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Motorola Mobility Customer Care
Motorola Mobility LLC.
Customer satisfaction rating: 44%
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Motorola Mobility Customer Care

Motorola Mobility LLC.

12th Floor, Tower D. Dlf Cyber Greens. DLF Cyber City
Gurgaon District
India - 122002

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Good news! We have a good connection with the company and they're good at resolving user complaints.

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Purchased Moto G mobile phone just 1 month back. Suddenly it was showing lack linings on the screen and could not able to read any text on the screen . Phone is still under Warranty period. P.C Support which is the only one service center for Motorola in Pune (India) claimed that the Phone touch screen needs to be replaced. Earlier P.C support claimed the screen will get replaced within 4 days of time. Now 10 days had passed neither they lift the two phone numbers provided on the receipt. I almost tried 15 times in a day and at last around 2 pm they lift the phone and again all arrogant reply saying still they need 2 more days.
Complaint marked as Resolved 
I had receievd my mobile from Service center. No need now any further followup or anytype of esclations required. Thanks.
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

    Hi, I have given my Moto-e handset for replacement of display at Motorola authorised srvice center Wintech services Belgaum on 22nd July. They have collected Rs 2200/- for the repair to get the mobile serviced. I was informed that it would take 10 days for my mobile to get fixed. I am regularly following up with the vendor but the update is "Part not available", not sure when the issue will be fixed. Motorola is such a reputed company but I am finding the after sales service pathetic. Sir, request to let me know ASAP when will I get my mobile serviced. I have already raised the concern to Motorola and there is no response to my concern. Please find details of my mobile given for repair. Phone: Moto E XT 1022 (white) MSN no. R35AXJ4ZS7 Work order no. BEM/MG/14/00040 WO dt: 22nd Jul 2014 Problem code: Display-External Vendor address: wintech services, Belgaum Thanks, Kiran, Belgaum [protected]
    Updated by kiranbhoi Sep 01, 2014
    My complaint is resolved, I got my phone serviced/replaced on 30th Aug.
    Kiran you can file a complaint against them for the wrong done to you. I am an Advocate. Please forward your e mail id for further consultations.
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

      Have given my phone for repair as i broke my phone screen since 11th june, 2014.It is authroised service centre in bangalore. The service center was provided by motorola customer care itself. Sri Sai cells (Indiranagar). Since 11th till date which is 7th August, 2014 i have not received my phone. Money for repair was 5000 and was given the very day when the phone was given for repair. They promised within 20 days for repair. Since the 20th day, i have been calling and visiting the repair center and they have not repaired the phone. Last week when they said they repaired the phone, i went to collect and they had fused the speaker ic for the phone. They said after 2 days they will make it fine and give the phone . After two days which was a saturday, the dealer called again and told the motherboard is fused by them and they need two more weeks to repair it . Since then i have been calling the costumer care to replace my phone with the a new phone cause of the internal damage they have done . I got the number of the regional head of banaglore as well. Kept calling him for 6 times and he did not care to respond to a single call. Have been calling the customer care as well since a week continuously . But no respond and no interest to solve the issue. I don't have the phone even with me . I don't know what is going on and how the hell they plan to resolve this issue. I bought the phone in April and since June it is in repair center. The complaint reference number provided by the dealer is qci/mg/14/00479. Regional head who never responded is "Sir Mr.Jagdish". IMEI number is "[protected]".
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

        Motorola — Worst service centers

        My MOTO- E screen was damaged just after 3 days of purchase, so that I submitted my mobile to Motorola authorized service...
        Complaint category Mobile Handsets

        i have purchased moto e phone .its screen was so bad it was broken only after falling from 6 inch hieght.i gave my phone to authorised service center shikha communication was told to me that screen will be replaced in a week.its now 3 week screen not yet replaced.every time i go to service station they told will be done in 2-3 days .i told to return phone in same state and return my deposit amount .they are even not doing that.this service from shika communication is worst.plzzz suggest me what should i do to get my phone back. my contact no [protected] gaurav malik
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

          sir, i would like to buy MOTOROLA motto E mobile.this phone cost is very less compared to the another smart mobile phones that's the one good matter.this phone features are awsome, but two small disadvantages are occure.they are doesn't contain front camera doesn't contain led flash light these small disadvantages contain this mobile remaining all categiries this mobile earned 1st place in india.sir please may i request to rectify this 2 disadvantages and release the another version on same price & same model. than u sir
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

             vikas dhanave
            my name is vikas dhanave imy order no is OD[protected] I order motorola moto g mobile through flipcart 2days before fedex call me to get ur courier from thane branch.when i go there to take that courier.after payment when i open that packet i found a stone in that pacet infront of fedex officer then i call to flipcart customer care and told about this chaeting.i have taken the photoes of it and iam trying to complaint against it in cosumer forum
            Ask for replacement bro. They will give you free replacement.
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

               Mayur Sonule
              Hi, I am mayur. I bought Moto G this on 06/05/2014. While my cousin was playing a game on my Moto G, she dropped it by mistake and my phone's display got damaged badly. I Want to repair my phone in austhorized service center. i had 5-6 chat with motorola online chat service representative and had called so many times to customer care number of Motorola. I found their service is cheap and third class because of- 1) they provided me a service center in my city. When I went to this service center, they told me that they are not authorized to solve my problem. I told them that i am ready to pay for your service but please repair my phone. They said they just can't. 2) After that I called customer care number [protected]. I told them my experience with their service center. They said in reply that I have to travel to 250 km to 500km to nearest service center (Pune, Mumbai, Nashik etc) instead and repair my phone. This was very very cheap and third class answer by them. 3) I requested them to ask that service center to Currier my phone to nearest service center under your service to repair my phone. They simply said they don't have such option. 4) They provided me some contact numbers, Mr Asish Patil (District Manger. Mob-[protected]), Mr Parve (Head of India, Motorola company, Mob- [protected]). I tried to call them for atleast7-8 times but they haven't received my call yet. I request to Indian consumer forum to look forward in this matter as I am not getting any positive responce from Motorola even to though i am ready to pay for repairing my phone's display. My Phone ID is - [protected], [protected] I request my all Indian people to not buy ant Motorola Mobiles
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                Please never buy any Motorola product as the company has fully shutdown operations in India and is not functional. The only thing they do is sell this Phone to foolish customers. I bought a Motorola Phone Atrix 2 from in November 2012, and suddenly one day the product developed a problem with the Screen, repeated hanging and network disconnections (in April 2013). I did not get proper support. My phone was kept in a third class Service Center that was authorized by Motorola for over 2 months. On calling Motorola and requesting for speeding up the process or at least provide me a spare handset, they refused outright. They have no escalation and their Head of Operations never wants to take any responsibility. I tried with the Motorola India call center initially but I did not get any response. One of the call center executives on repeated requests gave me a Motorola Center Head's Phone Number (Based in Gurgaon), but after telling him the problem he did not even bother to pickup my call later. I called various branches of Motorola but did not recieve any kind of help. I even called Motorola International (US Branch) who told me that I need to contact Motorola India. However, when I called various Motorola centers in various parts of India (including Delhi, Chennai, Delhi) I learnt all their branches had been closed and whoever were remaining were tired of the company's strategy. Finally after 60 days I received my phone. However, the phone even when repaired was defective (switching off whenever it wants or going irresponsive whenever needed). I did not bother to get it repaired as I felt it wouldn't be of any use as The company was anyway going to take 2-3 months. Even today the phone is not working properly and is completely defective. I was really surprised that Motorola has come back with another product to India, and do not be fooled into buying it. At that time when my phone was being serviced, since I was not getting proper responses, I felt like filing a Consumer Case suit with the local Consumer Courts in Bangalore. The Only reason why I did not File a Consumer Court Suit was because I felt that Motorola were not going to come to attend the case. Now I do not understand the Audacity of Motorola to come back to India and launch a product when they have so much of negative reviews especially. I would be happy if Motorola replaces my defective Phone, but I know that they would be saying that the product is out of warranty coverage to replace. I do understand this, but at the time of seeking help with the defective phone Motorola were not even present in India.
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                   Aarika Dawar
                  Hi, My name is Aarika. I live in West Delhi (New Delhi). I have purchased a new Moto X from Flipkart last month back i.e. on 20-Mar-14. 14 days back the phone got slipped out of my hands and got dropped off. The whole screen got broken up not the display nor the touch is damaged only the screen has got cracked. I called up the Motorola Customer care support and took the Authorised Service Centre List from them. I called on each and every no. of the Service Centers out of which 90% nos. were incorrect or not working. Then by chance i got through a no. which is there Pitampura Service Centre no. they told me mam pls come and give us your Handset we will repair the same in one week time and told me that they will charge Rs. 8800/- for replacing the screen and gave us an invoice for the same. I submitted my phone there on 24th May 2014, after 5 days i called them up just to check whether they have received the part from the Motorola Customer Support or not, they said mam we haven't received the same from the Customer Support. After 12 days on Monday i.e. 5th May i called them up as they have given the estimated date of delivery 1st May 2014, they said mam we will not be able to repair it as we are only handling the Software issue related to Moto X or Moto G. They said mam pls take this phone to our Okhla Service centre and get it repaired from them. My dad went to them on the very same day and took my phone from the Pitampura Service Centre. Yesterday i went to their Okhla Service Centre, showed my phone to them they told me to fill up a form which is attached with this complaint. They didn't provide me any Job no. and not even the cost of repairing the same. When i asked them will they take Rs. 10, 000/- for the same the engineer said mam no 10, 000/- is a very high cost for the same. The expense will be around 8, 000 or less or a little more then that but it will be a round figure only and told me mam that our Landline no. is not working till saturday hopefully it will start working and then i can call them up for asking the Status. He told me that he will take 1 whole week to repair the same or even more then that. He was giving me very diplomatic answers for each and every question which i was asking from him. Then he told me you can go we will call you and let you know the exact amount for repairing the same. After half an hour i got a call from that Guy stating that mam the charge will be around 10, 000 something and now if you don't want us to repair the same you have to give Rs. 400/- as we have checked your phone and told you the problem. I told him that you have only seen my phone and watching my phone doesn't cost Rs. 400/- beacuse there was nothing to open the phone and then letting me know the exact issue. The screen was very much visible that it is broken up. He said that this is MOTOROLA rules and regulations. When i asked him to give this me in writing he refused to do the same. He said i called you up just to inform you the same so that later on you will not say this that i was not aware about the same. He said pls tel me should i log the ticket or not for the same. I told him give me 5 minutes i will speak to the Regional manager. I called up the Regional Manager and told him the same he said that the Guy is right you have to do all this. I shouted on him like anything then he said mam pls tell him to log your ticket and order the part i will be going to the Service centre tomorrow i will take care about the same. Then i called upo that guy and told him to log the ticket for the same. Till now i haven't received any kind of call back or any phone from any two of them. No hope left now.

                  Pathetic Service by the Service Centres in Delhi
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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                     Monu Misra
                    dear sir, i purchase motorola xt 800 from snapdeal through online on sunday 6/01/2013 when we received set than in it loudspeaker, battery, and restarting issue find out than we summitted hand set at Z.A.MOBILES DATE 28/01/2013 JOBSHEET 1093 MOBILE NO[protected], AND IN MOTOROLA CUSTOMER CARE COMPLAINT[protected] AND MANOJ TIWARI MOBILE NO. [protected] I TRIED MANY TIME BT THERE WE GET NO ANY RESPONSE AFTER ONE MONTH SO BEFORE I WILL GO TO CONSUMER FORUM I WANT TO TALK LAST TIME PLESASE SOLVE MY PROBLE I MENTELY DISTRUBED FROM UR COMPANY PLEASE HELP ME. THANKS this msg I send to Motorola company but no response... my mobile number [protected], [protected]
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                       Sachin 789123
                      I have been Submited my Motorola Mobile at 7 th june 2013 at Pune Service Centre ,Nana peth near Deccan ,regard its getting hang on Calling time .My Complaints Number is[protected],
                      Yet i didnt get any States or any Reply From Service Centre or customer care , i called up many time to customer care center but not getting any satisfaction from this side . only getting commitment over commitment , i totally embarrassed from this services, please forward this to Motorola Managing Dept.for sort out the Problem asap , its over 1 months i submitted my mobile in Service Center
                      SACHIN K MOHITE ,
                      Mob: [protected]
                      Mail ID: [protected]

                      Motorala Mobile — Not Repair on Time

                      I am really un happy by the services provided by the servics center of motorala in Dehradun, Uttrakhand.
                      I had submit my motorala W220 on 2/2/2008 and they give it back after one and half month. and it again start same problem on very next day, then I again submit that to service center on 25/04/2008 and they said this problem will take 20 May 2008 to solve the problem.

                      Pls. Help..

                      Jai Baluni
                      is there any service centre for motorala mobiles in and around gahziabad, u.p. india

                      Motorola Mobile — mobile not working

                      I p urchased the motorola mobile model no. w230 for Rs. 2900/- from M/s Planet telecom 155-D Kamla nagar, Delhi-110007 n 6.3.2008.As the mobile was creating all type of problems, I tendered the same at the motorola authorised service centre O-2 Lajpat NagarII, New Delhi-110024 on 8.7.2008 which was returned to me but at the same was not working properly . I again tendered the same to them on 13.7.2008. The same was received by me on 20.8.2008 but it still is not working properly and having following problems:-
                      1. outgoing call is made only after a no. of attempts and lasts only for few seconds
                      2. Incoming call is not received and if received lasts only for few seconds.
                      3. there is disturbance in voice.
                      4. memory card does not work

                      I find it very difficult to travel to such a long distance and the company is not exchaging the same though it is still in warranty period.
                      Dear All,

                      This is regarding one of my mobile phone I have purchase Moto E8 Rokr on
                      1st April 2009. I used this phone only 20 days it given the network
                      problem than I took this phone to the service centre (Active Telecom)
                      Pitam Pura, New Delhi and given for repair on 21st April 2009.

                      Beside of this I have log the case in Motorola Customer Care also my
                      complaint id[protected] whenever I call to customer care they
                      always said our service exe call you within a week till the date I don't
                      know where is my phone because when I call to service centre they said
                      we can't help you talk to Motorola cc office.

                      Any one In Motorola please help me or I have to go some other way.

                      Mobile Details:

                      IMEI - [protected]

                      Moto E8 Rokr Black


                      motorola/mobile — mobile misplaced by service center

                      sir, we purchased a motorola mobile moto-w362(reliance) at 6-11-08 details i mentioned below.
                      it have a software problem twice with in 6 months from the date of is given at service center (gorakhpur, u.p.) twice, but on 2nd time we are unable to receive our mobile because the service center on which i given that set is closed and another service center man said that all the set belongs to that closed service center is not here and might be at lucknow or delhi, so you enquire there.they also not provide to us any contact detail of those service center.
                      kindly suggest what to do or if you can take any action so please do this.
                      mobile details:
                      I.M.E.I. No.:-RSN-RMRHS[protected]
                      Battery No:-M8F815FESCGMW
                      Charger No:-081808C[protected]
                      Mobile is on the mname of PRATIK SRIVASTAVA my elder brother.
                      thanking you:-PIYUSH SRIVASTAVA
                      MOOBILE NO:-[protected]

                      Motorola Mobile — Service

                      my mobile is made of motorola & it not working, as it is under gurantee, i submited it to service center,
                      i submitted it on 23rd June 2009 .
                      they say call us nxt week...and so it is 17th Aug 2009...
                      after this long 54 mobile is not repaired yet...& i cant get back it...
                      For this kind of poor service, where it take 2 months to repair a mobile...
                      i want to make a complain...
                      pls look into the matter & help me out...

                      Thanks & Regards
                      Ashesh Dutta Choudhury
                      I.M.E.I. No.:-356900/01/192901/6
                      Mobile is on the mname of H.S.VERMA my father
                      thanking you:-SHASHI PRAKASH VERMA
                      MOOBILE NO:-[protected]

                      Motorola Mobile — Mobile Repairing was not done

                      I have given my mobiles to Motorola Service center , screen display was not stable it was flickring.
                      They kept it for 1 month , but still not repaired , I have given it after the 5th month of date of purchase.
                      I found out , it's USB cable is also not working to transfer music & pictures from mobile to PC or from PC to mobile , for USB Cable they told that it can be changed only till 6th months after date of purchase , 1 month they only have taken for reparing the screen display.If they would not have taken the 1 month to repair , i have given my mobile on time to change USB cable, complaints for both problem i registered at one time only .They didn't repair anything.

                      when i have given them for repairing they misplaced my 2 GB memory card also , no one was taking the responsibility of that.

                      Motorola — MOBILE




                      S S PRASAD
                      MOB- [protected]
                      E- MAIL- [protected]
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                        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                        I had submitted my mobile phone at the motorola service station in Lajpat nagar on 5th April 2013 for them to fix the screen. It suddenly got a patch of black and nothing was visible (like a pixel crash). No one has got back ever since. When I call them, either no one answers, or picks up the phone and says that the part that has to be replaced hasn't arrived from the company. It has almost a month and I am facing immense difficulty without a phone. The customer service number doesn't help much either.

                        Work order number: LP/MO/13/00023
                        Work order date: 5th April 2013, 12:51 pm
                        Model: MB865 - Edison (Motorola Atrix 2)
                        Serial number: L64ASC23FR
                        IMEI: [protected]
                        Service type: Warranty

                        Submitted at:
                        E-17, Lajpat nagar - 2, Central Market,
                        New Delhi

                        Sakshi Gambhir
                        M: [protected]

                        Motorola — mobile phone is not working.

                        I had bought the motorola v3i razr mobile on 13/09/07.
                        The mobile has lot of problems, it hangs up sometimes, starts dailing the numbers from the phone book automatically etc. I had given the mobile for service thrice as it is under the warranty.
                        As the problem was not solved, i asked them for the replacement of the mobile.But the service centre people are reluctant.
                        Sir, kindly suggest me the steps i can take further.


                        Motorola — mobile phone

                        Bought a W270 Motorola mobile phone from a Subhiksha outlet in July. After three weeks the phone got switched off and could not be swiched on. The Subhiksha people did not respond properly. The service centre, which provided a very poor response, could not set it right. They changed the battery and in the shop it got switched on. But later it goes off and it does not get charged. It happened three times i.e changing a fresh battery
                        and when we reached home not working. They in the service centre say that there is some problem in the powre supply at home. But we are having a Nokia moble, a sSamsung mobile and an LG mobile. ther are getting charged properly.
                        What is the way out for ths?
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                          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                          I had bought a new MotorazrXT910 on 22nd November 2012 from flipkart.comwith
                          * IMEI : [protected]* *Model : SPYDER -XT910RAZR Serial No. M78ASE2BDK*
                          This phone switched off and would not charge beyond 0% from 18th of
                          December 2012 and was submitted at the service center Redington India
                          Limited E-17 Ground floor Lajpat Nagar Central Market, New Delhi 110024 on
                          28th December 2012* Work Order No. LP/MO/12/00960 LST/TIN No:[protected]*. I
                          had recieved the phone back on 10th January 2013 with no reciept from
                          Motorola. Upon requesting a lot I got the photocopy of the Customer Reciept
                          photocopy and one paper with barcode which I got stamped by them. This
                          phone has again switched off on 23rd January 2013 and is not charging its
                          stuck at 0% and wont switch on.
                          *complaint no:[protected] had been logged and the phone had been resubmitted at the service center and I had demanded my money back

                          Name: Shivom Enterprises

                          Address: Shop No. A5- A6, 1st Floor,
                          Sec-12, Devi Place, Opp Raj Cinema,
                          Old Delhi Road, Gurgaon .

                          Contact Number: [protected], [protected]

                          The Work order number is ON/MO/12/00878
                          The phone was submitted on Saturday 23/02/2013 at 15:45:49
                          IMEI NO: [protected]
                          Serial No: M78ASE2BDK

                          A new case was logged by Motorola Customer care[protected],[protected],[protected]

                          I had not recieved any information regarding my phone for two months and now suddenly Motorola sends me an email stating that I should collect my phone back.

                          1. I have demanded my money back but motorola outright refuses to give me a refund for a bad product which had to be submitted twice in three months and the phone was at service center for more than two months

                          2. The Customer Support is not at all supportive, the service centres are all outsourced to Redington which does not provide any document which is stamped by Motorola

                          3. Motorola Customer support is always clueless and there is no one I can talk to who can help me with the refund.

                          I should not be forced to take the phone back and my money should be returned in full to my bank account at the earliest

                          * and have never got any followup calls or emails regarding my issue. No
                          one providing service at motorola seems to know what they are supposed to
                          do. The only advice I get is to send an email and go to the service center.
                          I am very unhappy with Motorola phone and would like my money back as soon
                          as possible. Motorola service centers are extremely unproffessional the
                          call centers have rude employees and they dont really help. The phone
                          numbers provided of the regional manager Pravin Kumar, nobody picks the
                          call it automatically gets diverted to a recorded message and the call
                          disconnects. (Recorded Phone conversations can be provided on request)
                          I demand a cash back in full on the bills which I have attached to this

                          Motorola — Under warranty service not provided

                          have purchased motorola SLVR L9 in Novemeber 2007 . Since last three months i am having serious problems with my handset. It gets hang and dead for hours to days . Then it automatically gets on . I have submitted it twice two Moto store Lajpat nagar. First time they retuned the set same day stating it was not charges properly so it was dead . That was not the case . After a week or so i submitted it again because the problem was still there . Second time they kept the handset for 10 days . Handest was sent to LEVEL 2 for repairing . Software was relaided and some work was done on the mother board . That was told to me by moto store . To my surprise the problem is still there and i m not able to use my handset. Neither i want to waste my effort and time to go to Moto store because they are not able to rectify the problem . Let me know what is the solution to thsi problem, If a reputed company like motorola cannot take care of its prodcut then its a real issue for motorol customer care deptt. I llok forward for your resposne wiht a feasible and viable solution to my problem I have submitted the phone one more time and now they says it hasliquid problem which is complete false. spoken to motorola person also in gurgaon
                          i bought motorola phone zn 200 two days back, and it is showing many probolems, , i just wana say that motorola SUCKZ.
                          it is the worst company

                          Motorola — warranty


                          Motorola — DEFECTIVE PRODUCT NOT BEING REPLACED

                          ITS not chennai but kolkata reddington india limited 4C lansdown place trikut apartment 2A, 2nd floor area code E10 kolkata way you should type wrongling after hearing it and also displaying the wrong information..i was cheated by the tata india frauds rathers it should be called a CHEATERS indicom..who sold me a defective motorola V3C (WORK ORDER NO -CA/MP/09/01309, , MSN NO-E14WGM2DWK, , ESN- 1B21A967)wheras both motorola and tata inicom people are least bodered and didint gave any relevant feedback from neder the customer care side nore from the higher authority when i emailed them twiced, , promising me in the email of getting in touch with me with 24hours ..i purchased it on 10th june and gave it to the service centre sealed packed and still now not given any feedback nor serviced and not any word of replacement...i will tell all the people never to go for motorola and also tata indicom who sells all defective and use and throw collections of phone models...WHAT A CLASSIC MUTUAL FRAUD BUSINESS STRATEGY OF TATA...CHEATER RATAN TATA HATS OFF TO YOU OLD VILLIAN AND ALSO A FAKE BRAND OF MOTOROLA WITH WORTHLESS SERVICE, PRODUCT AND CUSTOMER CARE..
                          I can not update my software, it showing this is not under warrenty.

                          but i purchase 06/06/2009 in sangeetha showroom, bangalore
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                            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                            Myself Manpreet Singh.i had given my Motorola Droid Razr (XT910) mobile IMEI no. [protected] to motorola service centre i.e. Vignesh electronics,sco 189-190,sec 34A, chandigarh,Ph. no.[protected] / [protected] on 7th Feb. 2013, Work Order [link removed] As the problem was a small patch on the screen when opening camera or some other programs and they told me that the lcd screen will be [link removed] The phone was under warranty and they told me that it will took maximum of 25-30 days to repair as the phone has to be repaired from their chennai service [link removed] on 12th march 2013,i got my phone back from my service centre but when i checked my phone,the same patch problem was there as it was showing before repair.When i asked the service centre guy,he told me that they changed the motherboard instead of changing display/screen of the phone. And when i asked the solution about this,he told me to contact Mr. Vimal,Ph no. [protected] who is a head person at Motorola''s main service centre in Chennai. I tried to contact Mr Vimal about the problem but the lady who attends the call always make some excuses that Mr. Vimal is on leave today or he is busy .

                            Now the main thing is that if they didn''t get the problem,how come they replaced the motherboard of the mobile and changed my mobile''s IMEI no. [protected] to [link removed] I purchased this phone worth Rs.28500 and they just assembled my phone completely by changing the motherboard and changed IMEI no. whereas the problem was just related to display and the chandigarh service centre guy aggreed to change the display as he mentioned on the Job Sheet which was attached with the mobile while sending to chennai. Now i dont want this Assembled mobile phone.Either issue me a new phone or refund me the actual Phone amount that i spent or i should take a strict action through Consumer Court as i don''t trust these Motorola guys now for the poor service.


                            Manpreet Singh
                            Mobile- [protected]

                            K-RAZR — POOR SERVICE


                            Motorola — repairing problem

                            my motorola mobile is under d warraty period and i sent my mobile to head office delhi through d servise centre kanpur but they have sent my mobile with out plz get a action to motorola

                            Motorola — not repairing phone which is under warranty

                            i have purchased motorola atrix 2 and i had display problems. So i gave it to service center and even after 23 days they have not done the repair. Customer care is doing nothing just keeping the complaint under pending
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                              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                              I had bought a Motorola Mobile Set (MODEL : DEFY MINI XT321) [IMEI1:[protected], IMEI2:[protected]} from "Spice retail Ltd.", 227 diamond harbor road, behala - 700034. Kolkata (West Bengal). (TIN : [protected]) on 25.08.2012 in Rs.11400/-. After a week time its get hanged and not get started. I submitted to Authorised Motorola Service Center at Behala Chowrasta (behind blind school) on 03.09.12. After a week time they gave me my mobile set back that some part & software needed to upgrade. But again its causing problem like system hang and turning off automatically. On 12.12.2012 I submitted once again to service center at behala as phone is not getting started only boot up screen is showing. The JOB Sheet no is - MO-MI-12/00209 Dtd-12/12/12. Then after 2 days he says again parts needed to be replaced and it will took 10 days time. I contacted the Motorola Help Line no.[protected] and book my complain for needing of replacement of the set as in last 3 months its get serviced ample number of times. The complaint no. is[protected]. They said they will resolve the issue within 48 working hours (not 2 days but 6 days (week) time). When I contacted today they are telling an another week time is required and they will send parts which is currently not available. I requested I need a replacement as I am harassed with motorola service and my business getting affected due to using such faulty hand set provided by them.

                              Please help I am came to pune now for next three months and I feel cheated by motorola company by providing such faulty sets.

                              Vikram Pandey

                              Motorola defy — faulty handset

                              faulty handset it went faulty 2 weeks after i had got it I took it back to Carphonewarehouse where they sorted the problem out then 3-4 month later the problem recurred from there they sent it off for repairs and only to find it constantly failing and they yet again sent it of for repairs and it is still under guarantee yet I am still refused a new handset and this phone coast £300 pounds eventually my guarantee will run out and then what am I meant to do personally this is worst phone have ever had I wish to be taken seriously and I would like to see some action or I will have no choice but to take it to the office of fare trading and to watch dog this is not acceptable Mrs Heather Wallington
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                                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                                Hi Team,

                                I own Motorolla Fire XT (IMEI no.[protected]) purchased on 07th May 2012, It was world's best last for a month only and later it becomes world's best mistake ever.

                                I have submitted my phone at Redington India Pvt. Ltd Gurgaon, and after nearly a month or actually 2 months i did not get the replacement of my product which was been submitted because It was "HANGING" out with someone else instead of me well my phone was continuously hanging and "white out" at some times which was "black out" day for me and then it takes too much time to start operating smoothly.

                                I had given my handset for service on date 06 Nov 2102 to Motorola "Authorized" Service center well it was not the first time I have submitted my handset for service but am just not able to recall the dates but yes every time I have submitted It was always for the same reason "System Hang" suddenly while calling someone or resuming it after a gap of may be 1-2 hrs. + battery lasts only for 4 hrs. initially and later it got down to an HOUR only + Hands free was giving amazing sound quality but moment I disturb my phone to check something while am listening to my favorite music suddenly it music system HUNGS UP and then later even hands free has surrendered towards my MOTOROLA handset so I went to "REDINGTON" - world's best service center of my world's best phone but it hurts much when I have to provide service to get my phone serviced. I have spent money + time or actually wasted on the cost of my phone for which I have paid so in order to vomit out my frustration I call up world's best call center[protected] but it was the most dis satisfactory moment. I spoke with agents working there and I got to know they are just working on updates nothing else also most interestingly their agent have more knowledge comparison to their supervisors and they are always busy talking to managers instead of talking to customers and try to resolve their query quickly.

                                It was frustrating because Its been almost 10 hours today waiting over the phone and they did not turn up after putting on hold. They do not have etiquette to talk to customers and keep telling the same thing never tried to actually help out with the issue. I spoke with SHIPRA GAHLOT the SUPERVISOR, but she was of no help either they just make fake promises which they never fulfilled. I wasted my time over the phone calling them and they keep hung up on me. Even I work in customer service and this is the worst one. Being world's biggest telecommunication product company they provide worst customer service. I am very disappointed with the customer service because they never understand my problem I am regretting the moment when I went out purchasing Motorola product I will never recommend any one for the products.

                                Pradeep from customer service admitted himself that they were disconnecting my calls because they do not have answer to my query as my number was flashing so they were able to know who was calling and THIS WAS HEIGHTS OF .....

                                Please contact me asap helping out with the issue.

                                Meenakshi Jain
                                Ph. no: [protected]

                                Motorola india Pvt Ltd — Warranty Repair

                                Dear Sir,

                                Sub : Warranty repair support: Motorola India Pvt Ltd.

                                I purchased Motorola Handset Model ZN300 on 10 Oct 2009 and it was deposited
                                for warranty repair in Redington India Ltd , Sec-14, Gurgaon on 29 June 2010
                                on problem of not switching ON, however I didn`t get back hand set till
                                date and I am being made a fool and harrased inlieu of positive response from Motorola Service Centre as well as Customer Care.

                                Maximum times when ever I call to service centre the Phone Number either will
                                be busy or silent and suppose there attend after 3 or 4 days
                                continuous try the reply like "handset is not ready and does confirm
                                after two days" and the reply will be same always. When ever I
                                call to Customer Care, the response like "you will be
                                informed/confirmed about the status after half an hour or evening or
                                after 1 day or after 2 days". They only know and have only one same
                                status to every customer.

                                In regards it is my request you to solve my case as at the
                                earliest and I wish that I will be have a Mobile Phone in my hand.

                                Complaint Details :
                                Service Centre : Redington India Ltd,M-47,Ground Floor,Old DLF
                                Colony, Sector-14, Gurgaon.(Hr)
                                Work Order No : GU/MO/10/00403 dt 29 June 2010
                                Model No : ZN 300 Silver
                                IMEI No : [protected]
                                Date Of Purchase : 10 Oct 2009
                                Customer Care Complaint No[protected]

                                Motorola India Pvt. Ltd. — Defect Handset

                                I have purchased a Motorola E8 with I.M.E.I No- [protected] on 1st April 2010 by paying Rs. 8500.
                                The cell became defective and did not switch on and I submitted my handset to Redington India Pvt. Ltd., Sector- 14, Gurgaon, the authorized service center of Motorola on 25th September 2010 for its repair but they kept me waiting till the 1st week of December to get my handset. After that it worked for 7 days and it gave a new error as "BOOT LOADER ERROR" and again it does not turn on. I took it again to the service center and he updated the software and it worked for 10 days and again had the same defect. So again I gave it to the service center and they kept it for 15 days and returned my handset saying that they have changed the flashing I.C of the handset. But again it became defective and so the service center person at Redington updated the software on 17th January 2011 and it became defective after 3 days, however as I was out of town I again visited them on 8th February and said that he has requested for a motherboard and if it became defective he will replace the motherboard. Again after using for 2 days it has stopped working.
                                Now as we see out of 10 months o[censored]se they had my handset with them for about 4 months and now after every 7 days it stops working and I have to make frequent visit to their service center but still they cannot fix the issue. Now the warranty is going to expire next month i.e 31st March 2011. If they will again keep my handset for 15days and after that it does not work properly then they will charge a huge amount to repair it.
                                So as I have been through a lot of harassment from the service of Motorola I want them to extend my warranty for 4 months or else if they cannot fix the issue permanently I would like to return the handset with a 60%-70% refund for the amount I had paid for this handset.

                                Thanks and Regards,
                                Seema Kumari
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                                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                                   Sagar Tarkhala
                                  Respected Sir/Madam,
                                  I am Sagar Tarkhala, a resident of a small village Bantwa in Junagadh (Gujarat). I've been following your forum since a while. Bearing in mind your effectiveness and accomplishment to successfully resolve consumer issues, I thought that you might be able to help me as well. I have complaint regarding Motorola handset for which I’ve been chasing Motorola India since September 2012 but I all those has been in vain till now.

                                  I bought Motorola RAZR, XT-910 IMEI [protected] from Hemel Hempstead, UK on date 18/12/2012. Then due to some personal reasons I had to shift to India in May 2012.

                                  My phone is still under warranty according to Motorola website and considering the date of purchase of phone. Motorola India denies that specifying their policy: due to in availability of parts of foreign model. But, same variant model (XT910) of my phone is available in India. And according to the warranty page on my manual “Motorola Global Warranty Mobile Phones: For consumers who are covered by consumer protection laws or regulations in their country of purchase or, if different, their country of residence.” which clearly says the warranty is global. So, my phone should qualify under warranty. But still they deny providing warranty service. I’ve mentioned this complain on Motorola helpline[protected] in June 2012. That issue remains unsolved.

                                  On top of that Motorola Authorized service center has damaged my phone. The matters are described as follows:

                                  On date[protected], I was in Ahmedabad, while there I had charging problem so, I called Motorola helpline on[protected] around 14:00 hrs, to seek help for problem in the mobile phone. I was informed about two service centers in Ahmedabad. Of which I chose DUGAR TELECARE, 20 ABHISHREE COMPLEX, BELOW NOKIA CARE, OPP. STAR BAZAR, SATELLITE, AHMEDABAD-380015. I contacted DUGAR TELECARE on no[protected] around 1500 hrs and asked about the asked about the problem on the phone and I was told that charging issue is minor and would be solved within 2 hrs. Upon submitting my phone for repair at DUGAR TELECARE, I was given job sheet no.179 and was asked to sit for 2 hrs. When inquiring around 5:45, he gave my phone back. On checking the phone it still had problem, the battery status was displaying “?” symbol, the repair man called me in person and admitted that he accidently broke battery belt. So I was asked to wait till next day.

                                  On[protected], I contacted DUGAR TELECARE quite a few times on [protected] right from 0930 hrs. DUGAR TELECARE kept coming up with a new excuse every time I called. In evening when I went there with his friends, I was called in personal again in small cabin and repairman confessed that he made mistake while repairing phone and phone has gone dead, this things will also be there in CCTV footage.

                                  Following that I pleaded continuously to repair my not only expensive but more important phone. But I wasn’t paid attention and I was threatened to leave the shop. When I asked to show the CCTV footage of phone being repaired I was threatened and forced to leave. I felt helpless and I had nothing but to leave.

                                  I reported this problem on National consumer helpline[protected] on date 08/09/2012. They suggested me to submit my phone to another Motorola service center and get phone diagnosed and get its condition in writing. After that send notice to Motorola to resolve this problem.

                                  Following National customer helpline’s instructions, on date[protected] I registered my complaint to Motorola on their helpline around 3:30 PM and I submitted his phone to ARYAN TECHNOLOGIES, UL-10, NEPTUNE TOWER, B/H RELIANCE WEB WORLD, OPP. JALARAM PETROL PUMP, KALAWAD ROAD, RAJKOT-360005 to get his phone repaired, where I was given job sheet no.3678. After diagnosing the phone the service center returned phone stating that the phone’s mother board and battery are damaged.
                                  I’ve informed Motorola about this matter on date 12/09/2012 around 3:30 pm. I called again Motorola Helpline on date 24/09/2012 around 1:25 pm. Mr.Manesh attended the call but no response was given about advances in the matter. On date 07/11/2012 I called Motorola Helpline again to seek any advances and warranty matter, but no satisfying response was given. On date 12/11/2012 I called again Motorola Mr.Desai attended the call, but upon asking advances in the matter I was told that I can go to consumer forum if I want but, Motorola won’t help me in this matter. I called Motorola helpline on date 20/11/2012 again, this time Mr.Manesh attended the call and told they can’t help me until I go to service centre which is nearly 800 KM away and then talk to Motorola Helpline. Every time I called Motorola Helpline, I have mentioned all the details as well as I have cooperated fully with the Motorola representatives but no proper response was given until this day.
                                  I’ve informed about these matters to Motorola by notice, on date 17/10/2012 I sent them legal notice by post by registered AD no.RG[protected]IN in which I mentioned all the minute details but, I wasn’t paid attention at all. Upon getting no responses I sent notice to Motorola on 09/11/2012 by registered AD no. RG[protected]IN but, the later one was not accepted by Motorola. Till the day I haven’t received any responses from Motorola

                                  I’ve called Motorola Helpline multiple times and sent even two notices to Motorola but till the day, I’m not given complain number. This shows lack of cooperation and seriousness towards consumer.
                                  On date 21/11/2012 I have informed Motorola UK about this matter, ‘Tijl’ was the representative from Motorola UK. She said that this is Motorola India service centre’s fault and they should be extending the warranty and get your phone repaired.
                                  On date 23/11/2012 I have contacted Motorola 3 times then they informed me that they can’t help me in this matter because I should have informed them earlier, and they believe that I might have damaged the phone so, asked for CCTV footage for repairing but they denied every time and ignored complain every time. The names of representatives were Mr.Harsh, Mr.Manesh, Mr.Pradeep respectively out of which Mr.Pradeep replied bluntly.
                                  It is clear that Motorola didn’t investigate into this matter and are ignoring my genuine case again and again. They didn’t even check the details or footage with the service center and kept ignoring my demand of CCTV footage.
                                  I feel that I am helpless and I am deprived of my consumer rights by Motorola on both issues of warranty and damaged phone by Motorola. The legal and official process seems too long and tedious, I’m not sure when will I get justice. So, I request you to take appropriate actions on my behalf and please help me in this matter in all ways possible

                                  I have got all the legal proofs, witnesses, documents and logs to support the facts mentioned in this letter.

                                  For any further details please feel free to contact me at any time on +91-[protected].

                                  I confirm all the details and data furnished are best of my knowledge.

                                  Thanking you

                                  Sagar Tarkhala

                                  Motorola — Motorola not extending proper consumer support

                                  I registered a complaint at the Motorola Service Center at Green Park Extension, New Delhi. My work order number agaisnt repairs to my Motorola A-780 cell is 8838 dated 26th September 2008.

                                  The Complaint registered was
                                  1. Top key pad not fucntional
                                  2. Incoming calls cannot be heard
                                  3. "Flash memory full" message appearing against save options
                                  4. Joy stick not functional

                                  Its been more than a month now and they still havn't been able to find a replacement to the defective flip. Both their service center and their online help desk with email id [protected] are useless.

                                  I've been wanting to purchase the new Motorola Motoming A 1600 but considering the current service levels i'll only be wasting my money least a defect arises and i'm not taken care of.

                                  I bought a new motorolla moto (Zn 200) on last 3 months back.And one time got service also.Even the problem is same and continues.Usually operating the mobile it is hang up.(not using Fm radio or multimedia).Sometimes keep on calling even the call cut by opposite person.The indication light are keep on blinking even you ignore the message or missed call.Pls give me the consumer care mail id
                                  Hello sir,
                                  I am bhagavan and am facing problem with battery and not able to recharge my cell battery and so internal pin problem and am my mobile model is "MOTOROLA V3I RAZOR" please give solution as son as possible.
                                  Thanking u sir
                                  I have purchased a handset L9 of motorola company from mobile store on 4th may 2008.

                                  Within the warranty period we have given it for repair in your company's service

                                  centres four times.For the first time the problem was with the key board,

                                  the service center promptly did the needful.However, for the last three

                                  times the set is being send for the same fault and the set is being received back

                                  with the same fault.The set gets hanged/gets switched off on receiving any call, also we are

                                  unable to make any call. In the mean time I had to purchase a NOKIA handset to meet my requirments.

                                  NOW I have collected the handset after repair at 1420h today that is 08 may 2009. Icould make only

                                  two calls and the handset has stoped functioning.The set was repaired at your service center,

                                  complaint No 843 dated 29 Apr 2009.They insured us that the set is perfectly fine.But just the very next

                                  day we had to take it again for the same problem.Since then they have the set and havn't returned.We

                                  gave it for servicing at

                                  Khurana Brothers, Redington (India)Limited.

                                  U G -7D, Jaina tower-1, Janakpuri,

                                  New Delhi-58.

                                  Please advise action to be taken by me

                                  Motorola India — Regarding motorola handset repair

                                  I am a coustmer i am submit a mobile in service center janakpuri date 29/00/2009 . but till date of 22/10/2009 they are not giving my mobile .my mobile cost is 12600 rs . The company manager is absuse to me and my friends . Please help me
                                  The Motorola HInt. A piece of crap phone. Two months into use the screen stops working, I can not recieve text or see whom is calling. Other problems, the phone shuts itself off and and the screen freezes.
                                  The worse part is the the Customer Service Department. In the past two days I have spoke to over ten CSR people. They finally get to" well you have to send it to our repair department". IN MCALLEN TEXAS!!! They email me a label. I can not print out a label on a laser printer I do not own. I know no one that can print one out for me. I called again today[protected]. Told them I can not afford to send it in at this time. I am on a very tight budget. This phone is 2 months old. I didnt plan on trouble. I NEED my phone. The last person I spoke with was a "supervisor". We quickly came to an impasse. I asked for the person to whom she answers to and she said "there is no one else over me"
                                  It is ludicris that" A Supervisor" has no one else to answer to. It is ludicris that it couldnt be arranged to provide an alternate method to assist me with honoring the warranty.
                                  I doubt I get satisfaction from this email. However; I did vent and prepared myself for my next line of action. Calling Corporate. Following up with a written letter to the CEO.

                                  Motorola — Advertisements

                                  Motorola advertises their mobile handsets in newspapers with caption "iss diwali sabki chandi' and free 7 gms silver coin on purchase of a mobile phone with two asterisks (**) without any explanation. and there are very very small letters at the end of the advertisement which could be only read using magnifying glass. Why are they fooling the indian people this way? as a fact all the advertisers make use of an asterisk which should be banned the consumer complaints forum, this misguides the people who do not know what is the asterisk meant for.
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                                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                                    I have been using Motorola fire(XT311) since November 2011. It has been 45 days since I had submitted my phone at one of service center at Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi for a mere change of touch panel and 2 keys which were not responding. And still I haven’t got my phone back. I am running here and there for it. The service centre told me it will take 10 days and after 10 days they told me they need 4-5 days more. After a week they told me the phone is at Chennai and they can’t help it and told me to talk to the customer care. On 23 rd of September they told me that they are escalating the case I will get a call back within that. I called them again after 4 days as I didn’t get a call. They again told me that they need 2 more days and that I had escalated my case on 23 rd September so it was not their headache when I had submitted my phone at the service centre. After an argument I agreed to them. Again I didn’t get a call from them. I have been calling them up from past 2 days and they are saying that they aren’t getting a revert from the head office so they can’t do anything to help me out. Instead they are telling me to wait for a week more. It has been causing me great inconvenience. Now tofay i got a call to collecr my phone. When i went there i realised that the problem was still there. Now they are again asking dor time. I have written mails to them but the are not replying.

                                    My details are as follows:

                                    Name- Akash Sehgal

                                    Tel no.- [protected]

                                    Details of service center- TECHNOCARE, E-17, Lajpat Nagar-II, New Delhi-110024

                                    Phone submitted on- 30-aug-2012

                                    Phone type- Motorola fire (xt311)

                                    IMEI- [protected]

                                    Complaint no.[protected]
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                                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                                       Ramesh Kumar Battu
                                      I am using Motorola XT3 (XT503) mobile since 2010 October. In the August 2012 my mobile fell down and damaged touch, i went to Motorola service Center paid 3500 and changed touch that was very well that time i did not check my IMEI code no. recently my mobile had display problem and again i went to to the same service center, they are written IMEI no in my Job card, i asked them about my data they said don't worry for your data we are only change the display and they told me to collect the mobile within 2 days. They called me for collect the Mobile, when i check my mobile they erased my data i lost all my contacts as well as Imp massages also, that time i have checked my IMEI code no that was mismatching. They are confusing me and trying to cheating me, i am planing to file a case please help me how to file a case and whom to i should approach.
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                                        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

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