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Ahmadabad City, Gujarat, India
 Ashishssoni on Feb 3, 2020
Ye company sali cheater hai sites pe sab aaccha lagega kabhi invest i sale ki ek bhi plan ma mat karna maine offline form filling ka project liya tha 3300 rs ka loss ho ho gya hai ab ye do number pe always ringing ja raha hai sale madarchod harami hai chutiye bhosdike maa ki chut all loss never invest jo work de raha hai resume copy paste all fake n bogas hai uska koi bhi what's up nahi hai website ma contace us ka form hai vo bhi sending nahi hota email id never reply jab joint karonge one month tak full support your query work bhi denga but loda paisa. Denga n phone not working so never invest any data entry company all cheater n chutiye.
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My name is Subhashree from Muguru Mysore, working in Data entry job with nexlevel technologies, Dindigul, I taken 2 project with them, one is data entry plan a the first one and another project is data entry plan e the last plan which they mentioned in their website, I working from 6 months, this is the sixth month for me, I gotten 4 month payments accurately without any delay, Nov 6th 2019 at the time of 2.15 afternoon I have taken 2 project, the two project cost is totally 6500, 1st plan is 1100 and the 5th plan is 5400, the first plan per page rs they said 23rs and 5th plan per page rate is 36rs, I asked them the question why the same project has been divided with project cost and per page rate is different and why no of pages and payout also different in each project, they said the each project is divided based on the man power, time and limitations, if the person need to work this project as home based and the person only can spend 2 or 3 hours for their work they can choose the minimum plan, if they want to work this project as full time or more than 5 hours in a day they can choose high payout plan and maximum no of pages plan so all the projects are made with comparison of man power, time limitation, workload capacity and value of working, they said like that, I asked nearly more than 50 questions before taking the project, because I already met many losses in before days, so it is very hard to believe these types of outsourcing companies in India, Mostly the outsourcing company will say the project we getting from USA or UK, but the main reason I believed in nexlevel technologies company is they said and explained me that their projects are indian based and there is no involvement of direct client, second party or first party option or single outsourcer and the main reason for my joining is no accuracy and they said no rejection in the work and rework is available, that’s all the main reason I taken the two project from them and I don’t know about ad posting projects and form filling, I have a experience only in data entry and manual typing jobs, I have a typing speed for 55-65, it is average only but I have more experience and mostly I never make spelling mistakes, In the both projects they provided me 900 pages, in the 900 pages nearly 750 pages are clear and easy to type it and 150 pages have diagrams and images, I informed them about the 150 diagram pages they said me to type only the contents and no need to insert or draw anything, they said me to skip the diagrams, images and symbols, while working I asked many doubts on mail and I got immediate respond and reply from the nexlevel technologies, after the project cost paid they provided me the project files within 10 minutes and I work 10 pages and send it to them for trail checking they checked my 10 files and said it is correct and you can continue working, after the I started working I finish the total 900 pages within 22 days but I waiting till 28th and sent the total pages in winrar to them, they taken the pages for qc and the qc came on their given time and they said 87 files got an error and need to rework it again with 2nd month workload as extra workload they provided me on 29th day, and I got the payment of Rs 25, 706 for both data entry projects,

In the Data Entry Plan A the error pages are 26, total no of qualified pages are 274, I got the payment of 6302Rs, I got the QC report on 36th day after the work submission with return information of error pages, I got new workload on 29th day, 39th day at the time of 11.34 I got the payment on my account for the first project,

In the Data Entry Plan E the error pages are 61 total no of qualified pages are 539, I got the payment of 19, 404Rs, as usual 29th day I got fresh workload files for 2nd month, I taken two project on the same day so the both process happen on the same day, the QC given sent from nexlevel technologies to my mail id on 37th day, they taken extra one day for the Data Entry Plan E, the basic timeline for the QC report is 9days after the work submission but I got the QC report on 8th for my first project of Data Entry Plan A but I got the QC of the 2nd project on 9th day, they provide me everything on exact date they never delayed anything and they didn’t ask any excuses, the total no of error files I got 61 for the Data Entry Plan E and I have work the rework of 61 pages and got the payment for that also, I got the payment on 40th day at the exact time of 12.59 afternoon, I got all the payments exactly at the time between morning 10 to 1.30,
The nexlevel technologies said me to wait for 2months payment, I got paid for 4 months, the 2months payments are in pending because of lock down, I got QC for the two months project but waiting for the payment, they informed me already they will pay the two months payment within july, they said me to work the pages, I got the 3rd workload also and working on these with hope,
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Hi i am Francis, i am working in nexlevel technologies form filling project, two projects i am working in nexlevel, both projects are form filling only, 1st one is Plan B and 2nd One is Plan E, total project cost is 5700, i got agreement with the company seal and sign, the agreement in 20rs stamp, i started working on Jan 3rd, i got the training on remote software and i asked the doubts on mail, they cleared all my doubts, they said the submission date is feb 12th, i need to submission work within 28days, i worked 3300 forms totally, Form Filling Plan B have 1500 forms and Form Filling Plan E is 1800 forms, i finished complete 3300 forms within 25 days, but they said the Turn Around Time, Project Submission Date, QC and Payment date is fixed and cannot be changed so I submitted the work on Feb 12th on their given date, i got the 2nd month new workload on Feb 13th Morning itself, they said me the QC will take 9 days and Payment will reach the account within 3 days, but the got the QC on 7th day and payment within 2 days,
Total no of Forms Correct is 3143,
In Plan B 1451 Forms are Correct and 49 Forms are Error,
In Plan E 1692 Forms are Correct and 108 Forms are Error,
Total no of Error Forms is 157 Forms,
the 157 error forms already got it as rework with 2nd month workload,
I got the payment of Plan B 17412 rs and For Plan E 40608 rs,
I got everything on time and support is good enough, now i am working in a 2nd month workload, 21 days gone i finished complete forms and waiting for the submission date and 3rd month workload.

Francis Jebaraj,
TVS Colony
Padi, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu 600050,
lakshmidevi potnoori's reply, Jun 9, 2020

Francis Jabaraj,

please don't give false statements about this company i lost my registration amount plan D. and after submission work there is no replay from them. simply disconnecting the call after look into my number.

Myself is Suganya from Cuttack, Odisha, I am Earning Monthly Income on Form Filling Job with Nexlevel technologies company, from 4 months getting continues payment on time directly to my account, if there in any mistakes in my work, they will inform me at the time of QC report and I will re-edit the forms and send them back, the work, payment, training, QC everything I am getting on time, there is no delay in anything, sometimes I cant able to reach them on call, so that mostly I contact them and ask my queries on mail, nexlevel technologies is well and professional.
Myself is Suganya from Cuttack, Odisha, I am Earning Monthly Income on Form Filling Job with Nexlevel technologies company, from 4 months getting continues payment on time directly to my account, if there in any mistakes in my work, they will inform me at the time of QC report and I will re-edit the forms and send them back, the work, payment, training, QC everything I am getting on time, there is no delay in anything, sometimes I cant able to reach them on call, so that mostly I contact them and ask my queries on mail, nexlevel technologies is well and professional.
We have started our Form Filling Plan A on 2019 and running as home based job and getting payout correctly from 2019 Nov to 2020 May, I am going to start a center with 5 systems, my company name is Zway System Soft Located in Mysore, I required 7 members who have typing speed of 50 – 80, I taken them and start Form Filling Daily Payment Project which can work with 10 systems and minimum atleast 5 members need to work for this form filling projects, the workload will be send at the time 9 am an need to submit the work within 6 evening, so that we should submit the project within the time of 6 pm, the Quality Control should be end before 9 pm and if there is any rework the error forms will be send with new workload as extra forms, we need to work the extra forms together with new files, so that we can able to work all the files together, I don’t know more thing about their other projects ad posting, form filling, ad posting, data entry project is Image to Ms word it can used only by typing manually and the ad posting is important only with the skill of Internet and it can operate using the net connect only, we have only knowledge about form filling project only,
I am Lakshmi Devi I have started form filling on April 2020 I have submitted my work. But so far not received work status and payment i strongly believed nexleveltechnologies is [censored] looting money and work effort from people with the name of registration
I am Sonal . I registered in nexlevel Technolgies for form filling Plan B on 31/3/2020. I paid Rs. 2, 100/- for this.

I started to work for them and they promised to pay in the end of each month, but it was lie. I have sent tons of emails, but they are not responding. Not attending our calls. These peoples are scammers and liars, who promise a lot, but in result you get nothing.

Don't deal and work for the company www.nexleveltechnologies.in. I do not want more people to be scam by this. I request all the peoples who have been cheated by them to post their Reviews against them.
I am Anish Kumar working Daily Payment form filling project in Nexlevel tech from more 4 years, I know very well about the company, I am getting the accurate billing for the project continuesly from Feb 2015 to March 2020, My brother also working on the same project, even their March month’s daily Payout also in pending list from them, but I got totally 19 days March month payout, and I need to renew the daily payment form filling project, Currently I working in 17 seats,
Totally 21 Members are working in my company I am the proprietor, my company name is I Future Systems,
My company located in Calicut, address is 11 A, Meenchanda, Thiruvannur, Kozhikode, Kerala 673029, any one can visit my company, I am always ready to welcome all, Basically my company is computer hardware repairing shop, my company is started as hardware and computer sale shop, after I am seeing the nexlevel tech I taken their form filling plan A and after getting 3 payouts continues from the plan A, I started taking big plan project it is Form Filling Daily Payment Project, I didnt got any delay in payment and work, I got well training and support from them, that why the reason I speaking for them, I didn’t seen any unprofessional things from the nexlevel tech, even I didn’t meet them directly but I believe things because of their perfect timing work and professional ways, I say one thing genuinely in the lockdown period most of companies are facing lot of financial problems and workload problems, be patient and wait and see, and ask the payout for your work, they will pay you surely,
April and May month the payout has been delay already because of GOVT LOCK DOWN Period, they already informed to their long term customers and me, the reason of the lock down the payout may be delay or the payout will be added to July or August month, I am working in daily payment form filling, every day I will get my new workload on morning and I need to submit the given work within 7 clock, mostly I submit the work before 6 clock, from these 3 months I got minimum no of forms and Infact I got only 19 days payment on the month of march and already submitted more than 3600 forms and waiting the qc and payment for that working, I have hope that I will get it soon, we should understand everyone position in this lockdown period.

I Future Systems,
Proprietor: S. Anish Kumar
11 A, Meenchanda,
Kerala 673029
I working in nexlevel technologies form filling weekly payment project with 15 seats, my name is satyajit sharma from pune, I seen nexlevel technologies company ad in google search engine and I went to their website and seen their form filling project, I interested to take the plan A form filling initially before 4 months, I got payment for the 4 months continuously without any delay or interruption, for the reason for correct payment from 4 months I taken their weekly payment form filling single slot and working in 15 seats, 10 seats for working purpose and 5 seats for immediate checking, so no way to meet error or no need to waste time on rework process, I am getting payment on this project on every week, the payment process based on their calculation is every 9 days but I am receiving payment on every 10th day or some times 11th day, in the home based work I never seen any delay in work or payment but in business plan project of weekly payment form filling sometimes I am getting delay in work and payment, if I ask them they are saying minimum workers only available in company and covid pandemic is the reason for the delay, I accept it but I need to pay salary for my workers on weekly basis, if they pay the billing on every 9th day it is good for my business and I am interested in their daily payment form filling project also, I will take the daily payment project soon if everything goes well,
Hi I’m sathish kumar yadav from patna, Bihar, I am have a browsing cafe in sheikhpura, I have totally 25 systems of computers in my browsing center, in this year of jan 2020 I joined in nexlevel technologies and started daily payment data entry project and allocated 10 systems for the work and recruit 9 members and in one system my own brother working, I am receiving great support and training from them everything is going good from jan to this current month june, I am getting daily payment from jan to this month june, on may month only I got pending in work, qc and sometimes in payment also but all the thing cleared on before month and I started getting daily payment now, I going to change my remaining 15 systems into business process and going to sign up one more project on next month, i don’t have knowledge in form filling project that why I started data entry typing project, recently I changed my internet connection also so mostly I need offline projects only, totally I have 25 computers I need to convert all the systems for work and need to recruit again for the new project sign up.
I am Kumarasamy from mangalore Karnataka, I have one small center located in mangalore near my house, I registered with Nexlevel Technologies and running their form filling daily payment process with 6 systems in Mangalore, my company is newly started company and I have just 1 year experience in this industry but I am management student that I know all the ways of business, I made direct sign up with them and signed form filling daily payout process and getting daily payouts for my daily work, online sign up and direct sign up both are safe when the project cost is completely refundable, and direct sign up is best if anyone need to start business plans with them for the reason I met them directly in their office and seen their references then I signed the agreement and start the project, I asked them to provide direct company training but they provided me online training only,

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