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KTM Sportmotorcycle — customer service ktm north america

 jmagg72@yahoo.com on Nov 21, 2017
Bought a bike less than 48 hours ago on saturday get it home plastic is trashed scratched to hell front fender looked like they cleaned it with contact cleaner so i said to lady need you to send me new plastic have pics will send them she said you can send them but i’m not sending you anything rude too so i️ called her a # which she was spend 9000 grand cash and my bike is unacceptable looks like someone dug into radiator shrouds so i️ stead of working with me she gives me attitude i’ll be getting plastic or dropping the bike off and buying a ya 250...
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — bad service and bad staff behavior at ktm alleppey [Resolved]

 jithinraju on Nov 20, 2017
Ktm is the best motorcycle money can buy but people with very low knowledge about ktm bikes are doing very bad service at ktm alappuzha. The service head has the most worst & arrogant behavior towards customers. They never care to replace things under warranty and make us believe that the part is fine. I had noticed a break on my airfilter box and when i took the bike to showroom for replacing airfilter box under warranty, they said its fine and you will have no issues with it. As soon as the warranty is over they said it's broken and just applied m-seal....
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — complaining about the service providing in kolar ktm service centre

 Karthik Reddy M S on Nov 16, 2017
Hi everyone.
This is the second time i am on this page giving a complaint about the service providing by the service centre in kolar as i have give my duke 200 at the service station for a general service and to fix the problems.
But the people over there have juat change the engine oil and the basic things on the bike and havent checked anything else.
I have got my bike after the service and my igniyion switch was not working.
I have called them and they asked me to wait for 1 or 2 days to get a new switch.
I have waited for that and it has been replaced.
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — llc charge on first service

 shubhk1994 on Nov 13, 2017
Service date ;[protected] oprator name; ravi location; society motor sir; i m not satisfied with llc charge, thats my first motorcycle service... To be frnk my clutch plate creating problem, so oprator tell me that clutch equipment[gasket clutch, clutch center pressure, kit fric plates] want to change... I m ready to give equipment charge.. Bt llb charge is ecceptable... Bcoz thats my first service......
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — self start complaint.

 Dinesh Hema on Nov 12, 2017
Hi ktm,
I'm the owner of duke 200 purchased bike 12months back (2016 november). From starting onwards, i have been facing this self starting issue. I had bad experiences like while i'm going for a long drive if i stopped the bike anywhere, the bike's self start getting stop working and shows low battery indication. If i'm trying to start it again it throws an error stating error jg_1.7.7 message. Every time i get back my bike to the service center and they did some repair and resolve the issue temporarily but issue persists.
I am getting paid for every service especially for the replacement...
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — too worst service

 Mohammadyaman on Nov 9, 2017
I have come for my ktm390 first service at ktm kirti nagar (Bagga link) on 9 november 2017 at 9:30. The job card was made at 10 as there is no supervisor to attend the vehicle. At 11:30 my bike got washed that means in 1:30 hrs. While there are only 4-5 bikes for servicing. Till 13:30 my bike was standing idle. While complaining to the designated guy, he said sir its lunch time now will get it done after that. Till 15:00 i didnt gt my bike delivered. Worst experience i have ever faced in two wheeler service centre where staff is too casual in their work....
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — pathetic quality of ktm engine

 akshay.sharma92 on Nov 10, 2017
Hello Sir,

I am an Owner of KTM RC[protected]. Currently my bike covered 22500 Km in two and a half year. My bike has started giving out white smoke from exhaust. I am frequent visitor to authorized KTM workshop regarding servicing and maintenance. A month ago i reported this issue to KTM, they asked me to get my bike checked and they told me its an engine issue and engine work needed to be done. I want to ask you, is this the quality of KTM product, that with frequent and timely service, bike couldn't even last the warranty claimed 30K mark.What is the left on my side that engine...
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — cheating in service - ktm omr chennai

 Ramani R on Nov 2, 2017
Two months before i got a heavy noise while driving so took it to the service station they opened and said engine oil and coolent got mixed to need to change some spares and takes 20+ days and it will come under warranty.

I checked the status after 15 days they told it will take another 10 days because some parts have not reached them, and told me once the bike gets ready the message will come and will call you and inform.

But they called me last week and said i need to pay some advance, i said i'll come and pay them but when i checked the show room today still the...
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — brand new bike. sensor not working, high coolant temperature, gear shifting issue

 Deepan Dass on Sep 24, 2017
Hi, i bought my bike in the month of may 2017. On the very first day i faced a problem in sensor and all the lights in the display were on. Then i gave it for service they couldn't rectify. Now it's only 3 months and i droved only 1590 kms and facing heating issue, sensor problem and gear shifting problem. Kindly contact me
[protected] deepan. I have a rc390...
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — no spares available on emergency

 Muralee Mak Aero on Sep 23, 2017
Worst service provider for ktm on emergency we asked for oil filter they said it's not available that to i asked for 200ns oil filter they have stock said they should give to sub dealers! They are telling they cannot provide ktm spares as counter sales, i got the ktm genuine oil filter in local spares shop attaching the photos as proof!!

Spares incharge - shilpa from bajaj
Manager - raja from bajaj...
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — pathetic service

 rameshkolanthara on Sep 14, 2017
My KTM 390 duke had been serviced by KTM authorised dealers Rockline Automobiles, 12269.However the problem recurred again after a fortnight while I was on a long distance drive from Bangalore -Kanyakumari- Rameshwara-Bangalore.

It was absolutely very annoying when the servicing done has not rectified the issue and I had to face the same problem again....
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KTM — very poor performance and noisy

 Harish Kumar BM on Sep 11, 2017
Bought new ktm 250 cc bike on 7th april and done 3 service as of now. On each service i am keep on complaining about bike performance and noise at the back side of the bike but they are not responding properly and they used to inform us that we will look into it on next service. I have visited 3 different service center (8th main, raj kumar road and kastura baa road)

As i am working, i will not get frequent leaves but still i put leave and give my bike to service but still we are not getting proper response from ktm showroom.

Below i listed my problems,
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — not satisfied for the service

 Suraj V Patil on Aug 31, 2017
Today i have visited the ktm showroom just to fix the bolt of my stand of my ktm 200 but the service men waited me for 3 hours it would hardly take 10 minutes to fix it the service men told me that he has to open all the panel to fix the bolt i told him to fix it but he dint fix it after 3 hours i was frustrated and i fixed it from the local mechanic in 15 min what is the use of showroom if the local mechanic does it in fraction second of time so please...
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — coolant leaked and got mixed with engine oil

 Siddarth19 on Aug 30, 2017
There is a serious quality issue with the new ktm duke 390 2017 model. I got the bike on 8/22/2017 from mangalore and since i work in coimbatore i decided to ride this weekend from mangalore to coimbatore and after riding the bike for around 100 kms my bike started showing engine temperature high warning on the tft display so i decided to stop the bike and check what was wrong, when i check the coolant level it was nill! Absolutely nothing and later i looked at the oil level to my surprise it was greenish in colour which was supposed to be transparent ; it was mixed with the engine oil and there...
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — worst service from ktm borivali

 Djidawi on Aug 30, 2017
Hello there my name is tousif shaikh. I recently booked duke 200 from borivali ktm. I must say the worst experience ever i have faced from them. Not a single call from their side. And false statement each and every time. I have to call up for delivery. Now its 20 days passing in rto still left and they have told me it will take 7 days more for passing and after that i will receive registration no in 5 days. So more 10 days to go wow. No discipline no courtesy. I will inform each and every friend and family not to buy ktm and lets see what else is there in future....
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — I'm complaining about my ktm rc 390 engine

 Prince Singh alok pratap singh on Aug 20, 2017
Sir my name is alok pratap singh and i baught ktm rc390 from stanly road allahabad uttar pradesh showroom in 11th march i got all services on time from authorised service station at stanly road civilines allahabad and took care of the bike as much as i can i ride bike for leiser and not for daily commuting so just rain 10500km.in since 11 march 2017 and i noticed that engine oil level goes down very frequently when i showed it to supervisor at authorised service centre stanly road civilines allahabad uttar pradesh i was told that there is defect in engine and need overhauling first they tried putting...
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — handle balancing issue from the first service duke 390

 Ajay Massey on Aug 12, 2017
Customer Care Unit
KTM India.

I am owner of KTM Duke 390 bearing registration number- HR-51 BK– 6967.
Since its purchase in Jul 2016, I am always getting its service/repair from authorized KTM
Dealer and always used KTM Genuine Spare Parts purchased from them.

Since the day I have bought my ktm duke 390, From T C Saluja & Sons P.LTD, Plot 63 Neelam Bata.
I had a problem of Handle Balancing Due to this bike not balanced on Riding.
The bike is swaying from Right side while driving and is hard to balance on when applying...
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — lack of professional person in ktm mira road service center

 PrasL on Aug 12, 2017
I stay in bhayander and the nearest ktm center for me is the one mira bhayander road. However the quality of service offered there is not good. The service person lacks experience. For even the smallest of the issue they will do experiment on your bike by completely dismantling the bike for no reason. All they know is open up the parts and then again fix back to where it was.
I have no trust on these peope. Also i do not see a single person there wearing official ktm brand tshirt. I doubt their authenticity
Once i had a small issue with the radiator, i saw this people watching videos...
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — complaint for first service... they are not receiving bike for servicing

 7032072508 on Aug 11, 2017
My name is m rahul, i have bought ktm duke bike at hyderabad 20days back.
I have drive my bike 950km. So i went to ktm show room in warangal 7days back,
But they are saying that, the servicers are not their in showroom, they are saying that go to hyderabad and do servicing there it self,

From 7days they are saying like that only.
So please take my this complaint..
Thank you.....
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KTM Sportmotorcycle — ktm duke 250 issues...

 Jordonreddy on Aug 6, 2017
My ktm duke 250 refuses to start one day it was showing can failure and low battery on the display, i called the showroom guys they came and jump started the bike with there battery. We took it to the service center they said it was a defective battery and have replaced it. Even though it was a new battery same problem repeated after 1 month the bike refuses to start again. Showroom guys jump started it and said it was fine. The same issue occurred 3rd time, this time they installed a software update thought it was fine but my bike stopped on the road last night it was saturday night and service...
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