[Resolved]  Redington Service Motorola Mobile Service Centre — accesories stolen phone book numbers missing

My Motorazar v3i cell phone was given for service under 1 year warranty perid used to auto gets off, used to give shock while putting in charging or using uSB cable etc to this Redington service in Pune, India.
while taking the compliant work order no 09370 they took my memory card, battery and return my idea sim card.nothing mentioned in job card
2. they replace the battery and gave after one week.
3. when i got my cell back the memory card was mssing, they denied that memory card was given to me. all my important data, ituens, music, photo of family gone.
4. all my improtant offiicicla , personal contacts numbers were washed out from phone book.
This is nothing but an harrasement to cusotmer and bad quality of service given by Motorola service centre/Quality product.
please verify and do justice.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Dec 01, 2015

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Motorola Mobility customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Motorola — they misused my cell when it was in service centre

[Note : Please go through the mail patiently and in entirety]

Customer Details :
Name : Rahul Roushan
Customer ID : [protected]

Retailer (Shop) Details / Product Details :
Retailer / Shop : Hotspots Retails Pvt. Ltd. (Moto Store, G21, Sector -18, Noida, U.P.) (Mobile # - [protected] / [protected])
Against Invoice No :[protected] / 31.12.2007
Date of Purchase : 31.12.2007
Mobile Handset : Motorola ROKR E6 Black
Product Sr. Nos. : SA3518A9166 / [protected]

This handset is in warranty and had a minor problem in a particular key, so this mobile was shown and given for repairs at the same retailer as mentioned above from whom it was purchased on 31.12.2007.

Mobile Handed over to : Hotspots Retails Pvt. Ltd. (Moto Store, G21, Sector -18, Noida, U.P.) (Mobile # - [protected] / [protected])
Against their service log sheet no. : B-6035 / 02.02.2008 (2nd Feb. 2008)
Product Sr. Nos. : MSN - F53AH42346 / IMEI – [protected]
Problem Mentioned : Keypad is Damage.

There was a call made by service executive on 9th Feb. 2008 and was intimated to us that it will cost Rs.600/-. So in response reply given was ‘please don’t go ahead with repairs/service we will be collecting it personally’. Mobile was collected on 16th Feb. 2008 from the same retailer/shop/service provider with a delivery stamp on log sheet.

The said mobile is used personally during the period when it was in service at the said store, it is been shown to the store and consensus have been done with the store in charge Mr. Mayank Jain (personal sms’s are sent, snaps of wive/family & sceneries are taken, alarms are set and ear piece is not working). So we humbly and sincerely request for a replacement of the mobile set at the earliest as it has lost its complete originality.

Sequence of Events -
1) 2nd Feb. 2008 Mobile given for repairs at the above said store against service logsheet - B-6035 / 02.02.2008.
2) Collected Delivery on 16th Feb. 2008.
3) While taking the delivery, same day at the same time, it was intimated and shown at the counter, counter executive –Ms.Manisha.
- Mobile was not repaired, But was used personally for sending sms’s on 6th feb. & 7th feb.2008, whereas on this dates the mobile was with the retailer/ shop/service provider for repairs (from 2nd feb to 16th feb. 2008).
- Also personal photographs/snaps are taken, photographs of wife making a heart shaped rangoli at home, family near the fort (heritage fort), garden snaps. All these are on the dates when the mobile was with the retailer/ shop/service provider for repairs. It was sheer personal use for leisure with family.
- And the Ear piece is not working, one cannot hear to the speech from other side after receiving the call. It has to be put on loudspeaker to hear to it.
- All this was mentioned and shown at the counter along with dates, consensus was made, manisha was the executive who had seen and accepted the facts along with other executives.
- But the executives had taken it dilly-dally and were going up and down in the shop with the mobile, even after accepting the facts. Ultimately were asked to speak to Mr.Manoj ([protected]) and shop was closed in a jiffy and rash without any courtesy (entire event of things were going on for 1hour 45minutes on 16th Feb. 2008.).
4) Atrocious, discourteous, offensive code of conduct on behalf of Motorola India Ltd. – Mr. Manoj – ([protected])
- Same day we spoke to Mr.Manoj ([protected]) (authoritative person as mentioned by the executives at the counter Viz Manisha).
- After getting the brief of the sequence of events, Mr. Manoj started covering the facts, telling that after service is done we need to check by taking snaps and sometimes sending sms. We said we buy the statement that he has said but snaps and sms’s for testing should not be personal in nature that to with snaps from outside the service area (of wives, family and scenes).
- Then he started with arguments that ‘you yourself might have done it. You all do it yourselves and then deny the facts, we know the culture and background where you come from’.
- It was informed to him that these sms’s and snaps are of dates when the mobile was with the shop for service and dates and timings of the sms’s and snaps are already shown to the counter executive.
- After all the arguments for 45mins, it was informed that he is working for Reddington and has nothing to do with this. He had asked us to get in touch with Hemant ([protected]).
- We were actually misguided and mislead. The behavior and accent was atrocious and not worthwhile.
5) Irresponsible, non-cooperative, rude, rigid code of conduct on behalf of Motorola India Ltd. – Mr. Hemant – ([protected])
- Mr. Hemant had taken a non-cooperative stance from the first statement without even listening to the facts or the issue, response was ‘I don’t entertain official issues at home, you can come tomorrow to office and discuss’, this was given in a real rude tone.
- After our persuasion and listening to the entire sequence of events, he mentioned that ‘I cannot help you, you can come tomorrow at office and discuss and also go ahead and complain’, when we enquired which complain should we go ahead with, should we go ahead with police F.I.R. to get it sorted out, he mentioned ‘its your decision’.
- Such was the code of conduct, instead of giving some solution, empathizing it was irresponsible, non-cooperative, rude, rigid behavior.
1) Had gone to the store on 17th Feb. 2008.
- On 17th Feb. 2008, we were continuously calling Mr. Hemant, Mobile was switched off. We had gone to the store, got to know that Mr. Hemant has not come to the office and got to know he is not an authoritative person who can help us. 2nd time we were misguided and mislead.
- We wanted to meet the authoritative person at the store, no one was ready to guide us as well no one had the identity of proof that they belong to the same shop and are authoritative.
- Mr. Mayank Jain took the lead from the store and said he is the store in charge and will take up the issue. After taking the brief, he had taken the mobile with the log sheet on 1st floor.
- Mr. Mayank, returned back and said, with an amusement on face that cannot do anything today as Sunday the service centre is closed so you give your nos. we will call you and give a solution.
2) From then on there is no response from Mr. Mayank, instead some person calls up from some where and says that we cannot do anything, we cannot help you but we will repair it and give it to you.

We are actually harassed and as a customer we feel that Motorola has ditched us with such a quality of service and code of conduct. Frustrations have reached a peak and feel that going with Motorola is the mistake that has happened.

Thanks and Regards,
Rahul Roushan

I am Dip, I have Motoroker e6 with a little bit problem .my camera is not saved photo ( photo capture failed ) and image to pixeleted .do u have solution??
pleas mail me
i want to get MOTOROLA service to the custamer

Motorola Rocker E6 — Side Key is out of order

Hi, In My Motorola Rocker E6 Mobile, the Side Key is out of order. so My Phone is locked. I went to the Motorola Service center in sector 18, Noida(U.P.), they said that side key is doesn't come in warranty and so you have to pay 550 Rupees and this time stock is also not available. Please come after 7 days. It is very ridiculous that Simple Side key is not available in stock and they are very irresponsible. They are not handling customers in proper way and it seems they don't want that customer come to them.
Please tell me why SIde Key is out of warranty and why always stock is not available to service centers.
I hve given my F-3 moto set for replacement . to redington service centre green park, n ew delhi and its about to complete almost 1 and a half month nothing has come till date.Service keeps on saying it will take a week, but after week nothing comes.

MotoStore — Not giving proper Answer

My name is sachin. Four month before, when I purchased a Motorola Rocker E6 form MotoStore( HotSpots Retails Pvt. Ltd., G-21, Sector 18 Market, Noida, U.P.), there was a scrach card scheme. So i got 20% discount on my purchase. HotSpots executive told me that this discount would be send via cheque at your given address within 15 days. So i gave him my address (where i want to receive cheque).

But till now, i have not received any cheque for my 20% discount. I have also commnicate with HotSpot executive upto 20 time via phone and upto 10 times meets personnally with executive of HotSpots. These person did'nt give me any satisfactory answer.
It make me a very much irritation.

What should i do?

Your prompt reply would be appriciated.

Sachin Gupta

motorola z3 — the worst service center

I had bought a motorola handset(motorola z3) on 14/10/07 from hotspot southex. within one year it had some problems in keypads and data cable connectins.Then i decided to go to motorola cervice center as my mobile was in guarantee period. I went to SMART MART STORES PVT. LTD. O-2, LAJPAT NAGAR-2, NEAR TEWARI SWEETS, NEW DELHI-24 ON 13/09/08.
There they check my phone and told me to come on 17/08/09.My phone was in good condition at that time only some scratches are there as they wrote in there report also.But when i go there on 17/08/09 they said it can not be repared or you pay Rs 4500.I said o.k. you give me my phone.When i saw my phone i was surperised its was broken from top and its sceen also had some lines on it when i told them they start to fight with me.Is this customer care, they are also spoiling the name of motorola.Inever suggest anyone to buy motorola mobiles. If someone alredy had, never go to motorola service center in any type of problem.
i purchased E-365 motorola on 25.05.2004 and it worked properly, but know the cell its completly dead i visited the service centre in chembur, they told this model part is not available with us, u try in andheri service centre .can u help .
i purchased E-365 motorolo on 25.05.06 and know the cell is dead i visited ear service centre i was told by the concern person that this model parts are not available with as you must try andheri service centre . pl mail me andheri service address .
My Motoslvr L7 cell phone was given for service under 1 year warranty perid for DISPLAY AND KEYPAD PROBLEM to this Redington service in Trichy, India.
while taking the compliant work order no 01135 they changed my original battery and instrument without any information.And its about to complete almost 50 days(17.10.2008), Service keeps on saying it will take a week, but after week nothing comes.Almost more than 10 times i went to redington Trichy.
2. they replace the KEYPAD and gave after 50 days (17.10.2008) .
3. when i got my cell back, they changed my original battery and instrument without any information.
4.when i got my cell back after one hour its NOT SWITCH ON .
Actually the problem was in DISPLAY AND KEYPAD, but they changed my original battery and instrument, when i checked with my mobile receipt.
This is nothing but an harrasement to cusotmer and bad quality of service given by Motorola service.
I need your support for the above issue asp.
Thanks in advance.
There is a very worst Customer Service, because i try several times contact number but they replies "Number is Busy".
hello sir,
i purchased mobile from reliance webstore ltd, my model no:- classic 762, date:- 2.8.08 from reliance world, kukatpally, sai vikram towers, hyderbad andhar pradesh,
probelm is before validty period i have given mobile to service centre for 3 times at REDINGTON, SOMAJIGUDA HYDERBAD.
so, at last they given on written letter with this probelm" PROBLEM FOUND WITH PLB ISSUE DOA". NOW, WE WENT TO COLLECT NEW MOBILE IN RELIANCE WEBSTORE LTD, BUT THEY REJECTING TO GIVE NEW MOBILE. i want replacement.if i did not receive, i will go for consumer forum complaint
my phone's camera is not working properly. And i am not able to find any solution. revert plz
my phone's camera is not working properly. And i am not ableto find any solution so plz revert my phone no. is [protected]
Hello SIr,
I have given my Cell - MotoRokr E6 for servicing almost 2 months back.
I have still not got it serviced though it is well within warranty.
The work order number is 2546.

I have continuously trying to reach the Service center as well as the Motorola cust care regarding the same, but not of much help.
I am very very dis- satisfied and disappointed.
Request you to kindly look into the same and resolve the issue at the earliest.

Thanks & regards,
Request you to plz consider asap..basis urgent requirement work order no.JA/MO/08/08368 Model: Moto Rockr in the name of Anuj Sharma Mob no.[protected] .Service station Jaipur
my phone is locked how do i unlocked my phone can u guide me plz.

Motorola/Moto Z3 — Company promoted me to replace the phone is failing to do so.

This is Sekhar Nandi a resident of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh got many problems with my phone right from i purchased the phone. I have purchased the phone and till then i have got a problem within 15 days of the day of purchase there was a display problem and i asked for a replacement they advised me that they would solve the problem and assured me that i would not get any further problems with my phone but right from then i got around 9 problems after which i said them that i would log a consumer case they promised me to replace the phone and asked me 15 days of time but now they dragging the situation so that my warranty period gets completed and there would be no further replacement.
Please Help mee sir and advice me regarding this...
I have gave my W230 standared cel phone for sevice in your Coimbatore service center(no 94A prasad chambers R.S Puram coimbatore-2) on 13.04.09, Work order noCB/MO/09/00228, Now it almost one month past, my problem is not rectified, Whenver I ask your Service center, they keeps on saying it will take a week, but after week nothing comes.I request you to look in to matter and return my cell phone in good conditon.

i have purchased an motrolla u9 mobile phone on the day[protected] through an authorised delaer in trichy, i had an problem i.e., its a folding type phone in that the folding strip has been damaged i went to your Trichy Redington India Ltd., c70, 10 th cross "c" cross, thillai nagar, trichy -18, and gave it for service the work order no.TR/MO/09/00197 DT.16/04/2009 TIME 15:48:42 an service enginer named Mr.Sethu inspected and told its an physical damage we wont service in waranty and he said that if the spare is available only we will service and charge for it otherwise we wont service ? you have to service it were the spare available palce only, write now we cant get the spare for it because its an tedious job for us to follow the company and to get the spare out of it and he gave me an suggestion that you can go to redington service at chennai and get serviced then why you big companies are providing service centre at trichy answer me! as trichy service enginer sugestion Mr.Sethu you provide your service centre at chennai alone unnecessarly your are wasting your money as well as our money i think the service provided at trichy is just an post office for service centres,

motrolla is an nice phone and good models and advanced technologies but they wont provide an proper service centre to service if we are ready to pay also they want sales only not customer service

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