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Motorola Mobility Customer Care
Motorola Mobility LLC.
Customer satisfaction rating: 44%
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Motorola Mobility Customer Care

Motorola Mobility LLC.

12th Floor, Tower D. Dlf Cyber Greens. DLF Cyber City
Gurgaon District
India - 122002

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Good news! We have a good connection with the company and they're good at resolving user complaints.

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I have purchased the Motorola fire XT on[protected] form the flipkart.The mobile set was having some minor problem like charging so,I gave it to Shivom Enterprises (Shop No.A5,A6,1st Floor,Devi palace,Opp. Raj Cinema,Old Delhi Road,Gurgaon(Haryana),India,ph[protected],Email [protected] for getting it repaired on 03-Sep-2012. As a replacement of the original set I received a used and old set with different IMIE no on 26-sep-2012 whihc was clamed to be a new set by the service centre.

I called Motorola care regrding this but instead of helping me they tried defended their service provider. However on my persistence to my claims I was asked to reach the service centre with my complain. I called up the service centre (i.e. Shivom Enterprises) to inform them about their false claims. I was taken aback by the audacity of the service executive to disconnect the call in the middle of the conversation. I would like to request a new and boxed set to be provided to me as a replacement for my original set.

motorola/mobile — lock-unlock switch is not working

I have MOTO ROKER E6 mobile. my phone is locked, but i m unlocked my mobile but switch is not working.

So please help me what can i do. and my important no. in inside the phone.

kindly give me the solution.
I am having touch problem on my mototala MB526, with respect to which i have submitted my phone to motorola authorized service center.(address given below)

I am shocked to see my phone back, which is replaced with some old phone by service center saying that they have replace my phone with some other old phone having different IMI no.

I have few question.

1) If my phone having only touch problem why they change the mother board or complete phone with some old scrap phone.
2) If at all they need to change some part should not they use new parts as my phone is under warranty i have purchased it just 4month earlier.
3) M i not eligible for new phone if the phone is not repairable, why should i will accept some old phone with lots of scratches on the screen and old body.

Date submission to service center for repair 8th Oct, 2012 (Sr no 2591 (receipt in lieu of phone submission))
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment



    WORK ORDER NUMBER : LP/MO/12/00498





    44 ANAND LOKNEW DELHI 110049
    EMAIL: [protected]@GMAIL.COM
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

      I deposited my phone Ex-119 in Khurana Brothers Service Centre in Janakpuri on 14/08/2012. I was assured that it will take 8-10 days to set my phone right. It is going to be one month now and still i have not received my phone. I registered the complaint[protected] with the companies customer care and they told me that they look into my matter and after 2 days i should call them again. I did called them and the response i got was we have no update. I called them again after 2 days and the response was same. After a week i called them again and they they told me that the service team is looking after my request. I also emailed my query to the company but nothing happened. Problem is that the local service centre switches off its phone and the companies service centre has no update. I as a customer feel harassed and cheated. Kindly look into this matter and help me in sorting it out. As these guys are not responding.


      Neeraj Dhingra
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

         gaurav bahl
        I had puchased Motorola defy mini on 16th july2012, from MOBILE ZONE (Savitri market, NOIDA sector-18). Since then I have encountered some minor problems like phone hanging, slow audio(volume), slow processing etc. but one day i switched it off and and after many attempts it did not get on. I then submit it to the nearby service center (satyam communication, J-34, SECTOR-18, NOIDA) on 14th aug.2012. They retuned the handset after 1 hour by saying that they have updated the software.. Minutes after receiving the handset I observed a new problem .my second sim got some functional problem and the phone gets on and off automatically.i visited on 18 the aug 2012 ,then They returned the phone and said the probl;em is solved. And told me that their was some software problem in the phone. even then the problem still persists then i have to submitted the phone with them with a assurance that it will be done ok with next two working days,I even lounge a complaint in motorola care number i.e.[protected]. getting no answer from any source
        I don't think this people have enough technical knowledge about phone repairing neither do I have time.. I now not only want my handset to be replaced but also compensation from them. my work is toatally depend on phone and i suffered a lot..
        I would also like to mention here that each visit costs me Rs. 70/-because of distane and i called from PCO. I am really mentally harrased and frustated.
        Thanx for reading such a long letter. Kindly acknowledge. And would like thank you, you people are doing a great job. Keep the good the work going.
        Gaurav Bahl
        [protected] , [protected]

        Motorola Mobile — Hoax Calls

        I have recently recieved text messages re winning 400,000 pounds in the 2010 mobile draw, Ref. No. N.Z./04 to email. ( [protected] For more info to claim the money, phone Mr Evan[protected]. from CONGRATS. Could you please stop the above?2912
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

          Sir, My name is Mohd. khalil I was purchased a Motorola Charm mobile at 29/09/2011 but i soon many problem in my mobile phone i was reached service center many time but nobody help me and these time my hand set is in service center about 4 months but i don't find any solution..and nobody help me..m really very sad about Motorola handset i want to fire a case against Motorola Mobility India but i don't know how can i fire..please give me some suggestion..
          my contact nos is [protected]
          and my e-mail id is [protected]

          Motorola Mobile service
          Please somebody help me.

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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

            2 months back I had given my Motorola milestone for repair at Motorola authorized serviced center "Duggar Sales" at Prahladnagar Ahmedabad.

            The issue was regarding a ghost touch screen which was registering key strokes by itself and wouldnt respond to user input. When given for repair, the service centre engineers diagnosed that the touch screen and internal chipset had some flaw and the repair will be done in 15 days under warranty.

            After 20 days they called saying the phone is repaired, when i collected the handset they had not repaired it and gave it to me the same way i gave it to them. Hence I asked them to repair again and they said parts will have to be ordered for it and it can take 15 more days. So I resubmitted and waited for 15 more days. Even after 15 days they never called and when I inquired they said it will take another 15-20 days since parts were not dispatched by Motorola. I asked them to give me the original job sheet for record keeping, or a copy of it and the service engineer said they destroyed it and that they don't maintain any records of past job sheets and he generated a new one.

            I lodged a complain regarding the issue with the customer service department on their toll free number[protected], they generated a complaint (Reference number[protected] and said I will be given an update in 48 hours. After 48 hours when i called they said it will take 2-3 more days since they had forwarded the complaint to respective department. After 3 days when i inquired they said they dont have any response yet and will take more time.

            After a lot of argument my call was forwarded to the complaint escalation manager Ms. Shipra (contact number -:[protected]) who said she will look into the matter and update in 24hours. She also provided me the contact details of the Regional manager for Gujarat Mr. Chintan (contact number -: [protected]) whom I called and explained the problem. He assured me that he will look into the matter and get it solved in a day or two.

            After this event I never received an update from either Shipra and Chintan; nor did the either of them pick up my calls and simply ignored all texts. When I called the service department on the toll free number and asked to be connected to shipra they kept saying that she was on a call and she will call back, but I never received a call.

            This went on for another 3 weeks. In the process I tried to reach the Motorola corporate office for India by phone, but no body picked calls or responded to messages left on the voice mail. Than I got a call from the service centre that my phone was repaired. When I collected the phone they had damaged my phone physically and misplaced the speaker grill. When I noticed this and demanded an explanation they said it was submitted like this and rudely threw my phone on the service desk further damaging. I left the phone with them to pursue a complaint through the consumer court.

            Finally through another complaint on the website I was able to trace a person who had similar problems, he provided me the contact details of Mr. Vijaya (contact number [protected]) who is the head of Redingtons service department (Motorola's service support partner) who listened to the problem. And said he will return the call in an hour. And after an hour I received a text message from him that he has asked the department to investigate and provide my phone in the pristine condition I submitted in. After one week I got a call from the Service centre that the parts had been dispatched for the repair including the speaker grill and the phone will be repaired in a few days. After a few days still they hadn't repaired my phone. When I contacted Vijaya again, he said he was told by the department that problem was solved and case was closed. He again requested time to look into the matter. After this in 2 days (Today) I got a call from the service center that the phone was repaired fully. I just collected my phone, while they had repaired the original issue (touch screen) and Speaker grill, they did not repair the physical scratches and dents caused by throwing the phone on the service desk before. I have given up hope and collected my phone. I swear never to buy a motorola handset again and ensure that this complain goes to the public and they can avoid the inherent troubles i faced.

            If any other customer of Motorola has any similar problems please feel free to call Vijaya and talk to him directly instead of putting a complain with the service department. He is the only person capable of giving answers.

            Duggar sales is the worst service centre for motorola, blackberry or any other device, and Motorola has the worst service network amongst all the manufacturers.
            feel very sorry for mr. Harsh seth!
            i appreciate your patience in this whole motorola case. i did not know about such a pathetic service from motorola, a month ago i bough motorola defy plus and yesterday it has completely stopped working.
            it wont switch on, and just in case if one leaves battery inserted the phone starts heating up.
            i am from jabalpur, madhya predesh. till yesterday when i called[protected] i was told the service center of jabalpur is working and is operational, but when today morning i visited there i was told it is not intaking any phone for about 3-4 months, with excuse that they are unable to log in.
            then again i called[protected] number and they told to talk mr. chintan regarding my problem.
            first three attempt he did not pick up my calls, after picking he tells, yes jabalpur np electronics service center is closed as there are very less customer complaints in jabalpur and it will not be working ever again in his knowledge. then he tells me to submit my phone to bhopal service center, after reading your experience i am extremely afraid that like your cell was mis handled, similar manner my defy plus will be.
            also mr. chintan included that in bhopal only software problems are rectified for further hardware problems mobiles are forwarded to chennai.
            the drfy plus considered most rugged set of mototorola, water, shock and dust resistant phone, it just stopped working on itself not even a single drop of water was ever spilled on phone.

            i want to ask you a question did you not file a complaint in consumer court?
            and is this site consumer complints . in an official website?
            its problematic for me to go to bhopal and submit my complain and after that, wait for a long period till the phone gets repaired, i can only wish if read your review about motorola prior buying it, extremely regretful decision.
            if nothing comes out after submitting the phone at bhopal service center i will probably call mr vijaya in hope he would do some good. fingers crossed.
            for sure i will be spreading all this mishappenings occured with you and in case occur with me in near future.
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

              Very poor service. No one to listen the complain. Even though I could arrange the contact no of regional service manager but he does not take calls.

              I strongly recommend not to buy motorola phone
              i have purchased a motorokr em30 on nov 2008.the handset got hanged frequently and i have approached the lacal service center with my problem.they got my phone repaired after 15 days and on receiving the handset i found that the keylock was not functioning properly as before..i again approached to them for my problem but they are unwilling to repair the keylock and said that it cant be repaired though my handset is under warranty..concern person please look into this and take a action immedaitely otherwise you will be loose your valued customer due to your POOR & DELAY RESPONSE.

              Motorola — Service provider is not good even with the warranty period

              I bought a Motorola E8 mobile phone in Univercell dated 28 Jun 08 and I found a problem in the mobile phone and given to service on 03 Jun 09. Now the motorola guys are responding in the way the I have to pay a sum of around 85% of the mobile cost for repairing.
              Let us know what exactly meant as warranty.Motorola cannot able to withstand if this kind of service is provided to the customers.

              Kindly take action on this issue and let the other customers, feel good to take a service.

              Thanks in advance
              Venkat Nagesh.
              I bought a new Motorola Mobile in 30 Nov 2007 in VIVEK - Vada Palani - Chennai. It's warrentied 1 Year.

              After 6 months it gave me some hardware problem; So I visited to Vivek's and returned with no luck. They said, they stopped Motorola Service even It's under Warranty. What is it showing?? It's very poor that Motorola is giving no service/support to it's customers.

              DO NOT BUY MOTOROLLA
              DO NOT GO VIVEK Electronics - Chennai.
              I had a motorola w-270 handset which is under gurantee period .it was not charging properly n the battery backup was also not good, so i gave it to the service centre
              Eseem Communications
              Jaynagar-bangalore.its been 2 weeks i havent got back my handset..
              every time i go there, they tell me to come next week

              plz contact me on [protected] regarding next steps to be taken
              I had a motorola w-270 handset which is under gurantee period .it was not charging properly n the battery backup was also not good, so i gave it to the service centre
              Eseem Communications
              Jaynagar-bangalore.its been 2 weeks i havent got back my handset..
              every time i go there, they tell me to come next week
              These people think Indians are dogs and they can feed them and the worst thing is that our government also supports them and the employees of Motorola also behave like dogs thus proving their point that the title Indian Dog is justified

              Motorola — complaint for poor service

              Dear Sir,

              It has been the worse experience of life with the CDMA handset Moto-Q, In the month of October I began to face some ill legible problem with my handset so I visited the service centre with the complain where I was suggested to drop down the handset as the main board will be replaced under warranty.

              As I have no option left I submitted the handset the same moment & I was promised that the same will take a week’s time to get replaced,day on & day passed but it took more than a month.

              When I receive the same form the service centre I visited the Tata Hub for my no swapping on it where I came to know that the ESN given by Motorola on my handset is invalid as the same is not available in the data base of TATA Indicom which was confirmed by the designated officer Mr. Pradeep Kumar Circle Customer Care Head.

              Seeking for a valid ESN I visited the service centre in Moradabad & the complain that as to why Motorola has done such a blunder mistake when I approach the counter with the complain their was a bold reply given that it’s the bold responsibility of Motorola and you can directly approach them we have nothing to do with it.

              I therefore put forward my complain for action so that valid ESN may be provided so that I can get my no swap from Tata Indicom where as till date neither Motorola or the Service Center department is reply for the cheating they have done to me.

              Waiting for your valuable reply & looking forward to hear from you soon.


              Furkhan Ahmad / [protected] / [protected]
              I am using motorola mobile since a year ago but suddenly my mobile was fallen in water and when I went to service center they told me to change its motherboard so I agreed to change it cost me Rs.1600 and they gave me 3 months warranty. Just now my sim jack got damaged and when I went to service center they again told me to change its motherboard.Whats this I already have changed its motherboard why should I give him money again if they gave me 3 months warranty.It should be changed it in its warranty.I am very unsatisfied with its service and I had to go to Ghaziabad to check the mobile.There are only 6 service center in India.I will not recommed anybody to buy motorola mobile.
              I am using motorola mobile since a year ago but suddenly my mobile fall into water.I went to its service center in Ghaziabad.They told me it has to change its motherboard I think its my mistake so I got it changed for Rs.1600 and they gave me 3 months warranty and afterwards its sim jack got damaged and when I went to service center they ask me to change its motherboard again.Whats this it should be changed in its warranty.I will not reccomed anybody to buy motorola mobile and there are only 6 service center in India and I had to go to Ghaziabad to got it repaired.I want my mobile replaced.
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                Dear Sir,

                My Name is Sajeev S Nair, resident of B-7, 18C, DDA flats, Mayur Vihar Ph 3, had travelled to my office (Anas Communications, S 505, Ground Floor, School Block, Shakarpur) at 12 pm by scooter today (30/5/12-Wednesday). When i reached office i found that my mobile was missing/lost. I searched everywhere, and and then i tried to call on my no. ([protected]-airtel) the response was it was switched off, enough to believe that may be with somebody. I called the customer care immediately and get the no blocked.

                But, i kindly request you to help me to trace my phone if possible, because It was a costly phone to me (Motorolla Q9h-Smartphone - i have the IMIE number) and I cant afford buy another immediately.

                Details of the Phone
                Model : Motorola Q9h
                IMEI :[protected]
                MSN : E72AHZ22HD

                I kindly request you register this as my complaint and help me to retrieve my mobile since i have the IMEI no.

                Thanking you

                Yours sincerely

                Sajeev S Nair
                [protected] (contact No.)
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                  Hello there,

                  Last month I dropped down a Motorola Razr XT910 and there was a crack on the screen. From past one month I have been running from pillar to post to get my phone fixed. I visited their authorized service center, raised the issue with their customer care (almost a month ago) and apparently the service department was supposed to get in touch with me within 48 hours (that was the assurance given to me a couple of weeks ago) and nobody has even bothered to get back except once a lady called Shipra called up a week ago but of no help. She was in a hurry while speaking and all she said was "It will be resolved." Just to repair the screen, the authorized service center asked me to leave the phone with them for a week which itself was ridiculous, and then after a week when I went to collect the phone back, the phone was just untouched. The reason I bought a smartphone was to ease my business commitments, and anyone in general does so just to help their daily needs. But here I am paying Rs. 30,000 for my new phone, unable to use it, spent another Rs. 30,000 but to buy a new smartphone just to compensate for the inconvenience caused by the lethargic Motorola India. They are just truly incompetent and I suggest each one of you reading this post to be prepared for their "We are not bothered about customer service/support" attitude. After so many days I have started to believe that the Motorola Razr XT 910 is irreparable as told me by the authorized service personnel when I first visited them.

                  Dear moderator, please go through this, and I can attach all the email conversation chains with Motorola India if you require the same. I can also provide details of the authorized service station. I just believe that Motorola India is Incompetent and this coming from me, a die hard Moto fan, owning all the possible phones launched here in the country. Please give this a serious consideration as I believe they are offering step motherly treatment to the Indian Consumers.

                  Thanks & Regards.
                  Sharath Dev
                  Director- Operations
                  First Copy Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
                  Bangalore, KA, India
                  +91- [protected]
                  I've got similar complain, same phone. I've no where to go other than NCF. Please be in contact my id is "[protected]"

                  Motorola Razr XT 910 — Screen damaged

                  Hi All,

                  My Moto Razr XT 910 fell down accidentally and screen got a crack. I reached out to support center in Jaya nagar 3rd block and no proper response from them. Please let me know what is the solution for this and where can I get compensation. Please send me your reply to satish.[protected]
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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment



                    Customer Name : Javeed Miyan
                    Mobile : [protected]
                    Email ID : [protected]
                    Motorola phone purchased : Motorola MB300 (Back-Flip)
                    Cost : Rs.17,600
                    Phone Category : Android Smart Phone (with the oldest Android OS version 1.5)
                    IMEI number : [protected]

                    Brand New phone with a lot of defects :

                    ***I bought this phone on 9 July 2011
                    Used for nearly 6 days only and then found about 8 different technical issues in the phone as listed below...

                    1- Calls get dropped every 4-6 seconds.
                    2- As days went-by there was no audio, no sound and finally no ringtone to know when the call comes-in.
                    3- Any wireless funtionality will not work. Like Internet or Wi-fi and the best part was Bluetooth as well.
                    4- The SD card gets locked-up frequently.
                    5- I found that the battery was draining very quickly. I charge it up for 2hrs but it drains down within 3hrs.
                    6- The screen hangs every now and then. (Very frequently)
                    7- Forgot the issue as its been a long time.
                    8- Forgot the issue as its been a long time.

                    Giving it to the service centre (Not a Good Idea) :

                    Had no idea what to do, so called up customer care and they asked me to contact service centre so I did and after reporting all these issues they said that I cannot avail the door-step pick-up facility when it was clearly informed by the sales person in CROMA store and the agent who I spoke to in the call centre confirmed that I can avail this facility so he denied and said that it will take about 2 to 3 weeks to get back the phone. I decided to deal with it later and kept the phone as it was, in my Computer draw and bought a new Nokia phone as no-human can possibly deal with all these issues in the phone and give it to service centre at the same time and be without a phone. So after I bought the Nokia phone, called up my friend who is a techie to have a look and get suggestion from him. He simply said that "THE INVESTMENT IS A WASTE OF TIME ON A CRAPPY PHONE LIKE THIS" give it to the service centre and thats the only option and they have to change the part which is responsible for wireless connectivity in the phone. So I finally gave the phone to the service centre on 01 feb 2012 after hours of fight over the phone to get the pick-up facility on January 2012.

                    They had the phone and they raised some issues with the bill that it is not acceptable for warranty and then I went to the CROMA store and got another copy of the bill to shut their mouth. The funny part is that they checked the bill and then the person took the phone with him and after a week I called to check the status and they coolly say that the bill I showed was un-acceptable. My question is that if the bill was un-acceptable why did the guy take my phone and why did'nt he inform me then and there or they could have atleast called the next day or so to inform me about the bill issue. They were waiting for me to call them and until then the phone was used by somebody else who works in the service centre.

                    After all this, the phone was with them and there was no update on the phone or anything I was simply calling the customer care and they were not really helpful and one day I got pissed-off and yelled at the call centre executive and then he transferrred the call to his manager who in-turn called-up VIMAL KUMAR (Regional Head Chennai) and he again called up the service centre and blasted them over the phone and they gave back the phone the very next day changing the motherboard of the phone.

                    After the Service Experience :

                    After I got back the phone on 16 Feb 2012 that is after 16 days in the service centre I wanted to check if everything was working fine with it. Some of the issues were really resolved but some of them are still there inspite of my repetitions.
                    So I happened to call the customer care almost everyday to check with some of the options and their functionality of it.
                    But then I realised that the phone support was a BIG SCAM... As there was no soul in the company who can actually help a customer with a technical question. All they know is FACTORY DATA RESET and/or GOTO SERVICE CENTRE and nothing else. At this stage I am better than these egg-hatching . Also 2 things to be noted in here is that THEY WILL DISCONNECT YOUR CALL when you say that you are not happy with the predefined answer (FACTORY DATA RESET and/or GOTO SERVICE CENTRE) or ask for a supervisor or you inform that you are recording this call, they simply disconnect the call.

                    2nd thing is that the managers promise you something like a call-back to follow-up with the issue and then you wait for them to call back but you end up only waiting and no callbacks. SO when you call them and check what happened to the last call, I get a response saying that there is no such manager working in the company now and everytime its a different story.

                    Now finally the point is that I am now fed-up with all this run around, I would have spent atleast Rs,4,000 running around and making calls and most importantly wasting a lot of my time on this.

                    I just cant believe or digest the fact that I actually wasted a lot of my time and resource on this so I would like to get the money back so that I can invest on a good phone and get compensated for all this.

                    Issues still on this so-called SMART HI-FI Android phone even after getting it back from the service centre after replacing Motherboard :

                    i) How to control data and monitor data usage in Android. - "APN on off" application available in Android Market (As suggested by the technical team of Motorola) But it is not for this phone at all.

                    (A false claim by Motorola)
                    ii) Camera Clarity and Resolution : 5MP picture size but it is not stored as a 5MP resolution picture rather compresses the size of the picture which in-turn degrades the quality of the picture. So technically it is not a 5MP Camera.

                    iii) How to backup contacts? (The Google Sync does not work for backup)

                    (Wonderful Security for a Hi-End phone provided by Motorola)
                    iv) Location Reporting if the phone is lost. (Which is available in a phone that costs just Rs.3000 but not in this so-called hi-fi phone and no answer from MOTO support)

                    (Best of All, No Bluetooth in this phone.)
                    v) Bluetooth is not at all present in this phone but the official website says that it has Bluetooth - MOTO Technical team's response for this is that "TECHNICALLY THERE IS NO BLUETOOTH IN THE PHONE" there is an App to make bluetooth work on this phone. The Question is that how come they advertise that bluetooth is available on this phone when it is completely dependant on a third party application developed by an individual and not a company and this puts our privacy on risk as we're forced to install a third party application developed by an individual.

                    vi) With regards to the same Bluetooth there is a completely new issue with it. While using bluetooth 2 issues,

                    One is that this phone is not or cannot be discovered by any other handset or laptop at all.

                    Two is that I cannot receive a file or anything from another phone or any other device, but I have to get access to their entire file-system and download it from my phone all this happens via bluetooth using my phone. Which simply means to say that I have to invade privacy of every other person from whom I want the file to be transferred.
                    To make it understandable I have to search their phone with bluetooth-search and ask them to give access for data transfer and then I have to browse through their folders and files and select the one I need and download. This also means to say that this phone does not allow the "Object-Push Technology" used in Bluetooth for file transfer which is the sole purpose of Bluetooth's very existence.

                    vi) Call Recording? - "Call Recorder" application available in Android Market (As suggested by the technical team of Motorola) But it is not for this phone at all.

                    (POsition of this phone in Android Market)
                    vii) Using this phone I am unable to sign-in to Android Market so sign-in issues to download apps - Response from Motorola Technical team is that I have to goto the service centre for sign-in issues. But days and months of my personal research on this phone and Android Markets simply says that this phone is not supported by Android Market and hence I am unable to Login.
                    If MOTO support agents are not helping customers in any ways why are these employed, simply "For Hatching Eggs"?

                    There was one funny incident where the agent said that "Apart from the issues that you have with certain features I hope all the other features are working fine"

                    What other features does it have to get damaged? On top of it when the basic functions and related features does not work what is the point in having a so-called phone, its nothing more than a toy now.

                    Now again in May 2012 I got back all the issues again mentioned earlier, so people do not ever get into this scam...

                    Its simply a Scam than seling phones and service...

                    Hail Consumerism.

                    Will Fight and Seek for Justice till the End.

                    Regional Head number :[protected] never works.
                    Complaint marked as Resolved 
                    Finally provided another replacement after a loooooong fight...

                    Motorola — Worst Service Experience

                    Like to share one of the worst Service Experience i had with Motorola Service Vendor - Redington India Limited.
                    My phone became dead in less than 6 months and i handed over the phone for service to Motorola Authorised Service Center @ Redington, India Limited on Dec 18. I am yet to receive the phone . I made visit at least 5 times till now, Each time i was turned down, and was told to come after 4 days in rude fashion. Finally On Dec31st, i was told the phone is ready, but i could collect it only on Jan 2, as it was already 6 PM . But when i went on Jan 3rd, I was rudely turned down saying phone is not ready(after i was made to wait not less than 1/2 hr). No one provides proper answer on why there is so much delay and why was unnecessarily i had been told the phone is ready on Dec 31. Contact number are never reachable and nobody notifies of the status when there is delay beyond committed Date. Each time you had to make personnel visit, just to be told to come another day.
                    Never before i had never seen such poor customer service. so i request the concerned officials to take required attention to this, as it would strongly discourage people to ever choose Motorola. and finally enable to get my mobile back
                    Name and Address of Service Centre contacted.: REDINGTON INDIA LIMITED, 16 A &B WELLINGTON ESTATE, NEW NO 53, ETHIRAJ SALAI, EGMORE, CHENNAI 600105
                    it is right
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                       Samarth Sawhney
                      I have purchased motorola xt910

                      This is a phone please don't buy no customer support from Motorola.

                      I have been following them like any thing i bought this phone on 1st april and this phone became a dead pie on 14 of april

                      I used this only for 15 days in which it kept on hanging

                      I gave this back to the service center on 16th april till date no update

                      i want this thing to be cleared out This handset cost me 30,000 INR and i have used this only for 14 days

                      Motorola guyz have a very bad reputation in india wrt to customer support THey haven't given any substitute also

                      i want to resolve from now onward i will never buy motorola ever in my life

                      I have to go to consumer court if the issue is not resolved

                      email : [protected]
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                        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                         makrand Suryawanshi
                        Dear Sir,

                        Name- Makrand D. Suryawanshi

                        i was purchased Motorola mobile Milestone (black)

                        Product description- Motorola Slider Mobile Phone Milestone (Black)

                        Invoice number: st- 540647

                        Invoice Date 06/04/2012

                        Tin No- [protected]
                        CST No- [protected]

                        Have downloaded some of the application on Mobile due to which i am facing Software problem. Have visited the Motorola mobile customer service centre but they want the signed and seal invoice copy from Shipper i.e Spinel Tradecom PVT LTD.
                        Please provide the same (Scan Copy) to me on my below mentioned mail ID - mak.[protected] or [protected]

                        Thanking You.

                        Complaint comments  Add a commentComplaint category Mobile Handsets

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                          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                          Motorola — Problem in EX119 Mobile

                          Hi, I've purchased Motorola EX119 Mobile on 9th October, 2011 at Sangeetha Mobiles, Bangalore .But within a span of 3...
                          Complaint category Mobile Handsets

                          I ordered a Motorola Xoom against Order ID LSB-853873 on 16 Feb 2012. The company reps call me up today on 26th Feb 2012 saying Motorola has discontinued the product. I don't find any such announcement from Motorola. LetsBuy is surely lying. I need to take legal action in this case as their delay has disallowed me to try and purchase the product from other web sites where it was available till upto 3-4 days back. Please help me in this regard.They dont believe in upholding their commitments. Bad shopping experience. Strongly not recommended for any one. [protected]

                          Motorola — xoom

                          I've had cell data problems with my Motorola XOOM since last year. Four times I sent out my XOOM for repair and Motorola promised to fix the problem or replace the XOOM. They sent me my exact device back to me four times and I still have a device that will not work properly and on top of that I have a contract with verizon. I followed there every instructions and I'm still left with this XOOM that won't work as promised and advertised
                          Complaint comments  Add a commentComplaint category Computers & Accessories

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                            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                            Motorola — lost my mobile

                            Dear Sir / Madam
                            Some one as stolen by mobile in ramamurthy nagar bus stop,can you please help me.details of my mobile.
                            Complaint comments  Comments  (14)Complaint category Mobile Handsets

                            I Purchase Motorola Fire XT 530/531 Mobile after 1 week my mobile restarting continue-sly, when i search service center in Hubli, Karnataka. service center not available, after 15 days they are open service center in hubli (Karnataka), i submit my mobile register complaint in service center, they are telling after a 1 week time they are telling, after 1 week i go to service center again 1 week time extend, i visit after 1 week again extend 1 week, they are not able to rectify my mobile complaint they don't no about the problem

                            My Mail ID: [protected]
                            Mo no : [protected]
                            i m also facing same problem . is you problem solved?
                            Complaint comments  Add a commentComplaint category Mobile Handsets

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                              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                              Never buy Mororola.

                              I brought a new Motorola EX-119 hand set in SEP 2011. The handset display started getting a problem in November 2011. I gave it to a Motorola service station on 19 December 2011. I was assured that i will get my handset within one week. After one week they said they have put the order of a part and awaiting a part. Meanwhile i called the customer care number, they said they have no update and asked me to call after 2-3 days.

                              Till now i have called the customer care 3 times still they don't have any update, customer care is telling that service department not responding. It's such a pathetic state of affair with this MNC, no body is aware what is happening. They cant stay on there committed words, no body seems bothered.

                              No wonder why Motorola is doing poor in India. Its now 3 weeks i am without any handset awaiting for some response from Motorola.

                              The Motorola customer care complaint no is[protected].
                              Complaint comments  Add a commentComplaint category Products & Services

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                                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                                motorola company
                                the message tone rings continuous until message is read so i cant use mobile in our college because it cause fine for ringing the mobile .please replace me the model.

                                yours faithful

                                Motorola — cancellation of ringtones

                                Jaiguru, Hyderabad, 01/01/2010
                                dear sir,

                                please cancel ringtones on phone numbers given below:

                                [protected] & [protected]

                                prem & om KM Sastry

                                MOTOROLA EX115 — INTERNET PROBLEM


                                N CHAKRABORTY

                                MOTOROLA EX115 — panel price

                                respected sir Iam having the mobile Motorola ex115 this handset consisting of different parts tell me the what is the cost of that panel

                                software not being updated

                                Lolipop update is not showing
                                Complaint comments  Add a commentComplaint category Mobile Handsets

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                                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                                  Hi, I bought a motorola defy around 7 months ago. I gave my mobile to service center for auto-restart, hanging and one line on display corner problem. not its almost 7 weeks, but they are not able to rectify the display issue(line on display corner, its not clearly visible, but its there). now what they have told is new mobile also has the same line. but i have checked, its not there. i have also spoke with region head of motorola(bangalore), he said that he will solve the issue ASAP, but now he is also not picking the call... what should i do?

                                  should i take my mobile back with the defect ?? please suggest..

                                  one more thing I had given this mobile for second time for the hanging and auto-restart issue. so in 7 months, more than 2 months my mobile with the service center only..
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                                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                                     neha ranjeet gupta
                                    Dear sir,
                                    I (Ranjeet Gupta) working in Motorola Bangalore made an agreement with owner of a flat Mr.Varun kumar reddy for a 2bhk flat for rent with 90 thousand security deposit on 4th march 2010.Flat is located in S.R LAYOUT wind tunnel road old airport road.He received an advance deposit of 30 thousand cash from me and as per agreement 60 thousand will be paid on occupancy of the same property.When i asked him for the keys of a flat he said he has given the flat to another guy so i can not shift there.When i asked him to refund my deposit he is making me fool.Its almost more than one and half year he has not given my deposit.I have a hard copy of agreement with signature.Please give me a suggestion how i can get my money back.


                                    Ranjeet gupta
                                    Complaint comments  Add a commentComplaint category House, Apartment Rental

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