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3rd floor, C-1, Wadia International Centre, Pandurang Budhkar Marg
Mumbai City District
India - 400025
Landmarks:Bombay Dyeing

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

1860 500 6633  [except MTNL]

Additional info
Andhra Pradesh
Postpaid +91 92 4600 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4601 2524

Postpaid +91 92 0700 0121
Prepaid +91 92 0701 2524

Postpaid +91 92 3400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3401 2524

Postpaid +91 92 1000 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1001 2524

Postpaid +91 92 270 00121
Prepaid +91 92 2701 2524

Postpaid +91 92 5400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 5401 2524

Himachal Pradesh
Postpaid +91 92 1800 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1801 2524

Jammu & Kashmir
Postpaid +91 92 0500 0121
Prepaid +91 92 0501 2524

Postpaid +91 92 4300 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4301 2524

Postpaid +91 92 4900 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4901 2524

Postpaid +91 92 3100 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3101 2524

Madhya Pradesh
Postpaid +91 92 2900 0121
Prepaid +91 92 2901 2524

Postpaid +91 92 2500 0121
Prepaid +91 92 2501 2524

Postpaid +91 92 2000 0121
Prepaid +91 92 2001 2524

North East
Postpaid +91 92 0600 0121
Prepaid +91 92 0601 2524

Postpaid +91 92 3800 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3801 2524

Postpaid +91 92 1700 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1701 2524

Postpaid +91 92 1400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1401 2524

Tamil Nadu
Postpaid +91 92 4400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4001 2524

Uttar Pradesh East
Postpaid +91 92 3500 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3501 2524

Uttar Pradesh West
Postpaid +91 92 1900 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1901 2524

West Bengal
Postpaid +91 92 3300 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3301 2524

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Customer satisfaction rating
So far so good - The company responded to our notifications and is working on resolving complaints.

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Tata Sky — tata sky set top box - pairing issue-subscriber id 1213797721

 Navsinha on Apr 5, 2018
Yesterday my tv and set top box was working properly. Today, i. E 05 april 2018, i got a message on my tv screen as "this is the wrong card for this set top box (Pairing error) nds no.[[protected]
1 ] digicard id is[[protected]]"
My subscriber id is [[protected]]" with a blank screen.
I contacted customer care but they are saying that they will send a technician which will be charged from me.
Why should i pay the technician visit charge while the issue is from your side and it is not something to do with hardware it is a software issue as it was paired...
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Tata Sky — fraud by tata sky service reps

 Amrish Sahgal on Apr 4, 2018
Two months ago tv picture was breaking up. Called tatasky. Their rep told us our set-top box was defective and unrepairable. Sold us a new box for rs 900 and took away the old box. Problem persisted. It appears set-top box was okay just a minor abrasion of antenna cable. Second rep repaired it and assured no charge. But we are being billed rs 250 for this. So now, just so that reps make their commission we have to pay 1150 for a fault i can personally set right for rs 25. Tatasky service reps are behaving like dacoits, cheating users. Do not expect this of a reputed co. Numerous phone and email...
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Tata Sky — charged rs 300/- and no bill

 Bertie Coutinho on Apr 3, 2018
I was charged rs 300/- for setter box connectors and mr yogesh yadav said that mr rajesh who handles the work in goa told yogesh that no-bill is to be issued. This looks very dubious. Tata is an international trusted name of great repute. I feel this is weird. Please look into the matter.
Pastor bertie coutinho.
New connection today
447, ararim, porvorim, goa 403501.
Mobile no [protected]
Land line [protected]...
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Tata Sky — set top box pairing error

 ozzman1785 on Apr 2, 2018
Have been getting this error since i recharged this morning. Kindly resolve it at the earliest. The details of what appears on the screen once i try to browse theough channels is what i have typed below:

This is the wrong card for this set top box
(Pairing error)
Nds no:[protected]
Digi card id:[protected]

And also what would be the procedure to upgrade to tataskyhd with recording...
Complaint comments  Read comments [5]Complaint category Satellite, Cable DTH TV

Tata Sky — pairing error in dth

 someshsharma10 on Apr 1, 2018
I didn't use the service for 4 months. Then i recharged yesterday but it is not working.
On the tv, there is just a blank screen with a message : "this is the wrong card for this set top box (Pairing error).
My subscriber id is [[protected]]
Please resolve this problem as i trust your good company. I am a loyal tata sky consumer.
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Tata Sky — delay in service and no cooperation

 Sugandha Dani on Apr 1, 2018
I’ve been using tata sky since 4 years. Since 1st march 2018 i’m facing a problem of set top box shutting off automatically. I made a complaint many times every time i’ve to do master reset. This continued for 15 days. Then a technician visited and he has done software reset and assured that problem will not come again. But after 2 hours again same problem was there. I again called customer support then they said you need to change set top box. That was done on 29 march 2018. And now from 31 march again there is no signal. Out society is having common dish installed and every other flats have...
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Tata Sky — tv channels-services are worst at hyderabad

 UPPALA NARAHARI on Mar 31, 2018
I am facing frequent problems with tata sky tv channels transmission and number of complaints in the last two years can be seen from your systems. Deducting rs 200 /225 for ever visit irrespective of the location of problems, tata sky is deducting and deactivating tv channels unilaterally and immediately causing lot of inconvenient. Mainly your systems are unreliable and technicians are incapable of finding permanent solution. There by this gated community centre is facing serious problems.
Yester day i complained that some channels are and some channels were not coming. Master resetting...
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Tata Sky — chat agent didn't respond

 Guna L on Mar 31, 2018
Message from v. K. Abhinav rao

No reply from the above agent.

[3/31/2018, 12:00:43 am] mr. Guna l : it will be for annual and account will be active?
[3/31/2018, 12:01:58 am] mr. Guna l : 1.) if i go with 1405 dhamaal pack - i need to do rc for 199 alone is fine per month
[3/31/2018, 12:02:43 am] mr. Guna l : 2.) if i remove dhamaal pack - go with my99 and 65 and for hd access 550rs all you said for annual i have to pay = 1805+550rs total
[3/31/2018, 12:02:46 am] mr. Guna l : correct?
[3/31/2018, 12:03:19 am] mr. Guna l : are you there?
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Tata Sky — carelessness of customer executive

 Damini Aglawe on Mar 30, 2018
This service provided by you within a month is disgusting and pathetic.
You cannot send one technician within 1 working day for 1 small work

How careless and lazy are you!!

Hello everyone,
Your customer care service people are big liars.
They are like robots asking for forgiveness and have a very limited role.

What do you expect from a customer who has a yearly subscription!
We have lodged a complaint every hour since this 24 hours, yet there is no seriousness.
How pathetic! If we call multiple times you directly cancel...
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Tata Sky — harassment by tata sky technicians & dealer umiya electronics

 Slbsheth on Mar 30, 2018
I booked tata sky dth th umia electronics on 25.3.18 he assured to get installed in 24hr.
Afternoon sunil contacted me to instal dth. As i had not occupied the flat i asked to installed next time i available. He agreed on 27/3/18 we decided to instal in afternoon 3pm he agreed. But he did not turned up & directed to tushar to do the same job. Ztushar asked me time i confused & i asked why he phoned me & asking time, he told that sunil will not come, by that time it was more than 4pm. I conformed from sunil that he is going to gota to instal dth but will not installed same at my flat. Tsoushar...
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Tata Sky — tata sky charging me unnecessarily for their mistake of putting wrong material

 Kiran Sampige on Mar 29, 2018
This is my fifth complaint on tatasky. First i complained four times for not giving me free hd access of 1 month you cheated me. Worst people now asking me to pay 200rs for changing connecter. Earlier tatasky agent only put that connector. Now i have been told that the connector was wrong. Foolish people i told them to change the agent while installation since he didn't had skills. They sent him only and now unnecessarily they put the another connector and charged me wrongly.

My subscriber id is [protected]. Phone number is [protected]...
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Tata Sky — postal address to be corrected by omitting garalbari ref mly. stmt for feb 2018

 badal roy basunia on Mar 29, 2018
Attentions were drawn a several to rectify / correct my postal address - ref monthly statements - by replacing "garalbari" by "jalpaiguri" but till date the same is pending or partially done. I do need full correction. Plz find the attachments —
Badal basunia
To:tata sky monthly statement
Mar 29, 2017 at 8:19 am
Dear sir,

I would like to invite your kind attention to the following facts that,
A) the statement does not show its validity period i. E. Expiry date for which it has been renewed.
B) the addrees is not correct which should...
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Tata Sky — zee marathi unable to see

 sandeep bhise on Mar 28, 2018
Since a month a am unable to watch zee marathi channel., So many times I have given complaints to the Tata sky but every time executive reconfigure the settings but unable to resolve my issue. They are suggesting to take technician visit to resolve this issue and for it they are charging 225rs. I don't understand it's Tata sky network issue why should I pay for this. And it's for only one channel....
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Tata Sky — incorrect name on the account.

 Alexious Infant on Mar 27, 2018
Hi team,

Quick update with the account name that i have on the tata sky account, i have provided my correct id and address proof 3 times yet the name is not changed.
My name is infant alexious clement. P
But they claim its on a different name called rekha, i dont know who that person is.
When i contacted the customer service, they asked me to fill noc form which doesn't make sense because, it's asking for the current name holders signature, when i don't know who that person is how can i get a signature from them.
Please someone look into this.
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Tata Sky — tv channel subscription

 Ritu Duggal on Mar 27, 2018
You sell your plans for a year and then say that it was updated as monthly plan and not a yearly plan. Now suddenly after sending a message to recharge for 735.00. You have disconnected saying your plan expired in 6 months.

When complaining you say "you should have called to convert it to a yearly charge". Are we supposed to dream that you are paying yearly subscriptio and they are deducting as per monthly?

Can one complain higher up?...
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Tata Sky — to registered new mobile number

 Shamlau on Mar 28, 2018

With due respectfully, i would like to state the following few lines for your kind consideration
That sir, i want to change this aircel no.[protected] of my tatasky id. No.[protected] to this new airtel no.[protected] since the aircel net has been shutdown at our area for many days and we are facing lots of inconveniences like receiving information and recharging etc.
Therefore my humble request shall be accepted as a act of kindness.

Yours. Faithfully
Mr shamlau...
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Tata Sky — tata sky website/app down

 JobyJ on Mar 27, 2018
This issue seems to have been raised before and apparently mentioned as resolved by tatasky customer care.
Facing it 2nd time in last 3 days now. Unable to do any recharge or access account online tatasky. The site shows different errors: down due to maintenance, http error 400, keeps on asking for password again and again after authenticating successfully etc.

Most of the issues happen around midnight time. Maybe they are too lazy and can't support the website running at night maybe badly programmed website for sustained running without support.
Either way really annoying...
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Tata Sky — for compensation of harassment faced by tata sky

 kjakhar on Mar 26, 2018
First of all thak you to resolve my complain. As you know that i had taken tata sky connection last year. Dealer had attached me to his id. I had complained about it to tata sky department many times and they said to solve my problem i had to keep activate my account i had rechared my account many times total amount i had recharged is rs-455. I was also mentally disturbed regrding this matter. So you are requested to help me in recovery of my loss of money including mental harasment i had faced.
My new id of tata sky connection is-
My mobile no-[protected]...
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Tata Sky — tata sky responded back stating they cannot provide service

 sreeraghavendra s k on Mar 25, 2018
On 25th march 2018 it was identified that my tata sky setup box power was not getting on.in the morning at around 7:45 am i had complained to customer care to which they had assigned to their technician. I got a call from the technician stating that they wont be able to provide service as the local cable operators wont allow them to enter the premises.

For this i completely took the responsibility to take care of their picjk up and drop facility to ensure that my issue is resolved. Still the customer care raised complains are being cancelled by their technicians and they are not willing...
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Tata Sky — unable to see the services

 Sudsak on Mar 25, 2018
Tata sky id [protected]
I am unable to see services of tata sky.in morning and afternoon
Ii could see servicea sometimes in evening. I beleive it is due to disk not adjusted for full singal at full aingnal strength. I had paid viait charges. Many times and no appetitle to pay again.

I believe the agency is doing it purposely to get perperual visit charges. Why does company could not control this bad practice

I am not sure if others are facing similar problem. The tata sky is damaging tata brand for sure...
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