Arihant Infotech Solutions — took money for bpo project and cheated

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 Madhukar G on Nov 24, 2019
This is Madhukar from Andhra Pradesh.

I have a startup center and in the process of looking for projects, I have contacted Raghvendra karunakar shukla. We both agreed for a project and till now I paid 47k, and 5 employees worked for 1 month. Now billing time came and he is not answering phone.

Also, his partner, project manager Samuels Christian also not responding to calls and messages. He is the one who keep on calling and convinced to take the project. They said they will courier me hard copies of agreement, bank guarantee form etc. but nothing received till now.
36k transferred in to Raghvendra (proprietor) and 11k to Dipak Mallick(accountant). And their accounts are - [protected] ifsc- SBIN0003375
[protected] ifsc- ICIC0000344

They are running this under Arihant infotech firm name, registered in Ahmedabad. I have the MSME copy of that. I'm sharing the payment receipts, mails and some other proofs.

Request you kindly look into this and help in getting my money back. I took amount for interest of 3rs and paid to these cheaters sir. Please help me out.

+91 [protected]

took money for bpo project and cheated
took money for bpo project and cheated
took money for bpo project and cheated
took money for bpo project and cheated
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Dear Mr.Madhukar please provide us with the complete agreement copy which you received please send us the agreement copy to analyse why you stop the work..?? If payment was about to come. From our best knowledge you had stopped the work from last 15 days. When we are asking to restore your work you are keep arguing about the bank guarantee but sir for your kind information bank guarantee can only be provided to the subject of continuation of work only.
This is Srinivas from Tamilnadu.
We had taken Amazon Blended project from Mr.Raghvendra Shukla by the name of Arihant Infotech Solutions, also as per his guidance we had taken Shipment Barcode Form filling project, as per his commitment we had received bank guarantee of Amazon after 15 days of training period.
I understand in this market without having patience we post annoying things about any company over consumer Forum but this fact won't work out if you want to work you must follow the complete guidance of the company.
Dear Madhukar you might have paid only 47k but you can contact me that and come to visit my centre, I had paid 2 lacs for both project now I am completely running my office without any disturbance. Yes this complaint looks good if you posted after 2 or 3 months of you don't receive payments.
We are centres we should be patient while running BPO it's not an easy task to handle or take project.
Still you can contact me and come to visit my centre anytime.
From my opinion Arihant Infotech Solutions is the best company in the field of BPO projects. Mr.Raghvendra Shukla is good and genuine person to take care of any new startup.
Hello Mr. Madhukar,
All time long if you had maintained punctuality, quality and seriousness in work then perhaps somebody or an intellectual organisation here or in states would have fought for your inapproriate impatience. Not even a single form was correct. Now let me highlight you your signed SLA six days before.
1.3. Scope of services- The service provider shall be solely responsible for the work execution under the stipulated time frame maintaining the quality standard. You did not complete the work on time and forced us saying that you are a new centre and you require support.Support?by breaching the agreement?
1.4. The service provider shall use discretion while work distribution and should be responsible if quality parameters are not met.
1.5. The service provider shall be responsible for employees and the client will not have any role side or beside.
Now coming to your work load it is 800 pages for 5 seats, which gives 160 pages per head. You completed in 29 days and that to incorrectly saying that for the first month you need billing in 15 days. You kept your employees unnecessarily for 29 days. It took 29 days because you had not hired properly.People having a min 25WPM are able to complete 200 pages in 10 days.There are pretty faces without skill in your team.You have hired only females without experience.Dont you have guys with even 20WPM in your area? Now you are saying that we kept your employees waiting?Mr.Madhukar this happened due to your mismanagement.
Coming to your case files and etc. The date you are holding to is 23rd Nov, on 28th of November your patience broke in five days, whereas we let you work for 25 days without showing impatience in spite of your owing us a conflicting amount. I have your confession in which you have admitted that Shiva was working with you.This also leads to a manifestation that you paid amount just to take it back cleverly. We are gentle that's why till now we have not charged you of a clear 420. 1 id costs 350$ and you got five just because you showed promise in your hiring. Still then we have told you that your invoice is ready. Spreading rumour is also a crime. Do not slander a company without proof.Once resolved shows deliverance of justice Next time be careful law is applicable to both sides.We waited even after a conflicting amount of 20k and a loss of 50, 000 for ids. Your invoice is ready so cooperate and steady your brain or else let's release the agreement that'll help you get refund in 11 months. Next time hire guys too. It's obvious to lose sleep if one's organisation has females only. Blaming an organisation as cheat, adds on to the fact that you are shedding croc tears just to prevent yourself being caught at the wrong end. The amount you are citing was received just because you promised to purchase not to use as rent. As per the record giving you 5 ids for 11 months was a mistake because you did not even work properly to receive bank guarantee. BG is provided only on performance base not for frolic or any commitment sake.
Mr. Madhukar, we tried getting in touch with you but your lazy arrogance is forcing you not to work properly. Did we tell you to take money at Rs.3 interest? You have received the soft copy of the agreement and you forced us for the courier part. Are we here to give you hard copies? Can't you take out the hard copy from your database? You got the project just for humanity and sympathy. You had money if you are implying that you paid 45k, so why did you pretend that you are financially weak?? Even after receiving the project did you the work properly?? If the training was not provided, then why would anyone or you work without knowing the ins and outs? You wanted me to do your QC before submission so that you will get your part. How can I do the QC beforehand? It's okay if you break the rules and completely preposterous when we do not allow you to have your way, why??
Hi Madhukar. This is Sahil replying via this source . There's no need to be impatient after a month cz correction and proper dispatch takes time. I have been through such and thanks to Raghvendra that I have out of that period. You can come to me for assist. You can visit my centre and I can train you for the same. Please visit at your expense and stay likewise. Thanks Arihant for your support as I have received mu ROI comfortably.
This is fraud company and there are many victims like me who lost money. All the reviews are given by dipak who claims to be the accountant and A1 cheater Christian Samuels. I have been calling 30 times a day and sending messages, but no answer from the proprieter Mr. Raghvendra. That's why I already gave cyber crime complaint to both Gujarat and Andhrapradesh states and local police complaint. It is in process. I have all proofs of payment, mails, messages and call recordings.
Mr. Samuels, you should be ashamed of yourself for posting comments yourself, you are the cheap fellow who is doing all this. Law is not anyone's dad's property, let it take the action.
Dipak Mallick's reply, Dec 25, 2019
Madhukar we have a team that is well educated to give you replies separately. We know what have you done. Your friend Shiva was working with you. You paid 25k and you have the proof. Similarly, we have proof of giving 20k to your colleague, Mr Shiva. You used Shiva to get back your money from us. Other people are also working and guys like Srinivasan are ready to help you. You are a baloney. You are not visiting them cause in the review you have been told to put your expenses forward for visit. You can’t even do that, so it’s natural for you to stay satisfied with your silly incoherent dictions.
Dear Madhukar,
The problem with you is your imagination. Please do not engage with us personally. Whatever you say doesn’t contain a single evidence. If the proprietor is not receiving the call that doesn’t mean that you are liable to point fingers. You, yourself are saying that Dipak is the accountant and now you are telling me that the reviews sent to you are from different person. The proprietor is not receiving, rather he is calling you to show your legal agreement. You are lucky that Mr. Sam is not interacting with you otherwise he would have proved your pervert behaviour. Madhukar why don’t we start from the beginning. Please answer our points first. Where’s the agreement copy? And reply my review regarding the points mentioned. Our team is responding to the reviews and our clients are answering you. Stupid complainer have you tried to speak with Mr Srinivasan, who is working for the same project? Well professional people do give time to heinous guys like you, but do think that they are there just to make you understand that the projects are like assets. You can use them for rent and pay for them. Madhukar it’s your problem that you had illicit affairs with the hired girls and we have received call directly from your center citing your harassment, so do not complicate things. When the proprietor is calling you for an understanding you are avoiding cause many things will come out and it will be recorded. Now please ask your police and detectives to speak directly with us on [protected]

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