[Resolved]  Croma Retail — Poor Customer Service

This is in response to the rather lousy service I have been facing over the past 2-3 days from the AC dept at the Croma Bandra branch. Infact last week itself i had purchased a Sony Home theatre from the same outlet. I had visited the store on Sunday and wished to go in for the Onida 1.5 ton split AC, the salesperson told me there would be a site inspection on Tues, yet till tday no ones bothered to come. Today Ive made almost 6 calls and the people keep saying 1/2 an hr, 1 hr.
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Aug 13, 2020
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very very worst customer service in cromaretail

I will suggest people not to bye any croma product. I am trying to get service from last 10 days but no response. complained for about 10 to 15 times but every time same thing. what is your bill number. When you made the purchase.very worst service...


M/S. Rediff ‘e’ Shopping

R.Sent Kumar
No.3, Metha Nagar Main Road,
Metha Nagar,
Chennai – 600 029.

Dear Sir,

Sub: Home Theater stereo 2 + 1 sub upper / Colour: Black

Further with reference to our telecom. I have purchased the above item from you through online purchase two month back. Now the product is diffractive, hence I would like to return back the goods. Further I hereby request the refund amount in favor of V.MOORHTY payable at Chennai, who is my friend.

Do have received the courier parcel thru M/S.ARAMEX courier awb NO.[protected] DT.14.11.2008.

Thanks & regards,

R.Sent Kumar
Hi Everyone reading this post,

I wanted to share my experience with Croma Retail at Hyderabad. I purchased a Samsung 26" LCD TV from their store in Jubilee Hills and after much follow-up the TV was delivered to my home address. Samsung technician installed the TV 2 days later.

Within 24 hours of installation the TV malfunctioned (the picture would become black and lines will come on the LCD screen). I contacted Samsung customer service and the technician came and inspected the TV and said there is some problem with main PCB (printed circuit board - basically the heart of the TV).

Calls to Croma are very difficult to get through and whenever they lift the call they say they will verify with Samsung and call back (which by the way they never do).

I had bought the TV from Croma retail because of the TATA brand name, but I guess TATA's have turned out to be just like others.

Please beware and take your purchase decisions wisely
From: Tejani, Rupali
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 9:06 AM
To: 'ajit.[protected]'; '[protected]'
Cc: 'raju.[protected]'
Subject: Pathetic customer service
Importance: High

Hi Mr. Joshi,

This is THE worst experience that one can have from their service provider.

I was under the impression that when some one has a branch name like TATA, company will have that decency to serve their customers to the extend of satisfaction.
I bought a microwave oven (model: LG 3948) on 2/5/2009 from Croma shop at Juhu (near shopper’s stop), which was THE mistake done from my side. It was a gift to our friend which needs to delivery at his residence (Vakola, Santacruz) on 8/5/2009. These things were insured with sales person called Deepak again n again. It was instructed very clearly that gift should go without price tag, gift wrapped.

But when it went to my friends place, it was with a BILL?

WHAT THE HELL? Which kind of service was this? Do you gift someone along with a bill? Doesn’t your team has any common sense when it comes to delivering a gift to someone.

As a compensation I want Rs 5000/-. Hope that I will get a positive revert from your end ASAP.

Rupali Tejani
Customer relations

Onida AC — AC Burnt & Harrassment

hello sir,

I am Kamal jot kansal. i bought AC of the ONIDA company in chandigarh. it burn and i made lots of call to them. they give us lots of harassment. i am fully tired up but made lots of excuses. i really need ur help. please reply me soon.

kamal jot kansal
SCO 96-97
Sector 34A
I too find the service atrocious. When I went to their Horniman Circle outlet, there were a large number of staff, but nobody was prepared to inquire what I was looking for. They were all chit chatting among themselves, least bothered by the customers.

Having got no joy at that shop, I called their Pheonix Mill outlet and asked if they carry any fans. The person said yes, but did not elaborate on types available and prices. He said it was company policy not to tell the price on phone, and I would have to come to the retail outlet to know the price. What arrogance!

An institution like Tata could surely afford better support and sales staff and a more user friendly policy!!

Croma / Moserbaer iVO — Not even Switched on

I purchased Moserbaer Mp3 player iVO 510i model at Croma, Aundh. Its not even switched on... Since i sent this product as a gift to my sister, i cudn't check it by playing. After a week, i went and explained them, they denied to replace the prooduct, Instead they accepted only to do servicing...

CROMA Team Should not react to all problems in same way with their blind policy. That product didn't worked in First hand...How can i believe it will longlast after servicing. Its completely deceiving the People with so called policies.

Be careful while purchasing electronic gadgets at CROMA and anyother shops.

kiran enterprise — claim for free gifts

sir, i recvd britannica cd roms pkt @574.00 but i didnt get free gifts which are shown at order booking time.

more mega mall — poor customer service

i have purchased a washing machine from more mall and the day i purchase they told me that washing machine will be delivered the same day day but they took 4 to 5 days to deliver and i have won a microwave oven in the offer i have still not receive the delivery of microwave oven after 15 days are over



ROHAN Enterprises — Please Disconnect the Services

Complaint against Vodafone Services !

Hi !
This is Poonam Thakur from Shimla - HP - India, yet using 2 vodaphone numbers [protected] & [protected], Now i want to convert both of these number from POST PAID plains to PRE PAID, but there is no way / provision to convert those number to PRE PAID.

I am also going to TRI about above said complaint.


for any kind info Please contact to +91-[protected]
Their customer care is worst kind of I have ever come accross.

I bought an Air conditioner as well as an LCD. Off the 2, latter developed a snag within 2 months and Samsung chaps had to replace its PCB.

The worst exp I had face was with their AC.
To start with they had over charged from my credit card, after repeated follow-ups, they acknowledged their folly and reverted the charges. They took another 2 weeks to deliver the product and insisted to taking the extended warranty which I did.
Now this product has developed a lot of glitches. I registered a complaint with them on May 17th 2010, for which I was assured it will be resolved with 2 days. ( and off course I you decide to call their customer care #[protected], you should be prepared to wait for at least 30 minutes, incase you get lucky, you may end up speaking with their representative).
Last 3 weeks I have made at least 5 more follow-up calls and every time I remind them of the complaint no, they give me different contact numbers of some Jive's that they have outsourced their services to ( that too turn out to be disconnected numbers).
I finally decided to register a complaint online on their web site and to my surprise I received a reply from them stating that the issue has been resolved, though no one from their end bothered to call me or has come to rectify their stupid product.

TATA is a brand name in India and this arm of theirs ( Croma) is nothing but a blot to their name.

- Jagmeet Suri
# [protected]

Tata chrome — product not delivered

i have given the order of twp Hitachi A.C. that should be delivered on 3/06/2010. now today is 6/06/22010, since i have not got my product. while calling to them they says we will deliver your product tomorrow. they keep on saying this & since i have not got my product.
NEVER SEEN SUCH A PATHETHIC SERVICE LIKE CROMA. I purchased Samsung LCD 32" from CROMA Indiranagar Bangalore on 1st Aug and was committed by Manager Mr. Raj Kiran Rao that the delivery and Table installation will happen by 5 PM/2nd Aug 2010. I took my off from my office and scheduled my meetings after 6 PM. After several follow ups, one lorry driver turned up at 4.25 PM and asked me to help in placing the LCD TV box from his lorry.I helped the driver as he was alone. I again called CROMA people for the installation team and one lady Ms.Sushma gave me[protected] to confirm.At the same number, he referred to Mr. Sandeep @[protected] and asked to call Mr. [protected]@ [protected]. After my several calls and holding time, to my utter surprise, Mr. Mark gave me another story that the person will come tomorrow for the installation. This is called as "PATHETHIC SERVICE"...
I am filing a consumer court case against CROMA.
Thanks for creating this kind of forum...
Please find your complaint number '149/310810/Air conditioner/103661'
This is in reference to above complaint number.

This is Varundeep prop of M/s Mannat Inc who has made a mistake of trusting tata as a brand in consumer electronics. The story flows as below

I went to saket, new delhi store of croma on 29th aug 2010 for buying an air conditioner. The sales people were ill on knowledge & authority to negotiate. I was getting it a little cheaper outside but I do not why (I think stars were not favorable) I decided to buy it from croma. The deal was that my cheque would be deposited in bank on 29th itself (for which I had to convince them) and shall be cleared by 30th and if it doesn’t then the delivery boy will pick up cash against delivery from home and when cheque is cleared it will be reimbursed back. Since guests were turning up by 31st afternoon, we wanted to be ready by 30th evening. The store management committed me a good service, verbally. Nobody turned up on 30th august. When we checked up they kept on saying he is on way, communication gap etc (I do not know why I should buy this plea?). ultimately, it was evening and things were off. I was disappointed so I registered my complaint on web. The next morning an assistant manager of store called up and started the apologise tactics. Somehow as it is an occasion at my place, I was calmed down and the gentleman committed delivery between 2-3 pm along with fitting at the same time.

Around 1.15 pm, when we were at our child’s school, my wife got a call from driver that he is on some flyover and will be reaching in time. I was relaxed to see the change but it was just a mist. After 15 minutes, the guy called up again and started using foul language for us being late. She told him that we were given a time of 2 pm and it is only 1.30 pm to which he again murmured something and put the phone down. I was disappointed to my limits and I called up the store and asked for Mr Chirag (supposed to be the ops manager). This time also the same Mr kumar sambhav came on line and started the apologizing again. When I asked the number of chirag, he banged the phone on me. I called up again the next minute and he was on other line speaking to somebody else (most probably chirag). I warned him of his service standards and he gave me number for mr chirag only then. But to my greatest surprise, the so called operation manager didn’t take even a single call out of 25 calls made to him. I wonder how come the store manager & ops manager have been so ignorant towards an abused customer.

I want an explanation on the following
1. why the product was not delivered despite the promise made for 30th aug ??
2. why the driver came at 1.15 pm when he was confirmed for 2-3 pm
3. what hell of authority a driver has to call words to my wife ?
4. where was the store manager when whole this episode happened ? he did not take care even to utter a single word.
5. what kind of management is your operation manager into that despite knowing, he didn’t lift the phone
6. Now mr sambhav is telling me that accounts people have not reached office so he cannot confirm with them for cheque clearing with them when my statement from bank
says it has been cleared by 11.30 am on 01.09.2010.
I would expect a revert if some values of Tata customer service are still existent in mindset of croma management and percolate down as well.


croma electronics, Bangalore — defective cell phone

i would like to share my worst experience with Croma electronics. They sold me a defective samsung corby cell for the actual price on 16/08/2010. It has defective motherboard with incomplete functioning. Now they are denying to replace it. Rather they are saying that they will service it give it back. I dont know what to do now?? I paid the entire amount for a defective samsung corby cell.
I agree that the service is the worst . I will suggest people not to bye any croma product. I am trying to get service from last 20 days but no response. Complained for about 15 times but every time same thing. What is your bill number. When you made the purchase.Worst >>>>>>>>>>>>>>I will say.
croma retail like they don't know abt customer service. Once they are miscommunicating and on the other hand they bleming customers itself.

I purchased a laptop from CR and also take extended warranty at the time of purchasing they told its co's service but later i come to that its CR extended warranty. Prob is not sopped here. I have given my laptop to acer service centre and they told u r under croma retail ex. warranty. after hapning all this they ok i'll pay u watever u hv to pay to acer service centre. its abt one mnth no action yet to b taken even they r not communicating to me. inv. no.[protected]

Croma - Retail Pacific Mall Ghaziabad — non fair customer deal


I Purchased Vidiocon LCD 42 VML42WBK Inch. which was displyed there. they stated that the piece is completely ok and we will be sending you the same. The person never told me that there is some problem with the sound. once delivered it took 5 days to install the LCD. and once the person came he stated that this LCD need to be replaced . No one took iniciative Vidiocon or Croma to replace the product ASAP. and now they just delaying by saying that that product is out of stock.

Prerna Jain

CROMA (TATA ENTERPRISE) — misleading schemes

I recently bought a blackberry curve from a CROMA retail branch, with the scheme that we'll get a utility pack which includes a Bluetooth device, a car charger, a scratch guard and a mobile case. Because we needed a case with the mobile we purchased the mobile from CROMA instead of going to the other sellers with other better offers. When we opened the utility pack and tried to use the mobile case it was not for blackberry but for i-phone. We thought it didn’t matter and tried to insert the phone in it. But it got stuck and wouldn’t come out. After trying very hard and after damaging the screen saver we were finally able to remove it. When we went to croma and asked them to replace the case the ADM Mr. Jayesh Chalaliya (3264) refused to replace it saying that the utility pack is a universal pack and applicable in all mobiles (including the case) and it is of zero value and he wouldn’t replace the case.
I would like to highlight the point that if they would have not advertised about the scheme with the case free we would have not purchased the mobile handset from CROMA. They have misled and lied to us about the scheme. It is not about a case we can buy it separately but it’s about misleading naïve consumers.

Yours Sincerely,

Customer Number 9057136
I agree.

I purchased a Mobile on 9th October, 2010 which had pre exiting tecnical snag. Hence I requested for repair and deposited with them on 20th October, 2010. After hard follow up they returned the Mobile on 23rd November, 2010 saying it is a new one. But this set also had even more acute problem.

They simply fool around people.

Ravi Verma

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