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Vodafone India Customer Care
Vodafone Essar Ltd.
Customer satisfaction rating: 21%
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Vodafone India Customer Care

Vodafone Essar Ltd.

Peninsula Corporate Park, Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai City District
India - 400013

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

+91 98 2009 8200  (24x7 Support)

Additional info
Circle Head Office
2nd Floor, Skyline Icon, 86/92, Andheri Kurla Road, Marol Naka, Near Mittal Industrial Estate, Andheri East, Mumbai 400059

Vodafone Complaints
2nd Floor, Skyline Icon, 86/92, Andheri Kurla Road, Marol Naka, Nr Mittal Industrial Estate, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400059

Customer satisfaction rating
So far so good - The company responded to our notifications and is working on resolving complaints.

Working hours
Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Fri 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Sat 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am

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My mobile number is [protected], I have been the customer of Vodafone for the last 20 days only, inspite of my complaint with customer care, not to distrub me with the promotional offer calls, quite often I have been called several times in this regard. In addition to this I ended up loosing roaming charges too for listening to promotional offers, as my 10 years old son accidentally accepted the call. The same may please be looked into.
Thanking you,
R Ananth
Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 00:01:54
i have activated the sim and automatically the cricket sms have been activated, so please de-activate that mysim no.[protected]
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

    Vodafone — prepaid converstion vodafone-Punjab [Resolved]

     Parv Arora
    I am using vodafone commection (previously Hutch) since 4 years. I ma completely not satified with service but my number is...
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     Archana Kutty
    I am a customer of vodafone mobile services, [protected] Kerala Circle, would like to bring to your attention that this service provider forces caller tunes on customers, by just malicious programming their system.

    On or about 1st March, 2008, i called my friend, while i was riding in the bus, and as the call was ringing, my finger accidently pressed a key. Immediately after the call was finished, i got a message from Vodafone that a sum of 30 rs, is deducted from my account, while i was having less than 4 rs. credit. Since then i could not make a call, as the balance showed -26 rs. i had to recharge 50 rs., to call the customer service who said i had opted for it and as such no credit can be allowed. I was charged another 15 rs. as service charges. Again my credit went to less than 1 rs. and as such i had to recharge 20 to make any calls. I immediately de activated, for which they charged another 3 rs, adding insult to injury.
    Since I dint get any justified answer from the service provider i checked their web site, and I was shocked to see that just pressing star key while the called phone rings, it automatically copy the caller tune and the charges deducted. It is ridiculous, and i wonder, how the otherwise vigilant ministry of of telecom has not noticed this unethical trade practise? I believe, the DOT is required to approve all such marketing strategies of the service providers. I wish to provide the link below to the relevant portion of the Vodafone's condition for your information:
    I request all the concerned to please look into this, and issue immediate instruction to stop this sort of trading in the telecom services under our M.R.T.P. Act. and also help to recover the deducted charges from Vodafone Firm.
    Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 00:01:33
    The worst ever IVRS system i have ever seen in service industry, Vodafone IVRS has got a cumbersome and complex menus, that does not satifsy the basic needs of a customer. You people are so weird
    I tried to make a caller tune . But you couldnt activate it. I tried it 3 times, In order to get a call center operator, i need chose some other menus. What the [censored] is this. Cant u just giv a damn with it.
    We, Keralites are much used with the Mobile phone operators since year 2000, then y the hell, CANT U GUYS PROVIDE THE BASIC SERVICE
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


      This is a disgusting company with ridiculous customer care. There was one person whose name is Ajay is really sick.

      Now, This is not just about customer care. This is about ECS which they provide.

      Someone from Vodafone called me to take ECS. I asked him to come to my house and filled up the form he said for having ECS facility. Now then I forgot and I thought my bill would be paid by my bank and I dont have to worry. But when i checked my bank statement. I found that Bank first debited the bill amount then credited the same amount and then put return charges over me. I called up my bank to know about why is this so and they said vodafone should have submitted mandate form which they hadnt.

      There customer care is so disgusting as they dont know much about ECS, dont really know how to talk to customers said this is your bank's fault.

      Then I asked them to deactivate ECS. First they dint knew the procedure. Then finally I mailed their customer care phone number which never replies. After 4-5 mails, I received the following reply from them

      Dear Mr.Jain,

      Thank you for your email dated 25/02/08 regarding the Deactivation of ECS Facility for your Vodafone mobile

      We would like to confirm you that we have already forwarded your concern regarding the deactivation of ECS facility to
      our specialised Vodafone Care Team, hence we would request you to kindly provide us 72 hours for the needful to be done.


      And after a week when I called them up, status was the same and ECS was activated even then. I called up customer care which dint know anything about my compliant even when I have received it and was of no use. And kept mailing them. Never got their replies.

      Finelly when I wrote the following

      You should not proceed the bill payment through ECS as I had already applied for it long ago.

      If you will do that, You will have to pay the penalty for it as you have still not deactivated my ECS.

      My ECS is submitted without Mandate Form and has been submitted by your executive.

      I was charged Rs. 112 last time as return charges due to the same. If this happens this time,

      This is going to be your responsibility and this mail of mine will be presented as a proof of my request in the court.



      They immediately sent a reply to some id of me which is not with me now as I have left the organisation.
      And next day, they again deducted the amount from my bank and bank did the same thing again. And imposed me return charges.

      But finally because of my threatening mail, they have at least deactivated the ECS.

      Still I want to take at least some kind of immediate action against them. If you have anything to suggest please do kindly do that.
      Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 17:16:30
      This is to infor you that when you choose uotlets to cellur prepaid post paid cards do make sure they dont harras customers. One such storeis the MOBILE STORE OF ELGIN ROAD. Ihad been approached to take a vodafone connection from their .First thy took wong documents due to which my cell (no-[protected])was disconnected without any notice not due to my fault. I contacted the store several times thenthy said they made a mistake. I went and gave documents again and thy promisd me that line would get activated if not thy would call me. Ater two days I call them up again today(14th july) thrice and evrytime thy said thatthey will call back after checking the what has gone wrong. But nobody bothered to doso. Evrytime i call i have tonarrate the incident. My cell is still disconnected and i mentioned that it was an emergency to resume the line as it was given to a patient. Now after calling them again now they said they want the sim no. They should have kept the infi when i had visited the store twice. It shows they are not well versed with the procedures as a result we are harrassed. It is absolutely disgusting when i needed it the most cdnt use it just becoz of lackof procedural knowldge of the store people. U should have some line of customer satisfaction as a bottom line gien to these stores whenthey are selling your product. They avoid all responsibilities . Time is also very valuable which ispent but in vein. Hope uyuou will look into these matters in future.
      Ask ur bank for disconnection or non payment to the requet u have submitted in writting and send a copy to the head office of both vodafone and the bank with all the detail.

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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


         Harinder Kumar Dhamija
        I was using a prepaid vodafone connection, [protected]. On 14th Mar I got a call from Mr. Sharvan regarding a postpaid plan, and I have applied for that, I have paid 250 RS for the convert current number prepaid to postpaid, and i got a new postpaid SIM[protected].
        On 18th Mar, Vodafone has failed my prepaid SIM[protected] registration, without activating the new postpaid SIM. Whenever I called to customer care, they promise me that new SIM will be activated in 2 hrs. But still after a 24 hrs my postpaid SIM is not activated.
        I have called so many times in customer care, but they always put me on hold and finally disconnected.
        Please resolve this issue, due to such inconvenience I'm very distrubed.

        Even I have requested to activate my prepaid SIM, and they were denying for that also.

        I have faced very tough time due to this so please take some action against them.
        Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 00:01:27
        I have got new Airtel Prepaid connection yesterday. and I have activated Mobile Office also. But the problem is in my flat, I don't get enough airtel coverage. I get just 1/4 tower in lobby. Even I get 1/4 tower, I can't start gprs on mobile. But I go outside on road, I get full tower and I can easily connect gprs. Any way to start gprs in 1/4 or 2/4 tower ? ?? I have also purchased bluetooth dongle to connect my pc with mobile from lobby. I am living in Surat, Nanpura. I have bought Airtel Prepaid just for Internet purpose. (Plan Rs. 15/day unlimited)
        I am using Vodafone prepaid num:[protected]. i want to convert in to post paid. tel me the process and plz provide the customer care phone number.
        Dear sir
        My mobile No. [protected] using this number form last 7 years sucessfully. But last year i hav got call from your marketing team that they are giving offer for to convert my number prepaid to postpaid i have changed prepaid to postpaid but now i want convert the my number to prepaid becuase i hav lost my job so i want maintain prepaid now. This number is so precious to my life.
        so plz help me

        With regards
        N. Venkatachalapthy
        hi i m a prepaid customer having no.[protected], i want to convert my prepaid plan to postpaid, plzzzz provide me d suggesstion as soon as possible... waiting in anticipation... with regards...Avinash...
        hi i m prepaid customer my no [protected], i want to convert my prepaid plan to postpaid plzzz provide me d suggesstion as soon as possible ... wating in anticipation .. with regards... swati...
        I have vodafone post paid connection and want convert to pre paid connection.PLZ tell me the process.
        Preetam Kumar Mishra
        I m a prepaid customer having no.[protected], i want to convert my prepaid plan to postpaid, pls provide me the suggesstion & document required as soon as possible...

        with regards
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


          Dated 17 mar 08 at 8:50 pm I scratched and recharge my phone with stv 45 Rs facility from vodafone bonuscard . recharge successfully and my amunt increased according to facility. vodafone computer saying recharge successfully but when i am using this facility they are deduct my std rate as 2.40 Rs per minutes while i have recharge with bonus card my call rate should be according to 1.25 Rs per minute . Sir I call to customer care they say that this facility will start after 24 hour but sir nither on bonus card nor during recharge the phone with bonus card customor care say that recharge will take 24 hour
          Sir after lot of try the write my complain and complain number is[protected]. I have been face this problem and they deduct my lot of amount through hidden rule . so pl. register my complain I shall be thank full for this kind of act.
          Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 22:33:04
          i recharged a bonus card of sms value of 49rs on[protected], up to know it is not activated.i tried to communicate with customecare but it is not reaching.u r services are too bad.i am feeling very unsatisfactory.give me answer first.what i do know?
          mb g h h
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

            Vodafone — Overcharged: V radio: reason: Call centre gave wrong info. [Resolved]

             Apurva Prabhawalkar
            Dear sir,

            I have been overcharged in the billed amount for the period: 22.01.08 to 21.02.08. I have a serious...
            Complaint comments  Comments  (10)

            Vodafone — activation of call divert [Resolved]

             ritesh sharma
            I'm a vodafone user.I'd not requested any call divert option but still the call divert has been activated on my...
            Complaint comments  Comments  (2)

            Vodafone — cheating , misbehaviour , fraud, [Resolved]

            my vodafone mobile number is [protected], I was getting commercial calls and messages from unknown as well as vodafone numbers...
            Complaint comments  Comments  (14)


            Hello !

            There is a new way Vodafone has started making money from its subscribers.
            I spoke to Vodafone (Can't called them customer care, as they don't really take CARE. moreover, they harrass customers) last month for wrongly charging me for Caller Tunes, which i had never asked for. The call centre guy said he would reverse the entry. I was sure they would not put their act to-gather again, so i confirmed with him that i should not get this charge again next month. AND here i was taken for a surprise. They charged me again for Caller Tunes, and just as they were short of making any additional money or extorting from me, they charged me this month for itemised bill. Now when on earth did i ask them for this. This is my add-on card, only for receiving calls, bill of which is never more than Rs. 100/-. And since they could not find any better means of making money from me they resorted to these means. I think small time businessmen should learn from this how to make BIG money. Even if they wrongly charge Rs. 30/- for Caller Tunes to a few thousands or lakhs of their subscribers, imagine the amount of money they make in a month. Very few poeple call them back asking for a refund. And the Vodafone guys really don't give deed to nay one. Lets accept the fact, there are less literate or illerate poeple who cannot communicate to them properly and the company takes undue advantage ot his. (10, 000 people x Rs. 30/-. Rs. 3, 00, 000/- only). 10, 000 is a very small indicative figure. I am not surprised how these corporations grow big. A fantastic way to make illegal money legally. To be noted is another thing that they reply to anyone in writing. They will ask to give things in wriitng or email them, but never ever on such issues will they give anything in writing to a subsciber. I have myself written few emails and given them a hand written letter to a Vodafine store, but not to receive a reply in writing from them. I REQUEST, if there are any like minded people willing to fight back these thieves and dacoits to join hands.
            And they have become even worse on becoming Vodafone. Hutch was any day better then them. Bad Network. Bad Customer Care. Unlawful charges in bills.
            Thank You Vodafone.

            Samir Gada.
            Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 22:41:50
            Hello sir,
            My self Roshan Bhaltilak.And i have take vodafone sim card on my fraind name.My is [protected].Plese take my following complaint and do think on that.
            i requested to that iam not satishfide from vodafone custmer care.Untill today i have balance in negative which is -196.49 Rs in my cell. I am not take any kind of vodafone services or not take any scheme.Plese tell me how to go my balance in negative.

            Dipak suratkar
            Mo. [protected]
            Hello sir,
            My self Roshan Bhaltilak.And i have take vodafone sim card on my fraind name.My is [protected].Plese take my following complaint and do think on that.
            i requested to that iam not satishfide from vodafone custmer care.Untill today i have balance in negative which is -196.49 Rs in my cell. I am not take any kind of vodafone services or not take any scheme.Plese tell me how to go my balance in negative.

            Dipak suratkar
            Mo. [protected]
            totally with you on that one.
            I have an old (around 5 years old) PAYU data card that came free with a computer and never been used, and out of the blue have just started getting bills for 0p with £1.47 itemised billing charges!!
            I shall refuse to pay and see how far I can take it. I'm sure it's not legal without at least a letter to warn me that they're going to charge...

            we'll see.
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

              Vodafone — Complaint regarding disgusting customer service [Resolved]

               Swati Bhardwaj
              To Whom it may concern,

              This letter is regarding the vodafone connection [protected].
              I'm very...
              Complaint comments  Comments  (160)


               Parmjit Singh Kochhar
              MY son Kavneet Singh Kochhar is a Delhi Vodafone customer using number [protected]. I m using this numbernow a days. I had to go out of town to chandigarh as my father passed away. As i went there in emergency i did not pay the bill in delhi. But eventually 3 days before the last day I deposited cash to their vodafone store (Vodafone Essar south Ltd Plot No C131 Industrial Area Phase VIII MOhali 160071) This is an authorized collection agent in the name of The Learning Curve SCO 58-61 Madhya MArg Sec 8 Chandigarh Their Agency Code is CHD-TLC-2007 vide their receipt number 1616 dated 21-01-08 However Till date i.e. 16 March 08 the payment has not been updated and after repeated Calls I called up Customer Service once again in reference to the same issue where i happed to talk to Ms Anita sitting in their customer care center (toll free number 111) who says she is shift incharge although she was bloody rude in telling me that it was my mistake that i deposited my cash for the bill in chandigarh and it is none of their responsibilities to get the things updated in their records and customer is at fault in depositing cash anywhere else other then the city they live in. Before this i had sent a fax of receipt to them and also went to their recomended vodafone store at 12 Sant Nagar twice and getting a commitement that the payment will be updated within 72 hours at the max which has been all false all throughout . I fail to understand they why in this e-age i am told that the bill shd have been deposited only in delhi and not anywhere else within india this is a case of absolute harrassment to the customers. I look forward to get responses to get justice so that in future any customer is not harrased like this. Please let me know the way to tackle a company like this in the best possible manner.
              Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 00:00:54
              i fully agree, i am still using the no [protected] - vodafone do not update the payed bills - my bill amount 3135.00 .was paid on 15/09/2009 vide cheque no.971848, the payment was debited from my account on 16 th september 2009 . Till date i receive calls from them to pay the bill and repeated i have sent them e mails to different ID's so that it can be updated but no use . They can harrass to any extent . They have even left a voice recorded msg before each no . i dial that my amount is due . Also, in Nov 1 st the connection of my phone i.e. out going calls were barred . This is just rubbish . I am business women and they cant image the loss we have with there undisrupted calls to pay the bill . Kindly do something to teach them a lesson .
              I don't think there is such a problem with Vodafone.I do agree that this expertise service provider is really not the best of all as far as Customer Satisfaction is considered.Vodafone really is one of the best examples of today to act in an undesirable manner.
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                Vodafone Prepaid Kerala — call divert [Resolved]

                Sir, My number is switched off then call to my number i get engage tune many times...
                Complaint comments  Comments  (16)

                Vodafone Mobile Service — Payment Status [Resolved]

                 Nitin Soni
                I have paid Rs.3000/- to vodafone against my mobile no. "[protected]" in December '2007, but Vodafone has updated...
                Complaint comments  Comments  (6)


                 bhupender singh
                this is bhupeder singh my vodafone no. is [protected]. i bought this no, few weeks back because i had lost my previous no. as i was alwasy using hutch so i did not want to try any other services. but this time i had a bad experience with the renowned company. on 11 march 2008 i received a message from vodafone saying { hello. your request for vodafone cel_bgm has been registered sucessfully} which i had never requested for.

                again i recieved another message from vodafone again saying the bgm service has been activated on my phone, and rs 30 will be deducted on monthly basis.

                why this service has been activated on my mobile when it has never been requested from my mobile. i need this service to be deactivated from my phone as soon as possible and i need a concerned person to appology on it.
                thank you
                bhupender singh
                Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 00:00:07
                ya...something similar has happened with me also...could some one suggest some remedy for me...this is absolutely irritating on part of vodafone
                Hi.. This is Prem Shankar Singh and my Vodafone No. [protected] . I had purchased the hansd set alongwith SIM from a Representative of Vodafone in year 2004 -05. That time it was known as Hutch. The same No.I am using since last 04- 05 Years. Last year my SIM was misplaced and in this regard i got a new SIM Card of the same No. Then it comes in my notice that it is in the name of some venkata lakshmi whom i dont know. So i submitted my all necessary documents to change the same in my name and to issue me a new SIM Card of same No. at their Customer Care Office at Visakhapatnam near Tycoon.
                Again all of a sudden Today on 13 / 06 / 2009 my SIM is not working as the same is in my phone only. It is coming To INSERT SIM over the Phone Screen. So many times I placed the SIM Properly in MY HAND SET but failed. All Times the same massage is being displaced.

                So I went to customer care and asked the reason. She is telling still it is in the name of V. Lakshmi and as your is old hence it is not working . You have to change the same by paying some Rs. 120 /= and it will take some four days time to activate the same in your name. I dont understand how and what services they giving us.
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                  our distributor service very poor
                  distributor name:kumar
                  place:batlagundu, dindigul daist.tamilnadu
                  complaint:HE ASKED
                  NO ec
                  NO SIM
                  NO HANDSET
                  NO RCC 10
                  I WANT EC 1000 PAY
                  this complaint from
                  M VADIPATI,
                  VODAFONE COSTUMERS
                  Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 00:00:02
                  i want distubutershipof vodafone so plz contat me my cell no is [protected]
                  I have planed to take a vodafone distrubutor in our area, If you have a Chance to give a Dealership Please Inform me. I eaber to take & run it in good way.
                  I have planed to take a vodafone distrubutor in our area, If you have a Chance to give a Dealership Please Inform me. I eaber to take & run it in good way.
                  I have planed to take a vodafone distrubutor in katni m.p if you have chance to give a dealership plz inform me on my celll plzz [protected]
                  our distributor service very poor
                  distribute name maruti sales
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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                     Renuka Ohri
                    I had prepaid connection of Vodafone from last 5-6 months i applied to change this number from prepaid to postpaid in February last week on 27.02.2008 an executive from vodafone came and gave me my new post paid sim and told me that my prepaid number will be deactivated in 72 hours and my post paid number will start working during the same time period. Vodafone people deactivated my prepaid connection in the given period but they didn't activate my post paid connection. I spoke to them 3-4 times and clearly told them that i am working, i will be available only after 7:30p.m. They ensured me every time that my verification will be done tomorrow, day after tomorrow and so on. On 04.03.2008 one of their executive told me that it is not possible for them to do verification at 7:30p.m. I told them fine i am not well these day so that you can do it in the morning time also i was at home for about 4 days again no one came from their side. Again i called up and it i told the executive that i want my money back or i want to speak to your senior official that day i spoke to their senior executive Mr. Babloo. Mr. Babloo again ensured me that it will be done. Their executive came on 08.03.2008 and told me that my verification is over and now my connection will be activated in 24 hours. Today is 11.03.2008 my connection is still not working. I again spoke to their executive and she was saying that my verification is still pending and again she will forward request for verification. I am not able to speak to anybody since they have deactivated my prepaid connection. This is negligence on Vodafone's part. Please do the needful in the matter.
                    Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:59:38

                    Vodafone — Inconvenience Regarding Post Paid Connection

                    I was using Vodafone prepaid connection for last 5-6 months. In February, I applied to change my prepaid connection into post paid connection. My SIM was delivered to me on 27.03.2008 and Vodafone executive told me that my prepaid connection will be deactivated after 72 hours and before that my post paid connection will also start. Vodafone people deactivated my prepaid number within the time limit but did not activate my postpaid connection. I called up at the Customer Care they said it will start after verification and as my house was locked at that time my request for verification will again be forwarded. I very clearly told that Executive that I am working and we will be available only after 7:30p.m. He than ensured me that our Executive for verification will come after 7:30p.m only and it will be done tomorrow or day after tomorrow. I again called up after one day, lady on the other side told me that my request is pending for verification and it will not be possible for the to get verification done after 7:30p.m. And told me that Mr. Amit Bhatia to whom I spoke earlier will speak to me after half an hour for further clarifications. Nobody called me. Again, I called them and specially told their executive that I am not well so I will be at home for next couple of days. Since, then I made aleast 10 calls to their Customer Care and even spoke to their Sr. Executive, Mr. Babloo regarding my bad experience with them after speaking to Mr. Babloo their Executive came on 08.03.2008 for verification and told me that my verification is ok and now my number will activate within 24 hours. Till today i.e. 11.03.2008 my number not working, I called up again today morning and the lady on the other side Ms. Bani told me that my verification is still pending due to lock. How it can be possible?????

                    Please do the needful in the matter.
                    Im having postpaid connection.I want to add one new no for my 10 paise connection and i remove one connection from 10 paise.Plz give how im add / remove from numbers.
                    Dear sir/Madam,

                    I have 2 post paid connection in my name.
                    The probled i am facing is with mobile number [protected] i am not reciving any incomming SMS on my mobile for the past sevaral weeks.
                    I keep calling your support and initally they told i had locked it.
                    There is no option on my mobile to do so however i did set the mobile setting to default which did not help updated the firmware of the mobile.
                    Now Each time I call they say it is barred by user and collect my personal details for verification and say it will be relesed in 2 hours which never has happened i have made more than 6 calls on this regard
                    It is very annoying.
                    I will be happy if they provide me with a proper TAT when it will be fixed or let me know what to do.

                    kindly do the needfull on the same
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                      Vodafone Bangalore Prepaid Phone — Deactivate caller tune [Resolved]

                       Arshad Jamal
                      In some strange way vodafone has activated caller tune since last few months and I am unable to talk to the customer care...
                      Complaint comments  Comments  (175)


                       Rajesh Aravind Nair
                      This is Rajesh, an ICICI bank Platinum Credit card customer. I have a dispute in the Vodafone bill dated 25/02/2008, Bill No: [protected] the billing amount being Rs. 3925.00.

                      I have subscribed to an STD pack for which I have been billed Rs99, But the benefits (1 Re STD) have NOT been passed on to me.

                      That means Vodafone have EXCESS CHARGED me Rs 1911, Apart from that Vodafone have taken Rs1000 security deposit from my side.

                      Unhappy with the network service and uneven billing I have decided to disconnect my Vodafone Services.

                      I was horrified to know that Vodafone have not returned their post paid customers their due for several months (ref: I

                      Would like to dispute this Credit card transaction which took place to Vodafone.

                      Details are given below

                      25/02/2008 74568228058000279766031 VODAFONE PAYMENTS Rs. 3, 925.00(DR)

                      I called the ICICI customer care and they wanted me to talk to the Vodafone people before I raise a dispute. I did not get any positive response from the

                      Vodafone store in ITPL, they agree verbally that they have charged me excess, but refuse to give my detailed bill. They just ask me to wait for 45 days.

                      I don’t want to be charged excess and wait for 45 days .Please raise a dispute in this transaction
                      Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:59:34
                      Dear sir

                      This has reference to the bill issued for the cycle 7.11.2008 to 06.12.2008, I have been charged Rs. 99 for game downoad on 14.11.2008
                      and regarding this when i called up on 111 dated 15.12.[protected]Hrs), the executives tells me to de activate GPRS so as to avoid such charges, this reply given to me shows how you'll are handling complaints related to discrepancy in billing and when probed further I told him what if im charged for 2-3 games in next bill he is giving me same reply to DE ACTIVATE GPRS, my query still remains unanswered that how i am charged for this amount as when I haven't surfed any games portal(even cross checked in Log) & what is the same repeats in future.
                      Vodafone has charged me for Rs. 99 but when asked to give details of the site surfed they are not providing the same, im deeply hurt by the way the treat customers.
                      Iam a user of Vodafone service (formerly Orange) since Jan 2005 and not a defaulter for any of the bills I hope my complaint is treated with high importance and resolved at earliest.
                      Rishikesh Nimal

                      Vodafone — refund of excess payment and deposit

                      we have disconnected the phone on december 2010. Till now they have not refunded the deposit and also they have took excess payment Rs. 350/- through autodebit account. I have complained 10 to 15 times. there is no response.

                      V.P.Gopi Madhavan
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                        Vodafone — HARASSMENT & EMOTIONAL TORTURE OF MY FAMILY BY VODAFONE [Resolved]

                         shilpi bhamoriya
                        Dear Sir

                        I need your urgent attention on this matter as stated below with regard to my cell no [protected]....
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