hi all
my name is murali mohan
i have already posted my problem regarding my fridge.
Pls read that
My customer care [protected]
i would like to protest against the company service in the following manner

1.We samsung customers those who are facing difficulties with the company service will go in rally either 2 wheeler /3 wheeler.
2. A crane will be used to lift the fridge and it will be dumped on the road
3. Three persons will act as mahatmagandhi 3 monkeys roles such as as DEAF( Company wont hear our voice)
b. one as BLIND ( Company wont look at us)
c. one as DUMB ( Company wont speak with us)
4. All the dumped products will be safeguarded carefully and displyed in consumer exhibitions by hiring one stall.
Our object is to create an awareness in the general public about the bad service and to show our difficulties faced being customer of SAMSUNG.
Those who would like to join just contact me at [protected]
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Aug 14, 2020
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hi all
our protest seems to be working
samsung people called me and they r replacing the fridge
but i rejected
i said clearly the protest against the samsung company will go on and that will be decided in due course.
the protest as stated in different types
all samsung customers who are facing difficulities will go as a rally to venue.
3 persons will act as three popular gandhiji's monkeys to show the actions of customer care.
I will dump my fridge with a large crane by pulling it to the up and dump it on the road.
I will collect this and we will show / display this at every consumer exhibitions by hiring a stall.
Pls join us to protest against this company
Hi all
i rest assure u all that i wont take fridge that is offered to repalce in my case till all SAMSUNG Complaints stated here are rectified
thank u again
hi all
today i visited the service office at hyderabad and mr.nagraj manager responsible has refused to accept my submission to samsung company about the service.
here with i am giving the application proposed to submit to samsung.




Murali Mohan.V,
Chartered Accountant,
324/III, Janapriya Abodes,
Bakaram, Gandhinagar,
Hyderabad 500 080.

Respected sir,

SUB : Reply to your letter dated 01.09.2008 Received on 02.09.2008

Ref 1. My customer complaint no.[protected] with customer toll free
no. [protected].

2. Discussions held with you and your office people on different

With reference to above subject I am happy to see a letter from your side. In the letter I have following doubts, please let me know.

1. The letter was not at all signed.
2. The complaint was given on 28.06.2008 and Mr.Ram Mohan came to us several times. We never rejected his / your services.
3. This time we did with frustration and exhaustion.
4. May I take this letter is an official letter from your side.

Apart from that I would like to submit the following with your good offices regarding my problems and difficulties faced being customer of SAMSUNG.

1. Sir my name is Murali Mohan.V. I am a practicing chartered accountant in Gandhinagar, Near RTC X Road, Hyderabad.

2. I bought a SAMSUNG FRIDGE on 30.04.2008 from Bajaj Electronic Show room at Panjagutta, Hyderabad.

a. At the time of demonstration of that fridge the company executive himself noticed a defect in door GASKIT. For rectifying this he asked us to give a complaint to customer care in [protected].

b. As suggested by that person we duly lodged a compliant in customer care.

c. A Technician (namely First Technician) from company visited our house when I am not in my house with out even intimating the same to me. He stated to my wife that there is no problem with the door.
a. After few days when I noticed that some insects are in the fridge and fruits / milk / other things are not so hygienic in the fridge then I again lodged a complaint with customer care.

b. Then the first technician again visited our house as usual with out even intimation and he pasted the GASKIT with a gum.

c. After I came to my house I noticed this and I felt upset about the service and again I lodged a complaint again with customer care on 28.06.2008.
a. This time company has send another technician ( namely second technician) to our home.

b. He came with due notice to my home and seen the fridge.

c. He told us that the problem is not with the GASKIT, the actual problem lies in the door itself. He noted down particulars of fridge and he told us that the door will be replaced in due course.

d. On 16-18 of July people from Samsung company came and delivered a door at our house. When I asked about the replacement they sincerely told us “ Sir we are not technicians, We are just delivery persons”

e. Later I Keep on pursuing this matter with customer care people and no one responded.

f. After few days Later one fine day the first technician again came to our home with out notice and asked my wife to clear the fridge to replace the door delivered to us.

g. My wife honestly requests that technician “ Sir We doubt the door delivered to our house what we hope is not 230 Ltrs door”. Then he replies the door is very well fit for our fridge and again asked my wife to clear the fridge. It has taken 30 Min to clear the fridge and this gentleman relaxingly studied the news papers.

h. After the clearance is over then he simply checks the door and with a small smile in his face he told my wife “ madam you are right this door is not 230 Ltrs door, this door is 180 Ltrs door”.

i. Again I contacted customer care.

a. After wards I keep on pursuing customer care regarding this problem.

b. A few weeks / days I cautioned the customer people that the poor service given to me.

c. Then very next day people from Hyderabad called me and as usual assured for the service.

d. I waited nothing was moved and again I contacted customer care.

e. Then people from Hyderabad called me and with apologize they assured me that for the pain I have taken they will replace the fridge itself. For that also I waited.

f. Even after 10 days after assurance still these people are telling that still they require 3-4 days or a week to replace.

7. Further to your information I submit one more for your kind information. On[protected] when we contacted customer care on [protected] it is explicitly expressed with doubt regarding the height of the fridge door delivered to us. This fact you can establish by duly contacting the customer care. This shows the negligence of your personnel.


9. Later also no one made a call to me. I wonder Every time when I called your customer care people on [protected] a call from local office will be received by me in the same time.

10. Even we discussed this fact over phone when first you called me. Afterwards also I have to make a call to you people to tell you my problems.

11. In this regard I would like to know what happened with your customer care and your company processes in my case. My questions are given as ANNEXURE 1 to this letter which is duly signed by me.


13. FINALLY I REQUIRE APOLOGY LETTER FROM THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF SAMSUNG INDIA COMPANY FOR THE INCONVINIENCE CAUSED TO ME WITH DULY SIGNED BY DIRECTOR RESPONSIBLE FOR SERVICES AND WITH COMMON SEAL OF THE COMPANY AND I REQUIRE MY MONEY BACK INCLUDING EXPENDITURE INCURRED. This should be completed in 7 days time from now i.e 02.09.2008. If nothing came to me before 9th of this month then it is presumed by myself that you haven’t considered by appeal and from 10 of this month I will be on my job which will be explained in written below which has been communicated to you over phone few days back.

14. From 10th of this month this matter will be made to general public in a protest. I humbly submit with your good offices that I would like to protest against the SAMSUNG company customer care at Indira park – NTR Stadium or some othe place subject to legal clearances & permissions from respective authorities.

15. I will further bring to your kind attention the activities involved in the protest which will be different types.

a. I / We who are facing difficulties with customer care service / product will go as a rally to venue.

b. 3 persons will act as GANDHIJI'S three popular monkeys to show the actions of customer care i.e First person act as Blind, Second person act as Deaf and the third person act as Dumb.

c. I will dump my fridge with a large crane by pulling it to the up and dump it on the road. Though it is painful to me, this is to show my frustration being a customer of SAMSUNG.

d. We will collect this and we will show / display this at every consumer exhibitions by hiring a stall to show the poor performance of your customer service.

e. All the above activities will be informed to general public in advance with posters, pamphlets, advertisements and press conferences..etc.


16. All the above has been communicated to you over phone when you contacted me first time and I contacted you next.

Thanking you sir,
Yours truly,

hi all
here with i am giving the questions posed by myself to samsung service hyderabad. The samsung hyderabad service people refused to even accept/ acknowledge this letter.



1. The defect lying in the product is manufacturing defect itself.

a. Who produced this product ?
b. Who did the quality control check. ?
c. Who approved it ?

2. First Technician came to our house namely Ram Mohan has simply ignored the problem. What made him to ignore the problem inspite a complaint from customer?

3. At the time of second visit Mr.Ram Mohan he pasted the GASKIT with a gum ?

a. Whether pasting of a GASKIT is permitted as per your opinion ?
b. If not what made him to do that ?
c. Who trained him to do that ?

4. Don’t your technician have a practice to call the customer over mobile phone to tell him about your technician visit to the customer house ? then why Mr.Ram Mohan didn’t called me even?

5. What your technicians expecting to speak in English though your customers are telling their problems in Telugu ?

6. How much time you require to replace a door i.e component of a fridge ?

a. Who is looking inventory levels ?
b. Why you have not kept at least even one door for replacement ?
c. If you can’t then why you have sold this model in the market ?
d. Where was the mistake in delivering 180 ltrs door instead of 230 ltrs door?

7. Don’t your technicians have a practice of looking into customers problem when they approach customer ? because on[protected] I clearly told to your customer care about the height of fridge door ? wasn’t your technician look into that before he reaches here ?

8. Don’t your technicians hear what customers are saying ? Inspite my wife expressed a doubt about height of fridge door, your technician simply ignored and made us to clear the fridge ? what do you feel about this ?

9. Don’t your technicians have the awareness / helping nature in clearing the fridge ? Your technician just sat in a chair reading news paper ? don’t you feel that this an opportunity to help the customer ?

10. Don’t you have a system to call the customer and update the status of his problem? Do you feel that it is the mercy of the poor customer to keep on pursuing your actions ?

11. Don’t you have a time bound to address a complaint ? If Yes then where went wrong exactly in my situation ?

12. Don’t you have a policy in service in respect of what to replace ? Is it the discretion of technician himself ? Don’t you have justification mechanism in replacing decision taken by technician ?

a. In our case first your technician said to replace the fridge door later at office level you assured us to replace the fridge itself ?
b. Don’t you feel that this is costing company extra at the non performance of few people ?

13. When I contacted Mr.Mahesh on[protected], Harisha has spoken to me. She said it may take few more days or week to replace the fridge. Then suddenly on 29th evening your people came to our house to replace the fridge. How this is possible ? What made you people to speed up the process ?

14. I tried several times to speak Mr.Mahesh but I hardly get him over phone before 26th evening. Only harisha used to speak with me. When I conveyed my agenda of my protest then even also Mahesh came to my phone in next day. Don’t you people have even time to speak to customers ?

15. Don’t you have mechanism to report the problems told by customer to higher authorities ? If so why NO one from service side tried to called me and tried to talk me except yugandar ?.

I hope that this massage could reach the Samsung Boss. I am not complaining but just to give some idea to bust up the product to chellange the down trend of the world economy. Many who bought a TV will not think to buy a new one but if there is new product it will help people to buy it. This morning while on the computer and without doing anything my computer autmatically change to screen saver mode where I had an aqurium screen saver and I like to see it. My idea is as most of the TV when shut down and not in used the screen is blank. Why not Samsung add some screen saver mode to the TV and when it is not in used the user can select some of the mode so that ratner than a blank TV the TV can be used as decoration when it is ecupied with the screen saver mode.

Thank you. God bless.
Sumsung is company of Dumb and dufs.
i agree guys!!! samsung is one of the worst compnay in post sales service. You can keep on calling them on their call center & they will keep on replyng that things will be set right today. Let it be for years. These kind of companies and their irresponsible behaviours must be curbed at the beginning before they spread their muscles. I will filing a complaint against samsung to consumer redressal forum very soon...
My complain number is:[protected]
I received the following message after lodging a complaint with the dealer of SAMSUNG Split AC at Hyderabad RK Electronics, Chickedpally. The message (SMS) reads as below
" Thank you for calling SAMSUNG, Your call has been registered with BP No. [protected] please quote this number for any future reference at 30308282/[protected].
I tried the above number many times unfortunately there is no response from the other end. I bought 2 ACs of 1.5 ton each which are not running well. I do not understand whom to approach at Hyderabad.
How to get the Phone Number and address of the Customer care Samsung.
Samsung's after sale service is pathetic.
My sumsang mono laser printer ML - 2245 is not working please take my complete and anybody come and repair r solve my printer problem it is showing troubleshooting i d'nt no who to do

pease take my address
#4-3-15, Near City light hotel,
near Ghasmandi X Road,
R.P.Road, Secunderabad - 3
Ph.No : 27704562, 27711589, 66568037

Email id : [protected]
I am with you Mr. murli, I bought a phone of samsung it was my biggest mistake in life. Company is so irresponsible that they give their service centres to some holes, who even dont know how to talk with a customer.

Kollins .K. Melbhagathe
hi all,
i had book a complaint about my fridge through [protected] and my complaint no. is [protected] on dated 30 nov. 2010
but till date no body here on my site regarding my complaint.
so, i[censored] r a good c.c.e. then send ur feild executive on my place which is available in ur records.

I[censored] had connected one time then we have not connect ur toll free no or charged no.
I have also purchased a lcd 22" s.r. no. m450 plz send a person to hanged it to wall

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