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3rd floor, C-1, Wadia International Centre, Pandurang Budhkar Marg
Mumbai City District
India - 400025
Landmarks:Bombay Dyeing

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

1860 500 6633  [except MTNL]

Additional info
Andhra Pradesh
Postpaid +91 92 4600 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4601 2524

Postpaid +91 92 0700 0121
Prepaid +91 92 0701 2524

Postpaid +91 92 3400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3401 2524

Postpaid +91 92 1000 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1001 2524

Postpaid +91 92 270 00121
Prepaid +91 92 2701 2524

Postpaid +91 92 5400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 5401 2524

Himachal Pradesh
Postpaid +91 92 1800 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1801 2524

Jammu & Kashmir
Postpaid +91 92 0500 0121
Prepaid +91 92 0501 2524

Postpaid +91 92 4300 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4301 2524

Postpaid +91 92 4900 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4901 2524

Postpaid +91 92 3100 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3101 2524

Madhya Pradesh
Postpaid +91 92 2900 0121
Prepaid +91 92 2901 2524

Postpaid +91 92 2500 0121
Prepaid +91 92 2501 2524

Postpaid +91 92 2000 0121
Prepaid +91 92 2001 2524

North East
Postpaid +91 92 0600 0121
Prepaid +91 92 0601 2524

Postpaid +91 92 3800 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3801 2524

Postpaid +91 92 1700 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1701 2524

Postpaid +91 92 1400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1401 2524

Tamil Nadu
Postpaid +91 92 4400 0121
Prepaid +91 92 4001 2524

Uttar Pradesh East
Postpaid +91 92 3500 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3501 2524

Uttar Pradesh West
Postpaid +91 92 1900 0121
Prepaid +91 92 1901 2524

West Bengal
Postpaid +91 92 3300 0121
Prepaid +91 92 3301 2524

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Customer satisfaction rating
So far so good - The company responded to our notifications and is working on resolving complaints.

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Tata Sky — payment successful but amount not credited to my tata sky account [Resolved]

 rsampoor on Nov 22, 2017
Based on the communication from tata sky representative to make a subscription for one year ultra pack & hd i have made payment through my tata sky mobile app the sum of rs.7525. The payment was made through upi mode. The request came to my upi app with vpa named "indiaideas@icici" requesting the amount provided in the app. I have approved the collect request and the payment was successful - dated nov 16, 2017. After the transaction, till date i have not seen my tata sky account reflecting the amount recharged. When the same was inquired with their representative, he said the transaction was not...
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Tata Sky — channel addition and money deducted thereby [Resolved]

 royprasanta on Nov 22, 2017
The day before yesterday one lady staff of your company called me stating that you have an offer free of cost for first five days but i was not interested on it and told her not to add any channel on my pack because it leads to money deduction at last. This is the way of money hacking of your company. After few hours i got a sms that a channel has been activated and money deducted. This seems to be a practice of money extortion of your company as it happened quite a few times with me. I request you to send back the money deducted from my account and cancel the channel....
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Tata Sky — tata sky recharge failed [Resolved]

 Kshama Goyal on Nov 22, 2017
I have tried to recharge Tata Sky DTH with an amount of 205, the same was debited from my credit card but the the transaction failed stating invalid mobile no. Please refund my money.
I have read on a forum about many such complaints. It will be down your websites reputation. Please take appropriate action....
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Tata Sky — excess charges in monthly fee or auto activated monthly rental [Resolved]

 Tehomeli Phom on Nov 22, 2017
My id is [protected]. At first my plan was 299 and after 2 months of using the same it automatically showing that my current plan is 599. That's a complete gameplay by the company to gain more profit from the poor subscribers which i don't like it. And if the concerned company don't make the things right we too know how to ruin their business.
I request the company to rectify my problem within 24 hours. I am really disappointed!...
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Tata Sky — no signal in tv

 rasani on Nov 21, 2017
Tata sky dth subscriber id:- [protected]
Problem:- irregularities in signal is occurring in tv. While watching tv the signal goes off for long duration of time and this is happening since one month.
I have complaint against this many times to both local service provider of tata sky and it's customer service representative as well but both of them have negligence towards the this issue and are not handling seriously.
Kindly consider the issue and take crucial action....
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Tata Sky — bribe asked by service guy [Resolved]

 Shikhakumar27 on Nov 21, 2017
The service person who came to provide service from tata sky was extremely rude and asked for money at every step of the process (Relocation of the tata sky box is what we were getting done). The guy who came told us incorrect charges about every process that we were getting done. He was forcing us to cancel the previous work order raised and raise another one so that he could make some money in the process because he would’ve been questioned why he didn’t close the first work order. He gave me false quotation of the cable used and also told me that the dish reception is weak and i need to pay...
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Tata Sky — my name is ramesh kumar but wrongly written as avinash kumar by dealer at time of connection [Resolved]

 Ramesh. Kumar on Nov 21, 2017
Tata sky id - [protected] and my name is ramesh kumar but wrongly written as avinash kumar by dealer at time of connection at chandrapura, bokaro jharkhand and also mistake observed in address as mb-1d but it will be md-1d. I complained two times on tatasky website but problem is still persist and request were closed from tata sky end without solving problem. Please give your assistance to solve the problem amicably at the earliest. My name is ramesh kumar, mobile no -[protected]...
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Tata Sky — reliance big tv migrated amount not credited

 Malathi RMG on Nov 21, 2017
Recently, reliance big tv displayed us to contact tata sky as they are closing down in nov. 2017. Before that, i credited rs.2000 for south pack to reliance bigtv. Every year, i do this from 2008 on wards. Then tata sky staff came and fixed their stb in our home and asked us to pay some amount to activate. We paid for a month and asked tata sky to transfer that bigtv amount to my tata sky subscriber id. Tata sky staff calls and then assures that it will be transferred soon. On 5th nov. Tata sky dth has been activated in my home. I sent an email to tata sky to transfer the fund.

Complaint comments  Read comments [3]Complaint category Satellite, Cable DTH TV

Tata Sky — unsuccessful transaction amount is not reverting back [Resolved]

 amkawade on Nov 21, 2017
I had recharged tatasky account (Subscriber id : [protected]) on 26th oct 2017 of amount 1000rs through mytatasky.com. That transaction was unsuccessful. But amount got debited from my account. Bill desk was payment gateway. I contacted them, transaction was successful from there end as well. Then i contacted tata sky but they are saying that they are not able to see any recharge in there system so can't revert it back. I call customer care almost every day. They just create new request and nothing happens after that. Even i have contacted nodalofficer as well but i haven't received amount yet. Tata...
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Tata Sky — most pathetic customer service I have ever received [Resolved]

 AbhishekGu on Nov 21, 2017
My issues is detailed in the email below that i sent on 13th nov to customer case and nodal officer, for which i never received any response

From: abhishek theass
Date: mon, nov 13, 2017 at 5:20 pm
Subject: kudos on awesome customer service
To: help@tatasky.com
Cc: nodalofficer@tatasky.com

Dear team,

Through this email i would like to compliment you on the extra ordinary customer support and service that you provide. It is simply out of this world. Kudos on that.

It is my pleasure to tell you that after 11...
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Tata Sky — reliance digital tv account balance is not credited to tata sky account

 Sanoj Antony on Nov 20, 2017
This is bn das writing from kerala.
I am a customer of tata sky having subscriber id - [protected]
My connection was migrated from reliance digital tv to tata sky services on 03rd nov 2017. And according to tata sky policy my reliance digital tv amount should be credited to my present tata sky account within 7 days.
Its 15th day as of now and my reliance digital tv amount has still not been credited to my tata sky account. Three times i am complaint to tata sky customer service. They told two days time to resolve but still the amount not credited.
Kindly give me solution.
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Tata Sky — price hike of base pack without any intimation [Resolved]

 gaursh on Nov 20, 2017
Tatasky used to hike their pack charges very frequently, this time they have done it without any intimation, reason they gave to raise the price is that added new channel, but dear tata sky, i'm not interested in you new channels, you cannot force your price on us, in the name of upgradation or addition of new channel. If its in year, thatks ok, but they change it very frequently. I think it was previously 285 for dhamal mix pack, now it is 299....
Complaint comments  Read comments [2]Complaint category Satellite, Cable DTH TV

Tata Sky — relocation/re-installation extra charges [Resolved]

 Tonu4urediff on Nov 20, 2017
I love tata sky as a company, which work with concept of having every employee as his boss. Unfortunately their employees took it granted and now behaving like, they are best and do not require any more customers.

I raised request for relocation, customer representative told me to pay 300 rs. Now their technician called me and said, sir i will only take care of connecting tv port to box, for wire routing you need to pay 300 rs extra as we dont do that work and will require technician.

Now question here is why should i pay that amount, i am paying extra wire charges...
Complaint comments  Read comments [2]Complaint category Satellite, Cable DTH TV

Tata Sky — funds transfer

 kneerajkumar on Nov 20, 2017
I have been migrated from reliance digital tv to tatasky. I should receive the balance amount from old account to new account of rs. 322. Please find the attached photos.

I have received as "dear tata sky subscriber, your reliance digital tv balance of rs. 37 has been credited to your tata sky account. Thank you."

I have asked them to give me detail how they have arrived rs. 37....
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Tata Sky — tata sky change the name [Resolved]

 architmishra28 on Nov 20, 2017
Dear tata sky, my name is "yogendra deo mishra" with tata sky subscriber id [protected] ; whose named you have wrongly saved as "ld mishra" on your site; i have been searching for ways to correct my name for days. Calling on your helplines hasn't worked out. If any incorrect information about me has been mistakenly saved by you, please correct it as soon as possible. To verify my details you can contact me at: archit. Mishra@outlook.com or my registered mobile no. Linked with the subscriber id mentioned above....
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Tata Sky — about recharge amount and misappropriation of paid amount.

 chavanch69 on Nov 20, 2017
I have paid yearly pack amount of rs.3289.00 on 2.7.2017.
It is up to 1.7.2018.

I have also paid rs. 1890.00 for tata sky + box with one year hd free.

I have also paid rs. 300 for # and fixing charges.

Now i am getting message that, from 20.11.2017 service will stop for recharge.

I want complete details regarding my account to my email.


Pl cla me on mob no: [protected]. [protected]....
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Tata Sky — change in t v pack of tata sky [Resolved]

 A B Dholakia on Nov 19, 2017
We have been using the tata sky pack since last 10 years. I wanted to change my present channel package and i am unable to do it due to time shortage and therefore before a few monthsi have tried it from mobile but as such could not do it. Life is so much busy that i could not find time to carry out change of recharge pack.
Even i had contacted tata sky shops of my area before 6 months but they could not guide me for the reason best known to him. I do not want any other language channel (Like bangoli, marathi etc.) in my pack except gujarati, english and hindi. I also want classic channel,...
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Tata Sky — we were fooled since morning for your complaint [Resolved]

 avi940 on Nov 19, 2017
Dear sir
Subscriber id [protected]
On 19/11/2017 at 12 noon i made a complaint with tata sky at [protected] regarding tata sky set top box which was out of order.
We were told that the local office would contact us in an hour.
We got a call from [protected] saying that they would fix the set top box in at 3p. M. But when i contacted [protected] to confirm, (The time which the local office had given was 7:20 p. M. To 8p. M.)
We were mislead.
We got a call from [protected] saying that he would not be able to fix it at 7p. M.
We kept calling [protected]...
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Tata Sky — tv viewing [Resolved]

 chitra hunt on Nov 19, 2017
I would like to bring your attention to the problems i face regularly while viewing my tv shows. The reception is erratic. I normally have to contend with extremely bad reception & customer service. I have paid for the complete year being assured of expecting good service, but on the contrary am regularly with no connection & the constant excuse is that due to poor weather conditions there is no signal. Most exasperating!!
I am not happy to be complaining but i am fed up!!!...
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Tata Sky — fraud by tata sky technician and overdue unresolved service issue [Resolved]

 paritarathor on Nov 18, 2017
After facing repeated signal issue for around 6 months, no permanent solution was provided. Then a tata sky visited and asked to put a new part on our tata sky dish and took cash of rs. 875 for the part. 15 days later when we again faced the old issue, we come to know from another tata sky technician who visited my building that 1) the part was not correct and tata sky had no records of the said part replaced 2) the dish on which it was fit tree was not ours! 3) insoite if informing tata sky about the fraud done by their technician they have not reverted back.
After a week of writing email...
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