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 joni jerald
Respected sir,
it is regarding bangaore to nagercoil regular train. in india we only dont have direct train. we are so many people living in from nagercoil, kanyakumari, trivandrum, trinelveli. if we want to go our native we ve to travel around 17-20 hrs. but that train always full. they anounced special train for nagercoil it start on thursday night 10.45 pm it reaches afternoon 2.30. why because nobody travel that train because of they can help bus mafias. the private buses are always full and so expensive. so we want direct train to nagercoil or trivandrum via madurai.otherwise we ll continuesly suffer because of correpted raiilway or politicians
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Dear sir,

I need to move Bangalore to Nagarcoil frequently. In the same way the people who are traveling Bangalore to Madurai, Trinaveli, Nagercoil, Martandum are suffering travelling by bus in terms of expenditure and facility like in train. Please consider about those all so that they will be very comfort to travel their whole life.

Thanks and regards
This would be a very useful train service.
Hi all,

Pls write a mail to [email protected] on the same. I had sent a mail fr the same and got a reply stating that the same would be looked into..I am sure more requests fr the same would yield results.
Many of us need to travel between Bangalore and Nagercoil. We suffer a lot because of lack of the train. We spend more money and compromise comfort in the buses.
It would be helpful if a train runs between Bangalore and Nagercoil via Madurai atleast thrice in a week. My suggestion would be like the train starts from bangalore on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings and from Nagercoil on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings. Since the distance covers almost equal to Chennai-Nagercoil, hope it will take 14-15 hrs only. Please forward the same and let us know your suggestions.

We need train facility from Bangalore to Nagercoil daily basis. there are thousand and thousand of people strugling and finding very difficulty to travel by bus.please consider this mail and allote daily train to Bangalore to nagercoil.
We need a train atleast weekends if not on weekdays and on the long holidays and during diwali, christmas and summer vacations.
This is very true.
If we can have a direct train daily at a convenient time between Bangalore and Nagercoil thru
Salem, Madurai it will be very useful.
Othewise it will only help the Private Bus operators...
please select
Its great to know that people from KK dist, has joined hands at least in this forum. but we a group of 20-23 people had mailed to S.Railways many times for years. Hope none of the Railway officials was willing to accept the need of Nagercoil to Bangalore Train. that to Festival special trains ply on this corridor was untime to travel. Once again through this Consumer complaint Forum my humble request to the Railway Authority need to start thinking positive to connect Nagercoil (kanyakumari) -Bangalore daily via Madurai, tirunelveli. (and the prefered travel timings would be [email protected] 5-6:00pm to 7- 8:00am as Arrival on both destinations.
Dear sir,

kindly provide the service . atleast in a hole week one day service from bangalore one day from nager coil that will help to no of thousands people ( via - hosur, madurai, thirunelveli, valliyur ) other wise people they have to pay more money with out any safety & comfort . if the service is provided from railway department that is the real help for public . kindly arrange the same . we are expecting your positive approach & implementaton regard in this .

Thanks & regards,

s.kanthaswamy .
Yes...this is a long pending request from several people.. Every railway budget they announce lot of trains neglecting the genuine people demands.. Hope southern railway will wake up & do something...
It is really a strong forum for reaching our goal.Train between Nagercoil - Bangalore has been declined due to negligence attitude of TVM division and non-care attitude of Madurai Division.
Finally affected are Nagercoil Passengers.SW Railway is keen to run the Bangalore - Nagercoil Train but Madurai division is not allocating the good timings saying the loading in the division.
Divisions are worried of their income not public convinenece.
We should collectively take up this issue with our Kanyakumari Parliment MP.
Are we ready for that ? Then we can achived some 50 %
There is a daily Mysore to Tuticorin train now.It goes to Tuticorin from Maniyachi Jn.It appears that the passenger load factor between Maniyachi & Tuticorin is low.The passengers to Tuticorin can continue in Compartments bound for Tuticorin, with a separate Engine
If the Railways concerned are willing to extend the train from Maniyachi to Nagercoil or Kanyakumari or even to Trivandrum, as a fast Passenger/Express, it will help the persons going to these places.It should reach NCL Jn by 2pm/TVC by 4pm.(earlier than by the present trains 6525/6526
I am sure that this can happen, if the people's aspirations are to be fulfilled.
I do hope that the train can be re-named as Mysore-Kanyakumari or Mysore- Trivandrum Express.
The Bangalore Trivandrum daily Express 6525/6526 can stop @ Trivandrum, if such a train is introduced.
Nagercoil did not get the direct Train to Bangalore because of Madurai SR Division.Currently running Mysore - Tuticorin was earlier running between Bangalore and Madurai.There was a Panic among theMadurai Division that this train would be extented till Nagercoil which falls in Trivandrum Railway Division and they loose the income, so the extented to tuticorin which is a dead end so that it could not be extented to Nagercoil.What they achieved ?Nothing.I have Travelled in tuticorin express from Bangalore after Maniyachi I hardly see any one in the compartments.
Such kind of attitiude should be removed from the railway employees, they should think one India Prespective, Zones and Divisions were introcuded in British rule for better administartion not for the situation currently seen.
South /Western Railway should consider this Route Bangalore - Nagercoil and provide the passengers a Good solution.Trivandrum Diviision never bothered the Nagercoil Passengers, 6525/26 has 46 Stops between Kanyakumari & Bangalore called a express Train.Train which runs between Trivandrum/Kochuveli - Bangalore has only 18 Stops and Nagercoil/Kanyakumari passengers to travel additional 250 KMS if you travel by 6525/6526 .Hence Passenegrs from Kanyakumari District are Ignored by Trivandrum Division and by Madurai Division.
If railway cannot provide a seperate Train from Nagercoil, please provide the Link Train from Maniyachi to Kanyakumari connecting Tuticorin - Bangalore
Only South Western Railway took some Intrest to run a Special Trains whenever possible, but the good Timings were not given by Madurai Division.I should thanks the SWR.Why SR is ignoring ? It is all politics, which never allow our country to grow.Indian Govenmert should remove the Divisions crossing the border of the states, Kerela has a Control over other states in Divisions and those were ignored, that was the cause for formation of Salem Division, earlier Erode, Coimbatore was in hand of Podanur Division and development was completely ignored, now NAGERCOIL, MANGALORE are other states railway network suffering in the hand of Kerala.
When they control they must do it unanimously, not with such partialisities, I request the Indian Railway to connect the Nagercoil/Kanyakumari/Valliyur/Marthandam to Madurai Division so that atleast they will takecare.Whe donot want with the Kerala.They have done complete doubleLining fromTrivandrum - Palghat - Kasargod -- see the condition between Valliyur - Nagercoil - Kanyakumari - Marthandam .
We want a Direct Train for Bangalore from Kanyiakumari via Valliyur Tirunelveli.which covers in 14 hours.This is a Long pending Demand .
Please make a train service from Bangalore to Kanyakumari because lot of people(staying at Bangalore from Madurai Divison means Madurai to Kanyakumari) can utilise this all the days in year and more help during the festival period also. Railway department also get good revenue during this venure and peoples will reach their home without any problem from the bus fare and travel timings.

Atleast If the service will start during weekends also good for us.

We want a Direct Train between Bangalore and Kanyakumari via Tirunelveli, Virudhunagar, Madurai, Salem, Hosur. This is a Long pending Demand.
Pump more mails to the below given IDS, send regularly.
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
It is true that there is no train between Bangalore to Kanyakumar-Nagercoil (Via) Madurai. I agree that a direct train between Bangalore to Kanyakumari & to Trivandrum should be introduced. It is a know factor that the Train Nos. 6525/6526 is running empty between Trivandrum & Kanyakumari. This new train should be a super fast train with limited stops only.

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