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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Spice Jet Airlines — flight cancelled after security check in at kanpur airport on 12 may 2019

 ece2012atulgupta on Jul 1, 2019
I have booked a flight from kanpur to mumbai on 12 may 2019 which is cancelled by the spice jet after security check in quoting the reason of bad weather but the weather was clear on flight timings. Moreover they requested all passengers to stay in kanpur saying that they will arrange them for mumbai with in 7 days. There were many cancer patients in flight and many other, who are required to reach mumbai on urgent basis without fail. On my request the said that we can provide you flight from delhi. I requested them i would be late to reach there as i am a dealer in bank of baroda treasury, and...
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Spice Jet Airlines — security deposit

 Ratikesh on Jul 1, 2019
Between june i got letter from your hr department that you are selected for data entry job at salary of 32500. And they deposited from me security and insurance amount of rs. 43000 and tell me that you get this amount back but they didn't receiveing call and just telling lie. Please take it seriously and resolve this i am very poor guy and this is the number +[protected] and another one [protected] please resolve this and back my money...
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Spice Jet Airlines — poor handling of luggage

 Harshamovvar on Jul 1, 2019
Yesterday i checked in at mumbai airport to fly mangalore. Due to some airport problems the flight is cancelled. Your person's are acting like a big boss there. No proper information we got from them. Last after cancellation ibook ticket floor goa.in mumbai terminal 1 when iput my luggage bag to conveyer it was clean, neat and good. While receiving from goa its lock was broken and completely covered with oil or greece substance. Due to your poker handling it's happened. I. Searched your people in goa airport to complain account oft, but no one was there and some air hostess of spicejet not responded....
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Spice Jet Airlines — I'm complaining about delay in booking confirmation

 Chakri Kalavagunta on Jul 1, 2019
I have booked a ticket from bombay to hyderabad and it is not confirmed by your flight company and amount is deducted and i again booked another spice jet flight and i reached destination but i get a message as confirming my ticket after it airrived to destination. I contacted customer care but they are not responding any time. Please be check it once and i place the screenshot of ticket in the below. Please check it and get me refunded....
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Spice Jet Airlines — flight delayed. flight no:sg 153. date. 30-06-19

 Isson George on Jul 1, 2019
We have chosen spice jet to travel from mumbai to cochin on the date[protected]. It was a very bad experience. The flight departure time was at 09:20 am, after we got a message that the flight is delayed for one hour. So the flight has to depart 10:30 as per the spice jet updated information. But we waited till 1 pm. It was very worst experience and we missed one of our important occasion....
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Spice Jet Airlines — flight takeoff before due time

 [email protected] on Jun 30, 2019
Sir i have booked flight sg 8476 tickets for my family members on 19.05.2019. Ticket any is 10577. Date of fight was 28.06.2019, from gorakhpur to delhi. On reaching airport gorakhpur it was told by flight officials that flight has been takeoff at 12.30 pm where as flight takeoff time was 13.25 pm. Due to which my family suffered many problems. Then i had booked next day flight ticket in rs 25976/. So i want to know can a flight takeoff before time without intimating the passengers. On dated 28.06.2019 no information has been given for before time takeoff. It is not my fault. So please look the...
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Spice Jet Airlines — amount debited but ticket not booked

 vagessh b-shettar on Jun 29, 2019
I was booking ticket on 21 jun 2019 from spicejet.com from belagaum to new delhi for the travel on 21st jun 2019. While doing that the amount got deducted from my axis bank account (2 times), but while returning back to the spicejet site, there was some error on the portal. As a result the ticket was not booked. I got the message from my bank (Sms and email) regarding the amount deduction (Rs 10329) but i didn't get any confirmation regarding the spicejet site. Then i have to try 3 rd time then ticket booked. So plz return debited (2times) amount. Cell [protected] my email id is [protected]@gmail.com,...
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Spice Jet Airlines — trolley damage

 praveeeee on Jun 28, 2019
Hello team spice jet... My wife travelled from mumbai terminal 2 to cochin airport... Flight sg6282... While collecting the baggage from kochi, she noticed that the number lock and handle of the bag was broken and it is a clear attempt to steal valuables from the bag... Inspite of tagging the bag with fragile sticker, both handle and number lock were broken and there was a theft attempt... Pls take necessary action against those responsible for this and compensate for the trolley... We can buy a new trolley, however those responsible should be suitably punished🙏.. Photos of the trolley and boarding...
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Spice Jet Airlines — baggage

 Shefalit29 on Jun 28, 2019
The baggage was little over the limit with 0 hang baggage. Then decided to take out few clothes from the bag to match the limit, but was not allowed to and was charged 2000 rs for the same. Having boarded the plane huge bags were brought in by the fellow passangers which would not even fit in the overhead, their luggage was not charged and was accomadated easily!
This is not acceptable if someone is being charged and not allowed to do something then the rest should also be allowed to do so!...
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Spice Jet Airlines — my brother's ticket is cancelled instead of my mother's ticket

 R.K.Tripti Shalu on Jun 28, 2019
I have made a tickt with two passenges my mother and my brother from paytm. Bt due to some prblm my mother was not able to come so i csncelled her tickt. I got mail messages nd new generated ticket on the name of my brother. Bt at the airport airline deinied nd said his ticket is csncelled instead of my mother. Nd no one took response nd he has to left his flight nd made another tivkt of 15000. No one is taking respinse tiwards this. Even they got another tickt of his name bt said hos tickt is cancelled not my mother. Paytm is saying its airlines falult nd airlines is saying its paytm fault...
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Spice Jet Airlines — loyalty points to be added to my account.

 shalinshah on Jun 28, 2019
From: Shalin Shah
Sent: 28 June 2019 05:10
To: SpiceJet Customer Relations
Subject: Re: Reward Points add Request Complaint
Dear Nafees,
I would appreciate if you can update the number to [protected] also it was a joint ticket booked with my wife mrs dimple bavishi.
Its such a shame, your company spice jet has such a pooling service and do not ward loyalty points for passenger travelling.
the terms and condition are so strict that if someone forgets to put a coma or full stop you do not award loyalty points.
Please can i request you to escalate...
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Spice Jet Airlines — defective seat and horrible experience

 rajenchamaria on Jun 27, 2019
Dear Sir/Ma'am,

As a frequent customer of yours I’m writing in regards to a very distasteful experience I had with your airlines. I booked a business class ticket from Kolkata to New Delhi at full fare, on 18th June, 2019, and the following are my booking details:

Flight no. SG264
Departure Time: 8:45 pm
Arrival time: 11:20 pm
Booking date: Mon, 17th June, 2019

It’s also worth mentioning that I am 61 years old, a senior citizen. My seat was assigned in business class, at 1C. Unfortunately, I was placed in a defective seat, with...
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Spice Jet Airlines — canceled my ticket on their website automatically with no information

 Vikas hemnani on Jun 26, 2019
Vikas hemnani booking tkt on 12 jun from mmt for spicejet airlines from del to bangalore for 3 person for 23 jun 11:50 am flight but as soon i reached airport for chk in i was told that ur tkts has been canceled yesterday on spicejet airlines yesterday ie on 22 jun 7:16 pm and i was shocked to know that with no intimation on mail or number with that we argued and again i have to purchase a new tkt with rs 34845/- for the same flight
But the point is that they issued us the new tkt with the same pnr and as we spoke to mmt regarding this they said that only spicejet has the authority...
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Spice Jet Airlines — confusion whether it's fake or true

 Yashaswini. K on Jun 26, 2019
I got a call from the hr of regarding interview. I also started attending, 1st round he asked for registration 2k, 2nd round he asked 6200, for medical verification he asked 13500, but he was giving me the invoice for the payment made. He said training will be in mumbai or chennai, we should be in the office accommodation, for the confirmation he asked 23500. But i didn't pay the last amount. Their was no face to face interview, the interview was only on the call. I don't know whether the documents sent by them is true or fake. The time period give to me to make payment is :30 - 1:00 hour. Now i...
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Spice Jet Airlines — cnc tools part offloaded from flight sg 517 on 24/06/2019

 Yassir Baig on Jun 25, 2019
Dear Sir,
I, Md Khalid Iqbal was returning back from Bengaluru to Kolkata via flight number SG517 on the 24/06/2019. I was unaware that I couldn't carry tool parts in my luggage which was for my CNC machine and was only available in Begaluru. I had to deposit the tools to the security team and they said it will be in the lost and found department of Spice Jet and I can reclaim the same.
So I am requesting you to update my information so I can collect the same at the earliest.
Khalid Iqbal
6 Robert St
Kolkata 700012
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Spice Jet Airlines — refund required for spicemax seats paid but not allotted

 shanky.goyal on Jun 25, 2019
I was travelling to and fro from delhi to bangkok with my family and had booked total 18 spicemax seats. However due to aircraft change on both occasions only 9 seats (In total) were spicemax (6 during del-bkk & 3 during bkk-del). I was assured that we will get the refund for the remaining 9 seats to the original payment mode. So i request you to kindly refund my payment asap. These 18 tickets were booked with following pnrs:

1. Del-bkk (7 pax) - pnr - lhwnhr
2. Del-bkk (2 pax) - pnr - fd87fa
3. Bkk-del (9 pax) - pnr - hbu2kt

Call or write for any clarification:...
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Spice Jet Airlines — refund

 Deepak Bdm on Jun 25, 2019
My name is deepak siddiah, i am from bangalore and i am a non resident indian since 2008 and frequently traveling in and out of india and never experienced this kind of a situation before.

I believe you people definitely have to work on the customer service and ethics of the hospitality industry.

Kindly go through the attachment i have booked an one way flight to uae for 16th of march on 15th through happyeasy go website, which was routed through some recognized e-commerce website, the payment was taken from me and they made me wait untill next morning and then sent...
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Spice Jet Airlines — inhuman activities in sg 84

 Some nath roy on Jun 25, 2019
Travelled in sg84 on 17 jun 19. Felt chilly cold and requested for a blanket. They refused my several requests at all levels on board but provided to another passenger of my status. I complained to the customer care and nodal officer but they tried to save the staff and given absurd reasons for justification. Thinking to go to consumer forum. The company was so inhuman and did not bother to see the comfort of a sixty year old man.
Sn roy...
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Spice Jet Airlines — duty free item, not allowed to carry

 SureshKannan KS on Jun 25, 2019
I bought an item in duty free shop, they gave a free briefcase. I asked the shop, whether they allow this extra bag. They told as a policy anything bought in duty free should be allowed. But, while boarding spicejet flight, they asked me to throw the bag and in fact threatened, me to pay over weight fee. This is first time, i come across this type of arrogance by an airline staff....
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Spice Jet Airlines — false complaint on my mom

 Aaron Lordson on Jun 24, 2019
We were travelling in spicejet from dubai to madurai while the worst incident in our life happened my mom was false complaint as a smoker despite having a gallbladder surgery and the mother of two children the air hostesses were very rude and they did not check others properly we do not want to make this a big issue but please send us a reply with an apology letter as soon as possible or we will not even hesitate to complain on your company...
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