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 Priyank Mehta

I wanted to write about this lady-Rujuta Diwekar, who trains marathon runners in mumbai. She is a fitness trainer and has been running her gym, Urja, since ages. She also organizes treks to Himalayas and other hilly areas. In fact her main business is that, she is a trek guide of sorts. She is forever going on some trek or the other.

Of late she is claiming to be a dietician, this with no background in the field, either educational or experience.

Her rates for diet counselling is in lakhs of rupees. She has quoted these high rates in her website, for two reasons:
a)Fooling public into thinking, that if she charges such high fee, then she must be in demand and hence must be excellent. The truth is, NO ONE is availing this service from her.
b)Creating wrong notion of price structure of diet counselling.

If one observes her rates for her gym + marathon training classes (also on her website in a separate section) are as per market. This is because, this is the main source of income for her and she cant play around with the price structure here. However when it comes to pricing diet counselling, woah, she has broken all rules in this world. Its really funny how she thinks everyone is a fool.

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Okay, here is my take on this. Rijuta knows what she is talking about (or at least a lot of it). She has the diplomas to back it. Moreover, there are more people who are willing to speak up for her, as against the 1 who criticises her. She must be doing a lot which is right. Results after all speak for themselves.

However, there are a few statements she makes at times, in her book and even on her website that leave me puzzled. They go against the grain of what is normally said out there bu 95% of the nutritionists and experts: -

-- “If you eat sweets during your festivities without guilt, you won’t put on fat. Take your body into confidence.”
!! Seriously .. are you freakkin kidding me, which country is she living in anyway !!

-- Then she goes and places on her site the following (see attached image): -
where she goes ahead and glories street foods such as phav bhaaji, chat, etc .. whicch we all know has nutritional values.

She is known for promoting Indian foods at the cost of other known health cuisines globally. She says salads are boring, Olive oil is "apparently" bad. I understand that being Indian her audience is Indian and prefers Indian foods, but she promotes all types of Indian food as good, which is certainly not the case.

If we had to all listen to her and eat sweets, jalebi's and diwali sweets while not thinking about it (the following link explains our predicament now): -

If ghee was all that good, and I am sure it is .. then we won't be having this cardiovascular health risk: -

I can also conclude now that most of the folk who are suffering cardio vascular diseases eat predominantly Indian food - aloo parotha, butter naan, rice with ghee, and the loads of other "healthy" vegetarian stuff which looks very innocent.

But that would be me generalizing too much. So, all I can say folks is don't take all she says at face value.
Some of what she says above - is total hogwash ..

Oh and you have statistics that tell you a completely different story

i dunno abt her Price n stuff... but as far as her Advice 2 dieting is concerned she is pretty good..
her book is really awesome as it showz d real side of eating to those crash dieters...
i dunno abt her Price n stuff... but as far as her Advice 2 dieting is concerned she is pretty good..
her book is really awesome as it showz d real side of eating to those crash dieters...
I dont agree at all...i have read her book and followed her diet chart. It really helps...
I have only read her book and its too good ... I think this lady knows what she is doing.. Why don't you read her book and apply the princples that she mentions, its < Rs 200/- ...
has d complainany paid for the advise and failed to become fit? why should he/she complain about charges, when people are willing to pay!! as suggested by another reader the book can do the job if one is able to follow the advice. the main point in all this is how disciplined and persevering one is in sticking to the plan.
I completely disagree with the complaint. I have read her books and they r 2 good.and if we follow the advice wht she has given it really helps.I am really impressed by her books and to go for her diet plan by paying such high amount is one's personal matter!
I do not agree with the complaint. I ve read her book and this is very helpful for ideal eating. Moreover she is not inviting anybody for consultation. Its upto you.
I dont know about her educational/professional background but the books she has written can do wonders on your body. Moreover its an individual's choice if he/she chooses her service. I feel she has a fair idea about the subject. Regarding the fees an individual who really wants to take advice should also check the fees of other dieticians and then accordingly choose as per his/ her budget.
Her book is very informative, the logic behind what to eat, how much to eat n at the correct time is simply very logical. Great work.
Her book is very informative n logical too, wat to eat n at wat time, I must say quite impressive, unlike other dieticians who will pull down ur health. Great work rujuta.
She is not a fool to give free diet plans openly in a book. she could have avoided this so ppl shld consult her directly n she can charge them a good amount
She is an extremely talented diet professional and I don't really think of her to be a cheat..All her views and facts are completely ok..Thers no probs with her plans 2..
She is a awsome person n her concepts r really clear about everything...i am a big fan of her
I have never never met Rujuta, but her book has touched my life with its great essence. I have struggled hard to lose 30Kg weight and ever since i was struggling to maintain it. I have stayed hungry and tortured myself to be in shape, but still was gaining weight little by little. I have hypothyroidism too adding on to my problem. I went into multivitamin deficiency stage too and had to get injections for the same. But after reading her books, my life changed and right now i am eating everything. I never stay hungry, infact i can't stay hungry at all and am still losing weight and gaining my fitness. My sizes have dropped and the best part is i am eating my two favourite things daily...a banana and cheese. Thanks Rujuta for changing my life. Love you a lot... and for the complainant please stop writing bluffs.
I dont think this all is true... cause if ever her fees are more, the advise she gives is helpful.. her books are actually good...
I recently read through Rujuta's book and believe it is more a philosophy of life that is written in simple language...its immensely helpful and motivating and most importantly achievable. Rujuta enjoys a client base from all walks of life and that includes celebrity clients like Anil Ambani and Kareena Kapoor (which we all know!). What her nutritional advice charges, how pricey those are, that really depends on demand an the ability of people to pay that amount. Rujuta knows what she talks about and leads people through her simple principles of food and living in a holistic manner. She is a winner by her own rights and abilities and cannot be mis-reputed by discreet and baseless complaints!
Priyank Mehta ( Don't know if you are a boy or a girl ) so did not address you as a Mr or Ms.

To address your issues let me say this:-

She has won the Best Physical trainer of India. I am sure that qualifies her to give advice on any Sports/ Fitness training.
Whether she goes on treks or not is her choice as is yours regarding going to the Mall / Dinner with family ( its none of your business to comment )

She also has done a Diploma in Nutrition, I am sure that qualifies her in asking.
About pricing I think it is a choice of the service provider how much they think is to be charged . Tea a road stall is 5 and same at Taj is 250 .

Whether anyone goes or not is the service providers problem.Again none of your business.

I am sure she thinks her advice is worth the compensation.

Therefore, I sagest you do some good yourself before pointing out at someone else.
In case, you are not aware she runs a free workshop every month. Save money, Remove negativity from your brains, Open your mind and attend it. It will help you become a less frustrated human.
Guys...firstly the thing to be noted in this complaint was that it mentions that RD is not a certified dietitian, which is a fact, come to think of it, if RD is not a dietitian then from where does she get all this knowledge?

This is a fact that she is not a certified dietitian. There is no mention of it anywhere on her website.

Now about all her knowledge...those facts are very well known in ayurvedic community of doctors and dietitians. So all that she says in her books is not something that she has invented or discovered herself. It has always been in the Indian culture since ages. Its just us who have always been inclined to copy the West that we have started putting on weight and becoming unhealthy.

Plus she also rides on the Kareena Kapoor wave a lot, which is not a thing to be measured as a credibility. Actresses and regular people have tons of differences in their lifestye.

Even if you follow Balaji Tambe or any other ayurvedic doctor n dietitian you will get the same results and same advices so think again before you put in all your money in it...
Seriously her advice about what to do is simplistic but correct... But what is not correct is her explanations. She really has no scientific knowledge of food... Lots of what she explains is actually ... Example, "heart and lungs have infinite strength where as ligaments and joints don't" from her video on why strength is important... That's such bull
She has a degree in nutrition from SNDT college, Mumbai and has done fitness degree from Australia! I have met her and done her workshop and she is amazing and a wonderful human being.
Get your facts correct before commenting!

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