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 TAMAL KANTI DAS on May 31, 2012
Dear friends
Are you looking for new DIGITAL TV service connection ?
Check and understand the issue before you go ?
Important information to save general public interest specially the customer (Digital TV viewer)
It’s understood that almost every home is having TV for entertainment, after government mandate for compulsory installation of “Set Top Box” to convert Analog TV ( conventional Broadcast ) to Digital TV broadcast from 1st JULY 2012
All concern might have aware, if not please go through the following points
1. Doordarshan ( DD) broadcasting free Digital channels from DD Direct Plus – DTH , you can check the List http://www.dddirectplus.info/channels-list/ .

Note: The privet DTH ( Direct-to-Home) service provider like TATASKY, Reliance, Videocon, Airtel, Dish TV has to broadcast channels of DD as a mandate circular from Govt. of India

2. As the private DTH service provider are claiming to show the Nos. of Digital channels starting from 150 …….. 366.

Note : How many pay channels are included in private DTH service providers and at what cost

3. Nos. of pay channels at present available and Cost of Pay channels are not clear to general public / consumers

The serious concern is Private DTH service provider are playing a juggling game by making the permutation and combination of selective channels in a bouquet /group and named a monthly Package, so that consumers will ultimately confused while selecting the channels and ultimately depend on the DTH service provider to select package.

Though TRAI also regulated the tariff of all addressable TV systems. Accordingly, service providers have been mandated to provide pay channels on an a-la-carte basis to subscribers and publish the channel rates every three months. In case the service provider fixes any minimum monthly subscription amount, the same could not exceed INR 150. Broadcasters have been mandated to make available TV channels to distributors with addressable system (DTH, HITS, IPTV and digital addressable cable TV) on an a-la-carte and bouquet basis at a maximum of 35% of the corresponding rates for non-addressable systems (Cable operators with analogue systems).

But if you calculate your selective channel from any private DTH provider, you will find on an average it will comes to nearly Rs 400/- per month + TAX (12.36%)
4. Another issue is monthly system, because monthly concept has been developed by cable operators from long time .

Note : Why monthly why not per show basis ?????? Except Free Channels.

Note: Since its related to the primary interest of general public, and a huge amount of money is to be siphoned from public pocket, why the cost of pay channels are not uniform and regulated by the concern Govt. Authority (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India)

5. Regarding inter operability clause ( for the safeguards of the consumers that consumers can switch from one service provider as per their choice if the consumers are not satisfied with their existing service provider). As per clause of DTH License Agreement :

Articles 7.1 and 7.2 of the DTH License Agreement lay down the following conditions regarding interoperability.

“7.1 The Open Architecture (non-proprietary) Set Top Box, which will ensure technical compatibility and effective interoperability among different DTH service providers, shall have such specifications as laid down by the Government from time to time.

“ 7.2 The Licensee shall ensure subscribers interests through a Conditional Access System (CAS), which is compatible with an open Architecture (non-proprietary) Set Top Box.”

The specifications for the STB have been separately laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). These specifications ensure that clauses 7.1 and 7.2 of the License Agreement are complied with. The major objective of these conditions is to ensure competition amongst service providers so that consumers can shift from one service provider to the other.

Source :http://www.trai.gov.in/WriteReadData/Recommendation/Documents/Recommendation25a...

Note on above Para : Are the private DTH operators providing the Set Top Boxes, are interoperable ??? If not who is going to sufferer, it’s obviously a mass of the people, who will be technically deprived from the provision laid down by Govt. One could not imagine how private DTH operators would siphon a huge amount of money from public pocket depriving technically to the consumers. What is the system through TRAI will check the interoperability issue at ground level


How private DTH operators are operating & what about after Sales Service specially SET TOP BOXES

Private DTH operators mostly all of them are out of reach from the consumers, consumers are kept totally in dark about their network, how they are selling the SET TOP BOXES and Service Connection through third party, where as third parties are not undertaking any responsibility but sharing almost same profit on each installation ( Say Set Top Box cost is Rs 1000 installation is also Rs 1000 or +/- 10%)

They operating through their franchises (third Party) having limited information and if you want details information they advice to call to their call centre.

Other option you ( those are having internet facility*) have is website. In their website no office address is mentioned except some of them are having land line numbers at Head office but those are not for your concern Digital TV services . In their website only call centre number(s) are available for your concern and some of them are pay calls.

They are operating through call centres numbers, you have to register your call for new DIGITAL TV connection, in return they call you whenever they feel like, without disclosing their whereabouts , they will take your details contacts including mobile (must) and assign the responsibility to their area based franchises for Installation of SET TOP BOXES and activate the Service connect. Very funny you / consumers are bound to get the connection ( Setting up Set Top Box ,Dish, cabling and frequency tuning ) from the area based franchiser whether they have the competency/ experience to it or not. Most of them are novice and unskilled.
Important to know : If you ask caller some vital information they will simply avoid your question and ask you to go through the website for details

Now If your system goes out of order again you have to lodge a complaint through call centre, franchises having no responsibility about the after sales services.

Statistic wise :
All India : TV households 147 Million
Channels : 800 Registered Channels
Pay channels : 160
Free Channels : a viewer can opt for a maximum of 100 free-to-air channels for a minimum of Rs 100 ( TRAI order)

Source : http://egovreach.in/social/index.php?q=content/trai-reduces-tariff-digital-cable...
TV households metro wise
Kolkata : 6,50,000 Lac
Delhi: 7,60,000 Lac
Mumbai: 6,50,000 Lac
Chennai :10,70,000 Lac Total 3 .75
The above data has published on March 2007
Source : http://www.cable-quest.in/articles_pop.asp?sr=48

Present scenario :
3 Crore 30, Lakh television homes in Kolkata Metropolitan Area, of which 2.8 lakh subscribe direct-to-home (DTH) while 3 lakh have STBs from cable operators.

Source : Times of India News : 13, JAN 2012 (http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-01-13/kolkata/30623081_1_cable... )

Conclusion : Calculation the requirement of SET TOP BOXES (STB) /Digital TV Connection the following issues are seriously addressed by the consumers accordingly sought to resolve the problem.

About the after service infrastructure of the DTH & Cable Service Providers that could provide true support to the consumers or it will run on “RAM BHAROSE” ???

Whether TRAI is having a regulation on after sales service issues (every city Service Providers should have their own service centre (not franchiser’s) with competent qualified service personnel of substantial quantity (Nos of TV household Vs Service personnel) ????

Since interoperability issue for STB with Digital Video Recorder (DVR) has not solved on technical ground by the competent authority Like Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). How one could expect service of ground level unskilled technician and that subject to availability

Analysis of above Comment below :

About mandate of TRAI published
2.2 A DTH Set Top Box (STB) with a PVR/ DVR is more expensive as compared to a STB without a PVR/ DVR. Moreover, the technical specifications vary with the models that are introduced and these were not
addressed when STB specifications were drawn up by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). It is not possible, at present, to have technical interoperability for all the functionalities of a DTH STB with a PVR/ DVR.

Taken from article 2.2 page No 5 of TRAI, can see from source given below
Source :http://www.trai.gov.in/WriteReadData/Recommendation/Documents/Recommendation25a...
Understanding the comment of article 2.2 the technology of STB with DVR is complex so skilled and experienced service personnel are required to repair the STB with DVR. Moreover mostly STB’s used by the private players are imported and question of adequate trained service personnel for ground level are available for the technology, if STB with DVR goes out of order, no other alternative consumers has to penalize by owning new set by paying the cost, after warranty.
“And if within warranty how long you have wait to get it in workable condition God Knows”
In support to the comment above please see below:
Let us consider an example : 3.3 Cr of consumers if there is a break down % is 0.1 (which is very-very negligible) only for Kolkata Metro Area at present
= 33000 Nos
If the cable operator : DTH service providers = 60 : 40
If not considering about cable operators because they are unorganized and low profile in ground level so the service support is questionable.
If you only consider DTH service Providers 40% of 33000 = 13200 / 5 (TATA,Videocon,Reliance,Airtel, DishTV ) Service Providers = 2640 Nos in respect to the figure they have not even 1% competent service personnel in Kolkata Metro.

Regarding DTH service Providers claiming their self are giant and competent not having minimum requisite infrastructure to provider sales services how can really they have DTH licence and we could considers. If your STB gets out of order do you think you will get justices.
Now we should shout for our own, family, neighbors, society and public. Please help yourself to help all by adding your valuable comment and circulating this massage to all concern
The ratio of Cable operators and DTH Service providers is on assumption, it will vary place to place
By TAMAL DAS - Kolkata -[protected]

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