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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — Foul language by the d-mart staff

 monika.bashisth on Dec 23, 2016
I know the D mart staff at Hinjewadi are rude behaving. Shopping in D mart and asking for help from the staff makes me feel like some low class shopping complex. I bought a coffee mug costing Rs. 79. And wanted it for a gift wrap. however the staff sitting for gift wrap counter. Were foul spoken. And made fun of wrapping a Rs.79 coffee mug.
The standards of D Mart are seriously falling. Due to which I have no future intention to make purchase from this store. Not happy with ther treatment....
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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — Regarding the cash payment made at DMart

 geetanjalikarpe on Dec 19, 2016
My dad has gone to nanded city D mart and swipped the card and cash has not been received by him giving BS reasons that card already swipped.
Please help us as they are unaware of the latest technology .

request you to please hand over the cash to old citizens . Why do you make full to senior citizens . Logging the complaint doent means you have the authority to do any thing....
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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — Illogical policies and customers exploitation

 Pratibha Yash Jaiswal on Dec 7, 2016
7th dec 2016,

This complain is regarding very shameful behaviour of so called D Mart Manager and baggage counter person. After billing and exiting from D Mart, I just reminded that I forgot to buy few things. So again I need to enter in D Mart but those arrogant peoples neither let me submit my baggage at baggage counter because it contains d mart items itself nor they were allowing me to enter me again with already purchased items. I requested so many times that let me enter and seal my packet or just seal n keep at baggage counter but nothing accepted. I was with 8 month baby in...
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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — Bad staff behaviour at Dmart Dombivali, survey no 236 42/237, deslepada village bhopar manpada dombivali east

 saiswami on Dec 6, 2016
Today 6th December 2016, visited Dmart Dombivali east, I am seeing that the staff behavior in dmart is disrespectful (especially of ladies) I have seen several times when they pass sarcastical remarks or stare even the customers are seen almost pushing others even when there is no rush, nobody seems to supervise this.
Will be highly obliged if the staff and customers as well are supervised....
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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — Refund of damaged product

 Pratik192 on Dec 4, 2016
My Name is Pratik on 12/11/2026 I had purchased a trouser from D Mart Hadapsar Pune. which I found damaged bt due to sudden sickness i was unable to visit the store and on 3/12/2106 I approached the store raising my concern with the Staff but they refused to exchange or return saying we have a policy of seven days only. don't they have exceptions to such policies which are meant for customer exploitation.
I request you all to Suggest d mart stop selling cheap products and focus on customer relationship....
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Dmart — Not returning my product and cheap behaviour of store employee

 keertini on Nov 24, 2016
Hi, last sunday (20/11/16) i went to dmart which located in near jayanagar 4th block. I bought few things in that actually i want to buy dove shampoo. But i took dove hair conditioner, in hurry i didn't see it properly and store was full of crowd. After i came to home i got to know that it is conditioner not a shampoo, and today (24/11/16) i went to store they were not taking it back. And here i have to mention one thing in the store didn't even display cosmetics are not returned or exchange. Store employee said very rudely and i said that i didn't even open for me its waste, at least if you return...
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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — All the biscuit packets

 Cassie Paul on Nov 17, 2016
Biscuits sold by dmart like Unibic, krackjack, Britannia nutri choice. I have found insects in all the packets, I do have proof for the same and after complaining and requesting to ask the people to stop the buying, the manager says that has they did not receive any complaints by others they wouldn't be able to take any action.
It's my humble request please stop the sale or kids around will have some or the other stomach problems

Cassie Paul...
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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — Twice charges

 wonderfull on Nov 15, 2016
I was going for shopping in d_mart hinjewadi pune, after taking all the goods, i was gone for the payment the mode of payment by me was epayment, at the time of payment, the cashier give me the sleep, bt i got the information that the deduction was made twice time, i called up the manager immediately. inspite of seeing the mischarge they said it happens, and they demanding me the banks details about transaction,

Victim person name - vijay madhavrao pandavvir

Contact no-[protected]
Complainer name - deepak kumar...
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D Mart — While returning an item 2% charge is deducted in case the mode of payment is card

 Shweta Baldevkumar on Oct 23, 2016
D Mart is big venture like Big Bazar, More, Food Bazar. Recently I returned an item which I had bought using credit card. To my surprise, they had deducted 2% as it was card charges. But the return amount slip that I signed had the actual return amount and not the deducted price. They maintain a separate register (manual entry) which record the deducted amount.
My complaint is D Mart is not way too small shop to deduct 2% card charges. Secondly they must upgrade their system to reflect the deducted price on the return slip. And also the staff must inform the customers while buying products...
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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — Staff behaviour

 sandeep kumar chaudhary on Oct 18, 2016
I visited my nearest d mart store at panel navi Mumbai. I purchased seven items. Went for billing at the last counter. She refused to bill first saying that it is a counter of billing for up to 10 items when I counted the items and showed that it is less than 10 she billed it but argued me. It is to remind you that the counters were empty. I called the manager on duty. On that an employee namely mr. Sandeep sharma came to me and he said that he is the senior most employee of the mart . When I asked that why would you not bill a customer if his goods for billing is 12 to 14 in quantity and the billing...
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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — Nivea powder

 anamary fernandes on Oct 11, 2016
The powder is half 400gram bottle only 200 gram of the powder is in it I am shocked the bottle to see half it is still sealed.i want it replaced as soon as possible I didn't had this expectations from dmart such a big bottle and only half of the powder is filled this is how u cheat peolpe.hence forth we won't buy any stuffs from dmart customer service is also very low in dmart and then you people cheat customers in this way very bad I am too much disappointed with ur service....
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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — They float their own rules

 vilwadriraju on Sep 23, 2016
Re: d’mart, mulund west, mumbai.

I am a regular customer of d’mart, mulund. They have express checkout counter where the quantity is limited to 10. They have differenciated between quantity and items.
And the express check out says upto 10 quantity. If you buy 11 numbers
Of one item you are disqualified to use this checkout.
But alas! It does not happen. The cashiers apply their own rules as also the team managers, supervisors, managers etc.
I like to take advantage of the express check out, so i limit my purchases to 10 or less.

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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — Defected shirt return/exchange

 Ashgupta70 on Sep 17, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to draw your attention about my experience at Kharghar D Mart. I bought three shirts (each costing Rs 399) about more than a month back. I took trial of same company(JAFF) shirt of same size as provided by store lady. Out of these, two shirts fitting was found perfect however when I opened third shirt before two weeks, it was quite tight on sleeves. therefore I went to D-Mart customer care and told the customer care person about this and I told that I do not have bill but tags are still attached to my shirts so you can trace back. But that person was quite rude...
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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — Destroyed my master debit card

 manoj chalke on Aug 11, 2016
Dear sir/ma'am,

I was visited to d'mart (dhokali naka - thane west store) on 03rd august for purchasing some essentials post i used my master debit card for billing purpose but somehow i forgot to take it back. after realizing that i forgotten my debit card at d'mart i immediately rushed back to d'mart (within 24hrs) but they destroyed my debit card.
After some arguments they told me to go and registered the complaint against us.
Now my bank charged me rs. 230, this must be reimbursed to me through d'mart

Thanks & regards
Manoj chalke
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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — Increasing the size of my family by declaring other customers to be part of my family

 Kunal3008 on Aug 9, 2016
Incident in d mart ramachanderpuram
Hi. I wanted to buy green tea packets, but was given just 4 quantity of it. On asking the manager p nagi reddy i was informed that only limited quantity
Is given to the customer. I agree that there can be restrictions on the quantity, but can the quantity decided on the mood of the manager? One of the fellow customer who tried to support me was denied a single packet stating that she is part of my family and only 4 quantity can be provided per family.

Can i get an explanation of why this restriction was imposed, specially on her,...
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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — To about lost my t-shirt

 sangam garg on Aug 8, 2016
Sir/ madam
My name is sangam garg.. and lived in kanjurmarg (west). i went in dmart (kanjurmarg) in evening..08/08/2016. i went in changing room for trial a new tshirt... i hang my tshirt (that i wear on hanger) in trial room. then i came out to buy a paint. when i return back for trial paint, my shirt was not there. i found my shirt was not there. i asked to security he said, i dont know. he gave not any proper answer. and my shirt was lost.
Ir plz tell me what to do.....
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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — Charged for the things that were not bought

 Bonani on Aug 8, 2016
D- Mart has taken money from us for a biscuit packet that was not taken by us. We bought many things and were not able to understand whether we really took that or not. When we checked the receipt at home, then only we understand that the biscuit packet is not with us for which we had to pay. Again today they took Rs. 20 money from my husband for a carry bag which they told that I took it from them to put my things. But the truth is I used an old bag which I brought from home. I was not aware they took money for the bag from my husband as I was waiting outside. Afterwards when my husband told about...
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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — Security purpose

 HaryoHaryom on Aug 7, 2016
D-mart security guard are very rudely behave with ladies and children they are using bad language with them and i told them that stop otherwise i will fill the against complain you then they told me that go get lost and do whatever you do and their colleague's are laughing and they are also told us call chief minister he will also not do anything of us. They are no fear about any one including chief minister. So their security is 3rd class security what i told about that brain less people's....
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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — Free gifts on product purchased.

 Rubikabani on Jul 29, 2016
This happens with me everytime i visit demart. Everytime if i purchase anything from demart which has a free gift free on the main product, they fail to give me the free gift.
When happend in the begining i ignored, but now this is happening everytime. This is in regards to mira road demart.
I have the bill and product with me which says free gift available....
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D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — Price tag on display

 ASHOK MATHUR on Jul 20, 2016
Date 19.07.2016
C. M. No.08-0059
Cashier am /08
I visited on that i pickup ghee patanjali rate was display rs.450/ but m r p was rs. 460, but in that bill they refuse to give me the product on display price. I feel it is cheating to the coustomer.

I feel it is learnt the price which you have displayed to the item, you to pay on that price.

Ashok mathur
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