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 Sreeram CA
I travelled from Madurai to Chennai by Pandian Superfast Express on 18/10/2008 by 3-tier sleeper class. I have few points with respect to recently introduced 3-tier in side berths. I hope Railways take required action to take care of the same.
1. No more sitting is possible in the side lower berth.
2. The middle berth comes right at the middle of the window and hence opening or closing window is a problem. If it is raining, by the time one realizes and closes the window, the lower berth would have got totally wet (I had this experience).
3. Side middle & upper berth hardly get any air from the fan because the window is blocked and is available only to the lower berth
4. Fan & Light switches are not visible and they are behind the middle berth. If one has to operate the same, the passenger in the middle / lower berth has to be disturbed. Imagine a lady sleeping there and you try put on / off light / fan there is every possibility of hand landing up in a wrong place and could cause an embarrassment to all
5. Reaching upper berth is real challenge. Your head will certainly hit the light fitting or fan cover and you cannot help it. Only children below 12 years can sleep in the upper / middle berth.

I really doubt the person who suggested this has ever travelled by train or must be an official who only travel by 2nd or 1st AC compartments. It is horrible. In fact quite a lot of other passengers also shared the same concern and they really go hard on TTEs. What can the poor TTEs do on this?

I request the Indian railway authorities to evaluate this from the point of passenger convenience and not just from the point of increasing revenue to Railways.
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I completely agree .I also had BAD (hrrible) experence with the middle side berth .Railways started treating Passengers and Goods in a same way ..

Hope government will look at this and this 3 berth system will get scrapped soon .
I do agree with Sreeram and GyanBhat.
Well Railways is able to add 10 berths to very SL coach but created more trouble to the passengers. Especially to the aged. Imagine, how difficult it is for them to get into that slot.
Moreover, the Reservation system is also modified to this extent One has to verify his/her berth as per the pasted chart on the bogie, else we had it.

Why can't the system be modified, before they plan to introduce such changes???? Sure, that is is a tough job, hence they neer touched on the changes in reservation system.

Just unable to understand, how this can be taken to the notice of IR Management ????
I also faced this problem during my trip to Chennai from Bangalore. The train I went to Chennai starts at 11 from Bangalore. All the passengers started sleeping as soon as they got in top the train. All the passengers are disturbed after half an hour by the TTE for checking tickets and eventually TTE shifted all the passengers. This made a big uncomfortable event to the small kids and elderly people.
The wise guy who has suggested this NEW SEATING Arrangement should be made to travel atleast a 1 day journey on the side -upper berth n he will come to know wat passengers go through. Its a pathetic suggestion. Who knows tomorrow railways will put a mat under the lower berths n ACCOMODATE people there too just for INCREASING THE REVENUES. Railways has more or less started to treat people like GOODS. I hope this decision is curbed soon.
completely agree .I also had BAD (hrrible) experence with the middle side berth .Railways started treating Passengers and Goods in a same way ..
I too faced similar problems on several occassions. This seating arrangement is worse not only passenger comfort is concerned, but also on safety aspect . If some mishap occurs, no one can have access to the emergency windows, ironically, placed next to the unwanted side middle bearths. The railway board/minister should take note of these things immediately.
Dear friend I am designer of the train passenger coach .I too strongle agree with ur opinion, but do u know that this arrangement is suggested by r.laloo prasad yadav, who is said to be a tallented railway minister, bot as foolish as local vendoe who want to make only profit in spite of name and satisfaction from passenger.
For your kind information this side berth is removed from all trains as per railway boards order.
Hey Guys, NO THIS IS MAKING ME THINK Seriously. I have already booked my tickets in AC 3 Tier for Kolkata from Hyderabad in Falaknama EXP. I have a small kid and no I am thinking what to do. Though there in my ticket both the berths are LOWER, however not sure if there will be any problems with the sitting arrangements when I board the train.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
The inclusion of new berths in the side-row of the sleeper coaches by The Railways add discomforts to the passengers. The positions of all the three side berths are not so comfortable that even one can’t sit on the any of the berth when laid, if one wants to take something in. In addition to the fleets one has to do, the SU berth person has to suffer from suffocation and the radiation of the heat where one cannot find any provision of ventilation there. One has no other option, other than passing the night on the bed suffering. It shows the great interest of The Railways in laying the berths but its lack ness providing ventilation or even in changing the position of the fan, which was fitted previously to meet the then SU berth position. Secondly, in case of exigencies, the Emergency Windows are of no use, because a lot much of time will lapse in searching for the misted emergency exit and to close the new SM berth. The Railways has to reconsider the issue urgently and should expedite in removing the greedy-berths. It should not act as a monopoly, but, also honour the minimum comfort needed by a passenger. There should be equal comfort ness for equal amount paid by the passenger
It is very horrible to travel on Side Upper seat.
i completly agree with this point. its simply a uncomfetable in middle birth. i experiencd it when i was return from balsad to indore by avntika exp. whole night i was awake in 3rd ac. its to remove from ac class.
Totally agree with the above complaint..
The Side Lower berth used to be my first choice while making a train reservation but it's no more.
After the railways have added one middle berth between the side berths the whole comfort is completely lost rather the journet becomes more hectic and annoying. Also you can't put your luggage below the lower side berth as it is too low and you can sit comforatbly on upper side berth as it is too high.

Please take back your decision of adding middle berth between the two side berths !!!

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