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Motorola Mobility Customer Care
Motorola Mobility LLC.
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Motorola Mobility Customer Care

Motorola Mobility LLC.

12th Floor, Tower D. Dlf Cyber Greens. DLF Cyber City
Gurgaon District
India - 122002

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Dear Motorola India Team,

This is under tremendous trauma that i am writing for the problems that i have faced buying a Motorola Phone in India. I honestly never in my dreams though of a nightmare like these would have happened for a mere Mobile Handset. And, that too a premium handset which is worth 28,000/- INR when i bought it.

I purchased a Motorola XT 720 in Jan'11, since then i have been facing some or the other issues. Last night after i ended a call i saw a circled distortion inside the screen of the phone. Today morning i took the same to the service center at I-11 Lower Ground Floor, Central Market, Lajpat Nagar - II, New Delhi -110024, where they rejected saying 'We won't be able to help'. This cannot be covered under warranty. When asked for the reason they sited we do 2nd Level, you will need to go to Gurgaon or Green Park for this.

Now, tell me is this case then why the hell is it mentioned on the website that they are the authorized Service Center. Also, why will it not be covered under warranty. The problem is of the handset and definitely am not accepting the behaviour of the Center Representative. If you cANNOT THEN GUIDE ME THROUGH A PROPER SOLUTION. I am really annoyed and and lost entire trust on the brand.

As per as Motorola is concerned, I don't think they will be able to understand/resolve my concern, see I have several time seen that no one has basic knowledge of hardware in the service centers for MOTOROLA XT 720. I now feel everyone was correct when they mentioned not to buy any Motorola Mobile Phone, specially which comes to India.

Moreover, to seek some better help i called Mr.Praveen Kumar (Regional Head for Customer Care in Delhi), who never responds to any call. I have tried 11(eleven) times to reach him but to my utter dismay, has been humiliated for not getting a response. Hoping for best, if I do not get a call or an email within 24 hrs, i am escalating the issue to TRAI and the senior Management of Motorola.

Thanks & Regards,
Arijit Das
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

    Hi !

    I have Motorola EX 128 i purchased in January 2011. After two days there was problem in touch as well as no backup. So I went to service center to get it repaired. I given them the handset and they committed for one week. I managed without phone and finally they have given my mobile back after three weeks with replaced mother board. However the problem was the same i came to know after the use of one day. I have contacted toll free number so they again directed me to service center. Again they have kept my phone for more 20 days. I got the set back with additional problem of rebooting after every 5 to 10 minutes. Again I approached service center and found they have shifted to some other agency. I found it again and they again kept it for mother board and touch screen replacement, They again took 20 days to give it back to me with rebooting problem.
    Again i walked to service center to get repaired again they told me to replace the mother board third time. They have not taken handset this time and replaced mother board (as they stated) after one month. I got the set with rebooting problems resolved but default features missing with back up of 5 hours on stand by.
    Service center again shifted to some other agency and they committed me to replace the equivalent handset model or to replace mother board forth time. They have updated software and replaced battery. Again there was problem in applications and video recording and the same initial problem of touch screen. They kept it again with them and finally surrendered but the problems.
    I have called toll free many times and they directed me to service center every time.
    I have been suffering since approx 10 months and warranty is going to lapse in next two months. I have only this handset so i am facing problem since the period. I request the company to please replace the handset with better type of other equivalent model.

    Anoop Kumar Sharma

    Motorola Mobile EX128 — Handset Not wORKING


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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

      My Name - Jigar Mistry, contact - [protected]

      Numbers of time I have contected Mr. Chintan (Regional

      Manager for Gujart) he is not picking my phone.
      Numbers of time I have called Mototorola tall free no.

      [protected] they are saying visit service center and talk

      with Mr. Chintan ([protected])

      Following issue have been reported to Motorola but still I

      am not getting any solution from past 1 month.

      Motorola call ID[protected]
      Motorola call ID[protected]

      I have visited local authorised service center Abhinav

      Technology, Shop no 66 , Chinubhai Tower, Ashram road,

      Ahmedabad - ph.[protected]
      Work Order no1 - AY/MO/11/00748
      Work Order no2 - AY/MO/11/00819

      I am not satisfy with the Motorola after sales services as

      i have reported there is a bug in Motorola Defy - but no

      one is bother to resolve the issue and Motorola support

      team is closing my call without getting the confirmation

      from me ... Please check following issue i m facing in

      India for Motorola Dify.

      following issue is persist with only Vodafone SIM Card i

      have checked in two different Motorola Android phone.

      Issue Scenario
      1. Required 4 Vodafone sim card
      e.i. V1, V2, V3 and V4

      Now V1 calls to V2
      and V1 calls V3
      and V1, V2 and V3 are in conference call

      Issue is if now V3 is calling V4 and try to join V4 into

      same conference in which V1, V2 and V3 are already there.

      Error message is coming unable to complete conference call.

      Motorola — call not going

      i cant get some purticular nomber.when i call showing that"call ended".the nombers are starting with 0480.
      please check this
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

        I bought a mobile on from online got hands on 10th of october and within few days it was having some problems so i contacted MOTOROLA they guided me to go to their certified service center so...
        I gave my mobile on 18th october to service center - They told me that problem is software problem and it will be solved in 20 minutes but the technician has not yet come so u should come tommorow only i accepted that
        19th October - i reached there and asked for my mobile they made me wait for 1 and half hours acting that they are not able to find the mobile and later they told me that your mobile is not yet done also. I was told to call in the evening for status of mobile when i called them up they told me they will notify me after an hour i kwpt on waiting when i called them back no one is picking up the phone luckily i got peon's number i talked with him some person was speaking from behind that "customer ka phone nai uthane ka, bandh ho gaya hai center abhi " in loud voice and peon cut off the phone.
        Now that timing is 10am to 6pm i never found MANAGER at center also TECHNICIAN comes after 3pm
        i was given technician's number so i called him up today at 2.30pm he told me he will let me know the status after an hour but no replies after hours and hours when i called back no one is picking up the phone.
        The technician told me he is finding my battery but fact is they returned my battery on the day i submitted phone to them saying that "battery,cover,sim card,memory card will not be needed"
        I personally request this forum to take care of this CENTER of MOTOROLA

        Dadar Center
        Shop No - 104, 1St Floor, Civic Center, Dastur Wadi,Naigaon Cross Road, Dadar (E), Mumbai-400 014
        Tel : [protected] /[protected]
        E-mail : [protected]
        No use of calling or mailing them :(
        Problem has been solved i had to go and stand on their head ...
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

          Motorola Mobile — Battery Backup

           Kishor Kumar Thakur
          Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support centre. Below is a summary of your request and our response.
          Complaint comments  Comments  (2)Complaint category Telecommunications

           Shreyas V. Nimbre
          Hello! I Mr. Shreyas V. Nimbre. residing in Borivali (W). Mumbai-400092. I purchased an Motorola handset from ANUPAM MEGA STORE in the month of June 25th 2011. The cell phone cost was Rs. 1400 including all the tax/vat. The cell phone is still under warranty. Now the case is my cell had some technical problem so I enquired from just dial for the Motorola service center contact no and address. So they provided me an address of the service center in MULUND(W). As per the procedure I had given my cell phone to that respective service center. From there my cell phone was returned back to me within 1 week resolving the technical issue. Then after few weeks the same problem was araise and went to the MEGA STORE from where I purchased the handset and I got the address of an service center which is in BORIVALI(W). Again I had to keep my handset for an again 1 week and after 1 week i was been told that "your handset will be replaced and for the whole procedure it will take again 1 1week as the handset will be sent to the main center CHENNAI. I agreed for the same and the handset was replaced as per the said time period. But again after two days the same problem occured so contacted with the same service center from where the handset was replaced. After such a long hectic situation the service center is saying to submit the handset again to which I said that " I don'1t want to replace/repair the handset and gave them an alternative that i'll add some more money and issue me an new motorola handset to which they are not responding till date and just giving me reasons. Unfortunately the service center exceutive are not at all co-operative, helpful, etc. So now i just want you to help me with the same. For reply u can can contact me on [protected].
          Motorola Fire XT530
          Date of purchase 4/10/2011
          IMEI No: [protected]
          Problem: Touch keypad not working.
          Work order no. OI/MO/11/00670

          Return to service center on 5/10/2011 for DO and till now I am waiting for a reply from Motorola. I was great fan of Motorola mobiles but now I hate it. MY Rokr EM30 was also big pain but this time they make me cry.
          cc ADDRESS: Redington India Ltd., Sector 18, Noida
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

            Whomsoever it may concern,

            I had bought a Motorola TAPIN Quench XT502 Android mobile handset from "Big Boss Mobile Handset Shop, Shop No-01, BSEL Tech Park, Sector 30/A, Opp. Vashi RLY Station. Vashi, Mumbai-400705. Ph[protected]" on 30th July 2011. Bill Invoice Number-12535.
            I discovered within 2 weeks that there is problem with the handset. The following scenario can be recreated on my mobile-
            1. I turn ON the camera
            2. Click 2/3 snaps
            3. Immediately view the snaps from the Camera preview provided on the top right corner
            4. Press the back button,
            the mobile handset shuts down.
            I had reported it to the shop immediately. They had first told me, that it will be better if I take it to the service centre myself. This comes from a shop who had literally insisted that I buy this XT502 over HTC WildfireS when I had gone to get the mobile. Quoting them - If there is any issue, get the phone to us.
            Anyways, finally I managed to get them to submit the phone to the service centre on 15th September 2011.

            Service centre being: Varad Electronics, Shop no. 228, Sector 2,Xerox Galli, Near Megaraj Theatre, Vashi, Navi Mumbai-400703. Phone no[protected]/ [protected].
            The JOB sheet no which was submitted=237

            After repeated calls to both the shop and the service centre, the service centre finally said that the issue is resolved (today, 21 September 2011). I went back to the shop to collect it. I found the issue to be still existing. Shopkeeper said, I should have taken it to the service centre. I took the address from them and went to the service centre.
            The service centre people were adamant that they had resolved the issue, and that they have shown it to the Shop guys who had confirmed them. I tried showing it to them, but they wouldn't listen and asked me to come next day, that is tomorrow.

            Being a loyal customer of Motorola I really feel harrassed by their authorised service centres and the tone of their personnels. I now really feel that the company may actually be not interested in customer satisfaction anymore, which I believed at one time was their USP.

            I wish I could return back this phone.
            In these times of the giant corporates we are the scapegoats.
            And we can't even scream.

            Is there any help out there?

            Thanks ,
            Pramit Pal

            Motorola — mobile manufacturing problem

            i had bought a Motorola handset Q9 from Hot Spot, Sec-15, Faridabad.
            Due to very first day when i bought this handset the battery was exhaust with in few minutes of complete charging. After complaining several times they got my battery changed after a weeks time( Although it was new battery).
            Now the red button(From which we disconnect the call) of the phone is not working properly. the phone was purchased on the 6th June 2009 only.
            I am not satisfied with services of Motorola and Hot Spot because there are not been able to rectify the problem what i am facing right now. Kindly take the necesory action or else i need to take some hard action regarding the subject. Now I dont want to get my phone repaired because its just a brand new phone and i dont want to use a repaired phone in just one month.
            i request you take appropriate action to get my phone changed or refund my money back.


            Deepak Kumar
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


              My Name is U.Venkatasubbaiah from andhrapradesh. I purchased a motorola zn300 model handset on 09january2010 in chennai .actually study purpose i am staying warangal in andhrapradesh. on 07 june 2011 my handset strip is not worked .
              also display is gone but phone incoming & outgoing also worked . i visit to the Authorized Service Center (S.S.Bharahi Communication, B.O. #8-9-100/12, Victory Estate,J.P.N.Road,Chowrastha, Warangal. Phone :[protected],Cell : [protected]) on 09th September 2011 at 6.00 p.m as that service center timing is 10a.m to 7p.m. The engineer simply told that strip is not available any where. but i explained the problem too patiently. After sometime i introduce myself arguments then they opened the handset. i told open the handset is there any damages show me. then they told no sir that's strip problem only. I explained so many times & requested also .otherwise you must contact your head office how to work my phone properly ? he says here is not available. as servicemen is not says clarity & he plays any games..he is not co - operation with consumers. that's why asked to you where is solved my problem? as service center members not gives ideas then why are you launches in so many branches & how to gives all rights for irresponsible persons? why are you introducing this type of cheapest mobiles in market?i asked to you how to solve my problem & how to get my working mobile?..please give the service center address in Hyderabad or as nearest places...

              am also gives toyou my mobile details :
              my mobile IMEI no:[protected]

              with thanks and regards
              mobile [protected] and [protected].

              Motorola ZN300 — Warranty Repair

              I purchased Motorola Handset Model ZN300 on 10 Oct 2009 and it was deposited for warranty repair in Redington India Ltd , Sec-14, Gurgaon on 29 June 2010 on problem of not switching ON, however I didn`t get back till date. Maximum time when ever I call to service centre the Phone Number either will be busy or if they attend the reply is always same of set is not ready due to spares are not available and it will be take few days. I called so many times to service centre also customer care, but I am facing worst service from Motorola. Thus in regarding my case there will be appreciated to solving my problem as at the earliest and pls find following details :

              Service Centre : Redington India Ltd,M-47,Ground Floor,Old DLF Colony, Sector-14, Gurgaon.(Hr)
              Work Order No : GU/MO/10/00403 dt 29 June 2010
              Model No : ZN 300 Silver
              IMEI No : [protected]
              Date Of Purchase : 10 Oct 2009
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                I've purchased my Motorola mobile XT-720 in Dubai last October. My touch screen found not working suddenly. The Mobile phone comes with International warranty card and it does mentioned warranty in Chennai, India. When i went to the service center. The executive said no warranty for this mobile. I asked it does comes with a international warranty. He replied Motorola do not accept warranty for this particular model. I called the customer care, they do not have a solution for this compliant.

                My question is Why Motorola promising an International Warranty?
                Can i go legal and File a Case against Motorola?

                Please help me on this.

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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                   nikhil paliwal
                  Two days back I purchased 2 MOTOROLA CP1180 UHF handheld radio sets from a dealer in New Delhi. next day on delivery of sets i found them defective as a result they are not working. since then i have been trying to contact the supplier but not getting any reply or any response from them. please advise me, what step should i take regarding this matter. INVOICE NO-AG&WPC/ST/11-12/0008 Dated- 25/07/ 2011
                  Complaint marked as Resolved 2018-05-05 18:54:20
                  this is a cheating on behalf of the dealer, u should contact motorola or at last take legal action.
                  actually one of my friend also bought motorola CP1180 for factory use. according to him voice clarity problem is common in all Cp1180 sets. i suggest u to get ur amount back and go for some other brand e.g kenwood, Vertex, Icom, Rexon, Vertel etc. U will get much better result in lesser price . Trust me
                  i bought CP1180 hand held radio set, in brochure and quotation they have given 2350 MAH battery but on delivery i found 1100 MAH battery only. Now dealer or Motorola company have no answer/explanation for this. i never expected from a reputed company Motorola, --- but sorry to say i was wrong !
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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                    i reside in ahmedabad. First i bought a MB300 backflip mobile from ONE MOBILE for rs. 16499/- on 1/12/10 . I faced a lot many problems regarding the auto shut down, network hangs and many more. Then i complained about it at DUGGAR SALES(authorized service center for Motorola) and got my handset replaced on 17/12/10. After this the phone was alright for one month and so and after that same problems were faced by me. Again i complained to same Motorola Service center and they updated the software and for time being the problem was solved. Again after two days same problems occurred. Again i went and again they updated the software. this happened for almost 4-5 months. Then i was frustrated and faced the problems not complaining. Even i had many talks to the higher authorities of Motorola Company but they also did not respond properly. But now i am completely fed up. again and again i am called at different service centers and nothing has been helped me so far. after spending such a big amount on motorola phone i am facing this unbearable problem. My money is wasted. Above all after wasting the money also i am not being attended properly.

                    Do something for the above mentioned head-ache. please.
                    Hey Bro I think we should go consumer court against Motorola service then i will find any solution..
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                       Yadunandan J
                      Hi ,

                      I bought a Motorola MB 300 back flip from Central JP Nagar about 5 months ago.
                      The phone still has warranty of 7 months left , after 2-3 days of purchase I ran into a lot of software issues on the Andriod 1.5 version.

                      There are only 2 authorized service showrooms for motorola - Rajajinagar & Jayanagar.

                      I visited the jayanagar showroom and gave the phone to them to look into the Andriod 1.5 crash issue and also gave them requested documents of Bill & Warranty copies , after 1 day I was given a phone which had multiple issues & crashes than before - so many problems I cannot explain on this complaint.

                      In simple words , the phone which I bought for about Rs.16,000 was worth nothing as outgoing calls were not going/or delayed , frequent OS crashes .Their response was they plugged and downloaded the latest android 1.5 version and still this crash & issues continue till date...

                      Apparently andriod 1.5 version has lot of bugs & issues and surprised Motorola went ahead with this software.

                      It was also announed by Motorola that Motorola MB 300 back flip users would be provided Android 2.1 update which will solve most of the problems , but now on their official site they mention that Asia-Pacific users will remain on 1.5 version and only US customers would get the 2.1 update.


                      This is Corporate Fraud at it's height and some-one needs to hold Motorola responsible as they are cheating the customers of this phone model which have lot of issues inherently built into the phone - HOW COULD THEY SELL THIS TO THE PUBLIC.

                      Please look into the matter and provide a acceptable resolution.


                      Complaint Status

                      [Dec 01, 2015] Motorola Mobility customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
                      i am living in punjab and i bought my mb300 7 months beforte and i am also suffering from same problem and i am not able to make and receive calls but this issue is less when i use any operator other than vodafone it means its comparatibility with vodafone is wrong may be signal frequency problem or any thting else any thing u found for resolving this issue please tell me also on [protected]... some tricks i have to use it now but not enough
                      even when i went to its customer care then they told me rudely that they dont know about this phone and company didnt gave training on this cell and they asked me to not come again and again
                      i too faced same problem. still unable to use the phone for more than sevan months. motorola support team, what are you doing. pls provide the update for indian customers

                      motorola back flip — cell is not working

                      motorolabackflip is defected phone ... incoming problem when u call me u heared ring but not in my phone on my side plzz do something... imm

                      backflip mb300 — cell is useless

                      do something plzz its very urgent ? otherwise i go to delhi high court and claim to motorola company ...for my time and my money ....

                      speaker is not working

                      I bought moto e on big million day.Now my phone's speaker is not working.As per sales contract this phone has got one year warranty.Can I claim warranty.
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                        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                         purna chandra maji
                        This is to inform you that i have been using MOTOROLA ZN200 (IMEI:
                        [protected] since the last 10 months and i am highly
                        disappointed by its unpleasant customer services and because of that i
                        am mentally hurt along with huge loss of time and money.

                        Actually i was facing network and hanging problem with my cell phone,
                        so i went to Motorola service center, i.e. Redington India Pvt. Ltd.
                        205 Diamond Trade Center, Near Janjeer Wala Chouraha, Indore-452001,
                        to resolve my problem. A guy named Vinod addressed me, gave me job
                        sheet and submitted my cell phone for 7 days. After 7 days my network
                        problem has been resolved but along with one more problem, that was of
                        speaker and that i was not facing earlier. Then i again went to
                        Motorola service center for the resolution of my speaker issue, he has
                        again submitted my cell phone without job sheet.He said that i will be
                        getting my cell phone within 8 days because he was sending my cell
                        phone to Chennai to replace its motherboard. After 8 days when i went
                        to take my cell phone, i got my cell phone with the same issue then he
                        told me that he need 1 more week to bring my cell phone's speaker from
                        the company. I went to service center again to check the status then
                        he asked me to take my cell phone back and use it until my speaker
                        comes. After one week when i went to change my speaker he changed my
                        speaker but the issue has not been resolved. He told me that there
                        must be some problem with my songs but i played different songs
                        infront of him with the same issue. He again requested me for 1 more
                        week to resolve the same problem from Mumbai. For that i cancelled my
                        reservation first time that was of 12th of April. Eventually when i
                        got my cell phone, i was shocked by seeing the same issue. He again
                        gave me commitment that till 17th they will fix my cell phone. I again
                        cancelled my reservation of 18th of April. I asked him to give
                        Motorola's email id so that i could shoot a mail but he denied and
                        gave me Motorola's Toll Free number and Regional Manager's(Dixit Knot-
                        [protected]) number but he never picks the phone.

                        I was very furious by the situations around so i made a call to
                        Motorola's Customer Care Center. There i had a conversation with 3
                        executives (Rashmi Gupta, Sunita Kumari and Shippra Gehlot). I have
                        explained every thing and even i warned them that i will go to
                        CONSUMER FORUM but again i was shocked by their bitter response, "Do
                        whatever you can!". When i asked them about Dixit Knout i came to know
                        that he is regional manager of Redington and not of Motorola. That guy
                        Vinod actually lied to me.

                        Now after all this nasty experience i don't want that cell phone
                        instead of it i need a new one. The reason behind that is i had a huge
                        loss of both money and time. Even i am mentally hurt because i
                        urgently need to go to Kolkata for my sister's delivery and two times
                        i cancelled my reservation.

                        Now its my humble request to you to kindly look into the matter and
                        assist me with a new cell phone as soon as possible.
                        Im going with you people... Its a bad fate for our India to hold Motorolla service center with Redington. Im n chennai. I bought MB300. Its external speakers are very poor. So, there is only one choice to go with the headset. Even i tolerated and enjoyed with what i have. After 1 and half month, it didnt work. I checked with the chennai service center at T Nagar. The agree to provide replacement as the fault is with the headset. They raised a work order for my requst. Its date is around February 1st. But, till todate they repeat the same answer 'NO STOCK'. In the middle, i forced them to keep track on my headset. And, i went 3 times based on the confirmation that they got replacement for my headset. But, fortunately, i know the headset no of my handset. They trying to cheat me with the local one which not even suite for my mobile. Even i cant hear anything with the replacement headset which they provided. And, they try to conveince me with the answer this is what the logistics are providing for this mobile. I believe they are doing things like smuglers. I believe, they are receiving the replacements, but selling those stocks outside for sale. This is the worst service center i ever hear.

                        I believe someone will take a look at our complaint. Else, people will loose their faith on Motorolla.
                        thanks guys i was about to buy a Motorola handset but now i wont...
                        thank you i am saved...
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                          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                          motorola milestone Xt 800 — internet setting for CDMA Sim

                          I bought Motorola Milestone XT 800 EVDO compatible handset. After migrating my Tata indicom sim to OMH sim card, i required...
                          Complaint comments  Comments  (8)Complaint category Mobile Service Providers

                           Setu Shah

                          I have a similar problem. I bought this phone on 30-Apr. The SMS alert rings even on vibrator mode. And it rings every 5 minutes or so till the time you dont read the SMSes.

                          I am not happy with this behavior. Sometimes I get into very uncomfortable situation during meetings because of this.

                          I want a replacement of the phone.

                          Setu Shah

                          Motorola — mis-information

                          I have purchased Motorola 810 Handset on Dec08. Somehow the chrging point (USB point) got faulty.
                          When i took it to the service center, i was told that there is water spilage on the PCB of the phone so the repiring cost will not be covered under warranty. For repairing they are charging entire cost of handset.

                          But later i came to know that the Handset contains 2 Watermarks - one directly on the surface inside the Back cover and second watermark is on the PCB board. I asked then that let me know how without Damaging the first watermark the second got damaged.I asked the same from customer care and also Online support but they never replied on this. Instead at first they told me that My cell is not i warranty and i sent them the Receipt, they told me that this is not covered under warranty.

                          Can anyone help me on this.

                          MOTOROLA EX115 — Misleading Information

                          I am Murthy Purchased MOTOROLA EX115 Mobile from UNIVERCELL MOBILE STORES at HUMAYUN NAGAR ,MEHDIPATNAM,HYD:500028,after the confirmation from the sales person that this mobile has the feature of sending BULK SMS,byt after i had purchased it and while in use i came to know that only 1SMS can be sent from this Mobile.
                          I had purchased this mobile only to send the BULK SMS which are required for me frequently,,,these people simply increase their sales by giving mis information.
                          Let me know How can i resolve this issue?

                          BRK MURTHY ([protected])

                          This is regarding a complaint about the model "Motorola EX115" model, which I purchased last month from Banglore. After reading and comparing all the features with other models I purchased this model. But later when started using I came to know that it doesn't have featutes of sending BULK SMSs (lmost even all the basic models of other makes have got BULK SMSs features) which I required mainly in my day to day life. This model allows to send only 1 message at a time and performance is too bad and hangs many times.

                          And the second problem i am facing is most of the time when i try to compose a new message I am getting an error like "Not available". Then I need to make a reboot and then it works fine.
                          I agree with the complaint posted about bulk sms sending, but the issue here is even service centre guys are not aware of this. Iam also facing the same issue and I found that we can not forward bulk sms, but if we write manually, we can send it to more than one person. and the Iam also facing the issue that the handset shows "not available" sometimes when I try to send sms. Finally I got to know that all these problems are manuafacturing defects, because company replaced my set 2 times and still all the issues are same. There is also a echo sound in microphone.

                          Ashish Sharma

                          Feel free to contact me at [protected]

                          MOTOROLA EX115 — restarting again n again after charging

                          my motorola ex-115 handset purchased on 30th oct 2010 is having a problem of restarting again n again after charging it.
                          n it shows an empty battery.
                          it happens till i restart it manually..but still it happens for about 8-10 times in a day..

                          MOTOROLA EX115 — Not repaired since 20 days

                          I bought a Motorola handset in March 2011.From th date of purchase it gave a alarm in 2 minutes interval tone if a sms is not read. Ideposit the handset at Smart Service (Motorola Service Center) in Bapuji Nagar,Bhubaneswar, But since 20 days the service center people tells the coming day, in the next 2 days ,in next week etc., your mobile will be OK. I've not seen such a bad service of Motorola Handsets. Let's see when my set 'd be repaired.

                          I didnt get lollipop update

                          i was purchase Moto e 1st Gen in month of December. when we sow moto e will get lolipop update. but still i didnt get update as well as any confirm date of date...motorola is fake coment to customer...

                          charging problems in moyo e

                          Sir/mam... My this mobile is charging with own charger or as well as another charger So, kindly plzz take my request as well as fastly

                          MOTO E gets switched off automatically also not able to connect to PC

                          Hi, I bought Moto e from flipkart and it gets switched off regularly and time gets reset .Is there any way to solve this issue. Also I am not able to connect my mobile to my Personal Computer using USB Cable...
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                            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                            I purchased a Motorola ex115 from KD electronics on 5Th Nov 2010. Iam facing issues from very first day. This handset has lots of issues like I can't send sms to more than one person at a time. only one person gets the sms and all other in the list will get the blank sms. when I contacted service centre. first they updated the software . than replaced the set two times. still the issues are same. Further there is some echo sound in microphone. Finally I got to know that this is a manuafacturing defect and this issue is in lot of handsets. finally I have decided to file the complaint in the court as Iam not getting any resolution of this.

                            Motorola — Echo

                            My friends when they call me invariably complain that they get echo sound through the talk. However I normally hear clear voice. My cell is not very old.
                            ex119 also bundle of blunders. i m surprised that Motorola has launched this set which is not proper in use. This is really shemfull.

                            naveen Sharma
                            Jaipur, Rajasthan
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                              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                               rahul jadav
                              My motorazr v8 is not support the idea & airtel sim card in gujrat but it support the sims outside the gujrat....

                              It is showing Unregistered Sim.

                              What should i do ?

                              plz repling me on my ids - rahul.[protected] & [protected]

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                                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                                 Mathews V James
                                I have brought Motorola Milestone, which a Smarphone developed and announced as the premier product of Motorola, this is the only phone which can give some breath for Motorola in INDIAN market as on today.

                                the phone right from the day one of my purchase it dosent work on the direct sunlight, the Display I can get only when am in a DARK place becouse the phone senser's are not working!!!! it shows the phone is in the market with out even doing the proper and basic check's on the very basic quality of the product.

                                i tried contacting the dealer who sold the phone to me Sangeetha Mobiles and they had no clue on the MOTOROLA SERVICE CENTER!!!!!! called up Motrola customer care number which was there in the webpage, registered the compliant till today no response and finally in my repeated calls the Customer care acknowledged that they are a OUTSOURCED AGENCY and they just take the compliant and nothing more to!!!!!! which means to me is just a EYE WASH.

                                its shows how the company can fool public in India and not bother for any responibility of them, no wonder they have been so badly thrown out of the Indian Market.

                                Mathews V James
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                                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                                  some of contact numbers and mail ids so that you can easily contact top level managements to get service quickly

                                  Motorola india service manager :
                                  Mail1 : [protected]
                                  Mail2 : sireesh.[protected]
                                  Mobile 1:Mr.sireesh +91 [protected]

                                  Redington :
                                  Mail1 : jagadesh.[protected]
                                  Mail2 : kishore.[protected]
                                  Mail3 : Panchanathan.[protected]

                                  Mobile :Mr Jagadesh.N +91 [protected]

                                  if you have any trouble in motorola mobile service call all this nos and give complaint and also send mails .
                                  My name is Rajesh. I have submitted my mobile to service center on 27 April 2015, they have took almost 1 month to resole that issue and replaced motherboard and back panel of mobile.and return set on 28 May 2015.but within 20 days i have observed that there is issue with the calling sound quality and i have submitted it again on 27 June 2015.
                                  But they are not providing any update about status of the handset. The Motorola service center only explain that they are waiting for parts. But not having any information that, how much time it will take, and ordered again for the same parts(motherboard and back panel).

                                  The previous job sheet number:- VZI/MG/15/00318
                                  The previous Motorola complain number:[protected]
                                  The current job sheet number:- VZI/MG/15/00890
                                  The current Motorola complain number:[protected]
                                  dear sir
                                  i purchase a motorola mobile(moto e)from flipkart on the date of 8 august 2014.after use of 6 or 7 month mobile is not working properly than i submitted on the b2x service center(motorola service center)-jaipur and i got solution from there.and after 10 days again mobile is not working and again i submitted to b2x jaipur and i got solution.
                                  on the 24 june 2015 there are 3 or 4 problem generated once time than on the request of motorola customer care i submitted my device on same service center jaipur(job no.-AMSJAI002129) and they promised to repair on the date of 8 july 2015 but they did not do as promise. and they are replying, parts are not available on the service center and parts deliver by other country.
                                  and they are taking more day and not giving any positive response not giving any proper day to repair.only they refuse day to day and everyday.
                                  i request him to replace my device if parts are not available they also refuse to do so.only they are taking time and doing nothing.
                                  i have lost many things without mobile. i have request only that please replace my device.
                                  my job no on the b2x service center jaipur-AMSJAI002129
                                  COMPLAINT NUMBER ON MOTOROLA CARE[protected]
                                  MY DETAILS:
                                  CHANDAN KUMAR [protected]
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                                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                                    I buy a mobile from planet M Mukhrjee nager Delhi . Sale person said to me Motorola quality and service not good (He advice me buy other mobile). My believe in Motorola and I buy. I found he is right. Call automatic cut. Switch off, no display. Change time automatic.


                                    6th November Saturday night buy mobile Plant m Mukhrjee Nager Come to Home bulk Problem in Mobile Motorola call center not closed. And planet m call centers no response.

                                    7th November, 2010 Sunday Complaint to Motorola call center She advice me return to dealer
                                    And go to planet m sale person advice me go Motorola service center for solution. Duo letter

                                    8th Nov 10 yamuna vihar service centers no letter. Forward to Laxmi Nager
                                    9th Nov 10 Laxmi Nager service center no made letter.
                                    10th Nov 10 Pitempura service center no made letter forward to Janak puri Service center
                                    11th Nov 10 Janak Puri service center submit mobile for duo letter no responce Motorola company as per janak puri service

                                    no returen call no due letter need to be replace complete board replace (hope old/repaired board in new set) after 20 day give time more then 1 week by janak puri Motorola service center.
                                    WHY (I Buy Motorola Mobile)
                                    Current time Motorola quality and service is very poor. China and local mobile better then Motorola mobile.
                                    I am employee in company duty time 4 day round the Delhi dersan.
                                    Waste money and time.
                                    never buy moto
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                                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

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