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Honda Cars India Customer Care
Honda Cars India Ltd.
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Honda Cars India Customer Care

Honda Cars India Ltd.

D-126, TTC Industrial Area, MIDC Shiravane, Nerul,Thane-Belapur Road
Navi Mumbai
Mumbai City District
India - 400706

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Honda Cars India Ltd., Plot No. A-1, Sector 40/ 41, Surajpur-Kasna Road Greater Noida Industrial Development Area, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar

U.P. 201 306

Zonal Office (North & East Zone)

Tel: +91 12 0234 1313, +91 12 0234 1321, +91 12 0234 1327, +91 12 0234 1801, +91 12 0234 1806

Fax: +91 12 0234 1261

Zonal Office - Mumbai,

D-126, TTC Industrial Area, MIDC Shiravane, Nerul,Thane-Belapur Road, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400706.

+91 22 6789 5000, +91 22 6789 5001, +91 22 6789 5002, +91 22 6789 5003

Zonal Office - Chennai

Honda Cars India Ltd, Technical Support Centre, Old No 26/New No46, Opp. ICICI Bank, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Chennai - 600058

+91 44 4208 3774, +91 44 4208 3775, +91 44 4208 3776, +91 44 4208 3778

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Toll-Free: 1800 103 3121

Tel: +91 12 4426 3121

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Toll-Free: 1800 103 5130, 1800 266 0130

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme — INSURANCE

I purchased Hero Honda Cbz Extreme on 29'Jan'2007 (NOIDA) and that time i received an Insurance OVER NOTE NO from...

Dear sir/madam
I purchased the Bike Hero Honda Extreme on 5/3/2007 from Pasupati Motros, Adchini, New Delhi ,and after two days i complaint that the rear break is givig KAT KAT sound and front brake was not working properly.After repeated complaints the front breaks were changed from some other used bike and rear is still same.
from 2nd service i am regularly complaining that Bike is giving smoke but you service engineer is ignoring and giving excuses that the petrol is not proper.After regular complaints they opened the engine on 5th service and they changed some engine parts and since then other kind of sound is coming from the engine and i am regularly complaining about the same and your service engineer kept on ignoring the issue.
Today also service engineer say some of the engine parts are damaged / faulty.
After these problems I do not want to have the same bike because it is giving problem since the day one and i can not go to service center every now and then.
I have left the bike at service center of Pasupati Motors at Devli road, Khanpur and i want it replaced.

Kindly advice and reply

Bablu sharma
Mob. [protected]
Bike no. DL 3S BA 3062
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

     Lingeswar rao
    my name :lingeswar rao
    contact no: [protected]

    I have purchased hero honda cbz extreme on march 2007 it is just 10 months old and 7000 km done . I am facing serious problems with my bike right from begining of my purchase and I have been telling the people in bhanu automobiles kukatpally about the problems and they are least bothered. In the forth service {free} he changes the engine head parts now the engine has lost its bore due to that change my bike is having warranty and they refuse to give new one and moreover whenever i go I only see the workers available and the manager invisible . they give me a phone no and that mobile is always switched off his name is ravi shankar (sales manager) bhanu automobiles kukatpally hyderabad . I think the hero honda cbz extremes have come out with major manufacturing defects and the managers are hiding themselves from the customers since they do not have any answers for the customers questions . I would also like to thank the hero honda manufacturers for having such a great idea of putting used sedcond hand spare parts into one mass and produce avehicle naming hero honda cbz extreme. the show room guys are unable to deal with my bike and are hiding themselves to face me because it is a major defect and they do not have any answer so friends be carefull with hero honda cbz extreme . I expect the managers to contact me atleast after seeing this complaint (BHANU AUTOMOBILES KUKATPALLY HYDERABAD) is one authorised show room to cheat people so friends please be carefull before they steal 66,5000 (price of cbz extreme ) from your valuable earnings . for any comments you can contact me with the information provided above.
    sir iam hari cbz byke which cost in 24 months insurence per month 2000 iam paid please co-operative and pls reply thanking u sir yours faith fully from hariiiiiii...
    i want small size
    hey seriously even i hav got a problem wid my CBZ ...i changed my visor atleast 2 times n my mileasge in jus 30 can u imagine>??ntg works out wid my bike so better be carefull...i bought my bike a tadbund herohonda
    hi lingeswar rao garu..
    iam also facing same problem..from past 2 years( when iam purchsed bikeform that time) some noice(sound form engine) is coming from my bike.from starting that showroom people said that this is new bike thats y sound is coming after 2 servicings it wil be ok they said..but till now iam facing same problem.
    and mialage 33 km.realy iam iritated with this bike.i dont have money to buy another bike..and i wont sell it.but bike is very needful to me..
    wat to do with cbx xtream?????
    I dont know guys about ur problem but my xtreme replacement of parts till nw and the best thing is no punture 7 years.i accept ur point only on mileage.but in these segment u can xpect oly 50 avg which iam geting.guys i love my bike very much its like my life companion.
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

       Manas Rawat
      I bought a Honda City last year.
      Honda City VTec last year. My experience with the car and service has been very disappointing.
      In the new car, there was a problem with the window. It would often not go up completely. Obviously, it was extremely inconvenient to drive a car and park it when I was not sure if the window would close or not. I took it to Windsor Honda, in Kolkata and the lady told me flatly “This is a common problem with the car. These automatic windows are designed for other countries. Not for humid and polluted environments like India.” Subsequently I went to her boss, the service manager. He rubbished her claims and promised that the problem would be taken care of.
      Since then, every time I have sent the car for service, the window has had to be “repaired”. The problem persists.
      So bad has been the service that once I had to wait for a month to get my car back from Windsor Honda. I spoke to everyone from the mechanic to the GM Mr. Varun Khanna. And Mr. Khanna told me “Imagine, there are only 2 hospitals in the city and many patients. There is bound to be delays!” I couldn’t believe that Honda compares itself with failed municipal medical care system. I sent letters to all the available Honda contacts in India and in Japan and filed a complain with Honda 121. But I did not receive and reasonable response.
      hellow, my car is honda city-s ivtec new model from peninsular honda and i fitted the alloy wheel which i brought from outside (make HRS) .Now i found that the rear suspension is not working properly the passengers sitting behind getting jerk on their spine but there is no problem with the front suspension.
      The honda dealers says that this is due to alloy wheel which u brought and there is no problem with the suspension, which is very hard to believe
      Do you think what the dealers says is right? or from where i can get an answer

      My honda car driving become very uncomfortable and the passengers sitting behind gets lifted up even though you through a small hump,
      pls someone give me any address i mean honda service engineer where i can get an answer about the cars defects.
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

        Honda Shine — maileage problem for Honda wheeler SHINE

         R Kishore
        Iam owning a HONDA SHINE bike which is giving less maileage of 40 km/lit .Now my bikes third servicing also over till now...
        Complaint comments  Comments  (98)

        Honda Unicorn — Poor Servicing

        The servicing from EVM Honda (Trivandrum) is Poor...
        Complaint comments  Comments  (22)

         Royston Anes
        I have been encountering this problem with my Karizma. The bike keeps jerking while 1st gear take off as well as while decelerating. I approached the service center, Fortpoint at Mahim. They made me change a number of parts ensuring that it will solve the problem but to no avail. Now after spending approx. 16000 Rs. on a complete service, the bike still jerks. What am i supposed to do now??? It is very annoying to ride a bike in such condition. Can a solution be provided for this?
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

          Honda Shine — Honda Shine Vibrates on High Speed

          This is regarding my fight with Honda Motocycles india. I am attching My comliant letters to them.
          Complaint comments  Comments  (27)

          Honda City — failure in commitment

           Kuldeep Singh Kalsi
          Dear Sir,

          It is to inform you that Honda City GXI was booked by me on 24th November 2007with your dealer...
          Complaint comments  Comments  (1)

          Hero Honda Glamour — Someone was using a bike

           RAMESH KUNDRA
          I want to complaint about the Hero Honda Showroom SPEEDWAYS AMRITSAR PUNJAB.I have purchased Hero Honda HUNK in 26.10.2007....
          Complaint comments  Comments  (11)

          Honda Scooter — Faulty Parts

           KC sharma
          I had forwarded this complaint to honda service head,but nothing has been done till yet.

          Dear Honda Manager,
          Complaint comments  Comments  (3)

           parry joy

          Hero Honda Motors Ltd.

          34/Community Centre,

          Vasant Lok, Vasant Vihar

          New Delhi 110057

          Dear Sir,

          Reference to my earlier complaint of 1st November, 2007, your zonal office representative Sh. Mahajan had attended it. Thereafter, the bike was given in the Workshop for resolving the issue. The bike was after some R & D, given to me and a letter was got signed by me that it is procedure to do it saying that the vehicle working satisfactorily without my riding and running the required KMs. I was told that there would not be any problem now, and it would be roused by running 3-400 kms. I observed that from the engine head oil is leaking from the stud after this R&D. Noise still exists. Changing of gear is very hard.

          I am extremely sorry to put on record that I am not at all SATISFIED by the bike as well as your people. I am taking a last chance to bring this fact to your notice and thereafter I shall have no other alternative but to go to public media as well as grievance handling Court to resolve this issue as your tall talks could not satisfied me.

          Now this is my last request to earnestly get me REPLACED THE BIKE and release me from this every day mental tourcher.

          Hope to get your positive reply.

          Yours truly,

          Joy Parry

          Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme — Delivery of new vehicle extended indefinitely!

          I am Gulzar singh from Chandigarh.I have bought HERO HONDA "SUPER SPLENDOR' last year on 24 JULY, 2006 from CHITOSO MOTOR SIRHIND ROAD ,PATIALA.
          Engine no.-06FAC-M14893
          Chassis no.-06[censored]14698

          i have my all services timely including free and paid at ur service station , in zirakpur .

          . I am facing problem SMOKEY EXHAUST & NOISE. I was again and again complaining about the problem but no one bortherd about it. I faced a lot of problem..
          Iam writing you this letter just to inform you the bad service your representatives are serving.This is not at all fair that I am complaining your representative again and again about the problem and they didn't turn up.

          i have visited many times but your service people are not able to remove my complaints ,
          i am filling every day 50 gm oil , which is very typical.

          I am going to CONSUMER FORUM in this regards otherwise you are requested to KINDLY RESOLVE MY COMPLAINTS or provide new vehicle and take my defective bike.This is really a limit.
          Gulzar Singh
          C/o gurjeet singh

          i just want to ask
          whats the coast on road of cbz x
          whats his milage
          did cbz x coming with a digital sppedo metter
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

            Honda — Oil Leakage from bottom side of engine

             Sunil Wagh
            I have honda activa. I facing oil leakage problem from last eight month. I am continously follow up with company regarding...
            Complaint comments  Comments  (3)

             KC sharma
            I had bought a HONDA scooter from ghaziabad agency called DAKSH HONDA,and now just after 2900 KMs running it has started giving me some problem,after that when i had contacted agency for service i got surprised with there silly responses, which they have given it after keeping it 12 days in there service center,they said because of bad fuel your piston got damaged and we will not consider the same in warranty, I am owning one bike and one 4 wheeler also and always feeling my petrol from that petrol pump only (bharat petroleum vivek vihar).

            And now he is asking for Rs 2000 to repair it, this is simply a manufacturing problem nothing else, I have some personal contact in HONDA, and i am really surprise by knowing the fact from a company person that in Honda this is kind of problem which is coming in every 3rd Honda scooter, now why should customer suffer.
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

              Hero Honda — Poor service!

              Sir, i have many new projects for improve the milage of the two wheelers, gear settings, small the amount of the usage of...
              Complaint comments  Comments  (12)

               ANIL GUPTA
              I bought a Hero Honda Passion plus in Shreee Sadgurukrupa Motors - Uran,Mumbai.Phone no is[protected]/32997705, fax no 27230403. A of the Hero Honda company on 05/02/2007.

              But till date we have not receive Bike registration number after that we have submitted all document Rent Agreement, police rent registration form, certified of residence Address proof on company letter, voting card Xerox & original handover to Mr. vasan. I directly called to Agent Mr. Parsad. Mobile no is [protected]. and Agency but no give any satisfy answer so I know that who is responsible and liable for registration number or company only on goal for sale of bike.
              i bought a hero honda glamour with their passport programme.
              i had my bike"s servicing done yesterday, the customer service of that so called authorised dealer "LAXMI AUTO CARE, ST NO :CGST DRG/1/BLD/5949 CST NO :DRG/13/01/3282-C TIN NO:[protected], Dalli Rajhara" was so worst that i am thinking of selling my bike so that i will get rid of hero honda..
              that fellow don't know about passport programme and even he don't know whether a galmour's self start works in gear or not.As far as i think as a dealer he should know about that properties of all the bikes he keeps in his show room.
              I explained him about the programme and told about the properties of self starter but instead of consulting his sales executive about passport programme and self starter he reply was "If you don't agree with me then from next time don't come to my service station..we follow our rulrs..we don't abide by company's rule" Now i think that i should not have gone for hero honda instead it would have been far better if i would hav bought bajaj discover.i have wasted Rs 50, 000 on thae trust name of hero honda. but it was a big mistake.
              i have hero honda explender today i service in M/s patliputra auto mobile, patna my hero honda explender no BR-1R 0982 and services details job no 256477 dt. 05.08.08 is not sustisfied for services i give services 10.30am and relesed my auto 7pm i say my auto is booked for services approximate 6auto more earlier but my auto is services last why you checked my complain patliputra auto mobile registers with computer i speak auto mobile incharge why my auto service is late incharge say "HOTA HI RAHTA HAI' in auto mobile center switching of money of mistri i asked you that problem is good for private concern i am very socked please enquary and this type of complain not again copy : all concerned member by registered post
              i have booked a hero honda karizma from creative motors Andheri east, Mumbai on 15-4-09 but not received till today 11-5-09 they told me that they will give it to me in 10 days but they were just making fool i did talk to Creative motors owner Kamlesh he also was telling that they will give it on 12th day after the booking but given, at the 12th day he told me that he will sure give me in 15 days but not given n so on he used to tell his no. is [protected]
              i have made the full payment to the dealer . My booking no was 195 on the name of Parth Haresh Pobari
              They did inform me that there is no bike coming from company so i am regretting to book a Hero Honda bike
              my booking information is Booking no. - 195
              please inform me as soon as possible or i will have to take any action through consumer court.
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                 nitin agrawal
                i kept my bike hero honda cd dawn on 25.10.07 for break rode and petrol cock. i received a call in the afternoon that break linear is also gone. so he asked me to replace it and i did agree. my bike was working very much ok on the day only problem was my break rode was broken. now in the evenning he called again that your petrol tank contains water in it and he told me that cleanning of tank is compulsory so i have to agree. now where my bill should come aproxx.Rs.300 it came to rs.850. ok. no problem.

                but to my surprise after my bike covered only 25 kms. from the day it came back from your service station it got stopped. i called your service center he send two service boy at my house and took my bike to the service centre statting that plug contains oil and plug is short. after when in the evenning i called at your service center asking about my bike delivery he says that your bike have severe problem of piston, heads and plug and now the total expenses is rs.2500 to 3000. i don't understand that when my bike was running propperly and in perfect condition how all this happened.

                i kept my bike for brake rode repair and petrol cock new problem occured like piston and heads. will you please explain me that what type of cheating is done with me.

                thankin you,

                your's truly

                nitin agrawal

                I, B Venkatesh resident of malkajgiri owener of HH Passion plus Reg No AP 29K 4275 dated 12/2005 from Phoenix motors Uppal Hubsiguda, since than I insist on showroom servicing only to get good service. But now with deep heartedly I am forced to complaint to lodge against your prime motors ECIL branch the complaint is as under :-

                - I gave my bike for serciveing on 08 Mar Job card no 7070 and explained all the minor works to be carried out in it, including to top up the bty level and the routine check although it was working and giving good performance(Horn and indicators were good).

                - At the time of delivery we noticed that the horn and indicators were not working so we were told that they have changed the distilled water and filled it with new water so it will take some time & should run few kms to hold charge and also told that the show room is not having the facility to charge the bty. This has happened at about 1900 Hrs on 08 Mar. On the faith of the manager and the mechanic we took the bike to house and the next ie on 09 Mar (sunday) morning we noticed that the bty of my bike was changed. I reported to the the showroom immediately they (works manager ) told me to get the bty deposited in the showroom for testing and clarification I deposited it on 10 Mar at 1800 hrs (works manager) told that he will send the bty to Exide showroom and get it tested. On the next day ie 11 Mar at 1900 Hrs when we went for the bty the works manager was not present and moreover he has not even handed over the bty to his soubordinate. No one on the reception counter was aware of my bty and also they delt roughly with us( his words were we do not know where is your bty and my manager has not briefed anything about your bty) then after a small argument he trace it out and found it in the stores upstairs near the bty charger. and got it fitted to my bike. They denied there statement they haven't got it tested with any of the Exide dealer and gave me the same bty charged. I am not satisfied with the dealling of your staff and I am sorry to say that I will think 100 times to give my bike for servicing in your show room or to recommend your showroom to any of my friend. So please look into the matter and do the needful to me and see that in future such thing never repeats.

                Note :- Sir, please see that the bty charging facility is established in your showroom / Exide showroom.
                I had bought CBX Xtreme from Mallu Motors (Kolkata, Park Street)
                I have given my bike for service in their own service station. My bike number is WB-07 Y3959. It's been over 2 months and I still haven't got my bike back. It's been a very horrible experience as I keep calling them every week and they always tend to extend the time without taking any initiative. I have not bought my bike for the service station people to use it. I am a lawyer by profession and I going to file a case in the consumer forum to ask for compenstaion. I do hope for your early and action reply as I have'nt got any feedback from your side till now. Thanks
                Hi, Iam rahul
                ihave purchased bike cd delux castiing from chandigarh dealer Charisma goldwheels, H.O.Plot no. 7, Industrial Area Ph-1, Chd
                on dated[protected]. but they don't gives us service book, is the company has no any service book giving to the dealers
                yesterday igo there then thesalesman say came toomorrow.
                the staff misbhaving me.
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                  Dear Sir,

                  I have purchased Hero Honda Glamour Drum Bike on 24.02.07 with the following descriptions:-

                  1. CH No. 07BASM2253
                  2. E. NO. 07BASM22355
                  3. MFC CD - HHML
                  4. Colour – Black
                  5. Class – MCYL
                  6. MFG. DATE – 02/2007
                  7. FUEL - PETROL

                  At the outset I would like to express my dissatisfaction on your products initial level itself. Prior to this I had a TVS bilke, which was giving good mileage as well as pick-up, even though it was old. First time I purchased your Honda products, during this petite period now I started feeling that my decision of purchase of Honda products proved wrong and I became victim.

                  I have made following complaints during my second free service few days back to M/s. UPPAL MOTORS, NOIDA for my bike:-
                  1. Break checking (Not at all done)

                  2. Gear Trouble (Apply of gear from 1st to 2nd is needed lot of force, and 3rd and 4th is O.K.)

                  3. Less Mileage*

                  4. Engine go off (missing) while riding

                  My bike gives average mileage of only *35 KM /LTR and I am the only lone rider of my bike that too rarely have a pillion rider. Last night also bike engine went off thrice in short span of time, initial both times, it started again and third time engine could not be started, therefore, I pulled my bike all the way to my destination. I opted Hero Honda only for mileage purpose and less maintenance, otherwise I could have preferred some other brand bikes. My bike is not more than six month old, in the initial stage itself if it is started giving trouble, what will happen for another fifteen long years.

                  After being paid to me deprived services from M/s. UPPAL MOTORS, NOIDA, they called me over phone after 2 days of service to get feed back from me for their Customer Service, then I expressed my disappointment in their service, subsequently she said simply, if not satisfied then GET THE FUTURE SERVICES DONE THROUGH SOME OTHER DEALERS.

                  Six month is well enough to appraise the products, during this period I was not receiving any desired results from your products. I have no option except switch over to other(s) bike.

                  I hope the above narration is well enough to understand my problem and awaiting for your valued reply from you per return pls.

                  Your early action/advise in this regard will be highly appreciated

                  I HAVE NOT RECD ANY REPLY SO FAR AS ON 24.08.07
                  Hello sir/madam

                  i owned a bike CBZ-Extreme fro Bhanu automobiles,Erragedda.

                  i dint recieved the passport provided by u for collection of 200/-

                  Please let me know the status od it,

                  Chasis NO:07DBMC03168
                  Engine No:07DBMM00423
                  i d bought
                  hunk from ace motors calicut, kerala
                  i'm totally unhappy with the services
                  your company providing
                  i m saqib raza i have a hero honda karizma bike DL9SL -8472, purchased from singla automobiles from dwarka on 22nd dec.2007.1st to 4th service did by shiv service ststion & mayapuri service centre.both were treated me & my bike like local service and totally dissatisfied me, i was totally unhappy of that service and the unexperience employees of that service station.At the end my service did by ravi khannna automobiles & service centre, he & his employees totally satisfied me & solve my bike problem like genuine & make my bike like newone
                  Dear Sir,

                  I have purchased Hero Honda Passion Plus on 01.01.2009 with the following descriptions:-

                  1. CH No. MBLHA10EL8GM17648
                  2. E. NO. HA10EB8GM25209
                  3. MFC CD - HHML
                  4. Colour – Black
                  5. Class – MCYL
                  6. MFG. DATE – 12/2008
                  7. FUEL - PETROL

                  At the outset I would like to express my dissatisfaction on your products initial level itself. I purchased your Honda products, during this petite period now I started feeling that my decision of purchase of Honda products proved wrong and I became victim.

                  I have made following complaints after few days back to M/s. PRATIBHA MOTORS, OSMANABAD for my bike:-

                  1. Gear made noise

                  2. Engine make noise while riding

                  Your early action/advise in this regard will be highly appreciated



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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                    I am prabhu from india.chennai city in tamil nadu state.i have purchased two honda shine bikes.i am fully satisfied with two bikes.but i have facing lot of problem your dealer KUN HONDA.

                    Like this arrogant stupid dealer ihave never ever seen in my battery was lying with the dealer past one month.

                    so please help me,resolve my problem.

                    Thanking you,
                    25,BOOPATHY ST
                    ARCOT ROAD
                    I totally agree with the person saying KUN HONDA has a horrible set of people....So unprofessional and no sense o[censored]rgency. Had to wait for 2 hours to get my Activa back from delivery and at the end of the it i still dont get it!!!! HONDA....kindly make a note, and Sales is not the only thing a customer have charged for the service so provide for it.....Infact all the customers around there today the 11th of december were talking of the same thing...Extremely rude set of people and no manners at all....I am a person who is never easily upset, but this has put me off..Is HONDA taking the Indian customers for Granted..HOpe a TV channel does a expose on this!!!!!!!!!
                    I have purchase I Honda Activa (SCV100R) on 14.01.2008 from Imperial Honda, Bathinda (Punjab, INDIA).

                    But, after running only 15 Kms Engine producing Noise.

                    Dealer says that this problem will only be rectify after opening the Engine. but i dont want open the Engine.

                    Please suggest what could i do,

                    Can i go through consumer Court or any other procedure please suggest.
                    I have purchase I Honda Activa (SCV100R) on 14.01.2008 from Imperial Honda, Bathinda (Punjab, INDIA).

                    But, after running only 15 Kms Engine producing Noise.

                    Dealer says that this problem will only be rectify after opening the Engine. but i dont want open the Engine.

                    Please suggest what could i do,

                    Can i go through consumer Court or any other procedure please suggest.

                    I AM FROM MATHURA DISTRICT O[censored]TTAR PRADESH.
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                      Hero Honda — CHARGED

                      I have purchased a Super Splendor motorcycle on June 2006 from INDIAN SALES CORPORATION, GE ROAD, POWER HOUSE, BHILAI, DISTT....
                      Complaint comments  Comments  (2)

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