[Resolved]  AMC Square Learning — A real fraud institute

False institute
A Real fraud institute
Every one of the institute is cheaters
Worst persons I ever seen
No job requirements
No palcements
No palcement record
all are boogus
dont trust pawan, sravya, swathi, devika calls.
they are Heart less persons
they aim only andhra persons. why because andhra pepole are simply trusts every one. we are weak hearted. They cheat people. They dont know the value of mother land. I lost lot of money
They didnt provide minimum salery
For the people of telugu
tempt avvakandi
mana hyd lo mastu institutes unnai.
aadane better. Emanna untai ikkada fraud institutes kanna
pote 30k pothai, eedaki vaste 1L malla pg ki monthly 6k and bus charges
Aina b.tech ainaka couse lu waste.,
If you are interested try to learn Java
megatavi waste.
so belive me
trust me
dont trust this institute
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Aug 14, 2020
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theyare providing good recoeds in cloud computing
They are providing good placement records and assurance dont trust the worst review
Sharathrrk42 review is given by naveen or mahesh who is the staff of AMC square.

Don't trust those comments given by SHARATHRRK42

Warm Greetings,

We are not sure you are from which batch?

We agree there was an issue with companies recruiting in the month of Feb- Mar 2014 due to assembly election, as all the companies had stalled their hiring process. Even we had become a victim of the process.

But an issue is an Issue !

We would like to come forward with an optimal solution. Please get in touch with Mr Saravan Lal Mob: +91 [protected] email: jvs.[protected]@amcsquare.com.

We have companies coming to our door step : “ Campus Interview” on 25th July 2014 for Networking Engineers.

For the New Cloud Computing Batch we have our first Exclusive IBM interview coming up in association with Freshersworld.com.

Still if you are not satisfied with the placement process, please write to our Director Ms Shankuntala Rajasekharan @ sr.[protected]@amcsquare.com.

With Regards

Student Co-ordinator
AMC SQUARE (A venture of Wise Machines India Pvt Ltd)
Hello Ganesh garu how many times you will say that tell mahesh and naveen that a new problem will arise to them if they continue cheating like this...its not a small problem but they will go into q big problem...
all are fake placements infact no placements are going on in this institute, i am one of the students who trusted them, dont trust the words of ganesh and sharathrrk42. Mr.rddy125 is absolutely true abt what he said about the institute and placements.
Hello every one,
This comment is giving from my heart. AMC is an institute who collects money to their pocket,
They are just cheating students who are unemployeed and the one who trusted the institute most, they are doing business with the students life. In fact they don't have any placement record. I and my batch have seen them from the last 1 year they wont show any placements to any student.
In fact the faculty don't have enough experience to teach students ( mr.sai don't have any experience in teaching and he s one of the old students, he didn't get any placement so he joined in amc and spoiling the students with wrong teaching,
Eg: he don't have at least ccna knowledge ). I didn't get any idea how he was placed in the institute with that knowledge.
These people only targets the Telugu people because They trusts everyone as rddy125 said, I am one of them who trusted the institute.
My humble request is not to join in this institute.
I[censored] want get knowledge just go for hyderabad institutes. They have much more experienced faculties than this institute.After training go to interviews,
One important thing, don't ever trust the managers of the institute-- Mr.Naveen and Mr.Mahesh and their gang ( ganesh, sai, sravya alias moksha, etc )

Last but not least, Dont ever tempt to them as they are giving bond, even though they are giving bond but no use.

CLOUD computing : They started cloud computing in around feb-mar 2014, i don't know to whom they given placements . all fraud fellows. don't trust them
This is Sai Kumar Samala, before writing a comment one should have common sense, without knowing you should not write comments if any body got guts they should give their names i am qualified CISCO Certified having score 1000/1000 in my CCNA exam how people are telling i don't the subject and teaching those who are commented are welcome if they got guts i'll show what is my capacity in the subject.

Before this job i was working for concerned this is not my first job i am well experienced in my area if you want any proof send your mail ids with your names i am here to sort out your issues.

I think the people who have commented don't know the subject and simply sitting in PG's and writing some nasty comments if you have real guts come in front of me i'll show what i am, don't waste your parents money sitting idle what ever the job we have to work hard to show our skills the people who are commented they don't have the job it is like best proverb IDLE MAN BRAIN IS DEVILS WORKSHOP

Finally do what ever you want i am doing justification to my job.
Still you have any doubts come to me i'll clarify your doubts personally

people beware of cheap [censored]rs naveen and mahesh who are sucking on our bloods for money and some one from amcsquare swetha will call but she is the most dangerous person there she is the black tongue of amcsquare and all these 3 are the faruds of all time these cheap are heartless please take this seriously!!!...they tell cloud computing but there is no staff for cloud computing...Shocking??..well there is more guess what how many of the students are placed so far?how many in mnc's?how many in consultancy?...c'mon people this black tongue swetha will cal and tell we have tieup's with mnc's but they have...infact that's what they have()..
"PLEASE FRIENDS LET US SAVE OUR PARENT'S MONEY OUR TIME-FUTURE.."...Once again please dont believe that black tongue swetha she is a big fraud...and they will tel you about bond infact it is fake!!

Hey SAI KUMAR after getting 1000 marks where you are working. Are you working in an MNC or either a normal company. You are i a trap called mahesh and Naveen.

At last after spending 25000 for CCNA you are working as a staff...But you are saying that before writing think it is bad or not.

If you write once again these nonsense i will not tolerate. Can you show me one person who placed in a better company.

You cannot show because there are no placements at all. Please students don't believe in one or two comments here so many of them are writing it is bad so be far and save your money with your future.


hello rddy125 i[censored] have courage mention your name first. then start talking with me. it is non of your business where i am working. i have job i know what i doing. who are u ask Question to me go to hell man. come in front of me then ask me. i will comment every time who are you to stop me. don't write all this nonsense comments don't waste my time i have work i am doing job i am not free like "YOU" i[censored] mention my name once again it will become more complicate. i am not fake person like "YOU" i am doing right job only pls don't think and don't weaste your time about me concentrate on your future that is better for you.
AMC(WISE machines india pvt, ltd) is very cheating institute. they simple collecting the money from student. all are fake placements infact no placements are going on in this institute. i also lost my RS 50000 in this institute.

friends please dont join here, dont lose you are valuable career and money.
please friends dont trust the institute they are really fraud...the comments on positive side of amc square are institute faculty members
More info visit us:

Private software placement consultancy cheats unemployees in Ameerpet - Tv9
this is block booster FRAUD and CHEATERS institute
these cheaters mainly focussed on ANDHRA ones after payment they dont know who r u
ikkada cheri parents money waste chesukovadam kante mana HYDERABAD lo cheradaniki manchi institutes unnaiy
RAVI gani matalu vinani vallu money save chesukogalaru
so dear students dont join here
Dear Mr.Naveen,

Please stop your fake comments and fake company. Learning in this institute is good for nothing, all they do is ruin student's carrier. This is how they cheat innocent students. Somehow they get numbers form the agencies to trap, then they call you saying that we will provide coaching for the CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, what not everything in the world Duck (F). They will also tell that they will sign some crappy BOND (Some paper with green color some Bangalore sings on it I have never seen such kind of bond in my whole life) which is good for using as tongue cleaner or using it as tissue to clean poop. They convene people so much they get in to the trap. I was trapped even, but I realized it in the middle so I left early and with my own talent somehow I survived. Even the job I got on my own they made that I got it from their company. But my friends who did not realize it was fishy they got struck their life over there and ruined their carrier. Please guys this is my humble request, "DON'T JOIN THIS GOD DAMMIT AMC SQUARE".

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