[Resolved] Club Mahindra Holidays — Frustrated and Cheated - Want money back

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Maharashtra, India
Dear Sir/Madam,
My membership id is: 2021563, season: blue , studio
In reference to my withdrawal application dt 26-09-10 to the Club Mahindra office at the Palm Beach Galleria, Vashi, I forward my worry and unfortunate experience with the same. There has been a series of incidents that have compelled me to cancel this bondage forever.
Communication of insufficient information about the Membership, rude behavior and stereotype attitude of the Sales Executive, Seniors, bunch of misleadings and lack of communication of the officials between themselves are the main reasons of why I seek this withdrawal.
I have a sincere request that the company should take some measure against those that harm the reputation this way and also ensure that people stepping out of their offices have got all the information they need to have and not get startled or surprised wrongly after they opt for a leisure time only to find that they have added more trouble to their lives.
My series of ‘bad to worst’ experiences with the Club Mahindra, Vashi:
I got many phone calls from the Mahindra Club backoffice and was told about free offers under any circumstances – just my presence was enough they said to avail these offers- to which I responded by attending their so called 30-minute introduction which lavishly took 3 hours to communicate the product details. Though we were not happy with the attitude of the Sales Executive, we paid the amount and were happy that at least we had invested in a good company and there would be value for the money paid. But this happiness was over within a week when the ground realities were surfaced.
The form filling was without even offering us to read the terms and conditions, it seems the Club Mahindra personnel gets the details filled within three minutes so getting time to read any of the clauses to the customers was not really a practice followed.
A lot many promises and misleadings were made towards building the ‘customer’s trust’ as usual by the big branded company officials. I made a payment thru my wife’s credit card of Rs. 16031 (Sixteen thousand thirty one) on 30thAug’10 and was again told it would be credited only by 7th Oct 2010 by the Senior Officer1. Also was confirmed, the kit and the other offer cards would be reaching us within 4-5 days.
There was no welcome call made by the club, which was promised to be within 4-5 days. The amount was immediately credited to the Club’s account withih 2 days. It was disgusting to find my email address wrongly recorded. Still I have not received the email.
Poor followup aspect of the club: My wife had to ring up after a week to find the status of the same. No fruitful response was given, it was just said the courier had been dispatched which was later found as untrue.
The next call was responded with a customer care number, to which she had to ring up to ask again the status of the courier and the same was then turned smartly into a ‘Welcome Call’ by the Executive which left us with enough setbacks.
• Email entered in the system was incorrect.
• The holiday start was only by Jan 2012.
• There was a long waiting period.
• The Annual Subscription Amount told would be varying (increasing) every year and does not remain constant for 25 years.
• The Kit would reach only by 30 to 45 days.
The EMIs – another tension added:Another blow occurred when my wife called up the Credit Card office to cancel the further EMIs, only to found that the Club Mahindra had a standing instruction from their side, which she being the owner of the card also could not deny. The only option left was to cancel her Credit card.
Personnel communicated with:
• Sales Executive: Mr. Kustubh Rane
• Customer Care Executive: Ms Sangita
• Senior Officer1: Mr. Sachin Kamat
• Senior Officer2: Mr. Yogesh Wagh
• Senior Officer3: Mr. Sandip
Its really surprising to find not a single personnel knowledgeable about the product offers, details and terms and conditions involved in the membership. It’s a disgusting experience and a bitter memory I ever had.
For any company there are competitors, but if the product offered is a guarantee, it surely does well. But sorry to say, the feeling we had was that it’s only the money count of the customer and not the concern or bother of the value of the money given. Pls do not treat your customers like this.
I look for a reimbursement of my amount in full from the company.

Thanking you,

Dr. Sandeep Patil
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Nov 25, 2009
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your mail.

I understand Ms.Neha, from member relations team (Delhi) is in touch with you to address your concerns to your satisfaction.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of service to you.

Looking forward to planning holidays for you & your family.

Warm Regards,

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Feb 10, 2010
Dear Antoni,

Thank you for writing in and voicing your concerns.

Post our discussion with you the other day, we understand that your concerns were addressed to your satisfaction. It would be great if you could acknowledge the same.

Please do write to me on my email indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com for any further clarifications.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Feb 22, 2010
Dear Mr.Antoni,

We understand that your concners ahve been addressed to your satisfaction.

It would be great if you can acknowledge the same and revert.

Thank you once again for giving us an opportunity to be of service to you.

We value your feedback in our continual endeavour to ensure you and your family holiday with us and experience the happiest family holidays.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Mar 02, 2010
Dear Mr.Dhawan,

Thank you for taking time out to give us your feedback.

We are delighted that your membership experience has been so wonderful.

We value your feedback in our continual endeavour to ensure you and your family holiday with us and experience the happiest family holidays.

Warm regards,

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Mar 02, 2010
Dear Bimal,

We are concerned that your experience with us has been a less than pleasant one.

May I request you to kindly send in your concerns to my email - indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com. I will ensure address your concerns to as soon as possible.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Mar 06, 2010
Dear Shankar,

We are certainly concerned on the experience that has left much to be desired hence would like to thank you for being patient.

May I request you to kindly send in your concerns to my email - indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com. I will ensure to revert to you as soon as possible.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Mar 26, 2010
Dear Shailesh,

Thank you for voicing out your concerns through this forum.

In continuation to your interactions with us, we understand that your concerns were addressed to your satisfaction and the refund cheque has also been received by you.

May I request you to kindly acknowledge the same.

For any further queries please write to my email - indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be of service to you.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Sep 30, 2010
Dear Mr.Sandeep,

We understand that Ms.Sangeeta (Member relations) is in touch you to fix up a meeting. Also you have requested for a call back tomorrow to confirm on the meeting.

Please do write back to my email - indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com for any furtehr clarifiations in the meantime.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Nov 05, 2013
Dear Sir,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and are keen on discussing the matters you've highlighted. Thank you for sharing your membership id and it’d be helpful if you could also share your contact number at http://is.gd/CMListening for our team to get in touch with you at the earliest.

Warm Regards,
Club Mahindra Team
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i want to join club mahindra holidays ...could any body tell me, that i should join it or it is fake...is it worth joining it by spending 2.5 to 3.5 laks...are they fulfilling their commitment...plz tell me [protected]..
I am facing the same fraud from Club Mahindra. I ahve a suggestion. There is a programme on Star Plus, Aap ki Kacheri Kiran ke sang. I think we should put this case in front of her. What do you people say?

Madhu Pandey.

Club Mahindra — OVerbooking by Mahindra

Club Mahindra are gathering memberships in thousands of number but their resorts do not have rooms even if tried to book 4 months in advance. I have 2nd highest membership colour but any time I try to book the resorts are full or one get rooms only for a day or two as against promised rooms of 7 days. Or they will say 2 days are available in hotel in north and 3 days in south of India. You just cant use your free holidays. And on one hand members can not get rooms and on other sides people who are not members they get free rooms during promos.

The membership also states that Mahindra would buy back membership but I must have made many calls to them but no one responds to give me details on how to go about it.

People must beware of buying mahindra club membership as they are just collecting money with a promise to holidays but you can never actually get to have one.

Club Mahindra Holidays — REFUND OF MY MONEY Rs-23780/-

Dear Sir,
Name-Anil Tyagi
Mobile no-[protected]

Club Mahindra Holidays — Club Mahidnra Holiday Resorts india

We had such a wonderful time at Club Mahindra Varca Beach, that the only time we felt sad was when our holiday came to an end. We De-stressed at the while the kids had a blast at the potters wheel and playing beach cricket.

-Mrs. & Mr.Dhawan
Club Mahindra member family
Please get in touch with AIRDA, the Association for Timeshare Companies [protected]@vsnl.net
- Jai
i too feel cheated by CM. If anything can be done to expose the fraud I'm all ready

mohindera products — internet not working

I had given a complaint that the internet is not working, but nothing has been done so far. Its been 15days ago, no body to attand the complaint lot of call to SDO NO BODY IS LISTING OUR VOICE.
. ..
Please try following escalation matrix.

Level 1 : [protected]@clubmahindra.com
Level 2 : [protected]@clubmahindra.com
Level 3 : [protected]@clubmahindra.com

if it does not work escalate it to Ajay.[protected]@clubmahindra.com [Head Member Relations].
Hello Sir,

My name is Nikhilesh Ray

Member id: 1417584

I wanted to escalate against the false commitments and cheating done to me for refunding my money against cancellation.

22nd November 2008: I paid 38851.00 Rs for becoming the member of Club Mahindra through my ICICI credit card. I got disapponted with the services and false commitments of the hotel reservations, so I have applied for the cancellation & refund of paid amount on December. The process was initiated on 7th January and I was told that in 30 working days the amount will be refund. Since, then I am just following up with the customer care and vashi branch for my refund.

The member relation officers have send me many witten mails giving the dates of confirmation for cheques release. But, the when the dates reached they turned back and tells me that there is some problem from Club Mahindra Corporate and from there end cheques are not released so we cannot make it know and it will take two more months.

I am going to register a legal complain to Consumer Court Thane Branch very soon with all the proof documents.

Please check the trailing mail to get one such example of the commited date.

Help me and help yourself to maintain the dignity of company.

Thanks & Regards

Nikhilesh Ray


Club Mahindra Holidays — compliants of resorts

No current facilites and no water
I completely agree with the above complaints as I have experienced the same harrowing treatment from club mahindra. I had applied for the membership on March 30, 2009 and cancelled the membership on 15th April. (Membership No: 1461218). Despite repeated requests I still have not received the refund of my hard earned money. The company is an absolute fraud and I intend to take up all legal action.

Club Mahindra Holidays — Membership 1441926 Cancellation Refund not provided from 5 months (16-Mar-2009)

I had taken a membership from Club Mahindra, but as the bookings etc for the trip i had taken were not done therefore i cancelled the membership. There were many goofups/manipulation:

1. The correct contact information which i had given was not registered in the system. It was manipulated.
2. On Mar 16 2009 i had sent a request for the cancellation of membership and i was assured that within 45 days the refund for the amount 15855. After that there have been constant follow up's and requests still there has been no revert/cheque recieved.

Following are the details of the case:

Follow up Details:

1. Date – 16-Mar-2009: This is at the time of cancellation they told refund cheque would reach to my address within 45 days. Cheque yet not received.
2. Date – 22-Apr-2009: Ref# 1386136. Again confirmation given that I’ll receive the cheque in 30-45 days. Cheque yet not received.
3. Date – 17-Jun-2009: Ref# 1311596. Confirmation given that someone from Delhi Main office would call me. I did’nt receive any call till now.
4. Date – 23-Jun-2009: Ref# 1311596-upd. Lady says Cancellation is still Under Process and we’ll get a call back in 24 hrs.

This is one of the worst CUSTOMER SERVICE. Please take strict action against them.

Club Mahindra — Not sending my joining fees back after cancellation of the membership

Dear Sir/Madam,
It is very sad that Club Mahindra has cheated me by not returning my joinning fees of 25, 000 since last Six months even after several commitments from there side. Every time they are disrespecting their commitments. My membership ID is 1444762
I paid money for membership 31st Aug 2009, realized on on 2nd Sept 2009 at Kolkata. Once you pay the money their attitude chages + you come to know about many hidden charges only after you pay the money. I got bored within 2 days. On 3rd I requested for cancellation and return of my money. Chennai office told me to register through email. As I was on vacation to India, I did not have easy access to PC & internet, so I told him to register my phone call as complain and refund. He did so, then I visited local office at Kolkata, several times for membership cancellation. The guys made "golmal" and offered me to visit a nearby place for 2 nights (the place is worth half a day), offered a laptop in exchange of my travel voucher, dinner voucher ( as I paid 2 installments in advance in addition to 10%). Again I requested for cancellation again "Golmal".
They don't reply your call, SMS, email once you paid the money. Recorded reply u will get that "someone will contact you within 48 hours", sometimes u will receive an email stating : " we tried to contact you in your registered mobile number but failed" when nobody has at all called you.
Finally I lost my money and came back to my work place in Doha losing my INR 37000/=
Let us make big Negative email campaign about the company such that their top level management learns how to manage a company.
Can anyone send me email ID of CEO of Club Mahindra?
Zatish Nandi
Doha, Qatar.

Club Mahindra Holidays — Non refund of Membership money


I and wife both were called for a demo for Club Mahindra and we were offered membership for club mahindra. We initially opted for going for membership for off season for studio apt. Due to insufficient funds, we decided to not to avail the membership. The sales person told us that the offer is limited and we can give advance of Rs. 5,564 through Debit card against the initial joining fees of Rs.15,000/-. details as below

TID No. : 40022955
Batch No. : 000540
Invoice No. : 000234
Date : 17/09/09
Amount Rs. 5564
Axis Bank Debit Card No. [protected]

Subsequently after three days we informed the sales person that we want to withdraw the membership and refund us the money. The sales person arrogently refused to refund the money and demand the balance of Rs. 10,000/- with additional cancelled cheque. We again requested him to refund the money since we wanted to withdraw the membership and since we have not opted for by paying the balance amount. We also requested to send the signed copy of the forms of terms and conditons which is not delivered till date.

Since then twice we have sent e-mail to customer service support for refunding the money and no revert s were received from them .

Club mahindra has looted our money by showing lucurative part of offer and keeping us alloof of the terms and condition part.

We kindly request to consumer forum to help us getting our money refunded since Rs. 5564 is not small sum for salary earner.

Thanking you

Shailesh Pednekar

Mahindra — delay in payments

mahindra logistics takes cb from you promises to give payments on time but never..pays so..

Also they deduct and put debit o your payments.
The Head Member Relation
Mahendra Tower 2 nd Floor
17/18, Pattullous Road, Chennai 600002

Sub:- Stop payment through ECS and refund my money.

1-As per instruction of Reserve Bank of India letter No NCC(JPR) No.1128/02-08-24/2007-08 dated 11-2-08 The Bank have revoked my ECS mandate in my account number [protected].And You have also informed me vide your E-mail(MHRIL=562-725 dated 14 Jan 2008 that necessary measure have been taken to cancel my club mahindra membership.

2-My other complaint with MHRIL is that your Business Partner Head at Jaipur Mr.S.Arya vide their letter dated 9 Feb 2009 on your copany letter pad demanded me to deposit amount equal to 4 EMIs for transfer the membership 339340 whith in 50 days of realizing the amount and said that Rs 26000 cost of Samsung cam corder will be deducted from the total amount paid by me..

Again I showed my faith on your Business Partner-Dream vacation office at Jaipur.I have deposited amount to Rs 30376 by cheque on dated 18 Feb.2009. But even after lapes of 7 month there is no satisfactory reply from them.

I again request you to look into my case seriously otherwise, I will left with no other option but to exercise legal action of consumer law.

I hope to consider my application favorable.

Rukmani Meena
Member ID-339340
Jaipur-302021 (Rajasthan)

Club Mahindra — Stay at Club Mahindra

We really enjoyed the holiday at Club. overall it was nice experience. Staff at club is really very good & gentle. Activity center is really making the stay memorable. Teacher is very co-operative & always wear a smile on her face. Children along with elders enjoy the activities here, creative activities are taught with patience & care by the craft teacher.

Overall it was memorable stay at Club Mahindra.Look forward for the same experience in future.

- Dr. Ashvin Palkar, Mumbai

Club Mahindra Holidays — Club Mahindra Membership:- 776789

I have been a club mahindra member since last 2 years and during this tenure I could figure out that they have no business ethics and professionalism and they are here to cheat the members. The number of complaints here proves my point. They have built up a huge membership based on a very very small inventory of rooms, so a member is supposed to wait for 4-6 months for his turn to get a room. I contacted the member relations team and questioned the same and asked them to come out with the total number of room they ave for members and the total number of membership. I am also pissed of with their waiting and delaying tactics for booking a room, I asked the procedure for recalling the membership and getting the refund. They first tried to convince me to reconsider my decision, but when they found me firm on my decsion, they have stopped responding. I am yet to get any response of my mail to know the procedure of recalling the membership. I am trying to call them, they dont respond, they are not responding to my mails either. They are infact penalizing and harassing me for bringing the issues of long waiting time to the fore. But they cant deny my right to know that as a member, neither can they deny my right to recall the membership. I have also warned them that I would rather go to consumer court, if they dont act, but it seems they dont care consumer cases, as there are already 52 consumer cases are pending against Club Mahindra. Its a sorry state of affairs, they are a bunch of lies, a bundle of woes. I have never witnessed such a inhospitable company in th hospitality industry.

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