[Resolved]  Indian Railway — Miss management at AC coaches

In all the pantry cars of Indian railway pantry car ,they are nit providing biscuit with tea.The qulity of food is aldo extremely bad.
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Aug 13, 2020
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The Railway Minister,
Rail Bhawan, New Delhi

Subject: Complaint against our agement and problem faced durin g travel in Gareeb Rath Express Train no. 2612 dated 19th November 2007 from Hazrat Nizamudin to Chennai Central.

Respected Sir,

With due respect we Citizen of India, want to bring in to your kind attention about the problem we faced during the journey from Hazrat Nizamudin to Chennai Central on 19/11/07 by train no. 2612 Gareeb Rath Express. Following trouble we faced in 3rd AC Coach No. G-1.

1. No facility of Meals (Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch) nothing serve at our cost. Even did not get any tea at our cost .
2. Toilets were so dirty and impossible to use .
3. A.C was not working in our coach and no person was available to whom we can complain .
4. Language problem with the attending person .
5. No person for housekeeping .
6. No security arrangement like security guard .

We request you to kindly pay attention on our complaint and take necessary action so that passenger would not face these problems in future

Your’s truly PNR No Mobile no

Jitender Malik [protected] [protected]
Pawan Mittal [protected] [protected]
Ashwin [protected] [protected]
K. Ravindar [protected]
Pawan Mogga [protected] [protected]
Kavita Akar [protected] [protected]
Raman Khanna [protected] [protected]
Ajith Kumar P.G [protected] [protected]
Respected Sir/Madam,

Railway reservation ko aasan banane ke liye bahut se upaye kiye jaa rahe hain jaise.. e-ticketing. i-tecketing.... Aur yeh bahut achha bhi hai, Lekin maujooda reserveration ki halat bahut kharaab hoti jaa rahi hai Jis taraf koi dhyan nahin de raha hai.
Bahut se aise shahar hain jahan reservation counter to hain lekin ticket lene ke liye doosre shahar mein jaana padta hai....... kyonki aksar yahan connectivity hi chali jaati hai. Aisa hi ek shahar BALRAMPUR hai jahan Aaye din connectivity nahin hoti hai aur na to koi ticket book ho pata hai aur na cancell. Aisi halat mein log GONDA railway station (jo 50 K.M.door hai) par bhaag kar jaate hain to wahan par bhi ek hi counter (jis pe thik se kaam nahin hota hai ) chal raha hota hai aur is tarah se 1 ticket ko book karane ya cancell karaane mein poora 1 din bhhoke-pyase nikal jate hain aur kabhi-kabhi to 2-3 din lag jaate hain.
Agar hamare desh mein isi trah bewastha rahi to desh ka kya hoga....................................

Please kuch kijiye.............


Indian Railway — reservation counter

Dear Sir, 4.30 am, 2/12/07,reservation.

Your reservation counters have a separate enquiry counter which usually has heavy rush...I sugest you to have multiple computers at the reservation counter which can give all the necessary information on only the indian railway reservations.
Also all the reservation counters staff should have the obligation of giving any information desired by the customer quickly so it is recomended to rename all the counters as reservation/enquiry counters.
As such at the present since there are separate enquiry counters,the reservation counter staff have no obligation for giving any information but for asking the customer to go to the enquiry counter.
I strongly believe that for reservation counters at the senior citizen/women/Handicap counters should be renamed as reservation/enquiry counters immediatly.

The Railway Minister,
Rail Bhawan, New Delhi


Sub: Poor quality of food supplied in Rajadhani Express (T.No2432)

I had travelled from Nizamuddin to Trivandrum on 20th January 2008 after my official duty in NewDelhi.

The food supplied in the train was below standard in all sence and which badly affected my stomach. This experience was not only for me but the same was the experience for other passengers.

I request and respect your kind attention to this matter and make necessory orders to keep the quality of the food supplied in the train in future

yours truly

Indian Railway — link fail at ticket counter

On 27/02/08, I went to reservation ticket counter at Siliguri Junction(W.B.) at around 18.50hrs for a reserved ticket for Patna & stood in queue. But even upto 20.00 hrs, I could not get the ticket as booking clerk was moving here & there & wasting his time in gossip with his colleagues. Whenever I asked for ticket, he always said the link was fail. This incident is very common in this counter as I have faced it several times. Behaviour of the counter clerk is also not descent.

Indian Railway — Lack of safety at Bhayander Railway station.

Accidents are increasing day by day in Mumbai, but the reason for accidents occurring in Bhayander is the violation of safety norms at the railway station.
It is always full of people crossing the railway tracks.
This is dangerous as a number of express trains move through this station with great speed. After the introduction of the two new tracks on the Borivali-Virar stretch more trains have been passing through this station.
As no prior announcements are made about the trains passing through the station those crossing the tracks are taken by surprise and killed. Every month four or five commuters have been losing their lives
Crossing railway tracks is an offence according to law. But the railway officials at Bhayander do not take any action against the persons breaking the law.
I would like to make the following suggestions to solve the problem:

a)Announcements should be made at regular intervals warning of strict action against those crossing tracks.
b)Notices giving the same warning should be posted on every platform.
c)Constables should be posted at both ends of the platform to prevent people from crossing tracks.
d)Commuters should be persuaded to use overbridges.They can be prosecuted when they are not amenable to persuasion.
e)Regular announcement should be made about the arrival of long distance trains so that commuters are kept out of the way.
f)Please reply me your Action to be taken within 7 Day’s
Early action in this regard would earn the goodwill of the public.

Thankyou. Yours sincerely,
Mukesh Pandey.
Respected sir,

I have travelled in the COROMONDAL EXPRESS on 21st jan-08..
this is unforgettable..(Chennai - howrah).Due to behaveness of
pantry car staff is remarkable...And also they produce the
food of quality is very goOd. But, quantity is not sufficent..
and also some of the person selling the tea is 5.00.. actual
price is 4.00...In this regard i asked to the pantry car
manager, he replied simply, I dunno about that, he asked
me tell me the name of seller, i'll take action against him...

Try to avoid the silly complaints from the passengers..
Dear Railway Minister,

today i was crossing the north overhead bridges on andheri station,
the hawkers putting up their shops (WHICH WERE DESTROYED YESTERDAY BY THE AUTHORITIES)
dropped a bamboo which fell on my feet , (dint do much damage) but still i asked them to be more care full,
the plain clothed policeman standing there asked me to looking and walk, so it seems that you are promoting illegal stalls on the flyover ok then should public resort to crossing the tracks.
Yours tax paying citizen
i am travelling right now in BERAILLY-BHUJ EXPRESS(4321) and start from delhi, the AC'S of 3 AC-TIER are not working and after repeated complaints to TRAVELLING TICKET EXAMINER, Mr.RAMBABU BHAIRWA didnot respond to the complaint.
i want u and ur staff to get the AC'S repaired immediately.
i want u take the strict action against the staff.

anudeep singal
This is regarding harresment done by pass holders.
In some trains like sayajinagari express, Passholders haress the other passengers.Their groups also hit individual passenger. safety must be provided to Individual passengers.Railway must be having some policy to treat pass holders.
The Railway Minister

Rail Bhawan, New delhi

Subject: Computer says ticket confirm but T.T says Ticket is not confirm

Respected sir,

With due respect, we citizen of india, want to bring in to your kind attention about the problem that my family faced at the time of boardinf the train. My ticket no. 21470237 PNR no.[protected] dated 24-03-08 Marudhar express boarding from kanpur central, at the time of boarding after waiting 0ne hour at the station duty officer (T.T) was not listening any thing, he refused to give us a birth, he is saying your ticket is not confirm we are requesting him but sir computer says your one ticket is confirm coach is B2 Seat is 27 but he says to hum kya kare computer khe raha hai. next day i confirm from the railway department it was confirm, respected sir now we want full return of the ticket & you must take some action.


Mohit saneja
Do u bl***y realise how dog s**t are indian trains

Indian Railway — coach number not marked

Dear Sir,

Today dt.[protected] and time is 6.25 PM. My complain is towards railway inquiry (on no. 1335)for arrival and departure of train no. 2874( Jharkhand Swarn Jyanti EXp.)

When I ask for arrival of the same up train(no.2873) response is coming that the train is about to arrive at 5.30PM however now it is 6.28Pm when i am writing the mail.

When i ask for departure of 2874 down train Jharkhand Swarn jyanti Exp. reply comes that the train will depar at 7.45Pm on right time.

How it is possible that at 6.28 Pm the train is about to come at 5.30PM by 3.30 hours late.
Never train can depart on schedule departure time at least 3.00 hours of lay off time.

we passangers of this train always suffers such tpye of wrong information of railway enquiry.
Only 1.15 hours to go for schedule departure time. passanger will come to the station as per schedule time but certainly the train will depart not before 10.30 as usually happens.

It is usual happenings of the railway.

Is there any solutions.

I am hope ful for the action taken against my complain.
Railway ministor
Sub:Tight Packed journy

Respected sir,

I am a b-tec student(kerala).my home is 200 km away from my college.i used to travel train(intercity from cannur to ernakulam and Executive from ernakulam to cannur) in every week end.Evry time the train will be very tight and most of the time we cannot put our foot on compartment.some time we hang on the is not fun.i am speaking very seriously.this is not the case for me alone.Hundreds of students are travelling with me.250 peoples are travelling instead of 128 in one compartment, Then there is no magic in railway profit.when i travelling i can see that many of other train is running with empty compartment.Every one want to complaint, but no one try for that.
Our train time is in peak time ie:most of the school staff and students are used the same train.
Therefor you please kindley inform railway minister to avoid that problem very immedietly.either by providing an additional train or by increasing compartment.

yours sincierly
Javad ahamad K.V
i want to told you that i am living in the city bhatapara which is 45 away from bilaspur and 64 km away from raipur
the state capital. i want to inform you that in the booking office it is opened for 8 hours daily in these eight hours 6 to 7 hours the booking office officers are active with the person which are included in the black marketing of ticket (say dalal) and it is open only one to two hours for the common person. for writing the complain against these i first go to station master to obtain complain book but he did not provide me he told me that contact bilaspur gm office for these and told me to talk on the number[protected] but when i call on this number he told me that do not disturb me call on raipur for these matter.
in front of booking office also this number is written to
say any complain against any officer the bilapur gm told that call on no [protected] when i call on this number
he told me that call on the number [protected] when i call
on this number and told me that station manager is not providing me complaint book so he told me that for this matter then he told me that call on the number [protected] and finally then i call on this number no one could attained the phone i call many time but no one could attain the phone. sir you see that what is the condition of indian railway. it is like an comedy serial "office office "run by pankaj please give treatment to indian railway and take strict action very soon against officer included in these case . this is second time i send complain when i send first time one month before then on actio is taken against anyone . the name of the officer in the booking office is prakash very soon take strict action .
anshul verma
Dear Sir,

This is Rajeev anand. I have booked two tickets from New Mal jn (NJP) to delhi(DLS) on[protected]. The Train has been rescheduled to 8 hours late. So i went to Station master and asked for refund. We got the information that we have to send mail to irctc for refund. We did the same. The amount is Rs.2403.00. But till today i have not recieved the refund. i have done continous followups with IRCTC and Northern Railway but no use. But till today i have not recieved the same, i send many mails to IRCTC but no use even they not replay me. only one mail i got that u wait for 3 months for refund.

Please help me to get my money back.

My Tickets Deatils Are-
PNR No-[protected]
TRANS ID-[protected]


Rajeev Anand

Indian Railways Fooling The People — railway fraud indian railways fooling the innocent people

As we book a three tier a/c ticket with thge rails and we have waiting list no. say 9 and 10 but it does not get confirmed as i have paid for the a/c three tier the amount is 3 times the normal tickets if i do not have the confirmed i am not allowed to sit in the 3 tier a/c compartment i have to go a general compartment but i am charged for the a/c i should get the balance refund why are they not giving the refund as we have had travlled in a genral compartment and been paid for 3 tier a/s i am not allowed to board the 3 tier compartment as i have the ticket but is not confirmed.
hope you understand the matter of what i m trying to say.
pls. look in to the matter asap. as it is a big loss and wrong on the part of the railways to do such as they are looting the public who is innocent and this has happened to me recently i do not want this to happen to all my fellow citizens as its wrong.



Indian Railway — miss behavior from TV

I travelling from nasik road to newjalpaigudi (njp) on today date 19/04/2008 in train no 5645 bogie no a1 PNR[protected]
the TC from bhusawal onwords he drunk liqur and mis behavior with us useing bad words
please help us and look at above serious complaint
I had booked my motor cycle to be despatched fron Nasik road station to Faridabad station on 10th of April. The Receipt No. is B120299 dated 10/04/2008. But it has not reached its destination till date. I enquired at Faridabad railway station parcel deptt. several times for last 12 days. They are indifferent towards the arrival of the parcel. When I asked about the where-about of my motorcycle they are just telling to search at New Delhi Railway Station. I went to New Delhi Railway station and they said to search at old Delhi Railway station. But I could not find it. Is it my duty to search the motor cycle like this after paying railway the transportation charges? I am in a fix what to do now . I am a student at Management development Institute, Gurgaon and Faridabad is very far from this place and there is no system of communication through telephone from out side to the parcel offfice. Please help me out .
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