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 Apurv Singh
I had got the Joy stick of my Sony-Ericsson K750i repaired from a Sony-Ericsson service center in Gurgaon, but after 2 days of that the phone display went white, and when I took the phone back to the service center the manager refused to handle the phone he said that the phone may have got damaged due to the software getting corrupted or some problem in the main board of the phone, how ever he confirmed that the Cap of the Joystick was not fixed properly. The cold response from the the Store manager made me write to the Sony-Ericsson customer service mail id, how ever I did not get any response from them.

The Service station name and Add is
Mobile phones India
114, central Arcade, DLF City - II
Gurgaon - 122002

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Sony Ericsson — lost of mobile phone

model no. w300i sony errcison
imei no. [protected]
mobile no. [protected]
contact no . [protected]

Sony Ericsson — Sony Ericsson customer services


This is regarding Sony Ericsson Customer Care and services provided by them. We have Sony Ericsson K790i mobile. This mobile belongs to Mr. Kunal Shah. We have purchased this mobile before few months and it is in the warranty period. By a month or so this instrument started creating problems. The battery was getting discharged withing a day. We submitted this mobile to near by service center. They said, this is a virus problem, and scan the instrument for the same. They also advised to format the card and we got it done for Rs. 300 loosing all data on the card.
We received back our cell phone on 6th of October. We found that the problem was not resolved. Again, we went to the same service center and asked them for the problem. Now, they said that you need to change your battery. We got cell phone back after 10 days having number of follow-ups with part vendors and service center. The service center ruthlessly keep telling that we did not have batteries as if it were our job to get a battery to get it replaced. We had to follow-up with part vendors.
Then, again the problem did not resolved. We again asked service center and now they are asking that PCB is supposed to be changed!!! It is almost a week we have submitted mobile to them no action has been taken. We called up Sony Erricsson customer care but they did not do anything and just took their hands off.
Today is 25th October and still we dont have our mobile in our hands working properly. This is the ultimate example of services provided to customer care by Sony Ericsson. Customers are getting pained off for having selected sony ericsson instruments.
Their saying that we provide this and that kind of services is totally a fake thing. They dont care for their consumers. And, serivce center people are totally rediculous in their behavior and talking.

I would suggest and request to proper action on this.

Details are as under:

Model: Sony Ericsson K790i
Service Center address: 3 & 4, Kasturi Complex, Opp. Sharddha Pertrol Pump, Judges Bunglow Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad.

Sony Ericsson j110i — Poor customer support

Recently I purchased a jiio1 model sony ericsson mobile for my son. unfortunalte, he set the phone lock code and forgot the code. I went a service center in Banjarahills for unlocking it as it has to be done through some software. Unfortunately, they redirected me to another service center in the city saying that they cannot fix the issue and the other service center can do the same. Next day I went ot the other service center in Khiratabad. This person also helpless in fixing it and try to redirect me to another service center. I got frustrated and asked them give it in writing. Then they took the complaint and asked me to comwe after two days (just for unlocking the phone).

Unfortunately the issues is still not ficed and they told me today to come after two days (this was second time).
When authorized service center cannot unlock the phone or fix the issue what is the fun the selling the same to people?

Is sony ericsson mobile unit a use and throw? The service is very bad.


Sony Ericsson Handset Mobile — no response from service center which is andheri east

as i purchese handset mode 580i sony ericson date on 6 march 2008 . as it not complted not even 4 months the folowing probles accurd .
1)the handset is get heated while spking or while plying the music.
2)colurd gone
30camera is wrking properly pictires not geting captures stred hanging..

as we we went ti accel fronline wich is locted india( andheri east -sony ericson service cetre.0
we are very upset with services as an excutive from thre his name is sujay we had got asurance that it would be rectify within in first 3 day's then we agin gone s the problem not resolove .
again went thay givn time 8 dys asuraty givn it will wrk out bt thn to not wrk they kept us waiting us 21 day's and after we took th cell phone on 22nd day the mother bord and evn the battery was damege one .whn we chek from other store they said the avery part's has chnged and still problem is remain th same we want to lunch complin as they are not redy to giv new new handset as all the thing has been done frm their side. as ther are not having authority to do a same so acordingly gone to loged police complaint aginst the same due to the lost we suffer.plz revrt's as soon as posible regarding the same revrat back on gvn e mail id or do call us on [protected]...[protected]

Sony Ericsson — Non cooperation from service dealer in Goa

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that i have purchased Sony Ericsson K 790-I model mobile handset, on 2nd April 2008, from your dealer M/s Samartha Electrical &electronics situated at ponda, Goa(India).
Within a month of the purchase of the said set, i noticed that some of the photos clicked with the set were getting overlapped with the next photograph.Thus the clarity of the photos was disturbed.
Secondly, while searching the contacts with the joystick the set used to get stuck .Also sometimes the set used to get switched off suddenly.THe left photo key was not workiing properly since the purchase of the set.This caused me a lot of inconvienience.One day the ear speakers were not functioning for 8 hours, which later got rectified automatically.I had brought all these problems to the dealer's notice, which were temporarily fixed by master reset.But the problems arised repeatedly.
I bought handset on the recommendation from my friends who were satisfied with a similar set.But unfortunately i have to inform you that i am not at all satisfied with either the handset or the service provided by your service centre in Goa.
Recently, unfortunately my hand set fell on the floor from a height of approximately 2.5 feet.When i contacted the dealer he said that the display was disturbed and would not function again unless replaced whichis not included in warrenty.I wish to inform you that no damage is occured to the set externally.
I would also like to inform you that my friend's similar set fell from a height of aproximately 15 metres(from 2nd floor), but no damage was occured.The set is in proper working condition.
i really cant understand how the display of my handset was damaged after falling from a negligible height, whereas many of my friend mobiles of different companies like Nokia and Motorola keep falling repeatedly n still are always recovered in working condition!!
I have faced a lot of difficulties because of the set has all my important details regarding my work are in the mobile and the mobile is not functioning for the past 15 days.I am in great need of the said details as i am experiencing family problem(my wife is admitted in the hospital).
i would be happy if the neccesary actions are taken at the earliest.
Thanking you,
Anand Deshpande
(mobile no. [protected])
I handed over my cell Z550I phone for auto on off problem, which is in warranty period to the GURU NANAK COMMUNICATION, VIKAS MARG, DELHI Sony Ericsson Service Center with the case id number N2LNR:[protected] on 26 of november 2008.I also spoke in their customer support centre (no :[protected], the reference ID of which is SE 709-6552 .They asked me to wait till parts avaIlable in the center.And I have no clue of where my Handset is and in what condition will I be given it back.
Please look into the matter and do the needful.

Thank You,
Avinash Kumar
conatct no.[protected]
The Manager,
Sony Ericsson,

Sub : Repairing of my Mobile W580i within warranty period as facing number of problems, Its replacement thereof.

R/ Sir,

I, the undersigned had purchased W580i mobile handset from Hanfi’s collection, Aurangabad on dtd 11.11.2007.The company on its website given that, this mobile will provide battery back up of 9 hrs talktime, but I was not getting that, hence I had given my mobile to company’s service centre M/s Debug multi services on 05.12.07.But the problem was not solved.I had contacted on mobile to Mr Subhin & Mr. Wilson, Managers of the company.As per their advise the Battery was replaced by Hanfi collection.But by using this new battery also I could not get the backup.Further during use I got the new Problem of Battery charger & Earspeaker sound of it become very low.This time I went to new service centre at Canught, CIDCO, Aurangabad.He had replaced these both items but I was not satisfied with the performance of earspeaker.Again I got new problem, the back up to memorystick was not done.So, I have deposited the mobile to company’s service centre on dtd 22.09.2008 with stating all the previous problems & also asked to repair it properly as I cannot spare my handset repeatedly for repairs.The service centre tech.had tried at his level best, but could not solve the problems so he has asked me to keep the mobile with him to send it to Chennai for level 3 repair and he has send the complaint to company for replacement of mother board on 03.10.2008.After 29 days i.e. on 20.10.08 service centre has called me that the mobile has repaired pl.collect it .Ihave collected it on same day &checked it but none of the problems solved.I have written on job sheets that I am not satisfied about repairs.
From last 2 days I am getting new problem i.e.The back key is not operating.
Presently, I am getting following problems
1 Battery backup is only 2-3 hrs talktime instead of 9 hrs.
2 Earspeaker sound is very low.
3 Keypad keys are defective (Broken) not replaced.
4 Backup to memory stick operation not working.
5 Back key is not operating due to which handset cannot be used. I am getting lot of problems due to non use of mobile .
So, I request you, kindly to give replacement of this handset immediately, otherwise I may go for further Legal actions against the company which you may not desire.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs Rajshree D. Jaiswal
F-4, N-5, CIDCO, Aurangabad.
I just purchased W960i i need body panel someone can tell me in delhi from where i can purchase w960i panel

Its really frustratting to see such cc service centers where they dont care for their customers service center people are very rude if the company doesnt look into such issues they will be losing valuable customers and their sales will be hit.
Who wud be interested to buy a product whose customer care and service center people are not efficient in resolving the issues.

Sony being such a big brand should also have efficient and capable people who wud look their customers or am sure that one day they wud repent...

I thnk Nokia service centers are better atleast they will give a listening ear to ur problems and try to resolve them. after ur first service there will be a warranty period for the service also and again if u have any issues they will repair free of cost due to the warramty which is customer frendly.

Sony / P1i — Faulty p1i,irresponsible SONY

The P1i Sony Instrument bought by me in Oct 2007 has been faulty with more than 9 problems to the extent where even the mother board was replaced besides other software problems, My case no.72596875‏with Sony has been just attended and ragged on my junior staff of Sony from July'08 for replacement but of no avail as of Novemeber 4th'08. There are no responsible and senior employees in Sony though I asked for handling this case.I will see them in Consumer court soon. Highly unprofessional SONY.
My w380i doesn't really vibrate that well either - it vibrates only 4 times for each phone call. I called the service center and they said I need to send it in so they can fix it.
I bought new mobile w760i on 30-dec-2008. i cant able to connect it to pc. there is some problem with data cable. i got replaced that cable with other one by near by service center. again the problem is there with new cable also.
But i can able to use k810 mobiles data cable with this mobile(w760i) without any problem. i think the cable providing with this mobile is not compatible.
what is the solution for this. expecting reply.

Sony Ericsson — fragility

> respected sir,
> im pranav rai the proud sad owner of one of sony ericsson's
> products(w380i.imei no[protected]want to state that
> i am extremly dissapointed at the fragility of the
> product.i purchased it in 7th of july and the port for the
> charger as their employees say at "arun watch
> shop"(new delhi) is already broken.i hav been told that
> the warantee for the phone does not cover such physical
> damages.the only way to repair it is to replace the piece of
> hardware for which they charged me rs475.this to your
> information has not been registered in their site and nor was
> a jobsheet made because if it was done so the warantee would
> no longer be covering anything in the future as per company
> rules.i had to cover it to have my warantee cover my phone.
> i was made to sit in the office for an hour
> and a half only to discover that my cellphone has a new
> problem in it.the phone was showing full battery after just
> a few seconds of inserting the charger even though it was
> they tell me to come the day after as THEY ARE IN
> A HURRY TO LEAVE FOR HOME.happy diwali!!!
> i go there the other day and i am being told that the
> entire mother board has to be replaced and that the phone
> has to be sent to i hav to wait another 10 days
> to recieve my phone.
> i am so sorry at my self for buyin such extremely
> fragile gadget as i have not subjected it to any severe incidents
> so as to cause such damage.i so regrete not buying a nokia6300 which was a lot cheaper n comes with better durability and facilities.and atleast their guys are better at their work compared to the sony guys at
> arun watch shop who no doubtedly DO NOT know how to INTERACT with the
> customers and lack basic professional skills.i have paid to get
> hurt as a customer and would recommend you not to
> purchase any of their products and neither will i do so in
> the near future...cuz they both suck..the seller and the selling
> thanking you
> pranav rai

Sony Ericsson — z550i cell for Wrost Servicing by Accel frontline "Service Centre" during warranty period

Hello All,
I buy Soni ericsson "Z550i mobile Phone"
from indore At[protected] continuealy phone had
problem with it.
Aug 2008. changed Mother board.
After three month Again PRoblem in mother board,
n with camera.
Do not bye
product of Sony, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

And Sony Ericssonss, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

still i m not getting my cell back from service cetre.
i an using sony ericsson k790i and my problem is that my phone screen is displayiny totally white and phone is not working ...please give me some suggestion what to do

Sony Cybershot DSC W130 — Problem in Product from Purchasing day

Dear Sir/madam,
myself mandeep binwal presently working in well-reputed complain is that i have purchase a sony cybershot from Reliance Digital on 23-Oct-2008.the cost of product is 12, 800 /-. i have checked it on same purchasing day in reliance store.but i have cheked only camera.i gifted it to my the problem is charger is not working from same day.i have contact to Sony authorized service center.they told me that serial no. of product(camera) and warranty card is mismatch.i surprised really it was.again i have contact to store(Reliance digital).but no body is giving possitive responce.service center's person says there is no warranty of charger.
please tell me what should i do?sir please do something.

sony ericsson w 200i — Duplicate Mobile

Dear Sir/ Madam,
It is you to bring kind notice that many duplicate sony ericsson mobiles r available even in leading mobile shop in Karaikal(Puducherry (U.T)India). myself and many of my natives were cheeted by selling duplicate mobile with varrenty. I came to know that the mobile is duplicate when i check the seriel no in authorised service centre when i try to service my mobile during the service period, moreover i was not able to repair my mobile at all. my kind request u to do anything to sell the original and protect ur name also.

Sony Ericsson Mobile W950i — Handset is not getting repaired since 27 Sep-08 till today 19 Nov-08

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I had submitted my SE mobile handset W950i to Sony Ericsson service centre due to technical problem on 27-Sep-08 which was under warranty.Job sheet no SE-08 D[protected] & also i had registered a complaint at SE Call centre complaint NO SE[protected] dated 6 Oct-08.Mean while i received a phone call from SE Centre person & he told me that you will receive your handset on 4 Nov-08.
But still I don't received my handset & Now I am fully dissatisfy with the services and need to get my Phone Replaced, or my

amount with the suitable interest rate and compensation, else I will file a complaint with

the Consumer Court under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986.

I seek compensation for the mental agony caused due to his deficiency in services

and inconveniences faced due to unavailability of my Phone for almost two month.


I have purchase mobile Sony Ericsson W350i 11/10/2008 this is the very bad handset of ur brand And no service support, no parts availabilty. My handset's Flap had break without any wrong activity with mobile set and have no avilability of flap at ur service contact no is [protected]... i m in Bhopal (MP). So pls tell me what will i do for this .if u will not support me i will go to Consumer Court .
this is balakrishna.i have sonyerricson mobile the model is j121, suddenly it got repaired. so i was went to yours authorised servive center, the adress of servive center is OVEZ COMMUNICATION, richmond circle richmond plaza no g4 bangalore.i was submited my mobile to repaire.they was commited to give bacck on next day but its become a 4 days now, daily they were make me to wait out side of, they was treated me like a begger their servivce center still now its not get repaired.when i went today to ask my mobile in the morning than also they was waited me @ out side of the service center when i ask the mobile they misbehaved with me, they said we are not affraide to anybody do what ever you want nobody can do anything to me. infront of public only they was scold me so i am requestin you that plaese take a action for that, otherwise i will take the help from the press meadia and from court replay me soon.

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