[Resolved]  Indian Railway — Miss management at AC coaches

In all the pantry cars of Indian railway pantry car ,they are nit providing biscuit with tea.The qulity of food is aldo extremely bad.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Dear sir,

I was travelling from New Delhi to Amritsar in train no.2013 New Delhi- Amritsar Shatabdi Express. Your pantry car service guy misbehaved with me. I was not feeling well, so i refused to have my dinner which was being served by them. I requested them to provide me a cup of tea. The service guy told me that he will provide in few minutes.

But when i did not get the cup of tea, i asked him. he talked so roudly as he was talking with the servant. And refused to provide on cost also.

If In Shatabdi customer is being served by Pantry Car staff, then what is the fun to charge this much of amount including food.

Waiting for reply.

Ashim Veer Arora
PNR No.[protected],
Coach no. C-5, Berth No. 62.

Indian Railway — Pass Not Renew

Dear Sir,

Myself Sachin Goel, from ambala cantt, I am a daily passenger from[protected] from Ambala

to Mandi Gobindgarh. From last One month my new business in Rajpura so i am using pass from

Ambala to Rajpura. Today i m going to renew my pass to Ambala Cantt Railway Station for one

month (from[protected] to[protected].But firstly he request for old pass i give him the old

pass then he says that ur pass renewed from[protected] to[protected].There is the person name

Mr.Rupinder Singh. Sir according to him my old pass is from[protected] to[protected] so he

cant issue next day pass[protected] but why sir why due to illness i m not using my pass

from last 5 days so i need this pass from[protected] so i request him to renew from

[protected] to[protected] but he is not issue me the pass. You know Ambala cantt Railway

station is a very Busy station there is huge rush to buy ticket so i m going in Evening to

renew my pass but Mr.Rupinder Singh bot issue me the pass pls give me the reply and take

action on Mr.Rupinder Singh.

Railway Minister
Rail Bhawan, New Delhi
The Concerning Authority
East Coast Railway
Vigilance Officer
Department Of Railway

Dear Sir

Its all about my journey from Bhubaneswar to Guwahati.

Am traveling from Bhubaneswar to Guwahati bearing Train No 0201, PNR No[protected], Ticket No-A12801127 Dated on 11/03/09.I wanted to change my class from Sleeper to 3rd A/C.I searched for a TT who can do it for me.But surprisingly I didnt find a single railway staff.After train reaching in Howrah a TT has come to check the ticket.I told him to change my class from Sleeper class to 3rd A/C.He demanded suddenly Rs 300/- apart from difference amount changing from Sleeper class to 3rd a/c which comes a amount Rs 646/- only.I asked to him why I will pay you that extra money????He boldly replied me coz I can sleep well in A/C coach and if I want to sleep well, I have to pay if I want to sleep there.Then suddenly another TT has come and started bargain with me and told me directly that I will get the receipt of Rs 646/- for changing of my class but not recieve any receipt for that extra amount.In a bargain the amount has been finalised Rs 150/-.Then that TT called another person of A/C coach by cellphone name Mr Ghosh, Conductor whom i find out from his batch intact in his coat.Then he took the money Rs 646/- for changing my class from sleeper to AC/3 bearing receipt no 264262and alotted me B1/51 and took Rs 150/- extra coz he did it for me.What a shame.Its ridiculous and disgusting.
So its my sincere request to the authority please take necessary steps to avoid this type of situation to others.

Rameswar Choudhury

Indian Railway — E Ticketing in favour of T.T & other officer to increase the size of their pocket

i was travellin from guwahati to dibrugarh on[protected] by rajdhani exp 2324 at6.45pm i have a e ticketing in the name of sachin, jyoti, kaashvi kasera for 1Ac at waiting 3-4-5 but at station the s.master &T.T told me to cancelled the e.ticketting because their is no seat in Ist Ac in R.exp .when the train arrival i talk with the same people they said no seat but in chat their is only 9 passenger .so, 1 friend told me to purchase purchase the ordinary 1 class ticket of rs.548/- and after i purchase i again went to the TT and after he saw the 1 class tick he told me to seat in compartmen A i got the seat. when the train start tt come and asked me for money but he is not willing to cut the challan he asked rs 500 for 3 ticket.
i was travellin from guwahati to dibrugarh on[protected] by rajdhani exp 2324 at6.45pm i have a e ticketing in the name of sachin, jyoti, kaashvi kasera for 1Ac at waiting 3-4-5 but at station the s.master &T.T told me to cancelled the e.ticketting because their is no seat in Ist Ac in R.exp .when the train arrival i talk with the same people they said no seat but in chat their is only 9 passenger .so, 1 friend told me to purchase purchase the ordinary 1 class ticket of rs.548/- and after i purchase i again went to the TT and after he saw the 1 class tick he told me to seat in compartmen A i got the seat. when the train start tt come and asked me for money but he is not willing to cut the challan he asked rs 500 for 3 ticket.
beware of salempur reservatoin sir mai 29/3/09 ko reservation ke liye salempur gaya. aur waha par 8:30am arin no. akshan adhikari form manga.form bharte vakt maine avadh exp ka train no manga us par vo gali galoz karne laga. is par maine uska nam puchha to vo fir ki dhamki dene laga. aur 20-30 admi ko bula kar ek paper par jabardasti mafi letter dara kar hamse likhwaya aur hamare ticket mangne par usne gali di .aur kaha ki ticket nahi hai. aur 1 ghanta pura bithaye rakha. ping nahi hai. system slow hai.aisa bolne laga.jabki purushottam nam ke 63 sal ke vayask ko usne bhatni se bokaro ke liye 1/4/09 ka 9:17 par confirm ticket diya jabki hamare mangne par hame gali aur dhakke mare gaye.agar train no .puchhna crime hai ti kis liye form par trin no. manga jata hai.ya to ap train no ka option form parse nikaliye ya to aise admi ki badli ya uchit upay kijiye. aur mera laluji se nivedan hai ki aise karmchariyo ki vajah se railway ka nam dhul mein mila rahe hai. agar apkon electoin vakt mile is mamle ki janch kijiye.
The Chief Commercial Manager
Eastern Railway, Calcutta

Subject: - Delaying in Payment – Pay Order A006506.

Respected Sir
This is “SRIKRISHNA KUMAR” on 06th of March’09 I got a latter from The Chief Commercial Manager, Eastern Railway, Calcutta Latter No. (C438/6/54649/1/09Re) with the subject “Refund of Fare”. According to the latter I am able to get Rs. 216/- (Pay Order A006506) from Rishra office on production of this latter. I visited to Rishra office four to five times but Rishra office is not able to pay me the said amount Rs. 216/- because they did not receive there copy regarding the same and after asking to give written that “They are not able to pay because of not receiving of there copy they refused to do same” and advised to contact CCM, Eastern Railway. I am asking you the reasons for delaying of my payment Rs. 216, and why Rishra office is not received there copy by that they can pay my amount. Please take immediately action towards my problem.

Thanking You

Yours truly,
Srikrishna Kumar
40/1, N. S. Road, Rishra
Hooghly – 712248
M: - [protected]
Hello Sir
I am a regular traveller in Kanyakumari express(Bangalore-Coimbatore).My primary problem is the 3 tier in side berths.This is ridiculous to have 3 berths in the side.
1.The upper berth has hardly any space to get on .It requires a fitness level of an olympic athelete.People who are unable to climb just lie down on the floor along with people who have waitlisted tickets.
2.People over 5'10'' like me(I am 6 ft) have to put the legs out all the time and it is suspended in air throughout the journey, that gives 'Terrible backaches'
3.Getting on and off is very difficult and almost impossible for some coz we have to crouch so much that we touch our knees with our head.
4.So many people have to share a very little space and it becomes very congested and we end up adding baggages on top of people.

Even there are organisations who lend their voice against the 'Cruelty on animals' but there is NOBODY to give their voice to help the struggling passengers.
The railways is a profit making organisation but inspite of the staggering numbers they show as 'profit' there seems to be ABSOLUTELY no improvement of the toilets.I bet it would be the WORST rail toilets in the whole world.

The railways just turns a blind eye on people who get into reserved compartments and take the reserved seats
1.One who has reserved his seat as early as 90 days has to fight it out every time
2.The compartment is full with people and their baggages so no way we could find place to put our bags
3.They keep chatting at high volume for the whole journey and dont let anybody sleep
4.It is not possible to get into a toilet coz it is so messy with so many people abusing it
5.It is very very unsafe coz anybody can unsuspectingly alight with somebody else's baggage

after all this discomfort the TTR comes and says nothing and obviously they are helpless coz they do not have any police support to get the misbehaving passengers out of the train.
I do not know how to make our voice audible to the railway officials who say 'We have not recieved any complaints from passengers'.
Please look into these issues and act accordingly, It would be of a great help to commuters all over the country.
the system is very inconvinent to travel long please look upon it .tanks

Indian Railway — poor and insecure services

I am Praveen Jain travelling on March 11, 2009 by Nizamuddin Express ( Western Railway) train in Coach no.S6 from Nagda (MP) to Nizamuddin.The coach condition is so much worst that its all of toilet locks are not working.Its electric supply panel door is not locked, it is open and paasengers thrown waste inside it.
There are so much illegal passengers inside the coach and there is nobody to restrict them.All caused a feared insecurity that we all people could not be sleeped whole night.
My ticket PNR is[protected].
My address is 68 / 9 Grasim Staff Colony Birlagram Nagda.
The work for 3rd railway track between athipet and basinbridge are processing deadslow.. For the past 4 years the people at this route was waiting for the 3rd railway track. The Ennore bridge was in very damaged condition.. Even though new bridge was constructed, the railway track is not constructed yet.. The train was going on the oldbridge only.. When will the 3rd track opens in this is route?...
In Indian Railway online website not give proper information today train no. 2918 Gujarat Sampark Kranti Exp. Train from H.Nizamuddin to Ahmedabad late from H.Nizamuddin but on railway online site shows train on right time this is only confusion please correct these things at the earliest
The head of indian rail
indian rail ministry

Subject: Regarding vulgare actvities with passangers at PUNE (M.H) junction.

i am a common man of this unluckey country which is hendling by corrupt officers and politicians. why am i saying this because

at the pune junction, some local workers and coolies they take charge forcefully for sitting in the general bogee infront of railway police counstables.

i am dam sure that R.P.F officers are taking bribe from those persons who are involve in such kind actvities.

-: if sir you are really capable to take action against involve person, please being a human take action and punish of those peoples because who don't know what are their faults they also travel in the general bogee .

" you know sir in the india, how a poor and illiterate person suffer because of these actvities."

Thanks and regards

Anuj kumar
my reservation on date 12.04.09 train name-swatantra senani express, number-2561, bogie-s-9,
seat number-42, 44
when i picked this train from darbhanga its a reaaly rough condition, toilet also rough conditon, no any water totie, and very bad smell in toilet,

plz. change my bogie as soon as.

I traveled by 1014- Lokmanya TT express on 11th April, 2009, from Bangalore- LTT by AC B3 compartment. The bed sheets supplied were not cleanly washed and not pressed. Appeared as i[censored]sed by someone. Towels were full of stains. Consequently, we could not use them. The attendant declined to give complaint book. TTE was not available to lodge complaint.
General cleandinees far below expected standards. The garbage under wash basin overflowing. compartment never swept during 24 hours. Urchins entering for begging. unauthorised venders were entering. No coach attendent/ TTE was preventing misuse of facilities.
will authorities ensure better service?
i with my wife n children were travelling on 12th april2009, train no.2622 in a/c 2tier . n we got really annoyed seeing the security arrangements in hazratnizamudin to chennai express .
my wife was sleeping on the lower berth no.26 with one of my kid n she kept her hand bag under her head . n somebody in midnight time managed to steal her bag .their was so called a attendent in that coach, who was so badly drunk during her duty time.we have launched an fir against that attendent being aware of the fact everything will remain unanswered.
m really tensed seeing the kind of atmosphere u r providing to ur it's an monetary loss but seeing the negligence in terms of security, i dont feel any family can anymore travel in indian ralways.

kindly take certain actions in term of security.
There is nothing changed.We have complained to few forums earlier but maintenance, behaviour of stuffs, bad food quality have not changed yet.we are thinking to go courts if things are not going to change.If these are happening with Rajdhani Express, then what will happen to other trains?
To Whom It May Concern

I had purchased to & fro 3AC tickets for 3 person in HWH-KGM Wkly Spl train from HWH to KGM & back on 20/3/09.
Following fare is given in every Indian Railways official website

Train no. Train name Fare Total
0363(Up) HWH-KGM Wkly Spl Basic fare - Rs.1054/- Rs.1079/-
Resv chg – Rs.25/-

0364(Down) KGM-HWH Wkly Spl Basic fare–Rs.1054/- Rs.1109/-
Resv chg – Rs. 25/-
Superfast chg –Rs.30/-

Total fare for upward journey per person is Rs.1079/-, so 3 passangers fare would be Rs.3237/-. Similarly, downward fare per person is Rs.1109/-, so 3 passangers fare would be Rs.3327/-.
However, I was charged Rs.3297/- & Rs.3432/- repectively for 2 journeys. Going by the Railways official fare chart I paid excess amount of Rs.165/-. I demand a refund of that aforesaid amount ASAP.
My Ticket no. & PNR no. are 34918130 &[protected] and 34918131 &[protected] respectively.
Also I fail to understand why same train become superfast on its downward journey from KGM to HWH.

Thanking you

Soumitra Chakraborty
Ph No.[protected]

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