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[Resolved]  Adglobal360 India Pvt. Ltd. — Firing of their employee

Adglobal360 India is such a fraud company they recruited lot off people for getting the auth of google agency once the got they didn’t even tell any one not even notice period given to any employee fired i immediate so rude and unprofessional. It is the matter of sombody’s career...but why will they think of all this....the fraud people just do the chating and nothing else.... Please be very very very careful with this company. I have read all the other reviews of this company you can search by the name of Ebusinessware review and now I feel fortunate enough not to join them. BE AWARE.......and spread this info to all.....
Firing of their employee
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Yes AdGlobal 360 is definitely a fraud company. They don't care about anybodies career. They have no vision for their future. They just recruit in bulk and fire in bulk. If anyone gets a call from AdGlobal 360 for recruitment, I would request, only go if you have no interest in a successful career or you can please anybody easily.
Absolutely True. What the above person has mentioned is 100% correct. Here is something more that you should know about this fraud company:

Adglobal360 company started by EBW. A Us based company called Adsmart360 joined hands with EBW and this company started in june 2009. That time the Adsmart360 was eastiblished in india (they were only in US earlier) Within the 4 months of merger, the management decides to start their own company and cut-off relations with this US based company and kicked them out.

The MD of this company is a Mandeep Singh, absolutely dumb guy who know nothing about the business. He is the youger brother of Ashu chadha who is the one of the directors of EBW. This company works only on how close you are to the MD, nothing to do with your talents. Mandeep Singh is the Head at Adglobal360. He travels to India twice a month in a Business class, the agency charges 20% markup from all of its clients. Mr Singh’s travel and living expenses in India are double than the company’s revenue per month. This guy is actually good for nothing. This company is famous for firing people without giving a single day notice.

I will tell you one incident, they boast that they are Google Authorised Agency. It is no more true.In past they were but due to poor client servicing and unable to give good businees to google and also unable to retain the clients, the authorisation is no more with them. So during the time when were about to get Authorization from Google, they hired 60 new people. That time the team size was approximately 120. Within 3 months, they fired more than 50 out of them. HR called up people and ask them to sign on the resignation letter and ask them to stand outside. They were not even allowed to take their belongings, HR said that the peons will take their belongings and give it to them outside the gate. This behaviour can never be expected with animals too.

All this is the brain of Mr. Mandeep Singh who is absolutely foolish and have no business ethics.They have no clients on Retainorship basis. They acquire the clients by showing the fake documents from google and they get the client for the first month. Once the month is over, they are unable to deliver the commitment and the client is gone with the wind. Recently Mr Mandeep Singh along with Mr Rakesh Yadav who is an IITian, fired a guy who was about to get married in few days time. This guy’s fault was that he asked for the salary increment as he completed one year. Mr Rakesh Yadav is close to Mandeep and thus he is sustaining in the company. He had his own company called Techsila which was a failure because of the lack of management skills of Mr Yadav. Imagine a technical guy with no business background is handling the Marketing (this guy changed 8 companies in 9 years, can you imagine?). Rakesh yadav has no ethics, no principles absolutely cunning guy. The company is in total loss as of now

They are absolutely fraud, so if you are planning to do any kind of business or if you are planning to join it, kindly DO NOT. They will ruin your life. This company runs on how well you know the management (either relative or friend)


Whoever you are, I just want ot ask you a have mentioned that the company is no more authorized by Google...but the Google partner search tells a different the Google adwords website, specifically at the Google partner search, i typed the name of the company to find out that it is still a Google certified company. So, if you are doing this because of a personal antagonism with the company, its not fair.
Whoever has written this article, I’m sure has spent a very long time with EBW and Adglobal360. But my question to this person is “why didn’t you leave the company earlier when you had so many problems with the ideology of the management or the functioning of the company”?

I was employed with AGL for more than 14 months at a very senior position and have interacted with the senior management on daily basis. I don’t think that Rakesh or Mandeep sir have taken a rash decision. Being a part of management team I can tell you that all the firings are justified and they were done purely based on the performance of the employees. People who got fired were given enough time to improve their performance but when they couldn’t lift their performance they were asked to leave.

This article is a sheer result of frustration. AGL being a year old company is already in operating profit and let me tell you my friend it is quite a remarkable achievement. To make a company with more than 75+ employees profitable in a year’s time is quite an achievement that too in such a turbulent market environment.

Till the time I was working with AGL, they were working with some of the finest brand in the Indian market and these beands are with them from quite some time. I don’t think retaining a client was ever a problem with AGL, the operations teams have experienced and technically sound resources to take care of their client ‘s online marketing needs.

What is disheartening to see is, people leaving the job and spreading all kind of rumours about AGL. I personally feel that AGL has given me a chance to improve my professional skills and had given me a platform to prove myself again and again. My efforts were dully recognized and awarded by the management.

From my professional experience let me tell you something my friend, If you are a consistent performer then I guess nobody will ever have the balls to fire you ?

I can proudly say that AGL is a great place to work and the people working in the company are very talented and hard working. I personally feel that AGL has played a huge role in my career.
I agree that AGL fires its employees even without a single day's notice and on top of all the performance issues are not even discussed and this can't be justified. They fired a guy (whom Rakesh called an asset) one the basis of his one week's performance. Though personally I don't think Rkaesh is at fault because I guess he does what Mandeep asks.

As far as Google authorization is concerned they were authorized. Bieng the channel partners was iin the process but Google canceled the proceedings becuase of AGL's performance.
akar123kumar : I wanna to talk to you, if you have time call or text me on [protected]. I understand the situation you have gone through but my buddy let me tell if they play with career, even we can do it... just call me and I will let you know how
Adglobal is a big cheating company... They will be checking ads displaying in first page and calls that company and say that your ads are displaying in 7th page... We will make your ads displaying in 1st position, , , and tech support companies need that... But dont go for adglobal and loose thousands of dollars... They bother only till you become their client. One the amount is paid they dont care, , , They dont have process... All are cheaters.. They always try to cover their mistakes with some or the other reasons... But this is a fake company.. I would not recommend for ant one...
agree that AGL fires its employees even without a single day's notice and on top of all the performance issues are not even discussed and this can't be justified. They fired a guy (whom Rakesh called an asset) one the basis of his one week's performance. Though personally I don't think Rkaesh is at fault because I guess he does what Mandeep asks
They are absolutely fraud, so if you are planning to do any kind of business or if you are planning to join it, kindly DO NOT. They will ruin your life. This company runs on how well you know the management (either relative or friend)
Well most of what stated here is the version of employee(s) fired by the company. Yet, no one mentioned or will agree if they really performed pathetically or if the company financials did not allow it to have employees overhead. For a few, job is like guaranteed heaven. If you are steel like performer and contribute to the success of the company, they will think 10 times before firing you. However, if you are a member of herd of sheep with lazy bone attitude, today or tomorrow you will write here against your company. Nevertheless, no firing is done without any concrete reason. You can select reason for firing from the following (no offence):

1. I think I am the best among the best (But company considers you an . List of your pending tasks in the company is as long as your Facebook friend's list, and both continues to grow)
2. Top management is dumb and do not know who to keep and who to fire (Still you are an because top management is at top because they know well what to do with whom, and at what time. Some decisions may be wrong but these are backed by strong reasons)
3. Company is poor performer in the market (Still you are blamable. If you have better ideas to help company perform, share it. If not, accept the fate. Ultimately, you are the one who help company perform so "Poor" in the market)
4. I am a scapegoat.. All politicians are in my company (You are not a good fit for such company)
5. I am fired without any reason (I am sorry but you are the biggest and must read "Who moved my cheese". If company is not willing to give any reason, it consider you "Good for nothing" - In fact GOOD for nothing to even discuss the reason of firing you)
6. Company expected too much from me and said I am not a performer (You think because you were indeed taught - "Slow and steady wins the race". However, in today's competitive work, "Fast and furious brings the business". Probably you should join a research lab. You are not good fit for any company that has competitor. Ideally, you won't fit any if you maintain same pace for delivery of results)
7. Lastly, it was a hiring mistake by company (Any hiring mistake is because you wanted to perform like Michael Schumacher during those 15 minutes of interview and gave all "fake" glossy projections about your CV and your skill set. Every company, during recruitment, mentions JD/KRA of a role. Yet, you believe you are good for any and for every role. When given all responsibilities, you expect others to sit with you and sing Kumbaya. Stop behaving like a super hero during intereviews, and read JD/KRA of a role before applying for another job).

To summarize, you may utter as many words as possible for the company. Ultimately, a major reason for your firing is "YOU". When in job, make sure to secure good for company, that will secure good for you. There are no free lunches.

We were unfortunate enough to get into an agreement with adglobal 360.
poor is an understatement, for their work and attitude.
We had to tell them sites to get inspired from, for a design.
They make basic grammatical errors in content writing. Every piece has an average of 3-4 grammatical errors.
the attitude of the company as a whole is unprofessional and rude.
They have cheated us, wasted our time and are now not returning the advance they took.. despite the ABSOLUTE NON PERFORMANCE BY Adglobal 360.
20% website in more than 5 months.
they dont value trust, money or time lines. Disrespectful to a client to the core after non performance.


I completely agree with that "THE COMPANY IS A FRAUD

AdGlobal360 is a FRAUD Agency and Filled with Rude people be it SEO Managers, Campaign Manager, HR Manager & all above mentioned persons.

The HR persons in AGL are worst, inhuman and rude. They don't know how to speak with internal asset (Employee)
They must be planning ot shut it and run away.. for Mr.mandeep singh has lost it 360degrees now.
A completed website is 60000 and a not completed one is 4.5 lakh.
He is intending fraud and he thinks he can run away with peoples money.
But its only a dream of a fraudulent person.
The cops are all ready to catch them for intended fraud.
There are civil suits filed.
the ministery of external affairs has a registered complaint against the malafide of an NRI against fellows of the mother country.
I totally agree without a formal warning or a notice they would fire an employee and even do not pay salary... happened with me... the hr and the seniors are very rude and do not know how to behave... even if you are unwell they expect you to work like ignorance towards human factor or even an ounce of sympathy towards the suffering or condition of another... inhumane...

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