This is in reference to my complaint No.[protected] dated 04.12.2008 regarding repair of my colour television Model No. CS29M50MEELXTL, which shows up colour patches all along the corners.I bought the television on 4.12.2008 from dealer vasanth & co, west mambalam

From the day i made my complaint there is no proper response from the Samsung company.
Kindly acknowledge.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

CONTACT PH. [protected]
Email ID : [protected]
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Aug 14, 2020
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Dated: 11th September, 2008
Flat No.H-8, Galaxy Apartments
Vikaspuri, N.Delhi-110018.

To : The CMD
Samsung India Ltd
New Delhi.

Subject: Report of Samsung Fridge Model No.SR-34EMB pending for repairs.


Please refer to my complaint No.[protected] dated 27.8.2008 regarding repair of my Double Door Fridge Model No. SR-34EMB, which has NO COOLING ALMOST SINCE LAST 3 MONTHS.

In this connection I would like to inform you that earlier in the month of May, 2008 the fridge started giving trouble and stopped cooling. We called Samsung and engineers of Samsung visited us and they filled the gas in the fridge as they told that there is leakage of gas from the fridge. We were charged nearly Rs.1400/- for filling the gas. Then after a few days, the fridge again stopped cooling. We contacted the Samsung Engineer who informed us to put hot water in the freezer compartment. He further admitted that it was the fault of the Samsung Engineer that he should have melted the frozen gas before filling the gas and that is the reason for the stoppage of cooling. Then in the month of August the fridge again started giving trouble and it was not able to cool things. In this connection, Mr. Jatinder, Technical Engineer of your company visited on 31.8.08 vide our complaint No. [protected] dated 27.8.2008 and reported for a replacement of a sensor and its inner body in order to get cooling. He said it would cost us another Rs.1900/- for making the cooling as normal. He further informed that the parts would be arranged within next 2-3 days. But when I called the Call centre, I came to know that the parts would be available only upto 10.9.2008.

Further, when no information came from your company side till 10.9.08 we again contacted the Call centre on 10.9.2008 and it was informed that the parts have been received and will be replaced today i.e. 10.9.08.

However, it has been informed by Mr. Usman, Supervisor in the evening at 5.15 pm of 10.9.08 that the said part received for replacement was damaged and it would again require another five working days to get another part i.e. upto 15.9.08.

In this connection you are requested to kindly look into the matter personally as earlier also we have given Rs.1400/- and now again your company is asking for another Rs.1900/- and that too for the same trouble i.e. for cooling and even thou when the problem was due to your company engineer as he had not melted the gas at the time of filling the gas in the fridge. As the fridge is constantly giving problems since the time of filling of the gas, you are requested to get the fridge repaired with no further charges as we have already paid charges for the gas and please get it repaired at the earliest possible.

Kindly acknowledge.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

CONTACT PH.[protected]
Email ID : [protected]

Copy to: 1. Sh. Dinesh Chandra, GM (Marketing), Samsung India Ltd.
2. [protected]

Samsung — No installation and trial/demo for LCD/Refrigerator/Washing Machine even after 18 days and calling customer care for 6 times

I bought an LCD TV, Regigerator and Washing Machine from NEXT anna nagar chennai on 24th of Oct'08, still as of today 11th oct'08 no one has come for installation and even called me although i filed the complaint on 2nd Oct'08.Don't know what to do, planning to go to court...
I completely agree with Mr. Saravanan. I have had enough experience about Samsung's customer services, right from 2006. Very poor, pathetic, non professional way of handling customers.

I don't know, when will they improve on their customer service. GOK.
I purchased Samsung LCD 4 series with airtel dish tv free on 31st december 2008.but till as of date 10th Jan 2009, i havenot got my airtel activation kit which supposed to be given on same day.Retailer said he will give the activation kit after getting it from Samsung.i called up the retailer several times. but keep telling the same thing that will give me as soon as they receive it from Samsung. I dont know i will get it or not. Otherwise i would have taken any other product than samsung. they advertising onething but on real everything is . i donot know what to do.

samsung -double door fridge — pathetic service ,untrained engineers ,fault insurance

Dear Customer support manager,

I am not too sure if this complaint will be addressed as i have lost all trust in the Brand & its after service & Your support team at Bangalore office, No 8, WEST OF cHORD rOAD, 2ND STAGE, BANGALORE 86, PHONE[protected], 995

On 26.3.2008, i had a problem with my fridge as there was no cooling in the fridge compartment but the freezer was doing fine .It took 15 days to get the spare fro God knows where and called the defrost timer and was told that now all is fine . Shortly the problems started again and once again the cooling stopped & there was a lot of noise and once again the technician was called and he said now the Fan motor is burnt and needs a replacement and so was done on 17.12.2008 .He said that now on there will be no problem .

This was not the end, the same problem again started, I had to make several calls to your technicians in Bangalore samsung Office, I was put to some Manager at Chennai Office who refused to understand my problem and Banged the phone saying he will get back, which he did not till date .He said the technician has said that a Bimetal needs a relacement this time as the timer is not working .I told him why did you have to change it if again the same problem had to happen .The cooling was so erratic that all eggs in the fridge cracked as they used to bet frozen, Which still is the case.

However after 20 days of this tele complaint the Technician calls to say the Bimetal has arrived and he will replace it .He does the Job on 3.2.2009 With an assurance that this will be his last visit as there is nothing more that needs to be done .

Today is 15 the Feb and i have A RECURRANCE OF THE PROBLEM, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO, I DONOT TRUST YOUR TECHNICIANS AT BANGALORE AND ALSO CANNOT SUFFER LIKE THIS REPEATEDLY .If this is what a leading Brand does do we need Authorised service Centres at All .The Local agency told me that they are senoir People .I have wasted my time and money and you have lost a customer .

I want a reply to this from a Responsible Manager and a solution or else I will have to resort to other Measures, I am Harassed and feeling Cheated .

Moreover due to repeated opening of the Freezer Compartment parts by your untrained people The inside has also got damaged, Will Samsung bear the cost for the same ???????????



SAMSUNG has the worst customer service in the whole damn world.They sell defective and damaged products and leave it to customers for continuously registering complaints and getting things fixed-up.I appeal to the government of India to throw SAMSUNG out of India and never give them a second chance to return. They are the worst company I have ever come across.
I am having the same issue - with my fridge and its been two months and umpteen number of calls . What should we do ?
I have purchased one Refrigetor RT-34 on dt.[protected] . We have some problem of this product its base is not in the proper balance when we opening the door it creates so badly noise. we have already so many times complaints with your company the problem cannot solvebut yours engineers were failed to solve the problem. So kindly replace that product or solve our problem

Customer Name

J. K. Sharma
H. No. 716H,
Palam Vihar
guys this takes the cake...Just go and read the visitr's book at the WEST DELHI samsung service station ...If one reads it..The company should shut down withinin a week...

The manager of the service station advises the customers that if there are many complaints ..we cannot increase people to handle them!!!

The gentelman the manager is floating in the service center without shoes ...

Samsung India — PATHETIC SERVICES OF SAMSUNG INDIA for Refrigerator

My father has launched a complaint for the cooling malfunctioning of Samsung Refrigerator Model: SR32EMB; Serial No. 42BR7010112 At Samsung Authorised Service Centre:
Infinite Solution
5D/23, NIT,
Faridabad, Haryana

After calling them they responded and changed compressor gas. Later it was found that this wasn’t the solution of the problem. They charged Rs 986. Then he tried to call them again and since then they are not responding and the refrigerator is still not working. Even after calling them endlessly, they keep on ignoring my father and his calls.

Infinity Solution Service center doesn’t have any anxiety to serve their customers. My father who is physically unfit, paid tons of visits to service centre and no one was in a mood to talk to customer. The service centre manager Mr. Gaurav doesn’t have any humanitarian ethics to pay attention to their customers and is not have any sense of conversation etiquettes.

This was the most pathetic, irresponsible, wretched and feeble service oriented organization that I have experienced in my life.

I want to launch a highest intensity complaint against Samsung India Electronics Ltd., Samsung Authorised Service Centre - Infinite Solution and Mr. Gaurav and want my refrigerator fixed or replaced ASAP.

If still no action would be taken, I would be forced to initiate legal case in Consumer Court through my attorney.

Puneet Arora
Contact: [protected]
I have bought a Samsung Refrigerator on 21/06/2009 from Kalinga Sales, Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India .I have called up the Samsung Customer Care for Exchange the Front Door of my Refrigerator and nobody has turned up so far .It's amost more than a week.
Iam really Frustrated with the Customer Care. If I have to wait for 10 days for a new installation Iam really afraid how many days I have wait for a Service Call !!!.

My register BP No- [protected]

Please help Us !!!

Warm Regards,
I totally identify with your plight. I had lodged a complaint regarding the cooling malfunction of my Samsung refrigerator on 7 th of May, 2009. the defect has not been fixed till date despite numerous visits by the electricians of Samsung service centre. Every time they arrive after numerous calls have been made to the service center and they always cite a new problem and claim to have fixed it. The attitude of call centre guys is extremely irritating as they keep making dubious promises that the electrician will definitely arrive within the same day as the complaint is lodged.

In this heat its impossible to stay without a properly working refridgerator.
Hi, I buy a samsung Tv in last Oct.Last wednesday suddenly tv volume is gone.
It has clear picture but no voice.

Help to find the solutin as soon as possible. Besides I am ib buxar(bihar), I don't know address nearest samsung showroom.

help me

My mobile no is- [protected]


Vidya Book Stores — about sms

Dear Sir,

From some time i m not receiving sms alerts for State Bank Of India . plz help me.


I had purchased a samsung phone(SGH-B100i) on 10/03/ got some starting problem on 29/06/09.
then i submitted my phone to samsung service center in gurgaon(sec-14) on 30/06/09.At that moment they told me that they will repair the phone within 15 days. the phone is still under warranty but neither they are repairing the phone nor they are refunding the amount. I have visited service center at least 7-8 times but they don't care about it. i don't know what to do now. but one thing is sure i m not gonna to buy a samsung product ever in my life.

Samsung Fridge — Pathetic Service, No repairs

We have a Samsung fridge which has gone faulty…

We registered a call # BP#[protected] on oct 8…after a lot of followup an engineer visted and he was not competent and then a compentent engineer came and diagonised a faulty part in a weeks time….on oct 15 the part has been order and we have been waiting for the part…

We have been talking to Babu Rao and Nagendra the engineer and the contact center staff…..there has been absolutely no concern for critical problem and like this where we are not able to use the fridge…..Babu Rao does not return calls and never updates status…..

To add on to this

the complaint filled on Oct 8 was not the first one, there were two complaints filled prior to that

1. when the first complaint was filled the service engineer (Selva) visited the place after 2 days does something with the sensor and said the fridge is fine now and it stopped working very soon again
2. the second complaint was filled and the engineer said that the sensor has to be replaced, the sensor was replaced for Rs 385/- but the fridge stopped working very soon again

And its the third complaint that was launched on Oct 8

This is absolutely not acceptable, I have also done a blog post ( on it and will keep doing more till we receive the service for the same

Samsung provides pathetic support and we have decided never ever to buy a Samsung product in our life….

Want this issue resolved immediately failing which we plan to take up this in the consumer court…
I am from Mangalore.

My refrigerator is underwaranty and there was no freezing taking place. Hence Samsung service replaced the compressor and after that now the freezer is only functioning a fridge. No freezing at all.

Samsung does not depute qualified tech's... unfortunately my AC & Washing Machine is also samsung and being loyal to that brand now is bitterly paid off.





I, Vijay Kumar Rajgadia, being a Samsung customer want to lodge a complaint about the company and the service being provided by you. I have owned a SAMSUNG WASHING machine. Recently the machine showed problems for which I asked the service provider to check out the problem. Following his advice I took it to the nearest centre addressed LAXMI SERVICE CENTRE, M.S LAW COLLEGE, STATION BAZAAR, CUTTACK-753003, PH.NO:2647210.But mechanic was not available for which it took another 5 days. The center is the dealer of around 10+ companies but to my surprise only one mechanic is available for service. And this makes consumers unsatisfied as they could not be given a proper service. And this is not a joke. If responsibilities are taken then they should be provided by any means. What is the use if you cannot provide service properly but just having centres elsewhere showing faith to public. It is just like harassing people out of nothing.
The reason for which I m harassed is the service provided to me. My machine had problems of spin dead, drain pipe, inlet, wash lid and spin cap missing. They took 18 days to repair and charged Rs-260 for buffer, Rs-420 for capacitor and service charge of Rs-200 but I am not satisfied. Before repair I checked that there was no problem with capacitor but when I approached the center they showed me a damaged piece of it which to my idea will never be possible. I doubt it is replaced. They even did not give me a proper billing of the parts which really disappointed me. Even the mechanic showed us unaccepting behaviors
So if all these happen then I would be very sorry to say that I have made a mistake buying a Samsung product. Hereafter whoever approaches Samsung dealer I would inform him not to buy any of the products of the same. Because the customer service is unsatisfactory and can never be sorted out. And it has all those negative remarks which make other products always better.
So I would make a request to take some serious action against it and please figure out the solutions to my problems. If you do not solve within 7 days then I will lodge a case against you in consumer court and my legal heirs will talk to you in legal way.

Vijay Kumar Rajgadia,
Main Road.
CMD Samsung India limited,

i purchased a samsung touchscreen sgh f 480i and imei no [protected] on 02/02/10 and i find the mobile switches off and switches on this has troubled me since i am not able to call my clients and friends.
yours dissatisfied customer,
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