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 Pinky Nishad on Mar 30, 2017
From i have got a call related to branch manager, As all the payment was done even i have reaceved the offer letter and bond paper but at the end on this month the hr has switch off there phone and joining is on 20 april
due to which i m not able to contact them.
i have done the police complain
but i need help from u all.
if i ll not reacived any alternative solution from u all than i will take this company to the court.
i need all the infromation related to this kotak mahendra bank....
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Banks — Cheating on the name of the job

 Rohitkumar1995 on Mar 29, 2017
Sir, I had put my profile on the for part time job, after which I received a call called 8510058107 and I received a call from Pooja and said that I was speaking from Axis Bank said to do paytm 999 rupees for making registration asked to email the documents together, and after a few days she said that your name has been registered, you pay Rs 4500 by paytm. I did that on a phone interview that day I gave the call the next day 7210837823 and said that you have been selected You paytm 12500 rupees for verification, I had only Rs 10, 000, so I peaked her and sent me a form on the mail and...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Banks — JOB Hunting SCAM [Resolved]

 SUNILCSE05 on Mar 29, 2017
Guys, is not be trusted.. they are big time scammers.. first they say just 10k for referring the profiles. When you pay they come back with another feature.. I asked them to deliver the paid services then they call me at inconvenient time and ask me to enroll in other useless features which I dont want.. they say something and then add up the bill.. Big time cheaters..

Then they simply bug you for everything even after you have provided them with all info. Every agent asks for your complete info and they want to talk to you.. This will naturally bug any one...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Job & Career — Refund of 35K

 Pallau on Mar 28, 2017

I received a call from Delhi. A person named Prathik spoke and asked for money. I believed they are from Shine. Later I felt something is wrong.
So asked for the refund of money,
They are still saying they will refund but not kept up the word.
Please find the names and numbers below:
Prem, Prathik, Amit, Ankit, Mohit are all the people who spoke with me.
Ph No.: 8743934853 (This number is still available)

Please find who are those and help me out as well....
Complaint comments  Read comments [2]Complaint category Education — Invoice

 ajaysomanath on Mar 28, 2017
Dear Sir
I have subscribed your 999 package (recruiter)

But I didn't get my invoice to reimburse the bill from my company.

I have made several requests by Email, Call and tweet but no response from your side.(you have blocked me on twitter due to my request)

So please let me know what should I do now ?

Ajay 9974028828...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Job & Career — Shine scam or not

 jsrathore on Mar 28, 2017
My name jitendra & MY MAIL ID

i got acll from shine team member she name is nikita sharma and mobile no. is 919654046882.
she give account detail for pay registration fees for shine job .
Dear shine team,
i receved this mail this is your legal mail or not pls. tell me as soon .
she told me. She name is nikita sharma and call from 919654046882 and tell me deposit 1600 registrasion fees.& say me my document send on If your service pls. inform me.
account detail send me by message not by mail which...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Job & Career — I'm, completing +91 95600 26389

 ravikumat on Mar 27, 2017
Sir my name is ravi kumar,, sir one lady called from delhi she said tats motors company calledbu, plz register 1600 ripped,, u will get call from hr manager, then i paid amount after words i called that number but no one will received, and switch off the mobile' sir im from poor family sir.. I sir i need money sir plzzzzzz plz sir plz sir,,,,, poor family sir...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Motorcycles & Scooters — Sine is a fraud company

 sinhanitish2 on Mar 24, 2017
In the month of dec16 when i started searching job i got call from shine for resume writing.. I took that service... After that i got a call from saurabh who told me that there is opening in some big company for that i will have to buy some of the shine service.
After that i received a call that money is rquired to pay t some hr of a big company... I refussed to pa that amount... They tried a lot to convenience me to pay this amount. I ade them clear that i will not pay any amount. I said if i get the job i will make the payment.
I also asked them to send me a mail with this requt....
Complaint comments  Read comments [2]Complaint category Job & Career — Receiving fraud calls in the name of

 Jissa cj on Mar 23, 2017
Today I got a call similarly and got trapped by paying 3441/-. I called the bank to get it charged back but it was too late. They confirmed that they were from Even truecaller display showed as And now i dont think if a genuine executive calls also the people will accept the call and trust them. Request should take some action on the same.
All calls were from Delhi and the People who called are :
1) Vikram Singh - 9971643362
2) Amit Saxena/ Deepu DPS - 7065320237
3) Rahul Gupta - 9971643949 (their manager it seems)...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Job & Career — Very rude and unprofessional behaviour of ms mansi airport recruiting mumbail

 Shareen Azad on Mar 23, 2017
Ms Mansi your airport recruting staff spoke very badly and unprofessionally.
She hung the phone shouting at me. Literally she shouted and slammed the phone. I was complaint about one of your staff who early during the day did the same thing.
If you as such reputation company have such people then please stop your services to us and shut down. No body has given you all the right to insult us. You all email us to get enrolled with your company and then treat us so badly.
I'll surely take this matter to social media. People like Mansi should sit at home or get the self treated...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Airlines — Asked to pay money and not even a single job opportunity was provided

 mohuya mukherjee on Mar 23, 2017
Hi Mr. Ram gives had called me and told there is some service where they would create my resume, LinkedIn profile and I need to pay and 16000 and after that every month they started calling and forced me to pay more than a lakh till now. Any made all false promise of providing job openings and not even a single is provided till now. And they dint even contact and if I call they dint answer . I want my money to be refunded and such ppl should be put behind bars to cheat ppl.
Guys pls ignore such calls I did a mistake trusting shine one of the worst company ....
Complaint comments  Read comments [2]Complaint category Job & Career — Cheating customers

 Jdash on Mar 22, 2017
I got a call from various rep asking for paymemt for services w r t registration. Resume updation . Interview calls.
The call were made by Mr Saurav.RiteshAman. Manas and 3more people who did not disclose their names.
In the proces of promising services. I made a payment at various stages which totals to Rs 1.40 lakhs.
On top of that they continue to ask money which i refused to pay . The rep confirmed that without further payment they are closing the services.
As no services hv been providded I want my money back failing which I would be complelled to take the case to...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Business & Finances — Paid service for cv shortlisting

 Kumar Gupta Rajesh on Mar 22, 2017
Hi I got a call from (Pooja Bhardwaj Mobile No. 7905214426) land line no. 0124-3955080.

I was told that there will be a paid service to short listed my Cv and I would pay Rs.2299/-. I asked many times if there is any other charges or not. She told me that there would not be any more charges. As soon as I paid Rs.2299/- She started asking me to pay Rs.7700 and bargained to 6000 and finally Rs.4600 for getting the CV shortlisted.

Please dont believe on shine dot com call...
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Job & Career — Rapid Solution

 krunu on Mar 22, 2017
Today i have already received call from khushi sharma she ask me that you are shortlisted for kotak mahindra bank ltd. my c.v. selected on so she forward my c.v. to bank after you are receive verify call for confidence level from kotak mahindra bank ltd then u r selected for the post of branch operations after she ask me that you are Rs.2850/- paytm of my mobile number after she ask me that if you are not selected after interview then your amount refunded within two days & i ask to Is dis possible i paid amount cash in come your office then she reply not accepted cash ya cheque dis is...
Complaint comments  Read comments [2]Complaint category Job & Career — I m complaine about fraud done by

 Ankit Bhadoriya on Mar 22, 2017
First of all how they fake caller or cheat people Get info. Of job seeker candidate from ??
They call me & told my profile. Then told Pay 2000 rs to secure yr space after demand of continues increase also they tell all amount r refundable.

So I demand strict action against how they leak candidate data so easily I also demand block their licance ....
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Security Services — My account created without my knowledge

 Ravi aaa on Mar 21, 2017
Dear Sir,

Shine has created my account and uploaded my resume from without my concern and knowledge. When I realized about it, I have dropped a mail to to delete my account and now they are refusing to delete my account.
and they have also disabled the option to make account invisible
and I account even delete my resume from the account

Please help delete my account in, I am not interested in shine....
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Job & Career — Fooled me

 JayRGMurthy on Mar 21, 2017
Today 21/03/2017 I received a call from +91 95600 45254 this number n he introduced himself Adam sharma manager from he told me that the recruiters was really happy with my profile, so the ready to hire me, the recruiters Hayatt hotel chennai, Taj coramandal, IT grand hotel and the ask me to pay one time payment of rs.2300, i was stopped on that time but still that guy literally pushed me to pay that amount, blindly I trust him coz the brand name
Even i asked clearly this is the only amount I should pay or anything else. But he told me this is one time amount. Once...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Job & Career — Complete fraud company

 sushil kumar pawar on Mar 21, 2017
Shine is a fake company simply distracting the mind of students, and they are taking money from students for registration fee 2500rs and after that for document verification 6000rs and then they will tell that after paying the amount the company HR will take interview and the interview is taken by shine office only which is fraud and then they will tell you congratulations you are selected for job and then again they will ask to pay 12000rs so they will tell you that you will get offer letter from company but shine company is taking money from students and for refund they are telling it will take...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Job & Career — Used my personal data and created a profile without my permission

 NeenaR on Mar 20, 2017

I got a customer care call from last week asking for a job change and I promptly replied that I was not interested in it and NOT to create an account. The phone call was followed by sms and mail mentioning that an account was created. Followed by the creation of account, I started receiving many spam mails. I contacted their customer care to delete my account to which they replied it was not possible. I replied them asking where they got my mail, phone number and resume details and that usage of these without my permission is violation of my rights. They have not replied...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Unsolicited Phone Calls — Taken Rs 15700 from me for providing me Job in two companies Accenture and TCS at Pune

 Abby62 on Mar 19, 2017
It's very unfortunate that I have to register complain against two associate working in your company the name of the associate are Rahul Sinha(+918287698976) and Amit (+919211144147).This two guys called me up after I given my process amount of rs 2700. They told me that I have been selected in two companies Accenture and TCS at Pune location. They said that for profile verification they need rs.5000 and for eprofiling they need rs.8000 and they certificate will be mailed to me after it is created on my name. And also mentioned that this amount are refundable after I get selected...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Employees

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