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 Mrs. Vishali P S
I received mail You are won Prise By Standard Chartered Bank 40 AREHOUSE ROAD, APAPA, LAGOS, NIGERIA.TEL: +234-[protected]On Letter Head Of Bank & Stamp His Manager want my account no. to transfer fund but i say don't have bank account then he say i will transfer fund by Ecwas Diplomatic Delivery Company his agent come in your home & he pay the amount i clearly say i will not give any handling charges he say ok. then his agent call me from Mumbai he say i come to Mumbai know he want IMMIGRATION amount i say no when you show amount & i confirm currency. then i will pay you IMMIGRATION amount. How So big racket He Call From Mumbai His Cell No. is[protected] I Said I Don't want this amount you go back to your country. i also ask how you carry such big amount in airline he said i have Money license.
Tell Me now what can i do ? tell me whom i will give this mobile no.?

Thanks & regards

Mrs. Vaishali P. S.

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Respecred sir,
I got a message fron natwest online bank department that mrs late laura carvon has made me the next kin of her after receiving the details of mine. She told that she was sufering from cancer and will no live more longer and she wants to transfer the funds to my account in India. after receiving her account details her userid and password .the fund was not able to transfer due to deactivation of account . the created the duplicate website of Natwest bank and making fraud .Sir please take action overWilliams Pfeiffer( Foreign Transfer Manger) Natwest Online Bank Department. They demanded me 580pounds as i belong to middle class family i cannot affort it .please take necessary action over these people as they are so dared to do fraud with the peoples .Please reply me on my email id
Stanard charted is the comany of UK. The blody white Breed and a large number of from india
are helping the Sc to cheat their own people.
i have been contacted by a Miss Alise Mabou and been instructed by her to help release funds left to her by her late father and claims that with your bank a large amount of money was deposited by him and that she is next of kin and that she wishes me to help her transfer the money but i would like to check to see if you, s have a MR Peter Sands in your foreign/wire transfer department the address i was given was Alderman bury sqare london ec2v 7sb can you confirm for me please as i dont want to send sensitive documents just in case the e-mail address i was given

Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card [Manhattan] — Exaggerated Bill amount / fraud

I saw my Account staement that is charged Rs 197.10 extra for no reasons , the statement does not show any transactions for this amount. When I spoke to the customer care , they said it may be some discrepency !

I would like to draw your attention to all those people who use credit card but never sum up the transactions to see if there is any discrepency or FRAUD happening in a tricky way.

This has caused me agony & lot of mistrust and suspicion on the regular banking activities.

I can provide the proof [I have taken a snapshot] of the statement that shows up on the website if required.

Standard Chartered Bank — offending right of information

Around two months ago an executive from standard chartered bank called me up for a new credit card. He took all possible documents from me and vanished. After a month a letter came to me stating that my application is declined. When I called up the customer care asking the informatin about the reason of the rejection they refused to tell any specific reason stating that they cannot provide information under the bank policy norms which is definitely a threat to my right of information as I must know the reason behind the rejection.

Standard Chartered Bank — claiming & harrasing for the Payment already made

With ref to credit card no.[protected] all the payments being made on time always....
last payment of Rs.7660/- made by me,which is not update in Standard Chartered Syatem
Payment is being made on time to the respected bank & its reflected in my statement ,a copy of which is already emailed on customer support email address....
Repeadetly after giving all the details on call as well,i m being harassed by bank's executive calling me up every day starting from 7 .am. early morning with a very rude behaviour just asking for due amount without which is not expected from a organisation.....
all payments in past are being done before time....
please help n resolve the issue....

An quick action is required & expected.

standared chareted bank — transferring money

i am a foerign partener of sharon ojima, in your bank her late father deposites 3.5 us$
by her name&she is next kin how can transfer thise money for my account to give here?

You can now get your CIBIL credit report by contacting CIBIL directly. Check out here:

This should equip with more info on what and depth of damage done by the bank.

Thanks and Regards,

Deepak Vasudsevan
I received the mail from your bank ( )is it scams or not please do verify
awaitng for the reply

For Your Attention:

Dear Mr.rajat roy

Fund Deposit File No.PS101454/SCB/79 refers.

I have been directed by the director of Foreign Operation/ Wire Transfer of the Standard Chartered Bank Plc London to write you in respect to your mail which we received today concerning the wire transfer of $5, 500, 000:00 US Dollars to your bank account.

Actually, we have earlier been informed about by the young girl Miss Rosemary Fumba
(the next of kin of our deceased customer)that she wishes you to be her trustee/representative for the claim of her late father's deposit with our bank.

Her Late father Dr.Moniba.Fumba was our late customer with sum substantial amount of money he deposited with us. Hence you have really been appointed as the trustee to represent the next of Kin.

You are hereby advice to furnish our(Standard Chartered Bank) credit telex wire department with your bank account data where you will receive the fund into peacefully and the rest of the documentations below to carry out the transfer:

1.A power of attorney on your name permitting you to stand for the transfer as the nominated sole beneficiary of the total sum: Five Million Five hundred Thousand United States Dollars.

Note: This Power of attorney must be endorsed by a Senegalese resident lawyer.(Since the young lady is presently in Senegal).

2. The death certificate of(Her deceased father)confirming his death.

3. A copy of statement of account issued to his late father by our bank.

4. An Affidavit of oath from the Senegalese high court.

You are to contact your partner for more directives about getting a Senegal resident lawyer who will get the above mention documents for you.

Note:The above documents are compulsory, and are needed to protect our interest, yours and the next of kin before the transfer can be made. These shall also ensure that a smooth, quick and successful transfer of the fund is made.

Our Standard Chartered Bank swift telex's wire department will commerce the transfer of the total sum to your providing bank account within the maximum of 24 hours once we confirm the documents made on your names.

(We promise to give our customers the best of our services)

Should you have any question(s)please contact our Foreign Operational Director- Mr Duncan Hall through this email address thus Email:(
( or office Telephone Number([protected]/ [protected] ) for more directives/ clarifications.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr Smith Kolle(For Account Department)
Standard Chartered Bank Plc London

Pls advice me if it is possible or not or a fraud.Help me .
Waiting for your reply

I am Victor Jal a Sudanese, I was been asked by Stella Peter whose father had died months back ( next to kin) to assist her transfer $ 4.7 million USD to my account . I am her foriegn partner. What are the possibilities ?

i have received the same information but he wanted demanding rs-29000/- for prcourement of relesing of documents from british high court is there any person in uk finance ministry in name of barr. steve woodgate.

give me respose immdeiately.
am aforegn partern of mercy fumba the daughter of the late moniba fumba who depoisted 5.5m us$ in your bank we have tried to get alawyer but he has not helped as in this case i mean he asked me 920euros and have so far given him 720euros and is demanding me 200euros which i said to pay him after the transfer since i lost my job in the process of getting the money .as am talking write now idont know what to because i have no money to about me am stack and thereis no anyone helping to get the balance please help in this

to standard charterted bank
Standard Chartered Bank
No.54 Jermyn Street
London SW1Y6WL
United Kingdom
E-mail: (
( or (
Telephone and fax: [protected] / [protected] / [protected]

i need your help please because the is likethe lawyer wont help us.
dear sir
my name is lokesh

I received an email form lotto winning claiming i won 153, 720.00gbp
and my money would be in this bank. Can you please explain this to me?

what is this? its fake or true i don't understand
pls explain me.

with regards
from : lokesh
I am getting the following e-mail

All you have to do now is to send you the rates of 250 pounds Sterling to our department for transfer to foreign bank to convert his victory before he can transfer to your account in Brazil and the conversion of their funds to gain your account can not be credited.

To make you understand, you have to come up with the conversion rates required to convert its capital gains before it can be credited to your bank account in Brazil in time to confirm his conversion fees.

You have to act fast yo immediately to allow us to convert and transfer your funds in your account.

Once you make the payment of £ 250 to the Office of Bank Transfer you will earn transfer funds immediately.

Awaiting your quick response ASAP.

Best Regards
Mr. Steven Neil
Chief Accountant of Standered Chartered Bank
I had recieved a mail stating that Miss. Mercy Fumba who is a refugee has an disclosed amount of about 5.5 Million Dollars which she beniffited from her late father Dr. Moniba Fumba and her contact number is [protected] and I want to know if this is for real. Could you kindly let me know wether this is a scam or not cause whe wanted me to find out how she could transfer this funds into my account.

Standard Chartered Bank — cancelation of mcheck on mobile no.9611744448

dear all,

i have registered mcheck facility to make a payemnt towards my two mobile bills, but bcoz of some issues i have cancel the mcheck option from my no. [protected]. And wants to register for other mob no. [protected]. but went i have done the registeration am getting and error the card which u are entering its till existing. so plz disable the mcheck facility on the no. [protected] so that i can register to my other mob no. [protected] it an add on connection. so plz check and do needfull

Mcheck is an very good facility to make a payment on time, i apperciate for the service provided by airtel. i am happy with airtel network.

my request is to cncl and reactv on my other mobile no.

thanks and regards
abdul hafeez

standard chartered / credit card — defrauding in bill amount

I have a credit card of standard chartered bank (Manhattan Platinum) and using it from about a yr. Till the time I was using the credit card and making the payments with late fee and interst charges every thing was fine with bank. On Month of May 2009 there was a outstanding of 81594.50 rupees, I received a call from standard chartered bank ( [protected]), regarding the payment. I asked him for the redemption of the points collected on my card which was 3904, he said me that it is possible if u make the balance payment which is around 77509.91 and he confirmed me that he has put a request for redemption and collect of cheque form my office. I made a payment of 78000.00 so that in 1 or 2 days also there should not be any difference in amount and nothing should be pending. After clearance of the cheque I received a thanks message for the payment. After that there was no message alert or no hard copy bill at the billing address. I was in the understanding that my card is alive. But on October 22 2009 I came to know there is an outstanding amount. I was suprised to hear the same and agin I received a bill at the month end which was showing a pending amount of 8755.90.

I ask the bank person how is it possible. the bank person replied that there was no such request / neither it is possible to redeem the points. I ask the bank person to go for a recheck. the bank told me that u can go for a settlement, which I never wanted.
Then I started digging for the same on november, when I came to Know that every time u talk to bank u should note down the reference no but u cannot confirm the statements whatever the bank has committed or whatever conversation u had, it whole and sole monopoly of the bank. Is this the way they treat customer an add my name in defaulter list.
From 15th november 2009 onwards every day I am calling up the customer care and explaining the same thing but nothing is been solved.
On 26th I had a word with a senior person of Bank (bangalore) she ask me of any written proof or any reference no for the redemption issue. I request her that she can go back to the record and check who had a word with me and who placed the request for cheque collection, then she can catch hold of the member who committed me, but she told that we cant get any such information.
Finally being fed up I agreed for payment what she said is 4900 and if u ask for collection it will be 4975 on the basis that the card will be made active, but again there was a twist that then u have to make your ECS facility active from your saving bank acount, I agreed for the same also and asked her to send a confirmation mail regarding the conversation she said ok. After 5 mins she called back again and said that she cannot confirm regarding the activation of the card.

How should I resolve this issue
hello sir,
i got the mil from a girl named godlind ogwo lovina stating that she needs a foreign partner to take his late fathers deposaited amount from your bank.i want to know whether that is true or not iam giving you the details of that girl's father and his account number please tell it is fake or truth
ACCOUNT NO:SCBUK[protected]/QB/91/A
Dear all concerned,

We have current account in Standard Chartered Bank,

We are facing tremendous problem in all dealings with Standard Chartered Bank, AB 17, Sector I, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700064, India.

For every dealings the Bank Manager and all the supporting staff are telling lies and harrasses the customers.

For openeing the Bank Locker we opened personal account in the bank, suddenly we found the fund in our accout is redecude. Upon enquiry they said as the Locker charge is increased so we have taken out money from your account. This was done without any notification and our consent. Additionally we were forced to go for an Insurance with Bajaj Alianz, which was absolutely unwanted by us.

Next, we were supposed to receive foreign remittance, which the bank was not doing, the branch said give us a letter, then only we can follow up. We showed them the relevant documents for the remittance but they refused to accept that.

Next, We want to send foreign remittance, they started harrasing by not accepting our Official rubber stamp and after passing of 3 to 4 days they said they for you filled up was not sifficient and you need to fill up another set of forms involving Chartered account etc.

The Bank is frequently blocking the TPIN number, on enquiry they say it is due to technical problem, and every time they ask us to change for a new TPIN number.

Many times we have seend frustrated customers are shouting in the Bank but not getting any co operations from the Bank Manager and the employees. Some save us by taking appropriate action to all the Bank staff otherwise legal action may be taken by us under the court of law.

The Bank Management are to be put under legal actions immediately for torturing innocent customers

Sandipan Goswami
Authorised Signatory

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