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Tata Sky Customer Care

Tata Sky Ltd.

3rd floor, C-1, Wadia International Centre, Pandurang Budhkar Marg
Mumbai City District
India - 400025
Landmarks:Bombay Dyeing

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

1860 500 6633  [except MTNL]

Additional info
Andhra Pradesh
Postpaid +91 92 4600 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4601 2524

Postpaid +91 92 0700 0121
Prepaid +91 92 0701 2524

Postpaid +91 92 3400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3401 2524

Postpaid +91 92 1000 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1001 2524

Postpaid +91 92 270 00121
Prepaid +91 92 2701 2524

Postpaid +91 92 5400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 5401 2524

Himachal Pradesh
Postpaid +91 92 1800 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1801 2524

Jammu & Kashmir
Postpaid +91 92 0500 0121
Prepaid +91 92 0501 2524

Postpaid +91 92 4300 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4301 2524

Postpaid +91 92 4900 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4901 2524

Postpaid +91 92 3100 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3101 2524

Madhya Pradesh
Postpaid +91 92 2900 0121
Prepaid +91 92 2901 2524

Postpaid +91 92 2500 0121
Prepaid +91 92 2501 2524

Postpaid +91 92 2000 0121
Prepaid +91 92 2001 2524

North East
Postpaid +91 92 0600 0121
Prepaid +91 92 0601 2524

Postpaid +91 92 3800 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3801 2524

Postpaid +91 92 1700 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1701 2524

Postpaid +91 92 1400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1401 2524

Tamil Nadu
Postpaid +91 92 4400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4001 2524

Uttar Pradesh East
Postpaid +91 92 3500 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3501 2524

Uttar Pradesh West
Postpaid +91 92 1900 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1901 2524

West Bengal
Postpaid +91 92 3300 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3301 2524

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Customer satisfaction rating
So far so good - The company responded to our notifications and is working on resolving complaints.

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Tata Sky — wrong card for this setup box

 Pratima Ghimiray on Jun 27, 2018
My TV screen is showing pairing error since today morning it was working well yesterday.I have done everything possible like removing and reinserting the Digi card and all.But my screen is again showing pairing error NDS No:[protected]
Digi card Id:[protected]
Please check this and resolve my problem asap.Thanks...
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Tata Sky — charges for technician visit

 debi pattnaik on Jun 27, 2018
I have been using tatasky services since last 2 years. And i am facing connection issues since last week. I have called tatasky customer care couple of times and followed the instructions for manual settings but was of no use. When i am asking for a technician visit, they are asking me to pay rs.100. Why should i pay for something which tatasky is responsible. I am paying my monthly charges already and tatasky is not able to provide the proper service still they are charging from their customer. This is not done....
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Tata Sky — forget rmn of my account

 Manoj Mandiwal on Jun 26, 2018
Hi i had forgotten my rmn (Registered mobile number) of my tata sky account [protected] plz tell me what is my rmn of my account so that i can register my account our dealer didnt told us what is our rmn and when i triend to register my account on tatasky website than i came to know that rmn is necessary thats why i requested you. Reply at your earliest...
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Tata Sky — I m complaining about ur technician and customer care s employees..

 Likhans on Jun 26, 2018
Dear, tata sky.
M very upset before 4to 5 days..cause.my channels are not viewing properly..its may tata sky digicard problem.so i ll cal customer care n complaint against the tata sky box.after 24hours later there are no technician visit in my house.again i ll call customer care, customer care person his name is biplab sarkar..he said me the technician was calling me.bt my no.has not rechble..so i ll said any proof?he said no.his computer are showing my no has not reachble.so tata sky its my request plz solving my porblem otherwise m going to deactivate in ur tata sky connection.....
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Tata Sky — requesting for correcting my name and add my paytm transaction id no. 5401658243 which i have paid for my id.

 anjandash on Jun 26, 2018
This is dipti mishra, tata sky id: [protected]. My register mobile no. Is [protected]. My name is not correct in my tata sky account. It was wrongly written as bipti mishra. On 19/06/2018 at 09:30 a. M i have paid 200/- using paytm and sbi a/c. With the successful trasanction id no. [protected]. But that is not happeing till now. So, please change my name add the 200/- in my tata sky id ([protected]).

Thanks & regards,
Dipti mishra....
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Tata Sky — cheating by company

 Prutha Gaherwar on Jun 25, 2018
My package due from 20.06.18. I want uninterrupted service, so I recharged my Tata Sky DTH with Dhamaal Mix & English Movie for 1 yr & Sony TEN 3 for 1 month on 18.06.2018 & paid Rs.4570/- at "Sankalp Electronics, Pune" vide recpt no 15890. But my Sony TEN 3 channel disabled on 25.06.18 without any reason. When I enquired Customer care, answer given as "Your charges cut against HD channels". But I never demanded or use or paid any amount against HD ch. No one answered me properly. The treatment was insulting. Why company harassed me by disconnecting my paid channel Sony TEN 3 ? Who is responsible...
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Tata Sky — tata sky - relocation problem

 kr.vishalapp@gmail.com on Jun 25, 2018
I asked for a reallocation service on saturaday, and i was promised it would be done same day hence recharge your dth in advance and it had expired. I did the same.
Didn’t received any call, next day agent calls and said he dont know anything about yesterday, it would be done today i. E sunday. I filed a complain with complain no. 15ul21pp. It didn’t got resolved on sunday as well. Got a call in monday morning saying it would be done by tuesday and started receiving msg stating my request has been cancelled. I complained again and was told it would be resolved by today itself. Againg...
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Tata Sky — tatasky promised to provide 237 channels. later refused to have channel numbers of these 237 channels.

 rameesh718 on Jun 25, 2018
Tatasky promised to provide 237 channels. Later refused to have channel numbers of these 237 channels.

We were told that by paying rs 220 pm we will get dhamaka pack where we could view 237 channels. Hence we changed our lacarte less costing pack to dhamaka pack under our tatasky consumer no. [protected]. It is our obvious legal right to demand and know which 237 channels we could avail of as promised by tatasky. But surprisingly and regretfully when we asked them to email us the list of these 237 channel numbers and names as they were found confusing over their website,...
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Tata Sky — harassing the customer in different ways

 Jeslyn on Jun 24, 2018
I had subscribed to the annual package on 15/06/2018 (Friday) with the assurance that the installation will happen by 17/06/2018 (Sunday). On monday (18/06/2018) the service team fixes the time for installation in the evening at 06:00 pm and nobody turns up. I had immediately informed the team and customer care about the issue and they assured that there was a lapse and we will install without fail in the next appointment itself. After this the appointment was given for 21/06/18 again at 06:10pm. Again nobody turned up and there were lot of 'sorry' from the customer care and tata sky representative...
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Tata Sky — relocation of tata sky dish antenna

 Sukriti Sinha on Jun 24, 2018
Today morning we have requested tata sky customer care to change our location as we have shifted from tilaknagar to damodar park yesterday only we have shifted to damodar park we got a confirmation msg from tata sky that ur appointment has been fixed for 3.00 pm then around 12.00 pm we got a confirmation msg that ur appointment has been cancelled, but we didn't cancelled then again i received msg that ur appointment has been rescheduled to 6.30 pm and a telephone call by telecaller aalia informing the same msg again around 5.30 we got a msg that ur appointment has been rescheduled by 7.30 pm and...
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Tata Sky — pathetic service for old customers

 ajaytiwari9 on Jun 23, 2018
I have lodge an complaint to customer service, they confirmed that some will call me on next day, i received the call and was told that they will visit before 12.00 noon same day but no body turned up and when i inquired about it they told me that service was lined up for monday since next day was sunday, if they required new customer they send the person without any holiday, but when they have old customer they give this type of services. Why should this type of company given so much exposer when they cannot service them....
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Tata Sky — tata sky - uninstallation

 kumaran1112 on Jun 23, 2018
We had a great hope on tata product when we swiped our card for tata sky.

Now all our hopes and trust has fallen down..

We requested for tata sky new connection. The representative of tata sky (Dealer: unisyn enterprises/quality application solutions pvt ltd) promised that we would get a new connection in 2 working days by swiping our card through paytm. But we have not received the connection even after 8 working days.

Unfortunately it was only us, who followed up on a daily basis to know the status of the new connection. The dealer (Unisyn enterprises/quality...
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Tata Sky — very poor customer support

 Prashanth_r5 on Jun 23, 2018
Tata sky chat messages
[6/23/2018, 10:15:03 am] : hi mr. Prashanth..., welcome to tata sky chat support! Let us know how we can help you, by typing in the chat box and clicking on send button.
[6/23/2018, 10:15:07 am] mr. Prashanth... : hi
[6/23/2018, 10:15:14 am] tata sky: our associates are busy with other customers. So kindly bear with us a while. Your queue position is :10
[6/23/2018, 10:15:57 am] mr. Prashanth... : i got the connection on 26 of may and today i got a message saying tonight my account will be deactivated
[6/23/2018, 10:17:10 am] mr. Prashanth......
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Tata Sky Hd — change rmn lost old rmn & password

 Gaming Maniax on Jun 22, 2018
I am a user of tatsky but i lost my old rmn & i cant reset password or unable to change rmn i want to change my rmn to provided mobile no. So i can see all my recharge messages & recharge offers & also i can login to mytatasky once again so plz change my tatasky rmn to the rmn given below

Subscriber id :[protected]
My new no. [protected]
Change my rmn plz...
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Tata Sky — there is pairing error in my tatasky set up box

 Unati Watwani on Jun 22, 2018
I was out for 15days so after that when i came back and i tried to switch on the tv it was showing "this is the wrong card for this set up box (Pairing error) ndsno.[protected] digicard id is[protected]" i had a chat with one of the expert he said if u recharge it will get resolved but after doing the recharge also it is showing the same error. My rmn :[protected] n subscriber id:[protected]...
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Tata Sky — uncooperative behaviour of tata sky team

 rajneesh madhok on Jun 21, 2018
Tata Sky Customer Care,
3rd Floor, C-1, Wadia International Centre, Pandurang Budhkar Marg,
Mumbai India 40025
Land mark : Bombay Dyeing
Name of Consumer: Rajneesh Madhok, Advocate, Railway Road, Phagwara-144401
Registered Mobile No:[protected]
Tata Sky Subscriber ID: [protected]
I took my Tata Sky Connection from Chopra Electricals Phagwara Gate, Jalandhar M[protected] Ph:[protected] and paid Rs 4, 250/-...
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Tata Sky — no service provide after taking monthly charges [Resolved]

 Gopesh1 on Jun 21, 2018
My account id is [protected]
I have tata sky set top box, that i buy on 2013 july. I subscribe a pack for 220 monthly.
My some channels not work,
When i chat / call them they have same answer, reset the set top box, or they arrange technician meeting with charge of 100 rs per visit,
Why i pay 100 rs for visit. This is fault from there side, if all channal works, why some channels not,
I need my money back for channels that not works.

Note : most of time they wait for disconnect chat from there end....
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Tata Sky — about no network and technician service

 Suraj Thakekar on Jun 21, 2018
Dear sir
Ac no [protected]
From last 5 days i am not able to see tata sky service, from last 4 days i have called service centre around 14-15 nos but still i am getting same answer from executive to wait till tomorrow our technician visit you. I have given all detail in earlier mail
Now i can’t wait more i don’t want to continue your service, please give me my paid amount in my account and take back your set top box as soon as possible. Please do it fast i want choose other operation....
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Tata Sky — referral point rs.300 not credited till now

 pksubbu on Jun 21, 2018
In the month of may i called up tata sky and told them to fix tata sky at my brother's place mr. P. B. Mahesh subscriber id [protected] because of some neighbour problem they could not fix it in the month of may. But in june tata sky was installed successfully under my reference. But till now 300 rs. Is not being credited in my account. Tata sky is fraud and misleading customers. My address is p k subramanian ea 204 maya enclave hari nagar new delhi pin -110064 subscriber id [protected]...
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Tata Sky — annoying and cheat services

 sam gilbert on Jun 21, 2018
I have been using tata sky from last 4 months and probably 3 months back i relocated in same society but in another building, in 1 month time the tatasky dish antenna fallen twice due to heavy wind, which was never fallen in 3.5 years, but the reason behind it that tata sky is using plastic cable to fix the antenna which can't take the load, first time it's fallen and i paid rs500 now again its fallen and the technician demanded rs.300 to fix it, when i denied paying it (As i was suggested by the cc executive) the technician simply left saying someone will come in an hour to fix it again as i have...
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