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[Resolved]  Indian Railways — VERY BAD SIDE OF INDIAN RAILWAYS

Dear Sir,
My native place is Nagercoil ,Kanyakumari District. I am working at Coimbatore. From the last railway budjet our honarable railway minister Thiru.Lalu anaunced Coimbatore - Nagercoil Express Daily night Train. Immediately southern railway anaunced Train Number,Train Timing,Train Fair.Around 10 months left.So for train running date not anaonced.Around 50% of the total population of coimbatore is south tamilnadu people. They are doing business and jobs at Coimbatore.But so for no night train to south tamilnadu. But new and new omni buses are introduced with high travel ticket fare.In coimbatore ,so many meetings and fightings were conducted. But no use. Please look in this .
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World Phone — Lack of training of railways employees

This is a very bad experience regarding your services . it has been finacial loss and more of a mental harrasment. I have booked an i-ticket of 11th november 2007 of Shane-punjab. from Phagwara to New delhi. On reaching the station the train was late for more than 6 hours. So we caught a deluxe bus from jallandhar to delhi and had given the ticket to my brother for cancellation. So he went to jallandhar station to cancel the ticket and he was told that this ticket is from phagwara and will be cancelled from there. So he went to phagwara and the guy over there told that this will be cancelled over internet only like it was booked. It is well known that i-ticket is cancelled from the counter itself accross the country and only e-ticket is cancelled on the net. . 4 days back I have cancelled my shatabdi i- ticket in the same way. Now the ticket is in punjab without been cancelled . There was no reply from customer care dept. after several reminders.
My PNR number is[protected]
Dear Sir,

I Vinay Sukla running a business in bangalore and used to travel a lot by train and get my tickets on my own at Banashankari Complex reservation office and I have been observed this particular lady is behaving in a rude manner with all the passengers who is comming to book tickets.

This is to inform the officials who is reading this mail as this is my 2nd complaint about rude behavior of a railway staff at Banashankari Complex reservation office, Bangalore of south western railays. On 07/11/2007 the lady who was issuing tickets in the counter No.1 had an argument with a boy who had come there to take some tickets and that boy seems to have used some bad words on her for that the lady had come out of the counter and hit that boy who is aged about 23-25 years with her slippers in fromt of so many public who had come to book tickets. even when we trid to convince her to get herself cool but she used bad words to even some senior citizens who tried to convince her and later she dragged that bot in side tthe cabin and tore his shirt, the tickets booked by him also was torn. when I tried to make this as a complaint I happend to Speak to one Mr Dattathreya i was told that he is a vigilence officer of indianrailways he gave ma a Number of Divisional Railway manager where we can book a complaint because this happend to be a disipline matter of Railways. When i tried to call up that particular mobile number to book a complain noone was picking up the phone.

All my worry is that I had been to Banashankari Railway Reservation Office I could see that lady behaving in the same rude manner with a senior citizen who had come to book his tickets. This show that no action is been taken on that lady,(If any action were to have taken she must have changed herself to a polite manner atleast with a Senior Citizen ) We being Indians should have some culture to respect Elderly persons and even if we cannot do good things to them we should not do things by misbehaving with the Senior Citizens.

I think this is a shame full matter for Indian Railways for having hiring such ill mannered people at a public place.

Hope some body to take action and get the respects restored to our senior citizens.

Vinay Sukla
Dear Sir,

Aag kal jo horaha hai ohe Indian Railways ke lieya bhut hi kharab dik hai. All reservation seat 1 month pehelei bik jata hai. 1 month pehele reservation karke confirm nahi hota hai lekin paise dene se 55-10 minuts pehelei reservation mil jata hai. Pure dalal na kharid leta hai yea keya Railways ke lieya aacha hai? Agar iska koi karwai hai to please kare or Indian Railways ka nam roson rakeh Thanking you

Today morning (29/Dec/07), I had been to the Malleswaram Railway Station alongwith my father (a senior citizen) to buy tickets. There were very few people in the station. I was the only one to sit in the queue. The 10-15 other people in the station were queueing up at the counter directly. The Railway officer (SANTHANAM) issuing tickets asked everyone to sit down. I was supposed to be at the first of the queue, but SANTHANAM insisted that I go back to the end of the queue, which was unfair. When I tried to explain the situation, SANTHANAM misbehaved with me and my father and asked us to go back to the end of the queue (which was already about 15-20 people).
I request Railway dept to review these cases and take necessary and immediate action. Also, please keep us informed of your actions.
Dear sir
On 26/12/07in bhopal railway station in the monring we r coming from new delhi to bangalore in karnataka express in ganeral slepping in the bed.suddenly Railway police are come & beat me &they taken my 300 ruppy.same place last year 04/11/06 in goa express in 12;00 am in the going to goa.police beat me by stick &they taken me near toilet&they taken my 500 ruppy.same types of so many case heppening in bhopal,itarasi&bhusawal.we can't get the e-mail address for complant last we r complaning this year.we r came from north side .sir we can't get the identification of raiyway police.plese help the they r taking illigal charge from we.we don't know about railways rules.

your sencerly

yadav bohara
we need direct email id or any cantact address of indian railways for complant.

your faithfully

yadav bohara
Dear Sir,

I would like to draw your kind attention that all Patients from Northern & Eastern Part of India are been harrash by the TT's of Katpadi Station( Vellore). Some how they take money from the patient's or attendors and they don't give any receipt. But unfortunately they don't harrash the people who can speak Tamil. This is very unfortunate that at CMC Vellore arround 80% patient comes from Eastern & Northern part of India.

You are farvently requested to do the needfull at the earliest.

With best regards

Samir Pati
Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

I have booked tickets for my mother in Feb'08 for the travel in Apr'08. My mother happens to be a senior citizen and when I had booked the tickets I got 30% off. With new rules in place she should get 50% off.

I would like to know how to claim the refund.

Dear sir,
Most respectfully n humbly i would i like to say that i want a complaint registered against the railway consumer forum. the incident goes this way i Tarachand Chhajed n my wife were travelling from suryanagri express from Mumbai to Jodhpur on 20/03/2008 and had a ticket with waiting list nos 5, 6 respectively in 2-tier ac, the PNR no is [protected]. When we boarded train from mumbai the T.T did check our ticket for 1 hour n then when he checked he started behaving in very rude manner n started abusing my wife n then made us to leave the ac compartment n then were shifted to the sleeper class bogie, the T.T's name was "RAJKUMAR .P. MEENA". So my request is that please take strong actions against that T.T and refund us the difference money because we travelled in second class compartments and got mental harrasments also so please react on it as soon as possible and reply me as soon as possible...
Your's sincerely,
hi sir,
iam living in Chandigarh.I want to complain about the attitude of railway reservation clerks at sector 17, chandigarh. they dont bother to come to their duty in time. Their work speed is too slow. They should get some commission so that they come in time and try to change their culture.
In the Railway booking counter at sector-11 Rohini, delhi, the couter clarks are not behaving well with the public. They are shouting at every one. They are not guiding the public properly. Their speach also not audiable because of their age (about 59). As a result of their mis-guidance, one person has lost about Rs. 480/- because of booking of six tickets in wrong route and subsequently cancelled. Public who are dare enough are also shouting at the staff for their mis behaviour . complaints book is not available (or they hesitate to give). Some vigilance officers from Railways are to be deputed to watch the scene atleast for 15 minutes so that they may understand the problems faced by the public. (This is fourth such nature of complaint by me for the last two years. but nothing is responded) My request is, this may atleast be seen by any responsible railway officer.
i want a ticket to banglore from mumbai

Southern Railways — complaint regarding no answering of enquiry telephone number and rude replies

this is regarding the working condition of tirur railway station in malappuram district in kerala state under sothern railway.. they even not answer the telephone numbers for enquiry at any time [protected] is there enquiry no: and also 131.
Respected Sir/Madam,

On[protected], I planned to travel from Madurai to Chennai Egmore by

Rameswaram Express. I went to the station as per the timing printed in the

ticket. But I couldn’t catch the train on that day, because the departure time

of the train time was changed on that day. I enquired in Madurai Junction

Enquiry in person, they told me that the departure time of train was changed

from that day, asked me to write my name & other details in a Register and

guaranteed to refund the charges.

After that, I went to the Madurai Divisional office more than five times to get the refund. They have

given a reciept and whenever I went, they told me that the train ticket charges will

surely be sent to my residential address as per the receipt. I am still awaiting

for that.

Each and every time their told me that, go and come the next week… still

now your query is processed. I can’t believe that.

Kindly do the needful action for this….(OR) Kindly forward this mail to your superior…Or give the mail id of your superior… I will send this mail

Details of Train Ticket:

Receipt no : 379051

Reservation ticket no. 53733626

PNR No.[protected]

From Madurai to Chennai egmore

Rameswaram Express – RMM -Train No: 6714

Date :[protected]

Train amount: Rs 225/-

Reason : Original ticket is hand over to the sportly on the request.

Thanks in advance

Kindly do the needful action and help me to get the refund as early as possible...

Pratap. M
Dear Laloo Prasad Yadav,

Mumbai Nagarcoil Express which travels from Mumbai to Nagarcoil the trains provided to the passengers is really in a very bad conditions so i request you to provide new train or the train which is better conditions so that the passengers can travel comfortably, And we also want good food to be provided in the canteen and it should be charged reasonably. And there is more frequency of the train. So plz do the needful.
I Rajesh Yashwante from mumbai is unhappy with your Tatkal Service, because i want travel from mumbai to Kolkata, but not able to use your facility, because your Tatkat Ticket is booked with in 5 Min from the time its starts, I will be Thankfully i[censored] will look into this matter. +[protected]

Your faithfully
Rajesh Yashwante

Indian Railway — Bad behaviour of on duty policeman


The Railway Minister,
Rail Bhawan, New Delhi

Subject: Complaint against our agement and problem faced durin g travel

in Gorakhpur Avadh Express Train no. 2612 dated 10th May 2008 from

Mumbai to Baroda JN.

Respected Sir,

With due respect we Citizen of India, want to bring in to your kind

attention about the problem we faced during the journey from Mumbai to

Baroda JN. on 10/05/2008 by train Gorakhpur Avadh Express. Following

trouble we faced in General Coach No. G-2.

2. Toilets were so dirty and impossible to use .
3. Language problem with the attending person .
4. police men on the duty was act very badly it also threating some

uneducated people who travel from general class they also ask for move

from their compartment from some specific people and they offer seat to

some people ...what we think about it ? ist it ...Bri...?
5 police men on duty it also behave very badly with two or three people

and even they beat them this democrat country why we tolerate

such behavior we excuse u to take Quick Action Against this type of

government officer...they are recruited for serve the public not for

suck the public...

please take action against so no one threaten and no one ask fpr


We request you to kindly pay attention on our complaint and take

necessary action so that passenger would not face these problems in

Dear Sir,
I Tauseef Baig booked a Tatkal Ticket of[protected] from Bhopal to Mumbai where in reservation form date mentioned by me was[protected] which means deaprture is to be done on 11th but the ticket given to me was of 12th ( Train originating from ferozpur on 11th and comming to bhopal on 12th) due to which my journey cancelled on 11th whereby i have to bear huge losses.

PNR No. :[protected]
Ticket No. : A10787902
Booking Date and Time :[protected] / 10:04
To: Date :23.05.2008

The Divisional Manager,

SWR, Bangalore.

CC : Honurable Railway Minister,

BCC : General Manager, SWR, bangalore

Dear Sir,

Sub :- Train No.523-524 Suvarna Passenger not running in/on time

With reference to the above subject, we the daily travelers would like to bring you a few lines for your kind consideration and favorable action in this matter please.

Sir above 10, 000 people are traveling everyday to Bangalore, who are working for various sectors for their livelihood by purely depending on Suvarna passanger Train .No.523-524, we hope you might have also aware of it. But recently the Kolar Bangarapet passanger was extended up to Bangalore(BNC), Which is run by within 5-10 minutes gap before Suvarna passanger. And also we are observing that it is not in proper running condition and most of the time it has got breakdown, so obviously it affecting the other trains espically Suvarna Passanger.

Because of this problem, we are not bale to reach our offices inon time. we would like to inform that,

the train is getting delayed everyday, sometime the train reaches the Bangalore city around 9:45 - 10:00a.m in the morning, Sir we leave our home in the early morning around 5:50a.m to catch the train,
And in Night times the train reaches Marikuppam station around 9:45p.m -10:00p.m, and this creates a lot of problems to the Lady Travelers, and many of them comes from a far village, and they don, t have the proper Auto facility at Night times, we reach our home around 11:00p.m & leave our home 5:50,

we are suffering a lot of problems due to the inconvenient,
and we are into a lot of mental illness and stress everyday whether we reach the office in/on time, And most of the employees have lost their employment due to the cause.

And some time the Suvarna passanger is run on time it is upto KJM (Reaches by 8:40-50) and after that it takes 35-50 minutes to reach SBC in the morning time.

So we kindly request your good self to look into this application and take the necessary / seriouse action to run the above said train in/on time on pripority.

We hope you will do the needfull at the earliest.

Thanking you,

Your faithfully,

Daily Travelers -Suvarna Passangers
I totally Agree
with all the complain i have read on this page
i aslso want to let u knw all people that i was travelling from ashram express on 21-05-08 in 2 a.c from ajmer to ahmedabad
and in route my mobile N-73 was stolen.i reached ahmedabad on 22-05-08 morning i went home and find bill copy for that mobile and went to rpf kalupur on 23-05-08 to lodge a fir
i was surprised when the police official said it is uselss to lodge fir go and purchase new mobile, what happen if its lost, why have u not come on the same day, now leave we are not going to register ur fir. this type of sentece was told to me
it is very shame full to railway system and all plice official
they creat and encourage crime tendency in public
police is responsible for all the crime they all know who is responisble but money matters
police only want to make money nothing else they are on platform to harrase pasengers open there bags and ask for some money for tea.
shame on indian railways

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