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I was using the Abn amro freedom credit card during[protected]. I had an outstanding of 21, 000 and I wanted to close the account. So collection dept, told me I can pay 14, 000 and they can give full and final settlement to close the card. I paid this amount to the collection dept, but as promised they have not sent me the full and final settlement letter. They stopped calling me asking for my dues for nearly 7 months, which made me think my card account was indeed closed. But 7 months later, the bank called me saying I still have some 9000 to be paid to the bank as outstanding dues. I was surprised that my card was not closed, even after paying for full and final settlement. I refused to pay the amount and fought with the bank. Later they have added me in the CIBIL defaulter list. They have spoiled my credibility, because of which I could not utilise any loans or anything from other banks too. Someone, has to teach ABN amro some ethics.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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SBI Credit Card — Regarding Credit card dues although I have paid full and final payment acc to settlement latter

Due to some wrong transition I make a request many times to SBI help line but when problem is not solved I stop payment. After some time your manager contact me on phone & when I tolled abut the problem to him, he suggest me to stop use of card & pay the money in 4 instalments of Rs. 8000+8000+8000+23000=47000 as a PDC . Although I want to use the card I agreed on his advice. On 14-06-7 Mr. Bhupesh ([protected]) come to me with a final settlement latter dated 13-06-07 tracer no[protected] and as promised I give the 4 PDC of Rs 47000=00 to him and he give me receipt no 8547824of book no 170957. When I want the no of that manger who talk to me he give a number [protected] and from his mobile he make my talk to your manger and he assured me that if your PDC not bounced your total payment is cleared now.
My PDC are cleared always as due date but the statement is coming continuous with some panellises when I want to talk on your manager on the mobile no [protected] given to me there is voice that no is not available, and when I want to talk Mr. Bhupesh on his mobile their is similar voice that no is not in use. After that I make a compliant regarding this to your help line they suggest me as your last PDC cleared we send a NOC to you and don’t worry about statements and the no reply of our manager mobile is by chance.
Now again phone calls are started coming to me from your help lines that cleared your dues when I say that I pay full amount according to settlement they are using unconstitutional languages and tell me that computer is showing your dues. I replayed her that correct your computer and don’t call me again, but they are disturbing me time to time and in last month a person is coming to my office to collect the dues and trying to force me to pay. When I sow him settlement latter he says me to so NOC which I have not received till date, I send him back and NOC is your bank responsibilities not my.
Now I want to request you that please send the NOC to me and correct your computer details within 15 days At my postal address by speed post and inform me on [protected] and if such incidents will happened again I am sorry to say that you are force me to file a FIR against you and go to consumer forum for the justice.


Dr. Dinesh C. Sharma

ABN AMRO Bank Credit Card — Issued home insurance policy forcely

I Have a freedom credit card of ABN AMRO Bank in march'07 i got a call from ABN AMRO Bank about home insurance policy but i told them that i am not intrested, they told me that policy document will be sent to you after receiving the policy you get a confirmation call if you said OK only then policy will be inforce. I got policy and wait for one week but nobody calld me,after that i send a mail to bank they told me that policy issued only insurance company (ICICI Lombard) can cancel the policy, i wrote to ICICI Lombard they reply me that they cancel the policy asap and after some day i got mail from ICICI Lombard that they cancel policy and refund the amount to ABN AMRO Bank.
But i regularly got EMI for home insurance in my statement and i send them several mails and called their customer care they told that bank didn't get refund so they are charging EMI for home insurane, atlast one executive told me that you have to write a application for cacelation of policy to Manager CRU unit Noida, i even wrote him but i didn't get any respone from them and in latest statement i got EMIof home insurance which is still reflecting in my statement.
still the matter is not resolved and i am not going to pay for this policy .

ABN AMRO Credit Card — 8500/- annual charges for a lifetime free credit card.


I got my ABN AMRO credit card around 8 months back and I lost the card on the same day. I informed the customer care and got the card blocked. The card never got activated since I have not used it. After blocking the card they have charged 8000 rupees as the annual charges. Please note that it was a life time free credit card. When I asked for the clarifications they started threatening me saying they are going to file a case against me.

Please advise..

Thanks in advance,

ABN AMRO Credit Card — Unnecessary bothering me for bill payment


I am holding ABN AMRO gold Credit card (Which was given to me as a life time free card and afterwards they changed their words)

Once day I got call from Reliance Heath that I will get their mediclaim policy because they have tie up with ABM AMRO. They gave me details of policy and I told them please send me policy details on my postal address then ONLY I will decide whether to go with the policy. I never received any document from Reliance. Then even I forgot that I am supposed to get any documents from them.

2-3 months later I got call from ABN AMRO that I have to pay 9000 Rs for the policy and I was shocked because I never gave confirmation to policy. I tried all my efforts to cancel policy then policy has been canceled but still they want me to pay cancellation charges.

Please help me to get rid of this problem.



abn easy cash — complaint for easy cash loan a/c # 7777 7777 7274

sub:"complaint for easy cash loan a/c #[protected]

i m anil agrawal n i hv taken easy cash loan from
abn amro and i m making the payment as i m getting the
statement, sometimes i m getting the statement late and
paying late fee too, and 4-5 months back i filled a ECS
form and sent to its relevent address, still this is
not done and 3-4 days back an excutive came from
collection centre of delhi named 'ajay' and he got the
cheque from my office.yesterday he called me and said
that ur cheque has been bounced and i replied ok then
give it to me and i will issue another one, then from
yesterday he is calling on my cell and office nos
continuosly and misbehaving with me and my office
collegue ms 'renu'and today in the mornig he said if
today u will not make payment then i will show u my
power and he was abusing us too.i called on ur
customer care no which was connected to mumbai and i
spoke to ms farah who noeted down my complaint and
gave me compalaint no "[protected]" and said that u
can check the status by tomorrow, but this is very hard
to say that i am still getting calls from ur
collection center which is probably located at east of
kailash while the caller was saying that i m calling
from connaught place and the nos are "[protected]"
and "[protected]" so these kind of muscle men are
representing the abn amro bank, as i m ur old customer
and u can check my pervious record and take action
again them.

thanks ur co-operation will be appriciated, i m
anxiously wating for ur reply.

anil agrawal

abn amro gold credit card — Descripency in the Statement

Dear Sir,
I an hodling the Gold credit card no. [protected] of ABN AMBRO bank. It was issued in June'07 .In the very first statement of July'07, I was asked to make payment of Insurance charges of ICICI Lombard mediclaim policy which they did as per their own and without taking my consent . Immediately, I informed to cancel the policy and revert the charges as I was already having the same policy through ICICI bank.
But till date, nothing has been done even after writing several times .They keep on sending the same incorrect statement continuously with the addition of late fee/ finance charges/Service tax and pressurising me through phone calls
to make payment .
Due to this descripency, I am not able to use the credit card also.

Requested to make your intervention and kindly arrange to resolve the issue.

I lost my card recently on 1st may, on the same day I travelled abroad and after reaching there I discovered that my card is missing so I called up the bank immediately and have asked to block the card, then I discovered that the same day some one had already made purchases of worth 24000, now bank is asking me to pay the same.
Please guide me
Thanks in Advance.

ABN AMRO Credit Card — Wrongly Charged without made Transaction

Dear Sir,

We have a ABN Amro Credit Card & Card No “[protected] “. We have received Credit Card Statement for the month of April 2008 which is statement date is May 05, 2008. I didn’t made any transaction during the month of April’2008 but many transaction done by yourself without any request in the statement. You issued a demand draft for Rs. 12300 & 2nd one Jet Set Go fee for Rs. 4500 etc. these Amount debited by which is wrongly charge to me because every transaction made by yourself without my permission or any request.

I called on 24 Hrs. phone Banking Number before four or five days ago then talked to Ms. Sultaniya & discussed whole matter after this she provided a complaint number ( No is [protected]) & said to me that call will be make by us within two days. I waited these days but we didn’t any response from your side. I think your service is very poor.
Then I called again on 24 Hrs. phone Banking Number then I talked to Mr. Muzammil Khan, he said to me that you will be call tomorrow, we can’t provide any information at this time then asked the name & said to him that I will mail to Customer Department after this he said you will call after one hour. May I known “What was this? “ if you clearly mention in your Credit Card Statement “ Call 24 Hrs. Phone Banking Services” here I request to your whole department “ Please Explain it ” I hope you will be Explain it.

Now, I am very upset these behaviors so please solve this matter as early as possible,
I hope you will see the whole case truly.

Thanking You,

Best regards,

Mukesh C. jain

ABN AMRO Auto Loan Account # 9160691 — Late fee charged


I had lended a auto loan in year 2004 from ABN Amro for buying Maruti 800, I am paying my EMI regularly on time which was through a ECS - Auto debit from my ICICI Bank salaried account. However there was an non payment of EMI for Oct, 2006 due to insufficient funds in my bank, which was not informed to me till when I contacted the bank in Year 2008 for fore closure of my loan and same late fees has been charged to me since OCt, 2006 till date.

I have contacted the Customer care on phone banking they said "they will get back to me in 3 working days" I have the reference numbers for the same and also I even once visited to the local bank in Hyderabad for waiver of my late fees, b'coz which was not brought to my notice on time. I even sent mails to Anil M. Rao (Head - Service Delivery, Consumer Banking), Managala Varma, (Head Regional Communications), Renuka Chotrani (Head - Regional Communications), Sumit Chander and Praveen Shrivas, but I didnot got a proper response for same, however I kept on receiving phone calls from Praveen the above mentioned person from Feb, 2008 for collecting the EMI, I said I am ready to pay missed EMI, but not ready to pay the late fee's as this was not brought to my notice on time,

I logged this concern in this forum, to bring this concern to the people in forum, expect a prompt response from the respective authorities.

Hoping to some response

i have a need of credit card, presently working with Reliance HR service pvt. ltd.
I have an account in HSBC bank from last 1 year. But this time they fined me 853 Rs without even conveying me. When I called to their customer care they told that your amount in bank is not sufficient. They told that your account is Power Vantage account in which u need to quaterly maintain 1, 00000 Rs.
But while account creation HSBC executive didnt told me anything, My previous employeer open the salary account for me. Since I left the previous job after that bank put a fine of above mentioned Rs. And in salary accoutn how can i maintain this much of balance?
Now, I am very upset these behaviors so please solve this matter as early as possible,
I hope you will see the whole case truly.

Thanking You,

Best regards,


ABN Amro Bank/Credit Card — Fees on Credit card and Charges even if I do not use it

Ref Number : [protected] of complain

I took the credit card of ABN AMRO bank 1 year back. At that time your representative told me that its free for life time. I took the card and did not used even once and is simply kept with me.After a year that is in April 2008 last, I recieved the mail from the ABN AMRO credit card department that you have to pay some amount of the credit card. When I asked they told me that its the fee of the card. I did not recieve any statement and also no information that any fees will be levied. Now today (4Jun2008)again I recieved the mail and the amount has increased from 289(do not know exact) to 739. This is really not acceptable. Every time I mail my complain, I receive an auto- generated mail or a new reference number. Now I do not want to keep ABN AMRO credit card so the bank please cancel this card. And provide me the explanation.
I am not in INDIA so not available on phone. So please do not call me.
The coversation regarding this is going on from march 2008.
Stop this now, and cancel the card.

ABN AMRO Bank - Personal Loan Division — ECS


At ABN AMro Bank, I really do not know what kind of Banking practices they do have. They have sent me a letter stating that They wnated Cheque for June 2008 EMI so I have paid through Cheque and now I see in my bank statement they are trying to collect money thru ECS also (luckily I did not had balance in my account hence ECS got bounced otherwise these bloody fellows would have collected one more ECS for the same month...

Please be carefull when you are delaing with ABN AMRO Bank.

ABN AMRO Credit Card — ABN Ambro credit card harsenning on phone for the cancelled credit card after 2 years

received a call from Mr. uday Mittal on 23rd june 2008 from ABN ambro credit card department stating that your payment is due of Rs 10000. As i'd already cancelled the credit card on april 2006.also clear all the dues on the card of Rs. 7000 . He was very rude and harresed a lot on the phone .i called up custumer service and checked with the card nbumber he has given it to me but they dn't have any info ..they are saying we dn't hae this cad number as bank is hiring these agencies and they are creating a lot of mess. we need to go and take some action
i have a need of credit card, presently working in wipro technologies as a software contact number is [protected].

ABN AMRO — Unsolicitated Calls

Hello Sir,
I have been receiving unsolicited calls from the representative of the above company asking me to apply for credit cards and personal loans. They keep on calling me despite the fact that I have told them that I am not interested. Everyday a different person calls me from the same number.The number is[protected]

It is disturbing me a lot and. Another thing is that I have registered with the telecom company for Do not call registry. But still I am receiving at least 10 calls everyday from different telemarketers.
Please take some actions on this.

abn amro gold credit card — rimbus late payment

i kapil singhal have acredit card no.[protected] with ur bank.i dropped chq. of rs.600 before due date.u will charge rs.600 as alate fee.i request to u pls rimbus my late fee.
hi i like to have a life time free credit card can u provide it my phone number is[protected]

ABN AMRO Credit Card — Unnecessary Billing of amount not utilised

I am holding a ABN Amro Bank's Credit card (No. [protected]) which I would like to close on the ground of billing of amount which is not utilised by me and continous harrasement over phone to pay the same.
Long back I have paid the entire amount utlised by me and after clearing the entire amount I have never used my ABN Amro Credit card, but still I am receiving bills and phone calls foe payment of the same.
As per confirmation from the telecaller on behalf of the bank, I was told that the amount is for insurance which I have never done and the said insurance policy is also expired which was again not renewed by me.
Please give a written clarification for the same as the amount does not pertains to me and I have not at all used the amount.
I would also like to close my credit card and all other relationship with ABN Amro Bank. Please do the needful at the earliest.
I have ABNAMRO credit card which i want to close but calling on their customer care number there is no option to close the card. Even when i talk to customer care executive they told me excuses that system is upgrading, you talk to other departments etc., but they never give the exact information How do i close my credit card. I have already made my due payment long time back still they donot tell me how to close credit card, i sent mail to [protected] about it but nobody respond to it.

Please help me to close my credit card account i will be very thankful to all.

Amod Kumar

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