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[Resolved]  Sun Direct — Customer care giving False assurances

Dear Sir / Madam

We have Sun Direct Set up Box, whose reference # is Smart card "[protected]R", customer Name "Vishawanath Sharma" . The unit stopped functioning as such we lodged complaint on 25th July 2010 by calling in customer care #[protected] Complaint #[protected]. We were informed , our problem will be solved within 48 hrs. We waited for more then 48 hrs, no one came to fix the problem, we called again customer care on 30th July 2010, Complaint #[protected] we were told problem will be fixed within 24hrs. no one reported to fix problem , we had given several calls one after the other, but look like the customer care team dtd: 1st Aug 2010 complaint #[protected] followed with another complaint #[protected] dtd:4th August 2010. thereafter we have been calling almost everyday. always they give timeline and assure us that problem will get solved within 11 hrs or 24 hrs or 48 hrs.

When we ask to give their senior manager # so that we can speak and get to know where is the problem , they will reply back saying like no one is there, seniors are busy , we are not supposed to give any details. sometime they will ask us to hold for sometime by saying that they are transferring to their seniors, after keeping on hold they will silently disconnect the line. when we try again calling at the same number, someone else will speak and say I dont know with whom you spoke earlier and we have to repeat whole story and we will listen the same repeated message that "we noted your problem and will get it sorted within 24hrs" This I think is very serious issue as they are delibertely cheating the customer by not taking the problem seriously, then what is the use of customer care when they are not able to solve the customer problems. instead these people give us false impression of solving the problem. in reality they just take the complain and go off.

We need your help to fix my set up box complaint and also fix these call centre peoples who make mockery of customer care cell. Instead taking note of the problem and escalating internally to get it resolved they just repeate the same message to cutomer . leaving them more frustrated and iriitated everytime the customer calls in. We feel they are making fun of customer. If Sun direct customer care team is not able to fix the problem let them reimburse the amount we spent on buying and installing their unit. If they are not able to provide service in remote areas they shouldnt be selling in for remote areas. or else there should be commitment to their after sales and should be commitment on customer complaints.
We have contacted Sun Direct's Nodal Officer,when we naratted whole story , taken with surprise instead of helping in this matter he gave us their distributers tel # to talk and get it sorted out.
As a consumer we feel cheated by the Sun Direct Company and the customer care cell. we want justice to this. By complaining to this site, hope we can get justice. Appreciate your response on my given email id ( [protected] )

Arvind Sharma
s/o Vishawanath.

S/o Vishawanath Sharma, Jorwar pura, Near Railway Station, PO Ladnun, Distt Nagaur, Rajasthan PIN 341306. Contact #[protected]
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I never had such a horrendous experience. Sun DTH or its Distributors are simply not upto it at all. When I decided in favor of SUN DTH everybody were surprised. The merits of choosing Sun DTH was only because the South Indian channels spread was more. I booked the connection with a distributor called STAR distributors in Andheri East, Mumbai. The nightmare started from that time. The person came for installation after 4 days. He spent 6 hours in Installation, could not complete it and took the money at the end of the day, promised that he would finish the installation the next day and start activation. It is now 6 days and we have been left staring at a screen mentioning “subscription over”. In this last 6 days I have rung up more than 100 times…the SUN DTH call centre and the distributor. The SUN DTH call centers are absolutely de-stressed guys. Please learn Hindi before dialing for even if you choose English on their interactive system, you may be led to Hindi speaking guy who without fail keeps on repeating "shama chaoongha”. Wonder where does that Shama Stay or maybe all their girl friends are known as “Shama”. Time and again, they just note down the name, Smart card # but do nothing, absolutely nothing. As they say Out of Sight and out of mind. For Sun DTH the saying is "Put your phone down and you are out of mind" Do not expect that you call up and things start working. I am sure this call centre is in Gorakhpur for their English Speaking guys are also talking in the same Hindi accent.

I have asked the distributor to send someone to refund the money and I am still waiting for the person to some and take back the connection and refund the money. I have been begging, pleading and also informed him that I have no problems falling on his feet and saying that I am sorry and I have made a mistake, but the distributor keeps on saying “I am sending someone”.

I will never EVER recommend anybody the SUN DTH. They are simply not geared up.

But than as Indians are known to be extremely tolerant. So if you want to test how tolerant you are….go for the SUN DTH connection……


I am a subscriber to Sun direct. I got the connection in a package where the there were a holiday for recharge for one from the date of installation. Thanks there were no problems for the first year.There after the after sale service and customer care is very poor. I am not getting the recharge voucher from the distributor. They always misguide. Waste of time and energy and always i used to quarrel with them to get a recharge voucher which will always be out of stock. Very poor service.No manners I am not recommending Sun direct.
my stb no:[protected].I am not get the 9x channel. pls check the channel.And pls add any tamil channels.
Hi I am Manoj from... Delhi... having the same problem ... i have sun direct connection with number [protected], my DTH has not been working for the Last one week and I had been following this with the customer care for the Last one week with call call after.. this fools at the customer care first of all don't have a log of the complaints that the customer has made.. evry time you make a call they will first sing their song... of telling all the details of the customer then.. would ask all the same things that you would already have conveyed in the prevoius call and then they would give you a TAT of 24 hrs, which would never come... I strongly belive sun should clos down the customer care or remane it someting like customer harrsament center...bcos these buggers don't have a solution to any of the porblem... they don't have a proper escalation matrix ... they don't have good dealers who could help... really pathetic... DTH.. to be with.. would strongly recommend pepole .. pls if you have an option .. go for... some other... Malus... specially if your in delhi...

I am from Mysore and i too have the same issue with the most horrible service of Sun DTH.
I have made up my mind to throw the DTH and Set top box in the garbage and go for a different operator.
Every time you reach the call center, they give different answer. And they disconnect your calls as though we customers are . I am sure Sun cannot run their business like this for a very long time. I only pray to god that all those who are working in SUN DTH should get AIDS

Sun Direct — Complaint not resolved

My Name Is Saravanan And I Have Sun Direct Dth Connection Which Is Really A Waste One Now I Realised. The Problem I Had Is Day By Day The Channels Were Decreasing And I Given Lot Many Complaints To Them. I Didnt Remember Other Complain No. The Last Complain No. Is [protected] Which Was Given In The Mid Of Oct-2010 Till Now This Was Not Rectified After Calling So Many Times The Executive Prathik Said Today That Their Server Is Down So He Told Me To Call After One Hour Which Is A Repeated Dialouge From Them Later He Said He Cannot Help Any Of My Problem So Whatever You Want To Do You Can Do. Please Take Some Action Against Sundirect Or Help Me How Can I Solve My Problem My Smart Card No. Is [protected]R. I Hope This Site Will Help The Customers Problem I A Good Way.


I would like to take the subscribers and to be subscribers attention to the matter that, SUN DIRECT DTH is not giving any technical support to their customers after the complaint is lodged with Customer Services. As the current subscribers know the fact that, there is severe problem in their transmission cycle due to THEIR problem in the satellite. All these days, whever contacted customer care get the reply that "it will be rectified in a week you will be getting free service for the same equivalent days for which transmission was disturbed".

Recently, we started get another message that, OUR SATELLITE has been changed, please contact distributor for FREE re-alignment of dish. Unfortunately none of the distributors are reachable for doing this and no one responds to the calls made to the numbers given by Customer Care.
My complaint number is[protected].

In between, we came across some technical people who ready to do the re-alignment for Rs.300 per dish. SUN DIRECT is INDIRECTLY promote these local technical people by not helping us when required.

I have taken up one year subscription for which I am suffering. With much grivences, I am cautioning other potential Sun direct users to not to opt SUN Direct as they are worst in after sale service.

I am still trying some distributor who responds to CUSTOMER CALLS.


I am from Hyderabad and my Sun direct smart card number is [protected]. From one and half month the customer care just logs my complaints and assures me that my complaint will be resolved in 24 hrs. My issue is not resolved yet. Sun direct customer care is the worst in the world. Please dont buy SUN DIRECT CONNECTION.

Sun Direct DTH — Complaint not resolved even after 1 month follow up

I am not getting channel from 15th October 2010 onwards and asper the instruction on the TV I contacted the distributor and he did not turned up and again I contacted your coustomer care they said they will writh to the distributor still not resolved.

So I logged a formal complient the calling your customer care and the complient number is[protected], every alternate day I am following up with the customer care and still not resloved my issue.
Very very very worst service from sun direct peoples ever i watched.They moved satellite for their purpose, but we are getting suffer, from july onwards they are making alignment in dish for new satellite, first i followed were i purchased, he given me a dealer no, they also not responding properly, afterwards i directly contact the sun direct peoples, till now i am getting the same response. as well as today i am watching only these channels,
1. sun tv
2. k tv
3. aditya
4.jaya tv
5.mega tv
for these channels i am paying 99+tax every month, i am getting suffer for the past one month, but today i received an mail that your validity get expire soon, recharge again.what should i do now...
Most of the channels are made paid, where is the below channels
1. ss music
2. makkal tv
3. fx
4. fx histroy
5. utv auction
Very worst service in network and customer support too.For the customer support through they are making us to wait, for that we have to pay the phone call why?? finally, who had purchased the sun direct, ,
I also want to share the same story as Arvind Sharma. Yes we are cheated by SUN DIRECT...

COMPLAINT NO[protected].
I Am also having the same experience from Sun Direct Customer Service...its a stupid service...they don't know anything about the service and they are not fit to solve the still waiting for the technical support..they said they will send some technicians to solve the Sun direct problems...Card no:[protected]r. where is the support??????plz don't cheat anyone...
I am a customer for SUN direct from Jan 2010. My Smart card number is [protected]. In the month of October 2010 there was a change in satellite and we got an intimation from SUN saying that we need to contact the nearest dealer to change the direction and it is a free service. I logged service ticket also for this with reference number[protected]. But till date no one turned up from SUN direct even after repeated follow up with SUN customer care number [protected] and [protected] . Every time I am getting false commitment from the customer care team. last week I called up customer care again and they given a new reference number [protected] and committed to send a technician by 17.12.2010. till date no one turned up to resolve the issue.

Last one month I am paying Rs 90.00 for getting only 2 channels in my pack and from today I am not getting even a single channel.

Request your immediate intervention as a customer paying for service not getting any support from the service provider even after continuous follow ups .

My Address — false assurance

I had submitted a rquest to upgrade my active package to mega shine package with effect from 13 Dec 2010.Though I was given assurance from my state customer care ( Lucknow ) appox seven to eight times,still this package has not been activated-BK Gupta smart card no [protected]

Sundirect — plz dont take

service is poor. recharging take too much time to activate. login option not availablr in site. ssl security is not there for doing online transaction. add on package not able to activate,

what a dish service. i am not getting how this have 5.5 mill customer, i think all are fed up with the service
I have a Sun Direct connection and the same is not working since 1 week.
I have been registering complaint and they give a false promise of attending the same in 48 hours.
The first complaint no. will not be there in their records after a few calls to them.
Then we have to register a fresh complaint again, by giving the stories.
Each time they will ask for the complete detials, claiming for security reasons, but not respond favourable. I feel by cling these, we will add more phone bill.

I stronglt think, after seeing the complains, there is no meaning to register complaint aganist these guys.
There should be a system, to punish these guys, for not responding to the customers.

And the way the calls have been handiled is like a very arrogent manner.
They will order the customer to speak softly. than handiling issue at their end.

Requesting you people take it forward to get justice form these irresponsible company.

My old complaint No. is SUN317899 & the new coplaint no. is [protected].

My contact No. is [protected] ( Ramamurthy nagar, Bangalore)
I have been fooled very badly by SUN DIRECT CUSTOMER CARE

User Type:Existing Subscriber
Smart Card No:[protected]

I took this connection on 6th May 2013

I’m experiencing very bad service support since from the 1st day of this connection,
1. The vendor who provided me the set up box said that I will be getting the connection with in 1hour But i got the connection only after 3days
2. He never gave the bill for this purchase,
3. When i wanted to Top up my account for the package for 270Rps the shopkeeper said i can top up only for 300Rps
4. Finally i have some Signal problem from 19th June 2013 & have reported this to customer care & have spoken to lot of people like Tabreez, Noel, Siddique, Sumaiaha, & many more, & final Hidayat ( who said he is a manger) said that the technician will come today to fix the issue, I called again on 23rd June ( Sunday ) even then they said the technician will come today to fix the issue, & when spoke to Hidayat he said they are having shortage of technician & are busy in installing new connections & also told me to send an email to [protected] but till now nobody have has called me nor visited my place to fix this issue,
5. I have called nearly 50times but I’m not getting any proper response, they hung my call Or put me on MUTE,
Oh My God...

understand that every body who uses Sundirect has this issue. is there any point posting though as these are the worst service providers in probably whole of Asia

from Delhi

had technical issue and called Sundirect on 31st May when they said that technician will resolve the issue whithin 48 hrs.

Issue : No signal nature of issue : Technical 2: 25 pm on 31st asked if the person will come: the good for nothing CSA said by sunday morning he will come. closed the issue as resolved : no. [protected]. closed with a lie on sunday they said no service is there. on Monday they said by 12 o'clock person will contact and at 4pm, they said by tuesday evening the person will contact. escalation complaint resolved : 1-[protected]. on what basis are they sending message that it is resolved !! ,

i finally got a call on Momday and technician said that they were informed only on Friday by Sundirect that the issue is thee - after 6 days! Never choose sundirect.

issue is opened and no one bothers to call and ask if 48hr deadline is met.

3rd class channel.

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