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 Anand Srivastava
I have booked one tatkal ticket from Banaras to Bhopal to day( 5.6.09)96ib7 by Kamayani Express . The ticket was booked and money was realised from the account. But the ticket has not been issued.The reference no of transaction is (reference no.[protected]).
Would railway minister who is said to be a person from common man see why the ticket has not been issued when money has been realised. Or every body has to be dependent on the "Railway Ticket Dalals" for getting the railway tickets.

Complaint Status

[Sep 27, 2013] Minister Indian Railway customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Dear Mamata Madam,

Whenever we go for online booking for Tatkal reservation from home, website never gives proper response. To book one ticket it takes more than 45 minutes or many times website get hanged and post spending our so much valuable time not able to get ticket. Please look in to this.

I hope you will do the needful.

Thanks & Regards,
Balu Ransing
Kalyan. Dist Thane. Maharashtra
Ministry of Railway,
Govt of India,
New Delhi

Dear Sir/ma'am

I am a passenger of Indian railways. i want to know that what is the region that after 8 A.M. railway internet reservation is not working. Presently my wife want to come with her family, but unfortunately she is not reserve her ticket by internet reservation.

Please if don't mind, can you tell me about this problem.
I Ashish kumar mishra, s/o sunit kumar misra from hyderabad booked a confirmed jouney ticket in train no 12591( PNR NO [protected] & [protected]) lucknow to secuderabad dated 07/07/2012. As i could not continue the journey due to my exams, I wanted to transfer my ticket to my fathers name on 22/06/2012 at kachiguda(8.00Am to 9.30Am) and secunderabad(10.00Am 10.30Am) station but chief reservation supervisor refused to do that and asked us to go to ACM/DCM Mr. Raju sir at Sanchalan bhavan(11.00Am till lunch) at secunderabad. there they told us that it will take 2 to 3 hours for the same even though we submitted all the required documents like adderss and ID proof etc.. we sat there leaving our important works.

but as per the change of name rules given in the Indian Railway website ( its given that the Chief Reservation Supervisor of important stations are authorized by Railway Administration to permit the change of name of a passenger with confirmed seat/birth.

when we requested them for quick work they started to shout on us and told that " go and file a complaint to anybody"
we were very much troubled there.
kinldy i request you to look in these kind of things so that there should not be any problems to the passangers which i already faced.

yours faithfully,
Ashih kumar mishra
The Railway Minister
Govt. of India.
Sub: Complaint against railway officer KHAMGAON (BULDHANA MAHARASHTRA)
Respected Sir,
I Abhijit Tathe, from khamgaon writing this complaint against the railway officer khamgaon, sir, the railway officers from khamgaon station are helping the private agents to get TATKAL TICKETS at khamgaon railway station, after that the agents are selling the tickets by 2 to 3 times more amount than the original one... so I am hereby requesting you to take strict action against railway officer khamgaon maharashtra and the agents too. I hope you will take a serious action against them soon thank you so much.

your faithfully
Why Indian Railway Govt. is not remove side middle birth in [ Jyg Garib Rath (12570) ] and [ RJPB Garib Rath (22406)].

S. Ahmad
Hazrat Nizamuddin
New Delhi
Why Indian Railway Govt. allow to travel in AC coaches for waitlisted passengers.
Especially Garib Rath trains.

S. Ahmad
Hazrat Nizamuddin
New Delhi
On 3/12/2012 I was travelling by New Delhi- Puducherry express(22404) in a general coach located just before guard's coach.I felt a little nap between Bhopal and Itarsi railway stations. After passing Itarsi railway station when I woke up, my blue coloured trolley suitcase below my birth, was not there.The suitcase contained my important papers, a medical camera and some surgical instruments, clothes which I bought for my children and a cheque book of my company. When train halted at a small station after I repoted the matter to the Guard. Guard told me that I had no option bit to complain at Nagpur station and miss the train.When the train reached Nagpur, I lodged the comlaint vide FIR No. 00/12 dated 03/12/2012. After that I caught another train and reached chennai, the next day. After reaching Chennai I contacted Inspector R B S Kusba of GRP Itarsi, on night on 04/12/2012. He had no idea of any FIR.I had lodged FIR in Nagpur instead of My destination Chennai, in the hope of getting fast action. But in 24 hours time the FIR had not been informed to the concerned GRP office.Mr Kusba assured me of his help.
I want to request the Railway Ministry to make system so that the concerned ofice is informed immediately regarding the complaint and there should be a complaint monitoring mechanism to initiate a fast action.
I request the concerned authorities to take suitable action regarding my loss and make the system more prompt and responsible
since lalu prasad yadhav has left indian railway has has become the worst service in the world, check the a/c service now u get the service of local compartment, let the railway minister drink the tea from the railway i will pay the money let him drink 2 cup and if he stays alive for 20 minutes he is god blessed, i dont understand how railway is given to such a person who dosent know the difference between bullock cart and railway, when asked the railway staff we came to know that the bed sheet is washed every 15 days and blankets every 6 months let the minister use the same bed sheet and blanket for his family and eat indian peoples money who travel in railway the worst and dirty minister minister ever seen in indian railway who dosent take bath for months and dosent allow others to wash the bed sheets and blankets as he lives his lifestyle
Kindly start new train it is very urgently in Rewa Railway station...
1. Rewa to Mumbai
2. Rewa to Surat
3. Rewa to Nagpur
4. Rewa to Durg
5. Rewa to Ambikapur
6. Rewa to Raigarh CG
7. Rewa to Banglore via Nagpur
8. Rewa to Katni local train..

Mahesh Upadhyay
MEDIA PUNJAB International PUNJABI NEWS PAPER {online} 32, BHAGAT SINGH COLONY, FEROZPUR CITY PIN:152002 MOB [protected] President, Jan chatna munch (Reg) E-Mail: [protected]
आदरनीय रेल मंत्री जी,
बहुत ही आदर सहित निवेददन करता हूँ कि मैं बार्डर ज़िला फ़िरोज़पुर का निवासी हूँ।मुझे यह लिखने के लिए इस कारण मजबूर होना पड़ा है कि किस तरह रेल के अधिकारी देश के सीनियर सिटिजन की हेल्प करने की बजाय उन के साथ बुरा व्यवहार कर रहे हैं? हर रोज़ हमारे मंत्री साहिबान विदेशों के दौरे इस लिए लगाते हैं कि भारत को विकासशील देशों के मुकाबले पर खड़ा किया जा सके।जिस तरह अमरीका, कनाडा, जापान में नागरिकों को सहूलतें दीं जातीं हैं उस से हमारा भारत देश पीछे न रहे।परन्तु हमारा यह स्वप्न शायद स्वप्न ही न रह जाये।
पीछे मैं अपने लेख में लिखा था कि "कहीं सरकारी विदेशी दौरे धन की बरबादी तो नहीं?"मुझे लगता है कि शायद यह लेख सही लिखा था।कारण हमारे भारत देश में इंनसान कम और मानव ज़्यादा रहते हैं शायद जिस कारण किसी इंनसान की इस देश में कोई कद्र नहीं क्यों कि इंनसान और मनुष्य का फासला बहुत ज़्यादा है।
यह पत्र लिखने का मेरा मकसद यह नहीं कि यह जुर्माना क्यों लगाया गया है बल्कि इस लिए कि अगर किसी व्यक्ति का किसी विशेष डिब्बे में बैठना मना है तो उस डिब्बे में किसी रेल कर्मचारी की डियूटी क्यों नहीं लगाई गई और अगर ड्यूटी पर तैनात था तो उस ने सीनियर सिटिजन व्यक्तियों को क्यों गाईड नहीं किया गया।
हैरानी मुझे यह देख /सुन कर हुई कि इस विशेष डिब्बे में कोई बूढ़ा व्यक्ति, जिस के पास मेल ट्रेन की टिकट हो, फिर भी नहीं बैठ सकता परन्तु इस डिब्बे में रोज़मर्रा की सफ़र करने वाले लोग जिन्हों ने रेल पास तीन महीने का बनाया हुआ था चाहे तीन महीने का किराया सिर्फ़ ३०० या ४०० रुपए ही दिया हो, बहुत ही शान के साथ बैठ सकते हैं।यह मेरे शब्द नहीं बल्कि यह शब्द उस रेल अधिकारी /कर्मचारी के हैं जो एक लड़की और एक लड़का (सिक्ख जैंटलमैन) थे।जो शायद रेल अधिकारी /कर्मचारी हों जो[protected] को लगभग प्रातःकाल 9-00 बजे जम्मू तवी रेल में आए थे।उन की तरफ से जारी रसीद की कापी मैं इस पत्र के साथ भेज रहा हूँ।इस ही डिब्बे में कम से कम 50-100 व्यक्ति बैठे थे परन्तु पूछने पर उस लड़की अधिकारी ने जवाब दिया कि उन्हों ने रेल विभाग को तीन महीनो का किराया अडवांस दिया है।
क्या सीनियर सिटीनज जिस के पास सही टिकट है, के साथ इस तरह का व्यवहार करने के लिए उन को विभाग की तरफ से गाईड लाईन दी जातीं हैं?
किसी सीनियर सिटिजन जिस के पास सही टिकट हो की मदद करने की बजाय इस तरह का व्यवहार करने का अधिकार उन को किस ने दिए हैं?
क्या ये पास होलडरज़ को किसी भी डिब्बे में चाहे वह आरक्षण का हो या फस्ट क्लास का सफ़र करने का अधिकार किस विभाग /अधिकारी की तरफ से दिए गए हैं?
क्या विदेशों में किसी सीनियर सिटिजन के साथ इस तरह का व्यवहार किया जाता है? या सिर्फ़ मंत्रियों /अधिकारी दुारा तफरीह करने के लिए विदेशा दे दौरा किये जाते हैं?
कृपा करके इस केस की पड़ताल कराने की कृपालता की जाये जिससे हमारे जैसे ओर सीनियर सिटिजन जो मजबूरीवश सफ़र करते हैं, ख़ुद रेल में सवार ही बहुत मुश्किल के साथ होते हैं, को कभी मुसीबत का सामना न करना पड़े जब इन जैसे सिर फिरे अधिकारी आ जाएँ जिन को अपने बाप जितनी उम्र के व्यक्ति की मदद करने की बजाय जुर्माने इकठ्ठा करने का शौक हो।
मुझे आशा है कि इस पर विचार ज़रूर किया जायेगा।
धन्यवाद सहित

Honorable Railway Minister
Railnilayam. New Delhi

Respected Sir,

Kindly treat this letter as a complaint letter from my end. Last week Me and my Family (my husband and kid) were travelling back from kerala (ernakulam) to Bangalore and my hand-Bag got robbed in the train. PFB the details:

The incident happened on 15th, October 2013 around 5:30 AM, we were in Train #: 16316 seat: 7, 8. The Bag Contained 20 Grams 2 gold chain, 4 Grams 1 bracelet, 8 Grams earring, cash amount of 4000Rs., 2 mobile, RC book, Pan Card and My ATM cards.

The bag was very much with till around 4; 00 AM. Around 5:30 when I woke up and saw the hand bag was missing from my place. We realized the same when the train was in Tirapatur station. The most annoying part was that the train isn't having any TT or any police patrol. We then called the Control room and they called us back when we reached Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore stating that the Bag must be very much in the train as the tower of the two mobile phones in the train is moving with the train. We tried from our end to search no gain.

Later we reached Majestic and went the police station there and they ignored to take the complaint stating that the same is in the Bangalore Contoment Police jurisdiction. We then went to the Contonment police station and then took the complaint, with a lot of ignorance. The police had no courtesy to even help us. They just did it for the heck of doing it.

The Complaint was given on 15th October, 2013. However, the FIR was filed only on 16th October, 2013, FIR #: 0084. On 18th when we went to collect the FIR from the Contonment police station, they didn't even know where the same was placed and almost took 30+ minutes to track the same and handover. First of all we are lost as we were robbed and on that the ignorance that the Police show to us is the most annoying part. The saw called as service and commitment was not even there in any behavior of theirs. After lodging the complaint the police personal told me that they transferred the compliant to Jolarpet police station and somebody will come for enquiry. But till today nobody came for enquiry and I didn't get any information about the same.

Request you to kindly look into this matter and help us in tracing our belongings. Need your support and co-operation in this matter.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely

Saritha Jayakumar


I am Rabindra kumar dash, a resident of bramhapur, ganjam, Odisha; beg to state thatBramhapur is a big city, many passengers travel to Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and many other places.The passenger traffic is much more than before for bengaluru.Hence I humbly request to provide mor 2nd. A/C and 3rd. A/c coaches in 12845 Bhuba neswar --yashvantpur train and the HALTING time at Bramhapur should be5 minutes rather than 2 minutes.It becomes maore difficult to board withbag and bagagges .Secondly, some trains have no stoppoge at Bramhapur station--like gurudev express and some more.Please make arrangements for stoppage of these trains at Bramhapur.
Thanking you sir.
Respected sir

Sub: Request to look the matter of posting of handicapped candidates

Respected sir
With Due to Respect I wish to aware you that I am an orthopedic handicapped candidate. I passed written exam of group d recruitment. Against Notification RRC/D/2010.
I have also qualified medical test .and Document verification.
The list issued by RRC of provisional panel contains my name.
Final List issued by RRC on date 31/07/2013 of 77 candidates posting unit allotted has also my name .Lucknow division allotted to me.
But when I reached for confirmation. Then officers told me that your dossier is not reached here .you should go to Gorakhpur.
I did the same I went four times Gorakhpur RRC Office. Then from RRC office gave me a form and asked for documents.
I did all the formalities as their require .but from last three months I am going to Lucknow for confirmation but they are still saying your dossier is not reached.
Sir I have tired now so I am writing you. I am handicapped & Unemployed & belong to a poor family I have really need of this job.

I hope you will look in to this matter. All proofs of my candidature is attached in this email.

Thanks & Regards
Vijay kumar
My wife is coming from GONDA by train no. 14214 in AC CHAIR CAR train reached in time at VARANASI but train is waiting for PLATFORM so train is in YARD About 01hour 30 minuts appox 03.15pm train reached on platform no. 6 & during this time AC was off
in YARD & There was no any attendent or Staff in the Coach . It. is not first time we have more same experiance in same train in earlier

We have observed, noticed & experienced ourselves when whenever we are travelling that local travellers have to suffer problems, insults & fights too arises with the pass holders who aboard the gujrat to mumbai trains from stations like : umargaum, dahanu, boisar, palghar, safale in trains like gujarat express, flying ranee, valsad fast passenger, shuttles ex- gujarat to virar etc. ex - gujarat heading to mumbai central to reach office in south mumbai.

The passholders do not allow the local commuters to sit in the mst or pass holder wagon in these trains at all & make them get up & stand by quarreling, grumbling & even fighting hand to hand along with their colleagues who travel in groups from these destinations for work to mumbai.

But sir, please advise us about what about the passsengers who are sitting in general coach and have occupied their own seats/berths from their far off boarding destinations in the general class or samanya coach, their too these mst or passholders too use their same tactics, pressure & power with their colleagues to make the sitting people stand forcefully & occupy their berths without making any efforts by themself in searching for another berth / the general coach statingthat " yeh mera seat hai tum kahin aur bandobast karo, chalo utho seat khali karo, chal uth re" etc. these are the words used by the pass holders.
Sir will this continue forever and their will be any stoppage to such harrassements or else the poor middle class and silent people will have to obey these passholders rough attitude in these trains forever,

Dear sir, this has be stopped at some point by law or else big commotions can take place in any of these trains on the issue of harrasments of these passholders in the general coach too.

We look forward to hear and see forth what the new govt & law does for a common man who is down trodden & harrassed by such people at the time of travelling tiresome long journey from gujarat to mumbai.

Await yr comments pls ?

your well wisher

Mr. Railway minister.There are a lot of complaints.
1.How people are giving confirmed seats of any train on the main stations of India . For example New Delhi station.Anyone can easily identify these type of middlemen. If I can identify them then why not police & railway officials.They can be found easily at the current reservation counter at Paharganj side.
2. Kindly enquire about it as people are paying to TTE who travel in Rajdhani Express from Kolkata/Howrah/Sealdeh. You do not need to book a ticket. Bribe the TTE and you can easily get the birth & al other facilities.It mostly happen at Dhanbad. Do you believe the railway officials do not know it. Or the local railway police do know it.Which is easily detectable.
3. I have seen in Sapt Kranti Express which runs between Muzaffarpur to Anand Vihar Terminal.On 11th of June I was travelling in .I found that the agency which has got the contract for cleaning the train may be VISHAKHA. Their people was in train.Doing nothing.They have sold their 2 allotted seats to passengers on the way and earned about Rs.3000.00 in all. What is this.I know your TTE knows al these things. Even I can identify these people.Some of them were native of Muzaffarpur.
4. I have seen your TTE selling seats in premium trains and earning money.I do believe that if railways tighten the screw on TTE and do not let them do these things railways earning must increase by 30 to 40%. Your TTE . Your parcel booking team is cheating India. Mother India. If you will not take stern action against them your dream of achchhe din aane wale hain will remain a dream.
5.The facilities in trains are inadequate.If your superfast trains are running as with the speed of less than 75km average speed.Then why superfast charge.This is again a cheating. Your railway traffic controllers are careless. They halt the trains unnecessarily.If you can control these uncompetent people in traffic control.You can save a lot money which gone waste in fuel or elecricity.
5.At last I suggest do checks frequently at different statins you can find out the misdeeds of railway people.
6. You know anyone can use the people of pantry cars to send goods any where in India. can you not control that.May be on a given day a terrorist can put explosives .And presume what will happen then. If I need a ID proof for a confirmed ticket then why not I need a ID card for waiting tickets if I am traveling by the train.If I get my ticket prepared by the TTE inside the train.Why he is not asking for ID proof.
7. Do you know that the middlemen arrange the tickets and also get the fake ID card prepared. These middlemen will be the cause of blast in future in trains if not been checked.
8. People from UP/Bihar/Jharkhand/Orissa/West Bengal & Assam area traveling in trains inhuman conditions.As trains are so crowded that they have to travel seating in toilets.Kindly arrange trains for them so that if there is long waiting list in two trains going in same direction.Do arrange a new train. Also look at the running of special trains. Which runs late by 24 hours in normal circumstances. Even your premium trains are running late by 3 to 6 hours.

So, sir if you want that the dream of Narendra Modi should become a truth.You need to act fast or leave your post for someone else who can delover the goods.However I know you can do it.
Respected Sir,

With due respect I place my grievance to your kind knowledge.
I am a citizen in south India. In the stations all the ready to eat items are selling higher than the MRP of the item. For an instance water bottle of Rs.15/- is selling at Rs. 20/- alike soft drinks, eatables etc. Please keep an eye and take appropriate action.

Thanking you sir
Dear Sir,

This is the azhar khan, I am from sohagpur Dist hosangabad, Madhya Pradesh. I want to bring to you kind attention that
Sohagpur and its near village population are 3 lakh aprox. in recent assembly election it has more than 1 lakh voters.
There are only 12 trains are staying, 10 trains has a stoppage since 40 years, only two trains was increased last 40 year.
My complain is trains has not increased according the population increased according the public demand.
In spite of these huge population, there are only few trains stoppage. More than 500 students goes to Bhopal and indore as well but we don’t have sufficient trains for this station.
None of direct train for New Delhi inspite of trains goes same route.
I don’t have idea what is the criteria behind the stoppage of the trains. I would request you kindly provide us more than 5 trains stoppage that goes from sohagpur station.

Dear Sir,

We are summit TDR our Train No. 14673 SV to SZM Ticket PNR No.[protected] date of journey
31.05.2014 TDR file date
31.05.2014, TDR reference No.[protected] dot.31.05.2014 & reason Train late more then three
hours and passenger not traveled . But Refund amount not received till date . Kindly process my
refund amount & return .

Thanks & Regards,

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