to reduce the volume.

This matter has been communicated to M/s Audiotronics, Bhubaneswar (Orissa) from whom I had purchased this set. I am advised by M/s Audiotronics to send it to our nearest Philips Servicing Centre i.e. at Sambalpur in the western part of Orissa. Presently I am staying in Jharsuguda, Orissa (India). Hence M/s Audiotronics advised me to send the system to Philips Servicing Centre at Sambalpur (Orissa) whose phone numbers are :(+91) [protected], (+91) [protected], (+91) [protected]. I was also advised to send the system through M/s Bombay Music House, Jharsuguda to which place, the technician of Philips Servicing Centre of Sambalpur pays regular visit.

Now, I have sent my music system through M/s Bombay Music House, Jharsuguda to Philips Servicing Centre, Sambalpur (Orissa). But to my unfortunate though a prolonged 25 days have been elapsed, I could not get the system repaired. The technician says some electronic part is ordered and will arrive from Pune. After that he gets my set repaired. But this story became older one. As far as my knowledge is concerned, to get the part from Pune by courier, it will take hardly 1 week. The response from the servicing centre, Sambalpur is poor.

Hence sir, please instruct your servicing team of Sambalpur (Orissa), India, not to harass their customers otherwise people will no more believe on Philips and faith on it falls.

Now I want my 5.1 channel speaker system repaired at the earliest. I agree that it is an older one. But I hope a product which is purchased for Rs. 7, 500 INR should work for at least 15 - 20 years. I also hope that it is repairable. Hence please intervene into the mater and expedite the work at your service centre, Sambalpur (Orissa).

Anticipating a quick response from you.

Yours sincerely,

B. Srinibas Sastri
E-mail: b.s.[protected]
Mob: +[protected]
I bought a philips DVD player model DVP3046 from a dealer.After about 8 months it went down and was taken to a authorised service centre, vijay electronics, statue trivandrum. they repaired it after 4 weeks and I took an annual maintenence contract paying Rs 400. After 6 months it again went down and I took it to the same service centre on 22/4/o8.Till now ( 5 months) there is no reply from them.When I enquire about it they will tell that the damaged part is not available and they will call me back when it is ready. Waiting for their reply, I am very much disappointed about their service. In fact the reputation of a company(Philips) is diminishing due to the irresponsability of these service centres.I think the service of Philips is very very poor in this regard and I recommend to buy other brands of products like sony or LG as their service is excellent
Philips service is the worst i have seen. I had my juicer-blender faulty and gave to service, and behind it for more than a month now. Big or small whatever be the product, customer support is so very bad from philips.Copy of confirmation mail i received from philips on my complaint. Somebody called from call centre and said they will take action. Nothing has happened till date.
Dear Mr. / Mrs. Vaidyanathan,

We have received your inquiry and will answer your question within 24 hours.

With kind regards,
Philips consumer care

You submitted following inquiry:
poorest service from philips, whom to contact? I gave the blender motor set for repair on 6th sep 08, at Sayee visions, philips authorised service station in chennai.job no.[protected]. From then every week i call them and they say spare part not availble. They seem to have raised some request on 20th of september. they promised service in one week and its one month now and still no reply. initially they said motor problem, now they say motor, coupler and board assmebly spare has to come from philips for repair. I called customer care at [protected], the guy who talked to me dint know anything about service centre or spares or about serial number and guarantee validity. only thing he knew was address and phone number of service centre's in chennai. I am not sure of purchase date and wanted the relation between the serial number and gurantee period.No body is there to answer me.I took the equipment to landmark for service, they dint show even 1% of the interest they showed in ! selling me the product. I seriously am thinking of selling off my philips tv, epilator and mixie, coz never know when i will have any problem with them and have to run from shop to shop to get it repaired. poorest service of all the brands i use..Subhashini, [protected]
MT1389DE processer
S.M.D type DVD processer chip
Philip's DVD 3046

we need the process
please araing this process

our Add:
A.Ismail zabiulla
s/o A.Yasheen vali
By Pass Road
Andhra Pradesh
I have purchased a philips DVD Micro Theatre MCD290 from EMDEE sales at Thane (W) on 16.03.08 . The system has stopped functioning and I have lodged a compliant (Complaint No. 0101101) with the service centre on 4.11.08. Since then I have called them at least 20-25 times. The only reply I get is my case will be attended tomorrow which never comes. One technician Mr Ganesh Pande just shuts off his mobile when I call. The EMDEE sales people are also not cooperative. Philips has the worst after sales service ever. I am seriously thinking of approaching the Consumer Forum to get a replacement for my prodect which is still under the guarantee period.

I have Purchased one PHI LIPS HIFI SYSTEM FWD 182 FROM VASANTH & CO Madurai on[protected] on cash payment of cash of Rs. 9000/- After one year and half year, the digital display was not visible. I have given the set to the authorized Phillips Service Center BHARATH ELECTRONIC CENTER, Multibran service centre, 3, west Perumal Maistry Street, Madurai-625001 on[protected] and the W.O.No. is 23660. I am surprised to hear the the Phillips company is not supplying the spares to them this is the information passed on to me be telephone attender after having a consultation with their technician. What shall i do the company take action to rectify the repair and to satisfy the customer I hope i will not be constrained to approach the consumer court. Kindly do the need full with out further delay
I have purchased Philips FW D 182 DVD mini system I sent it to the srvice center at Solapur 2 months ago, still they haven't done anything. Philips is having very worst service network.
The dealer also doesn't gives any answer to this problem.

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