[Resolved]  Sheikh Jamil Ahmad — Compensation problem

my parents came from india and now they want to go back. i rang [protected] and asked for any tickets available in the month of feb2008. i spoke to MARIA in the call centre of mumbai..advised me one ticket is available and another one i will put in request. MARIA said for one ticket you have to pay £26.00 on the counter and advised me you need to ring back after two days if the tickets are confirmed or not. i advised MARIA that my parents are disabled and they want to go together. MARIA advised me if both tickets will not be confirmed then we will you for another day but we will not charge you any cacellation fee. i rang after two days, spoke to someone else and that advisor advised me tickets are not confirmed. i spoke to my parents but when i tried [protected] number again..number wasn't working. then i rang BT DIRECTORY for any other numbers, so i can speak to someone REGARDING BOOKING. i rang [protected]..spoke to someone advised me [protected] lines not working but i can help you. lady advised me that i got two tickets for 04/02/2008 but it will go up to DELHI. i said parents are old and they want to go straight birmingham to amritsar. advised me i can book you for 06/02/2008. i said i need to speak to my parents and i will give you call back. after that i couldn't speak to [protected] number, because nobody pickinfg up the phone. but that lady she booked tickets for 04/02/08 without asking me. and on other side tickets was confirmed but nobody advised me. then next day i got through [protected] number and spoke to CHITRA , ABISHEK AND TEAM MEMBER. CHITRA said you done booking for 04/02/2008 and 18/02/2008 but i said nobody advised me. she said i will put request for 07/02/02008 but each person has to pay £55.00 each. spoke to ABISHEK, advised me i will book you for 04/02/2008, each person need to pay £76.00 and £30.00 cancellation fee. i spoke to TEAM MEMBER and said if i didn't book it and why i have to pay cancellation fee and £76.00 each person. TEAM MEMBER argued with me and said madam you done booking and didn't listen to me at all. THE REASOMN WHY I WAS DOING BOOKING ASAP BECAUSE MY GRANDFATHER PASSED AWAY AND THEY WANT TO GO. TEAM MEMBER said we don't care if someone we recvie calls everyday like this . i got very upset and rang again spoke to sarojini and she gave me COMPLAINT EMAIL and advised me you can claim compensation, £76.00 and cancellation fee. please i want to sort this matter asap because my parents are retired and they don't have extra money to pay. plus when my parents arrived in uk. they lost one bag, filled claim form and everything but nothing resolved. pleas look into this matter and resolve it asap. thanks.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Subject: Extremely disappointed and highly dissatisfied with Air India Airlines Service

Dear Air India Airlines:

I am disgusted as I write this note to you about the miserable experience I had using your services. I am writing to obtain compensation for a huge mistake for which I believe your firm is responsible.

On February 1, 2008, I took delta to fly to New York (JFK) from where I had a connecting flight to New Delhi via London. I enrolled into Air India mileage program so that I can use Air India airlines in future travel planning. I received booking confirmation via email. See attached itinerary: "Sunita Itinerary.pdf" (PNR number : J5LSN)

Incident #1

My timely arrival to India with my baggage was essential; as I was attending my real sister's wedding which was scheduled for 10th February 2008.

On February 2, 2008 I reached at night to find out that one of my luggages was missing. I was to fly immediately to Patna as I live there. But the luggage was important for me as it contained all my sister's gifts and my personal accessories that were needed for the wedding. As per the promise made my Air India baggage claim service department (Mr. A.K Singh) to deliver the baggage the very next day, I changed my plan to stay in Delhi and collect my luggage. See attached Complain Number / Reference Number: Complain Number.pdf

I waited a day and when I did not receive my baggage, I called the Delhi baggage claim service department again but unfortunately no one was able to update me with any information so I stayed in Delhi for another 3 days and during the course I made 2 visits to the airport.

Ultimately I had to leave on 8th February 2008 for Delhi as I was already late for the wedding. I had to buy my personal accessories for the wedding and also gifts for my sister before I left. I had to take a flight to Patna.

Note: However I was not provided any compensation for:

- Food & lodging in Delhi

- Visits made to the airport

- Phone calls made since I had to buy a pre-paid Delhi number

- Wedding clothes and accessories I had to buy again for myself

- My sister's wedding gifts.

Incident #2

Baggage damaged and had to be personally received all the way from Delhi after the wedding. View pictures: DamaggedLuggage1.JPG , DamaggedLuggage2.JPG

Baggage Claim Service department did not call me at all till 8th February, so I called them on 8th to find the status. They finally managed to trace my baggage and promised to dispatch it to Patna the very next day.

However I did not receive my baggage on 9th, so I called them again to find out that, they had not dispatched it. Finally after my sister's wedding which took place on 10th, my husband flew to Delhi on 11th February to collect the baggage as it was lying there since 8th February. The baggage was damaged and was shown to the baggage claim customer representatives: Locks and wheels were broken and there are deep scratches all over the place. Pictures of the damaged baggage were taken at the time. View attachment: Tag.pdf

Note: However I was not provided any compensation for:

- Flight to Delhi and back to collect my luggage

- The cost of the repair done to my damaged baggage

The bottom-line: I have never seen such sense of irresponsibility from a giant airline as Air India.

I planned this trip for over 6 months and was excited about visiting my family and attending my sister's wedding. Air India Airlines mistakes cost me a lot of money, hassles and emotional distress.

Because your firm/airline caused the problems, I expect you to work with me to obtain a satisfactory resolution. Specifically, I expect you to:

1) Verify that my Visa card (XXXXXXXXXXXX93713) has been credited for the $4000 paid for this trip + cost of gifts for the wedding and personal wedding clothes + twice roundtrip airlines from Patna – DEL + cost of repairing my baggage + for the hassles of not able to gift my sister the gifts which I bought from US + emotional distress + taxi fairs. I can provide you few receipt if needed.

Air India airlines can't give me back my moments and losses, but I expect you to provide the above compensations which is still not comparable to your mistakes.

Please call me before March 21 with confirmation that my requests will be honored. If I don't hear from you, I will report to the appropriate regulatory agencies in US and India


Sunita Shaw

3913 White Rose Ln

Saint Charles

MO – 63304

Cell #[protected]
i was wondering what my pnr code is
I have lost my Purse when i was traveling to INDIA from CHICAGO.i have given complaint on SEp 1st 08 but till not i didn't get any response.
It's really worst serrvice
cheaters, charged twice for one passenger khairunnisa kanpurwala and not refunding

TIC #[protected]

Air India Tkt for DELHI-LONDON -DELHI — Air india Ticket Refund

i have booked throgh the on 10th Dec08. Due to problem in travel i was reschduled to another date but travelocity people tole me it is not possible for them. I was get it done throgh directly. After the date change due to some reason journey was canceled and i claimed to refund from Travelocity. I called them i asked the process to get the refund and i have forwaded them the ticket issued by them. They told you will get your refund within 5 Days. I have forwarded them the scan copy of ticket on 20th Jan09 but till this they unable to revert this and blaming Air India is they are not able to send the Confirmation of cancelation charges, Once we will receive the update from concerned Airline we will refund you the amount. No body is there who can assure me there about the refundable amount and number of days that how long it will take to credit in my Credit card Account.

Travelo City Ref No is[protected]

Niraj - [protected]
I agree that your staff is not cordial&courtious towards customers/passangers.My wife "KALAWATI"going to N.Y. JFK by AI-101 from DELHI having confermed e-ticket no.[protected] She reached airport @ 10-PM.She is parialy paralised & requested wheel chair assistance.She was initialy refused boarding pass saying "Your ticket is not confermed"where e-ticket shows conformed.She has to struggle for mor than TWO hours being handicaped.It happend on 22nd. April-today.I had to convience one of your officer/official from NewYork on my wife's cell-phone, he then told-ticket is confermed.With such callus& negligent attitude I wonder you can compette other air lines.
I have booked open ticket for my parents through AIR INDIA now they want to go back and I am trying to confirm the return ticket but non of their phone lines are working it.
Either it has a huge waiting time or sometimes it gives engage tone. I was literally waited on phone for 2 hours but the music was continuously to playing. I am literally frustrated with this service.

Now I am worried because how I am going to confirm the return ticket. I have lodged the complaint in Air India site too but nobody replied back. is there is nay way confirm the return ticket.

I, Mahima Tripathi a passenger of AI 349, on 2nd July 2009 was traveling
from Shanghai to Delhi along with 7 year old son Raj. That day flight was
late and after arrival on Delhi Air Port our baggage was also found missing
due to poor management of Air India. I think are fully aware about the
incident. This event affects me in following ways.

1. I missed my connecting train from Delhi
2. I stayed one additional day in hotel at Delhi
3. Two days stay in Lucknow for collecting the luggage, as luggage has
came in installments
4. Number of phones to Air port (National/International) as my husband
had called from China
5. Many inconvenienced caused due to non availability of important
papers, cloths and other important items.

To keep all these things in mind please pay suitable compensation


Mahina Tripathi

15A Azad Nagar


Ph- [protected]
Ph- [protected]
Limitations of carrier in case Lost Baggage.
You cannot ask for other stuff, but i[censored] insist they send u by post/parcel to your residence (misplaced baggage) It frequently happens in ALL airlines. I am a frequent traveller it Happened to be on Aerflot, Lufthansa previously. So just dont worry.

Air India — Confirmation of Delivery

Four Speed post have neen sent to Kolkata - 59 from GPO KOLKATA. The details of the SP- POD are as follows.
16/11/2009 EW[protected]IN
16/11/2009 EW[protected]IN
18/11/2009 EW[protected]IN
18/11/2009 EW[protected]IN

Your tracking record shows delivered to DESHBHANDU NAGAR post office. Please confirm the DATE & TIME of the receipt of the documents by the addressee.

please treat the matter most urgent.

india books today — about not receiving the plane ticket






Dear sir,

i have reached in india 18-12-09. and same date i have book hotel ( 5 ) oclock in morning. and i left 22-12-09. ( 7. 30 ) in morning. they ask me to pay for 6 days. is that correct ? because i thing that i have to pay for 5 nights.and also one day not hot water in my room. so is the first time happen to me in india after 15 years.and i am very sad. i will be here till 23- 01- 10. hotel address is.

PH.[protected], 41698821, 23583754

Air India is a thiefing BARSTARD! institute, just like many other institutes in INDIA, best thing to do is sell your stuff or property in india... and get a holiday home, some where's it hot and civilised country near you.
This is a country, most of the people are crooks, police are targeting NRI's to line their pockets.
Nothing has changed in india, apart from, they have the net and mobiles, so these buffoons can con, more NRI's and people faster.
Stop coming to this country and stop inviting these people from india to your country, because they will only want stay and use you and tell you too go [censored] yourself later, so STOP!.
Air India is the worst and horrible flight I have ever traveled. ...This is most disgusting to say myself as Indian...why it is still running I don't know...I could even imagine a intercontinental flight should run like that without minimum standards.

I traveled on Air India recently in Dec 14 2010 from Frankfurt to Delhi and connecting to Hyderabad. I didn't get my baggage in Delhi first thing..there is nobody there I can give a compliant waited for 2 hrs approx, its almost 20-30 passengers. And my next connecting flight is in next 1 hour..when I went for check in and they said it cancelled 2 weeks back..they didn't have even a small responsibility to inform the passengers...I missed my connected train and lost my baggage..and the same with return flight I keep on calling whether flight is cancelled or not...but they said no...when I went to airport they said it cancelled!!!...I got my bag after 21 days that too if I pay the bribe of 1500 Rs.even not having any customs related stu[censored]... ...and
one more disgusting thing is ..Air Hostess...They do more care about foreigners...and never care about Indians in the flight..its not only my experience..but also most of people in my lane of sitting.!!!...

small example: I asked for refresher, I asked one coke, she gave me coke and snacks packet..and then I asked glass of water...then she starring at me from top to bottom...and said u already took Coke.!!!..thats the most disgusting answer I came across through entire my travel even in small flights..!!!

Seats ..ohh my god its horrible...well anyway...even we do all these reviews..people won't listen ..thats the way Indians work...
For my case and my friends...they will never travel again on fxxxing AIR INDIA ..Never..never again...

I don't now, I tempted to give a complaint after I calm down and knows the truth that the case in court wil never end in Indian courts..i didn't even give another chance to think abt it...

AIR INDIA is the most horrible and worst flight...Everything right from comfortable to customer service inside and outside of flight...U would rather think ..ohh come flight is perfect...thats upto ur mind...u wann fxxk by this guys again..please Enjoy.!!!
i boarded an Air india flight IC173 going from Mumbai to Chennai on 13th Jan 2011 AT 8:20 P.M. I checked in and was sitting at the gate from where my flight was to take off. Soon an announcement was made that the flight was delayed by 45 mins. So i head to the cafeteria to fuel up my empty stomach and when i return to the gate of my flight, horror of horrors- the flight has taken off. After the meeting the manager i realized they made a wrong announcement for the flight and that they corrected it later on. Though they gave me a ticket for next day morning my question is how did they manage to let my baggage go on the flight while i am have not boarded the flight. Isn't that a breach of security??? How did they tally the physical person with the check in list?? How easy is it for anyone to plant a bomb in the plane.
No matter how cheap their flight is which is actually not much of a difference, it's way too much to risk your life in such an airline
my father bage missing 8 months ago this not solve my no. [protected] india state. punjab distt. hoshiarpur city dasya my father flight mucut back to india he not pay for ticket emloyee give him 1 month and he pay ticket fee 8400 but his bage not give him. plz solve this conect me [protected]
Air India Suck... I bought three ticket from air india... Will not buy tickets agian from them due to worst service ever... I prefer to pay extra money to other airline than them... I hope they bankrupt soon...
Dear Air india (reservation manager Delhi mr Rana)

1.   I spoke to you on 25 sep 12 with respect to rescheduling of AI 9603 on 25 sep 12.

2.   following documents are ready with me for references
     (a). Soft copy of e ticket of self and wife from Delhi to port Blair on 25 sep 12.
     (b).  New ticket which I purchased from air India.
     (c).   Boarding passes of both from Delhi to chennai and chennai to port Blair.
     (d).   Balmer Lawrie saying they have not been informed, even my number was also not contacted

3.   Due to NO intimation to me either by you or air India I suffered following losses
     (a). Approx rs 5000/- as an extra charges.
     (b). One day rent  at hotel at delhi and also at port Blair for 25 sep 12 of approx same amount    each as above.
     (c).  Because of no fault of mine My full precious day was wasted.
     (d).  To top it all rs 54000/- as an my ticket fare will not be refunded due change of route via chennai.

4.   Approx I will be at loss of rs 70000/- so you have to ensure that I should not be at loss at I should get my extra money.

5.  My bank account details are as follows

  Syndicate Bank
  Acct Number [protected]
  IFSC code  SYNB0006239
6.  You are requested to please reimburse the said amount to my account and take necessary action whatever you feel like with air India keeping me informed. An early action will be highly appreciated. My mobile number is [protected].

Major Kunwar Singh Kushwah

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