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HDFC Bank Customer Care

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Mumbai City District
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 Tulsi Ram Sahoo
Dear Sir,
I was using hdfc credit card. I was working with Tata aig, Bhubaneswar. Now i am jobless and still searching for a job, it will take some more time. The collection people from hdfc regularly harassing me and my old parents, i am not saying i will not pay, defenitely i will pay they should stop harassing using rough languages. I was a good customer to the bank my intention is not bad. I have stated this thing no. of times to the collection people, but she is still harassing me. My father is a old retired teacher, and collection agent (Shipra Mohanty, Bhubaneswar ) is regularly behaving in a rough manner, it really hurts me.They were behaving like mafia, gunda.

Pls help me in this regard.

With Regards,
Tulsi Ram Sahoo
Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:41:15
maa chod de uss ke - wo saali kuch nahi kar sakti - koi collection agent tera kuch nahi kar sakta - fir loadge kar de - saale court mai suit file karege - karne de - court mai bol dena paise nahi hai jab honge tab de doonga court 500 rs per month per freeze kar dega poora amount.

ye saale collection wale darana jaante hai - ye sochte hai ke agar ghar waalo ko kuch bolo to insult ke dar se paise mil jaayege - arre besharam ban jaao - bheekh mat maango -
i[censored] r a good coustomer they should realise the fact at the same time you should also understand that they are doing their job and collection is important for them so, do not get panic nd talk to hdfc people.
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


     Navin Kumar
    Dear sir,
    I am holding the HDFC bank credit card no. [protected], (Value plus, VISA) since 2005. This card was issued to me in Delhi (B-2/263, Yamuna Vihar, Delhi-110053). now i have taken a job change and left Delhi for Ambala cantt. (Haryana) in April, 2009. To drop the monthly payment cheque with in time, i requested customer care executed to change my address. They asked me to drop the letter mentioning new address along with PAN card photocopy. I did the same but later on i was informed by bank that my signature is mismatched (Being a human being slight change in the sign over a long period i.e. 4 usual, PAN card was also having the same signature). Again customer care executed told me drop a letter asking for the Signature Declaration Form. I did the same two times, but credit card division did not send me the form.
    The problem is that i took a loan from this card that is paid by me on EMI basis. Since the address in the card is of Delhi. Therefore i have to drop the cheque in Delhi only otherwise outstation charges will be leaved on me.
    They have also updated my card to Gold card on my request given earlier but new card went to my previous address in Delhi and went back to HDFC bank since i was not there to receive the card. Now they have altered my account no. also according to my new card that i did not receive. Even i do not know my new card account no.
    Now neither i have the access to my monthly statement because it requires the new card no. to look inside, nor getting my address to be changed. Also the credit card division is not sending me the Signature declaration form.
    Since every month i have to drop the cheque in Delhi against the dues (Delhi is 200 KM from here) this is very inconvenient and harassing me mentally and fiscally as well because they are also leaving late fees upon me if the payment is late for even single day (I am managing the cheque to be dropped at least before two days of due date).
    Hoping for the necessary action
    Thanking You
    Navin Kumar
    H.No.- 11
    Tubewell colony, Mahesh Nagar
    Ambala Cantt., Haryana-133001
    Mobile no- [protected]
    Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:41:11
    Dated: 03.10.2010

    Sub: Complaint Against HDFC Bank Credit Card Nuisance

    Reference : HDFC BANK CREDIT CARD NO: [protected].

    Dear Sir,

    I regret to inform you and for your kind notice that I was holding and HDFC Bank Credit Card vide no: [protected]. In that card, my credit limit was Rs.2, 38, 000/- and after that Bank has revised and reduced the Credit Limit from Rs.2, 38, 000/- to Rs.1, 77, 000/-. I have used my Credit Limit and I have already paid Rs.2, 77, 371/- against my Card as per their statement dated 17.03.2010. I had no outstanding against my Card. Only some Interest Charges were Lying in my Card.

    On that basis, I have requested to Bank to settle and convert my some Interest dues amount sympathetically in to fresh simple EMI after reversing all the Late fees, Extra Interest Charges and the unnecessary fees charged by the Bank Intentionally. Due to my tremendous financial problem, I was not in position to submit my children’s school fees and house rent also which already I had discussed this matter frequently to their customer care executive over phone & at least 14 to 15th times and sent 14th to 15th frequent reminder letters also.

    If you see the Receipts & Payments A/c of my Card, from beginning to end then you can easily observe that, I have made already over and excess payment against my used amount through card. If you see my accounts I have already paid the excess amount which the money I have used through Card. If the bank waive my unjustified Interest and Late fees, then nothing outstanding will be pending against my card. Which amount I have used against my Credit Card, Out of that, I have made excess payment against my used amount.

    Being a preferred customer for long time, I have changed my address, phone no etc honestly. As a result of which, their Recovery agency/goons have started to hassle me mentally and also my wife, not only that, they also used abusive and very rough language over phone and came to my office and insulted me in the front of everybody with very abusive and slang language and told me to make the payment immediately, otherwise they will attack me and my family with their team and told me that, they will thrash me in the front of my society and also told me that they will abolish me from my job. I am a very simple Private Company’s employee and simple middle class family. That incident happened for last 5 to 6 months. After completion of their mental and physical harassments, HDFC Bank has sent the Legal court notice to my address. I am a very simple and middle class family member and a very simple employee of a private company. Bank continuously pressurized me to take the credit card.

    Trying to claim huge amount intentionally from customer, that is the practice of HDFC bank .Please tell me, Is it a Reputed Bank ???

    My Credit Limit was Rs.1, 77, 000/- and I have paid Rs.2, 77, 371/-. If my intention was bad then, why I will make the payment for Rs.2, 77, 371/-. Their Intention is how to raise the Interest amount and late fees unnecessary and pressurize to customer mentally. Trying to claim huge amount intentionally from customer, that is the practice of HDFC bank . Is it a Reputed Bank ???

    Due the tremendous mental harassment to me and my family, My wife is not well and she also feels very insecurity. Please help me and my family from HDFC Bank’s Credit Card nuisance.

    Thanks with Regards,

    Manas Ray Chaudhury

    NB: Threatening Calls came from Phone no:[protected]. Mr. Manjit, Mr. Hitesh, and one Lady (Not told her name)

    [protected]Mr. Sunil, Mr. Dubey [protected])

    NB: In spite of repeated request, the HDFC Credit Card Division were not Co-operating with me. Their actual Intention is bad and how to harass the customer mentally and physically in public place.
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


       dheeraj thakur
      Dear Sir,
      I was using HDFC card four years back. I applied for a housing loan and I came to know that there is outstanding in my name. I approached HDFC collection centre at Chandigarh and it was told to me that there is outstanding for Rs. 98000/- in my name and if I want to settle the issue same can be settled for Rs. 20000/- which I paid and obtained receipt of the same. I asked for the statment which was never provided to me. If i will get the statement I have note used the card even for Rs. 50000/- and as per me there was an outstanding of Rs. 3000/- appx. When I contacted cibil authorities I came to know that outstanding is just Rs 8200/-. Now kindly let me know how I shall get my refund back.
      I am also planning to go to the consumer court in order to get my money back.
      Looking fror a early reply.
      with regards,
      Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:40:55
      Dear Sir,

      I Shalini.Tiruvaipati holding an corporate salary account with HDFC bank and even using an HDFC Visa Women Gold Credit card [protected] of worth 40, 000.

      I have received a statement of 04/10/09 where i found an transaction of Rs.718.54 on 21/09/09 done on EASY SAVER, but on such particular day i didn't do any online transaction.Could you please review it from your end and send me all the details related to EASY SAVER[protected] transaction.

      I would like to block the credit card in order to avoid such type o[censored]nnotified transactions and Please revert with a new card ASAP.

      Thanks & Regards

      Shalini Tiruvaipati
      Group Technology Infrastructure Services (GTIS)
      Global Operations Control
      Scheduling Group
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


         Ani GN
        Dear Sir,

        Please be informed that HDFC bank is one of the most fraudulent banks ever realised.I had a HDFC bank credit card around 4 to 5 years back.And teh card was settled around 3 years back because one of the collection agents abused my then boss.Full and final settlement was made and the issue was resolved.
        Today after 2 and half years they come back saying an amount is overdue.
        with a bank notice.
        Please advice.
        As i am married now and my parents live alone.

        Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:40:46
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

          HDFC Bank Car Loan — fraud [Resolved]

           hari bains
          i m hari bains i was applyed a loan against my car... i was apply this jalandhar is d. m. a delta chamber 4th...
          Complaint comments  Comments  (1)


           SATWANT SINGH
          Dear Sir/Madam/Forum/Company,
          We are issue this notice on the behalf of our client Mr.SATWANT SINGH Resident of Village...
          Complaint comments  Comments  (6)



          everytime i used to pay through online service of HDFC but this bank was prompt in giving me a confirmationmessage that they have credited the amount to airtel account, but this airtel people used to call me often even after the payment and i should ask them to check their system. i dont know why such problems come.

          Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:40:25
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


             manleen kaur
            I own a credit card of hdfc from the last 2 yrs, my outstanding amount in last year aug 2008 was around 13000, i was regularly paying my installments then i felt the amount i was giving was just deduction of interest and my principle amount was as usual standing i asked Mr rajan (collection executive ) for a setllement he talked to someone at the same time and the same person on the other side of the phone told me that i have sent ur request of settlement and waived off the interest and settled ur account in 11000/- i have agreed to that but nobody has told me that i will recieve a letter for settlement, he told me that ignore your statements, then again in march when i got a call from some executive that ur installment is due, i explained the same to him on the phone and in march 2009 when Mr.anil manchanda from janakpuri office called me for the payment due to month end i have told the whole story to him and he said that no pay ur current installment and ur request for settlement is already updated in the system & ur outstanding amount is 4000 only and he told me that due to month end i need to pay my installemnt for march 2009 and he will dispatch the letter in a day or two, and i have made the payment of Rs-1000 as an installment amount to the executive, then after some time when i again asked for the settlement letter i was told on phone that there is no settlment has been done on my card and my oustanding amount is 19000 something and now without any information and intimation my account has been put on hold from 1 june onwards and nobody is either responding on cutomer care, and these people are really harassing me apart from my regular payments.

            i raelly belive that in respect to this complaint i will get some relief
            Manleen kaur
            Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:40:15
            sir i have paid the last payment on 5/10/09 but the cheque is not passed due to some reason but your staff add the late fee charge . this not my fault sir so please adjust this charges or cancel my credit
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


               Debasish Mukherjee
              Dear sir, I have a saving A/C with my father ( 63yrs) Sunil Kr. Mukherjee in HDFC BANK Telco extention Br. Jamshedpur.A/C No.[protected].While using Hdfc Atm, Macine suddenly offed due to power failure. There was no UPS system in Atm, Resulting My card captured. Nearest Branch ( telco extention) advised me to go 10 Km away Main Branch ( bistupur) with my Id proof to receive the card . As my father have spine problem cant move any where, In main branch they deny to hand over the card to me as I am also the joint holder in the same A/C.
              Sir, For this Unexpected reson and Bank's fault We are suffering a lot. They are showing me our safty and never admit there foult ( malfunctioning ATM Ups).
              Bank Responsable Person Mr.PREM SAGAR .
              HDFC BANK, Main Branch Jamshedpur.Ph. no [protected]
              I hope a simple consumer will get the true remidy.
              Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:40:07
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                 Jaydeb Chakraborty
                Respected Sir/Madam,

                Since July 2007 I have been waiting for a copy of CONVEYANCE DEED which supposed to be collected by HDFC from Barasat D.S.R. Two weeks back I called up HDFC official and came to know that the paper is yet to be collected.

                On 4th July 2007 I have submitted original IGR (No. I03145 CONVEYANCE DEED) at HDFC Salt Lake branch. I have provided sufficient guidance to your staff how to reach Barasat D.S.R - I North office. Phone number of my Lawyer has also been given for your convenience.

                Being a part of corporate society, I am really surprised by the way of service they are providing. Not a single person kept their promise and they repudiated giving tentative time of completion perhaps evaded deliberately.

                What to Do:

                1) Pick up the original IGR (I-0315) from your office.

                2) Reach at Barasat D.S.R – I North office.

                3) Show the Original IGR and collect the CONVEYANCE DEED.

                4) Give me a Xerox copy (both side of the papers) of Original DEED.

                These four simple steps are not being done by them since July 2007.

                Please investigate the matter why delay is taking place and let me know if you need any kind of farther assistance.

                I would expect an earliest action from you.

                Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:40:04
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                  HDFC Bank — Credit card application [Resolved]

                  I am a customer of HDFC Bank since March-2006.I have saving(salary) account and current account in HDFC Bank.I...
                  Complaint comments  Comments  (5)

                  HDFC Bank Credit Cards — False promise for giving Credit Card [Resolved]

                  Within last three months agents from HDFC bank has been calling me up for availing their credit cards. Both the time I have...


                   Santosh Pradhan
                  Dear Sir/Madam,

                  I am disappointed on your co-operation since my regine date November 13, 2008 & also I have visited your branch, emailing, making calls & sms so many times to your company. But there is no response from your side. And instead of co-operating me you are threating me to spoil my career.

                  During my working hour suddenly you forced me to regine without any reason & prior notice. And also you threatened me to terminate & spoil my career if I would not regine. So I've got afread and regined immediately. You had comitted on the same day that you'll wave me 3 months basic salary towards my 3 months notice periods.

                  Since I was a confirmed employee with your organisation. According to your company rule you should provide the followings:

                  1. My remaining 1 Month Salary
                  2. LTA
                  3. PF
                  4. And my previous company PF which already i have transfered to your company.

                  I have already filled up the PF form after 15 days of my regination date but you are not forwarding it to PF office so far.

                  Now you forgot all your commitments instead of paying me all these things you are asking me to pay around 8 thousands. And also you are mistreating me & wasting my time whenever I visit your company. This is my last request to you to solve my problem as soon as possible.
                  Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:39:14
                  Dear Sir,

                  My Employee code is 21999,
                  My pf account no is PF/21999
                  I had resign from my company in feb, and also claim for pf at 25th apr. but still i don't get it.

                  pls do something about it.
                  my mobile no is [protected]
                  Dear, can you all please provide me my private PF account i want to trf my PF amt in the new organisation. i request you all to plz help me you can contact me on [protected] for futher details.

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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                     Rajesh Behl
                    I used my ATM card( My Saving A/C No.[protected] bank name: State Bank of Patiala, Branch : Power Colony, Ropar) to withdraw Rs. 2000/- from HDFC ATM machine No.E1AWCD12 located at Sector 35C, Chandigarh on dated[protected] round about 19.00-19.30 hours). All the process was completed but actually amount Rs.2000/- did not come out from the machine. I again put my ATM card in the machine but after that it did not process. Then I went to SBI ATM located at Sector 22, Chandigarh and withdrew Rs.5000/- from the ATM and also collected Mini Statement. But I was surprised to see that Rs.2000/- was debited by HDFC ATM machine No.E1AWCD12 from my account during the unsuccessful transactions at the HDFC ATM machine. Due to some technical fault or inconsistency which might have occurred ATM machine, Rs.2000/- were deducted from my account but this money was not received by me.
                    So please do the needful and reverse Rs. 2000/- in my account.

                    Yours sincerely
                    Rajesh Behl,
                    35-B, Sunny Enclave,
                    Desumajra, Kharar.
                    Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:39:11
                    What is AQD Code? Printed on HDFC ATM Receipt.
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                       PRANEET VIG
                      I have been using HDFC bank credit card no [protected] for last 3 years. But this type of Problem never happens. Last month i did a transaction of Rs 782/- to the BSNL Ltd to pay my mobile bill. Once the transaction failed from the Bank due to some connecting problem with the Server. So after sometime i again tried to pay online, the transaction was done on second try.

                      But it is surprising for me when i received the statement both the transaction was debited in to my account and the bank is asking ti pay both the payments. Also in my statement of BSNL the amount of Rs 782/- was paid only once from the HDFC Bank. So why they are asking for both the transaction.

                      Please do the needful.

                      Thanking You

                      Praneet Vig
                      Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:39:05
                      I an having HDFC salary account, On 30th April i tried to withdraw cash from HDFC ATM it's not working so i tried from other bank ATM it declined ther transaction slip come from ... next day when i check from account the amount was debited and when call to HDFC bank they launch complaint. after one month they confirm that's false transation and revert in my account. very next 2 days again they deducted from my account same amount and said that transaction was cleared ... suggestion me some action against them ... amount was not big but if happen agin when amount was large then what ...
                      Dear Sir,

                      I witnessed somewhat same issue while making a payment to ICFAI university towards exam fee. My HDFC card has charged Rs. 2000 twice because the first transaction has been declined. I called HDFC customer care and reported the same. They took the complaint in a real positive manner and asked me to drop a handwritten letter to any near by ATM dropbox for the cancellation of second(repetitive) transaction stating the complete scenario. In next statement the amount has been reversed.

                      I would advise you to call HDFC customer service and lodge a complaint. They will surely suggest you something.

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                        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                         Naina Gupta
                        This is Naina Gupta...I have been working in HDFC Bank Ltd as ADFC from 2006...I want to bring to kind notice of Mr.Aditya Puri regarding the mental harrassment being done to ADFC Epmloyees...we are treated like dogs, , , , , our seniors use abusive languages against us...we are forced to keep our mouth shut...we are forced to work for late mights...there is no time limit of oir work...we receive nothing for our late sitting...and we ask for our late sittings we are blown away by our boses...there has been many instances when we are abused by HDFC employees infront of our customers...plz think what sort to image the customer will have about the HDFC staff working in HDFC Bank...there are cases when we ask for some help or some advice from our immediate supervisors we are refused and always we are asked as to what sort of expereince and tried like dogs...we are asked to do wat we are asked to do and not to use our brains and when we cum out with some valuable suggesstion then also we are made to keep or mouth shut...many of the HDFC employees leave the bank before the office time and they go out for shopping etc ...they are provided with sat off and we are not even allowed to take a single leave when we ask for leave we are pointed towards our work that i[censored] will go on leave who will do your work...the salary is so low that it hardly serves our living...due to this dirty atmosphere...every ADFC employee is searching for new jobs they are feeling difficult to work in such dirty atmosphere where abusive lanaguages are used for females staff as ADFC...Mr.Puri we are looking at you with helping hands kindly do something to streamline the process else the time will cum when anyone would not to like bank as ADFC...please its a humble request since most of the ADFC employees are loosing their moral working in HDFC Bank...our life is becoming hell day by day...
                        Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:39:04
                        till now no action is taken against my compliant the situation is the same..we are facing same mental torcher and harrasment from HDFC Employees will any one look into the matter and take necessary action...we have some hope iwth Mr.Aditya Puri but it seems that now we will have to end up without anoy support from Mr.Aditya Puri...
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                          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                           JAYDEEP SINHA
                          Dear Sir,
                          This is Follow-up To The Recent Mails That was Sent By me in Reference To Continuous Mental Torture And Public Harassments To me and my Family Members Inspite Of Regular Payments On the Card. All the mails Pertaining To The Same is Here-by Enclosed For Your Further Reference.
                          There Has Also Been a Legal Notice Sent By My Lawyer On My Behalf. This Legal Notice Was Sent on 6th of May'2009.This Notice Was Issued Specifically Against The Concerned HDFC Banks' Tele-Caller MOUSOMI BANERJEE( Who sometimes calls Herself As Moumita Banerjee too!!) ((Extension no. [protected]/ [protected]).Simultaneously I Had to Lodge a Diary with the nearest Police Station for the same Which was Registered as G.D.E No.-13 Dated 01.05.09...
                          But, Even After A Lawyer's Notice and a General Diary, there has been Continuos Harassment From HDFC Banks' Concerned Collections Department Till Date !! First of all, There was one tele-caller Mr Ravi kumar Shaw(Desk No- [protected]) who continuosly harassed me and threatened me in filthy languages.Then, on 3rd of june'2009, The Concerned Bucket Manager Mr Sankar Das (Desk No[protected]/[protected] ) called Me up and subsequently Threatened me Either to make Immediate Payments In the Card or face Dire consequences..Even when i Promptly Reminded this Person Of the legal notice issued from my side, He Just Didn't paid any attention and In a very rough tone said this Legal Notice does not hold any good !!
                          Now, It is very much evident that Till date no steps has been taken against the concerned persons..Such is the audacity of the concerned persons that they are not even entertaining a lawyer's notice!!
                          Now, are we living in a place where law and order doesn't have any significance at all?? Does A bank have a Grievance-Addressal Department only FOR SHOW?? What is a Customer Care Department all about ?? For the last one month i have not seen a single development from Your Side Regarding This Continuous Harassments..

                          Who has given a bank the right and audacity to harass and torture the family members of a card holder??
                          If this harassments continues, then in the near future, having no other alternative, i would be compelled to take Appropriate Legal Steps before the Appropriate Court and Law.
                          Thanks and Regards,
                          Jaydeep Sinha
                          MOB NO-[protected]
                          CREDIT CARD NO.[protected]
                          Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:25:58
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                            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                            HDFC Bank Debit Card — Lackasidical attitude of your office (Ph No 22881234) [Resolved]

                             Atreyee Talapatra
                            My shipment no is [protected], the HDFC debit card. When I call your office (at no[protected] and we decide on a certain date...
                            Complaint comments  Comments  (3)


                             Ajay Thakur
                            Respected Authorities


                            Through this mail i would like to present a very disgraceful experience i face with HDFC Bank.

                            I own a credit card No. [protected], due to sum unavoidable circumstances i was not able to pay my minimum amount due on my credit card by due date, which i already informed to collection department. My credit card is already in settlement mode.

                            Later on June 1st i came to know that my all amount in my current account ([protected]) put on hold, that also without intimating me.

                            Am not understanding how a multinational bank can go such a cheap level to interfere in their customer accounts that also without intimating them??? i Issued many cheques, now who will pay their bouncing charges??

                            Regarding this i called to customer care, they given me one number when i called their that number was fake, again i called customer care they ask me to contact credit card department, credit card service representatives ask me again to call back to banking officer, i was very frustrated, my thousands of rupees wasted in calling from one department to another department. i was begging them to give me collection department number, anyhow i extract that number from my friend.

                            I called to collection department, they transferred me to the concern lady who is handling my account, ( i dont know her name but the contact number is[protected] &[protected] I asked her am ready to pay my balance minimum amt due's and even ready to pay necessary late fee charges, but the behavior of that lady was very worst.

                            I was giving her respect but she was acting as i had owed money from her, she used vulgar language which i never expected from HDFC, she was not ready to give me solution for unholding my funds, on the contrary she was cursing me. what is this???

                            She told me she called me and i didnt picked her call, in fact my mother already talked with her, she started to teach me her job, I told her calling to customer is your job and you did not done any hardship on me.

                            She was continuously disconnecting my called, i was fed up of calling her, i just wanted to know solution o[censored]nholding my funds, but she was giving call to her colleagues, who were just saying sorry we cant do anything.

                            Now just you tell me please if phone bankers dont know? credit card customer care dont know? collection department dont know, then actually who knows what we customer should do??where should i go to defreeze my funds?? finally my patience comes to end and i decided to complaint regarding HDFC employees such unprofessional, unethical behavior.

                            It has been almost more than 48 hours since my account is on hold, and yet i did not received any clarifications & resolutions.I already escalated this matter to my companies Account department, they already having tons of complaints agains HDFC bank from my fellow colleagues.

                            Am very much upset by the HDFC such behavior, If i will not get satisfactory resolution to my matter, am going to escalate this matter to higher government authorities and even in process to review with media & print media.

                            Am ready to pay minimum amt due but first please assist me un holding my funds & please teach HDFC employees who are associate with this bank directly or indirectly to intimate the respective customers before playing with their account numbers.

                            Due to parents health issue am already facing huge problems.

                            I hope you the higher authorities will take necessary action on their staff, who dont even have basic ettiquetes or say manners wih their customers.

                            Waiting for optimistic reply.
                            Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:37:40
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                               Rajendra Kharpuriya
                              Dear Sir,

                              I Rajendra Kharpuriya holding corporate salary account with HDFC bank (Employee of SWAN Telecom Pvt Ltd) & my account no is [protected].

                              I came to know that HDFC bank has blocked amount of Rs 31, 227/- from my corporate salary account against credit card outstanding payment (credit card no [protected]).This credit card was suspended in 2004 or 2005 & I have never received any statement (hard copy or soft copy) of credit card from that period to till now.

                              This is very indecent gesture & treatment by HDFC bank to its corporate salary account holder by blocking my amount without any prior permission from me or intimating me before taking this action.

                              I am shocked & fail to understand that Why HDFC bank cannot act in this span of year from[protected] & above that, they had offered me three personal loans & one more credit card.

                              The details of personal loan account no & credit card offered.

                              1) PL acc No-798713 – Aurangabad in Oct 2004

                              2) PL acc No- 2251538 – Nanded in 2006

                              3) PL acc No[protected] – Mumbai in 2007 – currently it’s still running

                              4) Credit card no – [protected]

                              5) This is for your kind information that I never missed my any EMI for all three PL & I have zero outstanding on Credit card no – [protected].

                              With reference to above details, it shows that I am not defaulter, If I was then how come HDFC bank offered me above services.

                              I admitted that there was a communication gap from my side & HDFC bank, Neither I approached to update my correspondence add for credit card no [protected] nor I have received any statement from HDFC bank via Hard copy or soft copy .

                              Finally, I am assuring you that I never been a defaulter with HDFC bank else I never made my salaried acc with HDFC & never avail above facility provided me HDFC from time to time. It was just happened with due to lack of communication from both sides. If I had received the communication regarding my outstanding amount, I would have paid the same.

                              Now I request HDFC bank to provide me the statement for credit card no [protected] that is claimed that owned by me & I am willing to settle principal outstanding amount on the credit card as per actual statement.

                              Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:37:37
                              Fraudulent activity with my HDFC salary account -(A/c No. - [protected]).

                              Dear Sir,

                              I Naresh Sitaram Satam holding corporate salary a/c with HDFC bank ( Employee of e-next financial ltd.)&
                              my A/c no. is [protected].
                              I had applied for HDFC credit card in the month of March 09.I got the card (Credit card no.[protected]) but I was given Bajaj Allianz policy along with the card without my confirmation.
                              I came to know that HDFC bank has blocked my salary for the month of November 09 amt.of Rs.5041/- against credit card outstanding payment amt.Rs.8202/-(Credit Card no.[protected]). I have cancelled my credit card by paying settelment amount of Rs.842/- as I had no option to do so.

                              I would like ask you couple of qestion, why Bajaj Allianz policy was given to me along with the credit card without my concern? Why my salary a/c no. was provided to Bajaj Insurence company?
                              Kindly refund my amount which was debited from my credit card a/c to Bajaj Allianz Insurance company against the Health Ins.cover, otherwise I have no option to apply in Consumer court.
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