Emind Technologies Jp Nagar — fake description on job and taking money from candidates

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Jaya nagar Banglore, Bangalore District, Karnataka, India
they given wrong advertisement and placing candidates in third parties , and taking money for the employment. i went for airtel company interview and they placed me in some third party agencies and took my money , the very same day i rejected the employment and informed them about the same but they refused to give the money. please take necessary action against this.
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1. No competant trainers,
2. No proper time slots for one to one training,
3. Trainers have no proper delivery methods,
4. Liars also called as managers, HR, sales person in EMIND,
They say it is possible to provide any timings during any day of the week as per the candidates wish. However, they can't even provide trainings on the agreed timings. Even though you tell them in advance.
5. Continuous follow-up's to be made just to know whether the time remains the same the next week.
6. Improper management in scheduling classes,
7. Not even a simple time table will, be made for students,
8. Time agreed to complete the course is 15 days but the actual time taken will be triple the time agreed 45 days.
9. Fake calls- you go to the class but there will be some other student sitting in your time slot.
10. Special people get special attention. Others who are nobody will never get such attention from the trainers.
11. Trainers themselves will say that there is no proper management.
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Totally wrong...The fact is eMIND Technologies provide very good training with placements and not taking single rupee for placements . I was a student with group of 7 students done the course successfully and placed, , and with the good training i have gone to abroad also for some time ...
eMIND has made my career ...It provides a platform to students to build up career...
Complaints against eMIND totally wrong,
May be this is conspiracy of competitors..because eMIND has proved...
Hey friends,

I have learned that the competitors of EMIND are doing all this to spoil their name and putting forged complaints online on many other similar complaint sites. I being a student of EMIND have never faced any problem with EMIND. EMIND TECHNOLOGIE is a good institute. EMIND faculty is very smart and very good. EMIND give the 100%job. EMIND give good job too all students. You join the EMIND institute and make your life bright. We all must thank EMIND for giving such valuable knowledge.
Emind is fake, they dont give any placemnts, i was a student here once, believe me guys this is a fake institute !
I was a student once who came to join a course (I dont wana disclose further details)...they said 100% placement gurantee intitally, but as my course finished they made me wait for a job for almost 6 months and i still i dont have a job, all they say is to wait and be patient! Please guys dont believe the false promises these guys make, these people are here to only make money nothing else !! And aso they have the worst trainers and their teaching is also not at all good, so guys for godsake DO NOT JOIN THIS INSTITUTE AND BECOME A FOOL, PLEASE DO URSELF A FAVOUR BY NOT JOINING THIS INSTITUTE, there are many other institutes like this, please beware !! I swear to god, this institute is fake and people in this institute just want money!
I do not agree
Infact the trainers are good . yes I agree they take some time to place you but they have placed me in a good company and Im thankful to them . and we also need to give good performance from our side to get placed . I have taken the best out of the institution and find no drawbacks !
Rahul Agarwal,
I Totally Disagree with the statement of the Person who said its Fake, Its a very good institute with Good Infrastructure and have Quality Trainers.. Very good environment for study the course material provided are Very good for Exam studies... Regarding job they do provide 100% job assistance and getting the job depends upon the individual, how good they can deliver during interview... I enjoyed studying there... Beleive me u can trust this institute better than IIHT MG ROAD and Jetking...
People can contact me at link.rahul.d@gmail.com
i'm also a student from emind technology jaya nagar 4th block, its a waste institute, they said 100% placement gurantee but there is no job not even completed course properly but they took total course fee, waste of joining in that institute.
i need to know is the original emind technologies, where it is placed
emind technologies : One of the worst training institutes in the planet. I was a unfortunate student who was robbed of money and time. Initially the counsellors, teachers.staff are all shiny and smily .They ask you to pay the entire fees saying its discounted and all nonsense.if you make the mistake of paying entire fees at one go then you are doomed. they gradually start to postpone your class saying some non sense.
the trainers are not well qualified and dont even know proper english.The lab facility is .They dont assist in any sort of placements its all a lie.the trainers sleep while teaching, they keep on draging the course duration so that the student will quit by himself and they can get time for new students.
My sincere and truthful request to all students get a good institute or trainer, i was a x student .

I recently joined emind jayanagar, the management here behind you to pay to complete fee as soon as you join . They will say yes for any training but were blank when i asked them to train me on a product and i ended up giving them training material even after that they could not teach me .
I made 90% of the payment, till i did not pay they used to call me every single day once i paid they forgot me, they have two trainers who are of not much help .
I have chat logs with them, they agreed that they are not good at the product training .
i am going for a refund and if does not happen then i would be more than happy to attach the chat logs of the trainers .
i want to upload chat sessions with the trainers that i have on whats app, emind is the worst place for training
they have just 1-2 computers in working conditions,
The management agreed to train me but after taking my money, the trainers did not have the material to train
i gave the material, but even then they were not able to meet the standards
i would request people not to join emind jaynagar, its the hopeless place and you wil waste your valuable time there
the trainers try to push their duty on other trainers and the other trainer will not even be aware of what they need to teach you
i am trying for a refund as i went to just one class and after which the trainers kept the classses rescheduling
Hey dont believe emind here above i saw some comment about emind is good training center this commen is fake. As i have experience from EMind I LOST 50000 MONEY and 1 year time waste by running behind them they will die for money once they took money from as they will treat as unknown person and not providing training also they are providing training from disqualified trainers they worest than 10th class standard students . dont belive emind technology koramanga and jainagar and jp nagar. i have good experience with this branches.
i have a dout... whether this center is good or bad... i wish too do course in this center, but now im n confusion..
This is one of the worst institute.. Their intension is colleting money from the student.
but they will not give money to the trainers.. When vikas bhai think only those time we will get the salary.

post aided cheque.. they will pay maximum 20000 to 25000 thousand rupees. They don't need need any quality, they need only money money monet
Use less institute.. Owner all he think abt money... He is not giving salary on time for trainer.. No 1 greedy mentality.. All time open for collecting money from the students... He is useless guy. 10 student and pre degree student.. Drop out students are histraget...he is not fit to run 🏃 institute.. He is not care abt students carrier... He think abt his paket... How much money will filled in his packed... He need money money money.. Don't join
Hi Guys

I would give zero rating. these ppl they take off the money and don't deliver the proper training.
I was promised that they will provide the best training as i was not much concerned about the placement. But as soon i made payment for 2 courses that i opted, i could see the worst quality training and then i decided to drop off the training buy the institute co-coordinator did not want to refund money to the other course which did not even start. Now after a lot of Run around she is not even responding properly. Please Do not join this Institute
do not trust any of the branch i am for now talking about the jaynagar Emind technology . Do not fall for the sugar coated words they do not deliver Knowledge but they are only for money Save your money or join some institute that has Class.. these guys are badly fit for nothing they would get only curses

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    Emind Technologies Jp Nagar - fake description on job and taking money from candidates

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