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I bought an Apple iPod 1GB on August 19th, I approached the Mambalam outlet (where I bought it) and stated that it is having battery problem, They were very very kind, said give the product we will send to service center, in one day we will get it rectified, else we will replace the product, I went back on the 3rd day, now they said it will take one week as we have given the product to the service center for verification. After 1 week when I approached them again they are coming back and telling that it is a software problem and I corrupted it. Its really a funny explanation which they said was given by the service center to them that Apple had split the support into software and hardware and since I corrupted the software I have to pay 300/- to get it fixed. Just for this I had to visit their outlet almost 4 times. The product is still with Univercell.
There is absolutely no reason why the software could be corrupt and even if it, they should get it fixed within minutes by changing the software without anycharge. Its really funny that Apple would replace hardware with no charge but would charge for software correction (with 11months warranty left on the product).
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it is one of the worst worst worst to the core mobile dealer i have ever seen..i bought a nokia N73 worth 13, 650-4 months ago..from t he day i bought there was a problem they were not ready to replace it and its more of a mental torcher more than 10 times it went to the service centre...and it has got one of the worst service and mobile show room in CHENNAI.NEVER BUY MOBILES FROM THIS SHOWROOM ESPECIALLY VELACHERRY .THEY DONT GIVE RESPECT TO THE CUSTOMERS TOOO..."THE MOBILE EXPERT" LOGO IS VERY SHAME ON THEM..THEY ARE USELESS..
i dont know hweter the compliants that are posted here recieve any actions or not i dont think so..but it is just to bring an awarness...to others

Nokia 3110 Classic — Poor Quality

I have Purchased My Nokia 3110c on 26/08/2007 from Subhiksha Store.
From very next Month it giving problem.
Getting restart again & again when insert a memory card. I have scanned the memory card & there is no virus in the memory card.
I have also changed the memory card twice, but the problem is still there.
Two times it will restart & third time phone will switched off. Again i have to restart the phone. It will work properly then. If i switch off the phone update the music library, again it will start giving problem. This is some thing to do with the phone it self. And Also there is problem of sending messages from my mobile through my card only.
when i insert any other sim card the messages are sent but not with my sim card.
please reply as soon as possible and give me the correct method to replace or repair the mobile.
I too have a similar experience with the Univercell Sanatorium branch where I gave my phone for service as the software got corrupted although it was under the warranty period. The service centre staff sent back the phone stating that the phone was third party serviced where in reality it was not. With great difficult I convinced the service centre manager who agreed to open the panel and check it personally by herself. She agreed that it was not third party serviced and agreed to fix the issue. This happened more than a month ago and I don't have a clue of what happened to my phone.
The Univercell Sanatorium branch staff do not take ownership or is bothered to keep a track of the job cards except giving a wague statement that I have to contact the service centre. Believe me you can never reach the service centre number nor no body there picks up the phone.
The sanatorium staff also that they are not bothered even if i send a mail to the MD as it won't be of any use.
I am sure that lots of people also have these kind of issues so I won't also recommend people buying in Univercell. As they have spoilt their reputation.
Very true experience to mee too. It has been the biggest blunder I have ever made in my life to choose to buy a nokia mobile phone from this really stupid agent.
I bought a Nokia 3110 classic mobile phone on the 20 th of november 2008 from trivandrum pulimood branch. Surprisingly the mobile showed low battery signal after 5 to 6 hours of very limited usage as I have another N73 for office use. The problem was mentioned to the agent and he assured a battery change. I was shocked to see a sales guy opening a new sales packet and taking the baterry from that pack and fitting it into my phone. But still the problem was not resolved. I feel now that my phone which I purchased from these unprofessional agent might be a similarly replaced one...god knows.
Three days later I gave the phone and they say it is a software problem. After a weeks time I had to really go after these people to get my phone. they say that the software has been restored. But still my prob was not solved but increased indeed. Now on the first of dec they took it for some big service. I Have no info since then. I contacted the customer care centre and lodged a complaint which was promptly adresses by a lady assuring prompt feedback. But so far she has not found any time to resolve my problems as I guess may customers like me have been indiscriminately cheated by these frauds and they are trying to get rid of all of us. Now what they have got they money na...
But dont take it for granted...I am planning to sue this stupid agent in the consumer protection court to get a new mobile refunded.
first dont use 2gb memory card.
2nd is use 1gb mem card.
3rd is try to keep ur phone memory empty with all basic info dat will already be in the phone.

Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Model No. W5801 — Non receipt of rectified Mobile phone from Sony Ericsson Service Center

With reference to above I wish to bring to your kind notice that I had purchased a Sony Ericson Mobile phone (Model No. W5801 IMEI : [protected] on 20/08/2008.

However all of a sudden the mobile went dead on 27/06/2009 (before completion of the warranty period) and so I gave the same for repair to one of your authorized service center’s M/s. RT Outsourcing Service Ltd., Mumbai on the same day viz. 27/06/2009 (vide receipt no. SEQ09RSL11847). The concerned technician checked my mobile and informed me that the PCB is faulty and has to be replaced. I received my mobile back from them duly repaired on 13/07/2009 but on using the same I noticed that there were still certain defects in my mobile phone such as (a) Voice of the person speaking on the other side of the line not audible . (b) While on hands free mode the voice of the person speaking on the other end could be heard only from one earpiece only & many other problems.

Not satisfied with the job done by M/s. RT Outsourcing Service Ltd., I once again approached another authorized service center M/s. Accel Frontline Services Pvt. Ltd., who checked the instrument but refused to accept my mobile stating that certain parts from my mobile such as Shield, Blue tooth antenna etc. etc. were missing from the mobile, & besides this there were a host of other problems with my mobile such as receiving problems, no mmc, middle panel gap, VMI rejected, RF tampered with, scratches on handset.

Left with no other alternative I once again went back to M/s. RT Outsourcing Service Ltd., and handed over the defective mobile back to them on 2nd July 2009 which was once again accepted by them under fresh work order no. SE309RT110267 Dtd. 15/07/2009 with new IMEI No. [protected].

Ever since that day I have been continuously following up with them w.r.t. the position of rectification of my mobile over helpline no. [protected], but was time and again dealt with quite rudely by the staff monitoring this helpline who were not at all co-operative. Since most of the key parts in my mobile having been reported missing I am not in a position to ascertain whether these missing parts have been replaced or not by the authorized service center, I wish to state that I am not in a position to accept the defective piece & request you to kindly provide me a fresh piece as replacement towards the same.
i have given my mobile(sony ericsson W350) two weeks back in univercel show
room(saibaba colony branch)for service, had heating problem but till now i
have not got my mobile. No information about when will i get the mobile,
very bad service. You have a very bad response. I really dont understand how
long will you people take to service a mobile. Really bad service. Ask your
people to give my mobile in two days else please return the money. How long
can we be without mobile and this is not the first time it always happens

Choice Mobiles — Choice Mobile Hardware and accessories

Biggest Cheats in Hyderabad Jagdish market.
-They Change the originlal parts of the cell with duplicate once
- Demand irrational monew
-donot issue bills
- Fight and insult customers
I want to rise a complaint about UniverCell. I Dont know where to complaint and what are the steps to be taken towards the showroom. I am having a proof of receipt on which date i gave the complaint and face the same problem like others faced. I have recorded the last conversation also for proof.

Pondicherry Univercell is the Worst Shop which i have ever met.

Dear sir,

My warm greetings to you & your family.

I am Ramachandran from Ambattur working for a very leading Korean giant auto manufacturing company in a very senior position near Sriperumbudur.

I wish to bring the following few lines for your attention and to give your staff appropriate advise to keep customers satisfied and to direct them properly.On 17th oct'09 I had gifted two motorola W388 models purchased from you at Ambattur shop to one of my relatives under receipt no:155871&1558706 dt.17th oct'09 in the name of Mr.Praveen but within 10 days of purchase of these two mobiles stated to be problem on the battery, getting weakened within 20 minutes after full charge also & it was reported to your Ambattur shop and there was no convincing reply.Your people have told to take to your sevice centre at Ethiraj salai.Even your land lines given at the back of bills are not wroking why do you give misleading information, see you deal with communication systeme but you do not have any means of communication for contacting any of your offices.

Then I went to your shop and the same reply was given to me also and hence I took to your Ethiraj salai.Your service centre last week & I understood that your service is closed and directed me to go fountain plaza.I went & met Mr.Javed in your shop and he told that Ambattur shop itself can repair this or otherwise I should go to your Alwarpet office.I got annoyed and shouted at him if Ambattur shop could repair why should I be directed to your Ethiraj salai and to pllar to post.Then he spoke to Mr.Raajkumar at Ambattur shop & finally I went to Mr, Raajkumar 4days ago.He replaced one battery new one for one mobile and took the other for sending it to you for observation.I do not understand how come both mobiles that too a new one could have same problem and I was ashamed to face my relatives on what they could have thought of me that I would have given some second hand sets to them.Your univercell so reputed and with lot of adds with cine actor Mr.Madhavan I am shocked how you mislead people.I am next to motorola factory and even I could walk in &make a complaint on this but I thought I should first speak to you and if no response from you then I should go to motorola.

Even the new battery which was given by Mr Raajkumar has got the same problem and I have informed him yesterday.I am tired of your Motorola mobiles and hence request you to take back and give us new nokia mobiles of our choice after going to ambattur shop to select and the difference of money would be paid by me.I do not want to take back my mobiles given for repair as my image is spoilt before my relatives and they are vexed with the mobiles.

Therefore kindly advise your staffs at Ambattur office to give me as requested above after adjusting the cost of these two sets and didfference can be collected from me at the earliest.I shall two nokia mobiles immediately.

I expect your positive response at the earliest or otherwise I may have to take up the matter seriously.

it's a one of worst dealer shop, the educated people will never go to univercel shop, i bought a LG mobile on last tuesday evening, and went to home to charge it, but the battery is geeting heat in half-an-hour when charging mobile, then i try to call the univercel to tell the complaint but no-body is picking the call, and the provided phone no in the bill is the oldest no. when we approach directly on wednesday they will not ready to change the mobile, they will simply saying that if the mobile is taken out from the shop the client will have to take responsible for the product, and they didnt ask about the consumer complaints. and the sales executive people is main aim is sales the mobile. in unviercell there is an insurance for theft and damage, btu nobody will tell about that to client, if we buy the mobile and we send again to ask about the insurance they will tell at the time billing only we proivde the insurance, after the billing it's not possible to provide the insuracne. but the sales people will never say about the insurance at the time of billing, so people pl get aware about the univercel, if we buy the platform mobile it 's work atleat one month.

Universal mobile showroom — Poor service


I had given my micromax Q1 mobile for service( speaker not working) on 23rd april 2011. The mobile is under warranty period. They said it will take maximum one month to get back my mobile. I called them more than 50 times they are saying we will check with the service center and get back to you. But they are not saying the status till now. I went couple of times to their service station they are saying the same thing. I was very much depressed on this service. Atleast they would have said the correct status i would be feel good. But they are replying irresponsible reply. I am having the bill,service charge sheet in my hand.

mobile no:[protected]
They really a sucking guys...am also in same problem facing with them...I wil soon go to consumer court and give a complaint on them...
univercell is worest show room and employes are waste they are treting to coustomers as servents.
I purchase a mobile in your show room in Coimbatore Cross Cut road on 10/06/2012 and that bill invoice no is 4194251 and mu name is R SURESH KUMAR and today while i am travelling in crowd bus i missed my mobile that mobile hand set make is MICROMAX and model is A50 and my mobile no is [protected] and while i purchased they told me that system is not working and we will give hand written invoice copy and afterwards when the system is working we will send the copy of bill to my residental address what i given in bill copy and still now i have not received and when i missed my mobile i went to your showroom and there they told us to come on noon and when we went to noon they told that there is no power and told us to come by evening on evening when go on 6 o clock they told us that there is no net activating now so try to come on tommorow morning .what is going do you think that customer without work i just simply going to your office and by this job i am highly dissatisfied i will visit and let my do the same so please take necessary action in case .and that mobile imei is[protected] and mu mail is sureshvasanthi@yahoo.co.in
Worst online shopping site. I placed the order(UNCO40111) few days back; but don't see any progress on this order and I am trying to reach the customer care since last 3 days; but it always says phone is busy. I tried minimum of 50 times also no reply for my e-mails as well.
Mobile# 91-[protected]
Univercell (Sheshadripuram next to Nataraj theater ) Bangalore worst customer service center.

People there dont know how to talk well . Well they dont know which model the mobile is. I asked for a mobile they were not ready to assist me on the features of it. They told me please go to mantri mall for more information.
Girls here in this location they throw mobiles phones on floor to show their anger.


" Please change the way the service is provided else please replace them with good people unlike worst girls in there. "

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